Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sessions Is Now An Even More Important Test For The Dems--Which They Will Undoubtedly Also Fail

The Dems should have opposed Sessions vigorously and completely during his confirmation hearings, and they didn't.  But now they have another chance.  Will they do any better this time?  Will the Dems be strong and united, tearing Sessions down cruelly and without mercy until the few law and order GOP cocksuckers are forced to join in opposition?  Of course not.  Did the Dems put Ellison in the DNC?  Did the Dems embrace the most popular politician in the United States, the independent Senator Bernie Sanders, and nominate him for President?  Did the Dems fight for defense cuts, for universal health care, for an expansion of labor rights, for women's health during the Obama years?  Did the Dems oppose the expansion of presidential power and military force?

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