Monday, March 20, 2017

They're All Ass Burgers

Is this a case of being a twit in twit family, a twit in a non-twit family, or a non-twit in a twit family?  We may never know the answers to these questions, but tune in next time for another exciting episode of Bullshit, or Not?

That said, I'm pretty sure we should be beating the living shit out of the DSM-5 so that only people with severe, really fucking severe, developmental and cognitive disabilities are considered for diagnosis.  All this bullshit about "on the spectrum" for completely made up nonsense like Ass-Burgers Syndrome is not helpful to anybody.  Guess what?  Some people are socially retarded.  Some people are not funny.  Some people suck at sports and are clumsy.  Some people don't give a fuck how you feel because you are a worthless cocksucker.  Some people don't grok literature and fiction.  Some people have weirdly narrow interests.  But they're not sick.  They're not clinically abnormal--they're just weird and in some cases incredibly annoying, but they're not ill or disabled and absolutely within the normal human range of being as completely shitty as everyone else.

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