Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Exceptional Dead Bob Owens Needs To Be An Example For Every Other Guntard Asshole In The United States

Please kill yourselves like Bob Owens did! Right Fucking Now!!  You know you want to.  Your kids won't miss an asshole like you, and after you are gone your wife will enjoy a proper man who has a penis that works; she'll welcome a real man who doesn't need to be fondling guns all the time like you impotent cucks.  You know you are a pathetic, cowardly, micro-dicked loser, so SHOOT YOURSELF LIKE BOB OWENS DID.  Be exceptional.  Help make America free--GUN FREE!--by killing yourself with your own very gay gun just like Bob Owens.  It's the only decent thing fucking lunatic guntard cocksuckers can do to make America greater again.  All 2nd amendment patriots should be Bob Owens.  Turn your racist freedumb into true freedom for the rest of us by turning yourselves into compost. 

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