Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Outstanding, Entertaining, And Unflinchingly Brutal Fisking Of 'Promising Young Woman' And Emerald Fennell Delivered By Ayesha A. Siddiqi

Damn, that was good.  Always, always, always, when the dummies in the establishment fall all over themselves praising something, it turns out to be fatuous garbage.  Ayesha A. Siddiqi adroitly obliterates Emerald Fennell and her Promising Young Women flick for our entertainment and edification.  Nice.

Raidy On

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Never Forget That Police Are The Enemies Of Freedom And Safety





It's time to abolish those psychotic murderous racist motherfucking cops once and for all.

Rick Roeber, Another Exceptional Brave Beautiful Patriotic Family Values Republican

Republicans are fucking grotesque.  Not all Republicans are child molesters and rapists and perverts--most, but not all--but certainly all child molesters and rapists and perverts are all proud racist reactionary conservatives.  Conservatism is a severe mental defect.  Republicans and neolib Dems are all horrible and stupid and nasty.  Rick Roeber missed his chance to serve his President Donald J. Trump in Washington.  Sad.  Thanks, Rapey Uncle Joe.


Even Yet Still Another Signal-Boost Of This Wonderful Pankaj Mishra Fisking Of Ta-Nehisi Coates

So fukkin' brutal.  Mishra absolutely debones that fatuous Coates for fun cuz he can.  Nice.  Thanks, Obama.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Sr. Hambini Is Also Leading His Best Life, Hated By The Fatuous Payola Propagandists In The Cycling Media

The twits are everywhere.  The twits are even Limey cocksuckers.  This thread on the London Fixed Gear site is pretty fucking rich; a couple of fatuous twits get reamed out over and over, but the pearl-clutching never stops.  Those Limeys are either really fucking dumb or horrible liars.  Or more likely both. got their panties in a twist, taking a run at Hambini in order to simp for Cycling Weekly and Michelle Arthurs-Brennan, making themselves look really fucking stupid in the process.  The comments got really entertaining, dragging the site and MAB pretty gleefully.

Of course, the poor, stupid Michelle Arthurs-Brennan got all weepy over the bad, bad man Hambini herself, but only served to look even more inane than she had previously.  Rule #5.  Hambini obliterated the guys involved in the stupidity, too, so Rule #5, Michelle.  Rule #5.  She gets paid to spout nonsense about bike crap, so you'd think she'd be happy af and be wise enough to keep her yap shut when she gets called out for moronic lying.  Rule.  Number.  Five.

Hambini himself absolutely fucking savaged Michelle Arthurs-Brennan and her bald manlet husband a couple of times, even though his video about it was censored by YouTube.  It is so fucking petty, so fucking juvenile, but also funny as fuck considering all the simping and pearl-clutching that went on after Hambini correctly called out Cycling Weekly for idiotic advertorial horseshit.  Could Hambini be nice and kind to these fools?  Sure, but he calls out liars and frauds all the time, so these particular dipshits deserve it too.  Michelle Arthurs-Brennan is pretty obviously an idiot, and she should not be exempt from Hambini's scorn just because she's a girl.

Sr. Hambini is enjoying the ride, and making dummies apoplectic is just a sweet bonus, atmo.  It's also wicked smart comedy.

Jimmy Dore Living His Best Life, Made So Much Easier By The Seder Simps And Other Reactionary Dem Bootlickers

What a magnificent bastard.  Sure, what he said about AOC was not exactly original or anything but obvious by January of 2021, but holy shit, Dore said it in just the perfect tone to enrage the Sam Seders and Cenk Uygurs and the KHive sluts and the Liz Lasses and Hildos and Obama fluffers and the MSDNC twits and all the rest of the careerist simps holding the buckets and guzzling the piss out there in the establishment.  Dore unmanned them all and made AOC and the rest show their asses, too.  It was remarkable.  Now he's basking in the warm glow of their insipid rage.  Nice.

Remember That The Serotta Forum Sucked The Dick Of That Vile Felon Jack Brunk In Life AND Death, But Hambini Is A Bad Sweary Man

What a bunch of cunts.  The upper-class twits are the fucking most pathetic fuckers on the fucking planet.  Those miserable cocksuckers loved Jack Brunk because he bought a shit ton of expensive bikes and shit and then never used any of it and wound up selling it on that fucking forum, bike shit bought with money he stole from sick people and shit.  That grotesque fucker Brunk should have died in prison, but the Serotta Forum twats loved him.  Hambini, though, well, Hambini is a bad man who does bad things or some shit according to the twits.  FlashUNC and oldpotatoe look especially foolish, but at least that 1centaur idiot and the fatuous racist Israeli cocksucker don't feel as bad now.  It's also hilarious that the dipshit pearl-clutching mod comes outa nowhere and shuts it all down.  Hambini was more useful on that one thread than the entire Serotta Forum's history.  Those fools love the taste of dirty, dirty boots.

I very rarely even think of that execrable forum anymore, but holy christ, taking a quick peek screams that those fucking dolts are just as dumb and nasty as ever.  Those miserable stupid bastards need their taxes raised.

Terrible News From Ecuador: Another Fraudulent Victory For The Reactionary Forces

Andrez Arauz was targeted from the beginning by the CIA through the OAS and the right wing in Ecuador.  If the bad guys keep winning, there won't be any hope left for anyone: conservatives are pure evil and they destroy everything they touch, especially powerless people in poor countries.  Every defeat for the left is a delay in the freedom of the people of Ecuador from the control of the USA imperialist forces.  Sad.  Thanks, Souers.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Nite Stalkin'

Jeez, These Cut Up Hand Made In Italy Plastic Colnago C60s Are Sloppy As AF On The Inside

Important News About Hillary Clinton's Military Tribunal At Gitmo

Fucking finally.  We've been waiting a long fucking time for this thing to get rolling.

Trump's Epic Butthurt And Screaming Emotional Agony Are The Only Things Making America Greater Again

What a weak lardy moist orange betaboy cuck Trump is.  Holy fuckballs, this is just wonderful.  Trump is right.  McConnell is a dumb son of a bitch, but he beat Trump senseless while the world watched.  An finally, he knows it.  Trump knows.  He knows, and it is wrecking him.  Somehow Trump finally saw that McConnell engineered Trump's loss to Rapey Uncle Joe by derailing the push for a big stimulus check in late October with the Amy's Bony Carrot nonsense.  Trump seems to know now that McConnell did that to fuck Trump.  Bony Carrot could have easily been confirmed after the election, but if Trump had sent out a $2000 or $3000 check in the last weeks of the election, well, it would have been a GOP landslide.  McConnell understood that perfectly, but he wanted Trump gone.  McConnell got what he wanted out of Trump and was done with him.  McConnell would have been perfectly happy with Rapey Uncle Joe in the White House as long as he kept his position as Majority Leader.  Oops.  So Trump got a tiny bit back at McConnell in January, but McConnell made Trump his bitch for four years and then kicked him to curb with the rest of the trash.  Trump sees that hilarious truth at long last, and it is fucking killing him.  Heh, indeedy.  Thanks, Obama.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Adventures Heds

Matt Gaetz Is A Creep And A Scumbag--And Now He's Probably In Deep Shit

Undoubtedly at some point over the last two years or so, some jacked GOP insider told Rep. Gaetz to go away now before something bad happened to him, giving him a chance to get out on his own because Trump liked him or some shit, but Gaetz was too stupid to listen, so now he's fucked.  I know it's never good policy to count on the Dems to do the right thing, but if some Dem team player wants to fucking devour Gaetz and try and take a chunk of the GOP out at the same time, well, this looks like a great fucking play.  We shouldn't hope for much funfetti, but it might be there for us anyway.

This Is The Worst Xtranormal Video Ever

This mountain biking stock footage is not nearly as fun as the creepy teddy bears.  Jeez.  Two Ibisisses, two Santa Cruzezzes, a Yeti, and a ghetto YT, how perfectly banal.

This Did Not Happen: A Coronavirus Vaccine Did Not Kill This Dipshit's Grandfather

No.  There's pretty much no chance that the fucking corona vaccine killed grandpa.  I'm sorry.  I'm sure he was very nice.  But these tinfoil hat clowns are all running around now, joining up with the legacy anti-vax fucktards, and it's fucking annoying as fuck.  Jesus christ people are fucking stupid.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Festive Us

Hey! Remember When Obama Didn't Pass Card Check Right Away When He Had The Chance, After Promising Too During His First Campaign

Remember that shit?  Yeah, well, why the fuck do you think that happened?  It's all fine to bitch about how dumb plenty of workers are and how shitty Amazon is, but until we face the political reality AND the truth about the Democratic Party, well, better things aren't possible, atmo.

Unions should be in every workplace regardless, but Obama could have done something to make America a better place by passing Card Check, and he refused.  The Dems have done nothing to advance the cause of labor since then, either, and most recently refused to even make the minimum wage $15 when they had the ability to scuttle any must-pass bill without it.  Labor and working people are not a concern of the Dems, and until we have a political party that stands for the interests of Labor, well, that thing about better things not being possible...

Good News About A Vile Limey Cocksucker, But Easily 98 Years Too Late To Be Great News

Too bad Supreme Commander Gerry Adams didn't get to the world a favor and BBQ all those vile Limey royal shitbags back in the 70s.  Although watching them die off one by one is kinda fun, too.

Sun E Daze & 77

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Katie Halper Hosted A Great Segment On AOC

AOC was young, attractive, and preternaturally talented, but she betrayed her potential and is no better than Nancy Pelosi now.  Monica Cruz gets it, atmo.

Trump's Pathetic Post-Presidency Existence Should Warm The Hearts Of All Beautiful Brave Exceptional American Patriots

Holy fuckballs, what a yuge beta cuck loser Trump is.  This is so fucking hilarious.  The lardy orange dotard is the most useless greasy carcass on the fucking planet.

It's Difficult To Imagine, But Star Trek: Lower Decks Sucks Even Harder Than Discovery And Is The Worst Trek Ever

Nothing should be able to suck or blow harder than Star Trek: Discovery, but Lower Decks manages to do what even the execrable Picard couldn't do: be more horrible than Discovery because it so fucking tedious and dumb, proving that absolutely everything Alex Kurtzman touches is utter and complete shit.  I mean, it as a fucking cartoon, so they could have done anything at all, any cool idea, any amazing visual, but in reality did nothing but the laziest unfunny tripe imaginable.  Is it a parody?  Is it a comedy?  Who the fuck knows what they thought they were doing, but the fucking show is neither.  It's not Galaxy Quest or The Orville.  It's fucking garbage.  It also manages to be J.J. Abrams-level insipd and pointless.  And it's so pointlessly stupid.  There's no reason for it to be so fucking stupid.  The ship designs are awful.  The animation is awful.  The writing is wretched.  The entire project is an insult to a dumb tv space show.  Jesus.