Friday, June 29, 2018

This Gossip Kid Katie McDonough Shitpost Is A Perfect Antidote To All The White Liberals Clutching Their Pearls About A Reagan Appointee To The SCOTUS

Roe v. Wade has been meaningless forever.  The right to choose has been mostly a comfortable illusion of and product for the privileged white folks in America.  The rest of the women and their families have been getting screwed for decades, and vile reactionary shitbird Anthony Kennedy on or off the court is not going to change that one little bit.  The time to get pissed about shitty Democratic appointees was before yesterday.  What did Obama do?  Shit.  Clinton?  Shit.  Don't blame the fucking idiotic racist GOP for picking asswipes, blame the Dems for picking right-wing neoliberal cocksuckers when they had the chance to pick good, smart, left-wing activists instead. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Joe Crowley: Sick Of All That Fucking Winning, But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Not so much.  This is the real story; the Kennedy bullshit is another structural failure of the Dems, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the first decent sign of a vital change in that structure.  Ocasio-Cortez will be the first of the better Dems or the Dems are dead, so blame Anthony Kennedy on the political failings and failures of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton--they were baked in.  Ocasio-Cortez is change.  Nice job.  Moar.

Hot Diggetty Damn, South Korea Dispatched The Fucking Krauts

Excellent job, gentlemen.  Watching the fucking Krauts go down like Ivanka Trump on her Choate teachers is one of the nicer things humanity has witnessed this century.  Thanks, Hitler!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

This Is An Excellent Cover

That Kurt Schlichter Is Real Smart And Often Mistaken For A Genius Award Winner

He's sharp as a Tic Tac.  One thing you can never take away from the GOP is their keen intellect.  And their sparkling wit.  Nobody would ever say they're pathetic little mental-defective self-hating ignorant catamites eagerly licking the assholes of their leaders in the hopes of a crunchy treat.  Never.  Kurt Schlichter is not that guy.  At.  All.

Miz Amurkin Pi: Swearengen Cocksucker

Time To Remind The Rock-Ribbed Reactionary Neoliberal Democratic Establishment That Obama Gave Us Gorsuch

Obama was unmanned by McConnell and the GOP. It's Obama's fault.  Had Obama done his duty, this Trump nonsense would never have happened.  The vile right-wing Hillary Clinton Democratic Party establishment needs to be reminded of this every second of every day.  Thanks, Obama.

The Limits Of Atrios

Manifest quickly.  Herr Professor Doktor Atrios is an establishment guy, after all.  He might be the chillest of the David Brock minions, but he's still that guy, so pretty quickly you run into the establishment bullshit.  Voting for the lesser evil when there's a candidate who actually believes as you do gets you Obama who gets you Clinton who gets you Trump who gets you Gorsuch.  Does anyone, even Duncan Black, not believe Ralph Nader would have been a better president than Al Gore or Retardboy?  Jill Stein better than that cunt Hillary Clinton or the fucking senile old bastard Trump?  If so, vote for them.  But you get what you get. 

Always vote for the person who leads on your agenda kids.  Jesus.  Nader didn't cause Bush, Gore did.  Stein didn't enable Trump, Clinton did. 

Do you see the pattern?

Creepy Perv And Greasy Neoliberal Cocksucker Al Giordano?

No?  Even corn cob is too good for you?  Nobody dumb enough to fall for your bullshit?  Probably a good thing, cuz you suck major dog dick.  Hellooooo?  Hey, Al, are you the biggest gods-damned candyass in the fucking universe?  What a useless fucking cocksucker you are, Al.  How's that campaign to unseat Senator Sanders doing, Al?  Coward.

Monday, June 25, 2018

This Song Could Be Your Life

Twits Don't Wanna Know Nothing

Nothing upsets an empty-headed reactionary bigot more than knowing a thing, anything, so the twits won't be playing that shit, atmo.

Covered With Love

Conservatives Are The Dumbest People--Most Don't Even Rise To The Level Of Corn Cob

Jesus fucking christ, this idiot woman and all the rest of these racist reactionary fuckheads are easily the stupidest people who have ever lived.  I can't wait until whatever political party grows up like a fetid fungus on the rancid carcass of the GOP culls these idiots in the name of sanity.  It will be so fucking hilarious.  Thanks, Trump.

Maxine Waters Is Right Fucking On And Chris Cillizza Is A Worthless Toady Douchebag

More Maxine Waters and less Chris Cillizza, today, and every day.  That fatuous creep Cillizza is certainly looking to protect his status, but Maxine Waters has a very good way to legitimately resist the GOP and Trump: actually resist them.  Get in their grill, and deny them accommodation.  Don't play nice--don't play at all.  That's how you deal with petty fascist little twerps AND pathetic establishment village idiot pissboys.

Erik Prince Is Another Terrible Bastard Who Is Sick Of All That Fucking Winning

Who wouldn't be sick of all this winning now?  Erik Prince should probably be headed for a noose in The Hague, but for now he's sick of all the motherfucking winning right here in the USA.  Thanks, Trump.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Dumb Pop Song Makes More Sense Than Any Insane Religious Mythology

Stephanie Wilkinson Is The Hero America Needs Today

Maybe if we can stop the miserable cocksuckers who work for the orange shitgibbon from living normal lives, they will just fucking hang themselves.  That would be a good start, and our hero Stephanie Wilkinson and her Hall of Justice called the Red Hen is here to make this weekend a better one in America.  Thanks, Trump!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is A Fat Piggy Who Is Sick Of So Much Winning--And Sick Of Dinner

Sad little porky pig Sanders is sick of all that motherfucking winning!  Imagine how cranky the piggy was when she couldn't get her eats.  I'm sure her shitbag husband probably had to load her up at a Chik-Fill-Ay drive thru.

Sometimes The Cover Is So Much Better Than The Original

Thursday, June 21, 2018

If Only

Donald Trump Is The Most Comically Inept Politician To Hold The Office Of President In The Modern Imperial Era

Trump is a fucking hilariously incompetent president.  He can't do anything right, and he can't help lying about simple shit every single person on the planet except his Trumptard worshipers understand are blatant lies.  It's good that Trump's screaming stupidity has completely killed the GOP, good for you, good for me, good for everyone who is not a revanchist, racist, violent, reactionary, evil moron.  Thanks, Trump!

Mourning Sundae!

That Demented Evil Cocksucker Charles Krauthammer Is Dead! Hooray!!

Finally!  If that deranged vile piece of shit Krazy Kripple Krauthammer had died seven decades earlier, the world would have been such a better, smarter, happier place.  If only hell was real so that rotten creep could enjoy being sodomized by razor-spiked demon cocks for all eternity.

Public Transport

Twit Auto-Fisking

Twits being twits.  What starts out okay devolves into some reactionary nonsense and then some smarmy milquetoast garnish.  Jesus fucking christ the twits suck ass.

Former Celtic Goon Kevin McHale's Wife Seems Nice

If you like screaming cunt monsters.  Glad to know that the gods of child abduction and abuse are her copilots. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Endless Lurve

Johnny Marr Breaks Yahoo

The interwebs have indeed made people stupider.  It seems nobody can read anymore.  Not Johnny Marr's fault.  Blame Morrissey.


Steve Schmidt, The Reactionary Dipshit Asshole Who Gave Us Sarah Palin Now Hates The GOP

Who gives a fuck.  This fucking loser was a rock-ribbed conservative racist Republican cocksucker from Reagan to Bush to Gingrich to Bush to Cheney to Bohner to Scalia to Ryan to Thomas to McConnell to Palin to McCain to Romney to Pence to Trump, but now he's seen enough.  Fuck off shitbird.  Anybody who was demented enough to be a Republican 30 years ago is a sick fucking creep today and 100% complicit with everything that Trump was and is doing. 

Tyler Q. Houlton, Worthless Bastard, Giant Asshole, Evil Cocksucker, Delete Your Motherfucking Account

He seems nice.  Everyone else in the world does the gods' work and drags that miserable shitbag without mercy.  That's something.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Political Song for Shane MacGowan to Sing

Maybe Trump Can Conscript All The Helpless Children He Imprisons Into The Space Force

The boys at least.  I'm sure the girls will all be used for sex by the GOP--though come to think of it, seeing as they're conservatives and thus mostly self-hating closet-cases, most of the boys will wind up raped and enslaved, too.  Ok, here it is: Any boys who are not taken by Republicans to be used for sex should be conscripted into Trump's Space Force.  This kind of genius thinking might even bring the fatuous libertarian shitbirds on board with the Space Force.  Come on, Trump, do it! SPACE FORCE!  Thanks, Trump

Where Are All Those Brave Freedom-Loving Beautiful American Patriots With Their Guns

The enemies of freedom are stealing children right here in America, but where are the guntard patriots who love freedom so fucking much?  Why aren't those fuckers out there saving kids from that hell?  I don't understand.  Those cocksuckers with their fucking gay machine guns said they loved freedom more than they loved the smell of the GOP's taint, but they're not standing up to tyranny.  Why is that?

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Rescue The Bunnymen

General JC Christian, Patriot Closes The Book On Bleating Imbecile, Angry Black Dumb Lady, And World's Worst Lawyer Imani Gandy

Jesus fucking christ.  Well done, General.  Well done.

Neoliberal Daily Kos Cocksucker Armando Llorens Is Too Fucking Stupid To Be A Corn Cob

Big Tent Democrat's tent is full of shit.  Llorens is easily one of the most disgusting neoliberal pissboys on the planet.  Fuck him with a hot poker.  Seriously, the guy sucks dog dick.  The timeline turns vicious on him, though, so that's kinda fun.

I Never Understood The Small Front Wheel Road Bikes, J.P. Weigle Edition

This PJ Wiggle was for sale on the interwebs.  I hate it hate it hate it.  Was never a yuge fan of the smaller-wheel for small bikes-- one wheel size is always better than two, even when the two wheels were smaller than standard.  Small road-racing style bike could be and were made acceptably well with dual-700C wheels for smaller, mostly female riders.  The 650C racing-style bikes had a place as there were proper tubulars available for actual junior racing back in the day.

As far as this Weigle goes, 5'6" is pretty fucking close to pro bike racer size, and even a woman that height can easily be accommodated on a proper 700C-wheeled road bike.  Also, not a fan of the tomato-red paint or the capless seatstay attachment atmo, but as usual, nobody asked me.

Political Song for Jennifer Lee to Sing

Gossip Kids Are Just Fucking Dumb Sometimes, Eric Abramovitz Edition

Gossip kids are just fucking bitches sometimes--and the girl gossip kids walked right into the trap of those who rightly pointed out that if this shit happened to a woman, they would have been calling for the guy's castration in the interest of justice and for the good of the species.  Anywho, it's a trippy fucking tale and and worked out for the best, considering.  The clarinet guy Eric Abramovitz is going with the fame on it, so good on him.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Irregular Placemats

Elon Musk: Gloriously Inane Corn Cob

This is fucking genius.  Every time Elon Musk opens his yap, he screams to the world that he is a completely vapid fucking loon who should probably be spending most of his day in a rubber room drawing on the wall with his own shit.

"Melville was a whale."  Heh, indeedy.

Plagiarist David Clarke And Plagiarist Ben Domenech-McCain Should Get Gay Married

They were made for each other.  Clarke and Domenech-McCain are both air-headed plagiarists and disgusting reactionary beta cuck losers.  They also make a cute couple.  Thanks, Trump!

Friday, June 15, 2018

What's In Your Bag

Paul Manafort Probably Getting Really Fucking Sick Of All That Winning

Paul Manafort is a winner!  Trump was so right when he said that we all would be sick of so much fucking winning.  We just didn't know he meant that dumb, nasty rich kid from hard-hittin' New Britain!

Atrios Gets It Regarding The Problem Of Obama Putting Republicans In Power, Atmo

Obama did this and it gave us Trump.  Hell, all Obama had to do was be a better fucking Dem and put some Dem shithead in every seat in his administration, and that little, self-evident thing would have been enough to stop the Republicans and Trump in 2016.  That simple, obvious thing.  Don't enable the other party.  But no, Obama had to be a neoliberal fuckface and screw us all by promoting Republicans into positions of power.  Thanks, Obama.  Though he didn't specifically drag Obama for it, Atrios gets it, atmo.

Sram Dance

Sram 1X in the peloton starts the twits lathering.  But the struggle is real for the riders, apparently.  The single ring rigs can work on the road if they work on mountain bikes.  IF.  If everything works right.  But the stakes in pro riding are the highest in the biz, so if you're going to run dumb shit like 1X drivetrains and disc brakes on the road, you had better make sure you use every widget and trick and cheat from off-road racing to make them reliable--and watch the overall weight of the bikes go up.  That's racing!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

But There Are Moments Of Genuine Beauty, Alex

Trump Hires Only The Best People, Including This Risible Petty-Fascist Cunt Mari Stull

Jesus fucking crisp, there's not a fatuous revanchist creep anywhere in the universe Trump won't hire.  Even this vacuous Mari Stull is not incompetent enough to skip over.  This is some hilarious shit right here.  Except that this is the way the GOP has been acting for 50 years, and the only difference is that Trump is too stupid and naive to be properly and typically ashamed of his venality. 

Trump's Creepy And Sad Little Propaganda Flick Is The Modern Conservative Insanity In Four Minutes

How the fuck did not one single person in the White House have the brains to stop this insanity?  They showed this fucker in public because they thought it was profound!  It was dumber and creepier than fucking The Room!  What the fuck is wrong with the USA?

Trump Is Truly Very Stupid--And He Got Buttfucked By Kim Jong-un While The World Watched

Stunning Republican Party incompetence and the singular inanity of Donald J. Trump are the greatest gifts North Korea could have ever received.  The North Korean leader has been elevated to the status of World Leader by the hilarious insane vanity and pathetic ignorance of Trump, and the NK state is now a permanent nuclear power.  This was brilliant statecraft by the NK regime, but they didn't have to do very much.  All they needed was a bumbling United States administration to hand them everything they always wanted for free.  The unbelievable-but-real picture of North Korea's flag and Kim Jong-un sharing equal status with the USA will serve North Korea brilliantly for the next 50 years.

Mark Sanford Is So Fucking Sick Of All That Winning

Trump weakens the GOP again.  Mostly because Trump can't stand a man who cheats, gets divorced, or overpays for Russian hookers to piss on him!  Thanks, Trump.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Cool Interview From 2013 With Krist Novoselic And Dave Grohl About The In Utero Remaster

They were in pretty good spirits.  In Utero is a great album no matter what.

Dean Baker Pops

Baker usually has a pretty good eye for this macroeconomic trends, and he takes some relish in pointing out the differences between corporate debt and the housing bubble.  One toxic side effect of Trump's screaming incompetence is that we all tend to laugh at his failures too much instead of paying proper attention to the political economy as a whole.  But hey, who doesn't love to laugh.

Hilarious Drive-By Fisking Of Elon Musk

Elon Musk, dumb bald guy.  Musk has always been a parody of clueless rich-boy douchebag, but his stupendous public failures and cadre of hopelessly inane sycophants have turned him into a laughing stock that would even embarrass Trump.

Charlie Daniels, Public Intellectual

Charlie Daniels is truly a genius of Trumpian proportions.  He's a guy who knows what's what and what's real and is not at all screaming, batshit crazy ignorant simpleton and world-class racist teabagging fuckface.  Not.  At.  All.

Albini Never Apologizes

Monday, June 11, 2018

Everything Is Better With Lu Edmonds

Apparently, renaissance madman Lu Edmonds played the guitars on this cover as well as the Kirsty MacColl original.  So that means that Lu Edmonds and through him the Mekons have a connection to Bart and Homer.

The Atmo Salon Lives!

Don't believe the hype. The Atmo Salon is not dead.  Forum 57 is out there keeping an eye, but I will forever be excluded.

Be seeing you.

Canada 1, Kudlow 0

Renowned cokehead and obvious closet-case Larry Kudlow has learned the hard way to never fuck with Canada.  Next time the fuckers will not stop at just a heart attack.

Huffington Post Actually Does Something Useful In Outing Racist Shitstain Amy Mekelburg

Pretty shocking, but Huffpost does a grand job thoroughly fisking this vile cunt Amy Mekelburg.  She's apparently some disgusting Twitter racist and embarrassment to her family.  Huffpost outed her and stirred up a whole shitstorm within the ranks of the inbred racist teabagger cohort, so nice job folks. 

Justin Trudeau Unmasked Donald Trump As A Beta Cuck Loser For All The World To See

Trudeau castrated Trump without breaking a sweat.  Instead of ignoring the orange shitgibbon's idiocy, Justin Trudeau decided to rub Trump's nose in it and make Trump look like the beta cuck loser he truly is.  Fun.  Thanks, Trump!


Stumbling Down The Well-Worn Garden Path With Some Twits

Can it all be in your head if your head is empty?  We may never know the answers to these questions, but tune in next time for another exciting episode of Bullshit, or Not?

Saturday, June 9, 2018

It Does Not Matter

Yes, Of Course Cleveland Lost--Good

Golden State was essentially a lock, but though we're all gratified that Cleveland lost, we are all diminished by the fact that they made it to the finals at all.

The Serotta Forum Twits Are Disgusting Right-Wing Scum For The Most Part, But That FlashUNC Guy Is Pretty Fucking Cool

He's generally the only one to stand up against the reactionary cocksuckers.  He did it when that hateful cunt Barbara Bush died, and he did it again with that vile warmongering racist piece of the shit, Krazy Kripple Krauthammer.  Besides the loathsome GOP racist shitstains on that forum, there are some simpering centrist fools, but they rarely stand up to the fatuous conservatives assholes.  Only FlashUNC fights against that bastards and calls them on their hateful conservative bullshit.  Kudos.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Clouds Land

Anthony Bourdain Will Be Missed More Than Many--Especially By Henry Kissinger

Mr. Bourdain was not a fan of the vile war criminal Kissinger.  Heh, indeedy.

Cut Fights

How Much More Sick Of Winning Can Paul Manafort Get Before It Kills Him?

So much fucking winning!  Trump was right, and we will never get sick of all this winning.  Manafort, on the other hand, is probably hating all this winning about now.  Thanks, Trump!

Shame On Lee Papa For This Krazy Kripple Krauthammer Bullshit

Bad Rude Pundit, bad!  Fuck you Lee Papa and fuck you Chuckles "Krazy Kripple" Krauthammer.  Krauthammer was never intelligent, he was a hateful, racist reactionary cocksucker, and if he didn't have the biggest affirmative action help in the history of the galaxy, he never would have been a medical school graduate.  Fuck him.  Krauthammer also spent the rest of his life as a tireless Republican pissboy, working hard every day to make the lives of people with disabilities, along with poor people and minorities and women and children, as difficult and debasing as possible because he himself was a wealthy, privileged fucking conservative man and did not the help.  Skull fuck him on his death bed.  The world will be better off with him dead, and if he'd hit his ugly fucking head a little harder on the bottom of that pool at Harvard, we all would have been better off for the past half-century. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Up &

News You Don't Need: Jeanine Pirro Is A Cheap, Airheaded Fox "News" Whore

Pirro will do anything Trump wants, but you knew that.  Maybe every woman has her price, but let's all point and laugh because Pirro's is pathetically low.  There are whores and then there are cheap whores.  Trump always likes 'em cheap.

Political Song for Rudy Giuliani to Sing

No, Liz Phair Did Not Keep Writing Great Songs

No.  Liz Phair can be reduced to three songs without really missing anything: "Fuck and Run" & "Supernova" & "Polyester Bride".  Anything else is pretty much filler; you get it all from those three.  Liz Phair's only other function is to torment some doctors and lawyers and school teachers into knowing that they were better singers with better songs--and maybe better boobs, too--and could play guitar better and knew all the best dirty words, too, but they didn't think anyone wanted to hear their dumb shit so they didn't bother.  Thanks, Trump.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Just Another Day

It's Amazing How Many People Have Given Up On Star Wars Flicks After 'The Last Jedi'

People really hated it, and in some ways Rian Johnson's incompetent blundering has made J.J. Abrams look better.  Sad!  But Star Wars should have been a cash machine for the next hundred years, but clearly that's not going to happen.  This video is pretty good, and it's an excellent example of what curdled Star Wars fanboy dickheads have been doing all over the world in 2018.  Thanks, Trump.

California's Jungle Primary Is Dumb

Very fucking dumb. The Dems managed to not fuck it up completely last night, but the system blows dog.  If the parties are going to exist, then the jungle primary is a complete shit show.  With the partisan gridlock, the jungle primary promises too many opportunities for two candidates from the same party to be the only two on too many ballots.  Fucking stupid.  But at least the Dems have their shot to knock off some of those vicious GOP cocksuckers this year.

Sarah Palin: Corn Cob

Palin's tweeter is every bit as dumb as Palin herself.  If Palin had any grace or dignity she would slink off into a hole somewhere and never be seen again.  But her grift is still fleecing a few of the most pathetic teabaggers, so no chance of that.

Yes More

Gavin Newsom Is Going To Be Governor Of California

Though it's been an inexorable creeping disaster since the Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom days, it's still more than a little weird that Gavin Newsom is going to be governor at last.  It's as awful a prospect as ever, yet it is bizarre to contemplate.  There's a slight chance he will be okay, but mostly he's gonna probably suck hard and blow majorly.  If California's once again leading the way, that's probably not going to be very great.

John Strohm's Purpose In Life Was To Make Evan Dando Look Like An Even Bigger Douchenozzle Hack

Whether he knew it or not.  In addition, Gary Smith should have been horsewhipped if he actually produced this album.

Lemme Tell You About White Chicks--And Segregation!

White people can fuck up anything, and those nice white ladies keeping the home fires of racism burning musta seemed nice.  Jim Crow was not imposed from above but cultivated in every community by some of the worst people who ever lived anywhere in the galaxy.  This is the true American history more Americans should know.  MAGA!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Philadelphia Eagles Are American Heroes

Continuing the theme of everybody on the planet is unafraid to drag Trump anytime, anywhere, the Iggles piss all over Trump's party like cheap Russian prostitutes.  This is some fun shit.  Thanks, Trump!

Jason Greenblatt, Delete Your Account

Proud pig-fucker and beta cuck loser Jason D. Greenblatt routinely shits himself in fear of attack kites.  Attack kites are the 21st century's most deadly weapons, and Greenblatt knows it's only a matter of time until a cold-blooded attack kite finds him and kills him while he's yanking his sticky 2-inch peen and fantasizing about dead Palestinian babies.  For what it's worth, Greenblatt writes like he's 14, but he looks about a hundred in his profile pic.

Even The Gossip Kids, Political Wing, Can Brutally Fisk Starbucks Ass-Clown Howard Schultz

Schultz is a fatuous jerk-off who will never be elected to anything, and even the gossip kids can debone him at will over the Starbucks health insurance bullshit.  Starbucks is not the model for anything, especially health insurance or coffee, so Howard Schultz is going to be very surprised when the American voter proceeds to piss all over any candidacy he might scare up.  It will be way less than he deserves.

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Joy Reid Is A Fine Trumptard American

Joy Reid should have deleted her accounts the day before she opened them!  If only she could have been happy being the attractive black woman commentator on the Democratic tee vee, she could have done her thing without too much hassle.  But no, she had to start yapping enough that a few people noticed how fucking stupid and annoying she was and decided to look into her past.  Oops.  Now everyone knows what a lying piece of shit she is.  Of course NBC will stand by her, but the smart ones--not Rachel Maddow--know how hard Joy Reid, creepy homophobe, rock-ribbed reactionary, lover of repugnant Lou Dobbs, sucks ass.  And fits right in with idiot-America that the orange shitgibbon Trump and his loathsome fans are creating.  Thanks, Trump!

A Worthless Jesus Freak Cocksucker From The National Review Cobs Himself And The Drunken Micks Drag Him Mercilessly

Matthew Walther is a fucking maroon.  But let's face it: thinking jesus is real is only one or two very small steps from full-on, ocean-going retard.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

There's Johnny

Playground Parade

Here's Paul Campos Signal Boosting A Trump Abortion

Eventually anyone who cares will know that Trump raw-dogged this particular Playboy slut and knocked her up and that this pathetic loser Broidy took the blame.  Not that it will matter.

So, Now Pretty Much Everyone Sees That Candace Owens Is A Fatuous Shitbag?

Even the dummies in the back see it now, right?  The only ones left who will never figure out that Owens is cheap grifter are the full-on, mouth-breathing Trumptards, right?  Evens Owens knows Fox "News" is always hiring...

Planned Parenthood Cannot Learn A Single Fucking Thing From A Feckless Fox "News" Cunt Like Nicole Saphier

Ridiculous horseshit, but Fox "News"'s job is too muddle the already dim bulbs who are dumb and/or senile enough to actually watch Fox "News".  Nicole Saphier is full of shit and should probably fuck off anytime now.

Just A Little Refresher About How Much Paul Campos And The Rest Of The Welfare Academia Clowns Are Also Pissy Little Bitches

What a dick.  But what else can you expect from the careerist pissboys from your finest non-selective colleges and universities.

Trump's All-Encompassing Corruption Will Be What Is Remembered By History

Trump is so imcompetent in every other facet of his presidency that only the all-encompassing corruption will be of unique historical interest.  Trump will not have victories or achievements, but the fact this his entire administration existed solely to loot whatever the blundering assholes could manage will be an interesting historical footnote.

There's Not A Man Woman Or Child On Earth Afraid To Drag Trump In Public

Fucking toddler. Jesus.  What's next, some bus driver or soccer coach from Cleveland is gonna call Trump a fucking retard on the record?

Friday, June 1, 2018

Placemats: 'Achin' To Be'

This song is pure unadulterated cheeze, and this lame short essay is also tediously banal, but I like the dumb song anyway.

Matt Taibbi On Seymour Hersh

Good stuff.  Taibbi and Hersh are certainly kindred spirits.  Seymour Hersh has indeed been the preeminent American investigative reporter for more than half a century.  That's not nothing considering all the shit that has been going on.