Sunday, June 30, 2019

House Of Joy

Shut The Fuck Up Pig

A little bit hope against the pigs and other fascists.

Conservatives Are The Frailest Beta Cuck Manlet Pussies Ever

Right wing cowards like Buttrocket and the Free Re-Pubic clowns can't defend themselves.  Pussies!

See-Ment Milkshakes Fresh From The See-Ment Pond!

Antifa are America's true heroes.  Milkshaking fascist Proud Boys and other alt-right Nazi fuckbags is the only thing making America greater again.  The genius who came up with the most effective anti-GOP weapon in history, the see-ment milkshake, is a fucking giant among us.  Sure, a see-ment milkshake isn't a thing, but cops and other conservative fuckwits are essentially the biggest chickenshits in the known universe and to a person dumb enough to believe anything, so rock on Antifa!  See-ment milkshakes are the terror weapons jesus loves the mostest.

Kamala Harris Might Be The Neolib Second Choice After Biden, But She's Still A Fuckin' Cop

All cops are bastards.  Harris is a nasty piece of work.  And the Willie Brown stuff is just gross.

Yankees Win Again In London

Red Sox suck.  Limeys suck.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Usually When A Creepy Woman Lawyer Is This Deragned, It's Imani Gandy--Wait, What? Again??

Oh, fuck, not this fucking Wall Street lawyer moron again!  What the actual fuck?  These neoliberal asswipes got Trump elected last time, and now they're even dumber!  Jesus.

Usually When A Lawyer Is This Demented And A Woman, It's Imani Gandy

But, eww, gross, it's Candice Aiston.  No, fuck.  Jesus.  Can-dice?  I guess even her mother was a stupid cunt.

Bernie's gonna win.

Always Cara Tivey

Has Nots

This Was A Bad Day To Be Imani Gandy, The World's Worst Lawyer, Foreclosing On Poor People Division

Of course, every day is a horrible day to be so fucking ignorant and nasty.  So, another normal one for a vile woman who worked foreclosing on people on behalf of some shitbag bank.  Nice.  Hillary lost because of stupid cunts like Imani Gandy, and they will scream and bitch and do everything they can to elect Trump again.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Kamala Harris Shouted That She Wants To Be Bernie's VP At The Debate

Harris went right after Biden, calling him a racist right after saying she didn't think he was a racist, and then she kicked him in the nuts again so Bernie wouldn't have to.  That's what a Veep does, but I hope Bernie doesn't fall for it.  Inslee is still much better.  Kamala Harris is a fucking cop, and that Willie Brown stuff is just gross.  Sorry, honey.

Fun Little Neo-Vintage AV Club Billy Bragg Thing

Billy Bragg.  He survived REM, too.

Thomas Sowell Might Be America's Greatest Uncle Tom For The Fox Generation

Sowell was a shameless boot-licking Uncle Tom long before Fox "News" even existed!  And he's still one of the dumbest Toms out there in 2019!

The Lunatic Baggatron Cocksuckers At Free Re-Pubic Don't Like George Will

Sad.  Those baggy retards should be worshiping that skeevy racist asshole George Will.

Every Hillary Dead Ender Should Be Fired Into The Sun

Nobody this insane should be allowed to run around loose.  Fucking shitheads.

Rich Lowry Is Not An Intelligent Boy

Mayor Pete Booty Gig Sucks AND Blows

That guy is a jerkoff.  Creepy little turd.

Marianne Williamson Is An Idiot

She had one good joke, but Marianne Williamson comes across as an airhead in this debate format.  Jesus.

Nate's Liver Is Having Fun Tonite

Nate's Liver is so much smarter than Nate Silver.

Lee Papa Sees The E. Jean Carroll Rape

E. Jean Carroll was raped.  She's not convinced or was not convinced she was raped and had personal conflicts over the scenario, but Lee Papa sees the political reality.  There are a few things to remember.  Carroll was on the tee vee at the time of the attack, so a very thirsty Donald Trump sure as shit knew who she was as a host on the Roger Ailes network.  Carroll was a star to Trump who so desperately wanted to be a tee vee guy himself.  She was an object of envy for him.  She was not a nobody.  She was not just some 52 year old woman.  She was a person Trump knew, and someone who was doing what he wanted to do.  He also said that women let him grab them by the pussy; he described his assault on Carroll to Billy Bush.  This was the attack he was talking about.  He admitted to this assault.  Everyone heard it.  But hardly anyone is willing to hold him accountable.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Amee Vanderpool: Human Garbage

Corn cob is too good for her.  What a neolib fucking shithead Amee Vanderpool is.  Christ.

By the way, bitch, Bernie would have won and Bernie's gonna win.

Holy Fuck, Steve Dunleavy Was A Giant Piece Of Shit

Cousin Duncan is not wrong.  Steve Dunleavy was one of the worst people who ever lived, and it's a shame he didn't die nine decades earlier.  Today I wish hell was real so I could be comforted knowing that Steve Dunleavy was facing an eternity of spiky demon cocks violating his skull holes.

Josh Marshall Stops Masturbating Long Enough To Hold His Piss Bucket

Josh Marshall, your trusty neoliberal working boy.  Never will an original thought disturb the workings inside his empty little head.  There's nothing Marshall loves more than being a good boy.  Except jerking off to lesbian porn, but, well, you know.

You Might Suck, But At Least You Are Not This Miserable Boot-Licking Motherfucker

Vile fascist cocksucker.  Time our society took out the trash.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Joyful Drive-By Fisking Of Racist Republican Shithead Rick Wilson

By Adam H. Johnson.  This is good shit; Rick Wilson is vile racist sleazebag and deserves all the abuse.  The hatred of these grotesque conservative monsters is the best recommendation Bernie will ever receive.

The Lake Placid Blue Stratocaster Was Finally Retired

Bob Mould Makes The Papers

Gay?  Who knew?  Bob Mould clearly is one of America's greatest songwriters.  And I still get a kick out of the machine gun precision of Malcolm Travis' drumming.

It's Not Easy Being A QTard These Days

Not easy being a hustler when your hustle is the QAnon horseshit.  These risible teabaggers have just about run out of ways to get stupider, I guess.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump.

This Story Told By E. Jean Carroll Is Horrifying

When you are famous, they just let you do it.  #NotAllTrumps  #OfCourseAllTrumps

Because Bernie Is Winning, The Neolibs Are Starting To Panic

Excellent.  Sanders is the frontrunner, the most electable of any of the candidates, and he's scaring the living shit out of the conservative Dem political establishment.  Sanders destroys Trump in 2020 the way he would have in 2016, but most neolib establishment Dems would rather have Trump win than see Bernie win.

For Fuck's Sake, The Gossip Kids Politics Club Ladies' Auxiliary Is So Fucking Dumb

Dems are just too stupid to live, and the nitwits who are the gossip kids and shit are somehow worse.  Jesus.


Chip Rommel's Concentration Camps

Are right here in America.  AOC is right, and as usual the Republicans are fucking shitheads.

Joe Biden Was Always Shit

Dems like to pretend this was a secret till last Tuesday.  But Obammy picked Biden for a reason.  Reasons.  And this is certainly one of them.  Obama wanted nothing more than to be a loyal servant of the ruling class and the conservative political establishment in Washington, no matter how much they belittled him.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Roy Moore Is The Rock-Ribbed Mainstream Republican Gift That Keeps On Giving

Fucking brilliant.  Creepy pedo Roy Moore is the finest Republican in America and every bit the mainstream American conservative that Trump is.

Chronic Masturbator And Neolib Pissboy Josh Marshall Is Really Shitting Himself Over Bernie

Good.  For what it's worth, David Sirota has been a fucking champ for Bernie because Sirota knows just how to torment the careerist pissboys like Josh Marshall.  Marshall should know, but probably does not because he is a fucking moron, that Warren is indeed getting support from the corporate right wing Dem establishment so that they can take out Bernie before he runs away with it.  Their calculation is that Warren will be easy to eliminate after she knocks out Bernie.  The neolib Hillary deadenders are going to be very very sad once the voting starts.  But most of them will vote for Trump anyway.


Nate's Liver Is Better Than Nate Silver's Brain

The liver knows what's up.  And Nate's Liver makes more sense than Nate Silver.  Or Dave Weigel.

Mike Shanahan Still So Sick Of All The Fucking Winning--Pat, Too

Pat "Batter Up" Shanahan is so fucking sick of all the winning.  I think it's time for Mike Shanahan.  Only the best people!

Nate Silver Definitely Gets Off On Being Humiliated

Not kink-shaming him, but the weird little boy Nate Silver gets a special feeling when strangers humiliate him.  That's the only that makes sense at this point.  Jesus.

Hugo Never Had

MAGAtards Are Mostly Too Stupid To Be Corn Cobs

Jesus fucking christ, this somehow not a parody account.  What the actual fuck.  Conservatives are fucking deranged.

Elizabeth Warren Is Not To The Left Of Bernie Sanders

Warren was an enthusiastic Republican 25 years ago; Bernie was not.  Yes, Bernie is a boring, pragmatic, true centrist pushing common-sense middle-of-the-road ideas like universal health care, banking regulation, a living wage, and unions.  That's not leftist, but just normal centrist stuff everyone seems to love.  That's Bernie. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Symone Huckabee Sanders Is One Of Joe Biden's Best People

Only the best for Joe Biden.  Only the best people.  Nothing like being an Uncle Tom for Joe Fucking Biden.  Jesus.

Comprehensive Long-Form Neo-Vintage Drive-By Fisking Of Elizabeth Warren

Excellent work.  This is why Bernie is the frontrunner AND the #1 target of the establishment.  The neolibs and other conservatives are using Warren in an attempt to take out Bernie because they know Warren will be much easier to handle and dispatch.  I don't think it's gonna work...

Sunday, June 16, 2019

What's Next, Lou

Was Deep Purple Watching This From Next Door?

There Are At Least 25,000 Reasons The Political Establishment Is Trying To Stop Bernie

25,000 reasons in Iowa are just the start.  If nobody can stop Sanders soon, he's going to run away with this since everyone knows Biden will not be in the race at the end.  This is the main reason tons of neolibs and other right-wing cocksuckers are boosting Elizabeth Warren right now; if they can use Warren to take out Bernie, they know Warren will be easy to dispatch.  If Bernie supporters vote, there will be a metric shit ton of pain for the rock-ribbed Washington establishment.  If Bernie supporters don't show up, well, then Trump will be PresidentforLife.


Don't talk tothe police. Don't call the police. Stay as far away from the police as you can.  All cops are bastards.

Never A Bad Time To Remind The World What A Vile Piece Of Shit John McCain Was

One of the most disgusting Republicans who ever lived.  And now he's dead, so that's good!

Virag's Movie Reviews: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 (2017)

If, once you got past the annoyingly shallow music crap, the first one was nothing more than Farscape, The Movie, well, Vol. 2 is less than that, but with a cameo from one of John Crichton's heinous accents.

Virag's Movie Reviews: American Ultra (2015)

Thanks, Dad!  Sorry, Dad.  Sorry everyone, and not just about the hair.  Max.

Libertarian Boy And Piss Boy Dave Weigel Sure Knows Which Polls To Signal Boost

Only the best polls for Mr. Bezos sir. Only the best.  Weigel knows--I mean, he has to know--that he's dancing as fast as he can to construct a fantasy narrative that will keep him employed by Mr. Bezos sir for another week month year.  But it's fucking gross to be that thirsty when you are a pissboy. 

Americans And American Workers Never Learn

Yes, the UAW continues to be shit, but the workers themselves need to be more than helpless morons who will steadfastly refuse to stand up for themselves as individuals and as a group.  I'm sorry.  It's the fucking 21st century, and every person, even in Tennessee, has the means to learn how the world really works.  Works.  But Tennessee isn't up to it, so it's about time to start blaming those idiots as well as the Krauts and the bosses and the rest of the scum.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

All Unnatural

Virag's Movie Reviews: Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

Holey shnite, this thing sucked.  Hard.  The first flick was dumb and fun, and this one had most of the same pieces, but they were assembled so poorly that the enterprise wouldn't function.  It was sad to see how much of the story was strangled to wedge all the Chinese actors into it, too.  I mean, the first one was a yuge hit in China, so the sequel abandoned most of the good characters to make room for the home team.  Whoops.  And Clint Eastwood's kid is not what anyone would call charismatic on screen.  Or an actor.  Burn Gorman was probably happy for the work, though.  (Even he was looking a little uncomfortable by the end.)  Too bad the hilarious fake Australian guy couldn't be located.  The big dumb robot movies shoulda been a thing.  Maybe Guillermo del Toro had an actual cool idea for a sequel.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Later Period Arcade Fire

Nothing Scares The Shit Out Of The Horrible Baggatron Cocksuckers At Free Re-Pubic More Than Freedom

Conservatives hate freedom because it scares them to death.  The baggy retards at Free Re-Pubic can't live with the idea that even women might be free in a free society.  Women are the things that scare them most after freedom.  Freedom for women is too much!  Jesus hates that shit!  Make it stop!  Sad.  Thanks, Trump.

Remember you demented teabagging motherfuckers: health care is a right and abortion is health care.  Now kindly go fuck yourselves with a rusty carving knife. 


Denise is having another normal day.  Lubing up is the key.  Never discount the importance of a good lube job.  Thanks, Denise.

WTF Toronto

How the hell did this happen?  Canada won something.  A sport.  But not curling.  Or lacrosse.  Or ice hockey.  Jesus, Toronto.  What's this all aboot?  What happens now?

Alan Dershowitz Should Never Tweet

A creepy racist pedo with no friends should not post on the Twitter machine.  Alan Douchowitz is not very bright.

Twits Are Helpless Bystanders In Their Own Lives

Jeez.  Twits understand nothing: not marketing, nor cycling, but this shit is their self-selected hobby, yet they get absolutely none of it, atmo. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Mettle Hurl Aunt

No Wonder The USA Hasn't Won A War In 75 Fucking Years!

They got losers like Rinse Pubies in the fucking Army and shit.  This explains it.  The USA beat the fucking Krauts, but needed the Soviets and the Limeys and the Frogs to carry them, and the Japs, with a big help from the Chinese, but after that it was a tie followed by a shitload of losses.  Hell, the USA couldn't beat the fucking Taliban or Saddam Hussein for christ's sake, and it's because the armed forces are chock full of weird little failsons like Risse Pupice!  Fucking pathetic.  Thanks, Trump.

Vice President Inslee Will Be Great

The environment and global climate change are the reasons why Jay Inslee will be the Veep for Sanders (or Warren) when they beat Trump next year.  He's strong on the issues and will make a fabulous addition to the ticket.  Sweet!  Thanks, Trump!

Trump's Tertiary Syphilis Is Even Starting To Freak Out Racist Teabagging Fuckheads

Like Peter Heck.  That poor racist asshole Heck is worried all of the sudden because Trump's brain worms are leaving him as a useless dimwit just like Reagan.  Heck should have been just as worried about Retardboy Bush, the real President Bush, Nixon, and every other conservative mental-defective imbecile out there, too.  Baby steps.

Now Duncan Hunter Will Find Out How Sick Too Much Winning Can Make You

Mrs. Duncan Hunter seems nice.  Apparently she doesn't want to do hard time, so Duncan Hunter might be getting passed around the prison for cigs sooner rather than later.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump!

Nate Silver Will Never Not Deserve All The Abuse

Don't bother ever being nice to nimrods. They don't deserve it.  Sure, Nate Silver is homely and weird, and you might think he's a sad boy with no nice true friends, so you think you will try and be kind to him out of pity.  No.  Stop.  Get some help.  Nate Silver deserves it, and he always will.  Fuck him.

Boy Band

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Pretty Fucking Sick Of All The Winning

Piggy is going back to Arkansas to be gross and awful back there.  Huckabee Sanders was a great big piece of shit for Trump, so that's something, and I'm sure she will continue to be a useless sack of human filth for years to come.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump!

What If Toronto Wins?

Fucking Toronto.  Canada.  Wins something.  How.  What then?


Kellen Winslow II Sounds Like America's Best Republican

Shit, this disgusting rapy motherfucker should be the GOP president instead of Trump.  Winslow has all the top qualities Republicans love.  He's more Trump than Trump!

Risible Neolib Manlet James Surowiecki Lacks Even The Essential Dignity Requird To Turn Into A Corn Cob

Surowiecki gets deboned, but he's somehow still too small and frail to become a corn cob.  Surowiecki is yet another in the long line of dimwit neoliberal assholes too fucking stupid to get out of their own ways.  Sad.  He gets fucking obliterated in that thread, though, and that's fucking hilarious.  It's all exactly the sort of drive-by fisking of a neolib nitwit that is truly making America greater again.

David Sirota Is Having Too Much Fun Unmanning Nate Silver

Jesus, Silver is a fucking turd.  When you are smug yet greasy little shit like Nate Silver, why the fuck would you not just shut the fuck up instead of letting folks like David Sirota roast you in public like this?  Fuck.

Heart-Warmingly Brutal Drive-By Fisking Of Still-Dead Tim Russert

Charlie Pierce does the honors.  Down in the timeline somebody calls Russert 'Pumpkinhead'.  That's fucking perfect.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Tour Is Saved From Chris Froome Again This Year!

Those Froggy motherfuckers are wicked lucky.  This might have been the last chance for risible cheater Froome to get number five, so the race and cycling are saved from that shit show maybe for forever.  Gods fucking damn, those French bike racing folks musta been very nice to sickly kittens or destitute mimes in a previous life.  Surely now everyone left to race next month will not have to cheat at all!

See, David Sirota Understands The Power Of Making Every Story About Bernie

Nate Silver is a douche, so Sirota is bashing him--and drawing in the Bernie haters to make the story even more about Bernie.  This is what Bernie pays Sirota to do.  Sirota is smart and mean, but he also makes an interesting point about Sanders getting hit when Biden officially got in but coming all the way back after that while Warren stalled since April--and of course Silver hates that shit and gets all pissy and throws a hissy fit over it, so another round goes to Sirota.  Ryan Grim has a theory.  But we will see when the votes start.  If Sanders wins Iowa or comes in second ahead of Warren and wins New Hampshire, Warren is toast, and it's a Sanders/Inslee winning ticket.  If Warren wins or comes in second in Iowa but ahead of Bernie and wins in New Hampshire, Bernie's done, and it's Warren/Inslee.

Dave Weigel Doesn't Even Realize Even His Own Stories Are Always About Sanders

Jesus fucking christ, libertarian boys are not very bright.  Even with Bezos pissboy Dave Weigel the story is always about Bernie Sanders.  But even Weigel doesn't see this.  Amazing.  The idiots learned nothing about 2016: the object of all your attention is the one who is winning.  The same way every story was Trump last time, this time every story is about Sanders, up, down, good, bad, but mostly down and bad from hacks like Weigel.  It doesn't matter though, because when the votes start coming in and Sanders wins everything, these idiots will have to hang themselves.  But they won't cuz they're hack assholes.

Bernie Sanders Is Such An Effective Candidate Than Edward-Isaac Dovere Still Has A Job!

Bernie is scaring the shit out of the establishment, so hacky pissboy Edward-Isaac Dovere will never lose his job no matter how pathetic his attempts to undercut Bernie's campaign.  All hands on deck!  Dovere is clearly a pile of human filth.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Dirty On Painters

At Least Dave Weigel Can Say He's Not As Fucking Inane As Josh Marshall

That's a mighty fucking low bar, but libertarian boys are used to Pyrrhic victories.  Marshall probably does think that Biden is the only Dem who could beat Trump because clearly Biden is the highest-profile Dem candidate with NO CHANCE TO BEAT TRUMP.  It makes perfect as Josh Marshall is a fucking moron.  With any luck, the Sanders/Inslee ticket will celebrate their victory by collecting the world's weekly output of boiling monkey diarrhea to pour on Marshall's head after the inaugural ball.  Neolib assholes actually pay Marshall to read that garbage.  Jesus.

Libertarian Boy Dave Weigel Guzzles The Piss From Bezos' Bucket

Dave Weigel may not be the brightest boy, but he's bright enough to know what Jeff Bezos wants.  Weigel may not actually be smart enough to realize that Biden has never made it to the end of a primary contest and won't this time, so this poll is yet another indication that Bernie continues to be the frontrunner.  Bezos can't abide that shit regardless, so his loyal pissboy, the libertarian Dave Weigel, will do his best to please the lord and master.

Yale Law School Dipshit Is A Whore Just Like Her Whore Dipshit Tiger Mom At Yale Law School

Jesus, who knew?  This sorta thing never happens.  I'm aghast. 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Summer Daze

Another Pink Bruce Gordon

1976, apparently.

Take Some Joy That Deranged Racist Republicans Are Feeling Butthurt Today

Grotesque racist conservatives are so very upset that a monstrous injustice is being recognized for what it truly was.  Vile reactionaries and liars like John Perrazo and the cretins at Free Re-Pubic can't stand the fact that black and brown boys are seen as the victims and the scumbag cops and lawyers are getting shit on.  Heh, indeedy.  This is a good thing.  When these hateful bastards are screaming, you should smile and enjoy it.  All the terrified little racist white boys weeping because the innocent black and brown boys got paid.  Fucking lovely.  Thanks, Trump!

Bruce Gordon Died

Another framebuilder gone.  The classic era of America frame building is going quickly now.

Even When They Are Correct, The Twits Are So Easily Distracted By Right-Wing Scum

The twits start out mostly good on this shit, and even humiliate a vile cretin who posts some conspiracy bullshit about geriatric giraffes.  But things start to fall apart quickly because the cretin with the brain damage, a conservative in other words, commences prolix obfuscation and posts some pictures causing the twits to forget what they were properly pissed off about and then start jerking each other off.  A couple of other brainless conservatives wade in to fuck it up, too.  Twits will be twits.  Even when they're right they are helpless victims of reactionary horseshit.  Jesus, twits suck.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Discount Bryan Ferry Way More Fun Than Actual Bryan Ferry

Let's Cancel Conservatives

Jesus fucking christ, these people are the fucking worst.  Too stupid to live.  Let's flush the bowel movement conservatives into the sewers where they belong once and for all.

It Wasn't Me

Somebody shot that vile fat steroid fuck David Ortiz.  It wasn't me.  As much as I think he's a piece of shit, don't shoot people.  Christ.

Frontal Yardigans

Bethany Mandel Is A Vile Cunt

Cunt.  Bethany Mandel, hateful, right-wing scum, as usual.  By the way, cunt, who funds The Federalist?

Pro tip: Linda Fairstein is a horrible racist cunt, too.

Fox "News" Has Been A Performance Art Piece All Along

Fucking brilliant.  It turns out that Tucker Carlson is genius towering above Mark Twain and Jonathan Swift.  Now it can be told!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Where's Tommy

The Gossip Kids Sorta Get Gravel 2020

Good.  It's always a positive when the gossip kids don't completely miss something.  Hope.  Baby steps.  Shit like that.  Gravel 2020 is a fun thought experiment brought to you by over-privileged kids who don't completely suck ass.  The Trump kids would never have been able to pull off this Gravel 2020 effort, for example.  Rock on, dudes.  Atmo.

Chachi Might Be America's Most Washed-Up Corn Cob

Reading is not a conservative's friend.  Nor is logic.  Reason.  Conservatives only know the stupid.  FREEDUMB!  Jonie def does not love that shit.  Sad.  Thanks, Chachi. 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Pedal Hoppin' Tom

Now This Was Glorious: Teabagging Dipshit Harry Khachatrian's Transmogrification Into A Corn Cob

Bellissimo.  Vile turd Ben Shapiro hires only the best people.  The best.

Holy Shit, This Bernie Sanders Is Okay

The Hyde Amendment sucks major ass.  Abortion is health care.  Health care is a right.  Bernie's cool.  Neat!  Thanks, drooling conservative fucktards.

This Solid Comedy From Chapo Holds Up

Much more entertaining than the actual movie.

Anyone As Dumb As Kyle Smith Should Be Buried In A Hole 10 Million Miles Deep

A very black hole. Or fired into the sun.  The pool, the pond.  Smith thinks the tee vee show was somehow an indictment of socialism, which makes a shit ton of sense if you are conservative retard like Kyle Smith.  Otherwise, brainless, brutal totalitarian states have nothing to do with socialism and everything to do with brutal, totalitarian right-wing states, like the Soviet Union was.  But don't try and explain that shit to Kyle Smith.  Take the easy way and fire him into the sun.

Here's An Idea For The Twits: Ride Your Bikes Instead Of Buying Bikes

Motherfuckers like this need their taxes raised.  Twits fucking suck, man.  This jerkoff just bought a new bike, and now he's gonna sell it and get something else.  This makes commerce work, but it's wasteful and dumb.  Let's tax these upper-class twits and force them to ride the bikes they have. 

If You Are 'Still With Her' You Are A Fucking Idiot

Remember, bitches: BERNIE WOULD HAVE WON!

Imagine being this fucking stupid.  Your candidate needed an entire multi-billion dollar political infrastructure to stop Bernie Sanders when he was running on a lark, and yet Hillary lost to Donald Fucking Trump.  Glad you retards are still with her.  Makes perfect sense.  Neolib scum like this are the reason Trump won.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Zerlina Maxwell: Too Pathetic To Be A Corn Cob

Zerlina is not the brightest girl.  She is a happy pissgirl, but she lacks the basic dignity of a corn cob after so many years guzzling that neoliberal piss.  Sad.  Thanks, Obama.

Cuba, Si! Twits, No!

The Serotta Forum twits, as a self-selected group of wealthy white American males, cannot intelligently discuss Cuba and American policy because at their hearts they are either cowards or disgusting hard-right racist assholes.  This is pretty much an Urban Dictionary definition of American society at this point.  You can't discuss something as basic as American imperialism because some conservative fucker might get hisself all offended and shit because freedumb.  The people with all of the wealth, all of the privilege, all of the opportunity, are fucking ignorant, hopeless, and useless, or they are vile conservatives.  Or sometimes both.  But there's only one side of this Cuba question worth discussing, and it has nothing to do with conservatives, as conservatives are always wrong.  If Cubans did not support the Revolution, the Cuban government, Cuban society, and the Revolution would have collapsed after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, but the Cuban people and the Cuban government and the Revolution continued because the Cuban people believed in it.  Cuba, Si!  Trump, No!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Superchunk Science: Me-Oww

BTW, This Camera-On-Cat Experiment Was Previously Conducted By Superchunk

This time, the cats were mostly just being cats.  It is funny that some of the cats in this most recent version of the experiment wouldn't tolerate the cameras.  What, exactly, did they have to hide??

Which One Of The Welfare Academia Clowns Also Contributes To This Imperialist Propaganda?

It's Robert Farley.  But those welfare academia dickbags are icons of the Democratic blogosphere.

Anywho, this fascist cocksucker David Shedd of the Heritage Foundation is having a sad because the US coup in Venezuela has worked about as well as everything else the Trump people have done.  Meanwhile, Venezuela has won a great victory, and the National Interest shitheads look like the petty-fascist jock sniffers they are.  Heh.  Thanks, Trump!

Jennifer Rubin Probably Has Fantastic Health Insurance

So fuck everyone else.  Hard to believe that a fine humanitarian like Jennifer Rubin would be so callous.  I usually look to hard-right racist lunatics for all the best social policies, but Rubin has really let me down here.  How would a lovely man like Jeff Bezos employ such a vile, conservative fuckhead?  Now my love for Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama is all I have left!

Josh Marshall Should Stick To The 50¢ Small Frosties At Wendy's

Milkshakes are too much for him.  The idea of humiliating these candyass Nazi fucks is not just being discovered now, but the milkshake thing is especially damaging to the cadre of cowardly little Proud Boys and such.  Josh Marshall should stick to the small Frosty on sale now at Wendy's.  And to his piss bucket.

I've Always Assumed The Twits Were The Menaces

Hard to believe the story as told, but assholes are everywhere.  That's why the best folks are endorsing Giant Meteor for 2020!


Sunday, June 2, 2019

Neolib Dems Are Dumber Than MAGAtards

The only sane choice in 2016 was "Never Hillary" but these assholes fucked that up and gave us Trump.  Thanks, Hillary supporters.  Nice job.  The better candidate was right there in front of you but you morons were just so fucking mental. 





Antenna's Eyes

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Greeny Grey Transition Patrol Alloy

What the fuck is this ugly color?  Awful.  They have another model that's tan.  Tan.  But they do have an orange and a red on other models, too, which are both pretty nice.  And a black because that's easy and never sickening.  This sagebrush grey is not good, though.  But the bike kills.  Don't pick your bike by the color.  Proper metal frame, also available in plastic if you suck especially hard.

Victoria Brownworth Seems Nice, And Not At All Like A Screeching Corn Cob

Smart gal.  Real big brain shit on Victoria.  She's "award winning" but we don't know what awards those might actually be.  She's a socialist, too, but is also somehow a deadender for a life-long conservative and neoliberal poster child Hillary Clinton while not endorsing the most leftwing of the candidates, the pragmatic, common sense, true centrist Bernie Sanders.  Weird.  Victoria says she for Medicare for All but oddly does not support the only candidate actually committed to Medicare for All.  That's damned strange.  I guess psycho corn cob motherfuckers are not exactly reliable.

Barbara Lee Fucked Up Bigtime With Her Kamala Harris Is A Cop Endorsement

Barbara Lee has been so good on so many things for so long, but failing to endorse Bernie is a real fuck up.  Kamala Harris is a hateful piece of shit as well as a fucking rock-ribbed neoliberal cop, and Lee should have known better.

Pro Tip: Catholics And Their Priests Are Fucking Evil Bastards

This miserable motherfucker Tommy Tobin got nicely ratioed.  Catholics are as bad as evangelical christians and every other kind of christian and fundamentalists of every stripe.  Fuck them in their skull holes forever and ever, amen.

Is There A More Pathetic Asshole In The World Than Rod Dreher?

How big of a fucking loser to you have to be to suck up to a risible dipshit like David Fucking Brooks?  Jesus motherfucking crispy, that's just gods-damned sad.  Get some pride, man.  Put down the pissbucket.  Christ.