Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nagasawa On Al Jazeera In 2014

Excellent Maddow With Bill Bogert

It looks like the vid starts automatically--at least it did for me.  But Rachel Maddow gets Bill Bogert from the 64 anti-Goldwater ad in the studio to trash Trump.  What's really great is that Bogert, who is 80 frakking years old, looks like he's going to wheeze and croak his way through the bit, but as soon as they get going he perks up like a fucking pro and nails the take.  Nice job, dude.  (John Lindsay was elected mayor of NY as a Republican in 1965, so that's apparently the last Republican Bogert voted for.  Nice job, too, dude.)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Cruz Is Being Gelded In Indiana By Trump

It's ugly for America's most exceptional loser Ted Cruz in Indiana.  Trump is absolutely stomping Cruz in a state where the GOP establishment should have had some stick.  While in reality it has been over since the night of the Iowa caucus, it is still a bit gratifying and entertaining to watch Ted Cruz be tortured and humiliated so thoroughly.  Donald Trump really is making America great again for everyone who is not Ted Cruz.

Charlie Black Is A Fucking Nimrod

Fucking genius, Charlie.  Jesus.  Trump deboned them on the first fucking day and hasn't stopped since.  Now all the fucking pissboys are lining to be Trump's favored bucket-holder.  Assholes.  All these fucking establishment media jerkoffs are as wrong as wrong can be about every fucking thing every fucking day.  Yet, they have the outlet and they have the influence.  Isn't that interesting?

Friday, April 29, 2016

A Chris Kvale Pops Up

Somebody bought it, apparently.  None more black on the Serotta Forum.

Will Ferrell Is A Talentless, Unfunny Douche And Now A Craven Asshole

For Ferrell, being annoyingly unfunny was not enough, I guess.  Not like we need Will Ferrell to belittle that demented houseplant that was Ronny Raygun, the dumbest fucking president even if you haven't forgotten George W. "Retardboy" Bush.

Truly Worthless And Disgusting Exceptional American Racists Of The Day, Today

Anyone who scratches the GOP base too deeply always comes away sickened and hopefully terrified because the conservatives everywhere are always horrible and evil, but in our exceptional America the conservatives are also hyperviolent, well-armed guntard racists.  And how many of these loathsome shitbirds are involved in law enforcement?  This is the America we have built for ourselves.  Fantastic.

Even Drunk Out-Of-Office John's Boehner Doesn't Like Ted Cruz

Drunk Boehner might be funny now, but he was a coupla heartbeats away and shit.  But it shows that absolutely nobody likes Ted Cruz.  Which might be a problem if you're Ted Cruz and wanted to elected to something outside of fucktard hothouse like Texas.  Good for Boehner for saying out loud what oh so many Republicans truly believe.  But, jesus, fucking Boehner was the gods-damned Speaker of the House.  That idiot was an important elected official.  And Cruz is one of 100 Senators.  We always were hella fucked.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jeux Sans Medecins Sans Frontieres

Thank the fucking gods for bombing MSF hospitals: it's the only true international cooperation in the world!  Fuck yeah!  Those MSF bastards really bring all sides together on something: bombing Medecins Sans Frontieres.  Nobody likes these do-gooder faggy French doctors and their stupid helping innocent people maimed by our very profitable wars.  The good guys bomb 'em.  The bad guys bomb 'em.  Everybody bombs 'em!  They bombed 'em today.  They bombed 'em yesterday.  They'll bomb those cocksuckers tomorrow.  Fuck those greasy Frogs.  Those MSF assholes are only good for one thing: being targets for everybody's exceptional freedom bombs.

Fox's Idiot "Judge" Napolitano Is Also A Screaming Luntatic

Napolitano is a raving whackjob, just like the rest of the Fox "News" assclowns.  Napolitano is fulfilling his piss-boy role by helping the unhinged GOP buffoons convince their even more insane voters that Hillary is going to be indicted for some fictional crime.  This is derangement syndrome on steroids.  Fantastic.  And Napolitano is a fucking asswipe.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

'Better Call Saul' And 'The Americans' Should Both Ignore History

Too bad they started Better Call Saul in the future mall.  The show is working really well, and they should just fuck Breaking Bad right the fuck off and keep the new show going regardless.  Just to fuck with people throw in WW and the rest in oblique or contradictory appearances so that disrupt the precedent.  Why not?  BCS has the chance to be so much more.

The Americans should also start to fuck with 1980s history to keep their goofy show going, creating fictional US/Soviet confrontations in order to drive the plot for years and years.  The worst thing they could is run themselves out of ideas just cuz the actual USSR didn't have a pot to piss in.

Virag's Movie Reviews: Trainwreck (2015)

Holy fucking shit, it would be hard to find two less funny people in America than Judd Apatow and Chuck Amy Schumer.  And when they team up for a movie, hilarity ensues!  Or not.  Schumer managed to pen a film which is about as original and engaging as a Lifetime movie or a failed sitcom pilot, and Apatow flaunts every single bit of his directorial talent from start to finish.  Plenty of weird and unrealistic fully-clothed fucking and LeBron James channeling a PG-13 Chris Rock, too.  Oddly enough, Bill Hader, who is always an unwatchable, idiot-Kyle-MacLachlan on screen, is not so bad in this one.  The best part of this film must have been eating donuts with Dave Attell and Colin Quinn between takes.  Quinn is a fucking douche, but this shitty movie made him look like a luminous comedy genius. 

30,000 More Reasons Ted Cruz Still Won't Get Elected To Anything This Year

You gotta hand it to that slimy cocksucker, he managed to find someone damn near as repugnant as himself to join his comical public failure.  Where is Fiorina going to be less popular than California?  Polly Prissy Pants Cruz is a fucking shithead.  What's next, Hermain Cain as Secretary of State?

The Next Hastert Rule: 15 Months

And molest your buddy's brother.  Those are some perfect GOP rules, and I wish the craven fucking Dems would take these Hastert rules and pummel every fucking Republican into a greasy slime with them.

Arianna Huffington Was Always Wicked Fucking Creepy

Since day one, in her life as a shameless Republican apparatchik, beard for a risible GOP queen, skeevy tee vee striver, Breitbart compatriot, smarmy internets liberal, Arianna Huffington has been just about as creepy and unappealing as human being can be.  Outing herself as utter fucking scumbag is not really a shock, but still, Huffington's been one of the worst of us for as long as she's been around.

Bernie Sanders Was Never Going To Run As An Independent

Sanders ran as a Dem for a reason.  And he was never going to run as an I.  (Sanders & Stein was never happening, though I would encourage all the good Sanders supporters to canvas and vote for Jill Stein.  She's cool.)  Sanders chose the Democratic Party primary, and he'll stay right where he is.  Now, what the fuck happens after the November election, that is an entirely different question.  There will very likely be plenty of opportunities to get active and reshape American politics in the wake of Trump's destruction of the GOP.  Sanders will not have much of a role in it, but maybe some of the Sanders supporters and other good folks out there who learned some hard political lessons during the primaries just might find something useful to do.  The second-best thing Clinton could do would be to push Sanders supporters and other like-minded Americans to make sure they stay politically active to fight the hard-right militarism and reactionary economic and social policies of the Hillary Clinton administration.

Repugnant Conservative Fuckbrains Of The Day, Today

Hopeless, ignorant, disgusting, these sick, twisted fucks are your exceptional America.  You could try and say these utter morons are simply misguided and uninformed, victims of congenital American anti-intellectualism, but in reality they are vile, hateful, racist cocksuckers, the embodiment of true evil.  Virulent reactionary stupidity is poisoning America.