Saturday, June 24, 2017

Freedom Rawks

Twitter Is A Place For Great Americans

Telling some addle-headed teabaggers on Twitter you were abducted by Pizzagate is the greatest use of interwebs technology in human history. Or something. It's good, anyway.  This fucking guy should get some sort of fabulous cash prize and a freedom medal.  Joe Prince is a great American.

Jen Kirkman: American Idiot

Simpleton comedian is dumb.  Stop the presses.  A shocking American story.  But when you retweet Eric Garland, that makes you what might candidly be called special.  Deleting them doesn't save you after everyone makes fun of you for being a fucking dimwit.  Jen Kirkman is special.

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    He wanted to be the President. This is one of the greatest NatSec threats in our history. He's talking about The Dems.
  2. Sanders benefitted from Russian active measures, from Fake News to Wikileaks dumps. Has he made any major condemnations of Russia?
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    He ran as a Democrat. The Democrats were targeted. We're now just hearing how much. Bernie's saying the Dems are as bad as Trump.
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    And now, he's talking about how The Democratic Party is this huge problem as landmark stories of Russian interference come out.
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    Sure, there are a couple stock "We can't have Russia interfering..." but did I miss any major statements or speeches about this from him?

Rock-Ribbed Neoliberal Dems Are The Scum Of The Universe

Fuck the entire Dem establishment in the eye holes.  The Dems are as bad as the GOP; Washington is a fetid one-party toilet.  Maybe when the majority stops voting for candidates who refuse to represent them, we'll see some exceptional real change we can believe in.

Unions Would Be The Backbone Of A Truly Prosperous America

How's that working out?  Neoliberal scum like the Clintons fear unions more than anything, as the union movement is the foundation of preventing wealth transfer to the richest Americans.  Republicans hate unions because the union movement provides security and dignity to working people and makes them much less likely to fall for the lies of the conservatives.  Hamilton Nolan is on the beat.  Better than Hamilton, too.

Never Dug The Rickenbacker Fireglo, Atmo

Not a fan of the furniture bass, either, but the iconic Fireglo never did it for me.

Eric Garland Is Every Bit As Unhinged As Al Giordano Or Joy Reid

But some of the lamebrains who follow him are just amazing!  Jesus christ, it's astounding that so many people are so fucking helpless and stupid.  FreeDUMB!

Bernie would have won.  

MMMM...Puke Wine

Boone's Farm.  Jesus.  Anything that sweet...that you...good gods, no.  No.  Kids are dumb and will drink anything though.  Or, would drink anything back in the day.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Fathers' Love

Does Ted Rall Think The Neoliberal DLC Dems Want To Win Elections?

He can't really believe that.  Rall probably understands that Dem leadership is about preventing center-left candidates from being elected.  Neoliberal Dems are pretty much on board with the totality of the GOP agenda, so winning is not that important to those Dems.  As long as Sanders and other practical, popular, centrists don't influence American politics, the Dem establishment is fine with losing most of the time.

Ask Not What Your IUD Can Do For You

Just shut the fuck up and make me a sammich, slut.  Real Americans don't care about some cunt's pain or bleeding or any of that shit.  America cares about guns and beer and big giant tits and beer and guns and beer and guns.  Bitches just want to complain about shit and make real Americans pay for their slut paraphernalia.  Shut up, whores.  Go whimper in pain and bleed somewhere else.  After you get that sammich.

White Or Pink

How Many Fucking Pink Days Are There?

Jesus.  Pink's gotta figure out what fucking day it wants and stick with it.  Fucker.

'Han Solo' Gets Opie

That's not good.  Has Opie ever directed a good movie?  I can't think of one.  Some of his flicks are not wretched, but Opie lacks any sort of unique talent or vision or idea.  At this point Disney just wants to print money, and Opie certainly knows how to make an utterly pedestrian movie-like thing unlikely to offend anyone's sensibilities.  Workmanlike.  Bland.  Anodyne.  Banal.  Boring.  1 billion dollars.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tokyo Don't Cry

The French Political Situation Is Really Fucked Up

Huge numbers of non-voters and a hard-right neoliberal technocrat asshole make a recipe for disaster, and the Frogs are going to be struggling for years to undo all the damage Macron does.  Not exactly what you'd call a vibrant democracy in action.  The fucking Krauts are probably pretty psyched about the whole scenario, tho. 

Bruce Gardner Starring In 'Always Take The Deal'

A sad, short failure of life for Bruce Gardner.  He knew that he should have taken that deal.  He knew that once it was gone, he was doomed.  His life was short and unhappy, a failure.  His story was very American.  If you're good enough to have a shot at greatness, take the fucking deal every fucking time.

All-American Freedom Ain't What You Think

America was never all that free.  Anti-democratic institutions like the Senate and Electoral College define the government, and the law was never in favor of the Bill of Rights.  Freedom is a lie for children.  FREEDUMB is what America has always been about.

Lucia Joyce

What was her problem?  Society certainly wasn't ready for Lucia Joyce, any more that it was ready for her father, but at least JAJ had his patrons.  And he was a man.  No such luck for Lucia.

Jeremy Corbyn Might Be The Greatest Limey Fuck Who Ever Lived

Admittedly a stunningly low bar, but Jezza is living in the minds of political observers all over the world now and making it possible for some yuge dullards with outsized influence to imagine a return to a left-wing utopia in the west, or at least a dialing back to the pre-Clinton, pre-Blair days when not every single fucking person in the establishment was an utterly vapid pissboy or a vile, monstrous, reactionary mental midget.  Fun stuff.

Get rid of that king and queen shit, too.  Jesus, you limey cocksuckers are fucking embarrassing with that lame bullshit.

Out Here

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Staid Forever

The Gossip Kids Are Not Experts On Bicycles Or Cycling

Times you should ignore the gossip kids: Bernie Sanders; Wikileaks; politics; cycling.  Don't do it.  Don't listen to the Serotta Forum twits, either.

Maybe A Little More Sanders/Corbyn And A Little Less Obama/Clinton/Ossoff

Maybe that's how you lead.  Maybe that's how you win for the people.  Bold, fearless, and unashamed.  Or we could do the same vile Obama-style neoliberal bullshit until the society is in tatters.  The pool, the pond.

The Dems Nominate Shit Candidates Because They Are Incompetent Republicans

A hard-right Dem leadership will only continue to lose.   Because winning doesn't matter to them.  Supporting the rulers matters to them; protecting their sinecures matters to them; preventing any non-conservatives winning office matters to them.  Not health care.  Not the economy.  Not anything besides what the Kochs and the Mellons and the DuPonts and Olins and Coors and the rest of the vile shitstains want.  That's the Democratic Party, and they are in no meaningful way opposed to GOP rule or GOP ideals.

Bike Poop

Hah. I get it.  Poop joke.  Anywho, it's the bacteria that are the key, so I guess it will really be yogurt doping and not poop doping once they figger out how to grow the beneficial little buggers and stick 'em in yog-ert.  Poop.

The Dumbest Thing Ever Written By A Former Mitt Romney And Ben Carson Staffer

I guess it's nice that Romney and Carson decided to hire staffers like Shermichael "Sherm" Singleton who were otherwise unemployable due to mental infirmity.  But usually you have them licking envelopes.  Somebody should explain that shit to Romney and Carson.  Both of whom are probably also underqualified to lick envelopes now that I think about it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


For Fuck's Sake, Can The Gossip Kids Even Read?

The fucking book's been out for 30+ years.  You don't even have to read it.  You can read ABOUT it, but only if you can fucking read.  Jesus.  Fucking dopes.

Health Care Is So Fucked Up That Even Ezra Klein Can Start To Figure It Out

Klein is one obtuse motherfucker, so you know it's a shit show when Klein can see the truth.  The USA is about to undergo a butt-fucking over health care, but when the Dems finally do the right thing it will be because the whole society is unraveling, and the Dems are panicked.  It will have nothing to with the best, most efficient way to deliver universal heath care or anything.  Nope.

The Grandest Fucking Imbeciles Who Ever Lived Walk Among Us Today

Information warfare expert!  Hee.  And I am a glorious beautiful ruler of the sky on Saturn.  How the fuck can anyone this fucking stupid and unhinged be allowed to run around loose?  Cocaine is a hell of a drug.  This poor idiot woman needs medical help.  She has some sort of mental defect where nonsense word-salad and loony jargon spill from her mouth all the fucking time.

How's that consulting business going, asshole?

For Fucks Sake, Don't Pay Attention To The Gossip Kids When They Talk About Jill Stein

The gossip kids do not do nuance or reality, so don't bother trying to get them to understand anything.  In their simplistic gossip kids world, Jill Stein is bad, and that's about all they can handle.  Life is hard for the gossip kids right now, so don't waste your time.

The UK Is Imploding, And It's Not All Corbyn's Fault

The UK has a been a syphilitic invalid for so very long, but now we are joyously watching the final indignities.  Surely May is as nasty and incompetent a leader as any in world history, up there with Reagan and Bush, but her glorious failure is not Corbyn's doing; he may or may not decide to rally his people and attempt to pick up the pieces, but the end stage rot ravaging the country is entirely the fault of the vile and feckless conservatives throughout the UK slavishly bonding their sad empire to the exceptional USA.  Whether there's anything left for Corbyn to resurrect is the question for some tomorrows.