Saturday, September 22, 2018

Political Song for A.J. Delgado to Sing

Creepy GOP Incest Abuser Jim "Not Chuck" Knoblach Suddenly Gets Deathly Sick Of All The Winning

Jesus fucking christie, this story is horrible.  This Not-At-All-Chuck Jim Knoblach guy is a monster according to his daughter.  Daughter?  Daughter!  Laura Knoblach is unusually courageous for coming forward and pursuing this.  The politics really don't matter as much as Republicans are all fucking disgusting perverts on some level and because this is a lifetime of abuse brought by a sick fucking bastard because the victim, who is his daughter, was brave enough to speak out.  Jim Knoblach is no typical teabagging racist Republican right wing monster. 

Chris Garrett, Dipshit Supporter Of Brett Kavanaugh, So Sick Of Motherfucking Winning

Chris Garrett was dumb enough to sign the letter supporter vile right shithead Brett Kavanaugh, but he suddenly became sick, so of all the motherfucking winning!  I guess we can say Garrett got what he deserved.  Thanks, Trump!

Wrinkled Old Lump Senator Chuck Grassley Is Now So Very Fucking Sick Of All That Winning

Droopy dog motherfucker Chuck Grassley is ready to go live on a farm upstate.  The world of comedy can be thankful to all the fucking gods that Grassley is a confused old dimwit who managed to fuck up an easy win and possibly cost his party control of the Senate.  Cool!  Thanks, Trump.

Friday, September 21, 2018


Loomis Chaffee, Because Not Everyone Can Be Abused At Choate

Loomis Chaffee is eager to prove they are not just an also-ran for the kids who don't get admitted to Choate for creepy sex abuse.  A school like Choate cannot admit everyone, so Loomis Chaffee is proud to let you know that they are a viable alternative to the full boarding school experience found at Choate and Andover and St. Paul's and Deefield.  Thanks, Ivanka Trump!

Mazie Hirono Seems To Understand GOP Senators

Good for her. She needs to help some of the fuckwads in her own party now.  Mazie Hirono gets it, atmo.  Now would be an excellent time for Senator Hirono to help some of the Democratic Senators to see the GOP for what it really is, too.

Well, Idiot Republican Skank A.J. Delgado And Chinless Fat Cunt Jason Miller Both Seem Nice

If ever two disgusting shitbags truly deserved each other, it's Jason Miller and A.J. Delgado.  What a fucking horror show the GOP is.  Thanks, Trump!

Christine Blasey Ford Should Fly To Maryland And File A Criminal Complaint Against Brett Kavanaugh To Fuck With Trump

There's no statute of limitations on this sort of felony in Maryland, and since the President wants to fuck with her, AND since she can fuck with him right back a thousand times worse, Christine Blasey Ford should fly to Maryland on Sunday and proceed to file a criminal sexual assault complaint against Brett Kavanaugh in the proper jurisdiction on Monday morning.  Regardless of the outcome of any investigation, that act, and more importantly the optics of it, will torpedo the hearings, torpedo Kavanaugh, torpedo the GOP chances of retaining the Senate, AND, most importantly, will drive that fat orange tiny-dicked shitgibbon Trump absolutely starkers.  At this point, what does she have to lose?  Christine Blasey Ford could very well become one of America's greatest heroes with that action.  She is in a unique position to help save America from the vile racist GOP because only she can take on Trump so directly in this.  It might not be an easy step to take, but only she has this power.

Holy, Shit! Even Cleveland Can Beat The Jets--Browns Win One!

That's something.  Cleveland gets to win one, and the Jets continue to be the Jets.  Thanks, Trump!


Oh, Noes! The QAnon Racist Baggatron Cocksuckers At Free-Re-Pubic Are Fighting With The Anti-QAnon Racist Baggatron Cocksuckers At Free-Re-Pubic

Whatever shall we do?  Some of the vile right-wing scum on the FreeRePubic are big fans of pathetic troll QAnon, but other horrible reactionary racist fascists on the FreeRePubic don't like the QAnon stupidity so they are mad at the other ones.  Oh, NOES!

The most disgusting group of wretched right-wing shitbirds anywhere fighting amongst themselves while we laugh at them.  Heh, indeedy.

Ed Whelan Might Be The Only Man In DC Dumber Than Donald Trump

That nasty reactionary chum-gobbling shitstain Ed Whelan fisked himself brutally while attempting to operate the Republican shit cannon in defense of Brett Kavanaugh.  Whelan is one of those utterly useless right-wing racists so beloved by the establishment media.  Unfortunately for Whelan but very fortunately for comedy, Whelan could not have fucked this up any worse if he'd hired Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort to organize this operation on his behalf.  Fabulous work, Ed.  Thanks, Trump!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Holy Shit, That Greasy Pedo-Looking Creepy Weasel Dennis Prager Is Still Out There?

And TownHall is still a thing? How the fuck is that possible?  Prager is a clueless, smarmy, racist baggatron cocksucker and screeching mental defective who failed as a talk show host, but he appears to be hanging on with the wingnut welfare scam.  Who knew?

Brett Kavanaugh's Great Beautiful Friend Mark Judge Is the Best Person

Who should be compelled to testify before the Senate.  That greasy motherfucker Mark Judge should not be allowed to just hide because he's been caught lying about his best butt buddy Brett Kavanaugh.

Nazis Are Always Really Fucking Stupid

Alt-right racist Nazi cocksuckers are not scary, they are pathetic.  But never feel bad about pointing and laughing at them every time they soil themselves. 

Globall Warmin

Have You Ever Seen A Black Corn Cob? You Have Now

Tariq Nasheed is some bed-wetting chronic masturbator and all-around nasty stupid cocksocker on the interweb tubes who is a big fan of banging hot slutty chicks he commands with this amazing game and being a pathetic, boot-licking Uncle Tom.  Well, Tom Tariq fucked up bigly when he picked on the wrong person, and he proceeds to turn into a corn cob.  Fantastic.

Nobody Likes Ted Cruz, Not Even The Baggatron Cocksuckers Infesting Texas

Rafael is a sitting Republican Senator in fucking shithole Texas, so he should be getting at least 80% of the vote against any Dem in 2018, but he's not.  Beto O'Rourke is polling tied with Cruz, and Cruz is below 50% in most polls.  That's death for an incumbent.  If the wave election breaks for the Dems, Cruz is fucking toast.  Nobody likes that fucking creep, not even the vile teabaggers in Texas.  Thanks, Trump!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Kims 4Ever

Not Breaking News: Teabagging Bimbo Ali Meyer Doesn't Understand Economics

Which is a stunning development given that Ali Meyer once worked for the cavity creep Brent Bozell at CNSNews!  (Even funnier is that CNS stands for Computer News Service, so CNSNews is Computer News Service News.  Genius!)  Anywho, baggatron dipshit Ali Meyer gets a thing from the lying right-wing racist shitbags at the Employment Policies Institute, an august institution dating back all the way to the early 1990s, and is too stupid to read the thing an see that the authors are either fucking retarded or full of shit.  Either way, the study is a lie, as minimum wage increases always lead to more jobs, not fewer jobs, and Ali Meyer is not bright enough to understand the meaning of a the words "demand economy".  But she works for the risible wingnut Free Beacon, so being a lying baggatron cocksucker is pretty much her full-time job.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Monday, September 17, 2018

Mark Gauvreau Judge Is About To Get Really Fucking Sick Of All That Winning

Winning is about to get redefined for Mark Judge.  He's a sorry motherfucker, who is unlucky enough to be a friend of and alibi for GOP creepster and sexual deviant Brett Kavanaugh, and apparently makes a living on the wingnut welfare as a pervy troll.  Fucking fantastic.  This is the fucking Republican cocksucker who is going to be a character witness for Kavanaugh.  Heh, indeedy.  Funfetti is.  Thanks, Trump!

Insider Trading's Own GOP Rep Chris Collins Is The Typhoid Mary Of Republicans Winning Bigly In 2018

Chris Collins wants to make every Republican sick to death of winning!  This is fucking awesome.  Trump knows only the best people.  Great people.  Great, beautiful people Trump knows.  So much fucking winning!  So motherfucking sick of all that winning with Chris Collins.  Thanks, Trump!

This, Too, Is A Racing Bike

Back when racing bikes could still be elegant and tough enough to last and last.  Tommasini.

The Packers Should Be Pissed About That Bullshit Penalty

Either have football or ban it, but don't try to undo football with inane officiating rules which are impossible to enforce credibly.  Green Bay got hosed, and other teams will get hosed because the officials are tasked to call penalties and enforce ridiculous rules.  You can't make the game safer or whatever this way.  Play football or don't play football, but this is bullshit.  Football was fine and pure and perfectly safe under Obama.  Thanks, Trump!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Calendar Gurlz

The Frothing Racist Wingnut Lunatics And Baggatron Cocksuckers At Free-Re-Pubic Are Not Happy With Jeff Flake

Heh, indeedy.  This is some wonderfully entertainment teabagger funfetti.  Looks like the reactionary GOP shitbirds have been undone by Kavanaugh's "anonymous" accuser deciding to de-anonymize herself.  Nicely played.  Nicely played.  If one GOP asshole, like say Flake or Corker, becomes a firm no vote, it gives those vile whores Murkowski and Collins cover to vote against Kavanaugh and spreads that cover to all the Dems who suck ass like Manchin.  Thanks, Trump!

Some Times Good Things Happen, Even In America: Patriots Lose!

The Patsies lose to fucking Jacksonville! Thanks, Trump!  The whole world may be going to shit, but the Patriots lost in a most humiliating fashion, so fuck yeah.

Maza (Not Masi)

No, not Masi.  Any confusion is purely coincidental and unintentional.  Did all of these in the US come from Branford Bike when they were still Branford Bike in Branford but after they left their mom's basement?  Was Maza an actual brand or did they create some decals so Branford Bike could sell these frames in the states?  Looks like in addition to the standard Billato style lugged frames, they did a welded Max frame very similar to Somec.  Lots of look-alike pantograph insanity and neon puke paint stylings as well.  Was Somec really worth ripping off with a less-expensive copy?  We may never know the answers to these important question, but tune next time for another exciting episode of Bullshit, or Not?

The Wisdom Of The Twits

Intelligence is not what dumb people think it is, but jesus frakking christ on the subway.  I almost wish privilege made you smarter in general.  Things might be, no would be better for everyone.  Fuck.

George Conway Clearly Has An Excellent HD Televison On Which He Watches His Wife

George Conway is a man who knows the truth!  About Kellyanne Fitzpatrick Conway, at least.  One of the stories in David Brock's book about his escape from the bowel movement conservative world was how the fat and disgusting George Conway chased all the rancid blond conservative cunts like Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham but the only one who would put out for him was Kellyanne Fitzpatrick.  I guess ole George has had enough of that shit now and is ready to find a younger version.  Thanks, Trump!