Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Nothing But Love Songs For Victoria

Should You Be Happy When You Meet The Dumbest Asshole In America? Is It Fun To Laugh At Someone So Pathetic?

Like his good-lookin' fella? Or are you sad, because you have seen just how vile and ignorant some Americans can be?  Maybe the best thing is to just walk away and leave the pathetic fuckstain to wallow in their own wretched filth.

Reminder That Flat Earth Buffoons Are Jeebus-Fluffing GOP Stalwarts

Flat-Earth nimrods are just the sort of creepy racist assholes who love jesus and the Republican Party.  Fundie idiots are fundie idiots are fundie idiots wherever you find 'em.

Days Daze

Emily Zanotti Is Your Daily Reminder That Libertarians Are Bigger Fuckwits Than Trumptards

Emily Zanotti starring in 'What You Look Like When You R 2 Stupid 4 The GOP'.  Not the years most critically-acclaimed extravaganza or anything.  Being a Republican requires shitloads of ignorance and hatred, but at least those rock-ribbed conservative teabagging cocksuckers can always say 'But at least we're not dumb enough to be libertarians!'

Beautiful, Exceptional Joy Reid Drive-By Auto-Fisking

Dammm, that girl ain't too smart.  You really gotta think if MLK was to suddenly show up and watch Joy Reid for like 10 seconds, he'd see exactly what is and not exactly be a fan.

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Rising Of The Moon

Losing A Battle But Winning History

Always count on the fucking Micks to be fucking fighters and on the right side of history.  Unlike the cowardly Limey cocksuckers, the Paddies are fucking smart enough and brave enough to know right from wrong.

19 Sixteen

Where Did Dick Durbin Find That Ball

Durbin, a Dem, not backing down to a Republican! What the foock?  Where did Durbin find that testicle?  And how does he know what he's supposed to do with it?  It's a fucking shock, I say!

MLK The Way The Racist Assholes Hate Him Most

Heh, indeedy.  Brother Martin was not quite the anodyne caricature the establishment douchebags would prefer. 

MLK Day And The Vile Racist GOP Still Hates It

Besides honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this day is also wonderful for driving the horrible racist teabagging Republicans absolutely fucking bonkers.  Thanks, Trump.


Delores O'Riordan Too Young At 46

I went to the Cranberries with Toad the Wet Sprocket concert many moons ago because I knew someone who was a (the?) huge TTWS fan, and who was I to say no.  We saw Delores O'Riordan, and oh my she was so small and so pretty and had such a huge voice.  46 is way to fucking young.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Swedish Immeegrints

Well, Better The Vikings Than New Orleans

That Drew Brees is a creepy fucker, jesus fluffer, and all-round dickhead.  Good job Vikings.

Chelsea Manning Would Be A Billion Times Better Senator Than Rand Paul

Or most of the rest of 'em.  Manning could champion the underrepresented not-a-complete-piece-of-human-garbage constituency.  Fuck, at least we're sure she knows right from wrong!

Rand Paul: Simpleton Son Of Notorious Racist Asshole Ron Paul And Senator From One Of America's Premier Shitholes Says Trump Isn't Racist

If you can't believe an ambulatory carbon-fiber butt plug like Rand Paul, who can you trust?  And that cocksucker Rand Paul knows racists because his father was vile racist shithead Ron Paul who had his very own white supremacist newletter!  Expert!  Thanks, Trump!

Years O Exile

The Steelers Won't Be Losing To The Patsies Again This Year

Oops.  What happens when you focus on your next game instead of today's game?  I don't know.  Let's ask Pittsburgh.  Stupid fuckers.

Not Breaking News: Trump Hotels Are Shitholes

The market has spoken!  Now all the world will know the truth about anything with the Trump name on it.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump!

Jesus Frakking Christ, The Falcons Are Dog Shit

The Falcons are fucking useless.  They're the Democratic Party of NFL teams. 

The Boarding School Twits Melt Down

It's sad to think that any of those assholes actually believe elite boarding schools or the shitty NYC private day schools like Trinity are things other credentialing clubs for the ruling class.  The reasons why those Manhattan day schools have so many kids at Yale and Harvard is because their parents and grandparents went to Yale and Harvard, and they all come from the richest, most-connected families in the United States.  The kids are mostly dumb as rocks.  As were the parents.  And the kids at Exeter and Andover.  The elite boarding schools attract some smart kids, many of them on financial aid, but the usual Exeter student is just a much a dullard as the usual Harvard student.  Hi there, Jared Kushner!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Peeled Sweater

Trump Probably Paid The Porn Star Not To Laugh

She musta threatened to laugh at his tiny, broken weener in public on the tee vee unless he paid her bigly money. Sad!  If Trump had a man's functional genitalia, he could have saved himself the dough.  No wonder he got divorced so many times.

Missouri Governor Eric 'Slappy' Greitens Is A Beautiful Republican

Missouri is the Show-Me-How-to-Slap-a-Ho state, and Eric Greitens is the motherfucking king of the scumbags.  Greitens is an exceptional Republican patriot who knows how blackmail sluts into keeping their fucking whore traps shut unless they want to be smacked again.  Thanks, Trump!

PZ 'Party Zone' Myers Is Fuckin' Right: White American Christians Are Fucking Horrible

Nothing worse than a white American christian: racist Nazi fuckbags with faulty brains and bad hygiene.  They're the fucking scum of the Earth, and they are rock-ribbed conservative GOP cocksuckers, every last one of 'em.

The Half-Pint Economist Calls Trump A Fucking Moron

Robert Reich has it figured out.  Durbin, Reich are pointing the way to destroy Trump.  Will the Dems be up to the task?  What do you think?

Dick Durbin Calls Trump A Liar

Bout fucking time. Welcome to the party, pal.  Durbin and every other Dem should be right up front with this shit and shout if from the fucking rooftops: Trump is a liar.  LIAR!  Now is not the time to be pussies, Dems.

Hill King

So, The Rocket Scientists At CNN Put On Nazi Asshole And Noted Pinhead Stephen Miller

And it turns out he's a nasty, babbling, cocksucking liar! Who fucking knew?  Usually when you have neo-Nazis and revanchist racist lunatics on your tee vee, it is all fucking beautiful and fun.  It hardly ever sucks major dog dick or anything!

Choosy Mother