Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stand With Gaza And Hamas

Absolutely.  Hamas's fight against Israel is legitimate and noble, and it's way past time that all good, gods-fearing humans stand up to support the brave fighters.  Israel is the aggressor, and until we admit that as Americans, we will never be able to stop the murder in Palestine.  Stand with Palestine.  Stand with Gaza.  Stand with Hamas against the enemy of peace and freedom.

Real Actual Bad News For Everybody

Big waves in open water in the Arctic breaking up the sea ice is one of those 'Oh fuck' things that will only become apparent to most people long after it is too late to do anything.  Arctic ice is mostly floating, but the changes in ocean currents and greater absorption of heat because the nicely reflective ice is gone will impose really big changes for on the climate.  Many of those changes are going to be damaging to the future profits and stock performance of various Koch brothers business interests. 

Jon Lester's Road Trip

Jon Lester will enjoy his time away from the Sox; they are imploding right now and will start to get real annoying real soon.  And if he's back next season, well, that's his fault.

Justified Alan Grayson Fluffing

This is the sort of fluffing all gods-fearing mens and womens can support!  Grayson is smart-ass ballbuster, but even better he is a really effective Congress person.  He gets the shit done with the Dems and Repubs, AND he makes the teabaggers shit their pants at the same time.  That's fucking genius; Grayson should be the norm, not the scary exception.

Well, That Didn't Take Long

I don't think this will be much fun for long; even when they bring it back it won't be worth the effort for the funfetti payoff.  Trolling these pathetic fucktards will quickly lose its charm, but a brief, shining moment, it was real.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Isn't It Possible That Major Bike Maker Geometry Simply Isn't Really That Great In Some Cases

Especially for the smallest and tallest riders.  Yeah, most of the riders in the pro peloton are riding stock plastic bikes, very similar or identical to the ones those big bike companies sell, and yeah, most riders don't NEED a custom, to-the-millimetre-and-the-tenth-of-a-degree frame, but the pros ride a shitload of hours every year--each europro rides more each season than a hundred serious 35 year old amateur racers put together--and if the Specialized or Cannondale or Trek designs are not that great to begin with--good enough for the most part but not maybe the best for you or me or some professionals--any and all shortcomings and quirks could turn out to be a fucking disasters for a professional racer.  Because those frames are going to be sold all over the world, a thousand compromises are made for the marketplace, but that marketplace is not the world where professionals race.  And some decisions about geometry made by the big bike companies are going to be wrong or bad because most people are fucking morons and large organizations can make fucking morons even worse, but now those bad choices and/or mistakes are locked into a design that has to last for years in order to pay for itself.  It's not a stretch--see what I did there?--to say that there are more compromises in fitting many professional riders to mass-marked racing bikes today--less than optimal frame sizes, top tube lengths, setback, stem length, steering geometry--than in the custom steel and aluminum frame era and that those compromises might make some pros less comfortable and safe on their bikes.  DeRosa, Masi, Merckx, Bianchi, Pinarello, Colnago, Della Santa, Ritchey, and Landshark all knew how to design and build customs bikes for top-tier professionals, and they all had the luxury of not needing to sell fuckloads of identical frames because of the costs of molds, plastic, and Chinese contract manufacturing.  Nobody's going back to custom frames for pros, but that doesn't mean that five or six frame sizes will fit everyone, including UCI professionals, as well as 15 sizes between 47 and 64 cm with the option of full custom.

Has Any Music In History Held Up Worse Than Bon Jovi And Def Leppard (Besides Led Zeppelin)?

I don't have to listen often, but occasionally in a random office or car there is a "classic rawk" station or some shit, and jesus charlie crist, Bon Jovi and Def Leppard were fucking horrid when their shitty music was new, but gods below, the stuff is even worse now!  The Bon Jovi stuff is just embarrassing, and the Def Leppard songs are all too fucking slow.  I know Def Leppard was a pre-autotune studio creation of Mutt Lange, the label, and some generic studio players, but they coulda' at least tried harder.  Assholes.

Is 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Really Not Gonna Suck?

Will it be like The Avengers and Pacific Rim, surely going to be awful because it can't not be but then beyond hope not completely shitty?  Maybe, just maybe...

Is The Big Fuck You Colbert's Gonna Leave With?

He teased it on his show last night, and I wonder if this is the big "Fuck You" he's gonna use to retire the Colbert character?  If so, he's got a deserving target in that vile grifter whore Palin.

Move'd On ATMO

Looks nice though.  Wonder why it ain't wasn't a keeper?

Idiots Have Abysmal Taste

Just. Don't.  Some of the bigger asswhipes really are appalling. 

New York And Boston Are Older Than Los Angeles

And they're all falling apart.  There's your shovel-ready projects, assholes.  There's your jobs programs.  There's your economic stimulus.  The longer we wait to rebuild the water and sewer systems, and the roads and bridges, and all the other shit, the more money it will cost.  Since the Republicans are too stupid to get it, atmo, the Dems should be using this to 1 help their own electoral fortunes; 2 stimulate the economy and create jobs; 3 strengthen the infrastructure.  Not too fucking  hard to understand.

Not Exactly Burning But You Get The Idea

The CIA In Ukraine

Well...You probably shouldn't expect the establishment media to be getting out the bullhorns in order to remind Americans on a daily basis that the civil war in Ukraine is in large part the creation of the taxpayer-funded CIA--another fuckup by that august organization worthy of a notch on their fascist bedpost.  That would be actual reporting and work and shit, and our establishment media dickheads don't do that.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Virag's Movie Reviews: Slaying The Badger (2014)

I watched this originally with my daughter.  She enjoyed the story and the scenery and just how slimy Hinault was then and is now.  She also chattered through the whole thing, so I watched it again.  It was great to see such an unabashed pro-Greg artifact on the American cable sports tee vee.  The way they got the Badger to take part must have been to let him in on the secret that the film was not going to make the bad guy Bernard Hinault at all but instead make the clearly sociopathic and/or senile and/or high-right-now Paul Koechli the villain.  Koechli certainly obliged.  Besides being glowingly in love with the Lemonds, the bonus Andy Hampsten content in the film was a joy.  While giving the Badger enough rope, tormenting Koechli's pathology, and giving the world-weary Samuel Abt were all good, worthwhile fun, the collective pissing on Lance "Cheat-to-Win" Armstrong at the end was quite obviously more fulfilling after a good hour plus of enthusiastic Lemond propaganda. 

Meanwhile, this is one of the dumbest reviews of anything you will ever read.  This boob David Kallison clearly doesn't know shit about cycling or television or films or reviewing or writing.  Nice job, jerkoff!

Bob Fay Interview

From a while ago.  Like years.  But the internets is forever.  Bob Fay sounds like a pretty cool guy.  Firing the drummer has a long, ignoble history in "alternative" "independent" "college" type bands who want more than anything to make the money and get the pussy and be on the cover of the rolling stone.  The problems with Harmacy were not problems to lots of folks who liked Sebadoh and folk-punk-lo-fi-rock-and-roll.  Bob Fay was not the reason it didn't sell millions and millions of units like Lou Barlow and certain other people wanted.  Lou B. shoulda known better. 

Tee Vee Rawks

Oh, Baby, Maureen McDonnell Is A Huge Slut

McDonnell sounds like a great guy, and he certainly deserved this gold-digging whore as a wife.  What a sordid thing to be talking about in court.  I think I'm giddy.  McDonnell is a vile cocksucker, and anything he gets is well-deserved.

The People Showing Up At The Southern Border Of The US Are Refugees

This should be a hard Yes/No question for all elected offices in the USA, and if you answer "No, those people are not refugees", you should be barred by statute from holding any office.  Argue about the solutions or the budget to deal with it if you're a fucking asshole, but anyone who doesn't understand why these people are refugees should be thrown into a pit filled rabid dogs.

And yes it is our fault.

Mind-Blowing Bill O'Reilly Self-Fisking

O'Reilly is one dumb motherfucker--and he's also a nasty, racist asshole--but he doesn't need anyone to take him down.  He does it all on his own, whips out his embarrassing ignorance and racist buffoonery and pisses all over himself.


Pop Goes The Power Plant

At some point, even the biggest fucking retards will understand what Israel is all about.  Now many of those poor stupid racist assholes will probably like it, but that doesn't mean that Israel is a genocidal terrorist state.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Glory Of The Cheap TYR Waterbottle

Yeah, I know it's just a Specialized bike waterbottle, but after half the kids on the swim team started bringing stupid expensive bottles to practice and meets and leaving them random places sometimes never to return, the TYR waterbottle became the most popular accessory on deck, even though the team is a Speedo team.  It's possible that some of these kids will be bike racers in the near future, and won't they be shocked as fuck when the TYR waterbottle goes from swim bag to deck to bike without a hitch for like 2 bucks on sale.  TYR is pronounced "tier" by the way, not "tee-why-are".

73 Eisentraut


Nirvana Time Machine

The Moon, September 1991.  Let's say you were born in 1978.  That means you would have been 13 at this show and probably not there since the venue was a bar approximately the size of place mat from Friendly's.

Skool Of Rock

That's how you do it, kids.


Still there! Who knew?  They didn't fix that shit yet?  It's still an ongoing catastrophe?  How come nobody told me?  They're hella fucked?  I never would have guessed.  Our establishment "news" media is letting us down.

Our Friends In Tel Aviv

These pieces of human filth are committing war crimes in our names.  Without the U.S., Israel does not exist and could not even feed itself.  We're fools for putting up with their treason.

Israeli War Crimes

More of this please, Mr. Cockburn.  More of this please Mr. Establishment Media Motherfuckers.  Israel needs to held accountable for their atrocious crimes; the American people need to understand the reality of Israeli atrocities and crimes. 

David Ortiz Is A Piece Of Shit

Chris Archer is a great American.  And Ortiz sucks moose cock.  Big Poopy is also a terrible hitter; whenever he gets a hit, it is because the pitcher made a mistake or is a complete moron.  Ortiz's fundamentals are awful; if you don't groove it, he don't hit it.  The Globe blows huge chunks, too.  Fuck them.

It's good to see 'em getting crushed, CRUSHED, tonite by the Jays.  Buchholz and Doubront, hey indeedy.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Marianne Vos Needs More Competition

It's time for the UCI to give up the paternalistic bullshit and allow women to race long days and long stage races.  Right now, women's road racing is stuck in the last century, but if the women were allowed to race, then maybe the racing would get better and better, and Marianne Vos would have some real competition all year long.

2014 Intense Uzzi Orange

Pros: meh.  Cons: doesn't really exist; if Intense doesn't care about the frame, how good can these leftovers called 2014 be?; VPP; orange; stupid expensive, even as an orphan; geometry used to be good, but now is being quickly left behind; meh.

2014 Intense Tracer 275

Pros: ?  Cons: 275 means 27.5" wheels; air shock; I already have an orange bike; nobody makes day-glo orange forks; Intense QC is still a nightmare; VPP still sucks with way too many little wiggly parts and linkages. 

Kinda looks cool.

Nibali's Tour

If he tests positive, the explosion of heads will be unprecedented.  It was an entertaining race, with all the crashes and other assorted nonsense, so lets hope the doctors and pharmacists are better than the tests this year, so we can all enjoy the racing.

Gaza Is An Open Air Concentration Camp

1000+ dead, with only 42 Israelis dead.  This is an atrocity. 

George Will Briefly Removes Head From Ass

But fuck him. This is not anything that a million other better people haven't been saying all along.  And Will is a wretched, nasty motherfucker.  Fuck him.

Ag2r Needs A New Tire Sponsor

It looks like Ag2r-La Mondiale has Schwalbe for their tire sponsor.  Well, I think it's back to the drawing board for Schwalbe, or Ag2r needs to get rethink their equipment choices.  On the off chance the team is on Schwalbe tubulars, the entire world has seen that those pieces of shit are the slipperiest, puncturiest tires in the peloton.  Oops.  And if Schwalbe bought some pro-quality tubulars from some Italian or Dutch joker to slap their name on for their pros, they need to find those people who sold them and kick them square in the nuts.

Are those Ag2r Focus bikes anything other than rebranded generic Chinese carbon garbage?  I don't know exactly why, but I kinda' dig 'em.  I guess they're not on the list of overpriced, generic plastic crap I would never ride in a million years, Specialized, Cannondale, Giant...

If they're anything other than a catalog frame a couple of Krauts buy to be painted with their name on it, I would consider picking one up if I was in the market for some Chinese carbon garbage.  (I'm not.)

Did Liggett Just Say "Chinaman"?

On live tee vee?  He did.  He really did.  Jesus charlie christ, I can't wait to see the NBC apology for that one.  Look for Liggett to join Bob Beckel on the "I'm not racist" goodwill tour of Chinamenland, 2014. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kona Process 167

Pros: Kona, so it comes to the shop in a box with all the parts and a warranty and shit; 26" wheels; decent geometry.  Cons: air shock and fork; 5 grand; absolutely no provision for front derailleur; some wicked crappy parts for a five thousand dollar bike; it would bug the shit out of me.

This spec for 2.5k would be maybe okay.  With a coil shock.

Nibali Wins

His doctors and his chemists should be proud.  The Shark was able to dominate this race, and his time trial today was a classy show of strength.

Israel Does Not Want Peace

Somebody's gotta say it.  Those fucks in Tel Aviv don't want peace with Palestine or with anyone else.  They need a state of perpetual war to prop up their Zionist terror state.  Israel has the luxury of a waging a genocidal war because the USA will protect them from any danger.  If we do the right thing and abandon Israel to reality, then the Palestinians will get their justice in the form of radioactive hole where Tel Aviv used to be. 

The Politics Of Middle-Class Decline

The reality is awful; the middle class of America is dissolving, and soon enough America will no longer be a functioning democracy.  The USA will be a two-tier society.  We'll be Brazil with nuclear weapons.  That's a problem.  But it should also be a godsend for the Democratic party, yet they refuse to acknowledge the problem OR exploit it for political gain.  It's almost as if the establishment Dems were kinda fine with the state of the nation.

Sarah Palin Drunk Is More Sensible Than Sarah Palin Not Drunk

I always kinda had her pegged for pill popper so I'm not sure she's ever technically sober.  Regardless, she's a dangerously stupid and ignorant bitch who was a major party nominee for Veep when the presidential candidate was a 200 year old, cancer-ridden psychopath. 

Olbermann Kaiju Tee Vee Rampage Funfetti

I didn't catch this live, but Olbermann sure seems cheesed off.  No wonder there was no place for him on MSNBC.

This Is Smarter Than Every Elected Republican Put Together

And they're cats.  Cats know more than anti feminist clowns.

Charlie Crist On A Crutch

Heh, indeedy.  Nicely played by Crist.  Rick Scott is a fucking scumbag, but Crist is not much of rousing campaigner.  Let's hope jeebus gets some leaded coffee on election day and decides to toss Scott into the sewer where he belongs and puts the Crist back in Florida.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Knolly Chilcotin: How Did This Happen?

No Delirium; no Intense Uzzi; no Canfield One; no Norco Truax.  No proper coil shocks.  650B/27.5 garbage as far as the eye can see.  Could it be that the best frame out there is the Knolly Chilcotin?  Not ideal, but the only choice left?  Jeez, that would suck, but I'm sure the Knolly is very nice.  And at least it uses 26" wheels.

Canfield Balance Just Might Not Be Doin' It For Me With 650B Wheels

Stupid 27.5 wheels just don't do it for me--especially on a wicked expensive suspension bike.  (650B bullshit might be allowable on a cheapo hardtail or some shit, but it pisses me off on a bike like--even more because they killed the One frame for this sled.)  The bike looks neat, though, like a shitload of thought went into it.  Just wish they'd finished the thought and decided not to jump on the brainless bandwagon of 650B/27.5.  Pretty sure if this thing was designed around the proper 26" wheel size, I'd get one.

The Incomparabe Asshole Stephen A. Smith

Holy Fracking Shit! Well, at least this makes Skip Bayless seem less like the biggest piece of human flotsam on ESPN, so Skip Bayless's mom must be happy about that.  Other than that dubious benefit, Smith's psycho rant says at least as much about the people who pay him as it does about the man himself.  Look for Smith on Fox "News" eventually.

Vile Creep Of The Day: Dore Gold

This piece of shit, Dore Gold, is disgusting creep as well as dumb as a fucking rock.  He's a walking, talking antisemitic stereotype; if the Krauts had created him for a propaganda flick, they'd be seen as going completely beyond credulity. 

Meanwhile, The Slaughter Of Unarmed Civilians Continues

Israeli murder continues unabated, mostly because the U.S. supports it.  If the Israelis are supported by American propaganda, then the American people are being lied to while the Palestinians are slaughtered.  At some point, it's our fault and we need to take responsibility.

Time To Cut Off Aid To Israel

If the Israelis are this hurting for money and weapons, then we need to cut those motherfuckers off now in order to force them into a retreat.  Iron Dome is a comical failure; but if it bleeds Israel dry, then thank the fucking gods for Iron Dome.  Let's not give them any money to prop up their dismal failure, and instead break them by making them spend their own money on their useless weapons.

Crucial Clinton Fisking

Bring it on!  The Clintons are terrible, terrible Democrats, terrible people, and everyone in the US should be disgusted by the chance that they could return to power.  Tubby fucked up the country as President, and Hillary was his willing accomplice.  Should she become President, it would be a bad time for the Dems and a bad time for America.

Ohio State's Band Camp Just Got Way Boring

Whatever you do, make sure the band dweebs have NO fun, no matter what.  Stupid?  Uh huh.  Kinda sad?  Yep.  A big deal?  Don't see why.  Silly nicknames and stuff?  Who cares?