Monday, September 1, 2014

Virag's Movie Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

Well, this thing sucks worse than the first reboot because Giamatti reasons, but it woulda sucked hard even if they had a good actor playing the Rhino.  Andrew Garfield is a smarmy turd, totally unlikable, especially this time out.  The giant evil conspiracy thing completely misses the point of the Spiderman story and is way dumber than the content of the average superhero movie.  There's no point to this flick except that Sony likes money.  If I had paid money to see this movie, I woulda' been wicked cheesed off.

Teaching Labor

Teachers always make easy targets, partly because a big chunk of us are fucking dumb as a post and partly because a big chunk of us wouldn't do that job for a bazillion dollars a year.  Irregardless sic, the enemies of teachers and teachers' unions are always the bad guys, so that's a great reason to support your friendly neighborhood teacher.

A Little History Lesson For Yous Guys

Of course it's not the same day as the International Worker's Day.  Of course.  We as a society were always doing the bidding of the monied interests, and worker solidarity most certainly does not serve those interests!

Isn't Suffolk University Solidly At The Bottom Of Boston's College Food Chain?

Perception isn't reality, but after MIT and Harvard, going to college in Boston becomes a whatever situation.  Still, Suffolk is always at the bottom of the barrel, so why would anyone be surprised that they are in a world of shit?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

An Ok Song, Not Nearly As Good As He Thought

Cops On The Warpath

America today! The cops are the enemy.  Sure, Officer Friendly was always a fucking scumbag, but it was fun when we could pretend.  Now, though, we gotta deal with the shit we made and the fools we put into power.  Fantastic...

New Russia, Old Russia

Unfortunately for Ukraine, New Russia is IN Ukraine.  That's what we get when we destabilize a government in the clumsiest way imaginable and get a fascist shit show in Kiev.  Nice going.  Anywayz, the Russians are making us pay for our mistake, but we aren't the ones dying.  The sorry fucks in Ukraine get to the dying while we have the fun. 

NBC Or Fox, The Pool, The Pond

Hah hah!  Never heard of this douchenozzle, but the fact that NBC hired him and he's an unhinged racist teabagger pretty much tell the tale.  That's the keystone of the establishment media, big fucking reactionary cockbags.  NBC is not really much better than the Fox "News".

Anne Applebaum Is A Fucking Idiot

She's essentially a braindead reactionary fucktard, but she does write for one of our premier right-wing establishment papers.  A really, really shitty paper, but unless we resist immediately, the pundit class of Koch-suckers will have a chance to bullshit the US into war.  Let that cunt Applebaum fight.  She can take the fucking Post with her.

Bagger Dipshits Don't Understand Della Santa

Go figger.  I'm sure the OP is very nice, but pretty quickly the premier asshole in the territory hops into the thread with some typical inanity.  Teabaggers don't understand anything, so clearly handbuilt bike frames are waayyy beyond their capacities...

Fwiw, the Della Santa frames are really friggin' cool, way cooler than some dickbag asshole on the internets.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

At This Point All Our Apples Are Bad

Ferguson was a fucking racist asshole cop shit show, and that was AFTER the murder of Michael Brown.  We probably need to remind each other over and over, though, that Ferguson was nothing other than a link in the chain of state violence against Americans, especially minorities. 

Mekons Pre-History

Older than old & outa print.  Nifty second-wave punk from Leeds, scary and amazing if you know what the next 40 or so years will bring. 

JJ Abrams' 'Superman' Woulda Sucked Hard

This review was credited with killing the flick back in the day; pretty amazing stuff.  While I get that the movie would have sucked AND blown, since everything Abrams touches turns to shit, I am kinda' shocked/sickened by just how much of this garbage made it into the Man of Steel abortion.  Really, they knew it was terrible, but they let a bunch of the inanity into the film they finally financed.  Those movie people are brilliant.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Yet Another Nifty Mekons Interview

Not Prague this time; apparently this one is from Beavis and Butthead's hometown.  Anywho, any Mekons propaganda is always welcome.

Is Ferguson The American Spring? No. No it's not.

It's already over. The racist assholes are busy rewriting history, and soon Michael Brown will no longer even be remembered as human.  He'll be the threat.  The black.  The thug and criminal who needed to be put down.  Uprising, revolution, protest, action, those things are all scary and hard and potentially dangerous.  Hell, America as a society can't even support a viable labor movement.  We'll never achieve anything resembling justice and social change.

Dems In Electoral Disarry In 2014

Even at his best Obama was a fucking disaster for Dems--see how he helped to fuck up 2010--and four years later, he is screamingly feckless at best.  The worst part was back in 2008 when it appeared at times that the Dems and Obama might actually have a plan; that turned out not to be true, and by election day 2010, the whole shit show was over.  The only way to win is to have a plan, a real, national plan to exploit the very fucking enormous Republican weaknesses and failures all the way to victory for Dems all over the country.  Well, that wasn't ever going to happen...

Meanwhile, Could We Be Looking At A Legitimate Texas Miracle?

Texas is a fucked-up fucktard cesspool, but it is looking like something has the bad, bad guys spooked down there.  Given how big of nasty creep Greg Abbott is, I guess it is possible that Wendy Davis can smear him with enough shit that even a dipshit Texan won't vote for 'im.  That would be a hell of an amazing consolation prize.

Laboring Day Week End

America ain't got it in 'er.  The USA is not up to a strong, vibrant, necessary union movement in the 21st century.  Of course, she wasn't up to in the 19th or 20th either...

Watching the final crumbling of whatever the 2008 electorate thought might happen, every one of us should understand that the people, the proletariat, the 99%, whatever, is not up to organizing and acting en masse in their own interests and the interests of their class and their children.  Our politics and political economy have disintegrated; the nutballs and assholes and Koch-suckers have broken the system once and for all.  It will take a giant crisis and much suffering to alter the course now, and that is something the USA as we know it will not survive.

The People Of Baltimore Thank Jesus Charlie Crist That Ben Carson Is No Longer Free To Mangle Their Children

Dr. Nick looks like a better bet than this idiot Carson.  The day he retired must have been the best day in the history of Johns Hopkins.  Sure, they were going to have to deal with his bugfuck insane teabagging, but at least he was no longer teaching or practicing medicine.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rockin' & Rollin' Lu Edmonds Interview From Prague

Wicked brilliant.  Lu is such a nice in person and in print that I feel bad that I laughed when someone in the crowd at a Mercury Lounge show a few years back yelled out that he wanted to punch Lu in the face; I feel bad about that now.

Raising The Minimum Wage Is Good For Everyone

Even teabaggers, Koch-suckers, and other useless, ignorant motherfuckers.  No prices won't go up, and no people won't lose their jobs.  That's horseshit promulgated by the likes of Fox "News" and other brainless establishment propaganda media.  This thing coulda' been a huge political winner for the Dems this year, too, if they'd had the balls and brains to really campaign hard on the issue.  Too late for that now, but it's still good for the economy, so let's get on it.

Not All Unhinged Gun Nuts Are Disgusting Child Rapists

Not all of them.  What the fuck is wrong with people? 

Market Basket Wins!

They won? What the hell? They won!  They got the good Arthur back; it was their only demand, and they got it.  Pretty neat.  Yes, more would be nice.  Not bad at all.

Bob McDonnell Is A Frakking Creep

The rancid jesus shit and the mandatory ultrasound rape might not have clued you in, but maybe this shit with his crazy wife defense will.  McDonnell's a fucking piece of shit.  Not saying he didn't deserve that psycho bitch, but still, he's an asshole.

Robert Fisk On Victory For Hamas And Palestine

We don't give a shit about Gaza and Hamas and Palestine in America anymore; Ferguson was there, and ISIS, and now football starts soon, but Fisk contends that Hamas has won a victory in Gaza.  Victory comes at a heavy price in Palestine; with the goal of bankrupting Israel and turning her into a pariah state, Hamas goads Israel into mass killing on 24-hour cable tee vee news.  That's a legitimate strategy--and we can pray to jesus Charlie Crist who we love so much that it works and leads to the destruction of the current Israeli state--but the tactics are bloody and painful.

I Hope To Crist, Charlie That Douglas McArthur McCain Changed His Name For That Gig

Jon Smith wasn't gonna cut it, and Rock Jihad Harder woulda sounded silly, but Douglas McArthur McCain is much, much better.  I would have suggested Willard Romney Thatcher Reagan, but it's all good.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

English Tot Water Challenge: This Is The Single Greatest Thing I Have Ever Seen

At least today.  But I am glad I was alive to see it.  Fucking brilliant.  Many people on the interwebs are pretty fucking dense, though.  First, she's not babbling, she's doing the spiel and nominating her siblings or something in her not-exactly-posh-Received-Pronunciation accent.  Also, she knows it's coming because she closes her eyes and says "Look out".  The water is clearly not icy cold or anything either; she's pissed afterwards, not in distress.  And finally, when she jumps up and says "Fucking hell!", she turns back like she's blaming the Clyde Frog chair for how much it sucked.  She's probably right.  Stupid frog chair. 

Pretty Good Anti-Vaxxer Fisking Aimed At The Low-Information Geek Cohort

Vaccinations are pretty important to life in a modern society, you know, the one where we live in close quarters and have schools and shopping malls and travel in cars and airplanes and shit.  Vaccinations don't cause autism.  Parents who don't vaccinate their kids make life more difficult, dangerous, and painful for people who can't get vaccinated themselves, people like infants and sick people.  Those parents probably need to be the ones handing loaded machine guns to properly vaccinated children continuously until we get a proper outcome.  This article does a pretty nice job bundling together a hefty chunk of useful information for those cosplaying folks who might be parents soon enough and didn't really do actual science classes in college or whatever.  Cool.

When Saab Fanboys Go

They go full-on, ocean-going Kraut?  I guess so.  Now say you were a legit Saab fanboy in Sweden, and you didn't want to go Kraut, wouldn't Sweden be a place where you could actually find a Saab in good condition to buy for years yet?  Or maybe you really wanted that BMW all along.

Gods Blessed America!

Land that I love!  Fucking hilarious.  Seriously, this guy had to have been the biggest fucking dickhead in town; I'm surprised he wasn't the local police chief or a Republican congressman.  He handed a loaded Uzi to a child, and she shot him in the head.  That sounds about right.  I hope he had no children; that would be natural selection at work.  (Unfortunately, the girl's parents obviously bred, so the species loses anyway.)  However, this outcome is quite possibly the best possible 2nd Amendment solution I can imagine. 

Deuce Bigalow Is A Fucking Moron

Who knew?  He seems like such an effervescent and creative social observer in all his movies and tee vee appearances.  I really think it's time for an island for all these ignorant anti-vax fuckfaces and their spawn where we ship 'em all off to and they can live together with their all buddies and die in pain.  Or Israel.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Care And Keeping Of You

Let Dem Eat Cakes

Off wid dare heads!  The Washington establishment is making a run at a new war because of James Foley.  ISIS is real, real, bad.  So bad that Bashar al-Assad is our buddy again, along with Putin and Iran.  See, one guy got killed, so it's war.  That killing we're doing every day over there 24/7 for more than a generation, well, that's not war.  Not really.  Not the kind of war we need.  Not that good war like Iraq and Iraq 2 and Afghanistan/Pakistan.  We need another one.  Cuz one guy got decrapitated on YouTube.  By some stone age fuckwads.  Genius. 

Sweet Jesus Charlie Crist, Bill O'Reilly Is Schooling The Blacks About Why They're Not White

I guess Megyn Kelly sodomized Bill O'Reilly on his show last night--but not with the proper keester falafel Bill wanted his producer to shove up his ass--so O'Reilly's butthurt made him put on stunningly fucked-up Uncle Tom Ben Carson on his show to lick his balls a little bit to make him feel better.  See, asswhipe, O'Reilly knows that white privilege doesn't exist because he knows, dammit.  Blacks are poor cause they're poor, and black, in O'Reilly's addled racist microbrain.  Fuckin' lovely. 

Some Of The Biggest Guntards Out There Are Cops

And that's a huge problem for everyone, not just Michael Brown.  Already the job attracts the thugs and the goons, but when you give them all the guns and all the army man toys to fuck around with, those thugs and goons become mass murderers.  As part of our plans to get the guns off the streets, we need to also get the guns out of the hands of the cops.  Or just go full-on Mad Max and start a street war where they are no cops and no civilians. 

Al Sharpton At Michael Brown's Funeral

An impotent cuckold closet case like Bill O'Reilly could never have managed this in a billion fucking years.  Preach, my brother.

Victor White Shot Dead By Police

Lee Papa keeps the fuck-the-police idea goin' with the story of Victor White, who was clearly the greatest illusionist of his generation since he was able to somehow shoot himself in the back with a gun he didn't have while he was handcuffed in a cop car!  That's serious magic shit right there.