Friday, September 22, 2017

Inbetween Day

4 Me

Ben Domenech And His Plargiarist Playground Are Just Making Shit Up On Health Care, Too

Some bubble-headed baby factory just happens to be a conservative because she grew up with Medicaid coverage?  Cool story, Ben.  I love how you just make shit up, Ben.  You have a great imagination there, Domenech.  You got a real future in fiction.  Keep it up. 

Bernie Would Have Won--This Is The Man The Dems Are So Scared Of

Getting some very positive coverage for his long-time foreign policy positions.  Fine, just fine.  But never forget the Dems were not willing to move a millimeter to left in order to defeat Trump and the other vile racist Republican scum.  Clinton and the Dems were so scared of Sanders...

No, THIS Is The Ugliest Bike Ever

If that fucking JB paint cost $1200 well, then, JB is evil and anyone dumb enough to pay for it should by all accounts be too stupid to remember to breath most days.  Fucking nasty.  If your bike has to look like that so you can ride it, please don't.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

This Is The Least Heteronormative Artifact In Recorded History

Spaceman Faceman

Atrios Gets Kimmell, Atmo

Kimmell's sort of an unfunny, no-talent hack and douche friend of the execrable Adam Carolla and always will be, probably, but Sr. Duncan Black gets it just right when he says Kimmell is using his platform to fuck with Republicans--and that's is excellent.  The GOP has no problem with utterly destroying the already wretched health care infrastructure in this country, so a tee vee guy fucking up their bullshit is undoubtedly helpful. 

Cops Are Too Stupid And Cowardly To Be Trusted With Guns

Disarm the police!  It's long past time for the USA to follow the lead of more civilized nations and take the guns away from the cops.  Most police officers are not brave or intelligent enough to be trusted with firearms in their routine police work.  Save lives.  Take the guns.