Saturday, February 13, 2016

Scalia Dead! A Great Fucking Day For America And The World!!

Fucking awsome! Many decades too late, but still wonderful!!  With that hateful, evil, stupid motherfucker now a rancid, puss-bloated corpse and off the Supreme Court, the country suddenly becomes measurably a better place to live.  I personally want to thank jesus fucking christ, whom I love so much, for this wonderful Valentine's Day present.  I only wish hell was a real place, full of boiling acid and everlasting fire and hyperactive sodomizing spiky-cocked demons so that Antonin Scalia could endure an eternity of the excruciating torture he so richly deserved.

Jim Gilmore: Fucking Loser

Kbye.  Gilmore is a legit piece of reactionary human garbage, but jesus fucking christ, he is fucking worthless.  Even with his snout deep in the wingnut shit trough, Gilmore could not get any of the exceptional rock-ribbed assholes to give a fuck about his campaign.  Weird.  Trump's some sorta political genius, yet the supposed pro Gilmore is back to collecting a check for lovingly sucking on the futile bones of Paul Weyrich.

Friday, February 12, 2016

School Shooting And Only Two Dead - What The Actual Fuck

Two.  Only two?  Only two dead schoolkids?  Gods Fucking Dammit, America, you can do better!  Two dead kids is pretty fucking pathetic considering we have more guns than school kids in exceptional America.  When America kills its children with our exceptionally insane firearm perversion, America demands more than two fucking dead kids at a time!  Two!  Two fucking dead children.  Two is for when you use a rock to kill.  Or a stick.  Two is for pussies.  The minimum dead kids in exceptional American exceptional school shooting should be 10.  Maybe 20!  Fucking stupid kids can't even use a gun correctly.  Guns are for killing.  We need to teach our kids how to kill better!  More guns!  More dead kids!  Make America Great Again!

I am the Republican Man of the Year.

Summer In The City

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Complete & Green From Santa Cruz

I like this thing a bunch.  Fork, stem, color is all really working with a welded steel frame.  Very cool.

At Long Last, Cliven "Al" Bundy Gets Popped

About fucking time.  The Feds shoulda dragged that freeloading, chickenshit asshole away a long time ago and dropped him in a CIA blacksite hole somewhere.  It's also too bad those guntard dickbags in Oregon didn't get treated as roughly by the FBI as your average harmless, non-violent Occupy Wall Street kids.  Funny how that works.

We Need President Trump Because The Earth Is Flat

Only Donald Trump is man enough to get to the truth.  Trump's no pussy who is afraid of the hard, flat truth.  President Trump will make sure America's greater--and quite probably flatter--than anyplace on Earth.  Who else is going to stand up for exceptional American and make America great again? Hillary?  No fuckin' way!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More Bad Ideas, Department Of: Battlestar Galactica Movie

Let it go, assholes.  The reboot show was good for 15 episodes, maybe.  And they couldn't keep it going; even if Blood and Chrome had an okay premise, it looked cheap and small.  Nope, give us Pacific Rim 2.  Give us the Farscape movie.  Battlestar Galactica is over.  Move on. 

Chris Christie: The Biggest Loser

Moby Dickless Christie is one of the biggest assholes in exceptional America, yuge, yuge asshole, and now all of America can see Chris Christie is also a yuge loser. 

Get Out, iCarly Fiorina

You suck, and you were a terrible candidate and an even worse person. 

There Are So Many Losers In The Republican Party Tonight

And that is a beautiful fucking thing.  Kasich, loser.  Cruz, loser.  Bush, loser.  Rubio, loser.  Christie, loser.  Trump demolished them, and he's not even a fucking Republican.  He's a vulgar narcissist who does not give a fuck about the Republican Party or Republican priorities.  The Republican Party is dead.  Trump can't, and won't, be stopped by that handful of losers.  The nomination is Trump's, and the national party is gloriously, majestically fucked.

Ted Rall Solves Bernie Sanders

Yep.  That would work.  Teh peace dividend.  Or at least, a sane defence policy with sane defence spending and not the orgy of militaristic profiteering we've been enjoying for a fucking century could go along way to realigning the priorities in our exceptional America. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Donald Trump's Victory Speech

Maybe Stan Ridgway will be Trump's Secretary of State.

It's Not Misogyny To Say Hillary Sucks At This Game

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, is fucking good at it.  He's taking his coverage tonight and running his entire stump speech for anyone who might not have heard it before--even Fox "News" is showing it, but not Fox "Business" of course as they're waiting for their idiot god Donald Trump.  Bernie is a serious politician, and he understands the game.  Hillary Clinton is not a serious politician.  She lacks electoral experience.  She has no charisma.  Sanders just beat her in New Hampshire and then rubbed her nose in it with the victory rally.  Clinton will probably get the nomination and will win the general, but not because she's even 1/10th the politician Bernie Sanders is.

The Dumbest Thing On The Internets Today

Huffington Post, of course.  I have no idea who Lance Simmens is, but he has shown exactly the sort of soft-headed fucktardery perfect for Talking Points Memo, MSNBC, or the Washington Post.  Bugfuck insane, addle-headed assholes are what both the Huffington Post and exceptional America are all about.

The Media Assholes Are Really Trying To Make Kasich A Thing

If Kasich is the first loser, second-place finisher in New Hampshire, the Republican Party is in deep Sununu; Kasich is going exactly nowhere in this primary season, no discernible personality, no money, no hope.  Kasich coming in second is the best thing for Trump, the best thing for America, the best thing for the world, and the worst possible thing for those running the Republican Party.  None of that will stop the idiots in the rock-ribbed conservative establishment media from fluffing Kasich tonight because Kasich is one of their kind of people, a nasty-minded simpleton, a sniveling tee vee careerist, and an ignorant, smarmy asshole--the media love Kasich because he is them.  The Republicans have very few good options tonight.  Kasich is an albatross for the Republican elites, as is Christie, Rubio, and the rest of the sick, sad fools they have running.  Trump's gonna gut the party and strangle it with its own rancid viscera.   

Sadly Enough, Trump Talks Like A Human

Calling someone a pussy, especially if that person is in fact a pussy, is a pretty normal thing in exceptional America.  Not nice, but not beyond the scope of human decency.  Trump said he would bomb the shit out of some brown people and said that people should tell corporations that left for China or Mexico to go fuck themselves.  That second thing sounds pretty reasonable, actually.  Vulgar compared to the sort of language heard on the tee vee and shit, but normal talk for normal people.  Trump is fucking clown, but he knows how to talk to his peeps.  Too bad a few of the Dems out there trying to grow their party don't have a better sense about how to talk to people.

Dept. Of Bad Ideas: New Star Trek On TV

I think the time of Star Trek is passed.  After J.J. Abrams murdered the last hope of any decent fan, any idea about creating a new show for the tee vee is pretty fucking stupid.  Hey, maybe it will be frakkin' brilliant, but probably not.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Not Was

Freedumb's Greatest Assholes

The Free State Project, an especially sad little club full of Randian pipsqueaks who are apparently insane enough to believe they're gonna take over New Hampshire and institute some sort of risible libertarian utopia instead of being tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.  I almost wish they stood more of a chance, cuz watching these buffoons getting abused by the legitimate residents of New Hampshire would be way more entertaining than wrestling.

Every Day Trump Drags The Biggest Idiots In America Into The Light

Mainstreaming risible yet toxic lunacy is what Donald Trump's all about.  This is America, exceptional America, ignorant America, ugly American America, and Trump is their god.  If Trump is able to destroy the Republican Party, it would be great Trump could poison the well for these fucking asswhipes as well. 

Let's Not Forget That Scott Lemieux Is Not That Bright

And he's an establishment Democratic Party guy, wannabe, sure, but he's a company boy.  It's not like Lemieux is some sort of sparkling intellect, barely holding on to a post at a school nobody goes to if they have a better choice.  Anywho, Lemieux, and the fellers like him, is always so dismissively sure that anything which is not a favorite of the rock-ribbed, establishment corporate Democrats is Never. Gonna. Happen. Ever.  Well...Scott Lemieux is not a disinterested party.  He's pushing an agenda first and an analysis second, just like so many others.  Agreed.  Stipulated.  That doesn't change anything.  When Lemieux dismisses the possibility of change--works for it, works against change--he does it because he desperately believes that position will benefit him.  Which, actually, is fine.  As long as every understands that shit, it's fine.  Or at least, it's not gonna change. 

The changes in health care and everything else require work and attention and plenty of hard stuff.  Legit change will also depend on political engagement by way more Americans than participate now.  If progress is Never. Gonna. Happen. Here. Ever. it's mostly because the Democrats fight against that change at every step.  And the pissboys do everything they can to prevent that change on behalf of their masters. 

Slagging Hillary Will Be An Endless Source Of Amusement For America For Years And Years

Liberals will slag her, conservatives will slag her, nobody's gonna like her much, but at least the Republicans will be shitting acid bile into their diapers till 2025.  Not that it will be all that great for America, outside the entertainment factor, but we're essentially beggars eating dead worms out of puddles of leaden sewer water in Flint, so, enjoy!

In The End, The Panthers Can Never Be Forgiven

For allowing that slimy shitstain Peyton Manning another chance to hustle for pizza and beer money.  Carolina was the better team going in, and somehow they should have been prepared for that defense.  America has withstood many indignities, including the game last year where the Seahawks gave the win to NE and the Reagan administration, but America should never have had to watch the fucking Panthers shit the bed and send off that scumbag friend of Ari Fleischer as a gods-damned Superbowl winner.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fuckin' Panthers

Denver is playing like shit, and Manning is a fucking mess, but the Panthers are making it way too hard on themselves.  Fuckers.

Brutally Effective Fisking Of Matt Yglesias

Seth Ackerman.  Who got a little pissy and decided to let loose on Matt Yglesias for being a soft-headed douche.  Nice.  Is Yglesias a transparent hypocrite?  Sure.  Is this shit a bit of inside baseball bitchiness because Yglesias, like Ezra Klein, has ascended to the height of establishment media wealth and inanity far ahead of their classmates?  Absolutely.  But that doesn't change the fact that Matt Yglesias has about as much credibility and brains as the average fucker punching a clock anonymously in any grimy backwater in exceptional America, yet Yglesias has the privilege, and that is making all of us just a bit dumber every day.

Dispatches From The Police State

Sure, the presidential funfetti is getting all the press these days, but where are all those assholes who purportedly give a fuck about liberty out there?  Or where are all the commentators and writers who can get the message out?  Not too many people seem to care.  Not enough.  Not enough coverage.  Not enough outrage.  This bullshit is the real threat to liberty.  This is the police state at work in exceptional America.  And hardly anybody fucking cares.  The NYPD is as bad as the LAPD or any police force in the South.

And That's All She Wrote For Rubio

Donald Trump is one lucky motherfucker.  First, Carson finishes off Cruz, and now Christie has gutted Rubio on the live ABC tee vee without getting even a lone fleck of Rubio's pale, watery blood on Trump's jacket.  Christie is another piece of shit on Trump's christmas card list, I guess.  Tuesday will be the last we hear of Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Fiorina, Christie, and Kasich.  Bush has the money, but I don't think his nasty mother is man enough to beat Trump.  That doesn't mean the Republicans in Washington aren't lighting a fucking candle and praying for a miracle.