Saturday, September 21, 2019

Vintage Very 80s TV PIL With Bonus Lu Edmonds Content

Seattle Proud Boy Cuck Zac Staggs Gets His Ass Kicked By High School Kids

Brilliant!  Some Proud Boy chickenshit gets his ass kicked by high school kids, and that is the best news of the week.  Moar!

Twits Do Climate Strke

Typically.  Sure, there are the usual bleating right-wing fucktards, like that CunegoFan asswipe, but worse are the oodles of the sort of soft-headed majority doofs who don't really understand the subject beyond the shallowest anodyne babble despite being the wealthiest white cohort to ever soil the planet.

Even The Australians Notice Trump Is A Demented Idiot

If the fucking Bogans can see how illiterate and incoherent you are, it's time to forget about putting another chimp on the barbie, mate.  Australians are basically Micks after a few years of constant blows to the head, so they are not usually hip to fatuous gibberish.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump!

Wankers Contemplate The Who

Only one rule in this world: you can never escape the twits.  Although these dudes are not nearly as hateful or disgusting as the truest upper-class twits in our society.

White Bath

Friday, September 20, 2019

If Stephen Miller Knocks Up Katie Waldman, We Need To Nuke The Planet From Orbit

It's the only way to be sure.  Imagine the stench.  Jesus.  Nobody should have to contemplate that grotesque Nazi prick copulating with some reactionary slut.  Nuke the entire site from orbit.  It's the only way to be sure.

The World Is Chock Full Of Sick Sad Assholes

Like this.  Even if it's a bot, there's still way too many fucking idiots just like this out there.  Jesus is a myth, a fairy tale, a dumb story about an odd little man with some undiagnosed mental problems.  But the people dumb enough to believe it are a billion times fucking worse.

Shitting On Dimwit Asshole Jen Kirkman Is Always Fun

Jen Kirkman is a nasty piece of shit, but at least she's not at all funny AND dumb as a post.  That's a winning formula!

Yankees Getting It Done This Year

Crushed the hated Sox, and that is what is most important.

Bill de Blasio Is Sick Of All The Winning

Sick motherfucker.  Nobody's gonna miss Bill de Blasio in this race at this point.  Time for everyone not Bernie to get out, pretty much.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

It's Always 1977 Somewhere

Bernie Sanders Is Winning On Health Care

So, in 2008, a Public Option healthcare plan was fucking commie shit according to the neolib scum in the Democratic Party establishment, but now that Bernie has taken his yuge media exposure after 2016 and used that platform to spend the last four years pounding away in earnest at one of the goals of his four decade political career, true universal single-payer health care, well, those very same right-wing neoliberal shitbird Democrats, well, they fucking love the Public Option as a sensible compromise.  Nicely done, Bernie.  Keep fucking those vile corporate conservatives every day.  And deliver health care to the country while you dismantle the health insurance industry.

Baggatron Cocksuckers Like The Free Re-Pubic Assholes Are So Dumb

Jesus, they're just stupid.  DON'T MOCK GOD OR SOMETHING WILL SURE BE BAD OR SOMETHING!  It's a sick, sad world out there, and conservative god-botherers are dumber than dog shit, now and forever, amen.

Anand Giridharadas Is So Thirsty He Praises Joy Reid

Weak dude. Hella weak.  I get that Giridharadas likes money and being on the tee vee, but jesus, have some fucking pride, man.  Joy Reid?  Christ.  He didn't even ask her about her hacked homophobic emails and blog posts and shit.  Those goddamned Russians are insidious. 

Laurence Tribe Also Gets Something Right--It's Opposite Day!

The politics of the impeachment process were/are advantageous for the Dems.  Knowing that Trump would not be removed by the Senate under normal circumstances should not have stopped the Dems from formalizing and working on impeachment proceedings against him.  (And now Kavnaugh.)  Certainly Pelosi and the rest of the right-wing establishment in politics and media were not in favor of impeachment against a Republican--only against Democrats--but the Democratic voters are all for it.  Plus, the politics are amazing because effective hearings could destroy Trump politically and personally, leaving him crushed so badly that he would in fact be removed by the Senate or forced to resign like Nixon.  Pelosi is a cancer on the Dems, interested only in her own power, caring nothing about the country or even the political fortunes of her own party--and she's an absolute hard-right neoliberal Democrat and wrong about everything all the time. 

Kamala Harris Is A Cop Gearing Up For A Humiliating Loss In Iowa

Bye, Felicia.  Harris is about to find out that the only people who like cops are also bastards. 

Vile Scumbag Bibi Netanyahu Is So Fucking Sick Of All The Winning

You just love to see it.  Netanyahu is sick of so much winning.  And now Bibi is looking at prison time, so you really just do love to see it!

Dave Weigel Is Right About This Healthcare Thing!

Weigel gets it, atmo.  The healthcare industry will fight any and all changes that benefit people with the same strident evil they will use to fight Medicare for All.  If the plan is to make a voluntary buy-in to current Medicare for people 56-64, that will be opposed with all the force and all the money--and all the lies--exactly as any more comprehensive plan would be, including a plan that outlaws private insurance, covers everyone with no copays or deductibles, and calls for all health insurance industry executives to be ground into a mild sausage for a nationwide picnic.  Weigel is right on.  I hope Dave Sirota is monitoring Weigel's timeline. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Next Part Between

Kurdt Calling

1 Sept. 1987 Had Some Great Fucking Music

Dead Milkmen, The Go-Betweens, Meat Puppets, The Mekons, Sonic Youth, X.  Holy shit, that was rock and roll.

2 Wigg Deal

I Keel U

Real Hear

This List Of Bass Intros Is Lame Garbage

These lists are always fucking trash, but anyone who claims The Beatles are their favorite band, well, they suck.  And this list is shit.  No Entwistle.  Stupid.  How about "The Real Me"?  Somehow he missed "Psycho Killer"?  And no Josephine Wiggs on "Cannonball"?  These are long-standing, well-known, mainstream songs.  Old guys suck.  Old white guys suck worse.

Galaxy Brain Armando Big Cuck Democrat Llorens, Certified Lawyer

Armando is a walking malpractice claim.  Be glad you never hired his shitty firm.  What's the big brain genius gonna do when Bernie wins Iowa and New Hampshire, and then Warren drops out?

American Hero General JC Christian, Patriot, Sums Up Warren

And the Warren stans didn't like it.  But Warren falls into Trump traps pretty easily and has described herself as a capitalist to her bones.  She is the lesser candidate at best.  And everyone should know that the establishment doesn't really want her anywhere.

Yahoo's Rick Newman Is A Reactionary Buffoon

Rick Newman is always a right-wing dipshit, but sometimes we need a reminder.  I'm glad Newman has his little platform to puke up all the dumbest rightwing bullshit.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Liquid Meet

How Ignorant And Illiterate Are The Baggatron Cocksuckers At Free Re-Pubic

This much.  As it turns out, creepy violent racist teabaggers are not much for reading books and shit.  Who knew.

The Working Families Party Fucked Themselves

Nice job, assholes.  The Working Families Party had been hella shady plenty of times before, especially with Cuomo in NY, but this high-profile fuck-up is gonna hurt.  They hustlers hustling, but taking the money today means that the real working people are gonna remember this shit.  Genius.  There's no way they should have made an endorsement this early if it wasn't gonna be Bernie, but the party bosses wanted to get paid today!  I wonder if Bernie holds a grudge.

Remember How Complicated And Convoluted Obamacare Was

So that it was easy for unctuous imbeciles like Donald Trump to fuck with it and make it even shittier?  Yeah, that was great.  Like most difficult, annoying things, the struggle to construct the ACA and get it implemented destroyed the political will to continue the fight, so when Obamacare was passed without needed provisions like a public option, there were never going to be any improvements.  Obamacare, as awful as it was, was it.  Now we're fucked.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Girls Girls Girl Friends

Did The Rude Pundit Lose His Edge--Or Did He Never Truly Have One

This is some Chris Cillizza-level inanity from Lee Papa regarding the last Dem debate.  Papa starts on a dumb-dumb's path with the utter horseshit of the "I like Bernie but" construction.  No.  Anyone who says this is either a liar or complete fucking assclown.  Either way.  This sort of punditry is always personal opinion, but Bernie was anything but small in that debate.  True, he got shut out after he slaughtered Biden on health care, but that's not his fault.  His voice was shot from campaigning every fucking day, but SANDERS IS CAMPAIGNING EVERY FUCKING DAY while Biden sits at home filling is diaper and babbling racist gibberish.  Sanders is the current front-runner in the early states and overall, and if Lee Papa wants to pretend otherwise, I'm sure he'll be besties with Cillizza and Josh Marshall forever and ever.

Papa then goes on to minimize Joe Biden's obscene senile racist ranting and utter cluelessness during the entire thing.  He compares Sanders to Biden in an effort to undermine Sanders, but Bernie is not old the way Biden is.  Also, besides being an unhinged senile old racist, Biden will never, ever be the nominee because he will never make it to the convention.  Lee Papa probably should realize this.

His defence of Warren is pretty anodyne right-wing centrist establishment horseshit.  Warren is not the calm Bernie.  She is the weak and less-believable Bernie.  Warren isn't winning anywhere, and when Bernie wins Iowa and New Hampshire, Warren is done.  Warren was also a Republican until Bill Clinton delivered the Democratic Party to the corporate conservatives once and for all.  It's odd that an iconoclast like the Rude Pundit is such an obedient little lap dog where Warren is concerned.

Kamala Harris is a fucking cop.  She's not gonna do shit to Trump.  Trump would crush her in 10 seconds.  Harris is worthless and weak.  If she was actually drunk during the debate, then that would be the only good thing about her.  Booty-gig, Yang, Klobuchar, and Booker are just sucking up space hoping to curry favor by delaying Bernie's rise to the undisputed lead in the race.  Beto was good on guns; he said it and now, eventually, not today, not soon, but eventually the guns will be taken from the crazed guntard lunatics. 

And perhaps Papa should have done a bit more research as it is pretty clear Castro was right.  But the Rude Pundit is not a friend of the harshness.

In the end, Lee Papa is weak sauce.  He had a nice run as a comedian a decade ago, but now he's just another much brain carrying a piss bucket.  Sad.  But piss boys surely get paid more than rude pundits do.

Type O Candy

Bob's On The Phone For You Ric

Ric Ocasek RIP

He was an old--older than Pete Townshend--and 34 when the first Cars album came out.  Punk cleared the way for "New Wave" whatever that was--and it was mostly a space created to be filled by people like Ric Ocasek who couldn't pull off punk music stylings but were still "new" compared to the same old interminably tedious album rock inanity of Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin and that wretched shit.  Hey, it was a living.

Another Quick And Easy Fisking Of The Electoral College

Republican idiots love the Electoral College right now because it is their only hope to win presidential elections.  The GOP has never cared about freedom or democracy so that is no shock.  But that doesn't change the fact the EC is an obscenely anti-democratic institution created to perpetuate slavery and protect the will of the wealthy minority.  Time for it fuck right off.  If it means the Republicans can never win the presidency again, that's just democracy in action.

Plastic Is As Plastic Does

Fun little carbon failure--and these guys are supposed to have the best mechanics and best equipment and all that shit.  Nothing like a plastic carbon failure to ruin your day.  What's in your garage?

Nancy Pelosi's Leadership Has Been The Shit Show Everyone Knew It Would Be

Pelosi is an arch-conservative, establishment politician with shitty political instincts and zero leadership ability.  Her only talent is being a sassy bitch at times, times when nothing important is on the line.  Otherwise, Pelosi is barely more sober John's Boehner. 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Conservatives Love Fake News

I Am Glad John Roberts Hates His Job So Much

I'm glad John Roberts is so bad at his job, too.  He's a vile, right-wing monster, pure evil, but he's also a fatuous stooge, stumbling helpless into the history books as a complete and utter failure.  That is a very good thing for everyone except John Roberts.  Fuck him.

Nobody Sucks Moose Cock Harder Than Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow sucks AND blows wicked hard.  That dumb white motherfucker needs to sit the fuck down and keep his idiot mouth shut.  Nobody gives a shit what a dipshit like Tebow says about anything.  That stupid asshole wasn't even smart enough for the NFL; he wanted to play quarterback when everyone told him he couldn't do it but that he could make it if he switched positions.  But no, white boy had to be dumber than box of rocks.  Fuck him.  Tebow is piece of shit.  Even fucking jesus hates him.

If All These Weird, Annoying Losers Are Autistic, Then No One Is

Jesus fucking christ, some people are just creepy losers.  If all these weirdos are autists, then there is no such thing autism or Assburgherers Syndrome or any of that.  Autism was supposed to be a debilitating condition that kept you from learning or talking or doing anything except screaming and shitting yourself because you had the IQ of a turnip.

Some people are just quiet.  Or loud.  Or weird.  And don't read social signals well.  And are shy or mean.  That doesn't mean they require a fucking diagnosis.  It means they're losers or loners or assholes or whatever.  But if you can live your life and read and learn and fake a reasonable approximation of human existence as well as the average motherfucker out there, then get the fuck over yourself.  You're not sick, you're not special, and you don't have any condition.  Maybe you just suck and nobody likes you.  Not everyone can be the football hero or Nobel prize winner or Homecoming Queen.  Jesus.

Billy's Waiting

Billy Bragg Deserves Better Than Dave Weigel

I understand Bragg is out there hustling, but Dave Weigel is def third-tier at best.  Billy Bragg deserves the best.  I hope Bragg is not a fan of Jeff Bezos or Reason magazine.

Sally Pipes Is A Liar And A Whore

Sally Pipes, like Fox "News" itself, is always wrong about everything.  She's a rock-ribbed reactionary health insurance industry shill and two-bit fucking whore.  Canada and the NHS that the Limeys have both produce better medical outcomes and longer life expectancies than in the USA.  (When talking about Canada, Pipes uses "data" from the Fraser Institute, an insane radical right-wing libertarian outfit, so none of that horseshit is worth anything, and we know that the NHS has suffered under Tory governments for 40+ years in an effort to destroy it, but the NHS still gets the job done better than the for-profit system in the USA.)  A single-payer Medicare For All program in the US would be expected to produce those superior results as well while providing care for everyone at a lower cost.  Sally Pipes might not understand this because he is a fucking moron, but most other folks do.