Friday, August 18, 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Wholey Diver

Maybe Senators Corker, Flake, And Graham Finally See That Trump Has Murdered The GOP

Corker seems a bit bemused by the Trump presidency.  Pretty sure Corker was never mistaken for a genius award winner, but he seems downright fucking addled today.  Nice.  Flake and Graham got bitch-slapped by Trump as well, right out there in public where everyone could see.  This is clearly the way a dominant, healthy political party behaves at the peak of its influence and power.  Thanks, Trump!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Earthly Deelite

Holy Shit Iceland Is An Advanced, Civilized Nation

To be on the verge of eradicating a horrible genetic birth defect like Down's Syndrome is remarkable and wonderful.  Every American should be ashamed that our society is so embarrassingly far behind a country like Iceland.  If science and medicine can prevent horrible suffering and wretched genetic conditions and advance the health of the population, jesus fucking christ that is the best fucking thing ever.  And if vile, backward, demented cunts like Sarah Palin hate it, that only makes it better.

No Thinking Allowed

Jesus Frakking Cristo, The Twits Are Maddening

How the fuck does this fool wipe his own ass?  Sure go ahead and have your money back months or years later.  Yeah, no problem.  You're cherry.  Jesus.  Over-privileged twits make life so trying--kinda makes you feel like the staffer that has to change Trump's shit-filled Mr. President brand big-boy diapers every 20 gods' damned minutes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Green Is

Suburban Lawns Made The Papers Once In the 21st Century

Who knew?  LA was already the 10th circle of hell by then.

A.J. Delgado Sings

Every Year A Few Decent, Hardworking Kids Probably Apply To Harvard Law And Don't Get In But A Vapid Two-Bit Whore Like A.J. Delgado Got In

There's not enough time left till the heat death of the universe to catalog all the vile brainless fuckfaces who graduated from Harvard Law, but at least now the world knows that a repulsive, mental-defective hypocrite like A.J. Delgado is one of 'em.  She was a just a simple catholic girl from a working class background who was getting rawdogged daily by a grotesque, chinless--and very married--fat fucking asswipe named Jason Miller and too stupid to use any birth control or get an abortion like anyone with an IQ in the double digits would have done.  Fabulous!  Now she's an unemployed single mom slut in Florida, and Miller is back to living his best life with his actual family!  Thanks, Trump.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Everybody Clean Up

Sweet Fucking Jesus, The Glorious Butthurt Of The Racist Manlet Cucks Because Some Good People Toppled One Of Their Slavery Monuments

The frail mewling of the Freepers is giving me a gods-damned chubbie, and it is fucking lovely!  Oh how wonderful their pathetic and impotent cries of cuck-rage are.  Finally decent people are tearing down the monuments to 20th century racist intimidation.  This is the best time in recent American history.  Thanks, Trump.

Punching Nazis Is Fun, But Trump Attacking McConnell Is Another Delicious Way Trump Is Murdering The GOP

Fun fucking stuff.  A few of the nasty GOP shitbirds could see the carnage coming when Trump began his campaign, but none of those manlet cucks could stop Trump from slaughtering their political party just for grins.  Yes, Trump is too fucking stupid to understand how politics works, but he wouldn't care anyway.  He's a clumsy murderer, but his victim was the entire Republican Party.  Heh, indeedy.  Thanks, Trump.

Jen Kirkman Will Never Recover From Her Risible Inanity

I mean, it's fun to laugh at the creepy fuckheads like Kirkman, but it's not nice.  Kirkman is a vile shithead, though.  Drug's are bad, mkay.

'300' Was Absolutely As Hideous As You Remember

That flick was almost indescribably awful, and it is nice to see some folks remember that at least.  Had Zack Snyder been a shit ton smarter and a way better director, it could have been a fuckload of fun, but instead we got a petty fascist shit show.  Thanks, Trump.

The Yankees Really Only Have One Job

No matter how good or how bad, first place or last, just beat the Sox and there's peace in the universe.  When you don't do that one job, you start to look like a fucking Trump kid, and people think about lots of uncomfortable questions.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

-0th Law

Unite The Right = Nazi = KKK = GOP = White Nationalist = Racist = Fascist = Mainstream Conservative = Trump Supporter

There's no meaningful distinction between any conservatives in the USA in 2017.  They're all the same.  They always were.  Some of them currently have more teeth and Ivy League degrees while some of them have more toes or extra webbing between their fingers, but they all believe the same dumb shit, and not a one of them is a decent human being.  Skull fuck all racist conservatives. 

'Half-Wit Saudi Prince' Is Probably The Best Description Of Ivanka Trump In History

That motherfucking brilliant anonymous Paki should immediately be conscripted to become the POTUS and serve out the remainder of Trump's term.  Half-wit Saudi prince.  Heh, indeedy.  Thanks, Trump.

Heather Heyer: True American Hero

No question.  Heather Heyer was a brave woman who died fighting fascism in the USA.  She's far more of a hero than any of those psycho murdering bed-wetting snipers the right-wing loves so fucking much.

Pick The Proper Side

The left is always the right choice. Never pick the side with Nazis or the Klan or the GOP on it.  A real pro-tip America can use!  Thanks, Trump.

You Don't Need Nazis Or Trump's Defective Children To Know America's Too Stupid To Save

You got vile fuckbrains like this sorry bastard, and the likes of Oliver Willis and Imani Gandy and Joy Reid screaming to the world that everyone who should know better is just as irredeemably fucking dumb as Richard Spencer and Steve Bannon.  Thanks, Trump.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Those Torch-Carrying Nazi Bed-Wetters In Charlottesville Should Have Been Treated Like Innocent Black Young Men

And gunned-down in the street by the cops and left to die like the vermin they are.  It's too bad that the cops don't show the same insane murderous hatred of Nazis as they do to the various black and brown citizens out there.  Damn shame.

Of Course Poor Stupid Andrea Tantaros Didn't Writer Her Dumb Book

Giant tits are not know for their literary properties.  Tantaros couldn't write a shopping list without help, so I guess the dimwit teabaggers who looked at the book so they could beat off to the pictures got pretty much exactly what they needed out of it.  Nobody's ever gonna mistake that Michael Malice for an M.I.T. scholarship winner, either.

Oh Jesus Fuck Motherfucking Christ, The Black Gossip Kids Are Beyond Parody

And Joy Reid is their rock-ribbed conservative establishment Democratic pissgirl hero.  Fucking fabulous.  Gods dammit.  Those idiots gotta do better, gotta be better than that.  If those folks think Joy Reid is some kind of role model, well, then, I guess they really are beyond parody, farce, satire, comedy, tragedy.  Maybe that Nolan kid can try and explain some shit to them.  Lotsa luck.