Thursday, August 21, 2014

ProTip For America: Let's Not Allow Our Biggest Dipshits And Pussies To Become Cops

This video of the murder of Kajieme Powell is remarkable because it shows in stark reality just how incompetent and cowardly our police state soldiers are.  Those two thugs killed this guy for no reason--IF those two clowns were in fear for their lives and NEEDED to use deadly force, then they are way too fucking chicken to be cops.  Being a cop means you are supposed to be able to protect the populace and protect yourself without needing to perforate some clown on the street.  He had a tiny knife and was either mentally disturbed or high or both, but he was no threat to anyone before the cops showed up, and he was no threat to anyone when the cops shot him.  That's murder, boys.  Murder committed by incompetent cowards.  Jesus, we are the biggest fucking assholes on the planet if this is the way we live.  We should demand better of our police, better training, better outcomes.  Their job was to protect Kajieme Powell from danger, danger from himself if he was impaired, and danger from others, including the danger of being murdered on the street by out-of-control cops.  They failed.  If we continue allow this to happen on our streets every day, we suck at this civilization game.

Jesus Charlie Crist, Romney And Ryan Are Live On Fox "News" Drooling Like The Half-Wits They Are

Megyn Kelly is doing her best to get their dicks hard with her vigorous fluffing, but the two sorry simps are sitting there like they just shit their pants.  Kelly also looks like she's aged a hundred and fifty years this summer.

Paul Craig Roberts Ain't Exactly Mr. Sunshine These Days

You might say he's downright cranky--being the World's Smartest Republican doesn't feel as fun as it once did.  Ukraine is a fucking shit show; even if our news has forgotten, the very real, very dangerous struggle between Russia and the CIA's clown car crack-up in Kiev continues.  We shouldn't hold our breath or anything, but we need to know who shot down the fucking airplane and why.  And we as a species need to figure out how to end this nonsense before anyone else gets killed.

Political Song for Joe Scarborough to Sing

I Call On Joe 'Dead Intern' Scarborough To Embed With ISIS

What's the worst that could happen?

Police Militarization Is An Important Issue Neither Of Our Right-Wing Political Parties Will Touch

Neither the Democrats or the Republicans, both rock-ribbed right-wing political parties, will go anywhere near the very real, very important issue of police militarization.  Our fucked-up police state situation is a big deal around here, but as soon as Michael Brown's murder is off the front-page, watch the issue sink like a big honkin' stone.  Our only hope is the BlackNRA...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The BlackNRA Could Do More Good For America In 2014 Than Any Other Civil Rights Group Ever

The (racist asshole) NRA is a completely useless bunch of greasy cracker morons, but the BlackNRA would be the most powerful--if short lived--civil rights organization in the history of the galaxy.  I'm completely serious.  African-American men demanding and exercising their right to be fucking unhinged gun loons like half the teabagging douchenozzles in America would have a profound effect on the struggle for civil rights and gun control.  Civil rights leaders could engineer the takeover the current NRA--there would be something hilariously majestic about that--or they could just form the BlackNRA and get all the brothers and sisters, along with their white friends, to buy a gun and join up.  The change in the attitude of most Americans would be astounding, and since the current NRA is in large part made up of all the biggest fucking dickless cowards on earth, that group would run and hide behind their mother's tattered drawers and leave the hard work to the good guys.  Much worthwhile stuff would suddenly become possible if all the blahs had guns and demanded their rights like their toothless teabagging cousins.  It would be a whole new world.  Folks like Sharpton and Jackson and the NOI, along with the BlackNRA, would be some of the greatest heroes in history.

Easily Our MVP For Twenty-14

Fisking Hillary Clinton Is Easy And Fun

Ralph Nader joins the party.  Now's the time for the decent, sane, reasonably intelligent folks who might want to vote D in 2016 to make sure as shit that Hillary Clinton and her fat whoremongering piece of shit husband stay way the fuck away from the presidential campaign.  Clinton herself sucks as hard as anyone has ever sucked; add to that the vile baggage and tawdry baggage, and you have a fucking abortion on wheels.

This Was Not A Great Speech

Yeah, it sucks for his kids that they lost the big game, but beyond saying the most trite and anodyne bullshit to some crying kids dressed in baseball kits on a field, what the fuck is so great or even good about this thing?  This isn't the pussification of sports, it's the lowering of basic standards.  Jeesus.

Monday, August 18, 2014

But The National Guard Is There

To protect the police from the blahs.  Or protect the police from the Governor.  Or protect Ron Johnson from Tom Jackson.  Or something.  It's not exactly clear why soldiers are necessary to help calm the situation and prevent more violence.  Unless that's not why they're there? 

OK, Where's The Murder Charge For Darren Wilson?

It's time.  Ring up the charges and then perp walk the motherfucker into jail.  After that, hold a bail hearing and find out if the brave officer wants to be out and about before his trial date. 

Today's Uncle Tom For The Fox Generation

You can always get on your knees and thank jesus charlie crist that you ain't this sick fucker.  I guess bein' a Fox tee vee Tom pays better than some things.

Not Al Bundy Versus Ferguson: Too Easy

Nope.  Too easy.  If the blahs in Ferguson had reacted like the teabagging cocksuckers at the Bundy ranch, Obama himself woulda' sent in the drones to blast those fuckers back to the stone age.  Blahs don't get guns; the Second Amendment is not for them.  That shit's too easy. 

No Just Us And No Peas

As Ferguson turns slowly into Beirut, it nice to see some real nasty motherfuckers are on the scene to make sure the trip straight to hell is the express and not the local.

Chris Hayes Is Ferguson's Token White Guy

As opposed to Bill O'Reilly's comical racist rantings, Chris Hayes has decided to go to Ferguson to be the token white guy on scene, and he's doing an okay job getting the real story out to the pathetic cable tee vee "prime" time audience. 

Jesus Charlie Crist, Bill O'Reilly Is Frakking Unhinged, Racist, Hilarious

He's on his show shouting to the rafters that the blahs should shut the fuck up, and the dead guy was black.  Black!  So, shut up.  Finally, anyone with half a brain has known for a generation that Bill O'Reilly is vile, racist lunatic, but oh how lovely it is to munch his own rancid shit live on the tee vee.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Israel's Imperial Violence

The unarmed, defenceless children in Gaza are just kinda in the way.  Israel is both the product of and the purveyor of colonial atrocities for our modern age, showing us the path of evil--as if we needed the help.

We Are All Devo

Human evolution is not real.  It's a lie from the armpit of hell.  Jesus told me when I was in Texas.  We're not monkeys.  Or monkey's uncles.  Not white people.  We all look like jesus.  Maybe the blahs or the messakins are evolved, but not good christian white people.  It's in the fucking bible, motherfucker.

The Russians Are Here To Help

This convoy cracks me up.  Of course the Russians just want to help.  Look!  The trucks are white, not army green.  Just hilarious.  The Russians are doing it all wrong though; the aid would get there a fuck of a lot quicker if they used bombers and helicopters and drones to deliver the aid.  That shit gets done quick.  And the people get aided to pieces. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Whig Master

Rick Perry Indicted For Being An Asshole

As Joey Buttafuoco proved, sometimes it is a crime to be one.  Regardless of how the experts view the charges against him, Perry has been revealed as weak and feckless, so his political future is toast.  And that was indeed the point, to cripple Perry's political future because somebody thought he was a big enough asshole to deserve it.


Jay Nixon is a fucking genius.  I guess he figgered that this shit show already had obliterated his national political future, so why not just turn it into a parody of a free and equitable society.  Genius. 

Barb Wired Love

And The New Guy Is An English Speaker

Educated in Britain. A real team player.  Maliki is by all accounts a slimy cockback, but the raging war in Iraq is not his fault.  If the war in Irag was all about oil, you can be sure the post-war funfetti is all about teh yummy, yummy oil as well. 

Teabaggin' Alaska

Will Palin and her idiot minions helpfully fuck up the Republican primary in Alaska?  Will the baggers bag enough tea and lick enough balls to help America keep a Democrat in the Senate?  We may never know the answers to these questions, but tune in next time for another exciting episode of Bullshit, or Not?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Song For The Guy Who Don't Have One

Ferguson's Own Thomas Jackson Is A Titanic Asshole

Simply a monumental motherfucker.  He went on the tee vee with Sean Hannity.  He fucked up the town after one of his boneheaded miscreants murdered a kid.  And he had his people smear the victim with some horseshit about cigars and convenience stores and robberies.  Chief Thomas Jackson should surely go and fuck himself at the soonest opportunity.

David Gregory: Hahhahahahhahahahahahahah

David Gregory sucks donkey balls.  NBC sucks.  Meet the Press is a fucking abortion.  Chuck Todd isn't going to make it any better.  The absolute nadir was that no-talent, boot-licking cocksucker Tim Russert, but it is always bad.