Tuesday, November 12, 2019

At Least You Are Not Someone Dumb Enough To Pay Or Pay For Josh Barro Or Josh Marshall

Are you?  Josh Barro is a fatuous trustfundbaby failson libertarian dickweed who has never been bothered by an original thought.  He's the perfect establishment pissboy: he does it for love.  Risible masturbator Josh Marshall is no better.  Both of these utter morons think that Joe Biden is a the front-runner in a race he will mostly likely abandon before the first of the year because that is what their lords and masters wish them to say.  They obviously can't understand what is actually happening in the campaign, and, really, they have no reason to care.  Neither Barro nor Marshall got where they are because they were smart or insightful or fearless or talented.  That's not what is happening with them.  At all.  Just be happy you aren't dumb enough to employ them or pathetic enough to pay to read their drivel.  Unless, you are, in which case, well, you're fucked.

There Will Always Be Bootlicking Scum Like Yascha Mounk

Yascha Mounk never met a shiny, shiny or shit-crusted boot he would not lovingly lick.  This piece of shit cocksucker worked for Tony Blair, so you don't have to know anything else about him to understand that he is joyful and obedient imperial pissboy.  Fascist toadies like Mounk help to make imperial atrocities palatable to both the professional and underclass servants of the hegemony.  Fortunately, not all of us are as craven and debased as Yascha Mounk and his ilk, and we know a brutal military coup when we see one.  Evo Morales was too successful as president of Bolivia, and that success meant he was in danger of undermining the control of the United States in the hemisphere.  Worthless bastards like Yascha Mounk and Jeffrey Goldberg have never been successful at anything except guzzling rancid piss and licking the boots of their imperial masters.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Another CIA-Backed Fascist Military Coup, This Time In Bolivia

As always, the United States is the enemy of freedom everywhere.  Evo Morales was another successful South American leader brought down by the fascist forces backed and funded by the CIA.  Much like Lula and Dilma in Brazil and Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, along with pretty much all the democratically-elected leaders in Central and South America, Morales' economic and social reforms were under constant attack by the US military and intelligence powers; only the most repressive, anti-democratic regimes like Bolsonaro get the support of the American CIA.  Some leaders like Jeremy Corbyn have stood up in defence of Morales and the Bolivian people, but reactionary anti-democratic and corporatist forces are almost impossible to defeat when they have the backing of the US hegemony.  This brutal military coup is the work of the US, and it will be a long time until the people of Bolivia can recover.  Every American should be ashamed and disgusted by the actions of the grotesque fascist cowards in control of the US.

Kshama Sawant Wins!

Well, that was fun.  Election night was a nightmare of reactionary shitheads crowing about Bezos defeating the socialist and decent folks sad about grotesque right-wing corporatists holding back progress, but folks who knew better were pretty confident Sawant was still the favorite.  And they were right.  Wicked cool stuff.  Billionaires lose, and everybody wins!  Heh, indeedy.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Friday, November 8, 2019

Good News From Brazil: Lula Is Free And Glenn Greenwald Kicks Ass

Lula livre.  The Brazilian government finally released Lula from prison; this brings about the possibility of a return to progress in Brazil since Lula will not be cut off from the people and from their political movement.  And in other Brazil news, Glenn Greenwald got assaulted by a fascist nutjob on the radio, but the footage of the assault went viral and gave a huge signal-boost to the work Greenwald is doing against that creep Bolsonaro and his band of tawdry fascist thugs.  Lula's release and freedom constitute a Real Big Deal™ for politics in the Americas and around the world, and Glenn Greenwald getting some broad coverage is a nice bonus, too.  Moar!

Political Song for Kim Gordon to Sing

Thursday, November 7, 2019

I Hope That Fucking Doctor Has Been Lying To That Piece Of Shit T.I. All Along

What the actual fuck?  This T.I. shithead would make a fabulous Republican.  And that fucking doctor who was a party to this insanity better have been lying to that greasy cocksucker T.I. about all of this; if he actually checked out that girl under the hood because the little punk of a father told him to, well, he should get the same brutal beatdown that I pray to jesus fucking christ who loves us so fucking much is headed T.I.'s way this very second.  This whole story is beyond gross, and now that it is out there, I trust that the child welfare people will be treating T.I. the way the IRS did.

Le Tigre's 'I'm Withering' Song Is The Worst Thing Ever

Holy fucking shitballs on rye, this is the worst fucking artifact humanity has ever created.  Kathleen Hanna's greatest contribution only worthwhile contribution will probably turn out to be naming that Nirvana song--or looking like a nubile Jemina Pearl for Thurston's benefit in the "Bull in the Heather" video while the actual real live Jemina Pearl was only 7!  I'm sure Thurston appreciated that.

Can one wretched campaign song for Hillary Clinton destroy the legacy of Bikini Kill?

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Now Let's Look In As Xeni Jardin, Former Girlfriend Of Chief Miles "Lefty" O'Brien, Morphs Into Her Final Form, A Corn Cob

Sad.  Hillary stans are the biggest idiots in the galaxy.  Something broke inside them after Hillary's sublime loss to Donald Trump.  Now, fatuous neolibs with made-up names like Xeni Jardin think Kamala Harris might be something, anything, other than a rock-ribbed reactionary petty-fascist careerist scumbag content to exploit the slave labor of prisoners and lock up parents because they are poor and therefore powerless.  Harris called herself a cop for christ's sake.  She's wicked gross.  And Harris is being bludgeoned in state after state, including California, because she's a fucking wicked unlikeable shithead.  But, yeah, Russians.  Russians did it.  Sure.  Fuck the KHive until the heat death of the universe.  They suck major ass.

Or Not

Donald Trump Cost That Weasel Cocksucker Matt Bevin Reelection In Kentucky--And Bitch McConnell's Chances Of Losing Next Year Went From Zero To Not Zero

Trump is wicked sick of all the winning!  Fucking Trump stayed away from Virginia because he's a pussy and didn't want to be associated with a humiliating loss, but he campaigned for Bevin in Kentucky 11 hours before the polls opened, and Bevin still lost!  What's left for Trump to lose?  Bevin is a real piece of shit, and his loss truly makes America greater again. 

The Dems have full control of Virginia now, too, and that means the ERA will probably finally be ratified.  Bed-wetting incel teabaggers are sick of too much winning as well.  This really can't get much funnier, but it sure as shit will next year after Bernie eviscerates Trump in state after state. 

The Turtle Bitch McConnell had better worried now, also.  With Bevin's hilariously humiliating defeat, McConnell should see that his chance of losing his seat just went from zero to something.  Titanically unpopular Kentucky Republicans are fully capable of losing in statewide races.  Bevin just proved that.  And things can get so much worse for McConnell over the next year.


Thanks, Trump.