Friday, June 22, 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018

If Only

Donald Trump Is The Most Comically Inept Politician To Hold The Office Of President In The Modern Imperial Era

Trump is a fucking hilariously incompetent president.  He can't do anything right, and he can't help lying about simple shit every single person on the planet except his Trumptard worshipers understand are blatant lies.  It's good that Trump's screaming stupidity has completely killed the GOP, good for you, good for me, good for everyone who is not a revanchist, racist, violent, reactionary, evil moron.  Thanks, Trump!

Mourning Sundae!

That Demented Evil Cocksucker Charles Krauthammer Is Dead! Hooray!!

Finally!  If that deranged vile piece of shit Krazy Kripple Krauthammer had died seven decades earlier, the world would have been such a better, smarter, happier place.  If only hell was real so that rotten creep could enjoy being sodomized by razor-spiked demon cocks for all eternity.

Public Transport

Twit Auto-Fisking

Twits being twits.  What starts out okay devolves into some reactionary nonsense and then some smarmy milquetoast garnish.  Jesus fucking christ the twits suck ass.

Former Celtic Goon Kevin McHale's Wife Seems Nice

If you like screaming cunt monsters.  Glad to know that the gods of child abduction and abuse are her copilots. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Endless Lurve

Johnny Marr Breaks Yahoo

The interwebs have indeed made people stupider.  It seems nobody can read anymore.  Not Johnny Marr's fault.  Blame Morrissey.


Steve Schmidt, The Reactionary Dipshit Asshole Who Gave Us Sarah Palin Now Hates The GOP

Who gives a fuck.  This fucking loser was a rock-ribbed conservative racist Republican cocksucker from Reagan to Bush to Gingrich to Bush to Cheney to Bohner to Scalia to Ryan to Thomas to McConnell to Palin to McCain to Romney to Pence to Trump, but now he's seen enough.  Fuck off shitbird.  Anybody who was demented enough to be a Republican 30 years ago is a sick fucking creep today and 100% complicit with everything that Trump was and is doing. 

Tyler Q. Houlton, Worthless Bastard, Giant Asshole, Evil Cocksucker, Delete Your Motherfucking Account

He seems nice.  Everyone else in the world does the gods' work and drags that miserable shitbag without mercy.  That's something.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Political Song for Shane MacGowan to Sing

Maybe Trump Can Conscript All The Helpless Children He Imprisons Into The Space Force

The boys at least.  I'm sure the girls will all be used for sex by the GOP--though come to think of it, seeing as they're conservatives and thus mostly self-hating closet-cases, most of the boys will wind up raped and enslaved, too.  Ok, here it is: Any boys who are not taken by Republicans to be used for sex should be conscripted into Trump's Space Force.  This kind of genius thinking might even bring the fatuous libertarian shitbirds on board with the Space Force.  Come on, Trump, do it! SPACE FORCE!  Thanks, Trump

Where Are All Those Brave Freedom-Loving Beautiful American Patriots With Their Guns

The enemies of freedom are stealing children right here in America, but where are the guntard patriots who love freedom so fucking much?  Why aren't those fuckers out there saving kids from that hell?  I don't understand.  Those cocksuckers with their fucking gay machine guns said they loved freedom more than they loved the smell of the GOP's taint, but they're not standing up to tyranny.  Why is that?

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Rescue The Bunnymen

General JC Christian, Patriot Closes The Book On Bleating Imbecile, Angry Black Dumb Lady, And World's Worst Lawyer Imani Gandy

Jesus fucking christ.  Well done, General.  Well done.

Neoliberal Daily Kos Cocksucker Armando Llorens Is Too Fucking Stupid To Be A Corn Cob

Big Tent Democrat's tent is full of shit.  Llorens is easily one of the most disgusting neoliberal pissboys on the planet.  Fuck him with a hot poker.  Seriously, the guy sucks dog dick.  The timeline turns vicious on him, though, so that's kinda fun.

I Never Understood The Small Front Wheel Road Bikes, J.P. Weigle Edition

This PJ Wiggle was for sale on the interwebs.  I hate it hate it hate it.  Was never a yuge fan of the smaller-wheel for small bikes-- one wheel size is always better than two, even when the two wheels were smaller than standard.  Small road-racing style bike could be and were made acceptably well with dual-700C wheels for smaller, mostly female riders.  The 650C racing-style bikes had a place as there were proper tubulars available for actual junior racing back in the day.

As far as this Weigle goes, 5'6" is pretty fucking close to pro bike racer size, and even a woman that height can easily be accommodated on a proper 700C-wheeled road bike.  Also, not a fan of the tomato-red paint or the capless seatstay attachment atmo, but as usual, nobody asked me.

Political Song for Jennifer Lee to Sing

Gossip Kids Are Just Fucking Dumb Sometimes, Eric Abramovitz Edition

Gossip kids are just fucking bitches sometimes--and the girl gossip kids walked right into the trap of those who rightly pointed out that if this shit happened to a woman, they would have been calling for the guy's castration in the interest of justice and for the good of the species.  Anywho, it's a trippy fucking tale and and worked out for the best, considering.  The clarinet guy Eric Abramovitz is going with the fame on it, so good on him.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Irregular Placemats

Elon Musk: Gloriously Inane Corn Cob

This is fucking genius.  Every time Elon Musk opens his yap, he screams to the world that he is a completely vapid fucking loon who should probably be spending most of his day in a rubber room drawing on the wall with his own shit.

"Melville was a whale."  Heh, indeedy.

Plagiarist David Clarke And Plagiarist Ben Domenech-McCain Should Get Gay Married

They were made for each other.  Clarke and Domenech-McCain are both air-headed plagiarists and disgusting reactionary beta cuck losers.  They also make a cute couple.  Thanks, Trump!