Thursday, July 2, 2015

Deutschland 83 Is The Best Show MTV Never Made

As a spy show, it is def a comedy, but Deutschland 83 is pretty frakking watchable as the best MTV series never.  The music is hammer to the forehead obvious, but they have fun with it and manage to look like they're not trying to hard somehow.  The show has to be something right cuz I had a dream in German last night in which the Krauts claimed my German was unintelligible and their English was so bad I was constantly on the verge of smacking a Kraut.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hugo Stiglitz On Greece

Hugo Josesph Stiglitz has been rocking and rolling on this Greece shitshow, doing his best to get some sense into the conversation.  Not that he is succeeding, but at least the truth will be on the record.  Greece should tell the Krauts to fuck off and do the best for themselves and their nation instead of the best for the fucking banks in Germany and France.  That's what sovereign nations are supposed to do.  Let's see how the Krauts like that. 

Chris Christie Is By Far The Grossest Republican Who Will Never Be President

Any short list of disgusting fat fucking Republicans who will never be president needs to have Chris Christie right there on top.  LePage is a titanic fucking dirtbag, so let's hope Christie and the Maine governor decide to get gay married and move to the southern hemisphere. 

Megyn Kelly: Always And Forever A True Friend To Any And Every Piece Of Shit On Earth

Racists, confederate dipshits, lawless cops, arsonists, religious fundamentalists assholes, slimeballs, dickwads, bigots, Bill O'Reilly, all of those fucking scuzzballs will have a friend in Megyn Kelly and a place on her tee vee show.

The Way The Limey Women Lost To Japan Was Pretty Fucking Awesome

Heh, indeedy.  That was fun to watch.  Anytime England gets shit on in any fashion is a good day for humanity.

Big Ed Schultz Is An Anti-Vax Dipshit

He had some vile cunt Christina Hildebrand on to talk bullshit about "vaccine injured" children and bad ole big pharma as Big Ed kept helping her shovel that bullshit into bigger and bigger piles.  The poor actual doctor on with those two idiots never stood a chance.

The real reason why California has to force parents to vaccinate their kids is because too many parents are fucking idiots like Christina Hildebrand, Big Ed Schultz, Jim Carrey, and the whole panoply of scientologist fucktards and are too fucking ignorant to make the right choices.  If these worthless dullard anti-vaxxers were not so fucking far up their own stupid asses, freedom could ring, but since Hildebrand and her fuckwad cohort want to kill children, it's up to Jerry Fucking Brown to stop them.  That's racing.

Jerry Brown Is Right On Vaccinations

Yep.  Let's have one for science, one for the good guys.  The vaccinations don't work if too many people opt out, so requirements for school attendance are good sense.  California was forced to act after that Disneyland measles outbreak; personal belief exemptions are bullshit.  Intelligence wins for once.

World Cup 2015, Imagine Grass

Beating the Krauts is fine, just fine.  I can only wonder what it would be like this year if FIFA actually gave a shit about the women's game.

Cuba Good, Iran Good For Obama And America

This is some legit good shit for Obama.  At least he's had his people doing the hard, sloggy work on the diplomatic front all along, without needing to constantly get credit for it, and that is what's making these advancements possible.  This is the change we can believe in, and so so much better than anything the rejects and morons in the Bush administration would have been willing or able to accomplish.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Let's Do The Best Thing And Get Iran Some Nukes Toot Sweet!

Fuck the deal.  Let's sell them some surplus nuclear warheads and a few low-mileage missiles for those fuckers and make the world a better place.  Iranians would be safe from invasion and shit--especially from us!--and wouldn't have to pretend to build expensive and polluting and dangerous commercial nuclear power plants.  Palestinians would be safer if Iran had nukes.  Hell, watching Israel sweat like fucking pigs would be worth pretty much anything.  Countries with nukes are the countries who don't get fucked with--we never invaded axis of eeville North Korea--and countries that don't get fucked with don't trick us into invading them and spending trillions of dollars murdering their defenceless civilian population with drones and soldiers and planes for decades, so let's help Iran help itself by trading some of our nuke shit for some of their oil or rugs or whatever they have over there, grapes.  That's how we make America and Iran and the world a better place!

Megyn Kelly Is A Smarmy Pair Of Favorite Slippers For Racist Shitstains

No matter how bad the racists feel, no matter how nasty people are to Confederate-loving asswhipes, no matter how much civil rights or legal protection the blahs or the gays get just to make jesus and inbred haters weep, Megyn Kelly is there to make them feel better and comfort them like a pair of favorite slippers.  Kelly is a greasy shitstain herself and just the smarmy apologist for the haters and bigots and racists who watch Fox "News".

Monday, June 29, 2015

Nihilist Arby's And Birdsrightsactivist Are THE ONLY Republican Ticket With A Chance In 2016

I'd vote Republican if they nominated Nihilist Arby's and Birdsrightsactivist in 2016!  That's pretty much the only way I'd vote Republican, and any and every American with an IQ above 7 will agree with me in 2016--that leaves out pretty much every registered Republican, teabagger, Koch-sucker, racist asshole, gun-nut fuckwad, militia member, but still. 

Meanwhile Assholes Are Stupid And Lie And Work For Forbes

It doesn't much matter whether--never mind--if these cocksuckers at Forbes lie because they are stupendously stupid or are just plain shitty, the lies do the heavy lifting for the Koch-suckers and their short-term profits.  Reality never intervenes.

Digby's Obit For Ann Coulter's Career

Apparently Ann Coulter finally puked up enough shit to poison her own wading pool.  Who knew? Career or no career, Coulter is still on with Hannity and those idiots. 

Anti-Vaxxers: The Cancer In The Colon Of America

Jesus, these idiots are evil-meets-stupid just as much as the worst racist teabagging Republican guntard fuckwit.  The anti-vaccination movement is just another of those reasons, those reasons why America is such a dysfunctional society.  We are literally too stupid to live.

What Leverage Does Greece Have?

History, tourism, goat cheese, olives, back-door sexytimes, disgusting greasy yogurt.  That's not so much really, but that doesn't mean those fuckers shouldn't give the Krauts the finger and drop the Euro like a sack of steaming goat shit.  Krugman's right on, and he's not along by any means.  Greece has been getting fucked all along, and they don't need to put up with it any longer.  The ability to manage your fiscal and monetary policy for your OWN good is a pretty big fucking deal. 

Chris Squire

I detest prog rock, but I always thought Chris Squire had a great bass guitar sound.  His playing was often decent but was part of Yes' atrocious music, but that sound, man, that sound was good.  More rockers dyin' every day.

Amanda Marcotte Gets It, Atmo, Really

She often reads like she's getting paid by the word and frenzied on a 96-second deadline, but Amanda Marcotte really does a good job skewering the prissy ignorance and bigotry of Ross Douthat, aka the shame of Hamden Hall.  Douthat is one of those upward-failing dipshit cockbags so beloved by the establishment, and Marcotte really lets him have it.  That's not nothing and has to be some sort of high point for Marcotte. 

Wonderfully Life-Affirming Piyush "Bobby" Jindal Fisking

That was effing yummers!  Seeing Jindal so thoroughly destroyed--and marveling at just how easy it is--is a wondrous joy.  The only quibble I would have is the contention that Jindal was ever anything other than a risible buffoon doing his best to befoul the political cesspool that is Louisiana.  Jindal was never going anywhere important, because despite his Republican ethnic stunt-casting, he is as big a mutton-headed asshole as any other teabagging Republican.

Comparing Trump To A Greasy Fuckstain Is An Insult To Every Greasy Fuckstain

Yeah, yeah, Trump, you're fired. Heh. Funny.  Shitheads like Trump aren't going away, though, no matter how many times they get fired.  They're in our national DNA.  We're fucked.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hz So Good

Jesus, The Amy Schumer Movie Looks Dreadful

A fucking abortion in an elevator; let's guess that Paul Giamatti will bob up at some point ensuring that LeBron James will not be the worst actor in it.

Butthurt Idiots Are Wonderful Things

Catholic edition.  These bastards never had a problem with the sanctity of the children they were raping, but oh, noes, a gay marrying a gay is so fucking problematic.  These people are gods-damned evil, backward-ass shitheads.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Morning In America Welcomes The Glorious New World Of Divorce Equality

Now America can welcome the gays into the joy and wonder of divorce.  And full-on custody battles.  And child support.  And alimony.  Family court.  Mazel tov, motherfrakkers!

Pretty Bad Week So Far For Republicans, Teabaggers, Bigots, Racists, Homophobes, General Fuckwits

And that makes it a pretty good week for all the decent folks out there.  There's some good fun watching Scalia puke out some of his typical brain-dead horseshit, telling the world over and over what a complete moron he is.  Also pretty great seeing the shitheads losing their minds as they realize their death-grip on an America of backward-ass haters is finally slipping.  Health care such as it is; racist treason flag; marriage equality; we may see the death of teabagger-America this millennium!

The Astros In The American League Is A Crime Against Humanity

Haven't we all suffered enough?  At least make them go back to those heinous 70s uniforms.