Monday, May 20, 2019

2013 Lugged Marinoni

Pretty nice.  This frame has all the classic details, fork crown, seatstay caps, threaded headset, that you didn't necessarily get on the last official era of Marinoni lugged frames.  Get a real seatpost and some alloy Ergos, and Giuseppe's your uncle.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


AL East

Yankees keeping it together into mid-May.  Not bad. 

Holy Sweet Jesus Fucking Shit, Twits Are EVERYWHERE

These fucking idiots don't know how anything fucking works.  Jesus.  They may not be as rich and self-selected as the Serotta Forum Twits™ but what the actual fuck.  These people don't know how college works, how FA works, how anything works.  And it sounds like the OP is lying about her kid or the two of them are just fucking idiots who should stay the fuck away from college.  How do these dipshits wipe their own asses.

Fun Neo-Vintage Fisking Of Joe Arpaio

Even if you don't believe in the death penalty, Sheriff Joe should have faced summary execution for what he did.  Or torture.  Whatevs.  But the Obama administration allowed this shit to go on, and the people of Arizona stood by like retards while this cocksucker Arpaio tortured people, so, FreeDumb!

Justin Amash Is A Conservative Republican

He's a libertarian dipshit but somehow does not love Trump.  That makes him a the biggest fucking idiot in the known universe.  Trump is very nearly the perfect Republican, and Justin Amash has a yuge problem now.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Kick Me Martin Hannett

The End Of The Grumpy Cat Situation

At least the poor cat won't be bothered any more.  You hope the world will survive.  And that somebody besides Owl Eyes will show up to the funeral.  If the Dems don't nominate Sanders and Trump is reelected, the Trump years will have lasted longer than Grumpy Cat.  Sad.  Thanks, Hillary!

When A Boy Libertarian And Loyal Bezos Pissboy Like Dave Weigel Retweets A Neoliberal Numbskull Like Jonathan Chait, It Makes You Wonder If He CAN Read Matt Taibbi Or Anything Else

Chait is nothing more than a hopeless shithead, but I don't think Dave Weigel does so good with the reading.  Matt Taibbi's piece is very simple, very straightforward: there is no establishment opposition to Imperial America.  Duh.  Every one of the candidates except for possibly Tulsi Gabbard have been in lockstep with the prevailing DC establishment, and that is not a peace platform.  All these sanctions, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, are acts of war, and that's before you get to the drone wars and actually shooting wars that the US is fighting in hundreds of places around the world.  Jesus, you can't expect any better of Jonathan Chait--he's a fucking neoliberal retard and utter imbecile--but the same is true for Weigel and his ilk.  Taibbi is self-evidently correct in his thesis, but that won't stop the fucking scum from squealing out more and more proof.

Rat-Eyed Motherfucker Scott Walker Will Never Be Dignified Enough To Be A Corn Cob

Scott Walker will always be a greasy cocksucker, though.  That's his skill.  And Koch sucking.  And teabagging.

Scott Lemieux, Who Got Fired From A Tenured Job At A Non-Competitive Private College, Is, Like Erik Loomis, Also Not The Smartest Boy

But oh my lords he's an enthusiastic Obama fluffer and thirsty, thirsty pissboy.  Obama got sodomized by the GOP.  Garland was a shit candidate for the court.  And Obama was not trying to beat the GOP.  Mostly because Obama was a rock-ribbed conservative himself, a corporatist, a neoliberal, to the right of Eisenhower, and he didn't really give a shit about civil rights, abortion, or any of it.  After getting buttfucked by McConnell for a year, Obama sure as shit should have made that recess appointment, but it shouldn't have been Garland.  He should have placed Ralph Nader or Noam Chomsky or a truly notorious woman of color on the fucking court just to watch the GOP go apoplectic and give that person a yuge fucking platform to shit all over Trump and the Republicans.  That's what I would have done.  That's probably what President Sanders would have done.  You know FDR would have rained hell fire on a shitbag pussy like McConnell.  But not Obama.  And not the dimwit Obama flufflers like Scotty Lemieux.

Keep in mind that Lemieux was tenured at some shitty little college in Albany but got canned because none of the students wanted to take his dumb classes; his is the incisive analysis the establishment Dems enjoy.

Kinky Cover

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Kiss Me Martin Hannett

Transition Patrol Alloy

Pretty fucking sweet for a complete bike.  Nicer spec than the Kona.  Comes in plastic too, in case you are a fucking dipshit.

Bernie Sanders: Abortion Is A Right

Pretty simple.  No bullshit neoliberal equivocation.  Abortion is a right.  Bernie supports health care for all.  Bernie supports health care for women.  Bernie supports health care for pregnant people.  Bernie supports health care for men.  So how come nitwits like Sady Doyle and Rebecca Schoenkopf and Imani Gandy and all rest aren't supporting Bernie.  Weird.  Could it be that all their abortion histrionics are not entirely genuine?

Yo, Dems, Win Elections: Abortion Is Health Care

It's almost like the Dems don't think women have a right to health care. It's almost like the Dems are fine not beating Republicans.  That's fucking odd.  Why would you want not to win at all costs against the vile conservative people in the other major party who hold such evil positions like banning abortion.  So, Dems don't believe women should control their own bodies and don't have the same right to health care that men do.  Dems must agree with the GOP cocksuckers that women are less than equal citizens.  OK.  Makes more sense that way.  Dr. Leah Torres continues to be all over this shit.  Cuz if the Dems wanted a way to make sure no Republican would ever win an election at any level again, standing against the barbarians in the GOP over this abortion atrocity would be a surefire way.

Btw, this is the excellent article linked by Dr. Torres discussing the medical versus bullshit terminology used when discussing pregnancy and all that yucky stuff.  Ew, girls, gross.

Also, too: Dr. Torres is pretty fucking cool.  She'd make an excellent Surgeon General.

Midge Ure Had One Of The Most Punchable Faces In Bristish Pop

Erik Loomis Was Never The Smartest Boy

Even before his head goes on that pike outside the Sanders White House.  Loomis cannot, must not, see that Bernie's Fox "News" town hall special was a yuge victory for Sanders, giving him a great deal of material to use later in the race once the pretenders are winnowed away.  Loomis knows very well from whose piss bucket he's drinking.

On the other hand, I think the entire Democratic and points left cohort should have canceled Fox "News" starting in 1996, refusing to play with that wrinkly fucker at all.  Especially Obama, he was the worst of them and could have really done some damage to Fox and Murdoch if he'd had even one ball, so Warren is right on this, really.  But Bernie got a huge win from Fox, and self-important doofs like Erik Loomis can't ever understand that.  Their salaries depend on it.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Reign After

Wicked Huge Kvale

1989 fade paint. Heh, indeedy.

Do You Think Neoliberal Assholes Like Sady Doyle Regret Supporting Hard-Line Right-Wingers Like Hillary Clinton Now?

Or are they just too fucking stupid?  I endorse "too fucking stupid" based on the fact that Sady Doyle exists.  But being a shill for Hillary Clinton and all the rest of the right wing Dems sure worked out well for Sady and all her friends.  Glad that all those dipshits were so worried about dumb television shows, too.  Genius.

Watch MAGAtards Attempt To Process Trump Toxicity

Sad.  The diphsits at Free Re-Pubic just can't figure out why Trump's flagship resort is failing.  Probably aliens.

Apropos Of Nothing In Particular, That Sorry Psycho Freddie deBoer Was Right About Ta-Nehisi Coates

And all those fuckfaces like Farley and his commenters and Sady Doyle and Imani Gandy and John Cole And Josh Marshall and the rest of the welfare academics, Obama fluffers, Hillary deadenders and neoliberal pissboys and pissgirls have been outed as utter morons; the imbecilic praise of the shallow careerist Ta-Nehisi Coates is not exactly evergreen, either.  DeBoer is/was a doofus, but jesus, he was just another one of those preening idiot failsons like Robert Farley.  Just because deBoer was a more conventional nutjob and shattered into a million pieces while Farley continues to be a productive pissboy for the US military doesn't mean that much at the end of the day.  They all suck.

Town Talk

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

No Friend Of Thurston's

If You Can't Have That LegendTi Asshole Or That Centaur Fuckface, This Is The Ultimate Twit

Johnny Galt here is 150% for competition dude.  Let's take a guess or two about this galaxy brain very stable genius white guy.  Lives in parent's house?  Probably.  Or got the money from his family to pay for school and then a down payment on a house.  C student?  Talentless failson?  Definitely.  White, obviously.  Lives in low-intensity, low-cost flyover country.  Got his job if he has one from family or family connections?  Of course.  Never had to do anything for himself or excel at anything but still thinks he's a superior success?  Blames women, affirmative action, Democrats, foreigners for every time he wasn't picked?  You know it.  Big supporter of Trump and the GOP?

After J.J. Abrams And Rian Johnson, Who Could Be Left To Totally Fuck Up Star Wars?

The dumbs tits and dragons guys! Brilliant!  Nice.  George Lucas looks like a genius more every day.

This Unhinged Moron Is Also A Rock-Ribbed MAGAtard QAnon Republican

Only the best people.  Only the best anti-abortion racist screaming lunatic conservatives love Trump.  Where they go one, they all go fucking nuts jerking off aliens.

Past Passed