Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Back In 4th

Husker Don't

Warehouse was a good record.  I wonder if even five years later Husker Du would not have stayed together the way Sonic Youth did in order to finance a pretty fancy lifestyle.  Money cures a lot of ills and soothes much rancor and buys plenty of rehab.  The post-Nevermind world was a fertile one for some folks.  The Huskers were just a little too early, I guess. 

Matt McCauley Is What An Old, Unwanted, Used-Up, Impotent Beta Cuck Incel Loser Looks Like

HE ROUTINELY "DATES" 20 YEAR OLDS!  In English, that means that 10-15 years ago when his little tiny dick still sorta worked, Matt McCauley would spend his weekends trying to find a prostitute willing to take the small amount of money he could afford for 19 seconds of the most disgusting, most pathetic attempt at sex in the history of the galaxy.  Matt McCauley is a hero of the incels!  Thanks, Trump.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Now It's Time To Watch A Racist Neoliberal Hillbot Turn Into A Corn Cob

"But I'm not a racist...I'm not, I'm not, I'm not..."  This fucking idiot (or Hillbot) is exactly the kind of right-wing racist neoliberal stooge who delivered Trump to the White House.  AOC will first need to bring them to heel.  Thanks, Obama!

Brutal, Vintage Fisking Of Kyrsten Sinema

Philip Weiss.  And from 2012, so Kyrsten Sinema in 2018 should never be a surprise.  Sinema is what a careerist looks like.  The only cure for this careerist, neoliberal bullshit is to recruit and support decent, principled candidates at the grassroots level and help them move up so that the next formerly anti-war, pro-healthcare senator is also a current anti-war, pro-healthcare senator.  Kyrsten Sinema was never that person.  She sprinted to the open arms of the right-wing establishment as soon as she started to get paid, and that is probably as good a description of true evil as you will ever get.  The funny thing is that racist, revanchist, reactionary, right-wing baggatron cocksuckers will still always hate her for the most insane reason.  Thanks, Trump!

Do The Twits Even Ride Their Bikes?

Do they have bikes?  This is fucking stupid as hell: what the OP describes would be understood by any 8 year old who rides a bike to be a flat (or underinflated) tire!  What the actual fuck?  He got freaked out by his too-soft tire and lowered the air pressure?  Really?  Jesus.  How can you not know this shit?  It's fucking simple!  It's basic.  Literally kids' stuff!  It then requires page after page of discussion from fatuous cockbags bleating nonsense?  Gods Dammit, twits are fucking useless.  Thanks, Trump!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Legs For The Troops

Yes, Beto And Abrams And Gillum Did Have Coattails

It sucks bigtime that Beto and Abrams and Gillum all didn't win last week and utterly humiliate the GOP, but all three ran excellent campaigns against long odds and the most blatant Republican voter suppression and other criminal malfeasance.  In doing so, they brought many Dems across the line to victory in Texas and Georgia and Florida who would not have won without the energy, money, and publicity at the top of the ticket.  This was good shit, no matter how pissed anyone is that Beto couldn't fucking win or that Brian Kemp is a fucking criminal or that Florida is filled with the worst racist assholes you can find.  Thanks, Trump!

Big Beautiful Patriotic Fisking Of The Vile Meghan McCain

Let's Get Together For Some Mississippi Justice With Our Friend Cindy Hyde-Smith

She seems nice.  Nothing better than a wrinkly old washerwoman calling herself Cindy.  There's like only a hundred Senators in this fucking country, and they couldn't appoint anybody better than this fucking moron?  Brilliant!  Thanks, Trump!


What a fucking dick.  Jock-sniffing twits are the fucking worst.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Again And Again And Again And Again

By The Way, Kyrsten Sinema Has Won

32,000 votes is too much now for any hope the bad guys might have had. Another flip for the Dems.  Such as it.  Better than nothing, but not better than the old Kyrsten Sinema.

Tucker Carlson Is A Yuge Fucking Pussy--And A Big Fat Liar

Your "no shit" moment of the day: Tucker Carlson is a fucking liar.  What a sad little snowflake poor Tucker is.  Maybe a Swanson TV dinner will perk him up.  Salisbury steak!  Thanks, Trump!

Every Year

Pro Tip: All These 'Dangerous Thinkers' Turn Out To Be Hard-Right Conservatives And Establishment Racists And/Or Dimwit Grifters Like Claire Lehmann

If you're Claire Lehmann and your silly little website/scheme to get a moron like Peter Thiel to give you money while you sit at home masturbating has rabid fans like racist dipshits Charles Murray and Andrew Sullivan and fatuous Uncle Toms Thomas Sowell along with the pathetic bleeting baggatron cocksuckers at Powerline, you have well and truly shown yourself to be one of preeminent rock-ribbed assholes on the planet.  Thanks, Trump!

What's More Horrible Than SNL And The Gossip Kids?

The GOP? MAAGGGAAAA!  Republicans are truly evil, racist monsters, and that scumbag Dan Crenshaw is as bad a Republican cyclops as there's ever been, while the pathetic dimwits on Saturday Night Live and the shallow, simpering gossip kids merely simply giant greasy moose cock.

The Serotta Forum Will Always Be Truly Awful At Its Core

In the end, always vile, hateful, racist, violent America will be the heart of the overprivileged twits on the Serotta Forum.  The upper-classes in the United States are the problem in the world.  And they always have been.  Bruce K is a dick.

Your New Governor Of California On The Floor With Donald Trump Jr.'s Girlfriend

Interesting times.  Or once a whore, always a whore.


Saturday, November 10, 2018

As Scott Walker Gets Flushed Into The Cesspool Of History, Let's Not Forget The Lunatic Christian Fundie Asswipe He Had For His Lieutenant Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch

Rebecca Kleefisch is as big a battatron cocksucker as Scott Walker himself.  Kleefisch was universally derided not only because she was an absurd pack-fodder beauty contest failure and then a risible local TV news bubblehead but also because she was a complete Republican shitbag and Christian conservative idiot in every sense.  She seems nice.  Thanks, Trump!

Me Takers Not Me Makers Too

Rancid Teabagging Fuckface Steve Stockman Is Really Fucking Sick Of All That Winning

10 years in federal prison! MAAGGGAAAA!  Truly, nothing has ever made American better than Steve Stockman going to fucking prison.  That loathsome teabagging cretin was one of the most disgusting Republicans ever, and easily as awful as Reagan or Nixon or Bush or Cheney or Ryan or DeLay or Cruz or Trump.  So. Much. Fucking. Winning.  Thanks, Trump!

Laura Ingraham, Right Wing Whore, Is Brutally Dragged Through A Drive-By Fisking

Laura's not pretty, but at least she's nasty and dumb!  Poor old Laura Ingraham is quite perturbed by the counting of the votes and the losing of Martha McSally.  It's a joke, apparently.  In fact, it is funny.  Really funny.  Kyrsten Sinema's victory is nothing to crow about, but Martha McSally losing is fucking brilliant!  So. Much. Motherfucking. Winning.  Not sick of it at all!  Thanks, Trump!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Hey, Remember That Neoliberal Stooge And Sexual Abuser Al Giordano?

Well, don't forget how shitty he is.  He sucks major ass.  He's a fucking creep, too.  And a disgusting abusive bastard.  And a right-wing tool.

And Bernie would have won.

Your Not-At-All-Liberal Media Are Dumb As Rocks

Weak centrist "hot" takes always wind up being conservative and inane.  I'm not really sure who Amy Walter is, but on tee vee and on the internets she plays the roll of Rachel Maddow's dimwit half-sister--and that's fucking awful.  Nothing about the media in general or the Cook Report in particular are liberal in any way.

'Centrist' Democrats Are Really Rock-Ribbed Conservative Neoliberals

Third Way Democrats like Jim Kessler and Lanae Erikson are political allies of Donald Trump and the GOP.  Bernie Sanders is in reality the most centrist politician in the United States.  His positions on health care, labor, wages, poverty, taxes, Social Security, and higher education are all unanimously popular with a huge majority of all Americans.  That's how you define center, not what some right-wing neoliberal think tank cocksuckers from the Third Way espouse.  Those fuckers are not the center of anything except exceptional American bowel movement conservatism.  Right-wing neoliberal Democrats will fight to the death to destroy the true centrist ideas in this nation, and vile right-wing Republican whores like Jennifer Rubin and the Washtington Post will do the propaganda for them.  The neoliberal Dems and the GOP are the same party, and they always have been; they are loathsome racist reactionary hard-right scum.  Skull fuck them all, now and forevah, amen.


Dino Rossi Is A Giant Piece Of Shit Who Was So Sick Of All That Winning

So he lost.  Dino Rossi is a special kind of loser, and he lost to Kim Schrier in Washington 8th.  Rossi has lost just about everything now, so I guess it's time to primary Trump in 2020.  Thanks, Trump!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Fuckity Bye To That Vile Cunt Karen Handel In Georgia 6th

Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker.  That disgusting bitch and former Susan G. Komen Foundation asswipe Karen Handel is finally the fuck out of the fucking Congress, so that's a good day for everyone.  Tom Price and Newt Gingrich can both eat a bag of dicks because their district belongs to the Dems now.  Thanks, Trump!

The Serotta Forum Twits Push Back On Guns! Really!

Jesus fasterbackwards fucking christ.  A few of the Serotta forum folks like the always wonderful FlashUNC and a Big Dan and some Waldo guy get fucking tough on the guntards like that resident "tough guy" but in reality huge pussy William.  Like that shit, so, keep it up and de-twit the twits.

Beautiful Brave Patriotic Marine And Exceptional American Shoots Country Line Dancers For Freedom! MAGA!

Thank the gods we have so many Americans who love freedom and the Constitution and hate country line dancing!  Jesus christ has blessed America with another shooting, another slaughter, and more delicious beautiful blood.  This is the best of us.  Gavin Newsom said that we can't let this exceptional expression of American freedom be normalized, but he's a fool.  Mass murder is the most normal, most exceptionally American thing in the world.  Guns are the gods' blessing for white people.  Without guns and without white racist mass murderers, America would not be free!  Make a run to the borderline with a gun!  MAGA!  Thanks, Trump.