Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Is It Time To Consider That Bob Mould Might Be The Greatest American Songwriter?

Sorry, Smokey, but no way.  Bob Mould on the other hand...

Mould has been writing songs for almost 40 years and has produced iconic American music spanning genres from the intensely personal to the blatantly commercial and back again to pop with both noise and restraint the way many shallow Americana writers never could.  Mould has literally changed the sound of music over four decades.  Now might be the time we consider whether he's the greatest American songwriter.

Monday, March 27, 2017


Cornell Keeps Coming Up Stupid These Days

Jesus, you would think the doormat of the Ivies would learn to keep its head down.  It was nice when Penn was there for everybody to piss all over, but they spent the money and now those days are gone.  Cornell is the current and forever world-wide leader in the Ivy League basement.  Hell, even Stanford is considered a top school now, up there with HYP.  And UChicago has always been the premier school for those who knew better.  And had no life.  Cornell is just fucking out of it.  Even the gossip kids are kicking 'em around. 

Another Winner If The Dems Cared: $15 Minimum Wage

Indexed.  Embrace Sanders on this shit; steal his popular idea and win.  Or not, because the Dems are not about winning but all about neoliberal dominance.  So they will lose.

Number Six Would Not Approve, Atmo

Who is Number One?  Not WaltWorks.  That's fo sho.  I'm all for weird and goofy shit, but this is really fucking futile.  Of course, it's also twitbait.  But it's dumb; I mean, it doesn't even have any gears! 

You are, Number Six.

Chris Arnade On Point

And much more perceptive than many of his followers, apparently.  Sanders would have won.  Dems hate that, but that doesn't change reality.  Arnade is also on target regarding one aspect of the Trump voter; he's completely missing the point about Trump people being mundane Republican racist assholes who should be burned alive.  But that's fine, as Arnade is doing great work in the same sociopolitical space a Michael Moore and Bernie Sanders, a space Dems have been fucking doing their damnedest to ignore for 60 fucking years.

Lucky Punks

Sunday, March 26, 2017

If They Want To Win, Now Is The Time For The Dems To Embrace Sanders And Health Care

A winning issue.  Very simply: "The Medicare eligibility age shall be lowered to zero."  Don't argue details.  Don't discuss them.  Don't call it single payer or Medicare for all.  Just say that they will introduce a single sentence law that lowers the Medicare age to 0.  Stay on the simple message.  Coverage for everyone who wants it.  Pick any doctor.  Everyone is covered.  Pick any doctor.  Everyone is covered.  Make those nasty Republican cocksuckers choke on their miserable failures.  Everyone is covered.

If This Is The Sort Of Assclown MIT Attracts

Time to burn that dump to the ground.  Of course, M.I.T. is a fine school, and that idiot didn't get in.  But still.  Jesus.  Otoh, while the prep school part of CC is awful, the rest of that site is fucking criminally vile in a plethora of ways few human-caused atrocities have ever been.

The Uranus Jokes Write Themselves

Butt the Oceanus project and other similar endeavors are great places to spend our tax money--and way better than police or drones or aircraft carriers.  Regardless of how long Trump lasts in office, the Dems and any GOP shitbirds sober and/or intelligent enough to get it, atmo should be working the refs on this planetary science work to the benefit of everybody.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Days In

No Surprise: Mike Brown Was Murdered By A Racist Coward

Hands up. Don't shoot.  Everyone knew it, but the cops and the other racist assholes didn't want to admit it: Mike Brown was murdered by a fucking pants-wetting coward named Darren Wilson.  Many, too many, Americans have a vested interest in not admitting the truth about Brown's murder, but that doesn't change reality.  It was always obvious, but now a few more Americans will have an excuse to understand that truth.

Righteous Fisking Of Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer: Racist asshole and welfare queen.  Of course he is.  Of course he's sucking on the govmint teat.  How could it be any other way.

'The Medicare Eligibility Age Shall Be Lowered To 0'

"The Medicare eligibility age shall be lowered to 0."

"The Medicare eligibility age shall be lowered to 0."

"The Medicare eligibility age shall be lowered to 0."

"The Medicare eligibility age shall be lowered to 0."

"The Medicare eligibility age shall be lowered to 0."

"The Medicare eligibility age shall be lowered to 0."

"The Medicare eligibility age shall be lowered to 0."

"The Medicare eligibility age shall be lowered to 0."

"The Medicare eligibility age shall be lowered to 0."

"The Medicare eligibility age shall be lowered to 0."

"The Medicare eligibility age shall be lowered to 0."

"The Medicare eligibility age shall be lowered to 0."

Friday, March 24, 2017

Punk Rock Song

The LA Times' Ann Friedman Seems Nice

She's right, too: Chelsea Clinton has never gotten a break.  It's been a tough life for Chelsea.  She had to work her way through college working 3 or 4 jobs at a time while supporting her husband and kids, too.  Rough.  Even after finally finishing college, it wasn't easy to for poor Chelsea to find steady work.  She could have used a break, I guess.  That's all it would have taken.  Somebody to look out for her.  That's not the way world works, though.  Everybody has to make it on their own.  Nobody gives you any special favors.  Chelsea Clinton understands that better than most.  She's earned everything she has.  On her own.  Nobody's help.  An exceptional American bootstraps story.  Chelsea Clinton is a fucking hero.  Ann Friedman is a brave and wise truth-teller.

Donald Trump's The Art Of The Fail

So, now will people start to admit that Trump killed the GOP?  Paul Ryan couldn't get an Obamacare repeal through the house.  Not even close.  Trump's meddling only made it more ludicrous.  So what if wouldn't have gone over in the Senate.  Ryan's House failure is majestic in its enormity, but now it is up to the sad-sack Dems to make Trump eat this shit sandwich till he chokes, and I'm pretty sure they ain't up to it.

Donald Trump And Paul Ryan: America's Biggest Cucks

Some people are quite pleased with Trump and Ryan's comical failure on their Trumpcare vote.  The lesser cucks in the GOP aren't real thrilled, though.  Mr. Ace Negotiator failed quite publicly, and Mr. Ayn Rand's Pissboy showed the world he's way less smart and talented than he pretended.  This is good stuff.  A nice day to be alive.

Looks Like Radiohead's Peak Really Was On 'South Park'

Stupid fuckers oughta know better.  Israel is the worst racist state on Earth right now, even more actively terrible than the exceptional USA, and the bands not supporting the BDS movement are greedy fucking scumbags.  I mean we know the Pixies are a joke oldies band at this point, and Aerosmith has been wretched for damn near half a century, but some folks thought better of Radiohead.  Not me, really, but still.

A Solid Point On Canti Brakes

They're good.  Perfect for bikes that aren't actual mountain bikes.  Discs are kinda dumb for things like road bikes and gravel road bikes and cyclocross racing bikes, most of which are only ridden like road bikes, and bikes that aren't mountain bikes.  Cantis are good.  Thanks, twits.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Gone Boy

Atrios Mans Up And Tells The Truth About Obama

Pretty good step when you do/did collect your check from David Brock.  And the fluffers sure as shit ain't gonna like it.  And while Obama wasn't Trump, Obama sucked wicked bad.  He was a rock-ribbed conservative and loyal servant of the American Empire; every time he had the opportunity to use his authority to advance any of the progressive or left-ish ideals to which he claimed fealty, he adamantly refused. Obama protected the American ruling class and the status quo with every breath he took as President.  He also continued our endless war against the poor and helpless around the world.  Not what we needed.  At all.  Herr Professor Doktor Duncan B. Black steps out and tells some truth.  Finally.  Keep it up, dude.

Demented Right-Wing Morons Are Demented

Maybe that should be deranged.  Or perhaps unhinged.  Whatever.  They're risible reactionary fuckheads, and they are your GOP stalwarts.  Thanks, Trump.

Rick Perry Is A Miserable Stupid Bastard

There's not enough energy left in the universe to properly illuminate just how long and hard Rick Perry sucks giant moose balls.  So the best we can do is notice when he is especially awful.  Fucker.

Oh Noes! The Teabaggers Are Not Happy About The Trumpcare Failure

Pissy pissy pissy little babies.  Glorious to see the GOP and the teabaggers in open conflict over this shit.  Maybe the entertainment value will be worth it.

The NCAA Should Be Dropped Off The Edge Of The World

The NCAA is nothing but fucking fucked up fuckers.  All this bullshit in the interest of tee vee entertainment and piles of cash money to spend on hookers and blow.  There's gotta be a better way.  Start by dragging the NCAA to the edge of the world and pushing it off.  Then pay the players.  See how that works.


Lying About Snowden Has Been An Establishment Feature, Not A Bug

I guess we can discuss whether the reactionary mainstream establishment media was purposely obfuscating the truth about Snowden or whether they were simply hapless incompetents.  Some will say why not both.  Regardless, the false and/or mistaken story of Edward Snowden was the one universally promulgated by the establishment, and, so far, it's been 100% debunked.  Funny, that.

Spectacular James Wolcott Auto-Fisking

Sweet mother of fuckers, Louise Mensch is the first one!  LOUISE MENSCH IS THE FIRST ONE!!  Hot diggity damn, that is fucking outstanding.  Wolcott redefines fatuous for the washed-up Droopy Dog cohort.  Nothing in 2017 gets much better than this shit.  Somewhere a snarky god loves us long time.  We were alive to see this.  We were blessed.