Thursday, May 26, 2016

Chris Kyle: American Psycho And Exceptional Liar

No shit.  Considering what a fucking nutcase Kyle was all along, it should come as no surprise that he lied about his military medals the same way he lied about everything else.  Chris Kyle was the worst of everything wrong with America, and the more everyone knows about this loathsome idiot, the better off we will all be.  He was no hero; anyone who considers Kyle a hero is below contempt.

Racist Idiots Have Always Been With Us And Always Will Be With Us

America is full of morons.  Conservatives are always wrong--and are almost always disgusting racist shitheads, too.  Our nation is doomed.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Elizabeth Warren Is Having Too Much Fun With Donald Trump

Ima gettin the feelin she don't like him much.  This is frikkin' genius, though.  If Warren is explicitly acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign, whoever recruited her for this should receive a fabulous cash prize.  If she's doing it on her own, Hillary's people should be paying wicked close attention and incorporating all this material into their campaign.  Baiting Trump is almost too easy, and there's a really good chance he'll flip out and say something astoundingly nasty sooner or later.  Small.  Money-grubber.  Weak.  Trump won't be able to deal with that shit.  Warren is enjoying herself, which is so important when you are destroying a bad man.

Excellent Gary Leupp On Petty Bigotry, Comical Ignorance, And Disgusting Political Manipulation

Leupp is right on target, and circles back to some history to finish it off.  Well done, and he's correct, of course.  But the Republicans fomenting vague gay panic and nasty bigotry against some of the most powerless citizens should be nothing but opportunity for the Dems.  Transgendered people are not any sort of threat to anyone, and if the Dems stood up for basic rights of transgendered people, they could leverage that into a defense of the rights of others, like women, poor people, scientists, workers, everyone.  The Republicans use this ploy often: gin up some hatred against some powerless minority to ramp up the enthusiasm and bring out the small-minded and ignorant haters in their voting base.  But this shit only works if nobody pushes back.  Have the Dems learned the lesson?  Have the Dems been standing up and pushing back hard against abortion restrictions?  Have the Dems been fighting for the rights of workers to organize and earn a living wage?  Have the Dems been campaigning hard and promising to reverse the vile voter suppression scheme pushed by the Republicans?  Thought so.

Pathetic Racist Shitstain Of The Day

America is exceptional, like an exceptionally overflowing septic tank.  I don't think we really wanna know just how many of these awful and repellent exceptional American racist dipshits are out there, but I have a feeling the Trump campaign is gonna give us a pretty good, and very sad and frightening, idea.

When Classic Rock Meets Jazz At Genius' Picnic

This Is A Best Thing On The Interweb Tubes

A thread sits for a year plus, then rockets off into some amazing info about John Klingberg and goes on for years.  Good job, TalkBass.  Wicked cool shit.  "Moondance" is simply a great song all-around with fabulous performances.  The bass work is fantastic.  Plus it manages to work in a gods-damned flute into what is essentially a jazz pop song--and flutes and jazz don't work usually.  And now more info about John Klingberg is on the internets, too.  Thanks, Obama.

I Hate This Way More Than I Should

In an era of Trump and Clinton, NRA terrorism, and everything else, this is no big deal, but jesus fucking christ.

It's Official: Ted Rall Gets It On Hillary Clinton, Atmo

Sounds good.  Most people will vote for Hillary, and she will be president--this was decided on election day 2012.  But not everybody is gonna get down in the slime with the Clintons another time in the 21st century, and that's fine.  If we ever we want to make politics better in this country, and if anybody wants to make a better Democratic Party, the USA is gonna have to spend the next eight years telling the truth about Hillary Clinton.  What are the chances of that?

Future President Trump Will Finally Solve That Vince Foster Case!

And World Nut Daily and the biggest of the nuts Jerome Corsi will be there to document the revelation!!  Thank the fucking gods!  Finally Vince Foster will get to rest in peace.  Detective Trump is on the case, and Bill and Hillary Clinton will finally be brought to justice!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Straightforward Hillary Clinton Fisking

Why not Hillary, indeed.  Clinton is a piece of shit and she will be a terrible president.  She will be a step back from even Obama and will be noticeably worse than Bernie Sanders would have been.  Only the dimmest of the piss boys would disagree.  The fact that Clinton would be and will be better than Trump or Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz would have been doesn't change the fact that she is a fucking complete garbage person and not what America needs now or ever.  That's reality, but she will be the POTUS, and we will have to do the best we can with that shit.

I Wonder If Ed Henry Will Be On Fox "News" Covering Bill O'Reilly's Lawsuit Against His Ex-Wife?

CNN?  Would be a gods-damned shame if Ed Henry did not get into the fun covering O'Reilly's latest courthouse adventure, especially if any of the Andrea Mackris, child custody, and chokey stair-dragging funfetti gets stirred up again!

Fun With The First Star Trek Movie

Weirdly long and unfocused and inexcusably cheesy in places, Star Trek: The Motion Picture was still so much fucking better than those toxic turds J.J. Abrams cranked out.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Better Feel

Bernie Sanders Festively Fucks With Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Nicely done, Senator Sanders.  There's Bernie helping in a down-ballot race.  Wasserman Schultz is a fucking garbage person, so replacing her with any asshole with a D after their name would pretty much have to be a remarkable improvement.  Tim Canova will have a hard time displacing the current DNC chief in the primary, but at least Sanders is showing that he is in fact a professional politician and not some groundless dreamer and dilettante; if only Sanders' pragmatic, center-left, popular, solidly-American policies and positions on things like education and taxes and health care had been covered with the respect given to the insane, dangerous, right-wing ideas favored by Hillary Clinton and most of the Democratic and Republican parties. 

When You Gleefully Carry The Piss Bucket, You Also Drink Deep With Relish

Whiny pissboys of welfare academia say shut up shut up shut up about Hillary. Wahhhhhhhhhhh.  No disloyalty will be tolerated.  The establishment must never be challenged.  Hillary Clinton captured the Dem establishment years ago, and she will in all likelihood be POTUS in 2017.  But does that mean Jill Stein is wrong about her?  In any way?  Does attacking Jill Stein or Ralph Nader or Bernie Sanders change the fundamental truth about Clinton?  Or does it simply make the small, powerless little boys and girls licking up the runoff at the fringes of Democratic Party respectability and their captive toadies feel better about their miserable existences?

Obama Overtime: Good Thing Yes

A small step, yes, a minor improvement, but nonetheless important progress.  Even better than the slight possibility of more money for some folks and more jobs for others, the bestest thing about the new rule is that loathsome conservative shitstains fucking hate it!  When those fatuous scumbags, who are absolutely always wrong every time about everything, hate something, it is 100% the right thing to do.  Thanks, Obama.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Of Course Trump Is Not Anywhere Near As Rich As He Claims

Trump is a self-absorbed fantasist, and his world-class fabulous wealth is not reality.  Trump is a rich guy, because he had an inherited fortune to squander on eastern European models and third-rate actresses, but he is not rich guy the way a real billionaire is a rich guy.  Slowly squandering his inheritance is not the lifestyle of a robber-billionaire, and Trump does not want the folks out there to understand that.  Trump probably would have more money today if he had taken his inheritance and invested in Vanguard index funds; whatever deals Trump has made over the years cost him money. 

Donald Trump the presidential candidate has so many hilarious weaknesses that we might be in for the most entertaining election cycle ever if the Dems are actually up to winning bigtime.  Let's hope.

Watching Scott Van Pelt And Trevor Noah Butcher Their TV Shows

All you can ask is whether those two clowns were really the best those tee vee operations could do?  Van Pelt is a gods-damned zero.  Whoever thought he was going to bring ESPN highlight shows back to the glory days of the Olbermann and Patrick was fucking high.  And Trevor Noah is as unfunny and tedious a comedy news show host as could be found in this or any nearby galaxy.  Jon Stewart was pretty soft headed and certainly weak sauce, but compared to Noah, Stewart was Mark Fucking Twain.  How the fuck did those two talentless hacks Van Pelt and Noah get on the fucking air?  Jesus.

Thinning The Herd = Killing Children With Guns

Evolution at work, but that doesn't make it right.  Karma, justice, basic human decency demand that the adult guntards kill themselves with their pathetic penis substitutes and leave their children to grow up in a better world, a world without guns and without their vile, dangerously violent and racist parents.

Conservative Are Racists And Dangerously Ignorant

Conservatives are too stupid to do anything properly, not just national security.  Conservatives cannot run a country or order lunch without fucking it up, so do yourself a favor and purge all conservatives from your existence with extreme prejudice. 

Conservatives Are Still Idiots, And The Federalist Is America's Most Unsanitary Toilet Paper

The whiny butt-hurt is frakking lovely.  Conservatives are only good as targets for our laughter. 

Conservatives Are Idiots, Trump Is Their King, And Jonah Goldberg Is Their Court Jester

There are many blind, asthmatic pug dogs in America who understand more about basic scientific concepts than Jonah Goldberg.  Goldberg hates everyone who is smarter and more accomplished than he is, so that's at least 100% of the human race.  When it comes time to decide who is lying about climate, anyone listening to Jonah Goldberg clearly has Donald Trumpian-levels of psychotic delusion bubbling around their rock heads--in other words, all the Republicans, teabaggers, libertarians, other fuckheads out there in our exceptional America.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

'The Farce Awakens' Doesn't Hold Up At All

When I saw the flick in the theatre, I figured I'd go back, but somehow always had something better to do.  Now that it's out for home viewing, I watched it again, but jesus, the thing was pretty fucking tedious.  There were whole sections, including the Han Solo death, that I just fast-forwarded right through cuz who fucking cares.  The film has no surprises whatsoever and surprisingly little entertainment value considering its length and box office.  Seriously, the only person who got what they wanted out that mess was Harrison Ford.  Everybody else should have felt vaguely or specifically cheated, but it doesn't seem so.  J.J. Abrams is a fucking turd.  The movie certainly did what it had to do as far as reestablishing the viability of the brand, but it was a little disheartening to discover how little there there was there.  Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are def happy too, so that's something.  I guess.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Trump At The NRA: God, Guns & Guts Keep Us Safe From The Hippies

If any gods decided to suddenly become real, a cleansing fire at this creepy NRA thing while the black cop in uniform is singing the national anthem would be a good fucking trick.  Otherwise, wait until Trump comes out and send something to kill everyone there in the most painful way possible.  If any of you fictional gods take care of this, I promise I will light a candle or something.

Matt Taibbi Gets Trump, Atmo

Trump's doin' the deed, and the GOP is toast.  The most fun will come during the late days of the campaign when we get to see how much the infection has spread into the down ballot races.  The chaos will be beauty, and we will all be blessed to witness it.