Thursday, March 22, 2018


H.R. McMaster Is One Motherfucker Sick Of All The Winning!

Winning looks like losing when you're a beta cuck loser like H.R. McMaster!  Thanks, Trump!

Demented Clown John Dowd Is Suddenly Sick Of All The Winning!

So. Much. Winning.  So much sick.  Trump is debasing all of official Washington and it is a fucking wonderful thing to see.  Thanks, Trump!

Why The Fuque Would Anyone Make A Riv Atlantis With Those Stupid Long Chainstays?

Jesus christ.  The original Atlantis is a fucking perfect bike.  Nice lugs, great design, everything works.  This is just a fucking botched abortion in an elevator.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  A cheaper Atlantis to go along with the USA one would be a good idea, but those asinine chainstays and ugly sloped top tube are fucking awful.  Jan Heine and Richard Sachs should find Grant and kick him in the jimmy, atmo.

Hey! What's Up With Neoliberal Fuckface And Beta Cuck Corn Cob Al Giordano?

Not much! Hey, indeedy.  I guess being outed as a pathetic sexual deviant makes it hard for a corn cob to make a living.  Maybe your buddy Hillary has a job for you, Al.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Beautiful Exceptional Patriot And Conservative White Fundamentalist Christian American Terrorist Mark Conditt

Another brave white Republican christian American violent racist radical patriot for jesus and freedom!  When exceptional white conservative teabagging terrorists blow shit up it is a beautiful expression of American exceptionalism and freedom!  Thanks, Trump!

Andrew Cuomo Is Your Daily Reminder That Kirsten Gillibrand Is A Shit Democrat

And a shit Senator who will never be President.  Gillibrand is fucking worthless, as this whole Cuomo versus the Good-Nixon thing shows.  Al Franken, too.  Fuck neoliberal shitbirds. Fuck Kirsten Gillibrand.

Fast Gurl

Jan Heine Stands On The Shoulders Of Bridgestone-Era Grant Petersen--And So Does Grant Petersen

Jan Heine has peddled his schtick by building on the foundation of Grant Petersen circa 1990.  Everything Peterson Petersen was doing into the 90s at Bridgestone started creating a mindset where Heine can do his thing today--as well as creating the basis for Rivendell and a few pretenders like Kogswell and Velo Orange.  There's nothing wrong with any of it, but people tend to have veeery short memories, especially twits.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Count On The Creepy Jesus-Fluffing Dipshits At Focus On The Family's Plugged In For All Your Pop-Culture Needs

Who better than a bunch of creepy perverts, skeevy fucktards, and vile racist hypocrites to tell you what to read, watch, or listen to?  NOBODY, that's who.  Gurgling jesus' spunk makes you a fucking expert, and when jesus pisses hot, rank jesusness all over you while you are on your knees after sucking jesus' putrid jesus cock for all you were worth just like every one of the disgusting jesus cocksuckers at Focus on the Family showed you, you fucking smile and beg for more!  Focus on the Family, they're good people.  Jesus.

With Such Beautiful And Brilliant Sparkling Intellects Like Elizabeth Rogers On Hillary's Team

It's absolutely fucking shocking that it required 16 years AND the entire multi-billion dollar Democratic Party infrastructure to (barely) stop a grassroots candidate like Bernie Sanders who had been running for less than a year and then lose to a sack of verminous, orange excrement like Donald J. Trump!  But Hillary had such rock-ribbed, conservative, neoliberal shitstains luminaries as Elizabeth Rogers on her team!  Rogers is smart!  And FUNNY!  Just ask her.  She'll tell ya.

Brutal And Beautiful Vintage Fisking Of Lying Loathsome Neoliberal Cunt Sally Albright

It's theme day today, and with Albright recently being beautifully brutalized because she's a lying rock-ribbed conservative whore, it seemed like a good time to roll out the amazing Paste destruction of Sally Albright from January, 2017.  Former Newt Gingrich staffer Albright is human filth, and she belongs right there next to Hillary Clinton as some of the worst Americans of all time.

Xpensive Souls

Health Care Liar Sally Pipes Is Such A Cunt, She Should Be The Next Mrs. Donald Trump!

A match made in pig shit heaven!  Pipes is a fucking shill, a whore, an imbecile, but if she is too stupid and/or too duplicitous to correctly explain that a national health program such as in the UK is NOT a single-payer system, well, even a rancid toilet like Forbes should have enough pride to not publish her bullshit.  I bet Pipes would love to have Trump's lukewarm fetid spunk dribbled onto her mottled gunt, though.