Tuesday, July 17, 2018


American Xceptionalizm

Life for most Americans has been getting harder for 50 years.  The only winners have been the very few, but that bullshit does not excuse racist fuckbrains, aka Republicans, being Republicans and voting for Republicans, Trump included, even if it partly explains it.  There's no reason for America to be this stupid, except that most Americans are helplessly imbecilic fucktards.  And the fact that the conservative establishment has been working for the last 50 years to make sure the majority of Americans were as dumb, scared, hateful, racist, and paranoid as possible.

Starz N Barz

Elite Boarding Schools Nurture Conservatives The Way They Nuture Sexual Predators With STDs

Both are vile and disgusting.  The cohort of smart, decent students at any elite boarding school is painfully small, but they're there doing what only they can do, so even though Andover and Choate and Deerfield are full of nasty creeps, they're better than Greenwich High or New Trier or Stuyvesant.

Sunday, July 15, 2018



Meanwhile, the racing has started, and the cobblestones have made some problems.  Nice to see that the Tour is actively trying to make something happen before the big climbs.


The Frogs win the cup.  No joy for Croatia.  Belgium third.  But no Krauts or Limeys or cocksucking Russians, so that's something.  Let the greasy Frenchmen have their fucking victory.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

It Grrrlz

Without Rick Lyman, Where Do New Choaties Get Their Herpes?

Even crazed right-wing libertarian idiots wonder what life is like for Choaties now without Rick Lyman to deliver the herpes to them.  This is important shit.  Tradition is very important at elitist institutions like Andover and Choate.  You pay for privilege.  Just like Ivanka Trump!

That Vile Cunt Trump And That Vile Cunt The Queen Deserve Each Other

Both of those cunts are horrible right-wing racist fuckbags, and they deserve an eternity in their own personal hell with no company but each other. 

Incisive Analysis From Your Friendly Neighborhood Over-Privileged Twits

This shit is so tiresome, but what else do we have.  Jan Brady Heine is not exactly a genius, and this shit has been understood by some for a couple of decades now, but somehow the twits make everything so futile.

If Glenn Greenwald Makes A Point, Will A Dem Hear It?

No. No they will not.  The Dems are almost as deranged as the GOP, but the unfortunate truth is that the GOP must be eradicated before the Dems can be dealt with, so, fucked and whatnot.

Demented Right-Wing Cylons Will Always Be Funny And Sad

Deranged racist reactionary bullshit is all the right wing has left, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with pointing and laughing at the fools smearing their own shit all over themselves.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Political Song for Theresa May to Sing

Summer Fun

That Fucking Trump Baby Balloon Is Going To Look Great Flying All Over America This Fall

Every fucking Dem candidate should make sure that motherfucker is there flying free at every campaign event.  Trump hates that shit, and it will drive him fucking bonkers!

Theresa May Is Even More Sick Of All That Winning Now

Thanks, Trump!  That poor stupid Limey Theresa May let Trump skull fuck her in the gods-damned Sun of all places, and she had take it with a smile and beg for it up her ass next while the entire world laughed at her.  This is some fun shit, because if anybody in the world deserves to be fucked over by a senile orange shitgibbon, well, a blithering moronic Tory PM would be pretty much number fucking one.

One Would Hope Sam Wang Would Be Smart Enough To Not Have Anything To Do With A Fatuous Cockbag Like Kurt Eichenwald, But...

Every place like Princeton seems so amazing until you actually go to Princeton...Anywho, Sam Wang is not bright enough to know what a fucking loon Kurt Eichenwald is, and I guess that says pretty much everything Sam Wang would not like said about Sam Wang.  Establishment is as establishment does, and Princeton is first and foremost a credentialing institution for the establishment.  After that shit, Wang plays smart guy running the numbers on the midterm elections and sees the blue wave.

Glory Us

Twits Discover Aerolite Pedals

Timely!  There's nothing hi-tek those fellers aren't all over!