Thursday, July 20, 2017

Oh Sweet Motherfucking Jesus, The Black Gossip Kids Could Drive You To Drink

Gods dammit.  Really?  No matter how many times you say you support Bernie Sanders or like Bernie Sanders or respect Bernie Sanders or whatever, when you write the kind of sophomoric drivel Terrell Starr manages to puke up, well, you sound like a fucking pathetic Democratic Party ignoramus.  Does anyone really think those kindly older black women had or have a problem with Sanders which wouldn't be overcome by 25 intensive seconds of explanation by whomever tells the old bats who to vote for?  Is it a problem with Sanders--JEW!!!--or a problem that those folks are like the Dems' version of Fox "News" viewers and only get their info/voter instructions from the most feckless party stooges?  If the Dems hadn't spent eight fucking years fixating on Hillary Fucking Clinton as the nominee and then wasted nine months in 2016 fucking with the primaries to make damn sure that most kindly voters of any age or complexion would not ever hear Sanders' message--the message of the candidate who would have demolished Trump!--well, I'm thinking those women would have loved them some cuddly ole' Senator Sanders just fine.  But then, I'm not even 1% of the screaming fucktard that Starr is, so there's that.

Who Knew That Health Care Was So Hard For Republicans?

Everyone.  At least the Dems in the better states tried to get the most out of Obamacare and didn't actively fuck with it the way the Republican shitheads did.  That's not much, but it's somethin'.

Skullfuck Radiohead Now And Forever, Amen

Slimy zionist shitbirds not bright enough to do the decent thing and not help normalize the racist scum in Israel.  Too bad.  Fuck fuck fuck Radiohead.  I hope Cartman makes them eat Scott Tenorman's parents chili, too.  Pray to all the gods for peace and justice for the people of Palestine and victory for the brave Palestinian freedom fighters.

Thank The Fucking Gods For The Red Sox Making America Greater Again

Great job with that Sandoval thing!  50 million shit away.  Not bad.  Not bad at all. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Casting Out 3s

Ted Rall Starring In Illegal Eagle

Rich Man's Justice, or Getting Fucked by the Courts, starring Ted Rall.  Corporations Are More of a Person Than You Will Ever Be, guest starring Ted Rall.  Neither of these flicks are coming to a theater near you, but you can see 'em anytime of every day in any courthouse.  Representation should be guaranteed for all--going into a court on your own is a wretched mistake, but most people have no choice in the matter.  Corporations should face more scrutiny in court, not less, but as Ted Rall is finding out, most people don't matter.

Trump Likes Playing With Trucks

Trump's not a full fucktard or anything.  He's a smart guy, very smart, knows all the best knowledge, everyone says so.  He's doesn't spend his days watching tee vee, picking his nose, and shitting in his diaper or anything.  Not.  At.  All.  I hope to christ that the WH staff never leave that imbecile alone.  Jesus.

Martin Landau On The Dark Side Of The Moon Forever Now

Mitch McConnell: Exceptional American And Lion Of The Senate

Mitch McConnell, sooper-genius.  McConnell really is a master at all this legislatin' and shit.  He can get anything done in the Senate.  He's the real deal.  A leader.  A tactician.  Thanks, Trump.

McConnell has always been an idiot and a unctuous little reactionary shitball.  Now his screaming incompetence has been bared for all the world to see.  Seriously, Thanks, Trump.

How'd Obama do against McConnell on that Supreme Court thing again?

Sorry, Those Jones Spaceframe Bikes Will Always Be Stupid

Unnecessarily Byzantine frame design will always be the wrong answer.  I know some dweebs really dig those fuckers, but they are sure.  Not.  My.  Bag.  Atmo.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so.

Megyn Kelly: Hahahahahhahahahahahahhahhahahahah--But Santa Is White--Hahhahhahhahahahahah

Some days the gods smile upon the just.  And even if most of the time everything is shit.  But no single person on the planet deserves the very public shameful failure Megyn Kelly is experiencing more than that vile racist reactionary harpy herself.  Thanks, Trump.

BREAKING: This just in!  Santa was never white!!

Breeze E

Monday, July 17, 2017

Ann Coulter, Truly A Teabagging DB Cooper For The Fox Generation

The difference being that if Coulter jumps--or gets pushed--out of the plane, nobody will look for her.  In fact, Coulter pulling a DB Cooper and jumping into a black void never to seen or heard from again is the dream of all mankind. 


Great player, but maybe because he's Swiss--he's Swiss, right? Switz?--he lacks something bonkers that would make him a more interesting player.  He was raised on that stupid chocolate and stolen Nazi gold and artwork, so that might have had an effect.  Or affect.  Either way, Swiss Miss.  Thanks, Trump.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Not Another Domino's

Fisking Donald Trump Jr. Is Not Hard

Trump Jr. makes Kushner look like a genius award winner, but Trump's biggest problem is that he's not entertaining enough to make all this tawdry corruption into something that we can appreciate as our society corrodes once and for all.  Trump and his idiot father are too impotent and dim to be the reasons we're all fucked.  Thanks, Trump.

After All This Trump Insanity, When Do We Get To See The Piss Tape

By the time it comes out, the piss tape will be the most dignified thing with which any Trump has ever been publicly associated.  That's not gonna stop everyone from laughing and pointing at the idiot who paid Russian hookers to piss on him tho.

Political Song for Jeff Sessions to Sing

What Dehydrated Carter This Week Would Have Killed Trump 20 Years Ago

Jimmy Carter at 90 is 100 times the man that Trump was at 50.  Or 20.  Trump is a pathetic, weak little beta cuck; Carter is some sort of fucking manly, alpha monster, out in the heat building shit at 92 years old after surviving cancer and everything else.  Jimmy Carter in 2017 is what a real man looks like, especially compared to Donald Trump.

Thom Yorke Is A Real Little Peckerhead

What a nasty little twat that Yorke is apparently.  Well, the universe should make sure those Radiohead assholes never get any quarter from any decent people ever again.

The General Asks THE Question About Charlie Daniels

Many have wondered.  A stroke?  Repeated blows to the head?  Methanol?  Creeping senility?  Gay panic in a locked closet?

Of Course Gravity Is A Hoax And The Earth If Flat

Duh!  Everybody knows that shit.  Flat.  You can't stand on the side of a spinning sphere without falling off.  Pwned, science libtards.  Thanks, Trump.