Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gobble This, Motherfucker

Let It Ring

Always The Dumbest Take From Gleeful Pissboy Ezra Klein's Vox, Franken Edition

Too stupid to live, that should be the Vox credo.  Always lame, always shallow.  Always wrong.  So according to moron Anna North the photograph of Franken and Tweeden shows Franken "apparently harassing" Tweeden.  NO IT DOESN'T!  The picture was staged.  He never touched her!  She was not sleeping.  Jesus fucking christ, why would Vox or anyone else take the word of movement conservative and Fox "News" contributor/Roger Stone operative Leeann Tweeden?  That's moronic.  Then Franken supposedly failed to "respect the bodily autonomy" OF A TRUMP VOTER!  WHO COMES OUT YEARS LATER!  What the fuck?  How can anybody be this dumb.  Franken may have done something.  Or not.  But right now there are no decent reasons to believe he did anything wrong because Roger Stone.  Stone is not to be trusted, so all this shit and all these "accusers" are highly suspect. 

And North, who writes and thinks like she's 12, probably didn't live through the Clinton shit, but the people who did live through it understood that Monica Lewinsky was grooming Clinton for exactly what she got; Tubby was guilty of bad judgement to the billionth degree, but he didn't target or groom Lewinsky for harassment.  Juanita Broaddrick may or may have been raped by that asshole Clinton, but the evidence available at the time, including a sworn statement from Broaddrick herself that it never happened, made it impossible to believe her.  Bill Clinton was a vile piece of shit and a worse president--much the same way Franken is a loathsome neoliberal establishment Dem senator--but that Clinton/Lewinsky bullshit was a politically motivated hit job, and the shitbird Dems had no choice but to fight it.  Anna North is an airhead and wrong as wrong can be about this shit show, so she fits right in at Vox.

Reasonable, If Shallow, Al Franken Fisking

No pearls clutched and an understanding that any dipshit appointed to replace him would be just as much a neoliberal tool as Franken.  That's better than most other commentators have managed!

John Rogers Is Sick Of All Roy Moore's Beautiful Winning!

So sick of all the winning that he quit!  With three weeks left in the campaign!!  MMAAAGGGGAAAAA!!!

A Billion Views For Bullshit, But This John Lanford Thing Gets No Comments

AV Club and America suck.  Jon Langford keeps chugging along, working working working till he drops.  Rock on, cowboy.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Roy Moore's Wife Was A 24-Year Old Divorced Single Mother When They Married

In fucking shitsville Alabama, in 1985.  Was she as vulnerable and powerless and malleable as a teenager to the 38-year old pervert Moore?  Was she helpless and needy?  Was she willing to put up with his shit because she had no prospects?  Was she like an 8th-grader from a broken home?  Was she like a poor, naive teenager happy to get the attention?  She might be a vile cunt now, but was she just another dumb girl exploited by a serial predator?

Joe Barton's Dick Is Not Sick Of The Winning

Joe Barton and his useless little weeny are never gonna be sick of winning!  Barton is a hot and horny Texan with a compact tool ready for some nauseating cowboy action with mature Lone star heffers.  MAGA!

Brutal Fisking Of Exceptional American Inanity

William Kaufman is not amused.  Good for him.  Perspective is not encouraged around here.  Never really was.  But the grossest atrocities have always been and will always be obfuscated by the puerile behavior of our "leaders" and other "celebrities" because that is very good for business as usual.


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Richard Spencer Is Not Sick Of Winning!

Winning! MAGA!! Hitler!!!  Richard Spencer is making friends everywhere he goes.  Everybody wants to be associated with America's beautiful neo-Nazis.  These are some exceptional Americans for sure!

How Old Was Roy Moore's Wife When He Met Her?

15? When he noticed her at a dance recital? That's not too fucking creepy or anything.  What the fuck was he doing hanging out at dance recitals?  Jesus christ!  He says he didn't hop on her at that time, but he's a fucking liar and a child molester, so we can't trust him.  This gods damned creepster was a full-time child predator.  How the fuck are we just learning about this atrocity now?

Retrogrouches Of Italy, Offical

Everything old is new again.  But that 1985 Campag Super Record stuff would be impossible to make today.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Sarah Corina Is Tobora

Sarah Corina's Relentless Self-Promotion

The woman won't shut up about herself.  A tweet every 3 or 4 months, maybe.  Damn, girl, chill the eff out.

I wish we had some real news, though.  I dig The Mekons, but I did 'em most with her.

Attn Dems: Leigh Corfman Is What A Real Victim Looks Like

If you can't differentiate between a set-up and a real victim, here it is.  Corfman has credibility and courage.  Learn to recognize those things, Dems.  It might be important someday.


Susie Madrak, Idiot. When Do We Get Smart Folks Instead?

Aren't people over the age of six supposed to learn a thing or two?  Jesus.  Madrak is a fucking buffoon, falling right into the trap the Wiley E. Coyote named Roger Stone put right in the middle of the fucking highway.  Even a cartoon bird was sharper.  And maybe Madrak and the rest of the pearl-clutching airheads haven't picked up on the racist shit being thrown Franken's way.  The anti-Semites are pissing themselves with joy right now.  Shouldn't Susie Madrak be asking why?

LaVar Ball And Donald Trump Are In Love

This is the greatest love match since Satan and Saddam Hussein.  These two clowns need each other.  They ache for it.  It's grand.  And if we put them both in a rocket and fire them into the sun, the rest of us won't have to watch.

The Senior Gossip Kids Try A Little Harder To Undo Their Heads From Their Asses

These are the serious gossip kids, the news ones.  A few of 'em give it the old college try and work to convince their cohort that the shit about Franken is fairly obviously a smear campaign.  Anyone with a couple of brain cells should be able to tell the difference between the reportage of the Roy Moore and the Al Franken allegations.  First and foremost, the Post found Roy Moore's victims, vetted their stories, and interviewed them multiple times to test their veracity, while the two lying GOP sluts in the Franken case outed themselves to the press and have not been verified at all but have been caught misrepresenting themselves and/or their accusations.  See the difference?  Me, too.

The Girl Gossip Kids Are Idiots

Jesus, they're as stupid as trumptards.  If they are so fucking gullible that they're not able to consider each claim of misconduct on its own merits, well, what the fuck are they doing running around loose?  Can they not read and see that the woman's statement about Franken on Facebook was a joke in response to her sisters comment about bibles and space between them?  Gods damn, fucking dumb.  Surrendering to Roger Stone's ratfucking means losing today and forever.  Too bad these naive kids are too hopeless to see that.