Friday, February 24, 2017

Another Seed In A Gods-Damned Fucking "Seedless" Clementine

This is bigger than borders and ICE.  We can't just deport these felonious fruits.  Those orange-colored motherfuckers are mocking America.  It's time to declare war on Morocco.  They're fucking Musilims, they lie and send us illegal fucking fruit, and it's time to take those bastards and their gay little oranges down a peg or two.  Or at least their children.  We can bomb their elementary schools and children's hospitals with drones before we send in our heroes to canoe any kids who survived the bombings.  Seedless is not a fucking suggestion, you gods-damned terrorists!

Conservative Free Speech Is Not Free

But some of these dumb bunnies should form their own down-market Serotta Forum.  Jesus.  Here's a pro-tip: when some far-right extremist group pretends to defend everyone's right to expression, they are liars.  True defenders of free speech won't focus on defending the well-funded thugs and bullies over the powerless every fucking time.  Eventually, anyone interested in free expression will acknowledge that insane right-wind demagogues do not make important, valid points on race or economics or science and should not be given equal time in an educational environment where scholarship and proof reign.  Individual rights and free expression are paramount, but the funders of the Heritage Foundation and the NRA and the rest of the right-wing disinformation machine are not interested in anyone's rights to free expression, so fuck them in the eye holes.

A Brave Hero Fighting Killer Terrorists Looks Exactly Like Ian Grillot And Looks Nothing At All Like Any SEAL Team

This guy's no Archer though--gotta be sure when you're counting!  Still, this fucking Grillot hero had the right idea in taking out the racist Republican terrorist murderer without endangering anyone else.  And this superman somehow protected the homeland without murdering any children in a war-torn, third-world hellhole or even committing mass-slaughter at a peasant's wedding.  Good job, dude.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Busload Of Kiss

Inexcusably Mild Fisking Of Joe "Dead Intern" Scarborough's Rock And Or Roll

That's some bullshit right there.  Scarborough's not just some embarrassing loser poking his limp dick at Mika Brzezinski a couple of times a month.  No, Joe Scarborough is a loathsome teabagging Republican cocksucker who also has a dead intern problem.  That fucker is piece of shit.  The lowest of the low.  Fisk that motherfucker bloody.  Fisk him to death right there in public till he cries for his mommy in a puddle of his own reeking piss.

Yer Olde Uncle's Graveyard

Excellent Longer Read On The Real Campus Free Speech Battle Being Waged By The Right Wing Petty Fascist Ass-Clown Goon Squad

Gossip kids guest star Peter Moskowitz.  As usual, the true enemies of expression and free speech--and facts--are never in any meaningful way the "liberals" or the leftists anywhere, anytime in history but instead are always the right-wing conservatives.  It's not just the truth about Palestine and Israel, elementary scientific principles, and basic economics that are the enemies of rabidly ignorant reactionary conservatives, but just about anything of any import regarding personal freedom, politics, inclusion, and progress are viciously attacked by the fucktards in order to prevent education and impede progress at any level.  Moskowitz does a great job unpacking one facet of this atrocity.  Well worth the time.

But Sean Hannity Is Still Alive, So That's Another Sure Sign In The Constant 50,000 Year String Of Sure Signs That There Are No Gods

It's hard to find much good to say about Colmes if you didn't know him personally.  He was a sniveler.  He was an unctuous center-right Dem.  He was an incompetent media personality.  I'm sure he was very nice and beloved by the children and pets in his life, but Alan Colmes was a "Democrat" and a stooge so pathetic than even Sean Hannity could best him.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Solution: Make Everything White Again For Ever And Ever Amen


If Duke And Syracuse Both Can't Lose

Syracuse does the gods' work and is the most popular college basketball team in America today.

Public Transport

Eee Pea Oh

Something changed.  No shit.  LeMond and Hampsten know something about that, too.  EPO was the shit, and it changed the way those riders raced.  It killed some, too, but that's racing, atmo.

Exceptionally Deranged American Of The Day, Today

In any sane universe, this would be an obvious parody account, but when you are a hop head and at the same time you are proudly anti-chemtrails, -HAARP, -Illuminati, -corruption, AND -vaccines, well, then you are just the perfect fucking Trump American.  Yee hah!

Dishin The Life

Hamilton Nolan's A-Game Is Good

He's often on the right track and occupies an interesting space as the most properly intellectual of the gossip kids.  He does a perfectly good job fisking the laughably obsequious, piss-slurping Jeff Sommer, and even some of the comments gear up to effective push-back against bland neoliberal cocksuckers, showing that Nolan is onto something.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Peeling Girl

The CIA Will Never Rescue American Democracy

And only the fatuous neoliberal Dems would ever be pathetic enough to believe it could.  The CIA will always be working for the worst possible goals, except for the times they are merely incompetent, when they will be simply wrong.  That's not much to hope for.  Trump is dismantling whatever could be considered (semi)functional about the American government, breaking it up so his asshole friends can make a quick buck.  The CIA doesn't have the tools or the brains to counter that.  David Price is correct that the leaks are good--and good fun--but the CIA is never on the proper side.

Another Fucking Breakdown At The Border

Clementine today with FIVE seeds!  Jesus fucking christ, Trump, do something for once.  Morocco is clearly at war with us!