Monday, September 26, 2016

'Nearly Lost You' Is Still A Great Pop Song

I guess it wasn't hardcore enough for the Screaming Trees guys or something, but what do they know?

Interesting, Intelligent Commentary From Andy Richter

Richter, who's made a career out of being a fifth-rate second banana and poor man's Nick Bakay, apparently had some smart things to say for Planned Parenthood.  Good for him.  Of course, the reject from The Federalist is a fucking lamebrain, but that's racing.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fisking The MacArthur Awards

Cheap fun.  Like many things, the MacArthur grants have devolved into a circle jerk instead of something genuinely interesting.  That's to be expected as they caliber of recipient reinforces their own shortcomings.  Human nature.  And humans are fucking idiots.

Another New Low For The Obama Presidency

Fucking Obama.  Beyond being black, his entire tenure has been shit.  The fact the his wife would be hugging George W. Bush instead of watching with pride as he was prepared to spend the rest of his life in prison is absolutely fucking disgusting.  Bush is a loathsome war criminal and the Obamas are fucking worthless cowards.  So much for all the bullshit about the stark contrast between Democrats and Republicans every time a presidential election rolls around...

Gennifer Flowers Better Be At The Fuckin Debate

This is what exceptional America looks like!  So that no-talent ass clown better be there!  I wanna see Trump's favorite hookers there too--and the dudes Mike Pence blows when he's in Miami.  This is fucking America gods-dammit.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lyin' Ted Eats Shit And Lives

What a fucking loser.  Ted Cruz might be the biggest asshole in America this year.  First Trump kicks the shit out of him for a year in the primaries, pummeling Cruz over his pyscho-assassin father and crazy, ugly wife, then Trump spends a couple of months taking giant greasy shits everywhere knowing he was going to make Cruz eat 'em up sooner or later.  Well, now Cruz is chowing down on Trump's fetid shit with a big ugly smile on his face.  Beautiful.

Thank Fuckin Jesus: Another Exceptional American Mass Shooting

Fuck Yeah!  America is on motherfucking point.  Exceptional American patriots using their gods-given constitutional right to kill some motherfuckers is 100% fucking American greatness!  Other gods-damned pussy countries don't have our mass shootings on a daily basis cuz they don't love jesus and guns enough to have a 2nd amendment to any fucking thing.  And we got a constitution!  Fuck yeah!  And guns.  Guns we can rub our exceptional American dicks on and jam up our exceptional American assholes while we blow our exceptional American nut-loads like a drunken Bill O'Reilly talking to an subordinate on the phone and jerking off with a falafel rammed up his butthole.  Fuck yeah!

Quite Possibly The Biggest Fucking Moron On The Planet, Today

And every other fucking day.  Jesus gods-damned christ, this women is a feckin' asswipe.  I'd say she's kidding, but she's not kidding--clearly that asshole has less intellectual capacity than a decaying rutabaga.  She is a true-believing, 100% motherfucking exceptional American fucktard. 

All Cops Really Are Evil Bastards

Men and women, white and black, it makes no difference.  The police are a force of violence and oppression.  If we need cops to keep us safe, then we must do a better job of keeping them from killing us--choose better cops, take away their guns, train them better.  If we need cops then those fuckers can't be murdering men and women and children because they're fucking cowards or racists or shitheads too stupid to do an easy job properly.  Fuck them.  We can do better.  Somehow, we must.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Mekons Nation

Congratulations Keith Lamont Scott! You're On Candid Murder Camera!

You're a winner! Black men love this game!  It's easy to play and so much fun--for the cowardly cops and their bed-wetting racist fluffers!  For the rest of humanity it is an infuriating and unnecessary display of our exceptionally violent America at work.  Get the fucking guns off the streets--from the cops and the racist guntard assholes alike.  No guns, no shooting, and if we weren't so fucking stupid and useless as a society, police violence would be such a rarity that we would actually be surprised when it happened. 

Conservatives Are Too Dumb To Live And We Should Abort Them All Retroactively

Exceptional American idiots.  Or American exceptional idiots.  Either way, we should round up the conservatives and abort 'em all.  Then find jesus and get that imaginary fucker, too.

Lovely Fisking Of Chris Hayes

Sano.  Of course the smarmy little know-it-all would sell out anything and everything once they get a taste of the big paycheck.  Of course the earnest prick would morph into the ginormous douchebag.  This is America and Hayes has had an exceptional opportunity to cash-in on being a respectable establishment pissboy.  He carries the piss of the big boys now.

Maybe The Presidential Debate Will Cause The Universe To Implode

Regardless of anything else, it will be the low point for human civilization.  Trump and Clinton have burst beyond murderous tedium, but the debate on Monday threatens to be something even more horrific.  There's only one reason we will endure this torture: Americans are exceptional awful people.

Fuckin' Seattle

Nothin good about Seattle, the Mariners, or any of those fucks.  It's not really their fault that their shitty backup catcher is a racist fuckbrain, but let's go ahead and blame 'em for it anyway.

Black Lives Still Not Mattering

Charlotte, Tulsa, the pool, the pond.  The swells will still hem and haw, while the guntards masturbate their little pistols, and the cops will kill and kill again, mostly black men, mostly with impunity, like it's the biggest sports league for bed-wetting, racist pussy cowards with badges in America.  (It is.)  Black lives don't matter and they ain't gonna matter so get used to it.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

More Creepy, Shit-Headed Right-Wing Insanity

PJ this time.  Those fucking guys are pathetic.  America is filled to overflowing with exceptionally cowardly little men so afraid of every fucking thing in the fucking world.  This dipshit (and most assuredly screaming closet-case) Tyler O'Neil must be the quivering princeling of that bed-wetting kingdom.

When You Need To Find Some Truly Stupid Motherfuckers, Always Turn To The Federalist

Sean Davis, a truly dumb cocksucker.  I mean I know those fucktards fluff the guntards cuz there's a payday every week, but The Federalist routinely spits up some of the most addle-headed inanity in our exceptional America.  Sean Davis is a perfect example of someone too stupid to get just how ludicrous their thesis is, but knowing they are so stupid, it is impossible to even begin to think about schooling them on it.  So fuck it.  The guntards get a boner thinking about shooting some niggers or Ruskies or faggots or something, and the pathetic pissboys at The Federalist collect a check every coupla weeks.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Virag's Movie Reviews: Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Unlike The Avengers, which was better than I thought it would be, this flick is definitely not as good as everyone said.  The whole exercise required certain characters to do really dumb fucking things for no good reason, while the attempts at levity mostly fell incredibly flat.  Somehow pretending that the superheros are the problem when the police are chasing them through crowded tunnels and packed airports with speeding cars and helicopters and 50-caliber machine gun fire is idiotic in the extreme, but if anyone in this flick had a brain, then the movie would be 10 minutes long.  This thing needed a Joss Whedon, or better yet Quentin Tarantino, rewrite.  It's time for Marvel to admit that the Russo brothers can't make a good film; this as well as the previous Captain America movie were clunky and not very smart.  The Spider-Man stuff was okay, and Hawkeye is better when he's not in it much.  The way Iron Man was handled looked mostly like Disney taking some cheap shots at Downey because of all the money they were required to pay him to be in this garbage fire of a flick.  And the world they're building in all these movies is a pretty shitty place, with aliens attacking, constant government surveillance, Nazis planning 21st century mass murder, billion-dollar prisons where innocent people are locked up without charge or trial.  The message of these movies should be that the civilian casualties are not the biggest problem.  But then they'd need to be smarter than the Russo brothers are.

Peeling Mekons

10 February 1987.  Just yesterday...

How's That Dumb Motherfucker Al Giordano Doing Now That Hillary Is Fucking Everything Up So Wonderfully?

Must be tough to be a Hillary-fluffing idiot out there about now.  Giordano is probably a big enough buffoon that he thinks everything is fine, just fine.

Watching Hillary Fuck Everything Up Should Be More Fun

But somehow her colossal political ineptitude comes across as more nasty and creepy than funny and satisfying.  Being the only person on the planet unable to destroy Donald Trump head to head in any contest of any type any time or anywhere will make Hillary one of our most exceptional losers, but she sucks too hard to make it properly entertaining.

Colin Kaepernick's Afro Would Have An Easier Time Beating Trump Than Hillary Clinton

The Dems should consider switching Hillary for Colin Kaepernick's Afro.  That Fro has more idea of what's really going on in exceptional 2016 America than the entire fucking Clinton family combined.  Kaepernick has shown a fuck ton more sense so far this fall than I ever would have imagined, so the choice is clear.

Richard Sherman Is Fun

Motherfucking white people, especially old white people, must hate Richard Sherman.  Which is fucking fabulous.  Sherman seems like a shit ton of fun, and it's about time more people with a forum starting making white American very, very uncomfortable.

Saab Fanboys Hanging On For No Good Reason

Why?  What the fuck is the fucking point?  I don't get it, but I guess the fanboy sort is weird and hard to comprehend for normals.  Dickheads.

Political Song for Hillary to Sing

Deplorable Bushel Basket

Hillary sucks.  As a candidate.  As an American.  As a leader.  As a human being.  She can't even slam the racists and nativists and Nazis in the GOP properly and proudly.  What a fucking disaster her entire existence has been.