Sunday, April 26, 2015

Broad, Yet Oh So Shallow Mekons Thing

Many, many words, and not bad, but somehow less than sublime, less than it should be.  Anywho, calling the Mekons impenetrable is probably not a great career move as a Mekons critic or fan, since they are as far from impenetrable as humanly possible--this is like the the pathetic poseur pretending and contending that Ulysses is unreadable or the Wake is trying too hard.  The Mekons are prolific and often intelligent and suitably well-read, but they are a working man and woman's punk rock country combo.  Instead of trying to scare off the proles, maybe the Mekon super fans should be a little more honest and generous.  Or not.  Who cares?  It sure as shit doesn't matter at this point.  Plus, the recommendations in the essay are more than a little obvious, like you read about being a Mekons fan instead of actually being one.  Doesn't matter either.  No bad publicity.  Mekons fans should be as generous as the band and not worry so much about chuckle-headed horseshit, so I won't.  Rock on, Mekons people everywhere.

Fisking One Of The Dimmest Of The Dimb Bulb Teabagger Bimbos, Dana Perino

A woman so fucking stupid that she didn't know what the Cuban Missile Crisis was WHILE SHE WAS WORKING IN THE FUCKING WHITE HOUSE!  Perino is not just an airhead of course, she is a nasty, creepy fucker, but I think she's kinda permanently pissy because her husband is like 150 years old and wasted all his viable jizz putting babies up in other women before Perino.  But maybe there are other reasons, too.

A-Rod Is The Pride Of The Fuckin' Yankees, 2015

When you think New York Yankees in 2015, you think everybody's favorite Mr. Offense, Alex Rodriguez.  There's something kinda funny about that.  And he had another homer tonight.  Heh, indeedy.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

No Water

Delphine DOES Look Good

Delphine Cormier is the new boss.  Evelyne Brochu is a legit beautiful woman, but the overhaul into not-so-semi-enthusiastic ice queen territory really suits her character on Orphan Black.

Bruce Jenner Was Always Hella Creepy And Full-On, 100% Real-Dairy Cheesy

I just figured the rumors were some kind of weird publicity stunt and not a public identity crisis being played out in front of the most reprehensible tee vee audience in the known universe.  Jenner was always a nasty piece of work, D-list self-promoter post his 76 gold medal, prone to horrific acting and worse plastic surgery.  Now we find out all the fucked up shit is true, and that Jenner the airhead Republican is a for-realz trans woman.  That's fucked up.  Not the trans part.  That's rare but understandable.  The rest of it is fucking horrible and creepy.  CHiPsCan't Stop The Music.  Kardashians.  Republican Party.  It's all pretty heinous. 

K- K- K- K- K- K- Katmandu! Earthquake! FUCK!

This is just the sort of thing that has a tendency to happen when you don't love jesus.  I'm pretty sure that earthquake thing happened in a place where the peasants have not sufficiently loved jesus and shit, so I know for a fact it is their own damn fault.  No earthquakes like this ever happen where good white people love jesus.  No avalanches ever destroy base camps and kill people in Lynchburg.  Thousands don't suffer and die in squalor in the rubble of what was once Mississippi.  Um...well, anyway.

Fracking Idiots Are Frakking Idiots, Now And Forever, Amen

For every one of them who tries in vain to bring an iota of sanity, they are run over by the Koch-sucking fucktards and nasty teabagging cocksuckers who are the upper-middle class twits destroying our society.  Sad and stupid are the normal state of these sad, spoiled bastards, and they are shitting all over our species. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

U? (Not U2)

Hey! Was That Junkie Galen Tyrol Cosplayer Gregg Jarrett On Fox "News" Today?

No shit.  They let that sad junkie fucker Jarrett back on their shitty propaganda channel?  I walked through an office with the tee vee on this afternoon and laughed out loud when I saw that dumb cocksucker fluffing Shep Smith's time slot.  I guess when you don't have any standards whatsoever, any pill-popping lying motherfucker can get on your tee vee.  Paging Bill O'Reilly and the fertile, manly, wonderfully potent cop who was boning O'Reilly's wife like she always wanted.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Your Liberal Media At Work

It's not, the media, liberal, at all, and if you believe that the establishment media is liberal you are seething fucktard and should drown yourself in your own filthy toilet.  The establishment media is the establishment, and that establishment, mainstream media and Wall Street Democrats and everyone else, is not at all liberal.  At best it's rock-ribbed conservative and at its worst it is frothing hateful teabagging Koch-sucking fascist insanity. 

And...The Sox Lost...Let's Hope For Eck

What's that post-game gonna be?  Oh, to be there in front of your tee vee and to have Eck on after the Sox lose their first series of the season.  The Sox may be reprehensible human garbage, but a pouting bitchy Eck is the sublime glory of mankind.

Fuckin' Christ, Hannity Has Jeanine Pirro On

That's just absurd.  Between the two of them, they could not even flicker a one-watt bulb, and they are both as bugfuck nutty as any two motherfuckers on the fucking planet.  Add to that the fact that the both of them are vile liars and disgusting petty racist shitheads.  Jesus.

The Best Of The Americans Is Still The Work From John-Boy And That Other Guy

John-Boy really nails it on The Americans.  That other guy, who usually is pretty shitty in stuff, Roland's cousin, Noah Emmerich, is also surprising strong.  The two leads are okay, but those guys down the roster are doing really nice work on the show, and that's what makes it consistently watchable.

Brutal DIY Fisking Of Peter Schweizer And The Post And The Times

Risible lying motherfucker Peter Schweizer is getting his cock sucked by the not-at-all-liberal establishment media in the form of the Post and the Times.  That's not a bad outcome for a creation of Fox "News" and the rest of the Murdoch propaganda infrastructure. 

Alex Wagner's Tee Vee Persona Is Chris Hayes' Little Sister

Her delivery screams Chris Hayes lite.  When she gets rolling on her show, it's not exactly bad, but it is almost a turn, and it is bordering on creepy how well she does Hayes' schtick.  I guess that could be a thing on MSNBC, and probably a better bet than an attempt at imitating Maddow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Justified Ended Well

It went out well; the anticlimax of the shootout with the idiot was genius, because life just went on, even if a couple of them got out of Harlan alive.  The extra-long coda worked well, and the ending was a neat fit.  Watched it a couple of times now and appreciated the tempo and tone.  Now let's have the mirror universe version where Seth Bullock and Shane Vendrell travel through the mulitverse as Marshals righting wrongs and shooting people and fucking around.  That'd be fab.

What In The Holy Hell Is Going On In The Yankee Game?

It was 8 to 4 in the top of the third.  Now 10-4.  Jesus.  They'll still be playing that game tomorrow.  It's cold as fuck there too.  Must be a blast in the stands tonight. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lewis Got It

Nancy Davis Reagan Was Tons Of Fun

Seems like she got around and really had the skills to make a name for herself in old-timey Hollywood. America is a great place, but rank and file Republicans, the people who worship that rancid shitstain Reagan, are the most pathetic fuckers in the history of the galaxy.

Ah, The Hilarious Hypocrisy Of Cheap Fox "News" Whores

And this idiot who is on there with Kelly!  Besides vile Megyn, there is this pathetic asswhipe Michelle Manhart somehow forgot to mention how not bad it was for her to pose naked with a flag.  Manhart fits right in with the two-bit Fox "News" whores.

Cuz Most Guys Who Make Robot Movies Wouldn't Want To Bone A Hot Guy Robot

Duh.  I mean, like, seriously.  Duh.

Nervex Lug, Modern Yellow Paint

That works.  Pretty cool Nervex head lug with obviously modern yellow paint.  Actually, that paint looks quite a bit like the yellow powder coat on my Curtlo.  Shiny. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Goin' Green

Just Love Hillary?

Sr. Lee Papa just wants to back a winner, even if that is Hillary Frakkin' Clinton.  That's good, I guess, if you somehow think you can live with Hillary and her fat fucking piece of shit husband being back in charge to violate the futures of the poors and blacks and the rest of the folks who are not Wall Street and Koch-suckers.  Plenty of folks had hopes for Obama, and besides the black thing which is sort of a big deal, Obama proceeded to be the worst rock-ribbed establishment conservative politician anyone could have imagined.  Start with Rahm and Geithner, stop for a cool drink at health care, and finish with TPP; it's been a disaster.  Even if that disaster was not as horrific as the Bush administration abortion, it was still a disaster for a nation with a collapsing economy, society, and middle class.  I guess the Rude One just really wants to back that winner.

Ass Clown Gets On The Bandwagon From 1996 Or So

Fuckin' genius.  Somewhere there's an Eastern Woods or Arrow or Nevil ridden into dust from 20 years ago.  Hell, even Fisher's "genitals geometry" was like last century, yo.  Short stem with long top tube is nothing new; somebody who was not a complete douchenozzle would know that.