Saturday, November 22, 2014

Political Song for Putin to Sing

Is Bill Cosby The Ultimate Uncle Tom For The Fox Generation?

The conservative nutcases and teabagging racists are all broken up over Bill Cosby's troubles with multiple women accusing him of vile crimes; is it possible that Cosby, that sanctimonious dimwit, is really the ne plus ultra of that most vile of creatures, the Uncle Tom for the Fox generation?  Is Cosby a bigger enemy to African Americans than Charles Payne or Allen West?  Sure sounds like it; now we know why Bill O'Reilly always spoke so highly of Cosby.  They have similar constitutions. 

Al Jazeera Showed A Film About The USS Liberty Last Night

Is there any doubt left that Al Jazeera is America's finest news network?  While MSNBC is broadcasting disgusting police state prison porn and Fox "News" is showing Sean Hannity smearing his own shit all over his face, Al Jazeera is running a film about an important historical and current news event about which most Americans probably know absolutely nothing.  Gods damn, what an embarrassment for our useless establishment media.

A Normal Looking Bike With A Funny Name: Crema Goodness

The Hampsten hegemony looks back at their Crema, a bike that out-Rivendelled Rivendell with a classic silhouette and a super clean straight steel fork to go along with fender clearance and a club racing versatility.  Thanks, Crema.

Friday, November 21, 2014

SEK Signal Boosts Some Reality To Make Guntards Cry

Kudos to Sr. Kaufman for doing his best to shine a light onto harsh reality about guns and crime.  The "more guns less crime" trope is pretty fucking foolish on its face if you ever deal in the reality of crime and violence in the USA instead of just listening to the sort of blathering inanity you hear attending any random NRA circle jerk.  The rest of the civilized world has shown over and over again how to reduce violence, reduce crime, and reduce gun deaths, but the United States is too fucking backward to do the right thing.  Of course, plenty of other folks around the world have figured out how to deliver health care, reduce poverty, educate children as well.

Are Bigfoot Whackjobs Better Or Worse Than UFO Whackjobs?

Too many of the Bigfoot idiots look and sound like inbred hillbillies, while the UFO fools are geeks and dweebs.  Some of the nerds can feign a modicum of education at least, even though they're as unhinged and idiotic as any of the other fuckwits out there.  Those Bigfoot guys, though, you feel bad laughing at their mental infirmity.  Seems cruel.  Like dwarf tossing.  Or George W. Bush trying to talk.  I get the feeling that the Bigfoot clowns are probably huge teabaggers and addle-headed Koch-sucking Republicans in their spare time.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm getting the redneck and crazy teabagger vibe each and every time from those Sasquatch fluffers.

1987 Was A Hell Of A Year For Music

If you were born in 1978 or something, it was a great time to be young and free.  Quibble over the order, groan at the vapid, cliche-ridden analysis and music criticism, and laugh sadly over the inclusion of the execrable G'NR, but damn.  The soulless idiot robots who program "modern rock" and "alternative" commercial radio should be exploiting this list to offset the oozing shit like the undead Dave Matthew's Band, Banks, Big Data, and Fitz and the Tantrums.

Rachel Maddow Did Good Work On The Senate's Loretta Lynch Failure

She was pretty righteously and rightfully pissed on her show earlier in the week.  Usually Maddow's show is nothing special because she is a might bit too comfortable and convivial with the political media establishment, but when she was going off on the Senate Democrats for failing to confirm Loretta Lynch when they had the chance, she was pretty fucking effective.  Does anyone with half a brain think that the Republicans in that position would have missed a chance to get a guaranteed AG confirmed for a Bush or that dumb fucker Reagan?  The Dems are just shit too often, and it was nice to see a card-carrying establishment villager almost come right out and say it on the cable tee vee.

Megyn Kelly Is A Dumb Fucking Whore

She's a smarmy dipshit, pretending Obama is somehow the worst thing in the fucking world, and doing something breathlessly unprecedented over immigration with a witless smirk on her boiling crapfest of a tee vee show, when she was busily sucking dick 24/7 to fluff up the Bush/Cheney junta without a hint of awareness or regret.  Or irony.  I guess that's why Ailes hired her; she's the perfect female version of a completely brainless O'Reilly/Hannity hybrid.

Jeff Sessions.  Jesus frakking crist.  That guy's mom and dad musta been web-fingered brother and sister.

Effervescent Interstellar Fisking

Nicely done.  The Nolan brothers are getting savaged because their flick is really fucking dumb at its center.  This is good stuff, and the shit about silent film is fucking hilarious.  Our popular movies are especially awful these days in general with overrated hack fuckwads like the Nolans, JJ Abrams, and Bryan Singer dumping rancid sewage into the theatres like fucking clockwork.  The decent, fun big movies don't stand a change against that shit tsunami. 

Gosh, Golly, Bill Cosby Is A Disgusting Human Being

Who knew?  Well, lotsa folks besides me, but holy moley, Cosby is such a rancid fucking bastard even if by some miracle he's not a sickening serial rapist.  The rapes of which he's been accused are awful, inexcusable, criminal, but the other parts of Cosby are pretty fucking awful too.  Hannibal Buress should probably get some sort of fabulous prize for unleashing this most recent shitstorm funfetti onto Cosby's greasy head.

Ben Carson Is Fucking Crazy

Bugfuck, frothy, batshit crazy.  Those fingers he's feeling must be Jesus practicing his holy proctology. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Baby, It's Hot Outside Funfetti

This should be fun.  The Heartland Institute and Americans For Prosperity will be busy spewing out the bullshit in order to offset a little bit of science.  Who do you believe, some fat-cat climate scientists or honest-broker oil company-funded Koch-sucking advocacy groups?

Obama Is Fucking With The Teabaggers And Koch-Suckers With This Immigration Thing

Bout goddamn time.  Watching these Republicans dipshits froth and spew over this immigration nonsense, you have to wonder why Obama didn't start this shit during his first inaugural.  The Republicans are incapable of governing an ice cream truck, and that hate that blah bastard in the White House, regardless of what he does or doesn't do.  So why the fuck didn't Obama see this shit day one and do himself and the rest of us the favor at least entertaining us if he was unwilling to do anything else?

Most Useless Democratic Party News This Week

Is not Obama; it's Jim Webb.  If Webb really want to run hard as populist in order to fucking derail the teabaggers and the Koch suckers and light a fire under whoever the Dem nominee will be, fine, just fine, but he was such a candyass in the Senate.  He also worked for that brain-dead asshole Reagan, so that tells you something shitty about his integrity.

Chuckles Schumer: An Eternal Piece Of Shit

What a slimy cocksucker Schumer is.  Not surprising.  After his storied career of sucking long and hard, Schumer can no longer surprise us, but he is still a disgusting stain on the soul of the Democratic party.  Unfortunately, he's not alone.

Lee Papa Properly Fisks Bill Cosby

Rude Pundit, easy peasy.  The thing is, I always thought Cosby was a skeevy fucker, so nothing anyone says about him is all that shocking to me. 

The Alien Takeover Agenda

Not Obama's illegal alien takeover, but the real one, the anal-probing space alien one.  This is the totally for real, not at all completely bugfuck crazy number one threat to American freedom, the glory of free market capitalism and our vital personal fluids.  This is the amusing side of unhinged tebagger inanity, way funnier than Ted Cruz.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tasty Bill O'Reilly Fisking By Keith Olbermann

Olbermann looks positively giddy to be back at the Bill O'Reilly brutalizing game for a moment.  O'Reilly might redefine thin-skinned pussy for the 21st century.  And yet, O'Reilly's delusional bullshit rakes in the cash from the senile and otherwise mentally infirm.  America, fuck...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

So, It Turns Out Being A Speedo Team Is Not Such A Great Deal

So far, at least.  Now that the children and the team are getting just a bit more results and recognition, the brand new shiny first-season head coach lobbied hard to have the team sign on the dotted line with Speedo.  Now we're in it for four years, but as this first year is going full-on now, the kids hate the suits compared with the previous brand's plain, sleek, slippery, much-less-expensive racing suits, the bags are not as nice as the old ones for actual swim meets and swimming paraphernalia, and the warm ups and accessories are nothin' special.  The fit of the suits is an especially bad sign--boys are easy; a jammer's a jammer at this level--the girls have mostly hated it, and we are long past the point when they were supposed to have become accustomed to the new fit.  They were very expensive as well, and look cheap.  Brilliant.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Teen Titans

Pretty Decent Science Versus Shirt Piece

I think the people who went from reasonable to indignant to screechy over some clown's shirt hurt their cause, since the shirt was certainly recognizable as a purposely somewhat tacky callback to a certainly tacky classic pulp pinup style, and the critics should have acknowledged that.  On the other hand, where was the media fixer who probably should have handed this guy a uni sweatshirt to wear on the tee vee?  That would have saved a boatload of nonsense on a day when the ESA was celebrating their comet mission.

Sorry to say, girls and boys, but in the big bad world of creativity--of which science is certainly a part--you are going to have to deal with much more problematic personalities than this Limey asshole and his fetish model shirt, so the next time some dipshit does something mildly questionable and wears a shirt you don't like the day something pretty major happens, for the love of christ keep your sense of proportion, keep your focus on the biggest picture, and don't go completely fucking apeshit over the fucking shirt at the expense of everything else.  Pick your battles, interwebs feminist girls and boys, and win your war.  There are plenty of assholes who deserve to be destroyed over their vile actions and beliefs, but this idiot isn't one of 'em.  Thank you.

Festive Jonathan Hoenig Fisking, With Bonus Wayne Rogers Fisking

The festive fisking really gets rocking in the comments, along with a brutalizing of Wayne Rogers, aka the dumbest tee vee actor of all time.  Hoenig is one of Fox "News"'s most repulsive ghouls, so it is loverly to see him fisked in the spirit of the season.