Saturday, March 28, 2015

Frogs, 1 And Monsanto Dipshit, 0

Heh in fucking deedy.  That was nicely done by Monsieur TV Frog.  Of course that half-wit pussy wouldn't drink the Round-Up.  Patrick Moore is a well-known asshole and moron, and it's fun as fuck to watch the French tee vee guy skullfuck him right there in the studio.

The Gonzaga Women Should Be Taken Out Back And Shot

Losing to fucking Tennessee is absolutely disgusting.  Tennessee.  That fucking vile Pat Summitt's team.

Notre Dame Kentucky The Fucking Scum Of The Earth

Despicable institutions, the fucking scum of the Earth.  Too bad; maybe there will be an asteroid impact or kaiju incursion. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Per Cent



Your Wearying Basic Economics No Shit For The Week

Yep.  But everybody with at least two brain cells understands that social welfare systems benefit the society and that the society is made up of the PEOPLE.  Teabagger fucktards and Koch-sucking assholes are always, always, always wrong. 

No Shit, Eccleston Was The Best New Doctor So Far

And the second best ever, after Tom Baker.  Still, good to see the truth come out.  I've been on this shit for a while.  Eccleston didn't fit in with the folks literally running the show, but that doesn't change the fact that he was easily the best actor to play the character since the return. 

If Krauts Were Meant To Fly...

Genius that the cockpit door on an airliner can withstand a nuclear detonation or a direct hit from a depleted uranium round fired by an Abrams tank.  Prepost911paranoia that fucking Kraut woulda been toast long before the plane hit the ground since the captain woulda beat him senseless before saving the day.  Brilliant.

I blame Obama.

That Kraut Pilot Was Obama's Gay Lover So Obama Killed Him And Made It Look Like Suicide

Obama is evil!  EVIL!! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Iran Is Negotiating With A Terrorist State, So Why Can't We?

Iran is willing to negotiate with the deadliest terrorist nation in human history, the United States of America, so what is so fucking scary about the US negotiating with Iran?  They are no threat to us in any conceivable fashion; the US and our incontinent lap dog Israel certainly are threats to Iran, yet the Iranians have the courage and wisdom to continue the diplomacy.  That's fucking awesome.  Why are we such fucking pussies about this shit?

Tucker Carlson Has A Brother Who Astoundingly Is As Big A Douchebag As He Is

Buckley. Heh. Buckley.  The Carlson family is pretty obviously chock full of skeevy half-wit assholes, and that's somehow perfect.  The Carlson dipshits are both named Swanson, as in TV dinners, so that tells you all you need to know about just how hilariously pathetic Tucker and Buckley Swanson Carlson truly are. 

Obama Sacked Clarkson From Top Gear

On his way back from crashing that plane, Obama stopped to fire Clarkson.  Obama is the enemy of tea and bags everywhere in the world.  Bibi for president 2016!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fear N Whiskey

Please Nominate Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is one of the dumbest motherfuckers in American politics. He's George W Bush dumb. Sam Brownback dumb. Rick Santorum dumb. It's fabulous.  Cruz has the Harvard buffoons and Republican fluffers driving themselves insane screeching that Cruz is NOT some sort of skeevy half-wit, when even your average brain-dead teabagger can see that Cruz is a fucking dope, so please nominate him.  Please. 

Obama Shot Down That Plane

Evil bastard went to France to shoot down those Krauts because he's a mooslim and hates freedom and the constitution and freedom fries.  Obama is the most dangerous black in the world.

So, That's The End For Top Gear

No Clarkson, no show.  Jezza is a jerkoff, but the show is not the show without him, and if the Beeb is dumb enough to fire him, then let's get those three clowns makin' a show somewhere else.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Fukushima Melts With You

Cats, people, fuck 'em.  Fukushima is a furry fun ball like we hardly ever see on our boring planet.  We're not a serious or intelligent bunch; the Fukushima incident is just another sign of how fucking pointless and useless our species is.  It's pretty cool how they tested the core, though.  That's neat shit.  The rest is sickening.  Nuclear power is, was, and always will be a shit show.

Ted Cruz: Magnificent American Fucktard

This fucking nimrod Cruz, a man so fucking ignorant and dumb that his intellectual development stopped when he was 12, is the poster boy for teabagging fucktardery.  These are glorious days in America; I'd never vote for Hillary in a thousand years, but even she could beat these clowns Cruz and Walker and Bush.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Energetic David Petraeus Fisking

Good good.  Petraeus is an absolute buffoon, but a real favorite of our political and media establishment.  Obama gleefully sucked Petraeus's dick just as hard if not harder than Paula Broadwell ever did, and the media clowns were lined up to jam their tongues up his ass on a daily basis.  Petraeus is a fraud and a failure, which makes him an upper class hero in America.  Fuck yeah!

Bloomsburg U, Hey, Still Less Offensive Than The Pennsyltucky Vatican!

What a stupid fucking douchebag.  Well, this kid is now an infamous asshole, but Bloomsburg still has Penn State to keep any locals from feeling too badly about their august educational neighbor.

I'd Sooner Listen To Whatever Peter Tork Was Going To Play

Way before some anodyne session assholes without a smidge of creativity between the whole of them.  What's more interesting, Lou Barlow's or Steve Vai's songs?  Steve Vai is essentially a session guy.  His music blows dog.  But he can play.  But I also don't give a fuck.  I'd rather listen to The Monkees if those clowns had been chugging out some songs to the best of their abilities.  The session guys are losers.  The movie sounds like a sad, sad story.

Kansas And Virginia, Good, But Duke, Bad

Not a great day.  Not the worst ever, but every day with a Duke win is a pretty fucking horrible day for humanity.  I guess we gotta persevere.  Somehow.