Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Supreme Courts Needs More Baseball Bats And Fewer Conservatives

Roberts, Thomas, and Alito should be teed up immediately so that Justice Sotomayor can get her swings in.

Jeff Greenfield, Delete Your Account

Jeff Greenfield has always defined fatuous shitbag, and he should surely delete his account.

In fact, the Greenfield family not only embody the rot in the fetid black heart of the establishment media village, but they also would fit in great with the overprivileged upper-class twits on the Serotta Forum

Deadpool 2 Is Looking Good

Always easier to turn something into a shit show than make a good flick.  Or maybe it'll be better than the first one.  The pool, the pond.

Libya Is Doing Great Too!

Another exceptional American success story!  And Hillary Clinton will do everything she can bring more stunning successes in the next eight years!  More Irans!  More Iraqs!  More Yemens!  More Libyas!  More!  Victory!  More!  America!  Exceptional!  Terror!  Oh, it will be glorious as our empire marches on...

Will Clinton Fuck Up The Democratic Control Of The Senate?

Clinton and Schumer do not inspire confidence, but will they at least do the bare minimum and protect their own positions?  Has Clinton already demanded that Schumer make sure that every fucking bit of Senate business in the next Congress is passed with 51 votes?  Jesus frakking tapdancing christ let's hope so.  I can't believe that Clinton will be dumb enough to do what Obama did and seek comity with whatever is left of the Republicans.  The only hope we have is that both Clinton and Schumer are rotten, selfish bastards who don't want to spend the next eight years getting shit on by lying fucking minority or opposition party cocksuckers the way Obama did.  With luck, Hillary wants to slam her appointments through immediately and wants every fucking judge confirmed without opposition, so she and Schumer will sodomize the remnant Republicans on the rules.  In the end, that's not much, though. 

One Upside To The Clinton Victory: Everyone In Opposition Should Have Been Preparing For It Since 2007

As bad as she is, Clinton has been the POTUS in waiting since Obama's win in 08.  She sealed her victory on election day 2012, so the country and the world have been prepping for her administration for a good long time.  Hillary will not surprise anyone: she will be an ugly, ignorant neoliberal murderer around the world, and a rock-ribbed conservative at home.  Everyone with a stake in the government should be ready to deal with her.  The center-left Democrats should be ready to do anything to keep her from the most reactionary of economic or social policy disasters.  Labor should not be caught flatfooted when she continues the Democratic Party assault on union rights.  The good people who want less war, less killing, and fewer refugees should have their best opposition ready.  Not to stop Hillary, but at least to slow her down--in all likelihood that will be the best anyone can do unfortunately.  But anyone unprepared to oppose Hillary is frighteningly useless and should find the deepest hole anywhere and jump right the fuck in.

Ira Kaplan In The New York Times: Through Teh Looking Glass

Just another international banker getting his ass kissed by that paper.  When are they gonna interview some exceptional Americans?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Breaking: Curt Schilling Outs Jake Tapper As An Inernational Banker!

Holy shit! Jake Tapper is an international banker!  Who knew?  Well, thank jesus fucking christ that we have Curt Schilling to point out the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS!

So, what is going on with Schilling's face?  Botox?  Stroke?  Both?

Fondly Remembering Bill O'Reilly's Loofa

Good times.  That was 2004, and O'Reilly was out there with his creepy racist shit right up until Trump murdered Fox "News" in 2016.  12 years.  Jesus, this country fucking sucks.

But where was the falafel?  Jammed up O'Reilly's ass!

Even Morrissey Knows It's Over!

Hey! Sam Wang Knows It Is Over, Too

The unstoppable Clinton bandwagon--overflowing with people who are somewhere between ambivalence and disgust where Clinton is concerned!  But still, everyone knows it's over, Prof. Wang included. 

Moby's Dick V Bridget Anne Kelly

So, Kelly didn't feel like going under with tubby the New Jersey whale anymore?  Now that Christie has been put down by Trump, it is not so much fun, but I would still love to see that fat fucking Moby's Dick perp walked right into the pokey. 

Call Donald Trump, I Think Ira Kaplan Might Be An International Banker


Iraq And Syria Are Doing So Much Better Thanks To All Our Help!

Exceptional!  Killing people in vast numbers every day may be great for business, but the USA has got to stop exporting misery on such an exceptionally grand scale.  Our interests can't trump the interests of the rest of the fucking planet for fucking ever if we expect to be left with anything worth having at home or around the world.  Our 125-year program of worldwide imperial atrocity as domestic economic stimulus is poisoning our society at home as it sows bloodshed and murder and hatred everywhere else.

All Together Now: Pete Peterson Sucks Ass! Fuck Him! Again!

Pete Peterson is a loathsome shitbird, and his obsession with forcing poor people and old people and children to suffer just a bit more so he can have more money is fucking ugly.  But Pete Peterson is the government, and the dumb shit he wants becomes policy if he gets his way, so it's good to see a tiny bit of pushback.  Is Hillary Clinton going to stand up to Pete Peterson and the rest of the granny-starvers?  Obama tried to give Mitch McConnell and John Boehner their grand bargain, cutting Social Security and Medicare, but the Republicans were too wrapped up in their mindless racist teabagging opposition to the blah president to follow through.  Lucky for yer granny.

The Intercept has been pretty good, especially compared to the risible stooges at Vox.

Donald Trump, Always Making Friends

The Daily News goes wicked fucking bonkers with the cheap 'n easy Trump fisking.  They get it.  Now's the time to really fuck with Trump because he's down and simply can't deal.  Trump's oh so much more than a witless vulgarian.  He's also shallow and brittle and small, so this pasting he's taking from sickly Grandma Clinton is making him nucking futtier than he was before.  Pile on!

Hillary And Goldman Sachs Are On The Same Team

Goldman Sachs gets pretty good service from their people in the government.  But nobody is shocked by that.  The Occupy folks were on this shit.  Ralph Nader's been on it for fucking ever.  Even Bernie Sanders likes to talk about the amazing personal attention Goldman Sachs gets from politicians and bureaucrats.  There's no suspense in that shit. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Heartfelt Fisking Of Peter Thiel

Lovely.  Thiel makes an excellent target, so let us pray to jesus fucking christ that the next years see an unending succession of brutal coverage of that greasy, Randian dipshit.  Thiel is one of the worst of us, and he should be shunned and shamed incessantly until he flees in tears out to his libertarian island shithole and never, ever comes back.

With any luck, Thiel will take a majority of the greasy perverted bastards in dresses from the Al Smith dinner out to his dumb fucking Ayn Rand island with him never to return.

That Fucking Al Smith Dinner Is A Gods-Damned Atrocity

If ever there was a need for some legit supernatural ass-kicking or simply a well-placed micrometeorite, those disgusting queers and pedophiles putting on that creepy shindig are screaming for it.  Too bad Clinton wasn't cool enough to spend the whole thing talking about rapy priests and how everyone will be getting free abortions weekly when she's president right after she starts taxing every church in the land.

Reproductive Choice And Access To Abortion Would Be Winners For Dems

If they only had the balls and the brains to run with it.  Out and proud, standing up for personal freedom and the right to make your own healthcare choices is the formula.  But only if you run on it.  Every candidate.  Every race.  Every election.  Make sure no woman with more than one functioning brain cell could ever cast a vote for the other side.  Makes you wonder why a sure-fire winner is treated so clumsily by a major political party.

Virag's Movie Reviews: X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Yeah, that was a real fuckin' mess.  This flick was directionless in both the most literal and most figurative senses.  There were too many disconnected set pieces that either weren't handled properly, like Quicksilver, or didn't belong at all, like Wolverine's thing.  The Wolverine part was actually the best part of the movie, but it didn't belong in this shit show.  The movie couldn't maintain focus, and so the villains wound up non-existent and way too convenient, while the X-Man acted like they had no idea what the movie was about.  Wicked dumb and way too long.  Two thumbs up your ass.

Nate Silver, Delete Your Account

Heh.  Silver's another one of the village-idiot trainees who shrinks with each passing election cycle.  Eventually he will be tiny enough to take his place with the Tom Brokaws and Bill O'Reillys in the establishment media flea circus.

Political Song for Steve Bannon to Sing

What's The Final Insult The Clinton Campaign Has For Trump? And When?

Do the Clintons have one last shot to take at Trump?  I would think so, and it's probably going to be very nasty.  The Trump people should probably be extremely uncomfortable right about now.  When will she loose this final insult?  I'd say very early next week would be best.  Trump's already fucked himself with that shit about not accepting election results because he's losing, so he's made sure that he's in for an unpleasant weekend.  Next Monday or Tuesday should probably see the tape of Trump calling someone a nigger come out or the video of some domestic violence incident or the proverbial live boy.  Something.  I would hope the fucking Clintons have one more gloriously entertaining greasy noxious dirty trick to pour directly over Trump's head.

Today's A Very Bad Day For Trump And A Great Day For The World

Also a pretty good day for Clinton, but she's awful, so fuck her.

Trump made the big boo-boo last night of saying that he would not acknowledge the sanctity of the sweet fucking deal that pays the salary of all the tee vee people and political people out there, and those political and tee vee people won't stand for that.  Trump's going to be beaten senseless over it, and that's awesome.  Trump wasn't defending people denied the right to vote by Republican judges or Republican governors.  He wasn't standing up for all the people disenfranchised by Dems, either.  He was crying like a pussy because he's getting the shit kicked out of him by a sickly granny in a tacky pantsuit.  That's not good when there are rich people who got rich by being on a 24-hour tee vee infrastructure designed for propping up the establishment.  Oops.

Sad Lover's Waltz

Sweet Frakking Jesus, Hannity Is Dragging Out Every One Of The Risible Fox "News" Uncle Toms

Herman Caine, David Clarke, Niger Innis, Larry Elder.  Holy motherfucking shit, it's a gods-damned minstrel show abortion on Fox "News".  Lunatics.  Jesus.  Fucking disaster.  It's probably not fair to hold those poor stupid bastards to a higher standard than the average racist Fox "News" cracker, but fuck them.  They're disgusting.

Clinton's Answer On Abortion And Roe Versus Wade May Have Been Much Stronger Than I Thought

The idiots on Fox were very upset with Clinton's spiel on choice and the Supreme Court, completely missing the point that Trump's ludicrous hard-line anti-choice position with the religious extremists completely alienates the vast majority of the entire fucking country.  They were so very offended and so very hurt that maybe her performance was better than I gave her credit for.

Sean Hannity Sounds Terrified

He's babbling incessantly about O'Keefe and Frank Luntz and Wikileaks.  It can only be incoherence borne by abject terror.  I'm not sure if Hannity is privy to the Republican Party internal polls at this point, but his stammering delivery betrays that even he knows something really bad is happening out there in exceptional America.  Hannity is scared shitless, and Megyn Kelly and the rest are just worn down to worthless nubs. 

And if it's so obvious that even a rockhead like Sean Hannity can figure out that Trump's going to get destroyed, that outcome is gonna be something absolutely beautiful!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Oh, Fuck, Now It's Bill Bennett!

Even the top-tier--and second- and third- and fourth-tier--Republicans have abandoned Trump.  They went from Qusay, to a generic campaign flack, to Uday, to greasy old Bill Bennett?  Bill Bennett was a fatuous third-tier Republican 30 fucking years ago!  Sweet fucking jesus, nobody will stand with Trump.


How low will Trump's PV percentage go?

Uday Was Clearly Dropped On His Head One Too Many Times As An Infant

From the look of him, the best day of Donald Trump Jr.'s life was last Thursday when he finally learned to hold his pee pee during the day and was able to wear big boy underpants when he goes on the tee vee.

The Poor Fuckers On Fox "News" Sound More Lobotomized Than Usual

They're sad, sad pandas on Fox "News" after the debate.  Pathetic Megyn Kelly is personally cheesed off about Trump lying about the women, and Bret Baier is positively a frightened, squeaking, soporific rodent on the tee vee over the Clinton Foundation.  None of the old Fox enthusiasm.  They know they're on their way out and have given up the fight.


Making Democratic Ads Is The Easiest Job In The Universe For The Next Three Weeks

It's gonna be even easier after tonight.  Every fucking Dem out there should be pounding their opponent with Trump's answers on abortion, the election results.  Too simple.  Let's see if they have the brains and the stones to close the deal and win big.

Probably not.

Chris Wallace: Pete Peterson's Pissboy!

Wallace slurped greedily from the steaming piss bucket of conservative talking points on entitlements.  Hillary should have been better at slamming him down over that bullshit, but unfortunately, she's on the wrong side of that mostly.  Oops.

That shot at Trump about getting out of his taxes was pretty funny, though.

Trump Really Sounds Like Alec Baldwin Trump Now

Completely incoherent spiel about Aleppo and GDP; Baldwin might be the greatest actor ever, or the worst.  But Trump is an addle-headed douchenozzle.

Too bad Hillary's not way better than she is, though.

Hard-Hitting News Guy Chris Wallace Just Let Trump Say He Might Not Accept The Election

Jeez.  Wallace is a real pit bull.  Trump is a blathering idiot and Wallace is pretty much just wiping the drool off Trump's chin now.

Wallace Fucks Up The Clinton Foundation Shit

Wallace tried to help Trump again but fucked it up so completely that Hillary slithered out from under the question and shot some shit at Trump about portraits and taxes.  Jesus.  Wallace is an incompetent even for a Fox "News" clown.

Who Debunked The Trump Allegations?

Nigel Farage's gay pedophile pimp?  Really??  Jesus.

Why didn't Hillary pounce on that shit?


Too Bad Hillary Sucks So Badly On The Economy

Trump is a fatuous shithead, but Clinton is useless.

Why the fuck doesn't she tell him that her years in the government have not been as absolute monarch?  She didn't have the personal power to do implement whatever policies she wanted, and I think even the exceptional Americans out there could understand that.

Donald Donald Donald

Every "Donald" is a poke in Trump's eye.  Clinton was well-prepared for this whole thing, and she's kicking that poor dumb bastard in the balls repeatedly.

Chris Wallace Tried To Save Trump With Wikileaks And Fucked It Up

Wallace is losing control, and now Clinton is hectoring both of them on Putin, kneecapping Trump.  Nice job, Chris.  Fucking moron. 

Trump is twitchy and bordering on manic now. 

Ruh roh.

Trump Looks Like Shit Tonight

He started out like an embalmed Botox zombie, but now he's getting that sweaty creepster look on.  Not good.

Here Comes The Snifflin

Trump is sniffling.  That signals the end of the debate, I believe.

Decent Answer On Abortion By Clinton

Not as clear or as vigorous as it should have been, but Clinton was well-prepared for this and is hammering Trump on it.  Not bad.  Surprised, I am.

Trump's a fucking nimrod.  His silly answer probably got the fundies all wet and sticky, but compared to Clinton he sounded criminally foolish.

When The Fuck Are We Going To Get A Candidate With The Balls To Call For A Proper Enforcement Of The Second Amendment And A Ban On Guns

A well-regulated militia.  Beyond that, no guns.  No beat cops with guns, either.  Jesus, this country is fucking stupid.

Oh, Fuck, Trump Shoulda Cracked Open That Speedball Before He Walked Out

He looks embalmed.  I think he may have actually passed away 15 minutes before the start of this thing.  He's not sniffling constantly, and I guess that was the goal.

Ted Rall Thinks Hillary Needs To Beat Trump

Trump has been doing Hillary's work for her--she doesn't need to close the deal.  She knows she doesn't have to be great to win.  She knows she almost certainly can't lose.  Sucks for Rall, and the world, but Clinton doesn't need any stunts to bury Trump.

Last Chance For That Perfectly-Timed Divine Asteroid

If some imaginary god out there really wanted to show off, this would be the last best chance to smite this sorry shithole with some divine intervention in the form of a giant asteroid screaming right at us from the darkest regions of deep space.

The Ballad Of Dylan's Nobel's Cigarette

Too Bad About Cleveland

Canada isn't a very good place.

Or Not

Atrios, Willfully, I Think, Misses The Point About The Clinton Wikileaks

And yes I understand that he likes to play the role of cool cat, popular loner, superstar jock but also artistic guy everyone wants to be around, like Christian Slater only a bit more sober, but he does work for David Brock, and so he is plugged right into the heart of Team Democrat in the great big political intramural party going on right now.  The point is not that most of the leaks represent business as usual so they are not newsworthy.  The point is that both parties play this shit all the time with the media and that's why everything is fucked up and getting worse all the time.  No matter whether it's Clinton or not, it is always the same people with same agenda and the same priorities, none of which have anything to do with good governance.  And that is news.  Except that most all the "news" people are part of the problem to greater or lesser degrees.  That's what makes this news: routine and business as usual in the political/media establishment is completely fucking divorced from the reality of almost every single human on the planet.  That's news.  And Duncan Black knows it even if he won't admit it.  I mean, I hope he knows it.  It would be pretty fucking awful for him if he couldn't or wouldn't.

Teh comments are pretty sad as well.  For the most part it's like a Breitbart comment crew with better hygiene, so desperate to hang on to what they are sure is the truth and dismiss anything else with the pathetic cowardly sarcasm common to the feistiest dementia-patient residents of the second-grungiest old-folk's home in Teaneck, NJ. 

Bike People Are The Dumbest People And Specialized Exploits Them

Jesus.  Remember when production racing bikes were sized every centimeter between 48 and 62, plus maybe a 46 and a 65?  (And there was always custom because it was easy to customize a lugged steel frame.)  Remember when stems were infinitely adjustable for height in a range of 15mm?

This riser road bar is the stupidest gods-damned thing ever, but most bike people are too dim to realize that the existence of this abortion says something really awful about modern racing bikes.

Feckin ijits. 

Trump Campaign Theme Song

America Is An Exceptionally Lovely Place. Emmet Till Says So!

Gods bless America!  What a fucking place we gots here.  President For Life Trump is exactly what we deserve.  Let's pray to jesus fucking christ who we love so fucking much that we all get every fucking thing we deserve. 

Joe Dawson Gets A Little Help From His Friends

Jim Byrnes and hockey together is the most Canadian thing ever.  Ima gonna bet Adrian Paul coulda used the gig, tho.

Free Mumia

A Helpful Reminder That Mumia Abu-Jamal Is Innocent

He is innocent.  Abu-Jamal is a political prisoner, a prisoner of the Democratic Party establishment in Pennsylvania and that fat sack of rancid puss Ed Rendell.  If the state has to manufacture evidence and lie in court to convict you, you are not only not guilty, you are in fact most likely completely innocent.  Obama should pardon Abu-Jamal.  Free Mumia.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Camper Van Black Flag

Texas Pretty Much Deserves This

Texas is a shithole filled with nasty fuckers, and Arlington is the absolute worst, so I can't feel too badly over the fine folks getting skull-fucked by the assholes who own the Rangers.  Kinda seems perfect, really.

It's Tough Being A Republican Out There

Paul Craig Roberts is probably wishing he'd found a deeper hole a couple of decades ago.  Right now though, Roberts feels somewhat frisky and vindicated because the Middle East shit show is not strictly a GOP cock-up.  Both exceptional American political parties in the reactionary neoliberal establishment have been working to royally fuck up that region for generations.  Clinton is certainly a war-mongering monster, and that's the coldest comfort Paul Craig Roberts is likely to enjoy for a long, long time.

David Seaman Is That Really Annoying Dumb Kid Who's Been In Your Class Since Like Second Grade

He's never in the other class, always yours, and he's really fucking annoying and stupid.  He can't stop disrupting the class yelling about his weeny, and you wonder why he's not in the special classroom.  And naturally he's grown up into a creepster and Trump pissboy because duh.

Question: is it more embarrassing to be on the Huffington Post or fired from the Huffington Post?

Monday, October 17, 2016

John Doe And Mike Watt With A History Lesson

Vigorous Fisking Of Dylan's Nobel Prize

Bob Dylan getting a Nobel prize for literature while Thomas Pynchon is alive is pretty fucking goofy.  And that's what Dylan's award was: a stunt.  The Nobel committee was fucking with the real writers while getting themselves some lively press.  But any prize like that fucking thing is only as good as the people giving it out, and the literature committee really might as well have given it Kissinger if they were looking to ruin that particular Nobel for everyone else.

I mean, when are the Mekons getting their Nobel?  And if you give it Dylan, you pretty much gotta give one to his favorite offspring with Lou Reed Ira Kaplan.

Rock Harder!

Nothing like a little grade-Z faux-Dio Canadian hair metal.  Dave's world of fun stuff, indeed.

Exceptional All-American Racist Idiots -1

That greasy weasel David Duke is the fucking center of the exceptional American racist Republican movement.  And the formerly-racist kid sounds like kind of a weirdo.  I'm shocked that the bootstrapping tough guys of Stormfront would have taken an oath of fealty to such a queer little princeling.  I guess it's good that he's out of it finally, and maybe the good guys can use Derek Black to do some real damage to Trump's GOP in the coming year.

Shepard Smith? No Way!

The world is shocked!  That Shepard Smith was so fucking dim that he didn't know Roger Ailes was a fucking racist, sexist shitbird from day one!  Crazy!!

D.C. McAllister Is The Absolute Stupidest Motherfucker On Earth, Today

Proudly brought to you by the Federalist, "We make Alex Jones sound reasonable and well-informed!"  Jesus.  Well, this is one answer to what sort of disgusting shitsack would be a Trump voter: D.C. McAllister.  If she really believes that Obama tape is real--after it was debunked more than EIGHT FUCKING YEARS AGO--well, then McAllister is an irredeemable fucktard and an absolutely awful, exceptional American.  In other words, she's a perfect Republican.  Yay team.

The Republicans Should Have Nominated Colin Kaepernick For President

He would have at least preserved the Republican brand for the next election cycle.  As it stands now, neither the Republicans nor Kaepernick are doing anything useful in their chosen fields.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Peter Sagan: Hard Guy And Greasy Dirtball

The world agrees: better than Cavendish!  Sagan's a mutton-head and fashion victim, but he knows how to win a bike race.  And if Cavendish comes in second, everybody wins!

The Best Of America: Planned Parenthood At 100

America is an awful place, but institutions like Planned Parenthood are glimmers of hope for a better society.  Planned Parenthood is one of those great things we need more of, and we can all pray to jesus christ and all the other silly gods that we get those good things.  More Planned Parenthood, less Republican Party and less Donald Trump.

Plus, the biggest scumbags in the world, and the most pathetic losers ever, and the nastiest creeps in America hate Planned Parenthood, so that's the best endorsement of PP ever!

Mike Pence Is An Exceptional American Asshole

Human garbage, exceptional American style.  Pence is every bit as wretched and evil as Trump, with Pence having the advantage of being a complete idiot.  Pence's role so far in his political life has been as loyal tool to the conservative establishment, but that gravy train is derailed now.  Pence will never get the stink and stain of Trump's bloody, botched abortion of a campaign off him.  No more goodies for Pence.  Exceptional!

Pathetic Conservatives Shitstains Of The Day, Today

Proud guzzlers of rancid Trump spooge.  Yummy.  These are some of the truly awful people who still love Trump.

Josh Barro: Rocket Surgeon

And rock-ribbed establishment tool.  Who gives a flying fuck what he thinks or does.  He's a dipshit from way back and part of connected, inane, conservative family.  Good for him.  And the only fun part of that nonsense is that Trump is gleefully destroying the Republican brand, burning it to the ground and salting the Earth.  Heh.  But fuck Josh Barro.

What Sort Of Sick, Sad Losers And Repugnant Shitbirds Are Voting For Trump At This Point?

Trump's no winner!  During the primary campaign, Trump could have been seen as a winner, if you were a nasty, racist, violent, guntard fuckwad, but now he's the loser's loser, getting beaten senseless by a frail old grandmother, so who would be horrible enough to vote for a piece of shit like Trump now?  Hell, even Joan Walsh can see it's over!

Jelani Cobb, Delete Your Account

Heh.  The sorry bastards who employ him must be very fucking proud.

Robert Smith For President. Why Not?

The Fucking Twits Are Really Assholes

Not sure which group are the bigger worthless cocksuckers, but seeing as they're mostly all upper-class and upper-middle class twits, it don't really feckin' matter.  Anyway, wear your fucking helmet.  Not wearing a helmet is never a good thing, and no injury was ever made less severe by not having a helmet on.  Those useless shitbags on the Serotta Forum and everywhere who try and convince other people that not wearing a helmet is safer sometimes are the anti-vaxxer, Trump-supporters of the bike world.  Fuck them.

And why was Tilford dumb enough to out on a group ride without a helmet?  Was it an organized ride?  Jesus, Kansas is a fucking hellhole.  Idiots.  Tilford's fucked now, too.  He was a monster hard guy and now he'll probably never be the same, somewhere between fucked and brain-damaged drooling idiot/Trump fan/typical Kansan.  Jesus, after 40 years of racing, you would think that he would have learned...

Let's Never Forget What A Shitty Movie 'Iron Man 3' Was

Fuckin' yuge piece of shit.  That movie was absolute garbage, made by garbage people, for garbage people.  Some of the Marvel movies have been pretty good, but Iron Man 3 was utter fucking shit.

Never forget.