Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Monkees Gone

Well, Yankees Win

Tanaka.  Nice start this time of year.  Or any time.  The Yanks might get this thing done.  Who knew?

No Such Thing

This Vile Eagle Scout Bullshit Might Be The Creepiest Thing I've Ever Seen On The Interwebs

What sort of degenerate mental-defective would put Eagle Scout above Choate?  Or any top school?  Of course, that shitstain wasted his elite boarding school education by joining the fucking army, so it shows he's a titanic asshole regardless.

The boy scouts are probably the worst thing in the world after the military and the police, and the people who willingly join are never to be trusted at any time.

If my kid entered the military after a top boarding school education, I would be sickened beyond description. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

And On

Yankees Win Again

Yanks making it interesting against the Astros.  Houston might regret not putting the Yankees away after that improbable Verlander game.  If the Astros run into some bad luck now, they're fucked.  A Yankees/Dodgers series would be an answer to the tee vee man's prayers.

Gregg Popovich Would Make A Great VP Choice For Sanders Next Time

Or for Warren if Sanders decides not to run.  Popovich really has a boner for fucking with Trump, and he deserves a chance to do it professionally. 


Scaramucci: Still Not Dumber Than Trump

Pretty fucking dumb, a literal mental-defective, but the Mooch is not dumber than his butt buddy Trump.  Nope. 

Nothing In This World Is Better Than A Drive-By Fisking Of The Vile Imani Gandy

Gods damn, what a horrible, hateful clown that Imani Gandy is.  Loathsome neoliberal establishment Dems like her are the worst things in the world.  Dumber than Trump's hopeless inbred racist web-toed dimwits by a fucking country mile.

Wait, This Week's Honest Trailer Seems To Be Late!

What's happening?  Thanks, Trump.

Tom Marino, Another Trump Winner! MAGA! MAGA!! MAAGGGAAAA!!!

Donald Trump, super genius strikes again.  Another great pick from America's smartest man.

CC Steps Up Again For The Yanks

The fucking Astros have to be pissed, as they were in the position to get out of this series early, but CC Sabathia stepped on their dicks for 'em.  At least the Yankees aren't golfing this week like the Red Sox.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Victor Davis Hanson Is A Brain-Dead Fucktard's Idea Of What A Cretinous Idiot Sounds Like

There are paving stones with more cogent analyses than Victor Davis Hanson, but the one thing that the execrable retard right-wing establishment does well is support their syphilitic racist shitheads and other loathsome scumbags with wing-nut welfare sinecures.  If not for the reactionary welfare, Hanson would be eating the bugs out of clumps of week-old dog shit.

What The Fuck Are US Troops Doing In Niger

Or as Fox "News" would call it: Nigger.  Anywho, why the fuck aren't our illustrious media stars talking about this shit and asking lots of questions?  How many Americans know what Niger is?  Who tried to explain to that retarded shitgibbon Trump the difference between Niger and Nigeria?

In The Timecop Movie, How Did They Get Back Into The Rocket Sled Thing For The Return Trip

They go out inside a rocket sled but get dumped into the past sans any sort of vehicle, and on the return trip they walk through an FX ripple but somehow wind up back in the rocket sled to go back to HQ.  How the fuck does that work?  Where is the rocket sled while they are in the past?  Is it open or closed?  These might be the most important questions in the last 150 years, but we have no answers.  Thanks, Trump.

Shitting On John Lackey Will Never Not Make America Greater Again

Hapless pitching goon John Lackey is something so obviously wrong that all America suffers for it.  Lackey's life is Trump's exceptional America manifest for the baseball tee vee.  The only hope we have is to shit all over him at every possible opportunity.  Thanks, Trump.

Hyper Enough Spores

The Spore Drive Is Easily The Dumbest Star Trek Concept Ever

Spores?  Throughout the galaxy.  A complex living creature created the galaxy?  The universe?  Energy?  That's fucking stupid.  Why are the spores just in this galaxy?  Replacing dark matter and quantum entanglement with an evolved living species is beyond inane.  Jump drive/new Battlestar Galactica-type FTL just doesn't fit with the bullshit techo-nonsense of the ST universe.  Why bother making this if you are going to make it way fucking dumber than stuff that came before?  Probably because Star Trek is run by fucking shitheads now, bigger shitheads than ever, but still.

Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Panty Stain

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sequel 2

The...Yankees Win

Ok, then.  Nice late AB from Gardner, and Gregorius needs to be rhymed with glorious, euphorious, and Pastorius.  The Astros should probably take care of the Yanks pretty easily, but if they stay hot and get some big hits from Judge, well...