Thursday, June 4, 2020

Sweet Lite

Weird Little Incel Losers Are Too Dumb To Understand Why Star Trek: Picard Sucked

Hopeless Right-Wing Dummy Scott Adams Sez: All Conservatives Are Dumber Than Dog Shit

Dog shit.  Unhinged dolt Scott Adams is a racist, reactionary moron.  He's a screaming imbecile.  A perfect conservative.

Reactionary Dunce Matt Walsh Sez: All Conservatives Are Dumber Than Dog Shit

Racist right-wing assholes are stupid as fuck.  This is probably the most important thing to know about America.  Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Christ, Counselor Troi Just Fucking Wrecked Famously Fatuous Lin-Manuel Miranda





Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Hard Times

Hannidate Time! Did Sean Hannity's Divorce Have Anything To Do With Bill O'Reilly's Ladyboys?

Was Hannity addicted to Indochinese ladyboys, too?  Or did Hannity's wife recently discover what her clitoris was?  That the average size of a grown man's dick was not 3/5ths of an inch at full erection?  Musta been something like that.

Fuckin' Twits

Jesus.  Twits know nothing about anything, including Mr. Nagasawa's bikes.  White people are the worst.

Never Get Old

Bunker Boy? Jesus, Trump Is A Yuge Pussy

The world laughs at Trump for being a yuge pussy and hiding in the bunker like the beta cuck he is.  Nobody respects that fat orange coward.  Christ.

Krist Novoselic, Delete Your Account

What a maroon.  You know Novoselic is an old because he's using Facebook.  Also never tweet.  Novoselic is a libertarian boy because he loves his Kurt Cobain money and doesn't want to have to have his taxes raised and need to work.  Now it's time for him to go away forever.  K. 

Aaron Maté Spiking The Ball With Matt Taibbi And Katie Halper

A-A Ron Maté is having a bunch of fun.  It's great when he kicks FBI stooge and striving pissgirl Marcy Wheeler.  And of course the opprobrium poured like warm diarrhea all over Chris Hayes.  Heh, indeedy.

Racist Asswipe Steve King Is Sick To Death Of So Much Fucking Winning

Later, bitch.  The idiot who won is not much better, but fucking grotesque racist teabagger Steve King is out, and that's pretty fucking gucci.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Police Truckin'

Xpedo Pedals?? Xpedo!?

Who the fuck named this company?  Sweet fucking jesus.  I guess we should be glad they are currently pedos, atmo.  Christ.

Shoot 2 Thrill

All. Cops. Are. Bastards.  It's time to take out the trash, America.  Rise up.

Ell No

Fun Drive-By Fisking Of Screeching Teabagger And War Whore Lara Logan

Lara Logan is Xeni Jardin-levels of fruity nutcake.  Even a Libertarian Boy gets in on the fisking!  It would be wrong to forget that Logan got beaten and raped almost to death and returned as a fucking loon.  Still she got fired from CB Fucking S for lying and is now an insane teabagging fuckface on Fox "News".  I mean, the poor woman is completely fucking unhinged at this point.  She might as well be Xeni Jardin or a Biden voter instead of a demented, squealing Qtard.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump.

Nothing Ever Burns Down By Itself

Fucker Swanson Chicken Dinner Carlson Can Feel The Danger

Carlson knows he might meet his end like an expired frozen dinner left in oven for hours and hours.  Let us pray.

Monday, June 1, 2020

There Will Never Be Any Excuse For That Fucking Hair Mr. Holland

Climate Change, Mountain Biking, And The Future

Not a bad short series from BIKE Magazine.  This is not something you expect most folks to get easily, atmo, and there is always resistance from baggers and other reactionary fuckfaces, but kudos to Matt Coté and the group for the efforts.  It's worth it to read through sections; there are plenty of recognizable names from back in the day and shit, too.

BIKE Magazine is still in print, sort of, too.  That's weird.

How To Protest The Hong Kong Way: Organization Is Important

Fantastic News From A Richmond On Fire

Burning this shit makes life worth living.  Maybe something good will come of this in the end.  Burning the Daughters of the Confederacy building is an excellent start.

All Cops, Even Nick Slater's HS Buddy, Are Bastards

Neo-vintage Current Affairs from 2018.  Nick Slater gets really far into the weeds of what to do about cops and murder and policing and lots of other shit.  Well worth reading.  And, as always, all cops are bastards.

Biden Voters Are Every Bit As Demented As These Lunatic Teabaggers

Baggatron cocksuckers are dumber than dog shit.  This dude talking about Soros is an excellent actor.  The baggers, though, are hopelessly deranged.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump!