Saturday, April 19, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Not-Al Bundy Is A Teabagging Wingnut Domestic Terrorist

Al Clive Bundy and his sausage party are domestic terrorists and Koch-sucking teabaggers.  There's not a fucking thing wrong with Harry Reid or anyone else to say just that.  If those welfare cowboys had been black or anything but closet-case wingnuts, they would have been slaughter and the dogs.

No Michael Kay Means A Good Day

The frakkin' Yankees need to dumb Kay ASAPy-like.  Singleton and Flash are good enough.  Anybody but agent Kay.

Hard To Tell Who's Fucking Crazier, Robert Jeffress Or Kevin Sorbo

Of course, when they're on the O'Reilly show, Billo's mooning self-delusion makes both Jeffress and Sorbo look not so bugfuck nutty, but you know they are.  They really are fucktards.  And evil.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cool Car Testing Stuff From Saab

Kinda' like Top Gear done by smarter people.  Only not in English.  Cars are wildly complex, amazing contraptions.  The fact that the American model requires them for every aspect of life makes them wildly destructive and evil.  Too bad, cuz cars are neat.  They're killin' us all, tho.

Ummm...Don't Call People Idiots

If ya is one yerself.  Who didn't know Snowden was a douche canoe from the start?  Hell, his pops went to Eric Fucking Bolling for a tee vee interview, so that tells you way too much about the Snowden family intelligence level.  L'Affaire Snowden still acts as a brilliant honey trap for establishment buffoons and unreconstructed Obama fluffers.  It's still about distracting from the facts, distracting from the crimes, distracting from the guilt of their masters.  Useless idiots indeed.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hatin' On Andrew Cuomo Is Always Right And Natural

Cuomo versus Christie is tie for last.  Crapping on Cuomo as a scumbag is easy but fun.  And useful.  Cuomo is one of the worst of the establishment Dems, so it that self same establishment wants to make an effort to take him down or take him out, well, that's fine, just fine with me.

In The Mood For Home-Grown Terrorism

Glenn Miller, all-American teabagging terrorist.  This asshole has been a celebrity for decades in the racist hatred movement in the United States.  These lunatics are the biggest danger to peace and freedom in this part of the world, not Talibs or Russians or North Koreans.   They're a danger when they call themselves teabaggers and send fuckwads like Mike Rogers and Ted Cruz to Congress.  They're a danger when they use their badges as reason to beat down teenagers.  They're a danger when they kill righteous and brave doctors.  They're a danger when they take science and sanity out of text books in Texas.  Unfortunately, these fuckers came over on the first boat, and they've been holding back progress ever since.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Fred Ho Live!

Fred Ho Lives

Yes.  This is good stuff, well worth reading, and Fred Ho is one of those impossible people who couldn't have been real but were, so they change the idea and ideal of the possible.  Seriously, read this piece and then read more and listen more and enjoy.  The man is gone, but the possibilities for the best of the rest of humanity are surely endless.