Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ukraine. Jesus.

This State Department/CIA shit show is not getting nearly the coverage it deserves around here.  The fucking mess on the ground is not going to get better any time soon, apparently.  The human suffering is real and is the story we should be getting along with the geopolitical buttfucking we're giving the Russians.

Making Nazi Fucks Pay Up Is A Good Start

And kinda funny in a Top Gear versus Top Gear Germany way.  It sounds like a stunt at first by the new good guys in Greece, but it really makes sense, so I hope they go this way.  Clean up the shit and then talk about what's going to happen.  The Krauts can handle that.


Is Jeb Gonna Deliver The Entertainment?

We'll stipulate that he's a nasty reactionary fuckhead, but it's not clear whether Jeb Bush will produce the requisite clueless self-shaming and flaming teabagging inanity the way mush-mouth Mitt did.  Bush has a big fucking retard to live up to in his brother too, so let's hope he's a bigger cocksucking monster than we think if we wanna laugh till we cry in 2016.

Roald Dahl Knows You Don't Live Twice

Roald Dahl buries the anti-vaxxers and speaks from experience.  Measles was eradicated in the USA before these idiot fucks brought it back with their ignorance. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

St. Paul's And Groton Look So Good, But The Damned Pool And Swimming Situations Are Killing Me

They did it on purpose to piss me off.  The two best schools both decided long ago to not have proper competition swimming just because they hate me.  Groton built that fucking stupid four lane pool--four lanes!--which is a gods damned atrocity for any pool built after say 1949, and St. Paul's refuses to get a legit varsity program going so my daughter can swim there.  Settling for Exeter or Hotchkiss isn't really settling, but if those two fucking dumps St. Paul's and Groton had teams, she probably wouldn't even apply anywhere else.  Second form at Groton would be perfect except for that pool situation.

By the way, they are high schools, but Groton and St. Paul's are what actual elite educational institutions look like.

Jim Webb Wants To Wake Up White People!

He's the white kind of Democratic America needs!  It's lovely to have Dems who will appear to all Americans, and Jim Webb knows just the sort of Americans the Dems should be serving. 

Elite? That's Cute, But No, Not At All

When you say elite university, you don't mean Michigan.  Michigan is a good school, very good, but it's not U Chicago or Williams or MIT.  Michigan is a huge state school, with thousands and thousands of students who would never ever get a consideration at a truly elite university.  Certainly some of these kids who are having financial distress might have found a better fit with better financial aid at another school, but of course, the state college is supposed to be basically free to qualified students from that same state, and it is only our fucked up economic system preventing a return to that scenario.  It's cute that the Michigan kids want to pretend they're at an elite university--and it's not really hurting anything--but they're as deluded as the Virginia students and Cal students and the rest of the public Ivy clowns.


Godsdamned Useless Coward Mitt Romney

He's denying us our fun watching him soil himself again and again in public for another campaign.  We love the gods but they hate us.  If the gods were loving, nice fuzzy kitten gods, they would send Mitt out there again to lose in the most hilariously demeaning manner.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Highway Goddess

No Decent Sane Person Gives A Flying Fuck About Andrew Sullivan

Sullivan is a pathetically mush-headed Tory buffoon, and no one out there with at least two brain cells should give a fuck what he does.  Remember the racist bullshit, the health care lies and sucking of Bush's dick, and move the fuck on.

Wonderful Henry Kissinger Fisking

Yes.  Kissinger is one of history's greatest villains, easily as bad as Reagan, Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Billy Ray Cyrus.  And Chris Hitchens was never better than when he was savaging Kissenger or the equally vile Mother Teresa.  Code Pink should get some kind of wonderful prize for protesting that disgusting fuck Kissinger.

Sharyl Attkisson Is An Idiot

From today's 'Fuckin' Duh!' file.  Still, she was on the tee vee, nominally doing "news" for a long fucking time.  How does that happen?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

No Snopologies

Demanding apologies from governors, mayors, or weather people is even dumber than most of public discourse in this terrible age we live in.  It's easy to bitch until you're the one who is trapped.  Or until it takes two or three days to get back to full capacity instead of less than one.  Until someone you know dies.  Miserable cocksucking Republicans can't get dumber, yet they do every fucking chance they get.

Solid Start For 'The Americans'

Nothing outa this world, but solid.  Good to see.  They should keep this show going up until the present day, with both sides continuing their inane futility. 

Impossible Literary List Thingy

Kinda sucks, but kinda has to, given the nature of the thing.  Yeah, you get Melville, which is key because it sets the perspective for the whole giant novel, but in addition to Portrait, you gotta have Ulysses and the Wake.  The three beginnings are are a coherent progression, and the Wake, which starts with what should be a cheap stunt, works so well given the nature of that thing.

You Can Say Shit On Top Gear Now

So far, they can say shit on BBC America.  That's progress.  The show that comes after, however, is actual shit. 

Does Helix Have A Coherent Plan?

Helix went off the rails last season, but this year it's a whole lot dumber.  They jettisoned some of the best of the Arctic people to go with some much cheaper stories involving very basic sets.  Is there a fucking plan?  Does everything Ronald D. Moore touches turn to shit?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jesus, Another Travel Meet With That Shitty New Speedo Backpack

Giant, pox-ridden donkey balls.  Trials/Finals means you need two towels each day, but the new backpack is long and narrow, so two big team towels don't fit into the bag in any way you can access them easily, yet the old one is perfectly suited to such use.  Fuckers.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Inbetween Numbers

Sarah Palin, Singular American Idiot

And the fucktard baggers love her to death--we should be so fucking lucky.  They are pretty much as dumb as she is, so they eat up that turd sandwich and beg for more.

Tidal Waves Of Blood Crashing In The Streets Is So Gonna Be Worth It

It's gonna be an orgy, the good kind.  Sure, the aftermath will be rough, and we will lose much, but gods fucking dammit, it's will be fun like we never get.

Your Bigtime Newspaper, The Washington Post

Not at all liberal, not even sane.  But boy oh boy it gets the village idiots all wet and sticky.  Killing poors.  Fucking genius.  Where's the establishment media calling for the summary murder of a few thousand 0.1%ers every year?  Fuckin' odd.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Heads Up And Loose

Who's Gonna Be Dumb Enough To Buy A Chinese Volvo?

Nasty.  Who's gonna be a big enough fuckwad to pay a premium for a Volvo made in China?  Some of the chowderheads at SU seem to be likin' it, but they're morons.  The point of premium is premium.  If you want cheap and somewhat functional, there's always KIA.  If you want expensive and Chinese garbage, you're an asshole.  That Volvo looks like shit.  I can't really tell from the pictures how cheap it seems, but the overall styling is not good, and if it's giving off that cheapo vibe, it's a fucking trainwreck.


Good For The Dropkick Murphys

Kick 'em when they suck!  The Dropkick Murphys would probably love a fight over this--as we all would--but even the Wisconsin types are probably just gonna stop using the music.  A fight would be more fun.

Go In Greek

Good stuff.  The Greek leftists will have a shitty time fixing their country, but there's no way in any of the nine hells that they can do any worse than the austerity conservative fuckheads.  And if they manage to pull it off, that might be a clue for the rest of the world that austerity never works and conservatives are fucking retards no matter what country or what century you live in.

Even Yet Still More American Psycho Sniper Fisking

Lee Papa smacks 'em around a bit.  This dumb flick is drawing a pretty comical distinction between the dimwits and us.