Sunday, August 30, 2015

Trump's Clovis Point

This Sam Clovis is a real Republican piece of shit, but I guess we can assume he likes money.  Being a principled reactionary dickhead is all fine and dandy until the money runs out, so if the Perry campaign quits paying, you find a better deal.  Trump pays.  I guess.  Clovis's point is that you should follow the money, and maybe Clovis believes Trump has shot now.  We will all know in a month or so, and in the meantime Clovis keeps collecting that check.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz And Your Not-At-All Worthless Democratic Party

Remember, the Dems are the party which is so much better than the vile Republicans.  But better at what, exactly?  Schultz is a party leader.  Schultz is going against the President from her party.  What does that tell you?  Schumer is the same way.  But this is the party all you fools must support at all times no matter what.  Remember that.  This is YOUR Democratic party at work.

You Always Know A Bullshit Story When You Hear It

The proof is always on Fox "News".  Of course the story was nonsense, with exceptionally heroic Americans and everyone else fucking useless.  But Americans love that shit, more than others it seems, so the lies became the truth as usual.  Fuck Yeah!

Obama's Having Too Much Fun Trolling Teabaggers

He shoulda' been fucking with them like this since day one.  That would have imploded the Republican party by the 2010 midterms.  The exploded head cleanup would have been a valuable jobs program, too.  Yes, it's fun now, but seven years ago it could have really made America a better place.

Jessica Mendoza Is Better Than Curt Schilling

So, ESPN, let's keep Schilling the fuck off the air and put Mendoza on permanently.  Anything that fuck's Schilling is good clean fun, and Mendoza is certainly no worse during the broadcast.  Even better, replacing Schilling with a woman will drive the teabaggers and other assorted asswhipes fucking crazy.

Yankees 4 20

Well, I guess they got their money's worth in the seats this afternoon.  Assuming you wanted to sit there and watch that shit show.  Jeebus.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


The Whole Entire Ass

Human garbage. And I'm not talkin' Trump.  The fools and twits and dipshits from the self-selected bastion of American futility might seriously believe that Ted Cruz is anything other a brainless clown and reactionary fuckstick.  Anyone whose intellectual development ceased sometime in elementary school is neither intelligent nor well-educated, Princeton and Harvard notwithstanding.  Princeton IS a home for some very intelligent students, but the majority is sadly average, and Harvard, well, it is a glorious brand name in education with sadly lacking standards compared to the common beliefs.  To see what passes for reasonable people on that forum concede the completely obvious point that Ted Cruz is not very smart is fucking sad because those assholes are what passes for the center in American politics, and they are fucking dumb as rocks.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Boy Those Spaceships On 'Killjoys' And 'Dark Matter' Sure Are Roomy

Cathedral ceilings, wide open passageways, completely normal artificial gravity.  And where do they keep the fuel on those things?  And the supplies for the crew, food, water?  Lucy zips around the solar system in Killjoys in minutes and does atmospheric liftoff and reentry like its not ever any problem whatsoever, while the Raza on Dark Matter has super nifty FTL propulsion and handy-dandy shields and a perfectly humanoid android who does everything without much muss or fuss.  Pretty amazingly unbelievable.  It sucks that design language for tee vee spacecraft is always Star Trek and never 2001.  I get that both Killjoys and Dark Matter have to produce each episode for no more than 1300 or 1400 Canadian dollars, but jeez.  I guess a (more) realistic space action tee vee show would be pretty boring.  And expensive.

The Insane Teabagging Attacks On Planned Parenthood Are Failing

Thank the gods.  And it's not just the Trump mania but also the risible incompetence of the anti-choice lunatics behind the cheesy fake videos.  I'd like to see way more of the Democratic candidates for 2016 at every level taking this momentum and slaying reactionary insanity.  That should be one of the keys to total victory in this upcoming election.

Donald Trump Is America's Racist Idiot God

All the nastiest fuckheads in America love Trump.  The racists and supremacists feel all the Trump love, and they're crawling out from their holes all over the place.  This is the face of American exceptionalism. 

Notice That iCarly's Poll Numbers Still Suck

After the bullshit theme that Fiorina was taking off the first debate, reality has set in, and iCarly's numbers still suck.  She's at the same level, ~5%, as losers like Christie.  Fiorina is every bit as much a loser as Jindal and Huckabee, and the joke is on Fox "News" and the rest of the establishment idiots. 

This Is The Ugliest Car In The History Of The Galaxy

Vomitrocious.  That idiot-Camaro nose is just the beginning of the horror.  Fuck.

16,500 Has Been The Key Number Forever For The Dow

Intraday trading today was right around 16500, again, and I was really wondering if that level would hold after the steep drops a earlier in the week.  I shouldn't be surprised, since I've been using 16500 as the key level for what feels like forever even if it's really only been a bit short of 18 months.  That's a hell of a long time.  So far, so good, I guess.  If we're at 16500 or better at the end of Q3 and the plan is still working, well, hell, yeah.

Update: Even after hours, though, I couldn't help but get into it with someone who should know better about the overexposure in the securities markets by people who are too old or too retired or too whatever to be betting on this shit.  Jesus.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

An American Anthem

Curt Schilling Is A Racist Teabagging Piece Of Shit

This is not news; Schilling has been a fucking nimrod his whole career.  The fact that he feels comfortable enough to act like such a racist shithead is fucking sad.  Dan Patrick gets it, atmo.  If ESPN is at all decent--they're not, but we can hope, right?--they will dump Schilling for being a shitty broadcaster first and all-around racist cocksucker second.

The Summer Of Trump Has Been A Yuge Boon For Planned Parenthood

This summer was supposed to be all about attacking Planned Parenthood with bullshit videos and insane Republican posturing, but the Summer of Trump has aborted those evil plans.  The fools thought they had everything lined up, with Republicans in Congress prescreened before the release of the videos, and Fox "News" ready to pounce, but Trump's funfetti fucked that up royally.  The videos have been buried under a steaming pile of Trump, and the political attacks have fallen way short.  Thanks, Trump.

Gun Control Now? Nah!

This is America, where we are all too stupid to understand that guns are only good for one thing, and that any society worth living in would protect itself from such pointless violence.  But we're not that good, and we will continue to listen to mountains of rancid horseshit from the NRA and teabaggers and other reactionary fuckstains until everyone is dead.  That'll be a good day, I guess.

What's Doubly Hilarious About Today's Shooting Is That It's Not Even A Proper Exceptionally American Mass Shooting

Only three dead including the shooter.  Jeez, that's nothing--though the live tee vee stunt was interesting in a vulgar, Trump-campaign-psycho way.  This is America, gods damn it!  We don't just kill three at a time.  We want more!  More guns!  More dead!  Individual murder is for pikers.  This is the land of guns and psycho killers!  That means numbers.  Three dead is not enough.  Every sick asshole in America with a gun demands more!

Michael Eric Dyson Is The Temp Ed Schultz

Dyson has adroitly slipped into that 5 pm slot without getting his name on it or anything, but he's there.  Schultz was tossed but they kept the reliever, and I wonder if Dyson will get his own show or somethin'?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jimmy Carter's Legacy In Reality

Carter's presidency was a turning point.  Mostly for the worst as it seems in retrospect that the late 70s were the last chance for too many things in America, labor, environment, imperial policy.  Carter failed and failed to stop the insanity ascendancy of the Republicans with Reagan as their figurehead.  As soon as those evil bastards began destroying the society, it was too late.  Carter had a chance but was not up to the task, or, more properly, American society was not up to the task, too exceptionally stupid to stand for something other than basest selfishness and hatred. 

Trump's Personal Mission To Destroy Jeb Bush Is Glorious

When--If?--when Trump goes down in a flaming, entertaining wreck, he's said that he's taking Jeb Bush with him.  How great for America?  Trump is a fucking superhero right now.  He's destroying the GOP, maybe forever, and he's shitting all over Fox "News", AND he's promised to ruin Jeb Bush once and for all.  That's genius.  Way better than Man of Steel.  If we wind up with a POTUS better than Hillary Clinton, that will all be because of Trump. 

Trump Is A Blathering Lunatic, But He Just Made Jorge Ramos His Bitch On Live Tee Vee

Not good.  Ramos got thrown out and then Trump let him back in, took his dick out, and slapped Ramos across the face with the scabby tool over and over and over.  Not a good thing; it just doesn't matter right now that Trump is Palinesque in his incoherence.  He's a fucking menace, but let's watch as he skullfucks the GOP. 

Trump V Megyn Kelly Is That Gift

Trump might wind up destroying not just the GOP but Fox "News" as well.  Trump is way bigger than any news bimbo right now.  Fox is pissing itself with fear.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Shaun King Knows It: Breitbart And The Daily Caller And The Rest Of Those Assholes Are Worthless Liars

And you should know it too.  Those fools at Breitbart and the Daily Caller were trying their best to smear Shaun King and Black Lives Matter, but they failed.  They fucked it up, lied about it, and failed as hilariously as anyone has ever failed at anything.  Happily, Breitbart the man is long dead, and let's all pray to jesus and the rest of the phony gods that the legacy and lies die too, along with Breitbart and the Daily Caller

Jeez, Even Those PolitiFact Clowns Understand Margaret Sanger

And PolitiFact can be downright retarded sometimes.  But they get this.  The racist attacks on Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood are political bullshit not grounded in history or sanity.  It would be fab to see a shitload of Dems get on this train, attacking the Repubs and standing up for healthcare and reality and Planned Parenthood.

Julian Bond At The George School

That would have been an interesting time to be at George.  I hope that the legacy is continuing, both at George and beyond.

Double Heh, Remember Chris Christie?

That greasy fat sack of shit?  Yeah, that asshole.  Well, it looks like the POTUS thing is not working out like he had hoped, and I gotta say that makes me chuckle.  Poor Christie got run over by the Trump shit tsunami and never had a chance.  Heh, indeedy.



Biden's Not Runnin' If Hillary's Init

Innitt.  Biden's probably enjoying the attention, but this is such a village idiot story.  The Dems and their money are all about Hillary Clinton.  If for some reason Clinton has to drop out...