Monday, September 30, 2013

Breaking Bad's Soft Landing

BB ended a little too softly for kookie ole Walter White.  He kinda got what he wanted.  He died on his own terms too easily, got one over on his old pal Gretchen, used his drug money for his family, showed his wife he was the better man, saved Jessie, and killed the bad guys.  I would not have let him off so gracefully.  He should have been the one to have to live.  After the visit with his wife, the Nazi fucks kill his wife and kids.  The gun thing could have gone off pretty  much the same, except Jessie saves him after the Nazis show Walt the bodies of his family.  Jessie dies.  Lydia should have turned out to be a cooperating witness against a politically difficult drug kingpin in California or some shit so that her death would create the utter necessity of Walt getting a deal where he becomes a witness and has to live a long life under an assumed identity, living with the enormity of what he had done and having failed at everything except dying of cancer.  They could have had a montage of the aftermath, of the trial, of his cancer being cured, of his own personal hell for forty years after killing everything he claimed to ever love.  That woulda' been cool.  It's kinda like what The Shield did to Vic Mackey, only with more dead loved ones.

I think they should have finally answered the Gretchen question, too, but they show abandoned that plot after the second season, so it became less important than it once was. 

It's Time For Boehner And The Teabaggers In Congress To Resign

Boehner and the teabaggers have given up on doing their jobs so it is clearly time for them to resign.  The lazy lack of outrage around the United States is a sad statement on our broken political society, but the final responsibility for a functioning government rests with the assholes who wanted the jobs, and if the teabaggers and Republican leadership are not willing to the job, they should resign.  Get the fuck out.

Dronin' For Ya

Christians Who Home School Their Children Are The Worst People On Earth

They just are.  Those fundie assholes are dooming most of their children to a life of ignorance and hatred and being evil bastards like the Life News scum; I would think that probably less than one in a hundred home-schooled children of bugfuck idiot Christian assholes are smart enough and talented enough to raise themselves up beyond their feeble educational background and lack of basic knowledge and understanding.  Many of the rest could probably have been helped by a school filled with kids who aren't as crippled as the home schooled, and filled with some kids who might like to drink or fuck or fight or think.  Fundamentalist Christian home school parents are abusers pure and simple.

On the other hand, Wendy Davis scares the shit out of the sickest prolife motherfuckers, so that's something.

And at least a few of these disgusting anti-choice zealots had some former friends way fucking smarter and better than they ever were!

This Is Your CNBC

Pareene has gotten lots of coverage for his piece, and he did a GREAT job fucking with the CNBC ass clowns in this clip.  It's not even that they didn't know what he was talking about, but it was the fact that they could not even CONTEMPLATE what he was saying because their particular world view is so stunted and ignorant that they are wholly dysfunctional humans.

Chinese Takeout Defense

The title itself is chock full of win.  And the Turks are an interesting case of trying to find a third way in international defense politics.  With Turkey's constant contortions between the west and Islam, between secularism and religious society, and now between American and Chinese weapons manufactures, Turkey probably sees itself as an independent actor growing on the world stage.  What may happen, though, especially seeing as the Chinese crap doesn't work any better than the American Patriot missile boondoggle, is that Turkey may find itself backed into a diplomatic corner and forced to choose the West or the East.  If the East is chosen, with Chinese-backed defense and economy and a fundamental Islamic government in charge, Turkey may crumble back into third-world chaos, while, if the West is chosen, the fundamentalist Muslim assholes may destabilize the democratic government, allowing the society to fracture and ending Turkey as nation.

Epistemic Closure?

Or raving fucktard ignorance?  The pool, the pond.  Some of the maxi douchebags at that Swamp Bubbles site sound like home schooling victims, while others sound like typical web-toed racist teabaggers.  This is America, and we are fucked.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Palate Cleansing Harold Bloom

There is beauty in this world; Harold Bloom taking a boiling, rancid shit all over Stephen King 10 years ago is certainly a beautiful thing.  The small pleasures like this gem are the only hopes we have.

Serotta Forum Idiot's Delight: Climate Change

The world's nastiest upper middle class twits are at it again.  Science and the Serotta Forum don't get along.  There's way too many fucktard teabagger types and always some douchenozzle to puke up the latest Heritage Foundation or Heartland Institute bullshit talking points.  Unfortunately, over there too many of the squares are too clueless to know they are beingl lied to, kinda like the Fox "News" audience.  And of course, this fatuous dipshit is always around to pretend like he knows more than you do.  He's such a fucker that he makes some of the merely spoiled asswhipes look better.

The World's Worst Irishman?

This rancid piece of shit has it all: gun fucktardery; creepy sexism; vile racism; pathetic stupidity; awful taste in music.  That cocksucker gives drunken inbred Micks a bad name.

Your Guns And You--Hint: Your Own Gun Will Probably Kill You Or Your Kid

Long before your gun kills a bad guy or other blah personPretty much every horror story like these in The Times would never have happened if some fucktard had not decided to keep a gun in the house.  As the story goes, it's good guys, bad guys, and everyday guntard asshole type guys.  But it's also a shit ton of dead kids who would otherwise be alive.  Atrios sez: Keep your family safe. Don't be a guntard.

It's Official: Bill O'Reilly Is Psychotic

That bugfuck crazy dickwad O'Reilly really thinks Jesus told him to write a shitty book!  That's the sort of lunacy which should find you involuntarily confined for the rest of your life far, far away from sharp objects, shoe laces, and sane, decent people.  And hopefully electroshocked till you were a drooling piece of dogfood.  Of course, O'Reilly best day looks like a difficult recovery from a botched lobotomy, so he's probably gonna just keep doin' what he's doing.

Lane Kiffin Should Only Be The First

Yes it is really fucking funny to see Lane Kiffin unceremoniously tossed, but he's been failing upwards his whole life, so unfortunately we will probably not be able to enjoy some chronic unemployment on the part of an incompetent football douchebag.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Political Song for Chickenhawks to Sing

Hey Diplomacy

Largely unheralded, President Obama has scored two really fucking important diplomatic victories; the asshole contingent of the Republican party is not happy, but the pretty fucking good outcome in Syria--even if Obama wanted a nicely distracting cruise missile thunderstorm--along with the creation of the possibility of cooperation with Iran are big fucking deals and are things that no troglodyte Republican or teabagger asshole would have been smart enough to do in his place.  These are good deals for the world, and may just save a bunch of lives.  Good shit.  Obama and his people deserve props for getting it done. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Also A Story Of Jazz

Steve Albini's Story Of Nirvana

Steve Albini went all out to get his mitts on Nirvana's third record.  This is some great pop culture anthropology over there at Consequence of SoundAlbini's always a hoot.

Harry Browne Kinda Hearts Bono

He gives Bono and U2 way too much credit for good music and cannot say for sure if Bono is an actual asshole.  Browne bends over backwards to not start heaping the abuse on Bono and takes the most painful pains to give him the benefits of various doubts.  Regardless, the rancor seeps through, and we should be thankful to Counterpunch for giving us access to Harry Browne's bubbling discomfiture with the Dublin Messiah. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wendy Davis's Texas Funfetti

Texas could finally be worth keeping for a bit, if Davis is able to make this upcoming race as fun as it should be.  I mean, it's still Texas, and Texas blows huge moose cock, but Wendy Davis may be able to bring a couple of watts of brain power to the exercise the way Ann Richards did.

RKP And Soap Opera Reviews

The comments are good, as good as the rest.  There are some seriously old dudes who remember all that bullshit from way back.  Kinda pointless, but it is a happy antidote to all the fangirl crap that has been puked up this past summer.  Not worth anything but the grins.  Lotsa grins. 

Joss Whedon's Torchwood

Wow.  The same way that Game of Thrones was redolent of the Dune tee vee movies, I was having serious Torchwood sensory overload when I finally watched the first episode of the Shield show.  The show itself was wicked clunky, but they had a bunch of stupid shit to unpack, and Whedon and Disney are hoping that the unabashed squee of the fans will buoy the ratings long enough to advertise the next Thor and Captain America movies.  My two main quibbles: the Colson thing and the hella stupid flying car.  Rather than have Colson's return be a long, cheesy buildup to an army of clones, cyborgs, androids, or LMDs, Whedon should have done the more realistic thing and have Colson really, 100% simply saved with 2012 human medicine, with his death simply being Fury being a dick to the Avengers.  That would have been so much better.  And the flying car looked cheap on the HDTV, while the concept is just fucking tacky.  (Sponsors aside, Whedon should have had Colson's team driving the mini Range Rovers just like Torchwood.  That woulda' been a wink that told us he knew how derivative the whole exercise is.)

The line about sweaty cosplay girls at Stark Tower was pretty neat.  You know who you are.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Attention, Attention

"This Thing Is Going To Work"

This fatuous blather is why Obama fluffers are more disgusting than the most palsied teabagger.  The moron cocksucker in question is an insurance industry insider--that same insurance industry so strenuously protected by both Obama and Clinton during their health care failures.  Of course this shit is going to work for them!  It is wealth redistribution welfare for the health insurance industry!  Duh.

On the other hand, Michelle Maglalang Malkin is pissed, so that's pretty fucking funny.

De Blasio Blowback From The Left

The for realz left at that.  The worst thing about de Blasio is his Clinton stink, certainly.  But on Earth, de Blasio made it to the big time, so like Obama, he can be nothing but the palest liberal even if he is a billion times better than the execrable Christine Quinn or the pathetic Carlos Danger.  The mere existence of de Blasio is causing an explosion of hemorrhoids amongst the Bloombergian cockbags in NYC, so that's somethin'. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sebadoh's Sista

Kinda shocking that the any junior dinosaur could survive this.

Every Clinton, Even The In-Laws, Sucks Now And Forever, Amen

Digby digs up the corpse of Chelsea Clinton's momma-in-law and finds that she is--surprise, surprise!!--a nasty piece of shit.  Do you think it is simple happenstance that Chelsea was allowed to marry this guy?  Okay, then.  Enjoy.  But the Clinton machine is ugly to the core; that fat fucker Bill's welfare atrocity was no mistake, and now Chelsea has brought another family of assholes into the Clinton sphere.

One Man, One Woman, One Vote, And One State In Palestine

Yes.  A one-state solution in Palestine.  What a great thing that will be, when every man and woman has equal rights, and the vile religious Israel is finally flushed into the cesspool of history where it belongs.  The one state solution is the only way to have peace, and without the ending of the insane religious state, the future is dangerous indeed.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Duquesne University: What Real Catholics Look Like?

This story, of Margaret Mary Vojtko, an adjunct professor at Duguesne, has received a bunch of attention on the interwebs--as it should!--because it is a terrible object lesson regarding life in the twilight of American decay.  The state of the academy, along with a wonderfully American wealth disparity between a dead adjunct and unfortunately all-to-alive-and-greedy Catholic university president, say, is telling in so many ways.  Margaret Mary--Margaret Mary!!--was tortured to death by a Catholic university, and if Jesus was really real, he would be extremely pissed that some self-described Catholics treated a most Catholic-named woman so poorly that she was forced to die penniless and in pain because of those same good Jesus and Pope people. 

I wonder what the new Pope, Francisco, would think of this bullshit treatment of Margaret Mary?

Righteous All-American Health Care Cynicism

Rates a hale and hearty "No shit".  Obama was a protector of the establishment and health insurance industry first and foremost.  His secondary goal was to win an almost purely political victory over the looniest right wingers.  Obama apparently never had a goal of universal health care, or health care reform, or consumer-friendly health insurance reform.  Jon Walker at FDL has been skeptical from the start and a bracing antidote to drooling and hopeless Obama fluffers.

Dean Baker Versus The Papers

Who should be considered the legitimate "serious person", Dean Baker or a random dickhead who mans The Times or The Post?  Exactly.  The always trenchant Baker slaps around The Amazon Post here on disability--but not the Post's intellectual infirmity!--and visits the same beating on The New York Times over the vile cuts to Food Stamps that the Republicans are pushing.  Baker is exactly the sort of public intellectual who should be widely heard and is not because the establishment media has no interest in broadcasting anything resembling truth or reason.  Yay America!


Two Peas In A Douchey Pod

This post tells at least as much hilariously sad truth about the writer as it does about megafucktard teabagger Ted Cruz--and it is so cute when addle-headed dipshits call other addle-headed dipshits "super smart".

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Unstoppable Circa 1990 Diamond Back Mountain Bikes

Indeed, my first legit mountain bike was a 1990 Diamond Back Apex.  What I remember most is that I could get the full Shimano Deore bike, with proper thumb shifters and brake levers swapped out, a real, non-gel Selle Italia Turbo in place of the heinous gel thing, proper chainrings, some Kool Stop pads, neat sealed-bearing track pedals Bridgestone style, and bar ends for way less than a not-full Deore Specialized bike--super important at a time when you didn't have tons of cash but did have tons of desire and tons of time to ride.  It was a tank-like trail monster.  I wanted the previous year's straight fork, but the oversized headset turned out to be a good thing, especially the second year after I had a nice sealed-bearing alloy headset installed.  These bikes still have fans out there.  Considering that Diamond Back had nowhere near the market penetration that the bigger brands did, AND the fact that the brand went to nasty, mass-market department store shit pretty quickly after the amazing Axis Team Titanium frame in 92 or whatever, it means that these bikes were memorable enough and rideable enough to make real fans.  This one ain't mine (too small), but it is the right color and looks like a pretty rideable rig.

As it turns out, I used to ride with a guy who had the 1989 DB Ascent EX in the same colors as my Apex.  He'd come from far away and had a coupla seasons on his bike, so he had replaced alot of the consumables and was running a nice assortment of decent stuff on his.  Pretty cool.  Certainly for the price, these were excellent trail bikes at the time and shitload better value than the ubiquitous Speshy sleds.  Nice bike.  Straight fork.  Looked good.  Solid.  Wicked solid.

Copper: America's Best Tee Vee Show Is Over

Cancelled! The bastards!  Copper was America's finest show, just ahead of Justified and way ahead of such second-tier productions as Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, and Game of ThronesI may have been too generous in contending they had a full $900 to spend on each episode, but the understanding of television, of storytelling, and of gleeful basic-cable violence made Copper a joy to watch.  Great work from the leads and the brilliant addition of Alfre Woodard and the scenery chompmonster Donal Logue made this high-calorie entertainment in ways the showier shows with bigger names and bigger budgets only wish they could pull off.  Don't count on a movie; it would be fun, but I ain't gonna hold my breath or anything.  My personal wish would be to take the Copper folks out to Deadwood after the war to fuck with Sheriff Bullock and those people, and then for Raylan Givens to get caught in some time travel shit and wind up in NYC just as Corky and Francis and their buds are getting back to town after their adventures out west.  That'd fuckin' rock!

Elijah Cummings Is Okay

Give the man his due; Rep. Cummings enjoys fucking with that walking shitbrain Darrell Issa.  Cummings has probably never had so much fun, though messing with a reject like Issa has gotta make you feel like you're running--and enjoying it!--a dwarf toss after a while.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mr. Berg's Power Pop Band, The Pursuit Of Happiness

Besides bikes and stuff, Mr. Berg likes rocking Canadian power pop.  Wait, it might be two different Mr. Bergs.  Gunnar Berg.  Moe Berg.  Might not be the same guy.

Idiots Delight Endless Puke Funnel Funfetti

Jesus Frakking Christ, this is fun.  Well, not fun, exactly.  Maybe funny.  Maybe an apocalyptic omen.  Whatevs.  Anyway, the only point came from Sr. Professor Douglas "Don't Call Me Doug" Brooks when he tries to explain that losing the racing bike cred did a shitload to undo the whole brand.  Serotta was a high-end, rare racing bike at one time, long before it was an overpriced joke.  Maybe, just maybe, the Serotta racing bike company would still be in business.  Or not.  Whatevs.

Wasserman's Fukushima Update

Hint: It's not all warm and sunny and happy fuzzy bunnies and shit.  Harvey Wasserman has done excellent work on Fukushima and was doing the same work for years.  The Fukushima crisis is the result of a perfect storm scenario, and the experienced and qualified experts probably never thought it could get so fucked up so quickly and then stay so bad for so long.  Oops.  The future, though, is only going to be better if we learn the lesson; not just we as in TEPCO, but we as in humanity.  The only good thing out of this whole shit show will be the death of nuclear power.  Obama has dropped his nuclear nonsense in the aftermath of Fukushima, and that's a start.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Old Dave Moulton Bike, From 1975 to 2013

Mr. Berg revisits a pretty original 1975 Dave Moulton on his blog.  It was not refinished and built into a period-correct rider.  It is a neat bike, and the as-assembled whole is pretty much perfect, but...but, I think I would have had it refinished, AND once I made that drastic decision, I would have picked another color.  But...but, lucky for the world, this is not my bike, so an old, original Dave Moulton with the original (really rough) paint by Moulton is out there for us all to see, and if it sees miles as it is now, it will be wicked cool on the road.

Josh Marshall: More Perspicacious Analysis From America's Duskiest Dimwit

"Devastating gun control recall losses"?  Really?  Devastating?  Will the laws be overturned?  No.  Was the turnout shamefully tiny?  Yes.  Was one of the candidates leaving office anyway?  Yes.  Is Josh Marshall a soft-headed simp?  Fuck yeah!

Harry Binswanger Pukes Up The Most Hilariously Asinine Thing You Will Read This Month

Dumber than anything on Fox "News" and even dumber than Josh Marshall on guns, this disgusting inanity is absolute top-tier objectivist blather.  The actual text is beneath contempt and not really worthy of any sort of serious discussion, but what the fuck is wrong with someone like this fucking reject Binswanger who proudly broadcasts that he is a follower of one of history's most pathetically uninformed buffoons, Ayn Rand?  Ayn fucking Rand!  Seriously, you have to be one sick motherfucker to not see how gleefully munching down your own feces in the center of a busy intersection at rush hour would be less embarrassing than proclaiming fealty to the "philosophy" of such a profound simpleton.  Almost too much to be believed.  Almost.


El Popo Francisco Turns Some Heads

And pisses off the retard conservatives!  I'm more than surprised; he wasn't much during Argentina and clearly failed the test of courage when it was needed back then, but now, El Popo Francisco is making the most of his second chance to do what is right.  This sort of talk not only threatens to undermine the sick and twisted rancid right-wing politics of the Catholic Church, but also threatens to give Catholics something to be proud of--or at least not mortified about--for the first time in a really long time.  It also an hilarious hale and hearty "Fuck You!" to that evil bastard still skulking around the Vatican with his putrid stench, the boy-raping enabling Popenfuherer

Scumsucking Creeps O'Hanlon And Pollack Return To Help Destroy Syria

In the run up and failure of Obama's Syrian adventure and long-distance slaughter, the squares were subjected to two of the biggest pieces of shit on the planet, Kenneth Pollack and Michael O'Hanlon, Brookings Institution scum who should surely be on the short list for rendition to a black ops prison on some unmapped Indian Ocean island, all over the cable tee vee, spewing bullshit in order to justify another American attack on helpless poor people.  These two nasty cocksuckers will always do their damnedest to justify whatever evil their masters desire.

When Bigtime Football Ends

It will soon enough.  You can see the parents of little boys, the guys who played since they were in pee wee tackle, not letting their own sons play.  (Those are the smart parents, btw.)  Where do you think all the interest in soccer and lacrosse is coming from for boys under 10?  Those competitive fathers and mothers are looking elsewhere because the science is running down tackle football 30 yards short of the end zone.  David Macaray delivers a mini history lesson of the time that national college football powerhouse dropped its program because football and colleges were not a good fit.  That was a few years ago, and there's not a chance in heck that any bigtime football school would have the balls or the brains to do the same in 2013.  I don't think that'll  matter irregardless (sic) because football will continue to lose kids from the earliest ages, and at some point the magic and the economic power will be gone forever.  Certainly colleges will be better for it, along with people and soccer and lacrosse and the physics club.

Saab Fanboys Poppin' Minor Boehners

Saab restart? Um, no. One mule.  But it is still hellsapoppin' boehners in Sweden for the fanboys.  The last Saab cars were pretty much one-offs, assembled and finished off by the dealer ANA is Sweden, so I guess one hand-assembled test mule is Saab traditional at this point.  I still don't believe that they'll make real Saabs in any numbers ever again.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Canada's Lousy With Racist Teabagging Morons, Too

Who knew?  Most folks think of Canada as a few dozen hockey fans loitering around the border with the U.S., drinking beer, listening to Rush, playing lacrosse, and generally being mildly boring.  But!  But there are vile, racist assholes and brain-damaged, anti-science dipshits stinking up the Great White North!  That's almost unbelievable.  Almost.

Time For LeMond

Time at last?  The Time frames have been really nice and under the radar forever.  Will this LeMond partnership raise their profile?  I do know that the LeMond steel frames were just becoming absolutely tip top production steel racing frames on par with Pinarello, Ciocc, and Colnago just as steel racing frames were going extinct, so maybe, just maybe, the new LeMond racing bikes will be tip top production racing frames for the 21st century.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Anti-Science Idiots Funfetti, James Delingpole Edition

This Delingpole clown could probably be a finalist for dumbest cocksucker of the week during any week of any year.  I'm sure The Telegraph is hella proud to be promulgating this garbage because it pays extremely well from their personal perspective.  For the rest of the species, though, it is a highest-order atrocity.  For his part, Delingpole is almost certainly far too ignorant and deranged to understand just how incredibly bugfuck insane he is.

Literal Frakking Liars

Steve Horn goes righteously apeshit over the EDF's industry-sponsored pro-fracking study over on the Counterpunch website.  What Horn and literally ever other libtard eco fag needs to understand is that oil companies would never do anything to make money that might possibly cause harm to people far away from where the oil company executives live.  Oil companies are patriots first--they are the embodiment of the genius of American free market capitalism at work--and money grubbing brain-dead fuckers second.  Horn needs to get over himself.  Profits before people is the American way, and oil and gas companies are literally the soul of American business.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Renaissance Madman Lu Edmonds Riffs On The Saz

Fucking brilliant.  This is why the internets were invented!

Exceptional American Police State Funfetti

America's Number One Republican, Paul Craig Roberts, goes apeshit over the police state today over at Counterpunch.  He's got the shit dialed in; as a part of dismantling of the guntard culture, we have to demilitarize the police to keep the American people safe.

More Exceptional American Slaughter

Our exceptional American guntards are the most exceptional guntards in the world.  With our unparalleled record of exceptional mass shootings, we are showing those Ruskie motherfuckers just how fucking wrong they are!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Political Song for Janet Yellen to Sing

Larry Summers Fraks Himself

He can go fuck himself where ever he wants now.  At least he won't be fucking anything else up on the governing side.  I'm sure he'll be a highly paid cocksucker working to fuck stuff up from the private sectors, but whatevs. 

Rude Pundit Signal Boosts Lizz Winstead

Winstead is on the road to talk about abortion access, and that is always a good thing.  Winstead created The Daily Show, but as far as I know, it was never The Daily Show With Lizz Winstead, and that says something about something or other. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Kitchens Of Distinction

Cuz Ziggy Stardust era Bowie reasons, apparently.  I am looking forward to hearing the whole album.  At their peak, the Kitchens' swirly guitar noise and strummy bass attack was unbeatable. 

Richard Sachs: 1 And These Doofuses: 0

The snarky Svengali of bespoke lugged bicycle frames, branding, and lifestyle marketing works his magic once again.  The helpless upper middle class twits get very frightened.  It is always fun to see a legitimate master at work.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Nothing Ever Changes, Sugar

Israel Was Defeated By Putin, Too

And that is a great thing for humanity.  Not just Boeing and not just Obama lost bigtime in this Syria game, but Israel also got punched in the throat by Putin's warp speed diplomacy.  So, let's review: some lives were saved and the bad guys lost.  That's a win for the species. 

Finally! Some Exceptional American Prostitute And Diaper Perversion!

Holy fuck!  Does Harry Reid really have the stones to bludgeon David Vitter with his disgusting and illegal prostitute habit?  That would be fucking brilliant; the Democrats in the Senate should have been keeping the focus on Vitter's disgusting and illegal perversions all along.  Vitter would make a fantastic diversion any time the Dems needed to change the subject.  Vitter could be a terrible vulnerability for the Republican Party in the Congress, so let's see the Dems finally go in for the kill!

Bush And Perry Prove You Can't Be Too Stupid To Be Elected Governor Of Texas

A squished pile of week-old dog shit is not too stupid to be Texas governor.  If Retardboy Bush and Big Gay Perry can play governor in Texas, anyone can.  I think Wendy Davis has these shitheels a bit nervous, so rock on, Sen. Davis.

What's Right In Kentucky? Something! For Once!!

A Kentucky Governor stands up for science!  No shit!  That's fucking sweet.  It is sadly shocking that a Democrat in Kentucky had the brains and the balls to stand up to the teabaggers and the fundie dipshits.  Well, good for him.  It's something, at least.

Better Treatment Than A Kansas Song, Or Kansas, Deserves

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Political Song for Vladimir Putin to Sing

Christine Quinn's Epic Destruction

Was a great thing for NYC and a great thing for America.  Despite her affirmative-action identity politics cred, she was and is a nasty piece of work, a Bloomberg sycophant and no friend of the middle and lower classes.  Her historic beating in the primary is a huge blow to the status quo weasels and the police state jerkoffs who have been championed by Bloomberg and Giuliani for far too long.  De Blasio will not have an easy time as mayor, but if he can build a functional and functioning leftish coalition in such a high-profile job, that could help timid Dems and liberals and progressives out in the hinterland. 

St. Clair On Landau

Jeffrey St. Clair writing about Saul Landau.  Fucking brilliant. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 In Syria

How many people were we planning on killing in Syria with our Boeing cruise missiles?  Were the Syrians going to have the resources to spend more than a decade memorializing those needless deaths?  Or would the deaths caused by Boeing's ordnance simply be lost among the rest of the killing?  Tune in next time of another important episode of Bullshit, or Not?

Barbara Lee On Tee Vee

Barbara Lee is sure gettin' lotsa tee vee face time these days as Obama and his band of merry monsters try to gin up support to bomb some helpless brown people in Syria to enrich Boeing.  This is welcome.  You're welcome.  Your welcome.  Remember who Rep. Lee is?  Why the fuck isn't she on the tee vee more often than John McCain and Newt Gingrich?

Update: Keith Ellison is being a maxi douche.

Spitzer Lost

That is a problem, if only because Spitzer would have been able to get the coverage during his campaign to fuck with the Wall Street buffoons and bankster criminals, and that would have been a glorious companion to De Blasio's ambitions. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Political Song for California to Sing

California Messes With The Guntards

Yes, it would be better to simply ban semiautomatic rifles and pistols outright, but breaking the stranglehold of the guntards on the public discourse will start with fucking with them, and these "assault weapons bans" do just that: they fuck with the guntard culture and make guntards crazy.  No, they will not do enough to stop gun deaths, but it is a useful start because it will drive the guntards fucking berserk.  That is always a good thing.  Once the guntards are exposed for the crazy, violent fuckers they are, the sane Americans will be able to decide how to stop gun violence.  Hint: ban most guns and end concealed carry laws, with strict registration and insurance required for all legal guns. 

Syria Gaffes, Syria Diplomacy, The Pool, The Pond

The pond be good for you.  Irregardless (sic) of how it happened--and let's be honest it was probably a pretty typical John Kerry mushmouthed fuckup--Obama should take this diplomacy thing and it use to NOT bomb innocent Syrians with Boeing's finest and most expensive munitions AND use the diplomacy thing as a cudgel with which he can abuse the teabagger assholes in the Congress as a fun bonus.  That would be perfectly fine, since the Syrians will never be a threat to the United States, so bombing them would be the basest atrocity. 

11 September 1973 In Chile

Peter Mayo on the significance of 9/11 in Chile.  Down there, their 9/11 was only the start, the start of American-backed fascism, economic destruction, and brutal murder.  Myopic understanding of history is a real problem, and it is almost impossible to cut through the jingoistic bullshit and hear the full 9/11 story.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Guardian Versus Idiots Adrift On Dwindling Arctic Sea Ice

The Guardian does a nice job slapping around cheap climate deniers along with some other UK papers in a concise and easy-to-read article.  This is good shit, mostly because the reactionary dipshits and Christian and other fundamentalist conservatives are so tragically mistaken about so much, especially climate change and the true state of the planet.

Please, Jesus, I Have A Dream For George Zimmerman

Though it might be sorta glorious in a Tarantino way to have Zimmerman gunned down on live tee vee by a dozen cops of all races and sexes chanting "We are all Trayvon" after Zimmerman gets drunk and makes threats with his gun to the wrong people, I would actually like him to live and not in fact be shot 80 times during Hannity's show--because we have already lost enough to senseless violence--but instead I prefer him to have a non-lethal law enforcement encounter after which he is seen bloody and blubbering and crying after an arrest captured in stunningly clear high-definition video to live in forever on the interwebs.  Living a long time with that indignity and finally being unmasked as a ginormous pussy in front of the world would be just about perfect for Mr. Zimmerman, so please, Jesus, please, please let me get what I want this time.  (And then take his fucking guns away before he or somebody else gets killed.)

Whatever Happened To A Boyfriend, Uh, Diplomacy In Syria

The kinda guy who tries to win you over.  Why does it have to be Putin, for Christ's sake?  Why wasn't diplomacy the first choice and the only choice for civilized people?  Why the fuck were cruise missiles ever a sensible option?  Oh, yeah, but Putin just may have pulled a cheap stunt and saved from real live lives.  It sucks donkey balls that a feller like Putin seems to be better at this game than Obama or Kerry are.  But, whatever keeps extra poor, helpless people from being killed is a good thing, so Putin should probably get a cookie for not sucking nearly as bad at this Syria game as the President and the Secretary of State.

Poitical Song for Barack Obama to Sing

Obama's Full Bush On Syria

Heh, heh, he said "Full Bush".  Frankly, Obama's been sportin' the full Bush for quite a while.

Hey Look! It's Medea Benjamin On War In Syria

And she's not out there being all shouty and embarrassing Obama fluffers!  But she's on Counterpunch and that place is all scary to the fluffy fluffers, so they probably don't even know she can do anything except protest.  It is odd that the only time Medea Benjamin shows up on cable news tee vee or regular news tee vee is when she's part of a protest.  Funny, that.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Isn't There Only One Way Breaking Bad Can End?

Didn't watch tonight (DVR'd it), but isn't the only possibility, besides a Sopranos-like existential punt, an ending like The Shield: violence and blood and death for most everyone save one character, whether it is Walter, Skylar, or Pinkman, having to live a tortured and hopeless life ever after?  I don't know, but anything else would feel like weak sauce at this point, unless they go for the Newhart riff and bring in the cast of Malcolm in the Middle in the last 30 seconds of the series.  Still, it's only a basic cable tee vee show, so who gives a fuck?

The Electric Saz Makes An Appearance With PiL

Lu Edmonds wips out his electric saz for the probably-mostly-clueless Glastonbury crowd.  Very cool version of "This Is Not A Love Song", though.  This PiL is a testament that Rotten is actually a decent guy under all that carrying on, crypto-Tory fucktardery, and other assorted blustery bullshit.

Australia: Wall-To-Wall Dipshits Apparently

So, the roofucking drongos went an elected a fucking right-wing asshole as their PM.  Fantastic job.  How quickly can we liberate Claudia Black and then let the rest of those fuckers die of skin cancer?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Johnny Marr's Bigmouth Later

No Norco Truax For 2014!

That's a wicked frakking shame.  The Truax was a great bike at a great price, AND the only 26" wheeled mountain bike left for Norco in 2014 is the DH bike!  That is a huge fucking mistake; bikes with bigger than 26" wheels are disasters for smaller frames and riders.  I can see this 27.5 650B mountain bike thing being a huge clusterfuck for women and kids and small dudes and shit.  Fuck. 

Political Tools Blaming Politics

Is a bit arch.  This clown is an industry insider who is oh so sure to 'splain to us fools why the system that benefits him is the only possible reality.  Bullshit.  The biggest problem with health care in the U.S. is indeed political.  The one and only political party, made up of most Dems and Rethugs, is dead set against any viable universal healthcare system.  What a real Democratic Party would have done to be a winner for all times was to take the obscene failure of Hillary Clinton and build winning campaigns and winning politics on the principle of Universal Healthcare so that when the time was right (2008), the American people would have been a fuck of a lot more educated and sophisticated after 20 years of a building political and educational program of pushing Universal Healthcare and Winning Elections.

Well, that didn't happen and we are royally fucked.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Deion Sanders, Well-Known Rocket Scientist

It's more than hard to feel bad for Deion Sanders; he's a millionaire and useless tee vee famous person like a Kardashian and Ted Cruz, but Jesus Frakking Christ, Sanders is a fucking shit-for-brains.  I guess we should feel good that he's a "team player" and "company man" to a fault, if you think those things are important.  Otherwise...

PiL And Lu Motherfrakking Edmonds On Guitar

Renaissance madman Lu Edmonds fucking killing it on guitar at Glastonbury earlier this year.

Obama's Syria Failure

At last a good one!  This titanic failure (by his measure) will actually save lives for once, unlike Obama's previous cock-ups, healthcare, the economy, which have cost lives.  Syria will still be awful, but it will be less awful without cruise missiles.  Pyrrhic victory for Syria!  Yay.

Waiting For Congress To Save Lives In Syria

Is a disheartening turn of events.  Usually Congress cannot wipe its own ass without the permission of the Koch Brothers and directions written by a lobbyist on Fox "News".  For once they might be able to do something useful and possibly save a few extra lives in Syria.  And if not, The Onion has a decent idea.

Whatevs. There Is Still This. But The Person Responsible For The Mix Should Be Beaten

Not enough bass and waaayy too much fucking piano.  I get that Townshend was really playing that day with an enthusiasm he hardly ever displayed even in the gloriest of glory days, but that fucking piano is so fucking annoying.  Whatevs.

Update: well, that RAH shit show was taken down.  Now there's this.  The quality of the recording kinda sucks donkey dick, and the song cuts out after the important part, but the mix is way better, and that Ox solo is nifty and sarcastically wankerish--I would enjoy having the ghost of John Entwistle jam a pineapple up the ass of all the 5- and 6-string bass poseurs and prog-rock doofuses who smirk and roll their eyes at proper 4-string electric basses.

Also, too, the somewhat odd, 21st century, late-period resurgence of Pete Townshend the guitar player, a thing Townshend himself ignored for decades.

And the complete song, mix sucks, camera work is criminal, recording quality is sketchy.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

There ARE Bigger Assholes Out There Than The Serotta Forum

Or, at least, just as big.  Crooks and Liars mines the insanity with these two butes.  First, we get a racist harpy out in Colorado eatin' the fried chicken because blacks live in her state and she's a fucking stupid cunt.  Also, Fox "News" goes over the top for all the fine, fine Americans who would like to see hungry kids watch a perfectly good lunch get thrown away instead of eating it.  That's some top-flight conservative thinkin' there, folks.  Such evil inanity would not be out of place on the Serotta Forum, but it is by no means confined to that benighted intellectual shithole.

Orgy Of Inanity, Education Edition

As a society, we are fuckity fuck fuck fucked.  As soon as one of the fucking teabagger dipshits brings up Obamacation, you can pretty much flush the whole gods damned discussion.  And the resident Koch-sucker is shocked, I say shocked that some schools have difficulty.  His masters have been doing their best to butt-fucking the society with upward wealth redistribution for as long as they've been around, so only the biggest dipshit in the world would be surprised that it actually does something after a while.  Fucked.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Eff Oh...

Fukushima Ice Wall: Next Comes The Night's Watch

If you build it, you will need a committed group to maintain it and protect it from Godzilla.  There's no way to have the wall without the crows.  As Japan is the land of the kamikaze, I'm sure they will come up with a creative and efficient way to man the wall.  Winter is fucking coming.  And spring and summer and fall and winter again.  Fukushima ain't goin' nowhere.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bill de Blasio Surprise

New York City's own Bill de Blasio could be a fun little surprise if he wins the election for mayor.  Not as fun as Carlos Danger, but still fun.

Better Than Bombs, For Now

Not bombing is always better than bombing, so the fact that Obama backed off is a good thing for Syria--more people alive--but bad for Boeing--less cruise missiles ordered next quarter.  I get the feeling Boeing will get its wish eventually, but waiting for the clown-car crackup that is the U.S. Congress to act will save some Syrians, and that's something.

Diana Nyad's Big Swim

I found the occasional 10,000 meter practice to be a bit much, and Diana Nyad swam a whole lot more than that in the god's damned ocean.  At 64.  That's pretty fucking cool.  And given the nature of sports in the 21st century, she sure as shit didn't do it for the easy money.  Neato.  She's gotta be tough.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Golden Chris Kvale Frame

If I had to pick the color for a new CKC, or any bike, this gold would probably be the very last choice I would make.  Tastes vary, though, and a Kvale painted a wicked ugly color is still one of the world's finest bikes.  Nice classic details, as well.  I like this sled, even if I wouldn't choose this particular color combo.  No one should give a rat's ass what I think about their color selections, anyway...

If Only Syria Had Nuclear Weapons

They'd be safe.  The case for a "chemical weapons" attack is pretty fucking thin.  The "chemical weapons" used were probably forms of tear gas or pepper spray and not sarin or some other nasty nerve gas agents.  Let's face it, our own cops pepper spray and tear gas kids on a fairly regular basis, so this same use in Syria would not make Assad or the rebels history's greatest monsters.  I don't believe the U.S. State Department and I don't believe the fucking Israeli scum, so the "evidence" for "chemical weapons" use is not really evidence at all. 

Veteran Teachers Versus Nimrods

Kos's spot is good right here: Steve Singiser on veteran teachers--with tenure! oh the horror!!--versus teabagger assholes, Christian dipshits, conservative fuckheads, and Teach for America.  Good teaching, good public education, and strong communities are not things that the conservatives, reactionaries, teabaggers, and religious fundie asswhipes want.  They much prefer to destroy institutions, and the public schools are a big, slow target.  It is long past time to call them out on their bullshit.  Singiser does a nice job in this piece.  Well worth a read.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer's Babe

Yikes, The New Lincoln Cars Are Butt-Ugly

I've seen more than a couple around, so I guess they are selling some of 'em, but the the modern fucking Lincoln cars look like shit.  With all the generic looking cars out there, whether they say Jaguar, Volvo, Buick, BMW, or Kia on them, how can the Lincolns look so much nastier than the very boring and timid average?  I hate that fucking panoramic roof thing too.  That blows dog.

1 September?

Jeez, that was quick.  Summer was in fucking warp drive.  Autumn, fall, whatevs.  Summer's gone.  Winter is coming.