Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nothing Says 'Oklahoma OK!' Like 'Botched Execution'

We don't expect much from Oklahoma, but jesus!  Let's maybe all get our heads out of our collective ass(es) and decide that this is a sign from all the gods in all the hells and stop executions once and for all.  In reality, this shit looks bad for a coupla days, but by next Tuesday, Texas will be back to killing innocents, retards, minorities, innocent retards, innocent minorities, and everybody they can catch who isn't Rick Perry. 

A Science Person Learns A Fox "News" Lesson

Why was the fuckwad on Fox to begin with?  Has this dude never heard of Fox "News" or seen it, even for like 15-20 seconds?  No biggie, if this Michael Moyer person has learned his lesson, he's way out in front of the vast majority of fucking Democrats around this dump.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Adam Silver Drops The Hammer

The NBA likes money, and Adam Silver likes his job and likes money, so Donald Sterling had to go.  If they thought for a second that they could have somehow deflected this in order to make it go away, I'm sure they would have done just that, but Sterling is too stupid to deal with, so that's that. 

Niger Innis Is Running For Congress In Nevada?

What the fucking fuck?  Niger Innis is running in Nevada?  As a Repubican!  Nevada! Jesus frakking christ, I don't know why this is so creepy, but with all the problems Nevada has had over the years, Innis living there--or pretending to live there--seems like piling on.  Niger Innis is another fucktard Uncle Tom for the Fox generation.

Rep. Bennie Thompson Is Right

Clarence Thomas IS an uncle tom.  No fucking question.  Uncle Thomas benefited from affirmative action to get into law school and get hired by the government and then get the biggest, most exclusive affirmative action job in the whole universe on the Supreme Court, but he doesn't have the balls to admit it or the brains to understand it, so seriously, fuck him.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Gloriously Grimm Days Ahead

Gettin' good + got good quick.  Grimm is a piece of shit, and he also may be the beginning of the Republican House collapse, but the best fun is gonna be when we hear about all the nasty shit he pulled in the Marines and the FBI.  There's a reason this scumbag didn't manage to hang on anywhere, and it should be hilarious when his past gets publicized. 

Putin And Obama And Ukraine And Washington

How's this gonna play out?  I don't know, but it is obvious that Washington has a plan.  Putin, however, is not bound to follow the DC playbook, so we may be in for a bunch o' fun in Ukraine.  Yay.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Erik Loomis Sez It

Anyone can do some good, it seems.  More people should be sayin' it: Repeal the 2nd Amendment.  That's not gonna happen--anytime soon enough at least, but, BUT, we sane people need to be advocating for a complete dismantling of the Second Amendment AND disarming of the police if we want to get ANY PROGRESS in curbing gun violence in our society.  Baby steps and Obamaesque milquetoast bullshit won't cut it here.  Repeal it.  Melt the guns.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Farscape Movie Still Happening

Probaby gonna be an epic abortion, but the simple fact that these folks are talking seriously about making the Kermit-in-Space show into a for-realz movie is somewhat astonishing. 

2016 Republican Dream Ticket: Cliven Bundy And Donald Sterling

Bundy and Sterling have important things to tell us about important shit, so I eagerly await the campaign debates and Koch-sponsored tee vee spots explaining the genius.

Even Teabaggers Know Sean Hannity Is A Piece Of Shit

Poor Hannity makes friends everywhere he goes.  I guess the Al Cliven Bundy family thought Hannity was a true friend or good guy or sane human being or some other impossible thing, but they learned the truth when Hannity flipped out on the cable tee vee after the Bundy patriarch outed himself as an addle-headed racist cockbag.  Well, if a teabagging racist can't trust Sean Fucking Hannity, who can he trust?

Friday, April 25, 2014

Rep. Michael Grimm Funfetti Is About To Blow Up

The criminal justice system is about to break Michael Grimm like a boy.  This indictment should be the end of his career in the House at least, and with any luck, we'll have the pleasure of watching him get perp-walked to a sentencing hearing sometime in the future.  I also can't wait to hear about his misconduct in the Marines and FBI--and quite possibly the classic dead girl or live boy; you know that shit is coming after this indictment.  Fuck yeah!

Let Cliven Bundy Tell You About The Oriental

Or the Indian. Or the other Indian. Or the Eskimo.  Bundy knows these people just as well as he knows the Negro, so tune into Fox "News" for a shitload more insight from a real genius like Cliven Bundy.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Let Cliven Bundy Tell You About The Negro

Breaking News: Cowardly, racist welfare cheat is cowardly and racist!  I mean, duh.  Militia whackjobs with big guns and microscopic wieners rally around a racist deadbeat!  Only in Uh-merr-ah-kuh.  The fact that Bundy and his butt buddies are racist scum is not at all surprising, but watching the nasty buffoons who spewed support for Bundy twisting in the wind is a thing of transcendent beauty. 

Michael Phelps Must REALLY Hate Ryan Lochte

Phelps is swimming again, and the only good reason would be to fuck with uber-douche Ryan Lochte.  Lochte was looking forward to not having Phelps smacking him around in the pool anymore, and now he is probably the saddest soggy panda in the pool about now.

Jon Stewart Does A Nice Job Slagging Sean Hannity

Stewart is often a big ole weasel, but he gets his war on kicking Hannity around for fun on his tee vee show, making all god-lovin' Americans warm with joy.  Sure, making Hannity look stupid is fish-in-a-barrel shit but still good for our souls.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

There Is (Was) A Good Teacher In Connecticut

Lee Papa stands up for a college teacher after some teabagging fuckwit retard got all bent after this teacher, Brent Terry, told some truth about conservatives.  If you can get a good teacher at some lower-level state school in Connecticut, you can probs get one anywhere--I guess that's why the clown-car fucktards gotta do all they can to chase 'em away; good teachers might have half a brain and maybe even tell the truth about conservatives occasionally, causing the rare teabagging fuckwit retard to learn something and leave teabagging and fucktardery behind.

Dinesh D'Souza Is Getting Just Exactly What He Deserves

Apparently the husband of the syphilitic whore Dinesh was fucking for a spell is having some fun with him.  If the dude is able to send D'Souza to the slammer, essentially for fucking his wife, that would be hella cool; D'Souza is a piece of shit, so whatever brings him down is pretty nifty.

Saying Goodbye To Big-Time College Athletics Would Be Loverly

Divorcing college from minor league basketball and football and hockey would be a huge boon for both college and athletics.  That's not likely to happen because of all the money mixed up with the sports and the schools, but it would be really good for our higher education system if the best college sports could do would be actual students playing the game like a monkey fucks a football. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crazy Crackers And The Supreme Court

Did you ever get the feeling you were being lied to?  America is being suffocated by crazy cracker stupidity.  Whether it's the Koch brothers and their Koch-sucking stooges or Franklin Graham and his bugfuck crazy jesus-freak family and followers or racist teabagging crackers and their enablers on the SOTUS, the U.S. is getting way too much of the simple, obvious shit wrong and poisoning our potential for progress.  Affirmative Action is easy for redneck assholes to hate, but we shouldn't be allowing their ignorance to influence policy or make law.  If we as a society can't do any better, well, we're gettin' exactly what we deserve.

Bundy Fest 2014

Nice.  This Bundy Fest idea is pretty fun.  It's silly, but it's a whole lot less silly than the real Bundy fucktardery, so rock out with your cock out at Bundy Fest 2014.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

White Guy Jesus In 2014--Dumber Than Ever

White-guy jesus, lookin' like some skeevy douchebag you might find in or at Georgetown, was always pretty inane, but in 2014, it is seeming less sad and more nasty.  Dumb cocksuckers like Bill O'Reilly and Mark Burnett might not know any better, but plenty of the bootlickers around them surely know, allowing the pathetic O'Reilly and Burnett to broadcast their racism and ignorance to shut-ins and mental defectives who clearly don't know any better.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Not-Al Bundy Is A Teabagging Wingnut Domestic Terrorist

Al Clive Bundy and his sausage party are domestic terrorists and Koch-sucking teabaggers.  There's not a fucking thing wrong with Harry Reid or anyone else to say just that.  If those welfare cowboys had been black or anything but closet-case wingnuts, they would have been slaughter and the dogs.

No Michael Kay Means A Good Day

The frakkin' Yankees need to dump Kay ASAPy-like.  Singleton and Flash are good enough.  Anybody but agent Kay.

Hard To Tell Who's Fucking Crazier, Robert Jeffress Or Kevin Sorbo

Of course, when they're on the O'Reilly show, Billo's mooning self-delusion makes both Jeffress and Sorbo look not so bugfuck nutty, but you know they are.  They really are fucktards.  And evil.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cool Car Testing Stuff From Saab

Kinda' like Top Gear done by smarter people.  Only not in English.  Cars are wildly complex, amazing contraptions.  The fact that the American model requires them for every aspect of life makes them wildly destructive and evil.  Too bad, cuz cars are neat.  They're killin' us all, tho.

Ummm...Don't Call People Idiots

If ya is one yerself.  Who didn't know Snowden was a douche canoe from the start?  Hell, his pops went to Eric Fucking Bolling for a tee vee interview, so that tells you way too much about the Snowden family intelligence level.  L'Affaire Snowden still acts as a brilliant honey trap for establishment buffoons and unreconstructed Obama fluffers.  It's still about distracting from the facts, distracting from the crimes, distracting from the guilt of their masters.  Useless idiots indeed.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hatin' On Andrew Cuomo Is Always Right And Natural

Cuomo versus Christie is tie for last.  Crapping on Cuomo as a scumbag is easy but fun.  And useful.  Cuomo is one of the worst of the establishment Dems, so it that self same establishment wants to make an effort to take him down or take him out, well, that's fine, just fine with me.

In The Mood For Home-Grown Terrorism

Glenn Miller, all-American teabagging terrorist.  This asshole has been a celebrity for decades in the racist hatred movement in the United States.  These lunatics are the biggest danger to peace and freedom in this part of the world, not Talibs or Russians or North Koreans.   They're a danger when they call themselves teabaggers and send fuckwads like Mike Rogers and Ted Cruz to Congress.  They're a danger when they use their badges as reason to beat down teenagers.  They're a danger when they kill righteous and brave doctors.  They're a danger when they take science and sanity out of text books in Texas.  Unfortunately, these fuckers came over on the first boat, and they've been holding back progress ever since.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Fred Ho Live!

Fred Ho Lives

Yes.  This is good stuff, well worth reading, and Fred Ho is one of those impossible people who couldn't have been real but were, so they change the idea and ideal of the possible.  Seriously, read this piece and then read more and listen more and enjoy.  The man is gone, but the possibilities for the best of the rest of humanity are surely endless.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

What If These Nevada Cattle Terrorists Were Black

Would black folks be able to violently resist the government with guns drawn the way these teabagging cowboys have been?  Of course they would!  Ab so fucking lutely!  Or maybe they would have been shot down immediately.  Regardless, I'd like to see the Feds go all Waco on these cocksucking cattle moochers.  Pay up or get shot.  Fuck yeah!  That's the America the teabaggers want us to have, as long as the teabaggers aren't the ones getting shot.  But fuck 'em.  What good for the blahs is good for the crackers, too.

Same As It Ever Was: Jim Rice On The Sox Post-Game

We Americans suffer with so much and so little, so much military spending and so little health care availability, but thank jesus we still have Jim Rice on the NESN Red Sox post-game show after a game where the Sox got bombed out by the Yankees. 

Yeah, Ban All Religious Schools In The U.S., ESPECIALLY The Christian Ones

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is pretty much an unhinged hateful wingnut, BUT her ranty opposition to religious schools is nothing all decent people shouldn't support on some level.  Does Hirsi Ali hate Islam with the light of 10,000 burning Qurans?  Sure.  She's got a personal beef.  Got it.  In the good ole USA, Muslim schools aren't the problem, the Christian ones are.  While it is probably not a good policy to ban them outright, certainly the emphasis should be on tolerant, well-rounded schools teaching science and history and literature and shit and NOT teaching hilariously dumb stories about fictional gods and angels and that crap.  Religious organizations should be tolerated but not endorsed or financed in any way; a true pluralistic society doesn't put any one persons stupid faith ahead of any other person's silly beliefs.  Christians have way too much influence around here, and people die because of it.  As far as Hirsi Ali goes, her being married to a cretinous fool like Niall Ferguson tells you all you need to know about how fucked up in the head--along with how much of careerist--she is.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Should Game Of Thrones Have Tossed Out The Daenerys Story

Emilia Clarke is a frakking zero, and every time this dumb story comes up, I fast forward.  I knew from the start that the show would be dragged into the shit by the terrible storyline of the early books--giving up your best actors and best characters in the first season was dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb--but okay, whatever.  Now that the thing is rollin' along, with breakout work from people like Dinklage and the supporting group, though, the Daenerys stuff is a distraction.  The whole Song of Ice and Fire is bloated beyond reason with nonsense and pointlessness, so the producers of the tee vee show should have had the wisdom to keep what was better and dump the giant pile of bloated crap that is the rest.  Any dragons Jon Snow might want to ride at the end could have grown up off screen and second hand--it may have been hard to see before the show first aired, but it is clear a few years later that Emilia Clarke and her story are boring and a distraction.

Dean Baker Is No Fun

He's not playing along--he never does. He's no fun any more.  Baker too often is the wet blanket, the stick in the shit, the buzz killington.  Bitching about entitlements while piling on the horseshit into the sky is a proud American tradition for both parties.  Dean Baker probably hates America.

Get Me Something I Can Really Use: Marsha Blackburn Runnin' For President

Imagine this dipshit Blackburn running along side some classic ass-clowns like Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee!  Marsha Blackburn will bring the fucktard, so let's get her in the race!

But TV Is Pretty Easy For Some Other Folks

Not O'Reilly. Tee Vee is about to get very unpleasant for him, but Stephen Colbert and his people have this tee vee thing figgered out, cuz it's easy. 

TV Is Too Complicated For Some People

I mean, jeez. What a maroon.  The Colbert character isn't that complicated, and Colbert has stated that the O'Reilly bit he does in character is not that complex or that tough.  Colbert has said that he's not as far out there as people assume he is, but since he's been doin' tee vee for freeking ever, hosting a chat show is not gonna be too much for him.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Well, O'Reilly's Finished

Watch for O'Reilly's retirement in 2015.  Once he drops the character, Colbert will be able to show just how self-deluded and sad O'Reilly really is, and he'll have a hell of big forum on which to do it.  Billo won't be able to handle that, so I think he'll just quit next year before Colbert chews him a new one on CBS. 

Nobody Bags Tea Like An All-American Teabagger

Notice that when the teabagger-American fucktard shows up, the conversation gets waayyy dumber.  I guess that's something America can be known for, being less reasonable, less informed, and less sane than even dipshits from other parts of the world.  Frak, yah!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Boyz Done Good

Billy Bragg and Johnny Marr.  Mmmm...Johnny Marr.

So, What's The Matter With Connecticut?

Two basketball champions don't come cheap.  How many hungry kids are there in the Nutmeg State this week so that UConn had the money for their fancy basketball programs?  Old people who were cold this winter?  Who's gonna count the gigantic potholes that didn't get filled?  Or the bridges that are ready to collapse?  Or figure out how many real college students got turned away because an athlete needed the space?

Wow, The Notre Dame Women Sucked Hard--That's Good

Notre Dame is a gods-forsaken rapey hellhole, so anytime they lose big on the tee vee is a good thing!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

O'Reilly Is Making A Huge Mistake Right Now Baiting Colbert

Colbert is way smarter AND funnier than O'Reilly, so if Colbert decides O'Reilly needs to smeared in shit, then O'Reilly's in big fucking trouble.  Let's start with Andrea Mackris.  Then O'Reilly's divorce.  Then his really sorry career.  Harvard lies.  The shitty books.  His atrocious novel.  He's a big, greasy target; let's hope Colbert decides to entertain us while making O'Reilly look like the pathetic loser he really is on the inside.

Bicycle Warfare

War horses. That are bikes.  Bikes eat less than horses and don't get sick.  Bikes have always been used by military, and certainly they might not have been the first choice in certain situations, but you use what you have and not what you want during wartime.  Regardless, riding is a hell of a lot faster than walking under many conditions.  That's what important.

Reverend Al And The Eff-Bee-Eye

This seems like a bullshit parade.  Bullshit from the Feds, bullshit from the racist assholes and haters, and bullshit from Sharpton.  There's gonna be so much lying, ass-covering, obfuscation, and finger-pointing that we may never get the real story, and that would be a shame, because I'm sure there's an even better true story somewhere under there which would be way more entertaining than the bullshit cavalcade gearing up right now.  If we are very very good, we should pray to jesus frakking christ that we get the bestest entertainment out of this and the glorious true funfetti.

Better Yet, Don't Go On Fox

Don't do it.  Leave Fox and the teabagger assholes to their own devices; you can't win on Fox, and you won't change the minds of the mindless.  So, don't do it.  Stay far away and let the Fox types wallow in their own shit.

History For You And You And You

Conservative healthcare reform, such as it is, throughout history.  Modern history, at least.  You know, since Clinton the Tubby.  Anyway, it is a "just sayin'" thing at this point.  Signal boosted today by Digby.

The Generous Taxpayers Of Connecticut Bought A National Championship

Even with free labor, that shit ain't cheap.  And if the girls win as well, that will be a very expensive party on that end, too.  The big-times cost big-time money.  The only good thing is that a proven piece of human filth like John Calipari won't get the glory this year, though he still gets the money.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lou Legend

Men's Championship Matchup

Hard to fault UConn over fucking Florida, I guess, but Wisconsin is nothing but disappointing in every conceivable way, allowing the disgusting John Calipari a chance to win this year.  Assholes.

'Game of Thrones' Doesn't Hold Up So Well

Free HBO has been playing the shit outa GoT this weekend, and while I wasn't around to watch every frigging hour or anything, I was a bit surprised to find that I didn't have any desire to watch any of it I had seen already when I did have the chance.  That's odd, especially given that the show is one of the biggest things goin' right now.  HBO is spendin' the cash too, but GoT is no Jackie Brown for entertaining rewatchability. 

MB-1 Funfetti

MB-1 fun is fun.  Decades in, these bikes still bring the good.  As always, the geometry is really pretty awful for me, but the flexy tubing and short wheelbase--too short, with too-short of a top tube? yeah--are zippy in the woods.  Really, I like a shorter rear end and a significantly longer front-center with stouter tubing, but the MB-1 has always been a fun ride.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Virag's Movie Reviews: Oldboy (2013)

Watching Josh Brolin, it's hard to decide if he is just an atrocious actor or whether maybe there is talent there obscenely ill-served by awful material--and not in this botched cinematic abortion, but in everything.  Oldboy packs about as much punch as made-for-tv movie but doesn't make as much sense.  Elizabeth Olsen is really cute, and from the look of her, she got the only complete, functional set of chromosomes in the family.  Good for her!

Nicely Effective Andrew Sullivan Fisking

Andrew Sullivan is a hapless buffoon, and he always has been--the fact that some people are just now noticing says way too much about our political and media culture.  Anywayz, it's always fun to see Sullivan's nose rubbed in his shameful filth. 


Friday, April 4, 2014

Properly Phlegmatic Perspective On The Midterms

If crappy Dems lose, what difference does it make?  Not much, unfortunately.  If the stakes were higher, and the Dems better than the ones we have now--or way better than the Republicans--not only would it make a huge difference, but it would be so much more of an incentive to actually vote.  Really strong Dems who ran on the popular issues and were successful implementing those popular issues and programs, well, those Dems would bring out the voters in a midterm election.  What we have now, not so much.

Can't Wait To See O'Reilly Get His Ass Kicked By Bill De Blasio

I'd pay money to watch on PPV or somethin'.  If De Blasio wants to, I'm sure he could pretty quickly turn O'Reilly into greasy little impotent Billo meatballs.  That would be boatloads of fun.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

What Fort Hood Needs Is More Guns

If only every soldier and civilian on base at Fort Hood had been armed, we could have increased the death toll from the latest shooting in the hundreds!  How great would that have been?  Instead of one fucking nutjob shooting at people with the police and MPs trying to stop him, we could have had easily hundreds of panicked idiots shooting all at once!  That's the way to get some numbers!  Killed!  Wounded!  All way way up when tens of thousands of rounds start flying everywhere at once!  And not just Fort Hood--let's get everyone a gun so we can be a shootin' everyone all day.  Everybody gets a gun.  Well, not the blacks and shit, but all good white people get guns so they can shoot people any time.  Fuck yeah!  That's motherfucking America! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ukraine's Not Gonna Get Better Any Time Soon

Even the world's smartest Republican doesn't believe Ukraine will be better off now.  You didn't have to be a psychic to see that the West was fucking with government in Ukraine or to see that money was the reason for the season.  The people will be the ones who suffer, as usual, either through austerity or through outright shooting.  The pool, the pond.

Josh Marshall Is Right About This!

Astounding!  Releasing Pollard would be a fucking abortion.  Keep him in prison to piss off Israel just for grins or keep him because you might be able to use his skull as a doorstop some day, but keep him in prison.  Obama is really a dimwit most days.

Teabagger Idiots Unbound

You know how you felt bad watching that developmentally disabled dwarf chase the greased pig?  Same thing--except the dude chasin' the pig was smarter than this 'ticular teabagger.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

X With Dave Alvin Farm Aid 1986

Steven Seagal In Russia

Yes, Seagal is a nasty, rock-headed little fascist, but holy shit he is so frakkin' nuts that this Russian thing with the Putin-lovin' is just amazingly giggle-inducing.  I mean, does Putin get how bugfuck crazy Seagal is, or is ole Vlad a true-believin' true fan of Seagal's?  I hope we get to see lots of this unfold; Seagal and Putin most likely deserve each other.

Obamacare: Lotsa Political Capital For Not So Much Health Care

Obama and his minions were dancin' around today and crowin' about the Obamacare numbers.  That's all well and good as a political move to try and buttfuck the Republicans in the midterms who have nothing else to run on, but the ACA has proven to be mostly a (failed, failing, weak) political exercise instead of an effective universal health care program.  Too much politicin' with too much political capital wasted with too little health care.  Too bad, cuz like Tubby Clinton, Obama has fucked up America's shot at universal health care for another generation or two.  Brilliant.