Sunday, September 30, 2012

Excellent Chris Kvale

Updated?  New owner?  What ever!  It's frakking wicked.

One Year Ago Today

occupy wall street wins its first big victory

the occupy wall street folks have bagged their first big, important trophy.  tonight the rejects on fox news and especially o'reilly and hannity devoted valuable (to them) fox news air time to mock the protests and protesters.  that's a huge win for the good guys.  if those asswipes are taking the time to belittle you, you have scared the shit out of them.  nice job.  boo-ya! 

al-awlaki: obama's latest murder. this time with robots.

barack obama, the pentagon and the cia finally bagged their latest harmless straw-man idiot with a couple of very expensive robots and a few missiles.  anwar al-awlaki, american citizen, mostly-harmless ranting moron, scary muslim straw man and now, unfortunately, martyr, was murdered by the united states cia and military at the order of the president today, along with a few other people we don't care enough to talk about, with a robot drone and missile so that the president and the military/intelligence infrastructure can pretend that they are 'winning' a 'war' against 'terror'.  al-awlaki's greatest crime was being able to speak fluent english.  his second greatest crime was not being an enthusiastic believer in such bullshit as 'american exceptionalism'.  the big problem for all of us is that al-awlaki was an american citizen.  back when we had a constitution, american citizens had protections against such slights as extra-judicial murder and assassination.  now, we have assholes and morons of all stripes lining up to cheer this outrage.

whatever al-awlaki's crimes beyond his english fluency may have been we will never know.  right now, the only evidence we have that he was a danger to anyone anywhere is the word of his killers, and they are not known to be very smart or very honest.  all independent evidence states that this clown was just some guy who poked the eye of the american hegemony with his idiot rantings, so he had to die.  the fact that he was an american citizen is conveniently ignored by the cheerleading fuckers.  america  has moved far beyond a nation of laws, and this is merely the latest example.  the president used the full force of the u.s. military and intelligence forces to murder an american citizen without trial, without evidence and without reason.  how long will it be until a president uses a drone to assassinate a citizen on u.s. soil?  anyone who cheers the murder of al-awlaki is either a monster or a fool of gigantic proportions.

al-awlaki was a perfect scary monster for consumption in the u.s.  a man with little or no connection to actual operations against the interests of the united states but instead a u.s. citizen who didn't subscribe to the 'america fuck yeah' worldview, he was a safe target and could be held up as a traitor for the cheering monkeys back home.  he's another john walker lindh, a bad bad american who deserved to suffer and die so that the rest of america could feel better.  lindh was a harmless goof and al-awlaki was just as ineffectual.  the u.s. government has attempted to connect him to every act of violence in the past 10 years, but anyone dumb enough to buy that load of horseshit is free to wallow in their own fetid ignorance forever and ever.

watching the sickening self-congratulating today all over the media from elected and military officials along with tee vee buffoons and random internet jerkoffs is both one of the most disgusting as well as one of the most pathetic displays in recent american history.  whatever potential the american experiment had is long dead.  the only american exceptionalism extant is exceptional evil and stupidity.

if obama wants to murder a few more folks, i have a list

now that we've stopped pretending we're a nation of laws and freedom, i have a list of people i'd like to see killed if obama is at a loss for new targets.  i fully endorse assassination and summary execution for people i'd like to see dead, so if obama needs any help killing people, i'd be happy to forward him my list. 

when bill o'reilly praises your extra-judicial murder, you know you are wrong

dumb-as-a-post evil fucker bill o'reilly was all over the murder of purported dirtbag anwar al-awlaki, stroking his major boehner and fluffing obama in the 'war' on 'terror' at the start of his show tonight.  if anyone needed any evidence that what we did in yemen was evil and wrong, here you go.  if o'reilly says it's good, you know it's as wrong as wrong can be.

next time, let bank of america fail

there's no such thing as to big to fail.  if boa wants to screw over its customers, please remember what they did and next time let them go out of business.  what we in the united states don't seem to understand is that private businesses exist to serve the needs of the citizens and not the other way around.  any private enterprise that cannot survive due to incompetence or poor policies deserves to fail.  bank of america is a great example of this, and it is to our great discredit that we protected their wealth and privilege on the backs of the average americans. 

wait, what? melissa harris-lacewell-perry is a great black public intellectual?

what the fuck?  if this dipshit is right, then we are all beyond fucked, the white, the black, the brown and the blue people, too.  what makes her a great public intellectual?  because she is on msnbc fluffing obama's failures?  because she teaches at one of our numerous expensive and non-selective private universities?  because she's an african-american woman?  what's next, imani gandy is going to be hailed as the finest political mind of the 21st century?  sweet jesus mother fucking christ, can't we do better than this bullshit?  we're doomed.

thar she blows! the great christie whale!!

moby's dick is still out there!  put the boats in the water boys and man the harpoons!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Political Song for Mittens' Debate Coach to Sing

One Year Ago Today

is herman cain a michael steele for the new decade?

will hermentum be allowed to be the smiling face of ignorant republican racism and self-hating identity politics just until he becomes a little too embarrassing and then be unceremoniously tossed into the gutter when a white lickspittle decides he wants the spot?  for the love of christ, let's hope so.  that's what i call fun. 

jon stewart sucks

watching bill o'reilly masturbate himself with a jon stewart falafel at the opening to his show tonight proves what a stooge jon stewart really is for allowing o'reilly to use stewart's own show against him.  who cares what stupid comments stewart made to make o'reilly look foolish?  o'reilly looks foolish every waking moment of his life.  stewart is dead wrong in giving that dickwad an other outlet on tee vee.  keep that vile fucker far away from your show; find low-effort humor in someone less disgusting and dangerous.

montana follows vermont in leading the way

this turns out to be the canadian model, essentially: having the sub-national governments (provinces or states) enacting their own versions of universal (single-payer) coverage, and then, after all the hard work is done and the programs become popular and successful, the idea spreads across the country before becoming national health care.

it's not going to be easy; there will be pushback by the weasels and sycophants who suck at the teats of the mellons and the coors and kochs and the duponts and petersons.  however, the success was too much to ignore in canada and could be here.  vermont, montana, places with leaders not afraid to innovate and to lead, real progress is possible.  

chris 'tweety' matthews is an idiot, again, and he has a boehner for chris christie

he thinks chris christie appeals to average americans.  matthews is almost as big of an asshole as christie.  matthews thinks christie is hurting.  matthews is almost as big of a moron as christie.  christie is a weathly servant of privilege.  the only things hurting on him are his crumbling knees and his greasy, withered heart.  he acts like a bully because he's an asshole pure and simple.  the only people his disgusting policies and aberrant behavior appeal to are fucking shitheads just like him.

greg gutfeld consistenly delivers the dumbest commentary on television

his every utterance is completely useless, even worse than dick morris, pat cadell or steve forbes!  he couldn't manage getting a hero sandwich without sounding like sean hannity's retarded boyfriend.  fucking champion! 

hermentum all over fox news now!

somebody at fox realized that bachmann and perry were not gonna be in the campaign long enough to deliver the batshit crazy ignorant bullshit that fox needs to broadcast to america long into 2012.  plus, cain being an african-american man can deliver their racist message with an unapologetic, manic uncle-tom glee.  this is nothing but win for fox news but could cost the republican party dearly.  i'm not sure cain has thefrothing, deep-seated jesus-madness cred necessary to inoculate the heathen cultist mittens against teabagger bigotry, so hermentum could sink the romney election chances on the romney/cain ticket.

watching occupy wall street percolate

occupy wall street has made it to cable tee vee, and now the network news broadcasts in brief.  so far, this is a pretty remarkable achievement, especially in light of the fact that the establishment media did its best to ignore the whole thing while hoping it just went away.  olbermann did good work early, and recently the rest of cable news is following in kind.  the police abuse certainly helped get the coverage, since tee vee loves to see helpless women tortured--almost as much as the nypd apparently!  so it took some suffering to get to the next level of coverage, but it may turn out to be a good thing.  that fucking animal cop bologna might lose his pension, and the fact that the protests continue may get a few people thinking and talking, and the thing we need as a political culture most of all is a more engaged and thoughtful electorate.  1% of americans are destroying the nation and world without any thought of the other 99%.  these protests could be the start of a legitimate effort to change that sad fact.  michael moore, russel simmons, susan sarandon, cornel west are lending the protests some coverage while using them to increase their own visibility.  moore has a book to sell, after all, and good for him!  anything that helps to further the goals of more and better democracy is worth more than a thousand embarrassing republican debates sponsored by google. 

nice to see some love for joe mcginiss's sarah palin book

yay for crooks and liars and tina dupuy for actually reading the book and not falling for the sarah palin as victim bullshit.  establishment media is lame it's true, and not just for their obvious bias (right-wing corporatist) but also for their sheer laziness and lack of curiosity.  palin is a shallow subject, but she's such a fucking money-grubbing bullshit artist that she is certainly a deserving target.

hahahahahahahahahah stupid knows no color

some of our dumbest americans are angry black women, but they're not stupid cuz they're black or women, they're stupid cuz they are just fucking morons.  out there on the interwebs, the world's worst unemployed lawyer soils herself because one of msnbc's lesser lights and 'professor' at one of our overpriced, non-selective private universities gets called out on especially lame obama fluffing.  we didn't hold obama to a higher standard because he was black but because he wanted the stupid job and it turns out he sucks at it!  imani gandy and melissa harris lacewell perry are almost as funny as the red sox in september. 

now it's done, and it's a great day for america

excellent.  coupla' quick things: paplebon blew two big saves to fuck his team during the collapse, and carl crawford is a huge waste of space.  of course, david price looked like shit tonight, as he has recently, but the rays had something to win, and they did.

now tom caron is talking about sifting through the rubble.  the post game show will not be truly sublime because eck's not there, but jim rice and his stylin' duds will be pretty entertaining.  now the death watch starts: tito 'the-least-popular-jackson-brother-evah' francona has to go.  the team started like shit, but 20 games lost in september and it has to be bye-bye.  maybe theo epstein should go to, but francona's history.  remy looks like he's gonna need his prescriptions adjusted right now.  'inexcusable', he says.  no shit.  20 losses in the last month of the season.  now they're talking about the trade deadline failures.  that's epstein.  oops.  papelbon's a free agent.  he's certainly going out a loser.  literally.  maybe the yanks can pick him up for the 6th inning of games cheap; they can go papelbon, soriano, roberts, mariano.  remy'll probably have to be on suicide watch unless he's a huge bruins fan and big drinker.

caron's writing off francona.  jim rice says the team didn't work hard enough.  holy shit, it's been 10 minutes, and even the jerkoffs in the studio are hanging the manager out to dry.  fucking awesome!  this is the redsox and boston sports in general at their best.  they're miserable happy losers who just don't know what to do if they win.  they'd rather cry than smile.  wah wah wah.  gotta love it.

meanwhile, the yankees are going about their business and don't have to play the miracle rays in the first series so they won't see them till next year.  and hell, even if they go out in the alds, they did better than the sox so it's a successful season in new york.

francona looks like a condemned man.  say he comes back next season and the team starts 3 and 15.  he'll be gone so fucking fast it'll make his head spin and glasses fly off, so it's probably better if they just fire him tomorrow and get it over with.  i know that teams are not supposed to step on the playoffs with high-profile firings, but maybe the sox ownership will be so fucking tweaked that they'll can tito and theo tomorrow in a spasm of frustration.  7 and 20 in september blows moose cock.

tom caron is talking like an old timey sox fan, expecting the worst and knowing that the sox will always find a way to fail.  that's the way it should be.  the sox, celtics, patriots and bruins are no fun when they win; boston is so much more entertaining when their teams lose in the most embarrassing ways possible.  talking up a bruins preseason game is the only thing they can do now.  fucking beautiful.

and the braves lose, too, and that's always good.  too bad that the cardinals and that hateful bastard larussa couldn't lose, too.  fuckers.

now caron is walking back the fire francona talk.  somebody musta motherfucked him up and down during the commercial.  the first feeling is right, though.  tito's toast.  'change the attitude in the clubhouse' from rice.  maybe big jim needs to go down and kick some ass to get those clowns going!  gonzalez is talking about god's plan.  what a fucking moron.  if jeebus cared about adrian fucking gonzalez, that would be about the most pathetic thing anyone could imagine.  maybe god can pay gonzalez's fucking salary for this season.  asshole.  most of these guys should just keep their idiot mouths shut.  and apparently gonzalez is bad luck, so he might wanna reconsider that god bullshit.  maybe allah would do more to help gonzalez get  world series ring or at least his teams into the post-season.  big poopy looks like he's gonna cry.  maybe he can run away to south america with manny.  papelbon looked like he was gonna cry, too.  what a pussy.  highly paid losers.  they certainly should bring back wakefield.  he's totally useless, so he fits right in.  'if theo's still around.  if terry's still around'.  sweet jesus, rice is vicious.  i think he wants the job.  that would be fun to watch, anyway.

that evan longoria from desperate housewives looks pretty happy in his postgame interview.  very nice for him with his show ending and stuff. 

tom caron must've been rehearsing his historic bitch and moan routine in the mirror.  like redsox teams of old, he said.  fuck yah.  heartbreakers.  losers.  cancer boy lester says papelbon is the best closer in baseball.  really?  what team was he watching?  fucking douchebag.  now he's making excuses.  epstein's looking a little green.  he probably hopes that sacrificing francona will be enough to save his job.  he looks like he's hoping to get the chance to fire francona and not find himself fired first.  two consecutive years of failure.  ruh roh.  sorry, charlie, the best teams in baseball are playing this weekend.  it sounds like epstein just threw tito under an express bus.  papelbon for a few, and it's over.  the sox post game goes out on a low low note. booo-hoooooo.

what a great day for america.  the devil rays love america.  the orioles love america.  america loves them back.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Pink Chris Kvale


One Year Ago Today

shame on jon stewart

another shameful episode in jon stewart's history as he has the vacuous self-promoting gasbag bill o'reilly on his show tonight.  o'reilly has another shitty 'book' he 'wrote' to push, and stewart displays his lack of convictions by allowing the fool another platform.  stewart going on o'reilly's show is shameful display as well.  if o'reilly goes on your show, the only questions you should ask is 'so what happened with andrea mackris?  how many dildoes have you lost up your ass.  are those the reasons your wife left you for a cop?'  if you go on o'reilly's show, the answer to every question should be the same: adultery andrea mackris. 

btw, peter orszag and the new republic suck

in case you have forgotten, this reprehensible, pathetically follicle-challenged, bastard-siring dicknozzle peter orszag was recently obama's pissboy on all things budget and social security.  this is your moneyed-class at work, working against you.  and the new republic is a useless fishwrap, created by and for irredeemable morons.

obama rips off warren; kos notices

no shit, but notice that he's not giving her a shout out.  no, he's happy to steal if he thinks it'll help him, but he's not going near her in public.  not yet.  not unless he really needs the boost.  politics is a game for the most vile cretins; that's why warren is such a revelation.

wonderful cynical and cautionary take on the guardian uk

landing like a wet blanked, counterpunch has wonderful cynical and cautionary take on the uk guardian paper.  valid criticisms for sure, but what's so odd to me is that the paper is part of establishment press with all the problems that creates, but it is also more recognizably liberal than our solid right-wing establishment press.  we have no liberal establishment press in the united states.  not in new york or washington or on tee vee.  a magazine or two, but nothing mass market, and then the internets.  we should be so lucky to have a guardian here to piss on with good reason.  highlighting the issues with the guardian is a fantastic exercise on how our own media needs to improve.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chomsky Interview

Always useful.  A great antidote to welfare academia and entry-level establishment idiocy from obama-fluffing wanna-be apparatchiks.

One Year Ago Today

ralph nader is right again

he's right about the post office, too. 

breaking: chris christie is a horrible...

fat fuck.  breaking a sweat from breathing!

where the hell did fox dig up andrea tantaros?

they've got about a million disposable bimbos on that channel, but andrea tantaros is all over now and so vacant that she makes the utterly vacuous megyn kelly look like a rapier wit in comparison.  did fox recently scrape the bottom of the barrel already to get tantaros? 

mittmentum? finally?

will mittens finally be able to make some headway?  i wonder if the money will flow now?  my thought is that most of the so-far reluctant money will wait to see if the teabagging primary voters seem to be embracing the heathen cultist.  if those idiots start to resign themselves to a romney candidacy, then the money will finally drop a load on ole mittens.

looks like msnbc misses olbermann

boo-tee-full.  larry o'donnell ain't gettin' it done, and now maddow looks weak without keith in the lineup.  couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of assholes.  maddow took the money and the spotlight, but she--and all of us!!--woulda' been better off telling msnbc to go fuck themselves and taking her little cousin chris hayes with her to the keith olbermann channel.  oh, well.  she's got her contract, but next time olbermann's dance card will probably be full.

of course, larry o'donnell is failing miserably.  he's a douchenozzle of the highest order.  he thinks he's so much more cosmopolitan than the little people on the other side of the broadcast, but many of them recognize that he's simply a preening, self-congratulating moron, kinda' like a low-effort bill o'reilly.

for fun, take a look at the actual numbers.  they're in the low hundreds of thousands.  even fox is only half a million.  nobody really watches those fucking shows anyway... 

chris christie is smarter than ann coulter

of course, that's not too fucking hard, but christie new there was no chance he was getting nominated for anything by those loony teabaggers.  and even if the did get the nod, obama woulda sliced him to ribbons.  christie is nothing if not a bloated pussy.

and jesus, he's one ugly fat fuck.  no way america's electing someone as disgusting-looking as chris christie.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taken Too

538 Reactionary Tool

Wait, what?  The 538 guy is an ignorant, reactionary cocksucker?  Really?  No shit.  Wasn't that pretty fucking obvious when he got hired by The New York Times?

One Year Ago Today

i have figured out terra nova

terra nova is all of the parts of outcasts that were too dumb and pointless to actually put on tee vee. 

getting there

closer.  it's not that anyone even could create a viable third party.  at least not without taking a long time.  instead we will be replacing one of our two right-wing parties after the republican party splits and the democratic republicans emerge as the right wing party...

olbermann lead with the wall street protests

and o'reilly lead with another shitty book he 'wrote'.  o'reilly's audience really does deserve everything it gets.  however, the rest of us don't. 

we expected more of obama

not because he was black, but because he had to be better than bush.  oops.  btw, most, well, many of the people saying obama sucks have been saying for years that clinton was a vile sack of shit.

why is fox news kissing trumps ass?

it may be solely about hating obama because he's,, but i suspect it's more than that.  trump is a preening moron, ignorant and useless, but his self-assured stupidity is a quality fox would like to see in more public and/or elected officials, so i think they are rewarding fail in trumps case because it suits their purposes. 

i endorse hermentum!

he's getting some play now, and holy shit his is fucking incoherent!  it's sublime.  could we really get an obama vs. cain?  of course not, but on paper it would look like an historic election for the united states, but in reality it would be as pointless and stupid as anything in american history.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So Much For Maggie Gyllenhaal's Career

This atrocity will be the end of it, I hope.  There's no way you can't know who the assholes are behind this garbage, and she's beyond the point of needing to cash the check to survive, so fuck her.  With any luck, this will leave a stain she can't wash off.

Even Yet Still More Conservative Inanity

These idiots are out there every day fucking up the world for all of us.

One Year Ago Today

please make the terra nova ads stop

the ads for terra nova are all over the cartoon tee vee now.  please make them stop.  by all accounts, the show is a very expensive and pointless mess, like jurassic park without the novelty or charm.

since they already ordered the 13 episodes, it might not be cancelled till december. 
terraquest dsvnova anyone? 

$250,000 is a high income anywhere

250k is a good chunk of change and puts you squarely in the top quintile anywhere in the known universe in ameria.  even manhattan.  so fuck you.  as has been stated everywhere pretty much, as here at digby's place, worrying about the upper class's income tax marginal rates is a game designed to confuse and distract the great unwashed, a job the new york times is happy to do.  (there are nothing if not eager secretaries.)  we're talking 250,000 dollars of income per year, each and every year, and not net worth or invest portfolios or anything else.  most middle- and lower-class earners would be thrilled to make 1/4 of a million dollars a year instead of $15,500 (the wal-mart yearly average) or $30,000 or $50,000 (just above the median income in the usa), and they probably wouldn't really give a shit if they didn't drive the same car as some cocknozzle making $5 million dollars because they would remember what it was like living on that much smaller income.

the wealthiest people in this country--top 10%, top 1%, top 0.1%, whatever--would be happy to enlist the $250,000-$400,000 or so earners in this country as the cannon fodder in their class war.  they believe those fools will throw themselves against the barricades to resist the waves of the great unwashed.  those sad bastards will probably even be surprised when their masters toss them to the wolves.  they shouldn't be, but they will.  as far as the times is concerned, those in the quarter-million club will choose to fight with the times's own masters on the wrong side.  envy and fear rule and the folks in charge know how to feed it.

the sad truth is that taxes for the top quintile in the united states are at all-time lows, and the tax burden has been shifted to the middle- and lower-class earners over the past 40 years.  this is the real class war, and it already has a huge casualty list.  the nyt is an organ of the upper class, not be trusted when it comes to the class war.


hermentum!  cainmentum?  well, whatever.  the continuation of the herman cain campaign is of vital importance to the sublime entertainment quotient.  just as nutty as bachmann, but with a lot less to lose.  i noticed that hermentum wasn't gettin' much luv on fox news late sunday morning.  it looks like fox/ailes/murdoch is waiting for christie, but if they decide to go all-in for romney at some point, it's ovah...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Akin Gingrich 2012 Tour

Can't you just smell the glory?  The babes can't get enough of these two hotties, and I'm sure the panties will be damp till election day.

One Year Ago Today

serious props for abbas from uri avnery

he should know; unlike most of us, he's got skin in the game.  he delivers some serious praise for abu mazen in this peace.  avnery has long been one of the voices calling for a just, honest piece for both palestinians and israelis.  like abbas, avnery has lived the nightmare.

putin, jr.

well, i guess it's better than his retarded son taking over.  but the dumbest thing in that article was stating that his move ended 'speculation' as to whether he would seek to move back into the presidency.  speculation?  really?  there wasn't too much speculation.  as medvedevedeved assumed the presidency and putin maintained his high profile as prime minister, well the game was up.  you have to admire the efficiency of it all; he didn't have to run his idiot son, or his wife, or evil clone or anything.  he just followed the letter of the law and that was it.  easy peasy.

mittens wants to be the anti-gore

now that perry may have cracked, with even the dipshits getting flippy, romney is desperately attempting to cultivate a personality so that he can break through and prove that his fate is not to be the al gore for new decade, but instead to be the evil anti-gore. 

losin' it

over on his interwebs spot, atrios is really starting to lose it.  at some point the shitpile will get too high and the slide straight into hell will be unstoppable, and when it is, atrios will be one of the louder voices screaming 'fuck you all!!'.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Was There Ever A Time When Ann Coulter Was Sane?

Ann Coulter has always been a creepy fucking bitch.  Was there ever a time when she was sane?  Was she really that bad of a lawyer that she was forced into this idiocy?  Or can she really be that fucking stupid?  We may never know the answers to these questions, but tune in for our next episode of Bullshit, or Not?

One Year Ago Today

pam geller's plastic surgeon

more guilty of crimes against humanity than netanyahu?  we report.  you decide.

more serotta forum epic fail

here.  read through as misunderstanding gradually morphs into zero-information idiot jingoism.  a couple of the biggest assholes on the board are active in the thread.  i'll let you guess which 1's...

the upper middle class in the united states is generally just not that bright.

who's the more despicable: michael oren or netanyahu?

it's a tough call.  the u.n. walks out on a turd like ahmadinejad, but vile fuckers like oren and netanyahu get to piss themselves all over our american tee vees. 

the 1 state solution

yes, it's true that abbas is mostly interested in the continued well-being of abbas, and it's true that the palestinians have no powerful advocate for justice or for peace and that their leadership is complicit in the tragic state of the palestinian people.  however, that does not discount the wonderful diplomatic discomfiture for the united states and israel that abbas is fomenting in the pursuit of his personal interests in power and prestige.  making those bastards squirm has to be worth something, but maybe i'm a pollyanna.

i see the best outcome--also the least likely, unfortunately--as a single-state solution.  israel is a fictional construct made reality by the continued support of the west, especially the united states.  all of that wasted money would be better spent supported the economy of a single state in the region, where each citizen is guaranteed a vote as well constitutional civil and religious rights protections.  i know that would make jesus cry because of course israel must exist as jewish nation so that jesus can return and destroy it!  but still, maybe we should worry more about people and less about fictional assholes and work for a peaceful, secular nation for the palestinians and israelis.  one man, one vote.  one woman, one vote, too.

the mormon question

i really am curious as to whether those inbred racist bigot teabagger assholes will really vote for a mormon just because hate the black kenyin mooslim soshalist so so much. 

money for mittens

if perry sinks, the key for mittens will be if the money starts to flow his way in great, frothy spasms from all across the republican spectrum.  business money, establishment repubs, teabagger-types, if they turn their money hose on romney and start spraying with abandon, well, then he's pretty much the next president of the united states, but if they keep it in their pants and wait for someone better to come along like the great white american new jersey whale or resist gracing a cultist with cash, then romney's got a problem.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Political Song for Obama Fluffers to Sing

One Year Ago Today

fork enve

what do the crumpton, gaulzetti and spooky stock bikes have in common?  the enve road fork.  i'm so old i remember when the ouzo pro was teh fork to have.

elizabeth warren is on her way

she's getting the best possible feedback on her campaign tactics.  there must be some serious hemorrhoid flare-ups in the scott brown camp.  i bet the money behind brown wish they'd picked a smarter dickhead.

pumphead bill luvs him some newsmax

bill clinton should shut the fuck up and find himself a chubby slut to occupy his time.  the mere fact that he would talk to newsmax proves that he's brain damaged. 

obama's got a bridge to sell

obama sounded like elizabeth warren's dimwit cousin on the stump today.  the republicans have always been easy targets; obama waited almost three years too long to start kicking 'em.

the troy davis horror in 2012

the barbaric state-murder of troy davis yesterday could be a catalyst for change in the united states if our political leaders, office holders and candidates, show courage and face the issue head on.  minds will not change until the leaders lead.  once again, long-shot candidates in tough districts could make some headlines by taking a principled stand against murder.  sure-thing candidates and comfortable office-holders could raise awareness if they are not utter cowards.  the death penalty has fairly broad support because the electorate is mob of ignorant douchebags.  they need some learnin' but don't expect them to school themselves.  and don't expect obama to lead on this. 

the democratic establishment is ruled by fear

they are small men and women, those loyal fluffers of the democratic standard-bearer.  they seem to be ruled only by their own fear, so they identify with political cowards and sell-outs like barack obama.  what exactly does this bullshit on lg&m accomplish?  does scott lemieux really want a president like obama who pretends this shit doesn't happen?  obama is a black american male for christ's sake, and if he wasn't such a pussy at heart, maybe he would have had the balls to mention that lots more guys who superficially resemble him get the death penalty in these parts than any other fellas.  so what if michael moore asks obama to stop an injustice?  no shit, he can't do it under the constitution, but hoping that obama is somehow a better, more thoughtful man than he has proven himself to be is not a crime, but it is certainly worthy of derision from vile little men.  the establishment is so fucking scared.  they're scared of anyone who doesn't love their leader as blindly as they do.  they're scared of leaders of who might actually take a stand and not cower as they themselves do.  fucking assholes, all of them.  it's not about the cult of the presidency.  it's about wanting leaders who actually are worthy of their office and not craven little turds beholden to the interests of the worst among us.

nader is the current meme for establishment dem shitheads, and one of the comments name checked him as a joke, so i commented:

maybe nader would have said something about it. if he ran on an opposition to the death penalty, he would probably speak up at least and not be such a political coward. especially if the man who was to be executed on disputed evidence was a lebanese american son of small buisness owners, nader would have had the stones to speak up and say i identify with this dude and it sucks at least, even if the constitution gave him no more power to stop it than any other citizen.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Political Song for An Even More Insane Herman Cain to Sing

One Year Ago Today

clarence thomas sucks, but you knew that

you didn't expect that bastard to go the extra mile to stop a high tech lynching, did you? 

crumpton corsa team, gaulzetti corsa, spooky skeletor

it really is the best of times if you want a stock racing frame from a small, american bike brand instead of the same old big name chinese crap bikes, some of which used to be big name american bikes from places like pennsylvania, wisconsin and california.  yeah, the crumptons are made in italy, and the gaulzetti and the spooky are made under contract by great small fabrication shops, but all three are straight up american-bred racing frames for the folks who don't want or need custom geometry or lugs and steel.  the spooky is a killer deal.  the gaulzetti comes in a shitload of sizes.  the crumpton looks for all the world like all the crumptons, and italy is not china.  if you like to ride, you gotta have something, and these three frames are the tits.  it's an embarrassment of riches for the standard-sized bike dweeb with liquid cash.  these three aren't mine, but pretty cool nonetheless...

now where is the ~ 2k-3k titanium frame and fork from an american shop in awesome stock sizes?  that would fit in great with these three gems.

palestine/israel is our problem

we should fix it.  we refuse to leash our dog, but we can make it right any time we want.  of course we don't want to, but it would be really fucking easy.  cut off military aid to both sides, demand peace in exchange for aid of any kind.  neither side can survive for 30 seconds without the largess of the united states, so if either side doesn't like it, then let them beg for handouts elsewhere in the world.  pretty easy, but we don't want to solve the problem.  we like the vicious dog.  we don't like the dirty poor people, and we like to see their children slaughtered in the street.  we get a special feeling when we sell the murder machines to our attack dogs and they use them. 

my dream for palestine

my dream for palestine is that for every bullet israel gets, palestine gets two.  for every attack helicopter israel receives, palestine gets two.  for every fighter-bomber israel buys, palestine buys two.  for every mercenary assassin israel sends to commit summary murder, palestine sends two even more vicious and cruel.  when faced with the reality of enduring terror twice as terrible as they have unleashed on the palestinians, my dream is that only then will israel show their inherent bully's cowardice and surrender, begging for peace in the face of at last knowing war they are helpless to stop.  at that point it will be up to the people of palestine to decide whether they are better human beings than the israelis have been to them.

abbas goes to new york

watching mahmoud abbas terrorize the united states and israel at the united nations is a thing of sublime beauty.  for an essentially powerless people to be able to threaten the fortunes of the both the world's largest empire as well as the local terrorist state shows the ultimate futility of violence and occupation.  while israel's sins are well known, this stunt by the palestinian leadership threatens to expose the vile hypocrisy of the united states once and for all toward freedom and self-determination for the majority of the arab world.  after this, no one in the arab world should trust the ideals of the united states again. 

i would not trust georgia to execute a third down

the mere fact that a place like georgia executes anyone is an assault on reason.

obama: the true believer in fail

no shit.  suskind's piss take is doing a good job of opening some eyes as to the shit show that the obama administration has been from the start.  his economic team, his chief of staff, all wrong-headed fuckwads leading the country into the ditch because obama was exactly the sort of idiot who believes the right-wing bullshit on taxes and spending and everything else spewed out by the mellons, the olins, the coors, the kochs and the petersons for 40 fucking years.  this has been obvious for a long time; obama was not a coward and a sellout.  instead, he was a dim-bulb true believer doing his best to govern as a corporatist tool.  it's not his fault that the racist assholes in the republican party couldn't stick with the plan. 

ralph nader has superpowers

clearly, he's some sort of omnipotent hero because he gets the cowardly democratic establishment frothing like marine corps santorum.  notice the use of the word 'genius' by so many of the bottom-rung obama apparatchiks; this was clearly a mission they were given, and the circle-jerk was raging full-on.  some of the pushback from the folks has been excellent, though.  it sure looks like obama's toast; american leftists are just not that stupid.  too bad for the president because someone who isn't rick perry probably beats him unless barry gets abducted by aliens and replaced with a man of principle.  elizabeth warren will certainly be one of the standouts next year, and though she's not running as a third party candidate, watch the obama campaign treat her like she's in the green party.

is scott walker gonna get pinched

sweet jeebus, couldn't the koch-sucker brothers hire better clowns than this?  wisconsin must be real small-town boring if walker is the best tool you could find to lead your charge in the state.  it's not even his chronic-masturbater vibe that's the problem; he's apparently too stupid to live. 

robust debate should characterize all races for office

this is the letter that got stooges, cowards and sad ole tom so menstrual yesterday, as found on the single payer action site.  if you actually read it, which i'm sure dennis g., imani gandy, poor ole tom and the others dipshits failed to do, you can only come up with one question: what the hell are they so afraid of?  having robust debate, demanding that liberal policy solutions be represented in presidential politics, and doing everything to not allow obama to suck as hard as he has been are all great things.  so what if feingold's not into it; he's been weakly center-left his whole career and only looks like a commie in comparison to joe biden and evan bayh.  establishment democrats are as stupid as the garden-variety teabagger.  and their establishment sucks donkey balls.

50 million americans without health insurance

the health insurance disaster is not going anywhere in america.  now that the number of uninsured has passed the 50 million mark, what is going to be the trigger that finally destroys our health care system and crumbles our broken politics so that we can finally deal with the problem like the rest of the known universe.  lack of access continues to grow, right along with cost inflation.  since anybody with a brain understands that this can't continue much longer, what is finally gonna break it open?  obama failed, and the problem remains.  the stresses on the system are eventually going to unleash a world of hurt. 

maddow was on high tonight

the dadt thing is right in her wheelhouse, moreso than even our breeder-american majority.  bigotry and teh stupid know no borders, but for teh gay, it's gotta be extra special to give the finger to those small-minded fuckers once and for all over this stupid thing.  this clip is certainly one of the feel-good videos of the day.  the dad is so mellow about it; good for him.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

When T-Paw Bails, You Know It's Ovah

Well, that's that.  When Pawlenty decides you suck, you suck, and if even a useless piece of shit like T-Paw knows you're done, you are well and truly fucked.  Not much Mittens does at this point is going to help.  He's relying on an Israeli nuclear attack on Iran or an algal bloom of boiling American racism to give him any hope of being elected POTUS.  Maybe that voter suppression stuff that the Koch-suckers have been working on for a couple of generations will finally pay off big this time.  Once the race is won for Obama, look for the Dems to run up the score in October with some 'non-official' Mormon attacks in the hopes of acutely splintering the Republican party on a national scale and weakening the GOP positions in the Congress.

One Year Ago Today

clooney's new movie: less giamatti in the ads

what's happening with clooney's new movie?  at first it was scenery-chomping paul giamatti all over the ads and now hardly at all?  did they do some testing or something?  weird.  i appreciate that clooney treats film making like a social event, but i can't help but wonder what it would be like if he actually put some effort into it. 

this has to be a joke

rodney c. johnson.  it has to be a joke, right?  rod(ney) cock johnson!  seriously, it's too scary to contemplate any other possibilities.

fox news finds the world's worst doctors: ablow edition

fox news channel draws the stupid like a black hole.  its medical ass clowns make eric bolling look like a sparkling intellect, and now keith ablow plumbs sad new depths of bigotry and ignorance.  good for ed shultz for taking the opportunity to kick fox and bill o'reilly for their love of vile hatemongers. 

dadt in the 2012 campaign

dadt's repeal is good for everyone, and greater still because it drives asshole conservative bigots insane.  now here's the question: will obama and the democrats run with this civil rights victory and use it to cudgel the republicans, or will they wuss out and give in to the hate?

ed shultz is having too much fun with bill o'reilly

big ed is savaging bill o'reilly again tonight on his show over taxes.  this is the sort of fun shit obama could have been enjoying all along if he wasn't in bed with o'reilly's masters long before inauguration day.  bill o'reilly is a clown, an evil, repulsive clown.  make him your enemy and the vast majority of people will love you for it.  obama was never a liberal or progressive or anything other than a corporatist buffoon; it probably never occurred to him that he could get reelected being any other way.  

please jeebus, let chris christie run for president

okay, not run, more like like lurch, but still, i would love to see that fat turd run for president.  seeing his asshole act flame out brilliantly would be priceless entertainment.  hell, his nomination would guarantee an obama reelection for better or worse.

tbogg the attention whore

tbogg is a low-effort interwebs snarkster, beloved bassett hound walker and all-around rock-ribbed establishment democrat at heart, and today he soils himself to get in on the obama-fluffing bashing of the not-sufficiently-reverent ralph nader.  a fluffy internets joker attempting to make fun of someone like ralph nader probably shouldn't put 'attention whore' in their title because it seems a little obvious who the attention whore is.  yeah, it's kinda sad, but even though he plays a harmless joker on the webs, he's a good party guy at heart.  a serious thinker type like nader isn't welcome at the cool kids table because they don't want in on the jokes, i guess.  but seriously, ralph nader vs. tbogg.  who's accomplished more with their life and done more for the average american?  and for all we know, nader might be a real card.  or not.  but it's okay because tbogg's only a little scared of people who don't wuv barack obama, and he will be back to making fun of a cockbag like jonah goldberg soon enough and his peed-his-pants fear of scary ralph nader will be forgotten.  there's some funny shit in the comments of tboggs drivel, though, and some of those proud firebaggers aren't as stupid as the average balloon juicer. 

bill o'reilly wants to cut spending so he doesn't pay more taxes

o'reilly's a dick of astoundingly unbelievable idiocy, but aren't at least some of his audience aware enough of their surroundings to understand that he's willing to fuck them dry over ten cents?  maybe not.  nursing homes are waiting rooms for death.  o'reilly's audience might like the attention from the loofah-wielding closet case.

10% cuts in all government expenses?  what a fucking moron.

elizabeth warren is cool

if she keeps running well and getting the love, then she might be the bright spot of 2012. 

establishment democrats are every bit as stupid as teabaggers

i know it's not right to pick on the stupid or ignorant--my daughter tells me that all the time--but this circle-jerk of ignorance and obama-fluffing is just too much to ignore.  over at ballon juice--the rosetta stone of rock-ribbed establishment democrats, right-wing democratic fools and third-tier obama fluffers--dennis g. loses shit and warns against participating in the political process beyond what he believes is appropriate because some americans like ralph nader and cornel west might just not be sufficiently worshipful of barack h. obama and his presidency.  he's actually absurd enough to use the word geniuses in the title of a post so littered with ignorance, misinformation and rampant asshattery.  it's sublime.  of course, imani gandy gets so wet and sticky that she jumps into the comments and starts biting at any ankles she can find while furiously rubbing herself in appreciation in a following post of her own.  this shit is so fucking pointless that i expect to see it crossposted on lawyers, guns & money.

i understand that dennis g. is an establishment guy.  low-level establishment guys--and balloon juice is about the lowest level you can get--do their jobs and don't ask any questions.  you're essentially a cheerleader for a team not many people like, but you get out there and flash some leg regardless.  dennis g. will support the team and the captains because that's just what he does; he's not capable of doing anything else.  he doesn't make value judgements or have his own opinions.  he knows that even the talk of primary could make his guy look bad, so the people talking primary get the screechy insult treatment.  he wants to seem so reasonable, so responsible that anybody who might object is clearly some sort of monster.  ralph nader is a bad guy because he might not love obama enough.  he's a bad guy because dennis g. says so.  he cost al gore an election because that's what the democratic party says, and dennis g. says so.  it's foolishness of the highest order, but it is the way our political system works.  in this country politics is intramurals.  the only dangerous opposition is anyone who doesn't want to play to dennis g.'s rules.  he's out there doing his best to keep the idiots in line, and he will lie and pout and cry like a bitch if they don't.

ralph nader didn't cost gore the election; that's a zombie lie that will never die as long as tools like dennis g. have breath in their lungs.  joe lieberman cost him the presidency.  bill daley did.  warren christopher did.  al gore did.  nader delivered votes in florida and took votes from bush.  without nader, bush may have actually won the election!

i've been on these assholes for a while.  it's politics as usual, but this politics is now plainly killing all of us.  sure, it was hard to see in the 70's, and dennis g. is no where near bright enough to have seen it then, but if he's still an establishment guy now, then he's every bit as bad as rick perry or the run-of-the-mill brain-dead, racist teabagger.  a primary may hurt obama, but obama has ignored a large segment of his 2008 voters.  he's governed as a hard-right corporatist, so it's not a stretch to say that ralph nader and cornel west have a point when they say that obama does not represent them and, except for empty campaign rhetoric, apparently has no intention of ever representing their interests or their political positions.

it was good to see some pushback in the comments.  of course abl and the barking morons were out, but that's their playground.  the irreparable fractures in the democratic party are a good thing, with the dennis g./imani gandy douchnozzles on one side and actual free-thinking liberals on the other who will eventually be in different parties.  the moderate republicans are welcome to obama and his acolytes while the liberals attempt to herd cats and form a true leftish (center-left) major party.  not a great outcome, but better than the solid right-wing (democrats) and far-right (republicans) parties we have now.

the fundamentalist republicans long ago abandoned the position of always voting for the republican; they put morons on the school board and worked them up the ladder to change the complexion of the party.  it took 40 years, but they self-selected for borderline-retarded jeebus-lovers, and now lunatics like orin hatch look like moderate republicans.  dennis g. doesn't want that to happen to the democratic party in the opposite direction with actual liberal men and women of ideas and principles taking over the party from within.  he wants you to vote only for the party pick because that is what keeps his people in charge.  if anyone actually votes their beliefs, at some point we could end up with a party that thinks jerkoffs like dennis g. are right-wing stooges.

big gay al joins the big gay army

don't-ask-don't-tell was one of the stupider things bill clinton did, and he did lots and lots of stupid and damaging things, but now it's over, and all the haters and bigots and homophobes can get over it and go fuck themselves.  this is gonna be such a non-issue for the actual service members.  it's only value was keeping that hate alive in cold withered hearts of the teabagger-types and now it's done.  bye bye.  big gal al and the rest of us are cool with it. 

new uaw deal with gm is a pretty good thing

the labor agreement between general motors and the uaw looks pretty good at first blush and should help with negotiations with chrysler and ford in the future.  getting the second-tier pay up a little is a good thing since that two-tier wage system sucks bigtime.  the health care stuff looks good, too, and both sides made a good deal.  every labor victory is a do-or-die situation in this economy in 2011, so it's one and done if the good guys lose.  the best thing about the labor deal, though, is that the conservatives hate it and it's giving them that same pain in the balls they get when they watch vh-1.  whether it's stuart varney practically tearing up on fox news or conservatard blogs squirming around cause they just don't get math, the paroxysms of the right do almost as much good as a righteous labor victory.

rick perry should stop talking about palestine and israel

i know it seems impossible, but talking about palestine and israel makes perry sound even dumber than usual.  when he says appeasement or democratic israel without a trace of irony, he makes george w. bush sound like mark twain.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Over-Oversized Foresta

Nice over-oversized tubed frame here from Foresta, with some very cool details to go with the new tubeset, like that elegant internal brake cable routing.  This is not a huge frame either, and the pipes look pretty fucking big as part of a smaller-sized bike.  It's interesting to see that mondo crown and steel fork, too.  This must be the proprietary big Sachs crown, and I heartily endorse that over a plastic piece.  I'm glad to see some folks building with this stuff.  I still have no idea whether this is the new standard or just a stunt, but I really think it's cool for some reason.  Bullshit, or not?

Romney Didn't Lose This Week

Proving once again that he's a total cockbag did not lose Mittens the election.  His disastrous convention did not lose him the election.  Even his awful choice for veep didn't lose him the election.  However, all these mistakes put together paint a picture of someone way too lame and stupid to win an election for meter maid.  The longer he goes, the worse he looks, and the fewer people can stomach the idea of voting for him.  Obama is shit, and may not be able to win the election in any active way, but it is apparent that Romney will lose the election himself, and Obama gets back by default.

O'Reilly and Friedman

Motherfrakking christ, those are two fucking clueless dickheads on the tee vee. 

One Year Ago Today

crumpton corsa team

i have no other information than the scant amount from the crumpton site, but italian plastic carbon, not chinese, for the same price as an s-works frameset.  this thing, the crumpton corsa team looks really nice and racy.  pretty damn compelling if you were considering spending 6 grand on a custom carbon frameset or 4 grand on a chinese stock frame.  i'm not, but if i was, i'd probably get this as the geo is pretty not bad for me.

hollywood hates women

duh.  of course hollywood hates women and hates the thought of women controlling their bodies or their lives.  the hollywood culture is as dumb as the establishment infotainment media; in fact, they're essentially one and the same.  of course hollywood hates men and pets, too.  they keep giving us steven spielberg, jj abrams, micheael bay and paul giamatti after all.

obama's horrible political instincts

ezra klein's analysis is that the president started whoring himself to the class war only because the republicans refused to let him govern as one of their own (probably because he's black black blackie black black and they just can't handle that), so now he has to settle for populist rhetoric instead of his conservative political values in order to get reelected.  that's sad, because he would have rather been that great compromiser right-wing corporatist tool, but the republicans were too stupid to let him give them everything they wanted.  

obama's lost years

seeing how easily obama got the republican and fox news morons off their game with his mild tax-the-rich schtick, it's kinda sad to think how much public support he coulda grown for not only himself but also tons of other democrats if he had played this game from the start.

rivendell atlantis

when this thing came out, it was something new: a well-thought, lugged touring frame for the 21st century.  it remains a pretty nice bike to this day, though no longer the wicked deal it was back in the 90's.  the early pointy-lug version was a little nicer, but the color remains simple and plain and almost celeste.  the wide, flat crown is a beauty.  it's hard to find a picture on the internets of one that doesn't have stupid-high bars and other crap.  the ideal would be road bars, ergo, triple crank, wide range gears, fenders, no stupid racks but maybe generator hub and no bars way above the saddle.  the 700c wheeled sizes probably were the ticket.

breaking: charlie rangel did not resign

pelosi, obama, and all the other idiots who were so keen on getting weiner dog out of the house and turning his district over to the mother fucking republicans probably got a little woozy watching charlie rangel fuck with rick perry today.  rangel did not listen to pelosi or any whiny bitches on the internet; he did not resign, and today he was able to make a retard from texas look stupid in the big apple.  not exactly rocket science, but still good fun and better for america than surrendering.  republicans know this.  hopefully rangel did a little to pound this lesson home today for the democrats.  anthony weiner won't be around anymore to fuck with glenn beck, those goldline dicks or anyone else.  nice going assholes.

bill o'reilly has his panties in a bunch

besides being a closet case and self-obsessed cocknozzle, he's also a greedy little fuck apparently.  'punishing achievement' indeed!  bill o'reilly will never miss a chance to be a loyal, small-minded class warrior (for the bad guys).  what an asshole.

plus he's a fucking liar.  he's never gonna be oppressively taxed in this country.  ike's rates weren't oppressive; fdr's rates weren't oppressive.  if the top
marginal rates were higher, and there were more brackets, certainly the economy did pretty well in the 50's.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2 Daze

Idiots Also Ruin SciFi For The Rest Of Us

Science Fiction from the right?  Really?  Frak me running.  We are too stupid to live.

One Year Ago Today

mekons geeshie

the mekons and rolling stone magazine.  what could possibly go wrong? 

1993 bridgestone rb-1

this is another one everbody needs.  (i've never had one, but still.)  the last great lugged production racing bike.  after that lugged steel was uber hip or bespoke elegant and no more racy racy lest you crunch it and have to wait 5 years and drop 5 grand to replace it.  the last two years had that cool ritchey fork crown but clunky lugs.  the 91& 92's had a little bit more graceful lugs.  this is a 93 i guess.  i wouldn't want to get a mountain bike for racing with the mb-1 geometry at this point, because the more modern longer top tube and sloping design just works too well in the woods for everything from cross country and racing to serious big fun play, but this rb-1 design is pretty much perfect--or at least way better than good enough--and it's good enough for anybody even today.  too bad those shitty carbon chinese frames didn't copy this fantastic road geometry...

is the tar sands pipeline a set-up?

is it an election year stunt?  this conspiracy theory popping up on counterpunch makes it sound like obama has been planning his re-election for a while now and is hoping all the usual chumps hop on the bandwagon!  no way... 

strike strike strike

it's to bad that this didn't get more coverage, with discussions of what was happening at longview and why the ilwu was so pissed.  real reporting, mass media coverage and facts would help not only with this particular action, but with the struggle for higher wages, better jobs and re-redistribution of wealth back down to the folks.  the establishment media isn't gonna lead, but if they smell an audience, they will follow.  i mean these assholes are not the good guys.

richard sachs' gaulzetti

give the guy props, cause richard sachs likes cool bikes.  this is his sachs red gaulzetti in a pic ripped from sponsor cole wheels.  it's a fun bike and was a hell of a publicity stunt for gaulzetti's new brand.

blood and chrome will not save us

at first it seemed like a miracle: modern bsg without ronald d. moore's stupidity.  all the shooting and none of the shit, but it looks like syfy is living up to its illustrious legacy by flushing their new show before it even airs.  somewhere the farscape folks are laughing their asses off.

heidi watney kinda grows on you

yeah, i get it.  she obviously got her job because of her looks.  the third-wheel sideline reporter thing is awkward anyway.  she used to induce headaches.  but now, heidi watney has worked at it, and she is no longer so freeking annoying on those broadcasts.  i give her credit for that; not everybody gets better at their job. 

the worst thing about nbc football

and the nbc universal comcast borg collective: those insipid spots pushing that whitney show.  holy shit, she looks awful and the show looks worse.  is it really this garbage or more reality shows?  really?

of course regulations create jobs

no shit.  this is something that should get more play, though.  much the same way that higher tax rates on corporations and the wealthiest individuals keeps money whirling around the economy and makes it better for everyone, government regulations act as selection pressure on investment and innovation and employment.  keeping the regulations from getting stale is at worst a short-term annoyance, but long-term, it improves the breed, pushes progress and opens opportunity for creative innovators.  more, please. 

martin mcguinness for president

maybe this paddy can come help out over here, too.

new chris hayes show

the new chris hayes show has been getting good reviews.  that's good, but i'm curious to see whether he can overcome the stupid over there on that channel or whether he'll just be assimilated. 

new fiat 500

chrysler corporation just plain sucks even when it's fiat.  could anything make that new, mexican fiat 500 look worse than that jennifer lopez commercial.  just awful.  i'll take slim chrysler instead any day.

why is john stossel so odious?

he's on fox news, and he's a well know asshat, but why is he somehow more sickening than o'reilly, hannity, bolling, gutfeld, or even huckabee?  i'm not really sure, but he has something more disgusting than the rest of the fox news jerkoffs.