Friday, January 31, 2014

Political Song for Cheerios to Sing to Fox "News" and MSNBC

Virag's Movie Reviews: Now You See Me (2013)

I'm not shipping Shoshanna and Bruce in this flick; that chemistry was non-existent.  What would work, though, is a Mark Ruffalo and Morgan Freeman pairing; those dudes were great together on screen.  The rest of the cast was pretty C-list.  Haymitch looked disengaged; that kid is fucking annoying; Isla Fisher is awful; Franco's little brother probably collects a check from the family to make James look better.  The screenplay was unbelievably dumb, but the pacing and direction were not snappy or clever enough to distract you from the inanity, so that's not good.  For the sequel, they should have Ruffalo and Freeman going around doing card tricks and smacking people around.  That'd be fun.

Will Michael Mann's Science And Mark Steyn's Stupidity Finally Kill Off The National Review?

Wouldn't that be loverly?  Steyn is hilariously unhinged and ignorant, but Michael Mann wants to play hardball, and perhaps there should be multiple cash prizes involved if Mann can finally dispatch such a vile American creation as National Review

Haitian History Funfetti--With Bonus Canada Bashing

This commie bastard Engler should frakking know that Canada and France and the US only had Haiti's best interests at heart!  Think about the Haitian children!  What was Aristide doing for the CHILDREN!  How could we let the goofy ole Haitians elect a government and govern themselves when they might be sitting on something we want? 

So Much For That Italian Adventure

Italian justice is downright scary.  Knox is pretty clearly not guilty based on any evidence; whether she did it or not, that clown car full of Guineas they call their justice system couldn't prove it, so that means she's not guilty.  If the US extradites her, well, that will be just the next black mark against us.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Political Song for MSNBC to Sing

MSNBC Sucks Harder All The Time

What pathetic pussies run MSNBC.  Fox "News" would never have apologized for this.  They NEVER apologize for any of their insane racist shit.  AND THE WORST PART IS THAT CONSERVATIVES ARE RACISTS!  Look at the teabaggers with their Nazi imagery and bone-through-the-noze Obamas.  Not every conservative is a vile racist motherfucker, but almost every vile racist motherfucker is a rock-ribbed reactionary teabagger.  Very sad that MSNBC doesn't have the stones to stand up to Reince Priebus and Fox "News".

Someone SHOULD shit in Sarah Palin's mouth.

And Laura Ingraham IS a right-wing whore.

And Megyn "White Santa" Kelly is a dumb as a FUCKING post.

Melissa Harris-Perry Fisking And Butthurt

This is a pretty mild fisking, but it didn't stop the pathetic butthurt.  MH-P is a buffoon--I get that educated African-American women have waited and waited for a mass-market heroine, but the world will be a better place when they can do so much better.

Unfortunately, The Republicans And Teabaggers Kinda Know How To Play The Game

And the useless fucking Dems do not.  This sort of edict, regarding Fox "News" and other Murdoch productions, should have come from Obama and the Democratic Party leadership the day after election day in 2008: anyone who appears on Fox "News" or other related outlets will be fired or lose the support of the party in elections immediately.  That douchenozzle Priebus at least has the proper instincts, even if he is weaselly little shithead.  Obama, on the other hand, enables the very motherfuckers who would see him destroyed.  Asshole.

Bloody Sunday Mini History

On Counterpunch.  I wasn't there--duh--but I know for certain that less than a second after the first shot rang out, the coverup began, and that coverup continued straight through the 2010 report.  The main fact is that Bloody Sunday was not a mistake; it was instead a natural continuation of British policy.  Those sorts of flagrant expressions of violent and criminal policy--with 14 peaceful civilians shot dead in the street by uniformed soldiers--tend to look really bad in the papers, and that is real problem for the responsible parties.  So, if the report was a coverup or a whitewash or a steaming pile of horseshit, that is no surprise to any of us.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Political Song for Michael Grimm and Trey Radel to Sing

Let's Drug Test Rep. Michael Grimm--And Check If He's Still Wearing Ladies' Undergarments

Thin-skinned wanker and former FBI cross-dresser Rep. Michael Grimm is facing the Bureau from the other side of the table, and it is making him a little testy, obviously.  He's one of those dirty pols, apparently, that the Feds like to fuck with; he should know the drill.  Threatening dweeby local reporters on tape is not a good career move regardless of whatever actual crimes you may or may not have committed, and I think it is time to drug test this little peckerwood and see if he's been partying with his buddy Trey Radel.  Sayonara, asswhipe.

Elizabeth Warren On The March

Senator Warren will probably never be POTUS--for lots of different reasons, with being not sufficiently rock-ribbed conservative being the biggest one--but she could be the slow and small start of sane and healthy politics growing in the USA.  (Warren would be pretty far right in a true left-wing or Labor party, but we deal with what we got.)  She's pretty damn good at it, too, and that is what is scaring the shit out of conservative establishment and Koch-suckers.

State Of The Union? Thank The Gods For Justified

Watching the preening blather in and around the SOTU is always more than a fully functioning human should want to endure, so thank the gods that Justified is there to give you something worthwhile to do with tee vee dust collecting machine.  Although, I gotta say that not nearly enough people got killed on the show last night.  Plot?  Drama?  Fuck that, give us shootin' and killin'!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014

An 8 Year Old's Current Zappa Obsession

Stratocaster with a whammy bar.

Say Goodbye To A Cokehead Teabagger

Let's hope this vile scumbag winds up in prison sooner or later.  Hypocrite shithead should be a mandatory life sentence in a supermax federal prison, and Radel is the shittiest of shitheads. 

2nd Choice For The Too Much Joy Theme Song


Income Inequality In America: Watching Republicans Squirm

It's too bad Obama doesn't have the stones to really fuck up the Republicans with his income inequality schtick.  The teatards and Koch-suckers are in really freaked out, bordering on panic, because they know they would be helpless if the 99% decided to demand their fair share.  The evil fuckers and their pissboys will sling any and all ridiculous bullshit, but if Obama really pushed, the bad guys would collapse pretty quickly.  He won't of course; his schtick is all cheap political theatre.  Obama is as much an enabler of inequality as the Koch-suckers and the shitheads in the Walton family. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Virag's Movie Reviews: The Lone Ranger (2013)

Wasn't William Fichtner in Ultraviolet?

The Lone Ranger was not nearly as terrible as I thought it would be, but I hated it way more than I expected.  The flick was monstrously insincere and mean-spirited.  If the filmmakers thought they were going to deconstruct the story of the Lone Ranger and make some cogent points about the American west and the asinine Lone Ranger stories, well, somebody shoulda' let 'em know they weren't up to the task.  The Pirates of the Caribbean movies were hella annoying and all should have been huge flops, and it feels like The Lone Ranger is Disney's way of punishing us for what we needed to have known all along.

Lovely 'FrackNation' Fisking

FrackNation got brutally fisked by the good guys. Nice to see reason win out for once.  The nasty Mick bastard who produced FrackNation is a real right-wing motherfucker, so anything and everything he says is a lie.  Steve Horn and his people deserve major props. 

Brain Dead And Texas

Texas is a messed up place.  And this sad situation was so much more messed up because Texas reasons.  Christian fundie fucktards in Texas like to pretend they believe in FREEDOM except they don't because they're fucking morons.  Freedom, personal responsibility and all that shit means that the family had the right and duty to decide on her medical care, not the state, xpecially not Texas, cuz, they're fucking morons.  As sad as the family is, at least now they have some peace, and the asswhipes who fantasize about blowing Jesus will leave them alone.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dinesh D'Souza Continues To Entertain

Every bit of fun we get from Dinesh D'Souza is a fucking bonus, cuz he's a nasty little cretin, and those sorts aren't usually much fun unless you are that girl who likes greasin' up the cretins and having 'em chase pigs.  D'Souza, though, he's kinda' fun.  Remember when he made America smile by fucking some slattern?  That was back when I woulda' bet he was gunning to be Captain Hook of the Butt Pirates!  And his whore turned out to be married!  Fuck yeah!  And then he got canned from his million-dollar-a-year job at a Christian correspondence college scam outfit!  So much funnier than we ever could have hoped.  Now he's been indicted, and gods damn it, we should all be so fucking thankful for the cornucopia of funfetti that is Dinesh D'Souza!

Barack Obama: Mark Fuhrman Fluffer

Let's rejoice in the fact that by going on with that cocksucking and butt-falafel stuffing creepster Bill O'Reilly, Obama is fluffing the tee vee channel which regularly gives air time and cash money to that wretched piece of incompetent racist filth Mark Fuhrman.  Nice job, Mr. President Dipshit.

Shootings Just Aren't News Anymore

Every other day some guntard lunatic shoots up a mall or a school or or a movie theatre or a parking lot, and sorry to say that ain't news around here anymore--if only every single white Christian Republican in that mall had been armed; now that woulda been some real 2nd Amendment Freedom Fun carnage!  For now, if a random psycho fuckwad wants to make real impression, they're gonna need an NRA-defended flame thrower or RPG if they want the tee vee time.  Shooting is so yesterday.  And tomorrow.  And the day after that.  Welcome to hell, you reading-comprehension-challenged assholes.

Real Versus Fake Chris King

Pretty frigging close.  The details are not right, especially the machining, but a cursory glance might not be enough anymore.  I was legit surprised.  It looks like a shitload of effort to fake an expensive headset.  Who knew?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

What Did She Say?

Virag's Movie Reviews: 2 Guns (2013)

Baltasar Kormakur's Icelandic films were pretty interesting, with amazing cinematography and a markedly un-Hollywood aesthetic.  2 Guns is anything but interesting.  Denzel Washington always comes through, but every time Marky Mark is in a flick, he completely ruins it regardless of whatever decent stuff might be on view.  Plus it would be impossible to find any pairing with less chemistry in a buddy cop flick than Denzel and Marky Mark.  (There must be a reason Clooney dumped Marky Mark in favor of Matt Damon, and Kormakur should figure out what that reason is and follow suit.)  Paula Patton isn't much of an actress--and she's made some horrible, horrible life choices--but she sure looks nice.  Bill Paxton was annoying and unwatchable as the CIA guy; Robert John Burke would have been much better as the CIA guy--the fact that Kormakur didn't see that is somewhat troubling as well.  Adama, Remo Williams, and Cyclops were wasted in useless parts.  I get that Kormakur likes money, so he showed up and did the job that he was hired to do, but 2 Guns was a disaster with wretched casting, a simplistic, juvenile screenplay, and bored direction.  The action was cliched, the humor was non-existent, and much of the acting was amateurish.  Liking money is fine, just fine, but Kormakur should divorce Marky Mark and go the fuck back to Iceland.

Just Say No To Kellogg's

The Kellogg's cereal assholes are on the march to destroy union representation, so it is time to switch to some other cereals, like maybe the store-brand copies if your local grocery store has decent union presence.  Don't forget that Kellogg's is also shit like Pop Tarts, Cheeze-Its, Pringles, and Eggo.  Fuck 'em if they can't treat their people right.

Chris Christie Starring In The FBI

Ruh-roh.  This Zimmer thing just got very dangerous for Chris "Moby's Dick" Christie now that the creepy lingerie-wearing boys from the Federal Bureau of Investigation are on the case.  Unless Christie has major stick with the Feds, it is pretty likely that the Bureau will be able to squeeze one of his underlings with the threat of prison time--even if for some bullshit "lying to a Federal Officer" kind of scam--if they don't roll over on the Great White NJ Whale.  Politically, Christie is dead--only the dimmest of dim bulbs believe that Christie will be better off after this--but politically dead is a fuck of a lot better than on the way to the Federal pokey, and if the Feds want to play hardball, they might just feel like chasing that white whale all the way into prison.  Heh, indeedy.

Wendy Davis Has The GOP Scared Shitless

Texas is finally giving us some entertainment!  But what the GOP is doing smacks of downright panic, as the inbred Republican fucktards try to derail Davis' campaign for governor.  Something must be going on down there in that wannabe Mexican slum we call Texas because the snarling gerbils are on the attack, hoping against hope that they can turn her story into a lie, and praying that she won't continue to fight against the most ridiculous slander all the way to being elected the next governor in Austin.

Trying to make her out to be a liar because a divorce was finalized at age 21 when the split happened at age 19 is pretty flimsy.  The nonsense that she "gave up custody of her children" in 2005 sounds terrible until you remember that the children were 17 and 23 fucking years old!  You can't "give up" custody of an adult, but that doesn't really matter to a conservative political and media establishment bent of supporting the Republicans.  Now's the time for the Dems in Texas--such as they are--and the national Dems to take Wendy Davis and her campaign national in order to get Davis elected as well as put a spotlight on the War on Women across the country to elect more Dems.

Chop chop.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Political Song for Diane Black to Sing

Update: The final song on this Peel thing is Chop That Child In Half.  Have at it, beautiful people.

We Were Born To Choose

Roe V. Wade Day

A good day in American history, but in no way the end of the battle.  As recent history has shown, we can never ever stop fighting for a woman's right to choose. The health and freedom aspects are important, but the politic issue can be a winner, too, and that's something the national Dems should be talking about every gods-damned day.  The freedom of reproductive choice is vitally important, AND it is a political issue that will help destroy the insane fundamentalist right wing of the Republican party, as embodied by this rancid bitch from Tennessee, Diane Black.  If we can both expand rights and obliterate the influence of ignorant bigoted haters like Diane Black that is a giant fucking win-win!

Holy Crap, It's Moron Uncle Tom Day On Fox "News"

What the fuck is going on on poor old leathery Greta Van Susteren's show tonight?  First she had unhinged war criminal Uncle Tom Allen West on her show to spew some teabagging horseshit, and now it's mentally-retarded doctor Uncle Tom Ben Carson shitting out his own patented lunatic rantings! 

Hot Investment Tip: Guillotines

There's gonna be a huge run on guillotines in the relatively near future.  We'll be using lots of buckets for heads and blood, but those will be easier to find on short notice than a properly ornate and imposing guillotine.  Kevin O'Leary will be losing his head day one, but not in prime time; O'Leary will come up probably a little after ten p.m., after the better known monsters are dispatched.

Ole McDonnell's Virginia Corruption Funfetti

This is lovely: state-sponsored ultrasound rapist Bob McDonnell, former governor of Virginia, is facing his own sort of powerlessness at the hands of a powerful government, kinda like he's getting a stout ultrasound probe rammed up his ass.  As much as the pathetic right-wing jerkoffs at Politico try to make McDonnell seem like a well-intentioned victim, even they can't escape the amazingly lovely optics of such a wide-ranging indictment against a vile, fundamentalist christian fuckwad like McDonnell.  This is good stuff, and if used properly could be a useful weapon against anti-choice, hard-right and possibly corrupt Republicans running in other states.  It's up to the Dems--and unfortunately, Obama--to take the fight the to the bad guys and bad girls and use shit like McDonnell and Chritie as cudgels.  Let's see what happens, and in the meantime, we can enjoy the lovely, high-calorie nutrition of Bob McDonnell's corruption funfetti.

Rude Pundit Goes To Bat For Dawn Zimmer

Mr. Lee Papa goes off on Joe Scarborough and his piss girl Mika and defends Hoboken mayor Dawn Zimmer against the criticism of mostly the Republicans and establishment media ass clowns.  Good on 'im, cuz all this bullshit whinging from the Christie sycophants is only gonna make the lightweight Dawn Zimmer into a fucking national leader.  Rock on, buttheads!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It Really Is Always 1989 Somewhere On The Internets

David Vitter Requests That You Forward All Deliveries Of Hookers And Size XL Adult Diapers To The Louisiana Governor's Mansion

How does this work?  That sick fuck who likes to shit in diapers while a hooker spanks him is really going to run for governor?  If he wins, we should give Louisiana to fucking Putin.

Money Versus Reality

If the U.S. government and the major oil companies understand the climate is changing at a dangerous rate, why don't they do something or at least acknowledge the facts in public?  Because money.  They don't fucking care.  They are all about short-term profits and profiteering; long-term damage is not a concern in any way.  This should be pretty fucking obvious to anyone with a brain. 

Hey! Let's Watch Welfare Academia Obliterate Credibility On Richard Sherman With Risible Praise For A Talentless Chronic Masturbator Like Kanye West

Jesus, some old white guy wants to defend Richard Sherman by praising Kanye West??  That's beyond pathetic.  Sherman should be president someday--I mean, why the fuck not?--but people with shitty taste like shitty music, and Kanye West, as a shameless self-promoting hack makes some of our shittiest music.  It's not a black thing or a white thing, it's a quality thing.  Assholes.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Too Much Joy Blog Is Still Sorta Updated

That's weird.  Too Much Joy was a long fucking time ago, and yet nothing is ever truly gone on the wondrous intertube webs.  I guess it's always 1989 somewhere...

Holy Schnit, Obama Gets Something Right, Too!

Fruckin' miracles and schnit.  What the heck is going on around here lately?  First Cuomo and now Obama comes out with something on marijuana that's not completely stupid!  These are truly great days in which to live!  The sort of simple common sense Obama espoused is welcome and helpful--miraculous!--and we can hope that the progress accelerates, and that the racist war on minorities and drugs slams to an abrupt and permanent halt.

MLK's Dream Was Not And Is Not Shared By All Of America

A big chunk of the people in the United States hated King then and hate him now.  The teabaggers, the racist fucktards stinking up the old Confederacy today, hate the idea of legitimate American equality, racial equality, economic equality, social equality, and hate that idea even more when it is embodied by an African-American man.  Their dream is not of progress or of equality but of the antebellum South, of segregation, of apartheid, of slavery.  They should have been destroyed after the war, but they were not, and now we are suffering for our failure.

I Think Richard Sherman Is Going To Be My Idol For A While

So so many idiots and assholes complaining about Richard Sherman; it is apparently their first day on Earth.  I'm sure Sherman can be annoying, but the Niners and Harbaugh have nothing to complain about where whining and acting like idiots are concerned.  Now the racists will be going apeshit because Sherman is not so heartlandishly hued as the average teabagger, but football is football, and Sherman is not anywhere near the biggest jerk in the game today.

Here's an idea: how bout we don't subject the players to mandatory interviews on the field right after the fucking game!

Andrew Cuomo Gets Something Right

Yippee Freekin' Skippee, Mario's kid finally says something useful!  He's correct; the hard-right reactionary teabagger assholes are not welcome anywhere decent people live!  The anti-abortion loons and guntard morons are a danger to freedom and reason, so Cuomo is perfectly right to denounce their intolerance and insanity.  Cuomo's a rightwing fuckhead himself, but I think he's trying to tell us he's not a fundie crackpot like the typical teabagger.

Well, These Bloated Fools Will Make Dawn Zimmer Look Better

Joe "Dead Intern" Scarborough and his trusty pissgirl are just the thing Mayor Zimmer needs to make her look a little bit more on the ball out there in Hoboken.  Zimmer does indeed look weak, but Scarborough is just the sort of fatuous twit to make her look like Thomas Fucking Jefferson, so rock on Scarborough, you fucking scumbag.

Sochi. Sochi?

Is this Sochi thing gonna blow up in front of the international community, or will it simply be a home-grown Russian domestic clusterfuck?  I would imagine that the Russians are busy cracking down on the crackdowns the way the Koreans did before the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.  That crackdown has to last just long enough to get the foreigners out, and then if the pressure causes some kind of violent outburst, well, at least the Russkies have shitloads of experience with crackdowns and coverups.

Seahawks OK

Seahawks better than Niners, I guess, so that's not so bad.  But when all the guys are bad guys, the bad guys always win, whether it's football or politics or life itself.  This is the gospel according to Virag.  Peace out, motherfrakkers.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jesus Christ, Where'd You Get That Cadillac?

Virag's Movie Reviews: Kick-Ass 2 (2013)

I usually won't watch a movie with Jim Carrey in it; he's is the worst of the worst, even shittier than the always-super-shitty Paul Giamatti, but I decided to give this thing a pass because Carrey earned some forbearance when he did the lord's work pissing all over the memory of Chuckles Heston's guntardery.  Anywho, I expected more fun, more funny, and more swearing in Kick-Ass 2.  The only real news is that the guy who plays Kick-Ass will be ready whenever the Lou Barlow Story begins shooting.

Snowden Versus The Clown Caucus

What exactly could make Edward Snowden look like one of the greatest heroes in American history?  Nothing?  No one?  Wrong and wrong.  The disgusting clown caucus represented by Mike Rogers and Diane Feinstein make Snowden look fucking brave and brilliant.  Snowden has to be okay if he makes the truly evil security state enablers like Rogers and Feinstein nervous.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Is learning the hard lessons of high-profile politics in Jersey.  There's a reason why some people don't belong, and I'm sure Mayor Zimmer is very nice, but she sucks at this game.

Patriots Lose

It would be hard to support the Broncos because Elway and Manning are both such dim-witted conservaturds, but when the Patsies take it where it hurts, that can't be so bad.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Virag's Movie Reviews: Elysium (2013)

Meh.  Most of this flick looked like a waste, a waste of William Fichtner, waste of Jodie Foster, waste of the pretty cool space station.  Neither the script nor the direction was up to servicing the theme, and the action, what there was of it, was pretty cable tee vee.  I mean I get it: Elysium is Hollywood and...yeah, don't care. 

Super Rare Good News From Pennsylvania

Voter I.D.  It's gone for now, so that's the rarest of the rare, good news from a really crappy place.

Friday, January 17, 2014

If Schweitzer Really Wanted To Be President...

He should have scooped up that Senate seat in Montana.  Let's face it, not many people know or care who the fuck he is, and while slagging Obama over his asinine Democratic establishment conservatism is easy and true, the big Dems aren't going to be pleased, and the decent, clear headed folks to left of Obama who will love seeing the real Obama pissed on are in no way numerous enough to matter.  The way to go would have been to become a Senator, saving the Senate for the Dems and using that least democratic of institutions for some cheap publicity, and then use that publicity to build a national, left libertarian profile.  That woulda been fucking fab.  Now, though, Schweitzer is just jerking off.

Sen. Coburn Bails: Say Goodbye To A Truly Disgusting Fuckwad

Even in the U.S. Senate, where you have ginormous dipshits like Mike Lee and Ron Johnson and Saxby Chambliss, Tom Coburn stands out as a truly vile fucktard.  If the sorry bastards in Oklahoma see fit to elect an oozing, syphilitic research chimp to Coburn's seat, the Senate and the world still will be getting a glorious upgrade in intelligence and hygiene .  Sayonara, motherfucker.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chris Hayes, Antisemite

I had Hayes' show on last night while I was on the phone, and when I heard him mildly going off over those asshole Democratic Senators sucking the dick of AIPAC, I had real trouble not bursting out with a gleeful "Hooray!".  It was kinda cool to see him call out those idiots with a straight face and kinda shocking that a pampered mainstream tee vee guy like Hayes would risk it.  If it is indeed true that the air has come out of the effort by the traitorous Dems to follow Israel's orders and that it will ultimately fail, delivering Obama both a huge fucking foreign policy win and the world a small respite from the rain of American depleted uranium and other assorted nastiness, that's a great thing for everybody.  And if AIPAC gets a severe and embarrassing case of butthurt, well yippee fucking skippy.

Jeez That's Rough

Comparing that fat fuck Chris "Moby's Dick" Christie to Ariel Sharon is wicked fucking harsh.  Sharon is one of history's greatest monsters, and Christie is a bloated, thin-skinned, Koch-sucking pussy, one of New Jersey's most disgusting greaseballs.  That's a far cry from the atrocities for which Sharon was personally responsible in Palestine, but Sharon is dead at last, while Christie is waddling around being an asshole.

'Transmorphers: Fall Of Man' Was Better Than All The Transformers Movies Put Together

And it was pretty bad, but at least T:FoM had Jennifer Rubin in it and also featured absolutely zero percent Paul Giamatti content.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Los Angeles Is Burning Again

But it was cold out last week and shit, so Al Gore is fat.

Glorious Howard Kurtz Fisking

Gawker is going medieval on Howard Kurtz's ass, and it is fucking oodles of fun.  Kurtz has been an especially unctuous fucker for decades, but now that he as at Fox "News", the shitstorm is in full force.  I mean, of course Kurtz is a slimy grifter, but seeing the proof live and in color on the interwebs is lovely. 

Warren And De Blasio

NYC is a different planet, so the assertion that de Blasio counts on the continued preeminence of the ultra-rich is easily understandable.  Warren, on the other hand, can see way more of America from her porch, so she should have an time advancing her particular brand of liberal populism.  I don't see a problem with that.  I believe de Blasio will soon be a spectacular disappointment, but if by some chance he's not, the profile he has as mayor of NYC would allow him to be of some use. 

Hah Hah, Ireland's Fucked

Those Micks are well and truly fucked.  They essentially whored out their country for a pittance and will have nothing to show for it.  Put down the bottle, Paddy, and open your feckin' eyes.  Jayzuz. 

OK Gay Marriage Cupid

Another fabulous rainbow domino falls!  Bring on the wonder of gay divorce in Oklahoma!  The fundie teabaggers have lost this one.  Gay marriage bans are toast.  Time for the haters to move on.  These are small steps, but it's xpecially deelish to see the bans wiped out in shitty places like Oklahoma and Utah...

Pink Mini Strat

The best thing about this little guitar is the color, but I am pretty happy that I don't have to hand over a guitar to 9 year old with a tremolo.  Thank the gods for a hardtail bridge!  My daughter really wanted to buy a Stratocaster with a whammy bar for her friend, but shame on Fender (and Ibanez) for making all those full-size, entry-level instruments with el-cheapo tremolo assemblies.  Effectively turn a serviceable first guitar into a doorstop in the first 5 minutes a kid is fucking around with it.  Genius!  (The short-scale Ibanez my daughter has--fixed bridge on that badboy as well--is much nicer of an instrument than this Squier, but now at least the can both try different guitars.)

Megyn Kelly Is One Ginormous Dipshit

She gotta be the world's worst lawyer in addition to being a sickening, vacuous bitch.  The poor lawyer she just had on her show looked like he was going to cry because Megyn was so stupendously fucking dumb, failing to understand even the most basic legal concepts regarding KSM's trial.  His exasperation would have been funny if Kelly and her Fox "News" comrades were not shitting all over our culture on a daily basis.  Fuckers.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Meanwhile, Welfare For The Real Moochers

Most of the welfare goes to the real takers, the wealthiest individuals and corporations.  This rates a no shit, but when we forget who the real moochers in American society are, we tend to blame the wrong people and end up with teabaggers and Koch-suckers up our asses.

Suffering Schmuffering

If the Dems are not willing to make every Republican candidate pay on election day, well, we're all getting what we deserve.  Forget the 5 million or so currently without or about to lose the UI benefits and probably have nothing coming in and are facing abject suffering and needless misery in the wealthiest nation in the history of the galaxy; they ain't shit.  They aren't millionaires like most every congressman, and they can't afford to buy influence in Washington like a real Koch-sucker, but the Dems should use this shit against the Republicans if only to boost their own electoral fortunes.  Unfortunately, the Dems suck so badly, that they don't even have the balls to win, let alone the balls to stand up for common Americans looking for jobs.

Christie's Political Career Should Be Over

With overwhelming majorities in the State House, NJ Democrats should be preparing to obliterate Chris Christie's political future, but since they're Dems, they will probably puss out and allow Moby's Dick to swim away in pursuit of a laughingly inept presidential campaign followed by a pathetic lifetime of sniffing Sarah Palin's chair on fourth-tier Fox "News" shows.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Profit Is The Enemy Of Universal Health Care

For-profit is the enemy of universal health care? Yes, of course.  The biggest problem with Obamacare, as almost anyone can see, is that Obamacare enables the for-profit health care industry at raging-kaiju proportions.  And all that's without even providing universal coverage!  It's time to destroy the health care industry and replace it with a National Health or Single Payer system.  For what it worth, that time was actually 80 years ago, but whatevs.

Maybe That Little Serbian Doesn't Want To Be The Next NJ Governor

Not up to the job?  If he had the stomach for it, now would be the time to grab that tarnished ring and pummel the fuck outa Moby's Dick to launch himself into the big job.  Go figger.

A-Rod Is Not Worth This Crap

Rodriguez is getting fucked with this.  He's a first timer, so the penalty is a pretty cut-and-dried 50 games.  That should be his suspension, 50 games.  The players are making a huge mistake by not standing up for and with A-Rod.  Yes, he's a fuckwit and nobody likes him, so nobody really cares, but the players should demand fair and equal treatment for all the major league players under the CBA.  Maybe this court case will be the kinda all-American shitshow funfetti we don't often get--or it will scare the shit outa MLB, and they'll settle for the 50.  Plus, Anthony Bosch is a fucking scumbag, and I don't believe a thing he says; somebody paid this guy off--or threatened him with decades in federal prison--to become an A-Rod-targeting predator drone.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

More 650B Cove Stuff

150mm rear travel, I guess. What will the finished product look like? Frames still made in Canada?  We may never know the answer to these questions, but tune in again next time for another thrilling episode of Bullshit, or Not?


Teabagging Doctors Love Freedom!

Dude, don't get sick!  These teabagging, Koch-sucking friends of Phyllis Schlafly and Ayn Rand are surely America's dumbest doctors, and you don't want them anywhere near you if you are sick or injured.

Krugman Fisks Barro

Robert, not Josh.  Krugman don't have to work too hard to make Robert Barro seem like a fatuous asswhipe.  And as Atrios points out, Barro should know better.  The lure of the wingnut welfare money is probably too much for weak men like Robert Barro to resist.  Welcome to America, motherfrakker.

Fukushima You Too, Reagan

Unfortunately, it's not that vile scumsucker Ronald Reagan who got the full Fukushima treatment.  The sailors didn't have a choice, but the Navy surely suspected something was up.  Regardless, expect the U.S. government to give the sailors a runaround over their health problems after serving in the Fukushima area. 

Weird Expensive Pedals

Are back.  These things are an interesting idea--no, I've never ridden them, but I have seen them in person and know of people who used them as their road pedals--but I wonder what the point is when there are so many freeking choices now, all of which are pretty fucking decent.  The Coombe idea is also way too much metal on metal contact for my taste; the plastic cleats of the original Look pedals was absolute genius--the pedals were protected and the cleats were cheap and easy to replace.  If the first Look pedals had been like the Coombes, I'm pretty sure we'd all still be Sean Kelly.

What about those Diadora Power Drive pedals?  Those were really fantastic according to the 5 people who actually used them.  Where are they now...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Didgeridoo You Too

De Blasio (And Obama) Skepticism

And that's a GOOD thing.  De Blasio is a creature of the Clinton machine, so he is guaranteed to disappoint, but the scale of said disappointment could be wicked important.  Being the mayor of NYC is a unique job in the United States, with a unique public and profile and a unique level of impact, so de Blasio's tenure will have a powerful national implications.  The comparison to Obama is telling; Obama spectacularly underperformed in office, becoming the worst possible sort of establishment tool and Bush's third term is some (almost) unbelievably tragic ways.  What de Blasio has in store for the country is probably more of the same unfortunately. 

Better Than Freedom Fries And Freedom Toast

It's Freedom Industries!  Take that you commie pinko motherfrakkers!  So what if they're incompetent and evil, it's FREEDOM!  Freedom to pollute, freedom to pillage, freedom to abuse.  You know.  America.


Finally The Fat Bastard Is Dead

About 85 years too late.  If hell was a real place, I know there would be an especially enthusiastic skull-fucking demon waiting to ram his evil demon cock into Ariel Sharon's eye sockets for the rest of time.

WTF Is Helix

At first blush, I'd say a low-budget mashup of The Andromeda Strain, Prometheus, Hulk, CSI, The Thing remake, and Sanctuary.  One thing I'm sure of is that Billy Campbell got really old and leathery at some point. And of course, anything Ronald D. Moore can fuck up will only get worse...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cool New Cove Hustler

This looks pretty nifty.  I'm not a believer in the half-breed 650B mountain bike thing--far from it.  In general, I think they're bullshit, and I'm no fan of the 650B/27.5 guru, but this Cove thing, the Hustler, I believe, is friggin' cool.  Looks like a new linkage design, and I'm wondering what the travel is, probably in the 140-ish mm range.  Fun stuff.

Maybe Rob Ford Can Be The Next Governor Of New Jersey

Chris "Moby's Dick" Christie is all done.  That fucker should probably be happy that he most likely won't wind up in jail--or in the river--over this bridge bullshit.  Yes, it was a bush league stunt, but seriously, Rob Ford would do a better job of damage control.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Billy Ray Cyrus Is The Real Evil Anti-Elvis

Billy Ray Cyrus Got No Elvis In Him

Unfortunately, time has proven that Michael J. Fox is not the evil opposite of Elvis, the Anti-Elvis; Parkinson's gave MJF the opportunity to show that he had the power of Elvis in him as he fought the disease and the diseased Republican anti-science political agenda.  That did make the identity of the Anti-Elvis an important question, especially if you were--and are--an 8 year old fan of the Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper song.  It was a difficulty puzzle because none of the most obvious possibilities made any sense.  Dick Cheney was alive in the 80's.  George W. Bush, too.  Any of the most heinous rotten motherfuckers you could think of were not identified as the evil opposite of Elvis the first time around, the time MJF was mistakenly called the Anti-Elvis.  No, Anti-Elvis did a good job of staying in hiding, but now there's no question of who it is: Billy Ray Cyrus got no Elvis in him; Billy Ray Cyrus is the evil opposite of Elvis, the Anti-Elvis.

Frank Luntz Bull Shit

I call bullshit on this Frank Luntz thing.  This purported meltdown is a fucking stunt.  Yes, agreeing to that Molly Ball profile is hard to comprehend, but until they find Luntz in David Carradine's closet with a rope around his junk, I am not going to believe he's doing anything but trying to manipulate the Koch-suckers out of even yet still more money.

Simple Truths Scare Idiots

This Rolling Stone essay was another thing that scared the shit out of the Fox "News" fucktards recently.  Fox spent quite a bit of time doing the best to belittle these five ideas in the addled and dried up minds of their viewers.  A federal jobs program that grows in during time of recession and is primarily focused on rebuilding infrastructure, a guaranteed basic income program as a permanent economic stimulus and as a replacement for most social welfare transfer payments, and a public banking system or Postal Service bank are all very basic and useful ideas which should not even be controversial--only the saddest bed-wetters on the planet could find much to criticize, and only then because they're too fucking stupid to understand what's being discussed.  This article must have really freaked out the bad guys, though, because their unseemly Fox "News" performance was like a slow motion panic attack.  That's a good thing, I guess, but it is downright bizarre to watch in real time.

Astounding 60 Minutes Fisking

A couple of days ago, Media Matters smacked around 60 Minutes over their latest embarrassment.  When the guy you interviewed doesn't even wait 24 frakking hours to start talking shit about the whole segment, well, that's not a good thing.  The scuttlebut is that CBS News division is full of Roger Ailes' people and is turning into a fucktard cesspool like everything owned by Rupert Murdoch.  CBS did hire Frank Luntz after all, so that tells you something about their level of sociopathic depravity. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Enough Z Enough

Atrios Screws The Pooch Over Melissa Harris-Perry

This is one of those times when the snarky, right-wing establishment dipshits get it right.  MH-P is more than an MSNBC ass clown; she is in fact an Obama fluffer of titanic proportions and a fatuous buffoon.  She isn't a Princeton professor; Atrios should have known better.  In fact, she's no longer at Princeton because she couldn't hack it, and so found herself at one of our wonderfully numerous non-selective yet obscenely expensive private universities. 

Jesus Fucking Christ, Sean Hannity Is As Big An Idiot As Eric Bolling

Fox "News" is having a very bad week for some odd reason.  The pot thing in Colorado has them really freaked out, and they had an unseemly on-air panic over it.  They are also very worried about the political optics of the UI issue, with shitloads of heavy-handed nonsense puked up 24/7.  But especially this climate change, it is killing them.  Now, I believe 100% that neither Hannity, nor Bolling, nor O'Reilly understand the first thing about even 5th grade basic science, let alone climate versus weather or history vs horseshit; the clumsy shit-fit they are having is pretty instructive, though.  This thing has them spooked, and that has to be for-realz good news.

New Justified Starts Tonight

Yee fuckin' hah.

Excellent Rude Pundit On Colorado's Surprisingly Functional Political Culture

Senor Rude Pundit gets down and dirty over Colorado makin' the new law work for the hopheads--both sides working together after the law is passed to make it work whether or not either particular side supported the idea before it became a law.  This is a pretty easy comparison with Obamacare, where the Republicans did everything they could to ratfuck the program, including the cocksucking governors in many of the former Confederate States of America who refused money to expand Medicaid.  Nicely done, Mr. Papa.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Rapey Florida State Scumbags Make All Good People Auburn Fans For Tonight

Auburn has had more success at swimming than football, but tonight all of us good white upper class republican christian americans pray to jesus christ who we love so much that the fetid shithole that is the Florida State University football program will not be rewarded with a win.


Lawyers up.  That's probably not a huge deal.  But was he dropped from the team because he was outspoken?  Yeah, of course.  I mean duh.  He was a veteran player, making a higher salary, with pretty average, if consistent, performance.  It was so much easier to let him go and hire a rookie for way less money.  Does that mean the Vikings are fucking gutless douches?  I mean duh.  Now that he's going so public, Kluwe truly believes his NFL career is done, so the only thing left is make that bigots cry.

Mary Katharine Ham Is Probably All Done On O'Reilly's Show

She was violating him bigtime on his show--and she wasn't using no greased up falafel the way Bill O'Reilly really likes--with the sort of bitchface that only a empty-headed turbo bitch can manage.  If O'Reilly's producer decides to point this out to Captain Keester Falafel, who I'm sure didn't realize he was being made to look foolish on his own show by a Townhall-level fucktard in Ham, that could easily be the end for her on that fucking show--maybe network.

That Bitch Liz Cheney

She's the worst of the worst, depriving us of our gods-damned funfetti in Wyoming, one of the least fun places in the fucking galaxy.  Dammit.

Dean Baker On De Blasio

What can he do?  Can he be a better mayor than Bloomberg or Giuliani?  Of course, but so could a hardening dog turd if said turd was duly sworn into office.  De Blasio will probably be a major disappointment to every American with a higher-than-room-temperature IQ, but de Blasio, being who he is in the office he holds, could be a positive influence not only on NYC, but also on the Democratic party at the national level and so on the country as a whole.  It's a wait-and-see kinda deal, but that's all you get these days.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

And Again

Goodnight Gwar

Heh, indeedy.  Pretty fucking NSFW, but great for the kiddies, especially if your kiddies say fuck alot.

Governor Steven Seagal? Please Yes Jesus. Please.

Oh, my, yes, this would be lovely.  Arizona deserves Steven Seagal and so does America.  Now, if we can get Seagal in Arizona, and maybe Rob Ford in Texas, well, we'd be wicked rockin'! 

Mick's Eats

Some of the homeland Micks are eatin' upscale, but this stuff don't sound like reason enough to visit Dublin.  Food in Dublin, if you are a dipshit American who crossed an ocean to power drink and act like an asshole in the land of your grandfathers, should more properly resemble the greasy crap food drunks like on this side o' da pond.  Regardless, it looks like some Dubliners (see what I did there?) are lookin' to hold onto the pastiche of prosperity they glimpsed during the Celtic Tiger boom years.  Good luck, ya fekkin' ijits. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dis Tress Signal

The Real Llewyn Davis

I've always thought that the 60's folk scene besides Dylan would make an excellent film, but maybe this ain't it.  Yeah, I know Daily Beast and all, but this criticism of Inside Llewyn Davis sure as hell makes it sound like the Coen brothers went for easy comedy and dumb shit instead of even attempting to tell the more compelling and more realistic story.  I don't know; will probably wait for this thing on video.

Eric Bolling Was Cold, So He's A Frakking Idiot

Eric Bolling wants to remind you he's as big a fucktard as Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.  See, cuz it's cold in New York, so global warming is a liberal conspiracy or some shit like that.  Bolling is a fucking nasty fucker, but he's also dumb as a post, so he's prime Fox "News" material.

MSNBC Assclowns Need To Stop Apologizing

Melissa Harris-Perry is fucking useless, but for christ's sake the gods-damned clowns at MSNBC need to stop apologizing for shit.  That picture of Romney with the black baby on his knee was a stunt on its own, so if you make jokes about the lame-ass stunt, YOU DON'T NEED TO APOLOGIZE.  The Romney family adopted the kid for political reasons; YOU KNOW THIS BECAUSE THE FUCKING PICTURE PUT THE BLACK KID ON MITT'S LAP.  If the Romney family was interested in adoption, adoption of kids of other races, or any other sorts of adoptions, that's fucking lovely, but putting the kid in the stupid picture tells the world the black kid is a gods-damned token, a joke, a political ploy.  If they had adopted and had been at all classy about it, then the kids would be off-limits, but when you get tacky, then the people who laugh at you should never, ever apologize.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Political Song for Teabagging Nuns to Sing

I Hope The Gubmint Squashes Those Teabagging Nuns

What bullshit that the nasty old bitties won't sign the fucking paper in order to get the exemption they never should have been given in the first place.  Stupid, stupid, stupid, and the fuckers who are promoting this nonsense should all be sent to a special CIA prison on an unmaned island in the Indian Ocean.  It is a pretty fucking simple to case to make against those nasty nuns, and the Justice Department and Obama should be making it loud and clear.  Probably won't though, cuz they suck.

ER Expansion And Medicaid

I guess the secret is that if people have health insurance, they use it.  Expanded access to insurance doesn't make the actual health care delivery any better, it just gives more people the ability to utilize it.  These are the problems Obamacare is going to have no matter what, and until we get coverage for everyone in the whole country, we won't have optimal use or optimal delivery.  Cheers, assholes.

Let's Get Rob Ford Into Congress In The States

He would be so much more entertaining than this creepy motherfucker.  Ford has the knack for high-calorie, cringe-inducing funfetti, and we need him more than gods-damned Canada!

Bill O'Reilly Is Getting Very Quietly And Deliberately Buttfucked On His Tee Vee Show Tonight

By Jim Wallis.  O'Reilly is spewing his usual ignorant Fox "News" bullshit about jesus, while Wallis is reaming him out with a gentle smile.  Meanwhile, Josh Barro is on the other channel doing his saner-and-better-looking-Andrew-Sullivan schtick. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014


De Blasio, Obamacare, And Dope Are Here Now

Prepare to be disappointed in 2014, disappointed in de Blasio, in Obamacare, and in Colorado's hophead law, cuz if it's America, it's fucked up.  It's gonna turn to shit, but the collapsing of hopes is our only dependable renewable energy source. 

Megyn Kelly On Lynne Stewart Is Just About The Dumbest Thing You Will Ever See On The Tee Vee

Tied with about a billion other things, but still, Megyn Kelly talking about the Lynne Stewart case was filled with absolutely no accurate information whatsoever, just like this and this and this and all the other mis- and disinformation surrounding this miscarriage of justice.  Lynne Stewart got railroaded--should never have been prosecuted at all--and Fox "News" is part of the problem.

The Indelibility Of Inanity And All-American Bespoke Ignorance

Oh, jesus this was a shit show once the dummies and reactionary assholes showed up.  What should be a day where all good, white, christian Americans could celebrate the expansion of liberty in Colorado--or just a fun, dopey thread--turned into a cesspool of ignorance and downright evil, especially once this miserable cocksucker showed up with his nasty teabagger bullshit.  The Serotta forum is the worst place on earth.