Friday, February 28, 2014

The Running Of The Fools

The stooopid will never die...  Even the lowest-levels establishment pissboys will never dare an independent thought or deed.  Welcome to your America, assholes!

Teabaggers Are The Religious Right And They Are Racist Scum

Via Digby, we get a signal boost of this brilliant analysis of the true origins of the Religious Right--aka Teabaggers--in the United States.  These nasty dipshits are the retarded rump of American society, the ignorant racist fuckers who have been the real enemy of freedom and progress since somebody started thinking that freedom and progress might be a pretty good idea.  They are the same as they ever were, and they were first mobilized to fight for racial segregation.  Welcome to your real America, assholes!

Virag's Movie Reviews: Escape Plan (2013)

Sam Neill?  Vincent D'Onofrio?  What the hell were they doing in this thing?  This flick was creakier than Stallone and Schwarzenegger put together.  About the only thing we did learn from this piece of shit is that Jim Caviezel is quite possibly the worst actor working today.  Escape Plan was insulting dumb, sure, but much worse is that it was boring; at only about two hours, it felt three times as long, with 0% entertainment.  This is such a good candidate for worst movie ever made with budget over $970.

A-10s Are Too Good For You

The A-10 has been on the verge of extinction for generations now.  The plane is too good at what it does and does it too inexpensively.  As far as results go, though, it is hard to beat.  It's like a winter car that can take a beating and still get you home, even if you'd rather have a stupidly expensive and unreliable Quattroporte instead.  The A-10 is really good at keeping ground troops alive and keeping A-10 pilots alive, but the defense profiteers can't make the big bucks with the A-10 doing its job.  Nice job, Chuckles.  Obama did a great job picking Hagel.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Patrick Moore And Sean Hannity In A Koch-Sucking Circle Jerk

When a world-class fucktard like Patrick Moore goes on the tee vee with a fucking numbskull like Sean Hannity, well, it's as least as pathetic as you'd expect.  Moore and Hannity are all over themselves trying to get the splooge on the Koch brothers' cookie first so they can eat the prize of a jizz-covered cookie and get an approving pat on the head from their masters.  And a big check, of course.

Andrew Cuomo Sucks The Big One

Mario's idiot kid is a maxi-douche and exactly the kind of ineffectual, rock-ribbed conservative Democrat we all don't need.  Cuomo being a huge asshole is nothing new. 

America's Kievs

Would any U.S. president, Republican or Democrat, allow armed protests in the heart of D.C. demanding the removal of the current government?  Would these protests be removed with only the gentlest of tactics?  Or would the U.S. government destroy such a movement with brutal, murderous violence and call it legal?  Exactly.

Yikes, NBC Is Sucking So Hard Now

At one time, NBC had Johnny Carson followed by David Letterman, and now they have Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers?  Holy shit, how does that happen?  Sure, we know that Carson and Letterman were both utter bastards, but they delivered something at least watchable most of the time.  Then Leno came and was simply horrid, but Fallon and Meyers are such unlikeable, unwatchable, and untalented hacks, the only question is to wonder who exactly is responsible for this fucking train wreck.

Now maybe NBC can go all the way and get the execrable Fred Armisen--the man who couldn't break the Mekons--to bring his astoundingly unfunny Portland show to the peacock network.

Dictionary Definition Of Utter Moron

Matt Birk.  This dipshit was on the Joe Scarborough Morning Dead Intern Show this morning.  Just from lookin' at him, I could see he was a skeevy-looking asshole, and then I used the interwebs to see I was once again correct in my assessment that Birk is the perfect example of a Big Dumb Fuck, as well as the fact that Harvard is a complete joke as soon as you know any one thing--buy the name if you must, but please understand that anyone who knows that one thing will know that Harvard is little more than an obscenely over-privileged douchebag version of the Indiana State Night School.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Political Song for Closet-Case Arizona Teabaggers to Sing

Harry Reid Stands Up To Koch-Sucking Liars

And the teabaggers and Fox "News" are not happy about it!  Reid, being pretty much a douchenozzle, is not the ideal leader on this, but good for him for being one of the few elected leaders to stand up and say this shit in public.  The Koch brothers are financing the coordinated lying, and the Koch-sucking teabaggers are doing the dirty work.

Jan Brewer: Cornered Like A Rat

Literally.  She had no choice, but that doesn't mean that she's anything other than a vile, reactionary dipshit.

Run, Jeb, Run!

We need this.  Jeb Bush attempting to run for president would be one of those Brobdingnagian cock-ups capable of providing sickening, high-calorie entertainment for an entire generation.  Please run, Jeb, you fucking dipshit.  Run!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Most Awesome Or Scariest News Of The Week

Farscape. Movie.  What a glorious disaster that could be!  What a glorious disaster this will almost surely be!  A movie is a risk, but I am almost giggly over the prospect that somebody has the balls to put even an American c-note into this.  Hell, I like entertainment.

Alec Baldwin: A New King Of Comedy?

I think MSNBC sucks donkey balls, too, but I can't help but wonder if Baldwin is doing some performance art or some shit here.  MSNBC knew Baldwin, and certainly Baldwin should have known the real scoop on MSNBC.  Maybe it's all some kinda' put-on.  At this point it's the most likely scenario.

Monday, February 24, 2014

This Is Not A Love Song, Either

Even Yet Still More Agony Of Welfare Academia

Loomis is being willfully obtuse because of some sort of jealousy or other silly personal pique, I hope.  I mean, I would like to believe that Loomis understands what Chomsky was saying, but then again...

Nixon personally liberal?  Nixon a liberal in the classic or modern sense?  Or Nixon an effectively liberal president compared to the likes of Obama and Clinton because of the political orientation of establishment politics back then compared to these days?  A point about politics instead of petty horseshit?  Tune in again next time for another thrilling episode of Bullshit, or Not?

Debbie Dingell Is Younger Than John Dingell, At Least

But so are many fossils.  John Dingell succeeded his father in that seat, so I hope to hell that he has a kid or grandkid to take over after Debbie Dingell decides to pack it in.

Connecticut's Dan Malloy Smacks Louisiana's Bobby Jindal

I get the feeling Malloy is one of his own biggest fans, but why not bitch slap Jindal when he begs for it?  It is too bad that Malloy and Maryland's Martin O'Malley didn't really unload on that creep Jindal.

Harold Ramis

Was 69!  He was a part of some funny movies and some really awful ones; dead at 69 today.  Stripes.  Caddyshack.

Political Song for Jan Brewer to Sing

By The Time You Got To Arizona

Jesus Frakking Christ, what is the matter with these fools in Arizona?  It can't be random, but I'm pretty sure there's no generous cash prize for proving your state is bigger shithole than Texas, so what is their fucking problem?  Lead deposits or other topic heavy metals leaching into the water table?  Rancid Taco Bell?  Bad meth?  Whatever it is, counting on that leathery crone Jan Brewer to do the right thing means you are beyond fucked.

For The Record: Tim Scott IS A Dummy

Sen. Tim Scott is a creepy Uncle Tom.  Just because the teabaggers have shitty reading comprehension and have trouble with the truth can't change reality: Tim Scott is a fucking maroon.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

See Bad Oh Comes Alive

Virag's Movie Reviews: Prisoners (2013)

This flick was over two and a half hours long--that was the real torture.  Hugh Jackman is really terrible, and if you forget how awful he is, this nightmare is just the kind of experience to remind you.  Jake Gyllenhaal musta been under the impression he was in a different movie than the rest of the cast, while Terrence Howard, Melissa Leo, and Maria Bello were wasted.  This is as insultingly stupid a film as you will see until the next one you see, but it is seriously bad and dumb.

Ummm, No, There's No Big Tent Big Enough To Hold This Frakking Garbage

Maybe I'm jaded, but this looks an awful lot like a mountain of horseshit meant to distract whatever passes for the left of DailyKos long enough for Clinton to get enough support.  If he's serious, BTD is fucking high if he thinks having another Clinton as president will help solidify the left flank of the Democratic party.  Obama has been a disaster for the "left wing" Democrats; that fat fuck Bill Clinton was a disaster for those same Democrats, and putting another committed right-winger like Hillary Clinton into the Whitehouse will be a disaster as well.  BTD is doing his damnedest to carry the piss bucket, but only a fuckhead would take a hearty draught from that bucket and smile about it.

Old, But Pathetic Failed Attempted Matt Taibbi Fisking

Jessica Pressler must be some kinda' dimwit.  I mean she's oh, so offended that Matt Taibbi said something nasty about Goldman Sachs.  I'm sure Ms. Pressler would be thrilled to show her proper deference to Lloyd Blankfein, on her knees.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Excellent Perspective On Venezuela

Eva Golinger.  Without Chavez, the badguys think they can get their country back, and the USA is there to help 'em for sure.  No matter what, I'm not hopeful that the Venezuelan people will be able to sustain their revolution, but I would be tickled pink to be proven wrong.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fish-In-A-Barrel But Funny Ted Nugent And Greg Abbott Fisking

So what if it is almost too easy?  Ted Nugent is a seriously skeevy, deranged teabagger--though these days his aspect is that of someone who has suffered a debilitating stroke or other severe trauma, so under normal circumstances we should not be making fun of him, but fuck him--and the Democrats and their surrogates should be broadcasting this story constantly right up until election day.  Ted Nugent is a draft-dodging coward, sexual predator and sexual deviant, and guntard teabagger, so let's beat the Abbott campaign over the head with this cocksucker every gods-damned day.

Remember, A Bunch Of Good Guys Died A While Back To Keep The University Of South Carolina In The United States

Lee Papa has some fun with a poor, pathetic, brain-damaged fucktard called Anna Chapman from the University of South Carolina--for which the United States sacrificed dearly a while ago during the War of Southern Insurrection.  (I think we can all agree that the USA would be so much better off today if we had allowed the south to become a poor, illiterate and independent racist rump state we could brutally subjugate and exploit like a banana republic until it was destroyed in a bloody and glorious and entertaining slave rebellion.)  Regardless, the bugfuck crazy and stupid teabaggers don't like anyone telling the truth about shit, especially in South Carolina.

Wait, Anna Chapman?  That's a joke, right?  This whole thing is a giant prank on Fox "News" and the teabaggers, right?  Anna Chapman?  No way.

Your Next War?

The war's been raging since before Chavez.  Venezuela needs to be the loyal vassal state, with the yummy oil and drugs, in the eyes of the United States.  Hugo Chavez was too tough to defeat because he was both bold and popular, but without Chavez, the US sees its chance to wipe out the progress and return Venezuela to its rightful place as another of America's silly lap dogs.  None of this is getting coverage in the States from the establishment media...

A Discrete Definition Of Insanity

What.  The.  Frak?   I don't.  There's so much fucktardery going on here, it is almost too fucking stupid to unpack.  First, the fluffers get all dumb because a company is running around admitting that they hired a legendary failure as a marketing adviser for some pretty generic and unexciting roadish bikes, but the real humor comes from the fact that some dumb bike company is hiring a dude that obliterated his own company with awful decision-making not making not once, not twice, not three times, but at least FOUR times!  How the hell is that possible?  Plus, is Alchemy one of those companies that needs to sell at recognizable level of volume in order to break even?  Are they really gonna compete with Cannondale and Trek on price and spec on bike shop floors, much as Serotta did so successfully?  Oh, wait.

Insane In The Ukraine

Independence Square turns into a typical American grade school where 80 people get shot, and suddenly the world notices.  The violence is a tragedy to the people killed, but the political morass ain't gonna get solved with some exchange of fire.  Who's the best for Ukraine, the West or the Russkies?  Since there's money to be made, I don't think we can count on the EU, USA, and Russian Federation to play nice and support a robust and inclusive democratic election in particular and robust and inclusive democratic traditions in general any time soon.  Thus, it is little more than panic time to simply stop the killing.  Fantastic. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mark Weisbrot On Venezuela Today

There's not much reason to doubt that the USA is on the wrong side of this Venezuela thing.  We've been on the wrong side since before Hugo Chavez was first elected--and we've been on the wrongest wrong side in pretty much every south of Delaware political issue since forever.  This particular country, Venezuela, would be so much better off if we stopped fucking with them and instead supported the democratic institutions even if our own lapdogs don't happen to win any particular election.  Venezuela has the oil and the wealth; if they succeed despite not kissing the USA's ass, well, that'll make us look bad...

Social Security Big Whoop--Better Than Nothin', I Guess

Very sad that this was a Democratic president who had to be continually kicked in the jimmy to NOT cut Social Security.  Yeah, it's good that the cut is off the table for today, but still, Obama is sorta kinda a Democrat, and this was his big idea to boost catfood sales. food.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Whole Shimmery Shebang

The Real Jerky Boys

Hey! The assholes on Wall Street are assholes!  I mean, it is funny, to see how fucking puerile they are, even with their money and expensive shit and wealthy peer group, but it should not be any sort of surprise.  These are the dumb-shit jocks, the prep school shitheads, the rich frat boys, the self-congratulating movie stars, except that these fuckwads are in Matt Taibbi's vampire-squid finance game.  No difference.  They're nothing more than banal and ill-mannered clowns; they're not happy that we have this documentation, though.  Now, THAT'S funny.

Clash Of The Mental Midgets

Saab fanboys get in a spitting contest over Chinese electric cars.  On one side you have teabagger-who-hates-government-but-works-in-DC-and-is-essentially-a-welfare-queen fanboy vs. English-isn't-my-first-language-but-I-like-getting-handjobs-from-the-owners-of-Saab fanboy in a clash that is way more sad than entertaining, unfortunately.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Political Song for the Proletariat to Sing

The melodic bass playing by Patrick Fitzgerald mixed with Julian Swales' soaring guitar noise still holds up after all these years.  For some odd reason, I was not at this bright and sunny gig at Berkeley.  Gods dammit.

Raising The Minimum Wage Is Good Policy And Good Politics

Duh.  Today we're getting a crapload of horseshit being flung around by the retards and Koch-suckers in the establishment media about the purported loss of jobs after raising the minimum wage to the still criminally-low rate of $10.10 per hour.  It's not true of course, but it is a willful misreading and misunderstanding of the CBO report, just as it was for the ACA.  Raising the minimum wage HAS NEVER lead to an increase in unemployment, but the conservatards and Koch-suckers are not interested in reality; economic hardship creates increased opportunities to exploit racist and other fear-based politics to the benefit of the all-American rock-ribbed establishment, keeping the beneficial class- and wage-based consensus from forming and asserting political influence.  Higher minimum wage means more money, more jobs, more chance for more Americans to become free enough and comfortable to participate in politics: exactly the opposite of what the political leaders want.

This Is What Insanity Looks Like

This is sure as shit a manic episode, and pretty much defines what incoherent bad choices look like.  Not that eating better is not a good idea.  It is.  And this fella is one of those cooking guys but is also a fat fuck, and no doubt in a few weeks he will be binging on meatball subs and take-out fried chicken because there is nothing to eat in his house.  Watch for tubbo the clown to be up around 15 or 20 pounds in the next six weeks and be considering suicide again.  Asshole.

Let's Trade Mel Reynolds For Rob Ford

I hope this is one of those stories where the US government allowed Reynolds to travel with the idea that he would be refused reentry into the US!  What a dirtbag, but I get the feeling he fit right in with the rest of the dirtbags clogging up our political system.  Zimbabwe can keep him.  And if they'd like, we can send a few teabaggers to keep him company.

Hilariously Typical And Hilariously Sad Teabagger Hypocrisy

Joe the douchebag plumber edition.  He doesn't want you to have the benefits of union representation, but he's sure as shit happy to have them for himself.  Sam--and the rest of us--are lucky that the UAW has made it possible for Joe to make a fair living seeing as he's a barely competent fucktard; if not for the UAW and Chrysler, surely poor ole Sam would be begging on the street or giving handjobs for crack.

Where's Your Venezuelan News?

Really not around if you are in the US, and what coverage you get is not news in any sense of the word.  First-hand accounts?  Nah.  News and analysis?  Sorry, no.  The US is not interested in decent coverage in Venezuela; this has been an entire generation of US aggression, and the darkness is useful in hiding so much of the evidence.  Just the way they want it.

Dave Lindorff Knows

Lindorff is all over this nasty shit the Republicans have kicked up recently over the Mumia Abu-Jamal case.  The Republicans are pandering, of course.  They're doing their best to scare the racist cracker teabaggers with the scary, scary black man with the funny name, Mumia Abu-Jamal.  Lindorff has very unhelpfully done some a shitload of actual reporting on this case, so he is not susceptible to promulgating the evil insanity in the same way that Rendell and Smerconish are.  Lindorff's point that no one knows what happened because of police malfeasance and incompetence are the most important things.  It doesn't matter whether Abu-Jamal killed Faulkner or not--and the evidence points to no way in hell--because the police and the state were unwilling and unable to make a legal case against him, and instead relied on racism and misconduct to railroad a most certainly innocent man--but even if he was guilty as hell and pissed on Faulkner after he shot him a thousand times, if the police and the state can't or won't make a just and legal case against the suspect, then that guilty man should go free.  Since the police and prosecutors fucked up the case beyond repair, we will never know what really happened with Abu-Jamal and Faulkner.

It's Always Too Sunny In Chattanooga

David Macaray sees a bright side that's not so bright in Chattanooga.  The VW support is the thing that isn't being reported properly in the establishment media, but Macaray is going way too far in finding something positive.  I understand that he doesn't want to bash the dipshits who voted against their own interests, but he's wrong.  The fools in the rank and file were ignorant enough to be misled by the Koch-suckers and Bob Corker.  That's their fault.  Now American workers everywhere and the entire economy as a whole gets to suffer for it during this latest setback in economic fairness.  Nice going assholes.

What About John Thune?

John Thune does not get nearly enough credit for being one of the dumbest motherfuckers in the US Senate.  Sure, without Rick Santorum, Jim DeMint, and Sam Brownback, Mike Lee really looks like the biggest fucktard currently serving, but Thune, with his dull, empty eyes and lightbulb-shaped head, really deserves more consideration as an all-time nasty and stupid Republican US Senate asshole.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Kool Kool Thing

Straightforward Praise For Goo And Sonic Youth

Nothing out of the ordinary in this AV Club thing, but it is fine, just fine all the same.  Goo is fine, just fine, too.  Late March, 1990: Question: what does the new Sonic Youth sound like?  Answer: Sonic Youth. 

Ibanez Electric Guitar Package

They're not doing them anymore, according to the website, but they're out there, and I had to get one for a kid as present.  I was pretty impressed; the guitar is solid--and heavy--without any of the honed-from-the-spongiest-balsa-wood impression the least of the Squiers give off, and the tiny, ugly amp works and is pretty freaking loud.  The distortion channel is especially loud and reasonably crunchy with plenty of crackle, hum and feedback.  The setup was decent; the instrument tuned up easily and plays okay.  For the money, it was a hell of alot easier than picking up the components on their own, and quibbles and nitpicks aside, the quality is probably similar to what ever particular brand you might to choose to get for a similar the price.  (The guitar appears to be a full-scale, 24-fret version of the short scale Ibanez that Santa brought.)  Plus it had to be red.  And it is red.  Red.  So that's what most important.  Red.

North Carolina Really Sucks, Too

Quick 'n easy synopsis of how cutting unemployment benefits in North Carolina doesn't get people back to work but instead depresses the economy as a whole when the labor force shrinks, from John Quinterno and Dean Baker.  This is pretty basic shit, and nobody out there in the hinterland should be deluded enough to believe that the teabaggers in NC were interested in getting people back to work at all.  Cutting benefits is all about punishing the poors and the blacks and shit in order to push the idea that cutting taxes for rich people--people who own the government--is good policy. 

Wait, But He's White

This can't be right, because white people don't point guns at other white people.  If they'd made the guy the proper color, then Florida and Jesus would approve.

Tasty Kim Gordon LL Cool J Relic

20 March 1991 was a Wednesday, apparently.  This is a while back, before Al Gore distributed the internets to most of the hoi polloi.  Yet, here it is damn near 23 years later.  That's somethin', anyway.

Asswhipe Of The Day

This skeevy fuckbag.  Thankfully, this dumb bastard has gone away--let's hope it is permanent and that it was extremely painful and humiliating.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Drive That Faster

Florida Is A Slice Of Heaven On Earth

Join me in thanking all the gods and Jesus Fucking Christ himself that there is a place on Earth like Florida.  A place where justice rules.  A place where white men are always right.  A place where the blacks and Mexicans and other dirt people can be shot in the fucking street for playing their shitty thug music, and rightfully it is not murder.  Florida is just like heaven, where all the people are white and the lesser races know their place, and if those lesser creatures piss off the good people, well, they might just need to die.  We all benefit because Florida shows us the way god and Jesus want all of us to live.  When the whole world is like Florida, all the good people will know the glory of paradise.

Sometimes I Am Glad To Be Alive

Because I can laugh and laugh and laugh.  It's things like this that make wish Jesus was real, cuz I would sure as shit high-five him after this slick move.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Coal Ash Is Good For You!

The coal industry says so!  So does the governor of North Carolina!  You can trust them.  Jesus approves of every fucking word they say, so don't you worry one little bitty bit.  Coal ash tastes good in your coffee and makes a wonderful child's toy.  No problem.  No problem at all.  Who you gonna believe, the fine christian business leaders in the coal industry or some pussy commie doctors?

Every Day In Tennessee Is A Bad Day And This One Is Worse

Idiots of the world, unite and come to Tennessee!  Yes, Bob Corker is a lying cocksucker, and yes, the Koch-suckers like Grover Norquist spread lies and disinformation, but that does not change the fact that VW America itself wanted the UAW to organize because the Krauts who run VW and the Krauts who work for VW wanted the UAW to organize the plant and that the UAW had a great opportunity to win.  The fault lies first and foremost with the idiots who work in the plant; they were too ignorant vote in their own interests and instead believed the lies they have been told.  Blame the workers first and the politicians and the UAW second.  Tennessee is shithole filled with shitheads.  This disaster proves it.

Friday, February 14, 2014

St. Mekons Day

Dave Marsh Doesn't Heart Al Gore

I'm not the biggest Dave Marsh fan out there--his drooling infatuation with the absolutely horrid Bruce Springsteen is an unforgivable thing and pretty much completely undoes the wonderfully nasty comments he's has made over the years about other horrific musical acts--but he does good work here fisking the shit out of Al Gore and beating Gore over the head with the legacy of Pete Seeger.  Gore is Gore, but certainly Gore is no leftist or anything much worthwhile.  Anyway, go read it on Counterpunch, and realize that unfortunately Marsh is no John Peel.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Your Favorite Nun

Simoncini Max

Fun bike, and probably very rare.  I seem to recall that some national pre-interwebs catalog place was selling Simoncini frames back in the day, like late 80s, early 90s.  Behind-the-times-typical-Italian wicked-short top tube lengths, if I remember correctly.  Anywayz, this is a neat frame, but there are some things that drive me frakking nuts (as with lots of other Italian/Euro frames of the period), namely the utter lack of lug shaping, which is especially important with the ugly, ungainly Max lugs, along with the inexcusable protruding internal brake cable tunnel.  It's these details that they missed that undermine the appeal of the chrome and cool paint.  The American custom frame guys like Chris Kvale would never have settled for such inelegant design.  Whatever.  Nice looking frame from five feet away.  Straight Max fork is always sweet.

Fear Is The Mind-Killer

Is Amanda Marcotte being willfully dense here?  Yes, creationists are fearful; dumbasses are always afraid because they don't understand what is really going on around them.  The biggest part of being a fucking moron is the inability to learn; now yes, a few certain rare dumbasses refuse to learn even though they have some capacity for learning, but most idiots are idiots because they are incapable of comprehension.  Intelligent people learn--they learn even what they don't want to learn and understand things that might make them uncomfortable or sad.  That's what intelligence is.  Creationists are either unwilling or unable to understand basic science, and instead believe in some ludicrous existential concepts.  Most of the creationists are truly unable to understand, so they are the perfect examples of pathetic dumbasses.  Also, Ken Ham is one of the dumbest motherfuckers who ever lived.

Barack Obama, Liberal Lion--Postively Clintonesque

This is the kind of thing which should be offered without comment.  Of course Obama makes shitty appointments; as often as his fluffers put in overtime to keep him hard, Obama is the saddest sort of establishment conservative, so when you get a terrible asshole like Bush, you get awful appointments, and when you get a Democrat like Obama, you get awful appointments, too.  Until we get a president who is not a rock-ribbed conservative, this is what we'll see over and over and over.

Charlie Pierce Has Some Fun With Guntard Terrorist Types

The truth hurts, but it is fun sometimes.  You try really hard to find terrorist-types who are left-wing; left-wing violence is usually part of an (semi) organized (para) military movement, as in armed resistance, revolution, get the idea.  The lone guntard or the unhinged militia-type terrorists, now those assholes are almost always addle-headed, reactionary, wingnut teabagger-style right wing fuckers.  The fact is that your liberal, left-winger folks are not generally violent people; they only fight when fighting for something that matters, like freedom, or fighting against armed invaders.  The dumb righties are violent and dangerous.  We should encourage them to fight it out amongst themselves.

Watching The Nation Die

Around half are hopeless morons and around half are just plain rotten, but these fools in Tennessee and elsewhere are the useful idiots of the Koch Brothers and their ilk.  The reality of the VW plant and the UAW is nowhere to be seen in this Reuters article, and as usual the comments are a cesspool.  This ignorant evil is what has been destroying America since the beginning.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Washington Death Penalty

Things may be pretty shitty in the USA these days, with high-profile political losses and failures in health care, jobs and the economy, Card Check--remember that one?--gun control, voting and civil rights, abortion and birth control rights, our glorious imperial adventures, but there have been some important wins along the margins, in marriage equality, drugs, and the death penalty.  Washington is the latest state to join the 20th century and suspend executions.  This is not the biggest deal in America in 2014 but is a solid step forward for our civilization.  Gov. Jay Inslee did the right thing.  Good for him.  We gotta take everything we can get.

Heh, Indeedy, Shirley Temple

There's nothing like a skeptical obit for a famous Republican.  I'm sure that the adult Shirley Temple was a nasty piece of work, but I can't imagine a child being able to do what she did in a professional capacity, showing up, working on time, hitting marks, rehearsing, the whole thing.  She was either a tiny robot or was hit repeatedly with a stick.

Ty Cobb Via Al Stump, Bullshit, Or Not?

How full shit was Stump on Cobb?  I don't know, but apparently there are more than a few questions.  Regardless, Cobb was an all-American son of a bitch, and the short Stump piece is pretty frigging entertaining.  Cobb made Stump a success as well...tune in next time for another thrilling episode of Bullshit, or Not?

Sad Or Absurd

It's hard to be a civilian--in any world.  If you don't know any better and maybe get some bike advice from a newspaper, you haven't helped or hurt much.  If you don't know any better and only get your bike advice from a newspaper, you're screwed.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Virag's Movie Reviews: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

Yikes, this flick was dumb.  Gleefully dumb, and damn near gloriously dumb.  I think that might be what they were goin' for, but they didn't quite get there.  Gemma Arterton would be fine, just fine reading the Cleveland phone book, and this thing had Famke Janssen AND Pihla Viitala as well, so it was certainly pretty much watchable.  Unfortunately, Jeremy Renner is pretty much a zero, and the humor and action were clumsy at best.  I see it, I see the silly popcorn movie they wanted to make, but I don't see it in the actual film they did make.  Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters makes Pacific Rim look like 2001: A Space Odyssey

That Dumb Bastardi Weatherman Was On O'Reilly

That feckin' moron Bastardi with O'Reilly was about as much drool as the storm sewers of Manhattan can handle, I'm sure.  Holy schnit, we a doomed species. 

Not So Dirty Boots

Monday, February 10, 2014

So, I Watched The First Episode Of Crusade Again

On YouTube, so, you know, but boy was it draggy.  I hadn't seen it in forever, and it wasn't great.  The episode looked like he was trying to fit way too much in, and glossing over the space battle in order to fit in more silly plot was not the best choice.  I can see why it was cancelled before it ever aired.  That Rangers tee vee movie/pilot was atrocious as well.  Watching UFO on YouTube is much more satisfying.  That show holds up.

Hollande And Obama

I could understand not bringing your young actress girlfriend if Bill Clinton was the president; you'd never be able to find him when you needed him cuz he'd be too busy sniffing her chairs and shit.  With Obama though, it is kinda' sad that the President of France has to be traveling by himself.  When France's leader shows up, it should be wine and greasy cigarettes and poetry all night long. 

Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, You Know

Whole Foods sucking giant moose cock is not exactly a secret, is it?  Their CEO is a teabagging asswhipe, and they have shitty benefits and pay considering how much they charge for food and shit.  Buy food at Costco or somethin'.  Or at the local grocery store with decent union representation.  It's all good.

Watchin' The Whitey Tape With Jesus

Where did white folks come from? Straight from feckin' jesus.  White people are white like god and jesus are white.  White people talk English because that's what jesus talks to god with.  White people are the chosen people.  Adam and Eve were white and born in Cobb County, Georgia.  If jesus likes you, he makes you white like him.  If he's not so fond of you, he makes you a black or a yella or a brown mooslim or something.  That's in the fucking bible, in plain English, just like god says.  White makes right.  Far, far right.  Teabagging right.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Someone Needs To Push The Jolly Candy-Like Button

Meanwhile, Racist Dirtbags Are Dirtbags

The racist douchebags hate the blacks, but holy shit they hate the black WOMENS!  What's extra sad is that many of the creepy racist assholes don't even understand how dumb they are.  I guess that comes with being the dimmest of the dim.

Wingnut Cretins Are Everywhere

Not every Republican or right-winger is stupid, but almost every stupid asshole out there is a conservative and/or Republican.  Avik Roy, for example; he's a gods-damned 1-watt bulb.

Evil And Unhinged Interwebs Flashback

Pretty friggin' nasty.  I don't know what the deal with Danny Faulkner's widow is; I guess you could excuse her because she was young and her husband died, but she has seemed pretty gleefully racist and just plain rotten in her hysterical campaign against Mumia Abu-Jamal in particular and justice in general.  That's one thing, but Michael Smerconish is another thing altogether.  Smerconish is a loathesome, racist cretin.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Music For The Masses

Wow, Chris Christie Hired A Bunch Of Idiots

Anyone who really thought Chris "Moby's Dick" Christie was going to be a serious contender for the Republican nomination is fatuous clown.  Even Mitt didn't want him!  And now we are learning that his staff is able to run over and around him--and that fucker is pretty gods-damned huge, so running around or over him is never easy--but Christie is never to blame.  I'm not sure who looks sillier, Christie or his supporters in the establishment media.

Fun Satchel Ronan Farrow Fisking

Michael Wolff is nothin' special, but he gets all bitchy about this uber-tool Satchel Ronan Farrow, and it is pretty fun.  This whole Woody Allen thing is getting uglier--and that should be impossible, given the accusations--but what is just fucking pathetic is how the Farrows are all involved with the shit show that is the legacy of that vile scum-guzzler Tim Russert.  Russert's idiot son is on NBC just like this Farrow person is going to be, and Russert's wife is a media friend of the Farrows.  Ugly as sin.

Friday, February 7, 2014

There Is A Good Tim Armstrong

Wait, What? AOL Is Still A Thing?

I'm kinda shocked that AOL is still a thing.  I'm not surprised that the CEO is a fucking douchenozzle, but I'm flabbergasted that AOL exists at all.  What do they do?  Besides enrich evil motherfuckers?

Virag's Movie Reviews: Carrie (2013)

Was that Hart Bochner? Apartment Zero and Die Hard Hart Bochner?  No shit.  Anyway, in a week, nobody's gonna mention Carrie as possibly the worst and/or the most useless remake ever.  Nope, this flick will be off the hook, along with The Manchurian Candidate, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Man On Fire, Total Recall, and The Longest Yard.  Forever and ever, the answer to that $64000 Question will be RoboCop (rated PG-13).

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Brief But Cogent Jay Leno Fisking

Atrios.  And yes, Leno is an asshole, a nasty, unfunny asshole, but the thing people don't talk about enough is that Leno's interviewing skills in particular and show in general are just wretched.  Letterman is an asshole, as well, but he is funny--plus he inherited an insane and surreal vision of the chat show from Merrill Markoe--and his interviews are often compelling.

I Got Yer Rebuttal Right Here!

Heh, indeedy.  So, that creepy, moon-faced assassin of reason, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is a crook as well?  I'm shocked!!

Truly Some Of The Best Of America: Dave Lindorff On Mumia Abu-Jamal

Dave Lindorff at his best is as good as it gets, and Lindorff is at his best when covering the clusterfuck that is the Mumia Abu-Jamal case.  (His book Killing Time is outstanding--frightening, sickening, yes, but outstanding.)  Lindorff's coverage of the entirety of the case is a credit to what we used to call journalism. 

Hey! It Rained Yesterday, So

1 part ignorance + 1 part horseshit + 1 part teabagging fuckwad = the reason why our civilization is doomed.  And as I keep saying, these are the privileged upper-middle class Americans who are fucking worthless and dumb as posts, even if some of the folks are not as insane as others and may even be making an honest attempt at understanding.  We r doomed.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In A Jar City

Lou Barlow plays, a Rickenbacker here.  I don't care if those things are associated with girls and Chris Squire; they sound so nice.

Lou Barlow Speaks

This interview is really good, even if the ABC/Pat Roberston guy might as well be Robert Krulwich's idiot cousin; I'm not surprised I've never seen it before since the ABC venture which produced it is no longer extant.  What we learn from this interview is that Dinosaur Jr. only exists because Lou Barlow is some kind of saint.  We also learn that J Mascis is a fuck of lot bigger of a dickwad than should be humanly possible--no wonder Thurston Moore loved the guy so much.  If Lou can't talk to the guy after almost 30 years because he is so prickly, J is either a mental defective or purposely being the biggest asshole he knows how to be.  The band is J's; he gets paid more and is almost impossible to work with., but the other two guys put up with it--I guess because the don't have a choice.  The big question is whether Mascis is smart enough to realize that without Lou and Murph, he's pretty much nothing--and more importantly, nobody except Thurston would really care.

The Worst Dumb List In Human History

Really bad.  Not only the content, but the order.  No excuse for this crap.

The End Of The World Is Near

No, it's not the XL pipeline.  It's not President Ted Cruz.  It's Styx, Foreigner, and some guy who was supposedly in The Eagles traveling around the country bringing terror and destruction that not even Gipsy Danger would be able to staunch. 

The Pathetic Politics Of Democrats

Lee Papa sees it. Not gonna help, though.  The media didn't understand the CBO report and let Fox "News" create the narrative, so how can we expect tough and powerful pushback from the Democratic Party?  We can't.  Rudepundit is mildly indignant, but mild is not really a help.  As far as politics go, the piss-poor ACA is dragged down because the best and smartest health care experts hate it and won't vigorously defend it.  Instead, we're left with lame mainstream Dems and soft-headed establishment media types trying to polish that turd.  Not good.

Virag's Movie Reviews: Fast Five (2011)

This one was easily the peak of the franchise, such as it is.  By this time, Vin Diesel has firmly decided he likes money, and The Rock is so friggin' happy with himself because somebody told him he was the star power in this thing.  The Rio stuff looks okay in this, and the return of so-much-better-than-you-would-think Matt Schulze is welcome--now I bet he wishes his character had lived since the studio is gonna do its best to crap out another four or five of these as fast as possible (hah!), Paul Walker or no.  Learning by rote is still learning.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

TPM Does Something Useful

Fekkin' miracle, but they were all over that CBO report that completely misunderstood by most of the establishment media.  Let's face it, if people can work less because they feel secure in their access to health care, THAT IS A REALLY GOOD THING FOR AMERICA.  All of us would benefit from health care security.  If the ACA does even a little bit of that, it's not fucking much, but it is a start.  Too bad that fools on Fox "News" and other outlets have such atrocious reading comprehension. 

Virag's Movie Reviews: Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

This flick looked pretty good, but gods damn it was really dumb.  No, it was not as stupid a movie as Now You See Me, but it was stupid.  Thing is, I like Vin Diesel, and I even think that Dwayne Johnson can be pretty good when he isn't so roided out and silly-looking.  Tyrese Gibson always seems to over-perform pointless roles in bad movies; when he gets his shot at quality, I hope he hits it out of the park.  Wonder Woman is cute, but she's no Wonder Woman--if that's an Amazon, well...Anyway, Paul Walker was fucking zero.  How the hell did he get to be a star?  This franchise is the biggest Universal property ever?  What?

Roger Waters Way More Than Pink Floyd At This Point

Or ever probably.  Waters has been fucking excellent on Palestine, outspoken and consistent.  More Roger Waters and folks like him, please.  (And maybe not so much Pink Floyd.)

Scary Stupid & Ill-Informed People Out There

Upper-middle class twits.  All these people squawking and spewing, but nobody mentioned a death benefit--that shows that they don't know shit.  A variable annuity product is a form of insurance essentially, so if you are smart you pay for a brand-name because you're in a world of hurt if Flybynite Insurance Co. goes under during the time you are expecting a check.  Also, the reason why big insurance companies sell way more annuities than insurance in the 21st century is because the annuity products can and do guarantee income in retirement, which is a big fucking deal in the age of our failed 401k social experiment. 

If you have a proper amount of life insurance and a retirement account and maybe some money in mutual funds, then an annuity can be an excellent choice.  Fixed annuities offer guaranteed payouts--as long as your insurance company doesn't go under--and the variable annuity is more of hedge against inflation--plus these things offer a death benefit if you happen to die before the annuity period begins.  Since nothin' of value is ever free, decide if the annuity is worth payin' for.  But don't listen to the dipshit twits on the Serotta forum.

Monday, February 3, 2014

See Hawks

There aren't too many good guys in the NFL universe, BUT Manning and Elway are two of the nastiest, so it was good to see Seattle and Richard Sherman kick them square in the nuts in front of a ginormous tee vee audience.  And Syracuse beat Duke on Saturday, so that's another good day for America.

Post Office Bank

Make bank!  This is never gonna happen, cuz it makes waayyy too much sense.  Postal Service banking is a good idea for the USPS, but it is a great idea for the American people.  Post office banks might be an odd idea if you have never considered it, but the basic concept is very successful around the world; destroying the usurious check-cashing and payday loan industry would be icing on the gods damned cake.

Harvey Wasserman's White Whale

Fukushima.  Wasserman was raging against commerical nuclear power even when it was not fashionable, and in Fukushima, Wasserman's harpooned that huge scary bastard.  Fukushima may certainly be so much worse than is being reported, and the question is how would we know after the secrecy laws and shit?  Fukushima is the object lesson, but given how dumb our species is...

What An Odd Person Woody Allen Is

Regardless of whether he is the criminal or the victim, he is one weird dude, who has led a fucked-up life.  It's not as if Allen blundered into a normal, stable domestic situation and set out to destroy it, whether he would have destroyed it by design or destroyed it by accident. Lots of people are believing the claims against Allen, but I'm afraid the whole family is too fucked up to know for sure what the hell happened.  Allen's a genius, or he's a monster, or a boring egomaniac, or he's something.  Anyone who's ever been through divorce or custody proceedings against a vindictive or unstable party will understand that anything said is most likely not true, regardless of how terrible the accusations, while anyone who has ever been or worked on behalf of victims of abuse will understand that the victims face struggles long after the abuse took place.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stick A Harpoon In Chris Christie

He's not going to server out his term.  This bridge fiasco has become so much more delightful than I ever could have hoped.  It was probable from the start that Christie himself was directly responsible for the lane closures; Christie was an untouchable bully and thin-skinned buffoon, routinely fluffed by the national establishment media and political figures from both parties, including Obama, so he felt omnipotent as well as vindictive.  That's all changed now, and the attacks have been wonderfully vicious.  The big question now is whether Chris "Moby's Dick" Christie will resign or be impeached?  Heh, indeedy.

Unhinged Lunatic Website Of The Day

Jesus christ.  This guys a fucking loon.  Scary.  Satan!  Heavy Metal!  Boo!



What's Even Better Is That The Keystone XL Pipeline Will Help Enrich The Koch Brothers

Sure things are likely to get very dangerous very quickly once the Keystone XL project is running at full capacity, and sure the politics surrounding this clusterfuck are likely to sour rapidly, but the funest of the funfetti is that the Koch brothers will be making bank off the whole thing!  I mean that's just fucking brilliant.  No wonder the government is in love with the plan.  Activism, grass roots protest, science, reason, good sense are not going to win the day.  This is fucking America.  Short-term profits and long-term suffering will win the day.  America, Fuck Yeah!

Tom Coburn: What A Dick

Greasy gangrenous prick.  Coburn is everything that is wrong with Republicans, conservatives, dipshits, and America.  What a fucking embarrassment he must be to that august body that is the University of Oklahoma Medical School.  Oh, yeah, he's a fucking liar as well.  What a dick.  Thank the gods that Mittens didn't have the political instincts to pick the running mate who could have actually made him competitive.  It ain't much, but it's somethin'.