Tuesday, May 31, 2011

yeah, yeah, it's 10-6 now

but they're down to their last strike.  they're gonna lose anyway.  10-7 now.

update: 10-8?  10-7.

gammons.  dammit.

red sox getting pounded tonight

i hope they have eck on the postgame.  nothing more entertaining after the sox get crushed.

under the big tent, democrats

this is well-constructed analysis, i guess, but the question i have is this: what would lead anybody to think that the astroturf/teabagger/republican/conservative/oligarchical priorities for the government are not identical to obama's and the democratic party's?  they're not afraid of repercussions.  instead, they are totally uninterested in policies that don't benefit their class and the class of their masters.  those masters are the same for the ignorant, racist teabagger as they are for barack obama or joe biden.  it's not that the teabagging point of view will win the day even if obama wins in 2012 or the democrats recapture the house, it has already won and will guide the government regardless of the party in the majority.

please note the reference link below

virag.  sausage-eating bastards.  there is a pattern, so don't get overly offended, cause i know you like to get offended...

newer day rising, 2022

way to go, you sausage-eating bastards.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

new day rising

if fukushima is to be the start of a rational reconsideration of energy policy in general and nuclear power in particular, you can be damn sure it won't be the united states taking the lead.  the japanese and europeans have the political cultures better capable of addressing serious, long-term issues.

not the end of the world, but

fukushima isn't going to be a vacation destination for a few thousand years.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

somebody get the big dog a slutty intern, stat!

the big dog, mr. pumphead, should shut the fuck up and move to the island of misfit mascots with as many chunky sluts and blowup dolls as he can carry, never to be heard from again.

you're never gonna get the santorum off that tie

this is the genesis of probably the scariest santorum visual in a while.

vermont's finest

they keep chuggin' away.  gov. pete shumlin and the rest of those stoner hippies really rock!

chris matthews on palin tonight

good gods, tweety is an absolute moron.  he just loves to hear himself spew.  is there a more simple-minded person on tee vee who's not on fox?  seriously, he makes larry o'donnell sound sharp.

darwin deez solved!

darwin deez: what you get when lou barlow knocks up vampire weekend.

we've got bigger problems now

and i have no idea why so many folks got so offended at big ed's use of the word slut when talking about that vicious hateful harridan, but i'm not all that sensitive; i'm also not 10.  i'm of the opinion that the ladies, the sluts and the prudes alike, can take care of themselves and words don't hurt any more than we let them after we're 15 or so.  i guess i'm not just not cool enough.  oh, well.

right wing whore is about right

ed's getting kudos from the cool kids and leftish pearl clutchers and defenders of women for his over the top apology to that screeching right-wing whore.  it's idiotic to get so bent over a radio blowhard mildly insulting such a worthless meatbag; lefties, liberals, villagers, progs and the like do themselves a disservice when their response is anything more than a quick acknowledgement, possibly a tsk-tsk and a quick moving-on to all the other right-wing sluts who are busy busy busy fucking up the nation.  grow the fuck up people; we've got bigger problems now.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

right wing slut

oopsie.  crazy ole ed schultz called some vile cretin a sexist name.  yes, the very sensitive types have a point about name calling, and the not quite so sensitive folks have a point about all the specialized names that women get called that men don't or wouldn't be so sensitive about.  he really should have cut out the sexist part and called laura ingraham a horrible, lying, right-wing chunk of human filth.  that would have been ay oh kay!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

cornel west finds a nut

cornel west caught a rash of shit for what he said about obama.  plenty of fools on the leftish blogs got all bent, but it's hard to fault him for what he actually said.  it's clear he felt dissed by obama over the inaguration and shit, and while obama never actually said he wasn't a complete corporate tool, west and lots of others hoped for better.  west has the reputation as a relentless self-promoter and academic lightweight, but even though he was a bit hissy and over the top on this one, he was spot on.

pawlenty? really?

captain underpants is gonna rescue the ghost of reagan?

mitch daniels

i guess the one who brought the pants back with her to the house told little mitchie no.

palestine? where's that

if they don't go to the united nations because the united states and israel don't support it, well, fuck them.  it was good enough for israel, and everything worked out just so well.

palestine, take 2

since democracy will never be tolerated in palestine/israel, perhaps the best solution would be many billions of dollars of loans and grants to the people of palestine so that they may sustain an enormous military infrastructure and give the freedom-loving zionists a fair fight.  true, there may be some collateral damage, and the occasional innocent civilian might get injured, but it's the only solution that makes sense given the current political climate.

palestine: one man, one vote

let's see a little democracy in action.

since we're feeling charitable, let's do one woman, one vote also!

still here. shocked, i say

Friday, May 20, 2011

livestrong? ruh-roh

this can't be good for mr. cheat-to-win.

i hate that stupid rem song

so it better be the end of the fucking world!


i know absolutely nothing about dancing, but this video clip for darwin deez' dna is inexplicably compelling.  a quick google search says that the dancers, mishay petronelli and joshua pelatzky, are professionals in nyc, and that the guy in blue, pelatzky, did the choreography.  he really did a good job telling the story of the song, which is kinda catchy and kinda annoying, and the liberal use of cuts and edits makes the whole thing move effortlessly and keeps the overall feeling light.  the fact that red (petronelli) has a winning smile doesn't hurt.  later, all three pairs of dancers look like they're having so much fun, and the fact that darwin deez is never seen only makes it better!  the second clip has a minute of no-dancing set-up in a director's cut.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

arnold the pig


or what?

go away

please come back later

fuck you, asshole

fuck you

i'm pretty sure the family is going with the third choice in public and number 5 otherwise.

and a hale and hearty fuck you to all the flacid reporters and liars and all-around assholes who didn't expose that scumbag for what he was when they had the chance.  good job.

green acres is the place to be.

she turned me into a newt!

i got better.

but he won't.  that fat bastard says something that almost makes sense and every asshole republitard in the country starts chewing on his ass.  when even the creepy nikki haley says your toast, well, you're fucked.

Monday, May 16, 2011

no trump, no huckabee

this next year and a half is gonna be a hit parade of santorum babies, including that hateful douchebag santorum himself, and i hope hope hope crazy ole michele bachmann.  wicked fun.

jon stewart on fox

why the fuck would jon stewart go on that sexually harassing, disgusting pervert's fox show, the o'reilly factor?  it's just vile, and anyone who associates with that show or that network should be ashamed.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

things are better now we have the bomb

the glorious leaders of pakistan are to be complimented on developing  nuclear weapons capability.  without that, they surely would have had the shit freedom bombed out of them by now!

Friday, May 13, 2011

boom crash opera

lots of blogspots were bye bye yesterday, but look to be all better today.

press hard, you're making three copies

who the hell does newt gingrich think he's kidding?  30 years of being a grade-a cocknozzle makes him top flite entertainment but not a viable candidate.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

new doctor who

meh.  moffat has written some good stuff for dr. who, but the new season starting has been less than stunning.  really seems disconnected and like he's written himself into a corner with alex kingston's dr. song.  of course, i'm one of the few who really liked christopher eccleston, u-boat commander, as the doctor.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i've been looking so long at these pictures of you

that i almost believe that they're real.

there's no need to display any pictures they took of bin laden's obliterated cranium.  however, if they wanna put the head on a pike outside of the whitehouse, well then that's perfectly fine with me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

new south park

not great last week.  little hope that a decade of mediocrity will be redeemed.

Monday, May 2, 2011

great al qaeda overview

counterpunch--again!--has an interesting al qaeda short history.  now that bin laden is dead, we're still not gonna be honest with ourselves.

ed schultz is gonna need some scope

he was blowing obama pretty hard, and he's gonna need a gargle once he gets off the air.

dead or alive?

there's tons of chatter on the interweb tubes as to whether or not the bin laden mission was a capture that turned into a kill or a kill.  i think it's pretty clear that it was a kill mission.  shot twice, once in head, then chest, identified then dumped in the ocean like garbage.  there was never any intention of taking him alive.

rachel maddow has pakistan on the brain

she's all bent because pakistan and the isi are eyebrow deep in this bin laden shit and have been for years.  it almost sounds like this is her first day here.  i'll say it again: essentially bin laden was hiding in pervez musharraf's mother-in-law's basement all this time, and shitloads of people either knew it or had a pretty good hunch.  but remember, pakistan has nukes, so, well, just shut up.

bin laden kills attempt to kill gaddafi

bin laden's overdue exit has killed the other big story: nato (aka the united states) tried to freedom bomb gaddafi to death over the weekend.  that's also known as assassination--or possibly murder, depending on which end of the attempt you're on--and that's expressly what we said we weren't doing.  crazy.

royal wedding over, top gear repeats back

that's something.

now what?

listening to obama, it sure sounded like that answer was nothing changes.  bin laden's death will probably amount to nothing more than a sideshow attraction while all the wars on the midway continue unabated.

on the other hand, the news networks are playing up the celebration outside the white house.  and nobody's saying what a terrible failure this was of bush, jr.'s policy and foreign policy management.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

andrea mitchell and now tom brokaw

jesus fucking christ!

now can we see the bin laiden episode of son of the beach?

gilbert gottfried probably needs the boost, so can we un-ban the bin laiden episode of son of the beach?  that would make this a truly great day for america!

the scum of the earth or boondock saint?

in other news, dead pope john paul is on his way to becoming a saint.  instead of believing all the utter nonsense about miracles and other stupid sky-magic bullshit, why don't those vile, child-raping gangsters just apologize for all the injuries small and large, admit they're in it for the money and smooth, young boys and close up shop before they embarrass themselves again by making that piece of human garbage a saint.  unless they're makin' him a boondock saint.  that would be about right.

msnbc train wreck: david gregory, richard engel and brian williams

watching these strutting fools on the tee vee makes me wanna puke.  utter morons.  the cheerleading is disgusting.

poor geraldo rivera

he looks so happy, but i detect jealousy and regret as well, cause he really wanted to be the one to shoot bin laden.  maybe obama will let him skullfuck the corpse.

cheerleaders suck: richard engel

richard engel is dancing around on tee vee right now getting all hot and bothered about bin laden, calling this war on terror an 'effective operation' because bin laden has apparently been killed and saying the death a 'terrible blow' to the bad guys.  jesus fucking christ, this guy's an asshole.  10 fucking years.  how many killed?  if this is a victory, we're more fucked than we know.

asshole was essentially in pervez musharraf's mother-in-law's basement

i take it we're in more war with pakistan now?

bin laden? who? dead? ok.

so, the troops are coming home, right?  what?  no?  what?  why not?  fuck.

i really thought he was living in former general-president pervez musharraf's mother-in-law's basement.

or the presidential suite at the kuwait city hilton.

nice kitty

may day 2011

nice day here.