Friday, November 29, 2013

Blow Me, Pilgrim

Political Song for Muqtada al-Sadr to Sing

Ibanez Mikro Bass And The Perfect Hard Case

Thanks to the gods I was able to get a very nice pink Mikro bass, brand new and ready for the picky, pink-loving young musician.  I was also thankful to jeebus that the bass is about the size of a Strat, so a generic Strat/Tele hard case fits wonderfully; the thought of kid and bass and gig bag was not fun.  I'm really impressed with the Ibanez; it is way nicer than the alternatives.  The case is pretty cheap, but more than good enough to protect the instrument and oh so much less expensive the Ibanez-branded guitar cases.

El Popo Francisco Hates America

I hope his next missive is in comic book form and illustrates Francis giving the finger to famous right-wing Catholics like Antonin Scalia, Jeb Bush, and Bill Donohue.  That would be fucking brilliant; if Francis digs up Joe Pa's corpse from the Pennsyltucky Vatican, pisses on his bones, and then adds that to a special edition of his "Fuck You" comic book, I would consider going to a mass or something.

A People's History Of England By John Pilger

On Counterpunch.  "Lots of planets have a North!"  The north of England is the land of the working men and women, people not really welcome in the history of the country, according to Pilger.  This is not so much different than every other place, of course, since every place worth living in is and always has been run by the ruling consensus, which is not about left or right and is always about money.  The fear of the ruling consensus is always the same, as well; the very real fear that the people will interrupt the gravy train for the ruling class.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Political Song for The Singer Of R.E.M. to Sing

Hell, Be Thankful For Frakking If You Are A Frakking Idiot

Since this is America, whiteboy Jesus has declared that what the oil companies want, the oil companies get.  Especially bad publicity might prevent a particular project or delay it like the Keystone XL, but every other project will continue apace beyond the scrutiny, because oil companies are the fucking government for all practical purposes.  Just smile and be thankful that our glorious petrochemical overlords will frak themselves to booming short-term profits and will frak the rest of us right in the keester.

Be Thankful For 77 Votes In SeaTac

77 votes is not much, but in the spirit of white American thanksgiving and shit, we will be thankful that the margin was not even closer when the bastards spend millions to steal the victory away from the good guys. 

Don't Worry Josh, You're Not Up To The Task

Much the same way that the bacteria thriving in a pile of dog shit are not up to deconstructing Finnegans Wake, Josh Marshall is not up to snarking on Noam Chomsky.  No worries Josh.  Have a loli and go watch some Dora.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Angels And Demons

Hey! The Hobby Lobby Owners Are Assholes

Those dimwit fundamentalist christian assholes at Hobby Lobby have all the wrong friends in America, so make sure you go to Michaels every time and never, ever give a fucking red cent to those Hobby Lobby fuckers.  The same way you never go to Home Depot or Wal-Mart and go to Lowe's or Target instead, skip Hobby Lobby every fucking time.  What happens if the cocksuckers at Hobby Lobby no longer want to provide health care to employees who go to Jewish doctors--or don't go to Jewish doctors?  What if the Hobby Lobby shitbrains no longer believe in vaccination or dental cleanings?  Fuck those assholes. 

Old But Neat Bob Bert Story

Bob Bert's still out there; this was last year, but it is still cool.  Bert's Bewitched was one of my favorites for some odd reason.  Bert was and is an indie scene legend for realz.

For Once, Dems Play Gun Politics Right

In Colorado, at least.  Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak manages to fuck the Republicans and NRA guntards with a strong and smart political move.  Nicely done.  Why isn't this woman in a big national job already?

This Site Needs To Be Updated More Often

Things bogans like.  Clearly a worthwhile addition to the interwebs world.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Doctor Who 50th

No Eccleston, but I didn't hate it, and I was happy about that.  Truth be told, Eccleston, Tennant, Smith, along with Hurt woulda' been fucking crazy--and I would have liked to have seen a bit more explanation why Timothy Dalton and John Simm weren't there; since their thing was happening at almost the same time we could have seen the flash of confusion in the immediate aftermath of their failure to move Gallifrey to Earth.  That's just a quibble, though.  The Tom Baker thing was neat, and watching John Hurt school Smith and Tennant in the craft of tee vee actin' was a joy.  Considering how the Matt Smith era declined, the 50th special was way better than we should have hoped.  Zygons.  Always good to have Zygons.

Maria Bartiromo: A Piece Of Right-Wing Trash Finds Her True Home

I'd say this non-news rates a solid "Fuckin' Duh" on the No Shit scale.  Her career thus far tells us she will fit right in at Fox.  In fact, Ailes probably encouraged Ms. Bartiromo's favorite treatment of the likes of Jamie Dimon, with Ailes hoping to get some for himself.

Fun-Filled Chris Matthews Fisking

Tweety gets fisked by the Times over his silly and downright pathetic book about Reagan and O'Neill.  Matthews is a top-flight dope, but picking on him is really fun anyway.  Let's not forget this asshole gets millions each year to be on the tee vee.  Fuck yeah!  I think Heather's kinda sweet on Tweety, too.

Lara Logan's Next Stop Will Be Fox "News"

Looks like she's out at CBS.  Nothing wrong with that.  She's fucking right-wing scum, much like a South African Maria Bartiromo, so I'm sure she'll be on the express train to Fox as soon as she can collect her ticket. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mekons Emissions

Virag's TV Movie Reviews: An Adventure In Space And Time (2013, UK)

That's how you do it!  With all the sequels, reboots, and rip-offs that pass for cinema these days and suck moose cock--I'm looking at you J.J. Abrams, and your atrocious movies--the Beeb got it pretty darn right with An Adventure in Space and Time.  The cast is fine, the story is compelling and human, and it all makes for an entertaining flick.  This thing was free, and it was way better than most movie movies you'll pay to see any time soon.  Go figure.

Rock Lobster Time Machine

Fun!  Call me a retrogrouch--and I know that bike shop bikes are better today than ever and custom bikes are being made right now by the best builders with the best materials ever--but sweet jeebus I love a classic.  (The perforated Turbo saddle makes me squeal like a fangirl.)  If I can get that hunk o' junk TARDIS running, I'll be there to get a fillet brazed 1990 Lobsta, SP tubing, please, and fork painted to match.  Perfect.

Country Singer Shot Dead!

It's a start.  I kid.  This fucking clown was shot to death over smoking, apparently.  That might be the most American thing I can possibly imagine, more American that Betsy Ross going airtight with Uncle Sam, Ronald Reagan, and Jesus on David Vitter's rubber comforter with the U.S. Constitution printed on it while a bald eagle shits on them and takes pictures.  It is time for a reprint of the pamphlet Don't Shoot People You Fucking Idiot and give it to every dipshit redneck in the old Confederacy.  Assholes.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nature Or Nuture

Five(ish) Doctors Funfetti

No Eccleston, but the three of 'em, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, and Sylvester McCoy, looked like they were havin' a brilliant time, busting on each other and getting their families along with Capt. Jack, Moffat, RTD, the Caucasian Guillermo del Toro, Magneto, kids of Doctors, wives of Doctors, and everyone else to have a laugh.  It was pretty good all-around.  Paul McGann has always been a DW trooper, and the Tom Baker thing should have been a big ole clue to anyone paying attention regarding the for-realz 50th show.  "So, you're in The Hobbit?"

Louder Than Bombs

And better than bombs or cruise missiles or drones, too.  Sanctions are acts of war, and if the United States can ease the war on Iran a bit, lead with diplomacy, avoid more suffering, AND piss off the neocons, teabaggers, and Israelis, well that is fucking golden.  When the assholes and dummies hate a thing, it makes that thing look so much better.  Of course, an Iran packed to the gills with nukes would not be the worst thing in the world, either.

When The Giants Were 0-6

The world was a better place.  But when the Giants play the Cowboys can't they both lose?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Virag's Movie Reviews: The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring is not a terrible movie, competently crafted, but about as deep as a bottle cap and pretty darn dumb.  The Warrens were either dime-store charlatans or addle-headed lunatics, or both; they certainly seem to have been Catholic true-believers, devils, demons, exorcisms and all, so it is really hard to give a fuck about them or their ridiculous stories.  One thing is certain: The Conjuring has been proven by science to be less than 1/6 as entertaining as Sorority House Massacre II.

Oh, Yeah, 'Nightmare in Silver' Was Awful

I had forgotten.  Neil Gaiman turned the Cybermen into Star Trek: Voyager-era Borg.  Awful.  Can't we all agree that the heinous Amanda Palmer proves that Gaiman is an irredeemable douchenozzle and not to be trusted with even the silliest of franchises?

And while we're at it, how fucking pissed is Warwick Davis that he is not Tyrion Lannister?  I mean, Davis is British and Dinklage isn't.  Davis could be gettin' all that GoT cash, but apparently Dinklage was their first choice.  

Friday, November 22, 2013

Her Mom Is Cooler Than Your Mom--Or You

Charles Payne Fisking Funfetti

Crooks and Liars gets in on the fun, savaging Fox "News"'s most fatuous and bloated Uncle Tom, Charles Payne.  Chuckles is an unusually flabby example of one of the saddest forms of life in the galaxy, the black conservative; Payne is especially unctuous due to his service as Roger Ailes's token black pissboy.

Charlie Pierce, Cracked

Pierce is a little cracked on the Kennedy assassination, but that it is not so so shocking, cause his ideas regarding Kennedy's assassination are a flavor of the 100% American paranoia which is not going anywhere any time soon.  The insanity, the basting in conspiracy, makes the shock easier to take, the sadness easier to bear, the anger easier to control.

George W Bush, Jews For Jesus And Other Sick Stuff

Apparently this really was a thing: George W. "Retard Boy" Bush spoke to some bugfuck crazy Jews for Jesus group in Texas, where the tickets were unbelievably expensive in order to raise money to pay Jesus to return to Earth and explode the skulls of the Jews in Israel with Jesus laser beams or some shit, I guess.  Does Jesus require cash or will he accept checks or major credit cards or possibly PayPal?  It's not worth discussing the Jews for Jesus in any serious way, cuz they are the fucking wackiest of the wacky fundie assholes, but it is still sad that Bush really is as brain damaged as we always said.  Anyway, Bush went ahead and did the thing at the thing with the nutty religious fucktards despite the bad publicity, and I'm pretty sure Jay Leno didn't ask him about it, and Fox "News" didn't have some Israeli on for 72 hours straight to scream about what a rotten fucking bastard Bush was.  Weird, innit?

Yeah, What Happened To Totally Biased?

It seemed like a hit job to me.  Not a hit as in big hit popular, but hit as in murder.  Did someone at Fox want to kill this thing?  Why?  Oh, yeah, but still, the show was pretty funny--not great but good--and Mr. Bell would only get better at the thing. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Easily The Dumbest Thing Ever Written About Obamacare

Nicole Hopkins in the Wall Street Journal.  Can you smell the fucktardery?  Mmmm...stupid.  Ms. Hopkins is all bent because her mother was "forced" onto Medicaid through the Washington state health care exchange when the mother purportedly had a shitty bare-bones catastrophic individual policy up until now.  To make it even better, her mother out in Washington had been unemployed or underemployed for years and was clearly barely getting by, so spending a coupla hundred a month on completely worthless "health insurance" was a burden.  From the reactions of Ms. Hopkins and her mother, they both should probably be living in a group home for people with developmental disabilities.  Let's review:

     *Her mother had no real health coverage before;

     *If something happened to her mother, illness or accident, her mother would have immediately been wiped out and placed onto Medicaid;

     *One accident or illness and her mother would instantly be no longer "self sufficient" anyway;

     *Now her mother has comprehensive coverage through Obamacare;

     *And will have protection against both illness and destitution, which may save her worthless life;

     *She will save thousands of dollars a year, dollars she needs to live on, AND have better access to health care;


This is truly the dumbest fucking objection to Obamacare yet.  Nice job, Nicole!  I'm sure your idiot mother is fucking proud of you.

Give Em Heck Hairy

About fucking time.  What the Dems and the pundits don't seem to understand is that under Obama the Republicans have destroyed the workings of the federal government.  Whether it is because they are racists, or are afraid of fucktard teabagger primaries, or are just consummate assholes, it does not matter.  They have refused to act all; the Democrats never had that much cohesion OR abstruction during even the worst of Retard Boy Bush's or Reagan's most egregious atrocities.  If only they had.  The Republicans will do worse and worse if they get a majority SO THE DEMS ARE FUCKING PUSSIES TO WORRY ABOUT THE FUTURE.  The Republicans will fuck it up no matter what given half a chance.  It was about time Reid showed some balls. 

Fisking John Stossel Is Always Good Clean Fun

Stossel is one of the most unattractive humans on the planet; hating on him is great family funAs a well-paid Koch-sucking pissboy Stossel feels perfectly comfortable lying about poor people.  Besides being ugly on the inside and the outside, Stossel is a perfect example of what is wrong with our society.  Let's not forget that he was a low-budget Geraldo Rivera on ABC before he went to Fox "News".

Jesus That's A Big Frakking Plane

Christ.  They might wanna consider installing a compass or somethin'.  TomTom?  Is that still a thing?

Not All Anti-Obamacare Doctors Are On Fox "News"

Some are good doctors.  Good doctors know that the ACA is an awful program, a give-away to the vile for-profit health insurance companies and no way to expand coverage or reduce costs.  Obama should have known this and been ready for the opposition from the left; it couldn't be avoided because he advocated for a bad plan.  That's no excuse for not being ready to push back against the opposition from the Republicans however.  Obama and his people should have known what their opponents would do; the flaccid administration response to the bugfuck insanity being puked up by the Republicans and teabaggers and Fox "News" is inexcusable and disgusting.

Run Skakel Run

I have no idea if Skakel did it, but if Mark Fuhrman thinks you are guilty, you most surely are innocent cuz Fuhrman is not only a fucking racist piece of shit, but he is also a shitty detective and couldn't solve a one-piece puzzle.  Skakel should probably run to Russia and be Eddie Snowden's roomie before he gets railroaded again.  Of course, without Mickey Sherman on the case, Michael Skakel will probably get acquitted. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pro Tip To BBCA: Don't Remind Us Eccleston's Doctor Was A Thing

Last night, BBC America must have been in the Eccleston era of their Doctor Who extravaganza, and "The Parting of the Ways" was on the tee vee in stunning HD.  I was in and out, but I did catch enough of the stuff in the last half hour or so to bring back all the feels that we didn't have at the time for Christopher Eccleston, Russell T Davies, Noel Clarke, Camile Coudri, Billie Piper, and John Barrowman in their first blush of youth and enthusiasm.  There was much that was good there--and better in comparison with what came after--with Eccleston's Doctor being a revelation, and Barrowman looking like kid as Capt. Jack.  The latter DW looks strained and awkward more often than not; the Beeb made a huge fucking mistake by pushing Eccleston out so quickly, and as hard as they are tryin' to make the 50th stuff special--see what I did there?--reminding us little people what might have been with Eccleston as the Doctor is not really in their best interests. 

Kennedy Assassination Insanity

Because David Macaray's thoughts on the Kennedy assassination essentially mirror mine, I think he's pretty much on target got it right.  Most assassination plots are not clever and compelling like well-crafted spy movies, but the killings themselves often cause great upset, so the human instinct is to imagine the killer and the act of killing as much more interesting than they really are, and we get every crackpot dreaming up an inane third-tier Tom Clancy or Dan Brown stories to help them deal with the terrible reality.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Point Of Sons Of Anarchy, Especially This Season

Is the amazing flexibility FX has used for episode length, allowing the stories to play out better each week instead of forcing ill-advised cuts to fit the 10-11 time slot.  That is, as Joe Biden would say, a big fucking deal--in the tee vee world.  Talk about race all you want and miss the point there as well, but if you see how tee vee--which sucks balls most of the time--can be not so sucky, then you will see what is important about Sons of Anarchy.  When the story is no longer the absolute last priority for the tee vee assholes, we can have a tiny bit of progress & a tiny bit of hope.

Well, That Was Quick

Crackhead Rob's tee vee show only lasted one episode.  Apparently, the show was no longer economically viable in the wake of all the publicity when the network couldn't just pay him in crack anymore.

Trey Radel Hearts Crackhead Rob Ford

Trey Radel, Fuck Yeah!  Radel musta seen all the tee vee time Crackhead Rob and his crack-fueled kaiju rampaging were getting and figured it was fun.  Hypocrite doesn't cover it.  How many of these teabagging dipshits are closet cases, disgusting perverts like Vitter, crack- or methheads, or wife-beating drunks?  All of 'em?  Probably a good guess.

Unhinged Teabagging Maxi Douchenozzle Of The Week: Stephen Kruiser

Day.  Kruiser probably only rates as the unhinged teabagging maxi douchenozzle of day. 

SeaTac Recount 52 Vote Lead

52 vote lead ahead of the gathering storm of the recount.  52 up is better than 52 down, and better than 46 up, but the fuckers are gonna do their damnedest to steal this money from the workers.  52 votes is too damn close.

Virag's Movie Reviews: 42 (2013)

It's hard to hate 42.  Not a great flick by any stretch, 42 looks like a Lifetime movie, with the shallowest possible characterizations and breezy, high-gloss storytelling.  Jackie Robinson's life should be and possibly could be a compelling biopic.  Chadwick Boseman does a good job with the material; Han Solo decided to bust out the whole pig and ham it up beyond all reason; Wash is more than a little silly as notorious asshole Ben Chapman.  The rest of the cast is pretty forgettable as none of them have much to do as the story zips by too quickly.  Bad?  No.  Good?  Not really.  Okay, maybe.  Overall, 42 feels mostly like a missed opportunity to bring an amazing and very American story to the screen.

Monday, November 18, 2013

George Zimmerman Didn't Like All The Press Crackhead Rob Was Getting

Toronto's own Crackhead Rob's crack-fueled kaiju rampages musta made Quick-Draw McZimmerman a little jealous, cuz he he busted out his own insane and violent rampage on his girlfriend till the cops showed up.  As fun as this is, we should all be a little bit sad that the cops didn't have much itchier trigger fingers so that ole George would get lit up like a fucking bloated gore-filled christmas tree on live tee vee.

Yeah, Where Is The Progressive Debate On Obamacare?

A few places, but not in the forefront of even the professional left establishment.  The debate would be pretty short; Obamacare sucks as policy, as insurance policy or health care policy.  If the best some decent folks can do is pray quietly for a sufficiently messy situation that some sort of serious (read single payer) triage is necessary, then we are seriously frakked.  For now, the best the Dems can hope for is a robust political/narrative turnaround that puts the Republicans back in their outhouse. 

Update: Jon Walker offers his opinion.  Fixes to Obamacare, the policy, the health care part, not the politics part, are just not something the very serious people talk about.

Almost Human: Like The Deleted Scenes From Continuum

Or maybe a table read.  Either way, it is really hard to do a near future show or flick that doesn't look cheap and/or dumb.  Almost Human didn't nail it either.  The almost-Mrs. Jeter isn't exactly a commanding presence, but she sure is cute.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

It Takes

Unemployment And Poverty Really Are Destroying Whatever Exactly Remains Of America

Senor Atrios was on the case today, with a double-barrel blast of all-American ugliness.  The longterm unemployed are fucked and represent a titanic national economic failure.  It's a big fucking deal, pretty much the biggest, but not the sort of political problem our glorious establishment political class cares aboutGuaranteed Basic Income is a simple idea, kinda like Single Payer Healthcare, that Americans are too stupid to have; it'll be everywhere else before it is ever here.

I Know How I Want This Story To End

My pick for the way this horrible bitch meets her end would be at the paws of an Alaskan bear.  I pray to jesus that Yogi rips her arms off and spends an hour or so beating her with them until he decides to pull our her intestines.  Please jesus.

Just For Fun: Weicker On Lieberman

Lowell Weicker was one of those professional politicians, professional Republican politicians, that we don't see much any more.  He was nothing special, but he was pretty far from an ignorant reactionary or fundie lunatic teabagger.  He lost to Lieberman because the Republican party wanted him gone--mostly because they knew Lieberman was much more likely to be a reliable, predictable, conservative vote than the apostate and self-consciously "independent" Weicker.  As we all know--check that, those of us with fucking brains--it was the choice of Lieberman that cost Gore the election in 2000.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

SeaTac Still Close Enough To Steal

46 votes should be easily close enough for the bad guys to steal.

Idiots Delight: Sarah Palin Vs. El Popo Francisco

Even if you thought nothing' could make you root for a pope, any pope, pick a pope, well, America's skankiest x-governor might change your mind.  Sarah Palin in a cage match with the vicar of christ.  Christ, that's not even gonna make it outa the first round.

Limiting Corruption In Venezuela

In Venezuela, it is appliances and stuff;  limiting corruption is just as important in the United States.  Too bad Obama didn't learn the hard lesson that Maduro learned. 

When Did You Stop Beating Your Wife, Crackhead Rob?

Of course he did. Duh. Blackout drunk, crack-fuelded kaiju rampage and shit. Duh.  Jesus.  His wife must be so very proud of him about now.  Maybe he's got a magic tongue, so she lets him get away with all sort of bad behaviour.  This might get really ugly really quickly.  Ford's a piece of shit, and as much as we love to laugh at this fat sack of shit, he is obviously a nasty piece of work.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Uri Avnery On The Assassination Of Yasser Arafat

If Joe Biden was here and sober, he'd say the assassination of Yasser Arafat was a big fucking deal.  Averny is an experienced observer of Israeli society and politics, so his analysis is quite useful.  The idea that Arafat was going to deliver a form of stability to both Palestine and Israel--to the great detriment of the political careers of the vile Likudniks like Sharon and Netanyahu--and was killed because of it is more than an atrocity and represents more than a crime against Israel.  It represents a crime against humanity.

See Tack Re Count

From 19 to 53 in a day!  Fan fucking tastic.  Jesus.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Toronto's Own Kaiju, Crackhead Rob Ford, Eats Out At Home

Rob Ford loves pussy.  Home pussy.  Not whore pussy.  And this dude's a mayor.  I want him to be the mayor in my town.  He fucking rocks.  Blackout drunk crack smoking, fights, dope, whores, this dude's a rock star, a crack-fueled kaiju ravaging Toronto but making the world a more entertaining place to live!  The Canadian reporters must be lighting candles hourly to thank jeebus for this blessing.  How much more toxic will this guy get?  How much more fun will we have with this?  Tune in again tomorrow for another exciting episode of Bullshit, or Not?


Night Of The Doctor

Holy shit!  Paul McGann!  Steven Moffat is widely disliked for his shallow and clumsy handling of The Doctor after RTD, but this fucking thing is pretty amazing for seven gods-damned minutes, and it is both excellent fan service and a wonderful big wet kiss to the lovely and talented Paul McGann, who never got his shot at being The Doctor on tee vee but was always gracious and appreciative of the the franchise as a whole.  What the fuck, Moffat?  Nicely done.

Are You Ready For No Football?

It begins the beginning.  All you have to do is look at all the lacrosse programs that weren't there a generation ago in middle-class towns and middle-class high schools.  The steady growth of youth soccer.  Options that weren't there before.  And parents who were players who will never let their kids play.  Football will never be the same soon enough.  No great loss.  The asswhipes who think football is somehow better than other sports--read the comments on the ESPN post to see some serious fucktardery in action--will lose whatever cognitive skills that they had quicker than the average bear, so we won't have to worry about them and their bullshit much longer.

SeaTac Recount

If one side can pay for a recount in a ballot measure, which side do you think will have resources to count and count again until they win?  Exactly.  The bad guys were very strong and very scared, but at some point we have to take responsibility for ourselves.  It would be great if the good guys won this in the end, but it should never have even been close.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Peugeot 505 Turbo

I guess I was born too late, cuz I would kinda dig a 2014 version of a Peugeot 505 Turbo.  300 or so horse power turbo 4 with a solid 6-speed manual gearbox, top-line Haldex AWD system, and the interior quality of modern Volvo or Saab would be pretty neat.  Better than one of those nasty Kraut staff cars.

Mark Herring In Virginia By A Hundred

Votes.  That's better than loosing by a hundred.  The VA AG's race is looking good right now, but far more importantly will drive the Virginia teabaggers fucking crazy, not the least of all because the Dems will have the Governor, Lt. Governor, AG, and U.S. Senators.  Heh indeedy.

Frakking Democrats Killing Themselves Over Obamacare

As of now, the politics of Obamacare and the political power of Obamacare belong not to the Republicans but to the Democrats.  Short-sighted and cowardly Democrats are leading with the Republican position instead of the Democratic position.  Yes, the ACA is shit and we will probably be better off without it or better of if it blows up, but...BUT...the Democrats own this shit show, and they should first and foremost be lined up to support and only then running around like assholes to fluff the teabagger and Fox "News" talking points.  Can the Obamacare program survive some sort of political changes?  Sure, maybe, who knows, if they do some bullshit extension of the crappy individual plans for a year to placate the morons and the establishment media bozos but the optics are awful because the Dems are fucking pussies and pissing themselves in public--that something only David Vitter should be doing. For now the Dems have to be fervent supporters first because their political brand and political careers depend on it.  It is their fucking baby no matter what; they should start acting like it.  The only way the Republicans win on this is if the Dems let them, and right now, they are letting them.  The Republican party would never allow their elected assholes to be so wobbly on the tee vee.  The Dems never learn.  Fox "News" and the Republican establishment and the Koch-suckers and all the rest are worried sick--see what I did there?--that the thing will be a political benefit to the Democratic brand if the Democrats don't give up without a fight.  The Dems should learn a lesson, but they're pretty fucking stupid.  This bloody fuck up proves it.

Here's An Idea The Dems Should Be Supporting

So, let's say that you are a craven, unctuous elected Dem who is worried about the politics of Obamacare and you don't have the ability to stand up to the Republican fuckheads, Fox "News", and addled teabaggers.  You wanna get reelected and you need something to fight back with.  What could you do?  Besides actually standing strong against your opponents the way the brain-damaged Repubs always seem to do?  Well, you could come out in support of and talk up the people who are doing something to make a difference in the lives of some of the victims of our shitty health care system.  That would be something!  You could maybe tie the awful health care to the vile Republicans and Koch-suckers and promote the people who are fighting against the bad guys and helping the victims.  Hey!  Look!  You changed the subject and made yourself look good.  No shit.  And maybe just maybe you could help the good guys raise even more money to help out.  That would probably even be good for you career, you miserable gutless bastard.

Social Security Vs. History Throwdown

FDR's legacy as a wild-eyed Marxist in the palsied minds of Republicans and Democrats and other right-wingers is surely an all-American mythology, but there's no reason why we can't talk about the truth as Professor Nasser does over there on Counterpunch.  Roosevelt's role was not that of a reformer or a revolutionary or a populist leader; he was a paramedic or battlefield surgeon wildly attempting to save the life of the American ruling class.  FDR's fear was that real change was possible, so his policies were intended to make real change unlikely bordering on impossible.  That worked pretty well.  The fact that many of his ruling class brothers saw him as a dangerous traitor to class just shows how fucking stupid they were--and are.  Roosevelt was no Hoover or Mellon, but he was working his ass off to preserve their privilege. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From The Department Of Bad Ideas, Cycling Division

Air-bag bike helmets. Fucking genius.  No, wait, the other thing.  If people can't keep a foam helmet in good nick, just imagine what a disaster these things will be for the user who can't handle a quick release wheel or follow basic instructions.  I guess this is little more than a stunt anyway, but it is somewhat disheartening to see money and effort wasted on stunts in place of real safety progress.  This abortion makes the original Prolight look wicked smart.

Wages A Sin

The minimum wage push, raising it to the surprisingly random number of $15/hour, whether through the fast food strikes or the SEATAC vote, could turn out to be the real big fucking deal of the Obama years, if it gets some traction.  New Jersey voted to raise their minimum wage a tiny bit, and the SEATAC vote will be a good indication whether the referendum model can build some momentum.  15 bucks is not a lot of money, working out to $31,200 for a year of 40 hrs. a week, but with proper tax policy and social policy, EITC, proper universal health care, and expanded Social Security would be a good start, 15 bucks an hour could approach a living wage, and despite what my daughter thinks--she advocates a $20/hr. minimum wage, so she is a fuck of a lot smarter than most Americans, especially establishment cockknobs--15 bucks per hour is probably an easier sell politically and socially right now.  Index the $15 minimum wage to inflation, institute proper progressive taxes, EITC, health care, social security, and we'd all be so much better off, even Fox "News" dipshits and Koch-sucking teabaggers.

Monday, November 11, 2013

John Tamny, Brain-Dead Hack And Pathetic Buffoon, Strikes Again

Tammy Tamny writes for Forbes, a vanity press Steve inherited from his amazingly flamboyant dad, so you know John Tamny is in all likelihood nearly as big a douchenozzle as Steve Forbes himself.  Tamny also states without a hint of irony or humor that it is a bad thing that Barack Obama never worked for Goldman Sachs.  That's some serious Koch-sucking right there.  Goldman Sachs is a wretched hive of hilarious incompetence and circle-jerk crony bidness, not the sort of place a decent primate would want to spend even a second.  Tamny probably truly believes that his inane visions of a "private sector" and "free market capitalism" are things to be worshiped.  This is the self same "private sector" that gave the United States the most expensive health care system in the world where we spend two, three, four times as much per capita, leave more than 50 million people uncovered, and don't deliver the best outcomes or quality of care to those who are covered.  This is the same "free market" that fucked up the Obamacare website.  The same "private enterprise" that put Haliburton in Iraq and Enron in Texas.  Obamacare is "capitalism" at its best.  Tamny is a fucking turd.  A hella stupid turd.

The poor stupid bastard also trots out Diane Barrette as an Obamacare "victim" in a column with a 10 November byline.  10 November! 2013!  That's a full week since Barrette's story was resoundingly exposed as utter horseshit!  A week!  This dumb fucker is even sadder than Fox "News".  Tamny should probably be tarred and feathered--or at least mortified--but I get the feeling that nothing or no one associated with Steve Forbes is even remotely acquainted with the concept of shame.

Ed Rendell And Judd Gregg Locked In A Battle Royale Of Inanity

Stupid or paranoid? You can have both with Ed Rendell and Judd Gregg.  I get that it appeals to the unhinged and uninformed typical CNBC viewer, but jesus, this is just fucking sad.  Indeed, a single-payer type of system would be a highly probable aftermath of the Obamacare abortion, but not because some evil librul anti-American Kenyan mooslim soshalist planned it that way.  The simple truth--so simple that even a miserable fucker like Rendell can understand it--is that a single payer system is the quickest and most efficient way to deliver health care and health care coverage without nationalizing hospitals, doctors, and all the rest of the infrastructure to create a National Health program.  Single-payer preserves the private sector doctors and other health care professionals, hospitals, pharmacies, the professor and Mary Ann; after all, single payer is the compromise.  Gregg, on the other hand, is a wild-eyed loon who needs some strict medical intervention up to and including an overdose of ECT.  Gregg must be hoping to maximize his teabagging Koch-sucking wingnut welfare career with this horseshit.

Jon Walker Revises The Revision

Jon Walker, Obamacare skeptic, fisks history.  Since Obamacare is crap as health care policy, the only fight for the Dems to win is the political fight, and they want history on their side, no matter the lies or revisions.  Obama was never interested in the Public Option or anything similar; the people who believed he was got fucked.

More Lara Logan Fisking

She's a wingnut dipshit, even is she herself would not believe it.  Digby gets in on the fisking fun; CBS sucks now and forever amen.

Righteous Perspective On Hillary 2016

From a geeky smart guy, who once ran for president a coupla times, hated by establishment hacks and 50th percentile types.  Hillary is bad fucking news and always has been.  The Clinton part is almost worse, partly because of Bubba's noxious legacy, and partly because of the phalanx of conservative scumbags bringing up the rear.  Even without Tubby's influence, Hillary would have been a solidly rock-ribbed establishment conservative, Democrat or Republican would not matter in the least, but when you add the Clinton part, well, that's a fucking disaster.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Meanwhile, Super Typhoon

Haiyan is turning out to worse than feared--and it was feared plenty bad at the start.  Around these parts we tend to minimize the suffering of people who are not us and exaggerate our own suffering and strength and heroism and bootstraps and shit, but it doesn't take much of an imagination to understand how big of a disaster Haiyan really is when we can see how much Hurricane Sandy damage remains a year later in the wealthiest country in the history of the galaxy.  Sandy in 2012 and Haiyan in 2013.  Welcome to the new normal, motherfrakkers.

Dylan Ratigan Still Sucks Wicked Hard

Asshole, major asshole.  The major Ratigan has always been a dim-bulb conservative dickhead who managed to get himself canned by MSNBC but for all the wrong reasons despite his incessant embarrassing broadcasts of his own stupidity.  It's probably never a good idea for tee vee millionaire jerkoffs to go around complaining about stupid shit in public, but that never stopped Ratigan or his ilk before.

Lara Logan's Next Stop Will Probably Be Fox "News"

She's a properly vacuous right-wing twit, so she'll fit right in with the fuckheads over there.  She got caught peddling horseshit birthed in a teabagger fever dream, so what will be the fallout?  Probably sharing a room with Megyn Kelly or Mike Huckabee in the servant's quarters on Murdoch's plantation of propaganda--with a huge payday, of course.  60 Minutes has always been shit; it's just that now a few more people know.

OTOH, Wingnut Catholic Funfetti

El Popo Francisco indeed has the right enemies; so far most of what he's done to piss off the looney-tunes reactionary Catholics has been all talk--which is better than nothing.  But, until the church embraces the tradition of knowledge and education and discards the traditions of intolerance and secrecy, all that talk is not going to be anything more than entertainment.

Jesus' Useless Idiots

With the new El Popo sitting on Pete's chair, the Catholics have been getting a bit of a pass and some good notices since the new guy seems to not be anywhere near as big an evil motherfucker as the last coupla assholes in the stupid hats at the Vatican.  Because of that, it is easy to forget just how fucking out there some Catholics are, wild-eyed and dumb as rocks, just as evil and dangerous and nutty and ill-informed as Billy Graham, Sarah Palin, Pat Robertson, or the garden variety born-again teabagger dipshit.  Here's a great example of an evil and stupid Catholic fuckwad; the poor guy doesn't understand much of anything, and basic comprehension of simple scientific concepts might as well be the highest order mathematics or Finnegans Wake for all the insight this stupid bastard can muster.  I do feel sorry for people who have to live their lives with so little understanding of the truth which surrounds them, but their minds and their eyes are willfully closed.  Science is not a secret and you don't have to be a fucking genius to understand evolution or cosmology and see that the least necessary part of the universe is an all-powerful sky wizard who looks like an advertising exec's idea of some old white grandfather, so fuck the dummies and their pathetic superstitions and ignorance.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I Will U

Tony Dorsett In 2013

Tony Dorsett, going public with his symptoms of CTE, initially feels a bit different than the other plays who have come out, or committed suicide.  Nothing much may come of it, but at first blush, Dorsett is the sort of player with the sort of reputation that might change some minds about football.  Football as it played these days is not going to last; this concussion trauma injury problem is only going to look worse as science and medicine do their things--more damage, more widespread will be uncovered, with no effective treatment and sure as hell no "cure".  Maybe Dorsett will be the symbol for the new reality.  Or not, and football with hobble on for a while being pushed by billions of American marketing dollars, but reality ain't goin' away.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Crackhead Rob's Latest Kaiju Incursion

How many videos does this guy have?  I sure as shit don't wanna see Crackhead Rob's blubber-filled sex tape, but it's only a matter of time till his brother's videos start coming out, too, and if the brother tries to outdo Rob's crack-fueled Kaiju rampages, well then, subscribe me to that fucking Youtube channel!  Ford is quickly becoming North America's most entertaining politician, easily outdistancing disgusting Moby Dick-sized motherfucker Chris Christie and unhinged Polly Prissy Pants Teabagger Ted Cruz and Ayn Rand Cliff Notes Paul.

Rob Ford sure uses lots of cuss words, though, and this video is not safe for work if you work at a place filled with juvenile, uptight fuckwads.

Virag's Movie Reviews: Jack The Giant Slayer (2013)

At first, I felt badly for Al Swearengen, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Caesar Flickerman because they were in this flick, but then I remembered that they collected big checks, and I was the one who neither collected a check from this thing nor got two hours back, so fuck them.  This movie sucked.  (Duh.)  There was not enough of a story here for a typical 11-minute Sponge Bob cartoon, and the effects looked cheap and flat and boring.  The two sorry fuckers who played the leads had less chemistry than a random lunar rock collection.  No, Jack was not as obscenely horrid as Star Trek Into Darkness (but nothing could ever be), but this film should be the closing argument for the case that Bryan Singer is every bit as shitty a filmmaker as J.J. Abrams, Zack Snyder, and Judd Apatow.

"My Cancellation" Bullshit

Bullshit.  Bullshit.  And horseshit!  This "My Cancellation" site is run by a bugfuck nutty, Koch-sucking astro-turf conservative front group--started to support vile Uncle Tom Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearing!!--and I will estimate that better than 99% of the examples they show are either outright lies cooked up by asshole Republican operatives out of whole cloth or disingenuously incomplete because the sorry fuckers dumb enough to be part of teabagging astro turf website are being ripped off by their insurance companies or they don't understand how the program is supposed work.  The functional winners and losers under the ACA are pretty well understood, so the assholes at "My Cancellation" are full of shit.

It is time for some intrepid "news" blogger to do some follow up on this motherfucker and see what's what.  How many of these Obamacare "victims" are Republican operatives or their family members? 

Green Nuclear Fisking Flashback

32 months ago, with vintage George Monbiot and James Hansen savaging.  Yummy.  The nuclear greens in the United States are very similar to establishment Democrats: essentially holding the same positions as their "opponents" and serving the same masters.  Nuclear power is an intelligence test, and ass clowns like Monbiot and Hansen fail that test miserably. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Are You There God, It's Me Virag?

No.  Of course not.  God's not there.  Never was.  She's a fictional character, a convenient excuse, a font of endless sadness and ignorance.  How do I know?  How can I be 100% certain?  More solid in my knowledge than Sagan, Hitchens, Dawkins, Gervais, and Nietzsche put together?  This disgusting clusterfuck.  If there was a god who was real and not a complete brain dead piece of shit, he, she, or it would send a flaming asteroid to smite this vile assemblage honoring one of the worst humans who ever lived, Billy Graham.  Of course if god was real, the universe would be a vastly better place because execrable grifters like Graham would die in the womb and leave their syphilitic mothers barren.

Bill Clinton.  Sarah Palin.  Donald Trump.  Rupert Murdoch.  These are some of the most despicable men and women in human history along with Graham himself.  Democrats, Republicans, they are all the same and are all fucking scum.  This is a wonderful teachable moment about what is wrong with America.  Fuck Billy Graham and fuck his cocksucking friends.  There should be a god to damn them to worst of all the hells.  But there isn't.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Virag's Movie Reviews: Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

This thing was so much worse than even I could have believed possible.  This is not just a bad movie; it is a bad Star Trek movie, and ST has crapped out some pretty awful movies.  STID was easily the worst ST movie by a billion miles.  It was viciously stupid, with such inane plot devices as ending death, obviating the need for starships, planets which are 30 seconds of travel time from one another, and simple everyday cell phone calls between star systems with no delay what so ever.  Amazing.  It is like the writers had never even seen any movie or tee vee show before, let alone a Star Trek movie or tee vee show.  Colonel Lake's kid looked positively embarrassed to be associated with this flick, while Sgt. Getraer's kid apparently forgot what movie he was in.  You will never see a worse written or more incompetently directed film in your life if you live to be 10,000 years old.  JJ Abrams is a cancer in the colon of American culture and will likely kill us all with his talentless idiocy like this film.

I have an idea: let's remake Star Trek using only the children of CHiPs actors.  You know what that means?  Bruce Jenner's hilariously creepy spawn could be in it!  Bob Kardashian's low-chromosome offspring could be Klingons!  Fuck yeah!

The Politics Of Obamacare 2013-2014

The policy of Obamacare is awful; the program sucks, is an expensive blowjob given to the health insurance industry, and is not going to help expand coverage or control costs the way Americans as a nation require.  That said, the politics of Obamacare may just be a huge fucking winner for the Dems going forward.  How do I know?  Because the Republicans and their pissboys on Fox "News" have been going fucking crazy today somehow trying to turn a solid McAuliffe win in Virginia into a referendum against the ACA.  The world's biggest asshole Charles Krauthammer is talking himself into a lather contending that Obamacare will hurt Dems in 2014.  That's inane.  The politics of Obamacare will be a benefit against Republicans and teabaggers despite the policy's shortcomings.  Krugman's been on this for a while, and he's right.  A year from now, the story will be completely different--no website nonsense, no Fox "News" histrionics--and the Republicans will have a difficult time running against health insurance expansion beyond some wonky technical criticisms.  You can see this coming from a mile away.  The Republicans are losing their fucking minds over Obamacare.  The website failure and insurance company malfeasance have been gifts to the Republican side, but those gifts will rot away long before the 2014 campaign begins in earnest.  The few Republicans who are capable of critical thinking understand this; you can see it even in the panic from the lowest-level teabagger typesThey're in full on pants-wetting mode and have been for quite awhile.  It's not gonna help; Krugman has a better grasp of politics than some dipshit Koch-sucker, and Obamacare in 2014 is going to be a political liability for the Republicans no matter how hard they try to foment disinformation in 2013.  The policy will still suck, but the politics will be good if you are a Dem.

Hey! Maybe Chirlane McCray Will Run For President In 2016

Let's say that based on this Wikipedia page, Ms. McCray would be a better choice for a Democratic presidential candidate than anyone named Clinton. 

Against All Odds, A Good Thing Happens In New Jersey

What's next? Unicorns?  How did the shitty state filled with shitty people who reelected a slimy, corrupt Moby Dick-sized greaseball like Chris Christie manage to do something wise and good and vote to raise the minimum wage (a tiny bit) and index said wage to inflation?  It's a fucking Jersey miracle.  No longer will Yo La Tengo be such a blindly glaring supernova exception. 

Jonah Goldberg Somehow Lowers His Personal Bar

Even sunk 5000 fathoms deep in a Mariana Trench filled with boiling pig shit, Lucianne's idiot spawn somehow manages to lower his personal bar for bugfuck crazy inanity.  Goldberg's not qualified to write about Futurama repeats let alone politics.  De Blasio scares the shit out of Goldberg's masters, though, and even a dumb puppy like Jonah can tell when daddy is scared of something.

Dipshitted Cluelessness Even When On Your High Horse

Not just the OP, whose sentiments are fine, fine just fine, if a bit naive sanctimonious as well as clueless.  Some of what follows on that thread is further evidence of vile upper middle class foolishness.  Nothin' new, of course.

Nice Going Virginia--Now You're Stuck With McAuliffe

That' kinda sucks for you.  The Cooch woulda' been so much more fun for the rest of us good white christian Americans to watch from the outside, and, given how the AG race is playing out, the Cooch might be exactly what you all deserve.

I May Have Been Wrong About Jeanine Pirro On Fox "News"

I think it might be Bill Hemmer or Chris Stirewalt.  Pirro might be off the hook.  Keep on the lookout for "primetime" Megyn Kelly, though. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Political Song for Rachel Maddow to Sing

Bye Bye Bloomberg

Finally time to say goodbye to that detestable little troll Mike Bloomberg.  Bloomberg, along with his best buddy Rudy Giuliani, represented the worst of the worst of the shabby political establishment in New York City.  Bloomberg and Giuliani are both repellent fascist creeps, and tonight New York and the NYC political world are better than they have been in a generation.  I would be perfectly happy if Bloomberg spent one of his billions on gun control and related issues, but I would never have a beer with him or support him in any other way.  Bring on de Blasio.  It's about fucking time.

Rand Paul's A Slow-Motion Rob Ford

Crack?  4th string libertarian Jaeger?  Analogue?  Anyway, Rand Paul is being dismantled in public over plagiarism mostly, with Rachel Maddow playing the part of a level V cable tee vee kaiju.  Paul's pathetic plagiarism is kinda weird and kinda sad.  Nobody believes that Rand Paul himself is writing this garbage, but, like his fucktard father Ron Paul, Rand surrounds himself with hapless, incompetent losers who mostly serve to make the Senator look like a fucking dipshit.  I guess that's good, cuz Paul is a creepy and nasty fucking moron, and we good Americans should be gratified that he doesn't need any of Rob Ford's crack to implode his own political career.

I Remember Toronto When Crackhead Rob Went Down On A Crack-Fueled Kaiju Rampage

Toronto?  Really?  The fourth largest city in North America?  I find that hard to believe since I know for sure that there are only about 40 Canadians total, with the rest of it filled with moose and beavers and shit that they let vote. Toronto: city of crack!

Crackhead Rob's Crack-Fueled Kaiju Rampage

Crackhead Rob smoked him some crack!  Well gosh golly.  Who knew?  This sick fucker, a Canuck teabagger if there ever was one, is on a booze- and crack-fueled kaiju rampage all over the Great White North now.  It's a year or so till the next election apparently, and I can't wait to watch what this idiot will do to try and hang on.  If he shows some basic decency and/or shame and just resigns to smoke crack in the private sector, I will be pretty disappointed. 

Obamacare Criticism From The Left

The criticism of Obamacare's health insurance industry welfare program from the left shows the way(s) forward, if anyone in the government is interested in changing things for the better.  Single Payer would be a good start.  Somehow I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Monday, November 4, 2013

4th String Jaegers Tumblr

Are these things analogue or not?

Nuclear Powered Morons

Commercial nuclear power is a brilliant intelligence test--sort of like analogue Jaegers versus...not-analogue(?) Jaegers...for punching monsters in the face.  Those supposedly "smart", "liberal", "progressive" "environmentalists" who are "pro science" and in favor of expanded commercial nuclear power generation are the biggest fuckwads in the known universe.  To properly understand how much pollution and greenhouse gasses are released just in the mining and processing of uranium ore alone makes it impossible to be in favor expanding the commercial generation of power using nukes, meaning you are well-informed and staunchly anti-nuclear, unless of course you are a fucking dillhole.  Luckily for the species, Fukushima was a red flag even for the lesser among us.  Only the biggest assholes still believe the nuclear industry's bullshit.

Here's some top of the line inanity from a typical uninformed reject motherfucker from the comments on that original post:

Nuclear power has really been the only way out of our carbon issue for a long time. Which is why people who believe in global warming but are anti nuke should be treated as the same sort of vile evil as people who claim global warming does not exist.

A government initiative isn’t needed, we can use technology that exists and is not 40 damn years old. Oddly enough our friends the French and Canadians have the best tech out there. It’s great stuff and light years ahead of what we used to build. This is because they didn’t have an issue with nuclear freak outs from know nothings who hate science (anti nuke people are worse than tea party anti evolution types when it comes to the science and should be treated worse than them as well) and kept developing the tech.

How's LePage Gonna Like Losing To One Of Those

You know, one of those people.  The kinda people that bugfuck crazy teabagging lunatics like Paul LePage can't stand.  That would be yummers.  I hope to Crist Christ that Congressman Michaud runs hard and smart and makes LePage eat it bigtime.

How Out Of It Was Charlie Rose When Lou Reed Was On?

Lou Reed and Charlie Rose.  Charlie Rose was at his most comfortable and most effective on the overnight CBS Nightwatch, so what does that tell you about Rose?  For what it's worth, I remember this interview on the Charlie Rose tee vee show when it was first on, and the most amazing thing about it was the mature, warm perspective on Lou Reed which Lou Reed had acquired during his life.  Reed's generosity toward Charlie Rose felt absolutely genuine and unforced.  And it was easy to see just how tiny Lou Reed was.  The guy was ess emm all small, big talent though.  This was nine years after New York.  Rose was as clueless as ever.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Better Call Saul Tigh: The Cars Of Breaking Bad

Even before Breaking Bad lost the thread and limped home through the nonsense bubbling up during the fourth season and the paint-by-numbers ego stroke/fan service of the fifth season--splitting the broadcast of season 5 was pretty obviously bullshit--one of the very best things about the show, and one of the most obvious signals that Gilligan and the skipper and the rest of the crew were pretty much just fucking around, was the way the characters were shorthanded with their automobile commonplaces.  WW's glaringly sad sack symbol of terrible life choices Pontiac Aztek was almost too easy.  Sticking Sklyer with the oversized and homely aging Jeep Wagoneer wholly contradicts Gilligan's love for and defence of the character later in the series.  After showing Gale's busted Subaru Outback wagon with the recumbent on the roof, they never really needed to hire an actor to say anything else about the character.  Saul Goodman's tacky Cadillac was even more repulsive than he could hope to be.  Jesse's sad and ugly Tercel.  Marie's stupid and ridiculous new Beetle.  Fring's hilariously uptight and joyless Volvo wagon.  Hank's garbage Jeep.  Mike's threadbare generic American sedan.  The cheesy Bentley Gretchen drove.  Ted Beneke's stripper BMW.  And last but not least, the pathetic PT Cruiser given to the pathetic son by his worthless mother; there was more truth in that sequence about the nature of Skyler and Walter, Jr and their places in the story than in all the Talking Bads and interwebs posts put together.  And before Gilligan believed the inanity of his own genius, he was being gleefully nasty--especially about the Skyler he claimed to respect so much--and having a shitload more fun. 

Turning Anger Into Cash And Elections And Majorities

Class and poverty should be and could be huge winners for a major political party willing to run and run hard against the class warriors and Koch-suckers on the far right of America.  Winning issues win elections, running for and representing huge majorities means election wins and political power, so where is the national campaign?  The coordinated effort to educate and campaign?  The political and community leadership?  The Democratic party?  So far, nowherez.  Kinda' strange, unless the Dems don't want to win with support of middle and lower class Americans, women Americans, and non-white Americans...

What If Chris Hedges Had Gone To Groton Or Hotchkiss

Going to Loomis Chaffee and then to Colgate made Chris Hedges the man he is, so you can only imagine what sort of wild-eyed revolutionary he would have been if he'd gone to Groton or Hotchkiss!  Middlebury!  Bennington!  The horror.  Anyway...Hedges may not trust the richest of the rich, for good reasons for sure, but trust or no is just a start.  The problems Americans have with their inbred oligarchs are easy to fix, but without leadership, never will get better.  Is Hedges the one to start?

Missy The Maryjane Missile Giove

Luck be a lady, too.  The Missile's gotta feel pretty freekin' good about how the whole court thing played out for her.  A long stretch woulda' sucked, like it does for everybody.  Giove was in pretty deep; something tells me that on top of her concussions, she was never what we'd describe as a deep analytical thinker.  Great rider, though, huge balls and lots of personality.  In a weird twist on our modern existence, I knew a very midwestern dude who had a huge crush on Giove in the late 90's.  He had no clue but was a perfectly lovely fellow.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Virag's Movie Reviews: Oz The Great And Powerful (2013)

There was never a less necessary movie project in the history of cinema.  Channing Tatum had more chemistry with Danny McBride in This Is the End than James Franco has with any one or any thing in this stupid Oz flick.  For the good of humanity, Sam Raimi probably should have set himself on fire after Evil Dead 2.

Your Entry In The "No Shit" File For Today

Christ Crist running as a Dem against that maxi-douchenozzle Rick Scott.  I mean, you have to admire such nakedly craven political ambition, but on the other hand, Crist, who is a pretty ginormous asshole, will be oodles and oodles better than Scott, who sucks huge moose cock for crack money.  Florida's pretty much fucked up beyond any rational hope at this point, so have fun Democratic Governor Crist.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Toronto's Own Crackhead Rob

The Toronto Star drops the hammer on Crackhead Rob Ford, Toronto's soon to be ex mayor.  For once, this is a for realz scandal cooked up (see what I did there) by the Canadians, here in the form of the teabagger-esque law-and-order conservative Ford, and let's hope they run him out of town on a rail after a complete and completely vicious tar and feather treatment.

Inspired Russell Brand Defence

Nat Parry steps up with a spirited and forceful defence of Russell Brand's latest act.  Brand, or his writers, made decent points, no doubt about that, and Brand is sort of douche, no doubt about that, either.  Parry's point is that the the facile and smary knee-jerk critics are doing themselves and their cause way more harm than good by being so fucking obtuse.  Gotta agree with that shit, so good on Parry.  Brand's a fucking clown, and I'm not at all convinced of his utility, but I guess there's a teeny weeny chance we'll see.

Rebekah Brooks's Haircut Creeps Closer

Brooks and Coulson might be in for a very bad time at the end of this trial.  Though it would (will) be so fun to see Murdoch's pissboys and pissgirls get smacked down by the justice system, it would be better for all of us to have Murdoch chained in the dock facing some real, live justice.

War On Women, Outrage, Campaigns, And Winning Election

There's a war on women, and women's health, and the main antagonists are the same teabagger, Confederate, racist fucktards who are corroding the already-fucking' nuts Republican party.  So, where's the outrage?  Where are the Dems who want to run hard and win leading on this issue?  I iz not hopeful, but the dipshits with R's after their names keep giving the Dems issue after issue to win and win big, but those Dems don't seem so very interested.  Let's see what happens, I guess.

The Mormon Mafia And The Biggest No Shit In Recent History

Romney's a mormon; Huntsman's a mormon; Reid's a mormon, so who the fuck did you think who was mostly likely to tell Reid about Romney's criminal behaviour?  A mormon enemy, that's who.  So, the Huntsman revelation rates a 0.01 on the "No Shit" scale, but it's still kinda fun to see their inherent shittheaded venality exposed in public. 

Oh, Goody

Roberts might be the smartest Republican alive, but he's being a bit arch if he's pretending to say that Krugman is anything but a staunch establishment economist.  Krugman's no teabagger, but he's no raving leftist, either, no matter how vivid Robert's fever dreams.  Regardless, the word's smartest Republican versus the smartest establishment economist at the Times is reason enough to contribute to the Counterpunch fundraiser!