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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Grade-A Serotta Forum Bullshit From The Legendary Right-Wing Shithead

In case the soft-headed twits hadn't noticed, the cops can shoot real, live people for no reason, too--and do it all the fucking time!  But things get really fucking stupid when this vile cocksucker shows up and shits all over good taste once again with some truly insane neo-Nazi horseshit.  A few of the fellows do make fun of him a bit, so the thread gets shut down.  No countering of the insane conservative conspiracy ravings will ever be allowed.  Reactionary racist fuckknobs are what the Serotta Forum will always be about!  Thanks, Obama.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Well, Now We Know That George Ciccariello-Maher Is The Finest Professor At Drexel

Fucking beautiful.  If only the rest of Drexel University were up to the standards of this one man, nobody would be talking up that shithole Harvard anymore.  Trolling the racist assholes in and out of the exceptional Trump Reich is going to be one of the most important tasks to which any human may aspire.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Friday, December 23, 2016

Cocksucking Limey Teabagger-Style Shitheads Are Worse Than Mush-Headed American Teabaggers

These Limey fuckstains seem to think jesus would give a fuck about their stupid asses even if he was real.  American teabaggers are the most comically stupid and ignorant fundies on the planet.  Or so you would think.  But Limeys who hilariously consider themselves christian patriots might just be even more pathetic than any exceptional American teabagger.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merrick Garland: Obama's Final Humiliating Failure

Obama will certainly go down as the most sad and ineffectual modern US president.  Obama was soundly defeated over and over by his own timidity, his loathsome reactionary politics, but most embarrassingly by a fatuous political hack called Mitch McConnell.  Even the hapless Senate Republicans bet that Obama had no way to counter their crude gamesmanship, and they were right.  Obama failed himself, his party, and his country, ensuring that now he is nothing but a small, feckless political footnote.  So many of the mindless, rock-ribbed establishment Dems thought Obama was too cool, too smart, too competent, but that was never the case.  Obama's presidency was impotent from the beginning, with right-wing scum like Rahm Emanuel emboldening the Republicans every step of the way, ending with an astoundingly low voter turnout and the perfidious futility of Hillary Clinton.  Thanks, Obama.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Frozed 1

Lawrence Colburn Is What An Actual Hero Looks Like

Larry Colburn was a legit hero.  A young man trapped in a shitty situation who stood up against murderous thugs to protect innocent lives is what a hero is.  67 is too fucking young for a man like Colburn--but Colin Powell will probably live to be 1000.  Obama should have taken a couple of hours on the tee vee to explain to America what exactly Colburn and Andreotta and Thompson did in Vietnam and why it was so fucking heroic and so fucking important.  But no, that would have upset too many of the exceptional American cretins, and done too much to call attention to what is going on all over the world today in our far-flung and exceptionally cruel and exceptionally violent exceptional American Empire.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Time-Machiney Mekons Written Word Stuff From Chicago In The 20th Century

19931997.  We were young, and the world was gushing promise.  The Mekons were young-ish.  Now it is almost 2017 and everything is dying.  The Mekons understand.  They always knew it would come to this.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Old-Timey Fisking Of The Hella Creepy Kurt Eichenwald

Ewww, gross, Eichenwald's some kind of creepster pervert porn monger.  Jesus christ, why is that fucking scumbag Eichenwald employed anywhere as a reporter/journalist/ginormous cockbag?  Pretty fucking stupid, but the establishment Dems love that fucking bastard.  Maybe you thought the most disgusting thing about Eichenwald was that he voted for Retardboy Bush, but you were very, very wrong.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Nation Anthem

Kevin Drum, From Dumber To Dumbest

Drum's a fucking addle-headed Democratic pissboy, and he's enjoying helping to sink Mother Jones once and for all in a roiling sea of rancid right-wing establishment wizz.

Sanders would have won every state Clinton won.  The electorate is polarized, and Hillary was a failure.  Sanders would have done no worse because he was the Dem nominee.

Sanders also would have won Florida.  Oy vey!

Sanders also would have won PA and Michigan and Ohio and...

Drum's a fucking moron.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Bravura Fisking Of The Fetid Lunatic Cockbag Eric Garland By Sam Kriss On Slate

Bloody brilliant.  Sam Kriss has as much fun kicking the pathetic fucking morons like Kurt Eichenwald and Clara Jeffery and David Fahrenthold who loved Garland's sickening spew as he does slagging Garland himself--then he goes and beats the feckless Democratic establishment about the head on the way out just for grins.  Rock on, brother Kriss.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Virag's Movie Reviews: Revenge Of The Mekons (2014)

Revenge of the Mekons is a flick that easily could have been twice as long and still been great, as the history of the first incarnation of the band could have been a movie in itself with the sequel beginning with the invention of alt country.  That said, this movie gives plenty of attention to the wild early Mekons lineup, doing excellent work illuminating a history that has often been murky and overshadowed by the glory of the later incarnation, but then it all feels very rushed in covering the post-A&M years.  Regardless, there are plenty of anecdotes everywhere, and Susie, Sarah, Lou, and Rico all get their facetime.  Great movie, lots of fun, and well worth the price of admission or download or DVD.  The DVD has some shots of the crowd at the Bell House concert from 2011, so I'm in the movie, too.

This Silver Campag Potenza Stuff Is Remarkably Grotesque

That botched abortion of a crankset is astoundingly awful in silver; you gotta have the black to deemphasize the sickening contours and clumsy chunkiness.  And all that black plastic is simply repellent and tawdry.  How could the company which created the 1985 Super Record components have ever allowed this?  Gods, what a fucking shit show.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


What The Hell Is Up With This Unhinged Idiot Eric Garland?

Glenn Greenwald excoriated Garland over his psychotic stroke session on Twitter, and a tiny bit of working the Google machine points to Eric Garland being fatuous shitstain.  I don't know anything else about him except that he's obviously a C- or D-grade bullshit artist, but now he's internet famous for being a complete fucking buffoon.  Nice job.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Troo Bloo

Those Motherfucking Sally Army Cocksuckers And Those Gods-Damned Bells

I'd like to ram each and every one of those bells and their ringer so far up the fucking Sally Army's ass that jesus himself would be gagging on 'em.  Miserable hateful fuckers.

Thank The Fucking Gods That The World Is Ending Like This Week Or Some Shit

The end begins.  Or the beginning ends.  The end times, or time for the end.  Halftime?  Whatever.  Reality and sanity are not highlights for these loons.  But it's kinda cute to see just how demented these zealot nutjobs are 24/7.

Monday, December 12, 2016

What Kind Of Asshole Do You Have To Be To Believe Anything The CIA--Or FBI--EVER Says

They are liars.  And quite often hilariously incompetent, even when they are trying not to lie, but that doesn't make the CIA credible on this shit.  Any fool who believes the "secret" CIA evidence against Russia is a craven and fatuous shitstain, unfit for any civilized society.

Catching Up With The World's Worst SciFi/Spanking Author, Rodney Cock Johnson

Gone? Oh, noes.  Where will we get our spanking and science fiction?  We'll miss him.  Not really.  I guess Trump has sucked up all the heinous creepy perverted misogyny this world had left.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

U Do

Bugfuck Inane Zealot And Loser Of The Day: Bible-Science Guy

Jesus fucking christ.  This poor stupid fucker is a risible oversized idiot, but he's so pathetically deluded that he can't be nearly as entertaining as he should be.  In order to be a young-Earth creationist, you need to be so manically self-deluded that you blast through the comedy into severe-brain-damage/mental defect territory.  That's fucking sad.  And disgusting.

If Only The Venal And Vile And Spoiled Serotta Forum Twits Would Suffer As Much As The Rest

The world, even the world today, would be bearable, even enjoyable.  To see the disgusting and disgustingly clueless upper-class twits on the Serotta Forum suffer like a common working-class retiree, or a Palestinian citizen, or a minimum-wage fast food worker, or a disabled American, well, that would be so fucking joyously beautiful that I would probably rise with a smile on my face each and every day and dance my way long into the night before bed.  But unfortunately the world is a nasty and ugly place, and the vile, ignorant motherfuckers like the Serotta Forum twits will never know reality, so they puke out their repellent nonsense without a care or a clue.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Bunnybrains 4 America

Exceptional American Conservative Cocksucker Of The Day, Today

This miserable racist fucktard--the dumbest of the dumb, the ultimate cuck, perfect citizen of Trump's idiot America.  He's got it all.  He's racist.  He's a guntard loon.  He's completely ignorant.  He has no connection to reality.  Exceptional!  He's a pious simpleton and nasty shitstain.  America!

Is Michael Flynn Too Fucking Nuts Even For Trump?

How can that be?  But those national security bureaucrats must be just a tiny bit jumpy about someone as deranged as Flynn advising a fucking dipshit like Trump about this shit.  Heh.

Friday, December 9, 2016

You Cant

John Stauber Fisking Wendell Potter And Obamacare

Stauber was all over this shit from the beginning, and apparently Potter was not as completely dedicated to a single-payer outcome as he implied, so it is indeed very, very unlikely that Potter's new "independent" "news" website will ever come clean about Obamacare and Potter's own role in it. 

Obama's failures on health care and the Supreme Court are certainly his two most glaringly ostentatious failures in an administration which delivered the United States into the hands of Donald Trump and his neo-Nazi followers.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Thank The Gods That Trump Will Finally Tell America The Truth About Liberal Pizza Gates

Well-known geniuses and not-at-all-paranoid-goatfucking-lunatics like Joachim Hagopian will help Trump expose the truth about Satan and John Podesta and their pizzas gate.  The most exceptional intellects in America are on the case, and with Trump's leadership, justice will be done.

Al Giordano Is The Most Exceptional Douchebag In America

Giordano puts the fathead in fatuous.  He's off his meds, and the Hillary disaster has finally undone whatever shred of sanity to which he had been clinging.  I guess Sanders won't have to fear facing him in his next primary...

Excellent Matt Novak On Napoleon Hill

Gizmodo. Who knew?  But this is really good.  Wicked long but not boring, and written with just enough of a hey-look-at-me-ma-I'm-writin vibe to make it go by quicker.  Hill woulda been fucking perfect in the Trump administration.  Jesus.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Frisky Fisking Of David Petraeus

By Ray McGovern.  Petraeus is truly one of those risible stooges of modern American history, so beloved by a certain class of establishment fool.  In other words, he's perfect for Trump!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fred Hampton, 47 Years Later

Hampton would have been 68 years old--if he hadn't been murdered by the government.  What might Fred Hampton have done with the 47 years to truly make America a better place?  We'll never know, but America needs to talk way more about Fred Hampton and the other visionaries who were assassinated because they threatened to hold America to a higher standard of freedom and equality. 

Oddly, Austria Said No To Their Petty Racist Asswipe

No Austrian Trump in Austria.  Fuckers.  How can the gods-damned Austrians show more sense than our exceptional America?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Virag's Movie Reviews: Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Certainly this flick was way better than the two ginormous radioactive turdbombs J.J. Abrams inflicted on humanity, and it plays out like a long tee vee episode, but Star Trek Beyond was beyond dumb.  Not sure it made any sense why the Federation would put their largest, most comically advanced, pointlessly ostentatious, and crucially important--as well as remarkably undefended and hopelessly helpless--starbase on the border of completely unexplored, and hidden-by-spooky-nebula, territory.  I also don't see how the Stacker Pentecost guy had access to a technology which completely overwhelmed Starfleet's flagship in seconds.  And if Pentecost was able to somehow hack into the Enterprise's logs from so very far away, why wasn't Yorktown able to use any sensors or scanners or probes to find out what the fuck was hiding out there?  Why didn't they try?  Did the enemy ships even have warp drive?  They were so tiny.  What were they using for power?  The technology of those swarm ships seemed completely out of place in Star Trek.  Shouldn't the deflector shields on the Enterprise have scattered those ships away harmlessly?  Wouldn't a couple of full-yield photon torpedo detonations have turned that swarm into subatomic particles?  Once Pentecost made it into the starbase and was running around, why didn't they transport him into space?  They showed some goofy alien using a transporter earlier in the flick, so it would have saved everyone a shitload of trouble if they'd just beamed him out into space to die.  The whole exercise looked and felt like a rushed placeholder, a cheapo quickie run out there as fast as they could because they had to.  Still, way better than anything Abrams has ever done.

John Wight On Castro

John Wight on the Castro beat.  He does a pretty good job of pushing back against the inane propaganda promulgated by the US for all these years.  Castro's Cuba was not another Haiti or Dominican Republic.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Going To Miss The Orbea Aqua Dama

Good bike, fun bike for a kid, but kids grow and I think we may have seen the last season on this bike.   It's running a mix of Shimano 10-speed stuff since I got it as a frameset without the Tiagra stuff it usually had and is working really well.  The geometry and is pretty good, considering, the white with pinks is neat, and if I could get the next larger size, I'd do it no question.  Not available of course, and the newer Orbeas suck ass.  Still, I wish I'd had bikes like this when I was a kid.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mind Full

Charles And Kim

Kim Shattuck Getting Canned By The Pixies Didn't Really Seem Important At The Time

The Pixies were going to be a nostalgia act, touring the hits until they were playing county fairs, and you could understand why they wouldn't want another songwriter, a person used to fronting a band, Kim Shattuck annoying them.  But in the years since they couldn't handle Shattuck, they've gone on to pretend to be a real, working band again, and now it seems like they really miss Kim.  If they weren't going to get Kim Deal back, Shattuck was probably exactly what they needed, but that didn't happen. 

Somehow I Don't Think Trump's Up To Dealing With Climate Issues

This is a heartwarming story--or complete fucking nightmare--of scientists who try real hard and get shit on for it.  This is not the sort of story Trump will be able to understand.  The USA has checked out of the reality-based community, maybe forever. 

How Do You Help Normalize Neo Nazi Racism And Fascism?

Collaborate!  This asshole Greg Ferenstein will be one of the first in line when they start handing out armbands and brown shirts.

Trump Needs To Make Alex Jones The Head Of NASA And The CDC

Alex Jones groks science, and our exceptional America needs a man like that in charge of stuff. 

Was The Election Stolen, Or Did Hillary Lose It?

Or is it both?  With an election this close, any sort of illegal manipulations might make a difference, and the 2016 election was astoundingly close in certain states.  You don't need to be wearing Alex Jones' tinfoil hat to concede that the GOP is always trying to steal an election if possible--all the voter purges and intimidation and other routine ratfucking make it possible to steal a victory when it's close like Florida in 2000, Ohio in 2004, and a few states this year.  That tells you the Dems can't let it be close enough to steal.  But this year it was.  Hillary was as inept a national candidate as this country has ever seen, far worse than even her harshest critics feared, and now everyone will be paying for her incompetence.

Of Course The Neo Nazis Are Allies With Israel

Israel is one of the most fascist, racist nations in history, and the neo-Nazi fuckers eat that shit up.  They've traded hatred of Jews for hatred of Muslims, mostly because Israel is their dream land.  It's quite possible that they may turn on the Jews once again if it becomes fashionable or necessary, but for now, they're cool.

Concise Fisking Of Obama's Presidency

Not much good there, not much at all considering the necessity of bold action in 2009.  Now it is nearly 2017, and we are probably beyond help.  It's bad now but it will get worse.  It always gets worse.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Chris Gilbert On Castro

It sucks that too many Americans only know of Cuba the nonsense they hear from addle-headed reactionary bastards because the lessons of Cuba could certainly help the folks in the United States understand the reality of life in 2016.

Who Is Going To Stand Against The DAPL

Not Obama.  None of the other "leaders" out there.  This is definitely an establishment project, and none of the good people in charge are gonna do anything to stop it.

Fight For $15

Imagine if a major party candidate for President had supported the Fight for $15.  How much enthusiasm could such a candidate have created?  How much support would such a candidate have received in swing states?  Imagine.  Because the Democratic Party could do no such thing.

Trump Needs To Appoint Wolfgang Halbig As Head Of The FBI

Halbig is America's foremost investigator!  And well known genius!  He's the man Trump and America need!

Ed Resni Is Full Of Shit

Steve Forbes himself might be dumb enough to believe Ed Resni, but Forbes is a mental-defective son of a fabulous closet-case, so that makes wicked good sense.  The rest of us will take note of the mountain of fact-free horseshit Resni spouts in his sad little screed.  What real people and even real business owners know is that raising the minimum wage is ALWAYS good for business as we live in a consumer-driven demand economy even if is is SOMETIMES bad for the personal bottom lines of CERTAIN wealthy business owners. 

Kellyanne Conway Fits Right In With The Gleefully Incompetent Trump Squad

She's out of control.  Or not.  She's undercutting a future cabinet secretary.  Or not.  She's settling old scores.  Or not.  She's pissing off the chief incompetent.  Or not.  She's doing what she's told.  Or not.  This insane futility is the mission statement of Trump's administration, and Kellyanne Conway is the perfect embodiment of that lower-level futile incompetence, though she's obviously way too wrinkly and worn-out to be the fourth Mrs. Donald Trump.

Meet The Future Fourth Mrs. Donald Trump Jennifer Boyle

An exceptional American and a friend to the common man, the lovely and talented Jennifer Boyle will be the new Mrs. Donald Trump.  As soon as Donald can kick that dried up old skank Melania to the curb in some Jersey shithole.

Gotta say though, that if this Boyle bitch was black and male, she woulda been capped by the cops a long fucking time ago.

Monday, November 28, 2016


Even Trump's Uncle Tom's Are Bottom Of The Barrel

Trump can't find anybody sane or qualified to work with him, even Uncle Toms.  Sad.

Jill Stein's Recount Is Exposing Trump's Tiny Clay Feet

For a fascist strongman, Trump's awful jumpy.  These recounts aren't going to unseat Trump but watching him sweat and squirm like a punk is certainly entertaining enough.  Thanks, Dr. Stein.

Working In Retail Sucks, Trump Makes It Worse

This fucking shitstain makes retail suck worse than usual, thanks to Trump.  The poor dumb racist asshole doesn't understand what discriminate means, either.  That's kinda funny.  Filthy mouth, too.  What a cunt.

Castro's Legacy

Will remain unknown to most Americans, who believe the right-wing lies and the propaganda about Castro, Cuba, and the revolution.  But the world will know, certainly.   Too many people outside of the United States know what the Cuban people accomplished during their war against a vicious empire.  Too bad more exceptional Americans can't know the truth.

So, Belichick Did One Good Thing In His Life And That Was Fucking Over Tebow?

Fair enough.  Belichick is a first-class douche canoe but screwing Tebow was a pretty cool thing.

Josh Marshall: Kicking Machine Victim

I guess he likes it?  Marshall is just such a rube, spouting his horseshit, but he's the only one who doesn't see that it's farcical.  Is Marshall performing a public service giving us a reason to laugh at him? 

Forbes, Small, Weak, In The Eternal Twilight Struggle To Match The Risible Fucktardery Of The Federalist

Forbes has a go, running out some "economist" with a six-word vocabulary to say bad bad things about political concepts of which he clearly has no fucking clue but somehow can't manage the idiot-mania of serial-plagiarist Ben Domench's walking shit show.

When Trump Is President, Our School Shootings Will Be Better

Bolder, more deadly.  Finally America will be proud of its shootings the way we never were under that blah bastard.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dinosaur Jr. Covers A Sebadoh Song Sebadoh Never Recorded

Reunion Era J Mascis Interview Which Makes J Sound Sane

So it must be suspect.  Yet, J seems to understand that he needs those two goons to make Dinosaur Jr. a viable commercial enterprise.  Money, it's a hell of a drug.

Trump's America Will Be That Little Bit Shittier Than Obama's America

But it's hard to really see how.  Trump's America will be much more vulgar and silly and pathetic, but will it really be fundamentally a much more horrible place?  Of course not.

The United States Failed Cuba, Not Fidel Castro Or The Revolution

All those things we wanted for the people of Cuba, vigorous democracy, thriving economy, vibrant freedoms--the same fucking things we want for ourselves but somehow don't have in our exceptional America, either--those things were rendered impossible by six fucking decades of imperial oppression of Cuba.  Cuba was fighting an existential war, and it was the powerful United Fucking States that could not defeat the nearly powerless island nation.  The Cubans and Castro fought the US at every turn, but the economic and military pressure made it impossible for Castro to loosen his grip on the government.  Had Castro faltered for a second, the weight of US imperialism would have wiped out the advances of Cuban society and turned the country into another Haiti.  Castro battled against that outcome every day, so when these self-righteous reactionary hypocrites bemoan the lack of anything in Cuba, they should stare into a mirror for a while first and see what's looking back.

Now Shailene Woodley Is A Great American: It's A Fucked Up World

Shailene? Shailene? Really? Jesus. But give the woman some credit: she has a voice and gets coverage, and she's taking the opportunity to speak out.  This probably makes up for those awful movies she was in, Hunger Maze or Allergy Trials or whatever.  The DAPL is something Obama should have been willing to stand up on seeing as he's not running for anything and the Dem candidate for President was an incompetent neoliberal asswipe.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Next Weeks Of The War

Whitey Love

Sister Havana

More On Lou And J

More noises, more stuff, and still the completely fucked up relationship between Mascis and Barlow.  I guess money makes everything better, and Joey and Johnny Ramone didn't talk either--probably because Johnny was an insufferable reactionary moron, but, whatevs.

Lou Barlow: Anti-Bassist

And the "real" bassists out there don't like that one bit.  Heh, indeedy.

Colin Kaepernick Is Rapidly Become One Of The Greatest Americans

I was so wrong about Kaepernick--I always had him pegged as some sort of stupid douche, but this year he is showing the fucking world what one man with a platform can do--and getting in the face of lying reactionary human garbage like this Armando Salguero is fucking genius.  These anti-Castro Miami cocksuckers are the lowest form of life in Florida, and that's saying something in the state where an unrepentant criminal/lizard like Rick Scott is the governor.  Everything Salguero says is either an outright lie or the result of some right-wing masturbatory fantasy, so thank the gods that good men like Kaepernick exist to make vile cretins like Salguero look foolish.  Cuba fought the United States for 60 years but somehow managed to build a health care system and education system which benefited the entire population while the mightiest empire in human history worked every day to destroy what the Cuban people had accomplished.  What has Salguero done with his worthless life?

Pro Tip: Count On The Serotta Twits To Be Nasty And Stupid

These spoiled fucking morons have no idea what life is like in Cuba, mostly because they're idiot fucking reactionary cocksuckers but also because they get their "info" from the same people who have been at war with Cuba for 60 fucking years.  Cuba has been a model for a society much different from the USA, not that those fucking assholes would be able to understand that.

Castro And Mandela

Heroic fighters, reviled by the West and enemies of empire, Castro and Mandela were powerful leaders and powerful symbols that the powers of oppression didn't have to win every single fucking time.

Fidel Castro: A Great Man Gone

Castro was a true revolutionary, and a man who helped his people defy the exceptional American imperialism for almost 60 years.  Cuba didn't simply defy the US.  The Cuban people defied the world, building a society while at war with the greatest empire in human history 90 miles away.  Castro will be vilified by the right-wing scum in the United States, but so many people around the world understand the legacy of Castro and his revolution. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Wise Penny

So Far Jill Stein Has Done What She Said

Agree with her or not, so far she's as good as her word.  I'm beginning to think this exercise might be an object lesson for the segment of the Democratic Party not completely fucking worthless, an attempt to teach them in the most simple, straightforward fashion how not to suck so fucking badly.  Will our slow Dem childrens learned?  No fucking way.

Matt Johnson, Time Traveler

Time to update this classic. 



1989.  27 fucking year.  Jesus.

Delightfully Wanton Fisking Of Samantha Bee And John Oliver

Two smarmy and shallow tee vee clowns get royally fisked by great American JB Nicholson, and gods-damn we need more of that shit right about now--the Jon Stewart stink on both Bee and Oliver should not be overlooked, either.  The simplistic tee vee suckups sure loved Hillary and loved to laugh about Jill Stein but never did manage to much deep thinkin' where the Dems were concerned, and as it turns out that didn't really help Clinton in any way.  If we are really planning on any possibility of progress, fatuous tee vee dopes like Bee and Oliver should be routinely ignored.

They're Twits, You Know, And That's Why They Don't Understand Shit

The collective mentality is approximately equal to a medium-sized group of 4th graders in the slow class.  What fucking dimwits.  Crappy taste in bikes AND guitars, too.  No wonder this country is going down the shitter.

No Yeti 650B Remix

No 700C remix neither. 

A Look Inside The Future Trump Whitehouse

Who is gonna be the guy who has to tell Trump to settle down, Beavis?

Moon Of Alabama: Good Stuff Not At All Associated With Gross Things Jeff Sessions Likes To Do With Farm Animals

Thank the gods.  But you can find good stuff for today's America.  America needs more of this to help fight the fascists, and with Billmon gone from even Twitter, the rest of us will need to step up. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sistah Luvrz

Bite This, Pilgrim

Political Song for Trump's Cabinet to Sing

The Federalist Leading The Rest Of The Petty Fascists Onto Their Knees For Their Masters

Ready to serve and sooth Trump and his people.  Nothing scares super-cucks like John Daniel Davidson more than anyone who won't help him lovingly tongue the anuses of exceptional fascist leaders.  The left is scary to Davidson so he lashes out and tries to call them names, but it doesn't work so well when you have one of Trump's kid's dicks in your mouth.

Thanksgiving Is An Exceptionally Fucked Up American Tradition

And certain things just scream about the insanity, like the protesters at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservations fighting to block the DAPL.  Only in America could such irony not cause a massive implosion in the fabric of our exceptional reality.  Fortunately, most Americans are hilariously clueless and as dense as a neutron star, so nothing will make them even consider what the fuck is happening on this fucking day.  Fuck yeah!

Guntards Are The Terrorists Destroying Freedom In America

Exceptionally stupid, exceptionally violent, exceptionally fascist exceptionally American, guntard assholes are the true terrorists, more dangerous than ISIS and Russia and China combined.  The USA was strong until the fascist gun nuts and reactionary assholes grew like a cancer in our society.  Be very unthankful that guntards have destroyed your freedom, your safety, and your peace, America.  See the true terrorists: right-wing guntards.  Only when we decide to rid ourselves of their sickness will we ever know progress.

Trump Is Outsourcing His Entire Presidency To The Biggest Assholes On Earth

Trump understands exactly nothing about any of this shit, and he doesn't care to.  He's perfectly happy to let the troglodytes and cretins from the dankest bowels of the right wing do whatever the fuck they want with the government as long as Trump gets paid.  That's what those fools voted for and that is exactly what they are going to get.  In the eye hole.

The American Establishment Is Not Going To Resist

Any more than they resisted Nixon or Reagan or Bush or the retarded Bush.  There will be no resistance.  Neo Nazis and other violent reactionaries will be normalized and accepted into the establishment along with such luminaries as Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz and Ed Meese.  Nobody with a platform will call them what they are or hold them to account for their words OR their actions.  This is the new normal: more debased today than yesterday; more broken; more ugly; more hopeless.  It's the same as the old normal, just this time with Trump instead of Clinton.

Small Lesson For The Gossip Kids In How Politics Is Supposed To Work

Jill Stein, a candidate in actual opposition to Donald Trump, is working to make sure the system was properly administered.  Hillary Clinton, not, is not.  That's a lesson for the dumb-bunny gossip kids in what politics looks like when one candidate believes in fairness and voting access for all and does not trust in neo-Nazis and other reactionary criminals to protect the system for everyone.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dragon Flys

Trump's Transition Shit Show

Is not really Trump.  He's not doing anything.  He handed this off to every idiot in the room, which is why you see an unreconstructed Klan guy and an Amway fucktard and Ann Coulter's Tonto and General Jack D. Ripper getting gigs.  Trump couldn't tell you two things about any of them.  The better GOP assholes won't go anywhere near this abortion, so all the third and fourth string Heritage Foundations numbskulls will be running the dump.  Exceptional!

Kate E Song

Another Joyous, Life-Affirming Drive-By Fisking Of Imani Gandy

The world's worst lawyer and dumbest angry blah lady.  These quick 'n dirty fiskings of fucking scum like Gandy truly are what is making America great again!

I remember when John Cole brought this idiot Gandy onto his blog--he apparently felt the need to bring some non-white fuckheads into the mix so he found an AA woman who was as much a loony airhead as he was.  Exceptional!  Gandy proved to be completely deranged and apparently unfamiliar with reality on anything resembling a consistent basis.  Now she spends her time spouting outright bullshit about Bernie Sanders because Hillary Clinton was a neoliberal asshole who couldn't win a national election of any sort.  That's a quirky brand of genius you got right there, Ms. ABL.  Stupid fucker.

The Federalist Will Be Proud To Wear Trump's Brown Shirts

Your finest news source for creepy old dudes and mentally-challenged women hectoring about other people's freedom of choice and other people's access to abortion is also a fine place to find racist old white guys puking up some nonsense about the blahs.  Because it's pretty fucking obvious the cops don't kill black kids.  The cops only kill whites!!  In fact, those fucking darkies aren't even dead!  Michael Brown?  Alive!  Freddie Gray?  Alive!  Eric Garner?  Alive!  Keith Lamont Scott?  Even that fucking guy is alive alive alive!  C.C. Taylor has his piss bucket and knee pads ready just in case Trump or any beat cops want to stop by anytime.  Exceptional!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

1 Firefly

Bob Mould Current Guitar Stuff

Stuff you can buy!  Or not.  But Mould has this shit down by now.  And he can pretty much use whatever he wants at this point, too.

Obama Was President When Sophia Walinsky Had Her Arm Blown Off By The Fucking Police

Not Trump, not yet--this is Obama's exceptional America.  The one with the secret torture prisons and drone murders and killer police.  Obama.  Not Trump.

Western Sky Land

Dean Baker Fisks The Doctors With Free Trade

Goose meet gander.  But doctors really have been almost as successful protecting their own asses as Major League ballplayers.  That's pretty fucking good for them.  Bad for everyone else.

Tulsi Gabbard's Right-Wing Connections Make Her A Mainstream Dem

And should not be a surprise to anyone at this point.  The fatuous Hillary true-believers are just pissed at Gabbard for not kissing Clinton's ass during the campaign.  Hawaii is a really small political pond, and Gabbard's background was well-known.  But the losing losers who love the loser Clinton can't think straight.  About anything.  Fucking morons.

It Looks Like The Squirrel Broke But The Specialized Is Intact

Remarkable.  I'm kinda shocked that the squirrel didn't shear the fork clean off.

Uncle Tom Useful Idiot Nick Cannon Is A Gift From All The Gods To Donald Trump And His Neo Nazis

Brought to you by the risible fucktards at the Federalist--where the editor is a close personal friend of tee vee's the-liberal Chris Hayes.  If black guys on the radio had a fucking clue about anything, then it would be much harder for Trumpenfuhrer and his goosestepping shitheads to harm the African American community and the rest of society, but with Nick Cannon and the rest of the retard army out in force, even the nimrods with Trump will be able to win the battle of wits.

Monday, November 21, 2016

More Her, Less Him Singing For The Silversun Pickups

They're not the worst band ever, but that guy's fucking voice is really annoying.  They should definitely let the tall woman sing more--anything to shut Brian Aubert up.  And I like Superchunk, so I have a high tolerance for weak singing.  Silversun Pickups needs way more back-up singing, another guitar player, and way more input form the chubby hipster douchebag noodling on the toy keyboards, whatever the fuck it is he does.  It can't really be much worse.  Let him pick up a guitar and violin or give him an electric piano or a gods-damned saxophone, something to fill out that weak reedy aural esthetic they're working.

Another Viciously Ugly Expensive Bike

Fuckin' awful.  Continuing the theme of sickening bikes off the Serotta Forum.  If you need to use that bugfuck ugly saddle to keep you nuts from falling off, find another hobby.  44 mm headtubes look pretty wretched on road bikes.  Gotta go for that tapered thing or something.  Plus, the proportions look all wrong, and the colored bits are nauseating.  This bike is a fucking abortion.

A Guy Died

At some point over the summer, I stopped reading the welfare academia idiots on Lawyers, Guns & Money--along with utterly tedious fatuous Obama fluffers at Balloon Juice--because they had all become so fucking inane that it didn't seem to have a point anymore.  The welfare academia clowns pretend to be the too smart too cool successful kids when they're barely hanging on at risible non-competitive colleges and universities, and the John Cole crew are even more pathetic--with both groups being so fucking hilariously wrong about politics and everything else that I'm sure they'd fit right in on the Serotta Forum.  Except the clueless and embarrassing Serotta Forum twits have lots more money.  Anywho, I had no idea that minor internets legend Scott Eric Kaufman was even sick.  Fucked up.

Besides Recess Appointing The Supreme Court, Obama Should Be Pardoning The Shit Out Of Pretty Much Everyone

Snowden, sure, fine, but also the not-white folks like Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier--even better because the neo-Nazis and other conservatives will lose their shit--along with a fuckload of the not as famous black and brown brothers and sisters in prison.  If Obama had any balls at all, this he would do for America, for justice, for his legacy.  But he won't.

Fukin' Fukushima

Finally something potentially more toxic and annoying than Trump!  The fun never stops in Fukushima.  I guess it was going to happen eventually.  Jesus.

So, Sr. Richard Sachs Moved Back To CT?

Noone of my business, atmo, but let's see: he was a Connecticut guy for years, decades, then moves to the Deerfield Dirt Road Randonee in Massassachusetts, stays there but decides it's too fucking boring, and then moves back to Connecticut to get some excitement?  Sounds like a plan.  Or something.  But I guess now he can afford to open his worldwide HQ in Cos Cob.

I wonder if my original CT-vintage frame deposit has been earning interest?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

All Good People

Everybody Likes Andy Hampsten

Except Lance Armstrong, probably.  Hampsten seems like one of those generally decent fellows, and you never hear anyone talking shit about him.

Kanye West's Insipid And Inane "Music" Is The Perfect Soundtrack For The Trump Era

Matchmakers rejoice.  West, and his ilk, are atrocious, untalented and hackneyed, pointless and dumb as fucking posts, the perfect accompaniment to our modern society.  America gets the exceptional garbage it deserves, in politics as well as music.

Dead Set

Brilliant Parody Blog: Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology

Fucking genius.  This is yet another of the brilliant sites viciously destroying the creepy right-wing assholes out there.  Funny stuff.  Hard to imagine that anyone's dumb enough to believe this greasy bullshit is serious.


If Those Hamilton Idiots Really Did Fuck With Mike Pence

That would be the first good thing about 'em.  I'm not sure I really believe the way it supposedly went down, with the audience or with the cast, but it's great if it did.  Otherwise, Hamilton is pretty sucky and dumb, perfect pablum for the corrupt and demented establishment and their courtiers. 

Much Of The Destruction Trump Brings Will Be Due To Obama

Ted Rall on the case, as are many others.  Trump's going to be following Obama's lead, literally.  And those people who trusted Obama will be shocked by the damage Trump will do.  Those people on the left who were highly critical of Obama's authoritarian legacy will not be shocked at all.  Exceptional!

Now We've Said Goodbye To Those Nasty Shitbird PUMAs Like Riverdaughter

How's that Hillary or bust looking eight years later assholes?  Jesus, they're so fucking dumb.  And we can never completely forget all the petty racism that came with those PUMA fuckwads.  Clinton was always the worst choice, and even though the insane Dems gave Clinton eight years to prepare, she still sucked and managed to lose to the least popular candidate in modern American history.  I guess we won't have the PUMAs to kick around anymore after their chosen candidate proved she was the biggest asshole who ever lived.  Stupid fuckers.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Nun So Black

Hey, Al Giordano, How's That Campaign Against Bernie Sanders Going, You Fucking Asshole

Al Giordano and Joy Reid, a couple of real morons we don't need fucking things up around here anymore.

Thank The Gods That In These Troubled Times We Still Have Assholes Like Mario Diaz And Yuckmouth Brent Bozell

To bring the bugfuck crazy comedy.  CNS is a perhaps an even more asinine shithole than The Federalist.

The Gossip Kids Are Not Too Bright, Part A Billion

But Sam Wang has to stop going on the tee vee with that reactionary racist asshole Smerconish.   Wang probably cultivates a bit of the absent-minded professor shtick, but that Smerconish is a nasty piece of racist trash.  The gossip kids can't really understand much, but it might be helpful if Wang explained how the turnout/voter models of all the polls were wrong, so the predictive abilities were shit given the small lead Clinton had.  That was the failure: building a model of who was actually going to vote.  And none of the polls had it right because turnout was down so much this year.  Trump underperformed Romney and Clinton way underperformed Obama.

The Biggest Issue With Keith Ellison Is That He Will Still Be A Congressman

It's fun to bitch, but unless someone better comes along, Ellison will be the choice over Dean.  Dean was good, and the Obama people fucked up much of what Dean had accomplished, but if the Dems want to skip the lobbyist coworker of Newt Gingrich this time and go for the black Muslim guy from Detroit, let 'em.  Ellison's job will be wicked harder because he'll still be a sitting Congressman, but if the Dems decide the look of Ellison fits better than the look of Dean in 2017, that should be okay with the folks on the left who are not Dems, atmo.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Where's Eric?

After We Get All The Muslims Into The Camps, Will America Be Hiring Servpro Or Maybe Those Crime Scene Cleanup Guys To Fumigate Their Houses And Shit?

I'd imagine any good white christian exceptional American would want a house or car or business a Muslim had before going to the camps be really well-cleaned before liberating it for the prosperity of white America.  I hope President Trump will hire some real good white christian guys to clean the fuck out of all those places once we move out the Muslims.  I've never lived in their ghettos, but I can't imagine Muslims have the hygiene standards of an exceptional white American.  There have to awful smells and nasty bugs that jesus won't let good people like us live with.

Maybe The Internment Camp Builders Should Get Overtime After 8 Hours

Maybe we should incentivize hard-working white christian Americans by paying overtime after 8 hours to the guys working construction jobs building the Muslim camps.  That will be great stimulus to the Trump economy, the white economy.  Any non-whites that are working get straight-time only.

Will The Guys Working To Construct The Muslim Relocation Camps Get Paid Time And A Half After 40 Hours In A Week?

I'd imagine there's gonna be shitloads of overtime once the construction starts, so if it's time and a half, that's gonna be a really grand economic stimulus!  As long as the jobs are only given to exceptional white American men, I fully endorse time and a half after 40 hours for all internment camp construction workers!

After We Register All The Muslims, We're Gonna Make 'Em Wear Yellow Crescent Badges, Right?

We gotta make sure we know who they are, so patches sound good.  We can put some white Americans to work makin' 'em, too.  And if Muslims don't sew, then some good white christian seamstresses can get some work, also.  This is good shit.  I'm glad Trump thought of it.  It's an anti-terror plan and a jobs plan all rolled into one!  Exceptional!

Political Song for Obama to Sing

Obama Has Only One Chance Left: Make A Recess Appointment To The Supreme Court

He simply must do it if he hopes to preserve anything decent in America or the possibility of an Obama legacy or simply preserve a shred of hope for the Democratic Party, but Obama is not that kind of man, so he will not do it.  Obama is the man who made Rahm Emanuel his Chief of Staff.  Obama is the man who put James Comey at the head of the FBI.  Obama is not a great man, or a great politician, or a great leader.  Obama will watch his paltry legacy--whatever he believes that legacy to be--lost in time, like tears in the rain.  So very fucking quickly.  And he will not fight it.  Obama is a coward.  A great man would make that recess appointment and create the greatest upheaval in Washington in anyone's living memory.  Through such bold, selfless action, he would give his country, his party, and his legacy a fighting chance of survival.  But he won't.  He lacks the courage and the vision and the love of country.  He's just another failed right-wing politician from what was once called the Democratic Party.

Cenk Uygur Is Fun In Small Bites

And he's a nasty bastard, which is a very good thing.  He fucking hates Hillary supporters as much as he hates Trump supporters, so that makes him a great gods-damned American.

Lee Papa Winds It Down

Like many before him, the Rude Pundit is winding it down.  When Trump collapses under its own incompetence, they're really won't be anyone left with the initiative to put anything back together.  Such is life.

Hating On Snowden Is Not A Good Look For The Gossip Kids--Or Anyone Else

Snowden's no hero--wait, yes he is--but he doesn't have to be right about every fucking thing or agree with you on every fucking thing in the fucking world.  Snowden's not the president of the world or even your clubhouse.  Knee-jerk reactionary Snowden bitching should be reserved for the right-wing cocksuckers and teabaggers and other assorted reactionary fuckwits. 

Of Years

Thursday, November 17, 2016

When Workbook Was 25

American music doesn't get much better than Bob Mould's Workbook.  Part of it was the unexpectedness of it.  Part of was the sense of loss we all felt.  Part of it was the place and time.  But the music on Workbook remains transcendent.  The songs remain vital.  It was the surest sign that we'd never see Husker Du again, but the album was a promise that something glorious was just beginning.  Mould delivered on the promised glory again and again.

Even Freddie DeBoer Knows Sanders Would Have Won

DeBoer's right--a dream of his come true!  He's better at this than zombie Obama fluffers who were all-in with her, though.  What does that say for all folks out there who spent an inordinate amount of time over the last few years shitting on deBoer?  At some point, we as a society are going to have to demand some actual results, some literal progress, being fucking right about something important in our politics.  The Hillary contingent was as fucking wrong as wrong could be from way before 2008 even.  Those gods-damned fools fucked us all, and one of the favorite targets for snark and scorn for the entry level establishment and village idiot wannabees was on the right side this time while they all looked foolish.  Oops.

I Wonder If The Anti-Trump Folks Are Up To It

There's a vast horde of folks who are not down with Trump, but I wonder if they're up to really doing better than the orange vulgarian.  Maybe.  But I'm not hopeful.

Look At This Harp Bastard Aodhan O Riordain Getting All Up In Trump's Business Calling Him A Fascist

Damn, this fucking guy sounds pretty peeved.  Maybe Ireland will lead a coalition to facilitate some regime change in D.C. in order to save the American people from their government.  That would be nice of them.

This Is The Ugliest Gaulzetti Since Craig

I keed.  But this bike's fucking heinous.  It clearly doesn't fit, or the rider is some deformed mutant.  That stem.  Those bars.  That tape.  Wrong-color seatmast topper.  A fender?  Nasty.

Daryush Valizadeh: This Is The Face Of A Man Who Has Never Had Sex With A Human Other Than Himself

Of one thing we can all be sure: that's no alpha, no man who gets sex from any woman ever.  I don't even think Daryush is some self-hating closet case, but he's clearly a chronic-masturbating loser who likes to pretend he gets laid sometimes even though it's pretty obvious he never, ever has.

Goo Goo

Can't The Clintons Take Joy Reid With Them On Their Way Out?

We gotta be able to do better than this.  Reid was not the worst of the establishment media shitheads out there, but it was close.  These fatuous turdballs have got to go.  Please?

Muslim Internment Camp Construction Will Be An Exceptional Jobs Program!

It's all fucking win.  We get rid of the greasy Islamic terrorists in our towns, steal their shit, and get shitloads of overtime building the internment camps to house them.  Fucking genius!

Trump's Not Going To Do Shit For The Economy Of Working People

Trump is less serious about infrastructure and creating jobs than he is about building walls or putting Muslims in concentration camps.  Dean Baker should know better, but I guess hope is all that's left.

DeAndre Levy Is The Hero America Needs

Levy is exactly the sort of man who can help lead America through these harrowing times.  He's the definition of a great American.

Hey Everybody! Point And Laugh At Al Giordano, The Biggest Asshole In America And The Loser's Loser

ALL THE WAY WITH HILLARY!  All the way into the shitter.  That dumb bastard Giordano is so fucking clueless.  But he had a huge oppo file on Bernie Sanders that he didn't use!  He woulda stopped Sanders himself!  He's a hero!  Why won't Hillary return his calls??

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

For The Last Time: Sanders Would Have Won

Probably quite easily, as there are a few important points to consider:

1: Democratic turnout was awful--as was GOP turnout--and Clinton wicked underperformed, so it is likely Sanders could not have managed to do any worse meaning that Sanders would have won every state Clinton won;

2: Sanders would have also won Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania because he would have blunted or completely counteracted Trump's appeal to the marginalized crackers;

3: Sanders would have won Florida because of Jewish.

That's that.

Plus, as the results down-ballot showed once again, people tend to vote the party line; Sanders would have delivered Senators in PA and WI and FL.  North Carolina might have been bigger for the Dems with Sanders running, so maybe that Senate seat would have delivered, too. 

President-Elect Sanders would have had a much better chance of flipping the House on the way to victory as well.  Clinton ran an abysmal campaign, and the Dems in general were total shit.  Sanders would have been much stronger, energizing not only the base voters who would vote for a chicken salad sandwich if it had a D after it--and did, essentially voting for a chickenshit salad sandwich named Hillary Clinton--but also expanding the Obama electorate with a popular, centrist message including labor rights and civil rights and women's rights that the neoliberal asshole HRC would never have embraced--and didn't which is why nobody came out to vote for her that wasn't a brainless D-zombie.

The GOP would have labeled Sanders a socialist a communist a leftist unamerican, but so what?  They called the rock-ribbed conservatives Obama and Bill Clinton all those things, and it didn't matter because the only voters dumb enough to listen to or care about that horseshit would never vote for a Dem in a billion years.  Those marginalized white idiots who were the difference in the 2016 election because of the historically low turnout on both sides voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 and many more of them would have voted for Sanders because there are simply more eligible voters than back then.

Jesus Frakking Charlie Crist, Nobody Likes Jonathan Chait

Another brutal drive-by fisking, this time by Jeremy Scahill.  Chait defines fatuous establishment stooge, but after Clinton's loss, the smart kids have decided to beat him to death, metaphorically, of course.  Not that he doesn't deserve it; he could be the poster boy for upward-failing wrong-headed neoliberal mediocrity.  Plus it's fun to watch Scahill work.

Hey, Let's Not Forget When Good Things Happen: Duke Lost

So much is wrong, but when it's right, you can't forget.  Duke lost, which is always good for universal karma.  And for a few days at least, Kansas is the most popular basketball team in the galaxy.

And This Is Probably The Dumbest Thing Duncan Black's Ever Written

Atrios tries way to hard to be the too-chill dude who knows the score, man.  And it's bullshit.  Atrios is/was employed by David Brock before David Brock went fucking coo coo for Hillary, so I'm sure he knows what the score is, man.  So he either knows the truth about Hillary and the Democratic Party Hillary fail machine, or he's a fucking idiot.

Because The Democratic Party Will Never Be Able To Address Class In America, Maybe We Finally Abandon That Failed Institution

Buh. Fucking. Bye.  The Dems were useless because they were neoliberal monsters at heart beholden to the Wall Street money and the Wall Street vision.  That was fine for them, but it wasn't for the other 99%.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


So, 10 Years Ago Exclaim Thought 'Honky Tonkin' Was The Third Mekons Album?

Jesus, that's fucking stupid.  I know where they got that though: in some review I read a long time ago on Allmusic or Pitchfork or No Depression or somewhere which was obviously also read and ripped off by that the Exclaim person, the original writer stated something about Honky Tonkin' being the third Mekons album in their country music period.  Not the third album.  So some idiot, Jason Schneider, read that other review, poorly, plagiarized it, hacktastically, and nobody ever bothered to correct the mistake.  Exceptional!

Math Is Not A Thing For The Gossip Kids

They have wicked bad trouble with it--but let's be fair, so does Nate Silver.  Silver seems especially reluctant to admit what did happen to the polling for the 2016, and I'm not sure why.  Maybe he's afraid of revealing how full of shit he is, but that's a done deal.  Silver probably understands that the polls were quite accurate except for one fairly serious mistake: the turnout model.  Most polls used Obama and Romney turnouts more or less--but nothing radically different.  That modelling of the electorate is what makes a poll a poll.  None of the pollsters believed that Dem turnout would be so stupendously low.  They fucked up, but they all fucked up for the same reason.  The polls and the probabilities weren't shit because a bunch of asswipes were trying to fuck everything up, but they wound up so far off because nobody built a model where GOP turnout was down but Dem turnout was way the fuck down.  Had they done that, the polls would have been much closer and then Nate Silver's bullshit and Sam Wang's state polls all would have been much more useful in predicting the finish.  Those models of the likely electorate would opened up the possibility that a very small change along the margin in a few key states could change an electoral blowout for Clinton into an electoral blowout for Trump or vice versa, but nobody picked that up because if the Dems had voted for Clinton they way had voted for Obama numbers-wise, a few pissy white trash union dipshits would not have been enough to shift the victory to Trump.  The gossip kids prove they are not gonna understand that shit, though.  Math is hard.

Hole In The

Nick Martin's Trump Town

Decent. Better. Good.  The sort of shit that most Dems and other twits never consider about what it means to be alive in our exceptional American decline.  It's key to remember that the white racist assholes were not the ones who put Trump over the top--those nasty fuckwits and anti-semite shitheels were never gonna vote for Clinton the same way they were never gonna vote for Obama the same way they were never gonna vote for any with a D after their name.  The Dem defections were voters from the marginalized white lower classes, those folks who grew up in those Trump-type towns but voted for Obama and would have voted for Sanders.  Of course, honest discussion of class is anathema to the Democratic Party establishment.

Yet Another Brutal Fisking Of Kurt Eichenwald

Much easy. Very fisking. Wow.  Eichenwald is very quickly becoming everyone's favorite neoliberal cocksucker punching bag.  For good reason.  He deserves every blow.

Racist White Assholes And Other Ignorant White Trash Handed The Middle East To Putin

And what's he gonna do with it?  Good question, as certainly Putin has been eying ways to increase the influence of Russia for a couple of decades, though I'm sure he never believed that everyone would make it so fucking easy for him.  The Middle East is a good place to wield military power and political influence.  Trump cucked the Republicans and America, but Putin's fixing to cuck the feckless Trump bigtime around the world.

So, Trump Will Completely Undo 8 Years Of Obama In 2 Hours, But Obama Did Not Undo Very Much Of Bush/Cheney In 8 YEARS

Funny how that works.  Republicans completely destroy whatever was done by a Dem--no matter how helpful, major or minor--as a matter of course, but the Dems must always maintain whatever vile or dangerous precedent the GOP has establishment.  It almost makes you think that maybe the Dems share the core values of the GOP at heart while the Republicans are just ignorant bullying shitbirds.  Exceptional!

Monday, November 14, 2016

History Has A Stutter

How The Fuck Could You Lose Bill Walton's Yuge Fucking Bike?

70cm. Is that c-c or c-t?   The guy's a fucking animal, though.  Can't be easy riding when you are so fucking tall and as beat-up as he is.

Keith Ellison: Left-Wing Congressman With Ties To Nation Of Islam? Sign Me The Fuck Up!

Sounds good, Fox "News". Thanks.  Ellison would be great.  And if Fox "News" hates him, that should be good enough for you!

Kurt Eichenwald, Neoliberal Shithead And Establishment Democratic Stooge, Please Fuck Right The Fuck Off Right Now

Another astoundingly inane rock-ribbed reactionary fuckbag, Kurt Eichenwald needs to go far away and stay there forever.  I would suggest the outer solar system somewhere cold and dark.  He's exactly the sort of idiot who helped Trump destroy whatever was left of the Democratic Party for the worst reason: Hillary Clinton.  What a titanic fucking asshole. 

Donald Sutherland Sounds Suprising Lucid And Indignant

Lucid. Or lucent, if you're first language ain't English.  Anywho, President Hawkeye Snow is not wicked happy with the way things are going.  He's probably right, even though he's Canadian.

Carl Strong's Pursuit Cycles: That Guy's Had More Business Models Than Serotta

With the key difference being that he is still in business.  Yep, Strong did carbon.  Stopped.  Opened a production shop with production models and a bike shop in front.  Nope.  Ibis contract-builder.  Nah.   Powdercoat vendor.  Quit.  Frame-building vendor.  No.  Now, back to carbon with this.  Hey, he's better at this than Ben Serotta ever was.  So far.

Ralph Nader On Clarence Ditlow

Excellent brief Nader on the auto-safety champion Clarence Ditlow.  Good.  Safer is always better when it comes to consumer products with a huge mass and kinetic energy being piloted by the average barely-conscious exceptional American.  How many folks like Ditlow will be a favorite of Trump's?  Or were with Obama?  Or would have been with Clinton?

Daily Kos: The Stupidest Place On Earth

Never forget that Daily Kos is part of a media company as corporate and right-wing as any NBC or Fox or any big newspaper.  Hell, the parent company was created by partners including noted lunatic and lifelong Hillary supporter Jerome Armstrong in addition to Markos Moulitsas, both of whom were mentored by world-famous right-wing stooge and Fox "News" "democrat" Joe Trippi before their venture capital courtship and the creation of such valued content as Ezra and the rest of the sad little twits at Vox.  The entire enterprise was a long con from the beginning, a way to transfer money from the naive, self-described and self-deluded political class of the internet to a few careerist schemers.  Pretty neat.  But those fools help give us Trump.  Kos and the rest are solidly establishment and gleeful guzzlers of the piss and jizz and everything else the leaders jam down their holes--while they may be a step up from the pathetic failures in the welfare academia cohort, all of them are enthusiastic, right-wing entry-level establishment morons and mindless, rock-ribbed Obama fluffers.  They may pretend that they're going to resist the new order, but in the end they will scheme to get paid just as before.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Princeling Of Darkness

Dean Baker Plans To Survive The Trump Presidency

Somebody has to.  Plan.  Or survive.  Dean Baker usually has something smart to say, and if we had a tee vee media worth any fucking thing, Baker would have a show every night.

How's That Legacy Lookin' Now, Obama?

Barack Obama is hella fucked now.  His legacy will be as a complete fucking neoliberal tool who squandered a(n outside) shot at greatness.  His atrocious political instincts and infuriating lack of courage let Mitch McConnell walk all over him time after time, culminating with the Merrick Garland nomination domination.  McConnell and Trump defeated Obama completely.  Thanks, Obama.

Dave Lindorff Also Notes That Trump Has Destroyed Both Parties

Welcome to the party, pal.  Neither party is working now, but at least the former GOP has a leader in Trump and a purpose in the insane vulgar corruption orgy.

Josh Marshall Finds A Nut

Not that you need to be Thomas Paine or John Stuart Mill to figger this one out, but Marshall is correct in saying that the Trump administration will unleash an orgy of ostentatious and vulgar political corruption all over this dump.  Trump will have neither the ability nor the desire to stop it, and, while it will be fucking hilarious, it will also be incredibly destructive to society and the economy.  For some very early examples of this vulgar grift orgy in all it's grimy glory, see Pubies, Rinse and Bannon, Steve.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Empire's Record

Billmon Has Checked Out

Underground, maybe. Waiting for the solution to appear.  He apparently wasn't kidding.

Michael Tomasky Is A Fucking Dope And Should Be Ignored

Part of the problem.  Tomasky is neoliberal turd and must be ignored.  Fuck him.  He was wrong, is wrong, and like all the rest will always be wrong.  Fuck him. 

Exceptional Story In Trump's America

American Can Count On The Federalist To Maintain Its Astounding Level Of Conservative Inanity In These Dark Times

The conservative cucks created by Trump are scared and confused because they don't want to believe or cannot believe that an R candidate was put into the presidency in a comically low-turnout election because of an energized base of neo nazis and other revanchist racist scum.  They don't want to believe they're all racist shitheads, but they are, so expect to see plenty of this inane fucktardery for years to come.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Young Women And The Sea

I'm Not Sure Hamilton Nolan And The Gossip Kids Are Up To It

Maybe I'm wrong.  It would be nice to be wrong on this one, but the good guys always seem to get played by the bad guys, and the changing demographic army never shows up on the battlefield to fight for on the side of those good guys.  Funny how that works.  The racist white cohort and dumb fucking conservative cohort in America can't die fast enough to save anyone.  All is lost, or at least enough is lost that it won't matter now.  This country never got around to fixing the stuff Reagan fucked up, and everything is way worse now