Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Let's Do The Best Thing And Get Iran Some Nukes Toot Sweet!

Fuck the deal.  Let's sell them some surplus nuclear warheads and a few low-mileage missiles for those fuckers and make the world a better place.  Iranians would be safe from invasion and shit--especially from us!--and wouldn't have to pretend to build expensive and polluting and dangerous commercial nuclear power plants.  Palestinians would be safer if Iran had nukes.  Hell, watching Israel sweat like fucking pigs would be worth pretty much anything.  Countries with nukes are the countries who don't get fucked with--we never invaded axis of eeville North Korea--and countries that don't get fucked with don't trick us into invading them and spending trillions of dollars murdering their defenceless civilian population with drones and soldiers and planes for decades, so let's help Iran help itself by trading some of our nuke shit for some of their oil or rugs or whatever they have over there, grapes.  That's how we make America and Iran and the world a better place!

Megyn Kelly Is A Smarmy Pair Of Favorite Slippers For Racist Shitstains

No matter how bad the racists feel, no matter how nasty people are to Confederate-loving asswhipes, no matter how much civil rights or legal protection the blahs or the gays get just to make jesus and inbred haters weep, Megyn Kelly is there to make them feel better and comfort them like a pair of favorite slippers.  Kelly is a greasy shitstain herself and just the smarmy apologist for the haters and bigots and racists who watch Fox "News".

Monday, June 29, 2015

Nihilist Arby's And Birdsrightsactivist Are THE ONLY Republican Ticket With A Chance In 2016

I'd vote Republican if they nominated Nihilist Arby's and Birdsrightsactivist in 2016!  That's pretty much the only way I'd vote Republican, and any and every American with an IQ above 7 will agree with me in 2016--that leaves out pretty much every registered Republican, teabagger, Koch-sucker, racist asshole, gun-nut fuckwad, militia member, but still. 

Meanwhile Assholes Are Stupid And Lie And Work For Forbes

It doesn't much matter whether--never mind--if these cocksuckers at Forbes lie because they are stupendously stupid or are just plain shitty, the lies do the heavy lifting for the Koch-suckers and their short-term profits.  Reality never intervenes.

Digby's Obit For Ann Coulter's Career

Apparently Ann Coulter finally puked up enough shit to poison her own wading pool.  Who knew? Career or no career, Coulter is still on with Hannity and those idiots. 

Anti-Vaxxers: The Cancer In The Colon Of America

Jesus, these idiots are evil-meets-stupid just as much as the worst racist teabagging Republican guntard fuckwit.  The anti-vaccination movement is just another of those reasons, those reasons why America is such a dysfunctional society.  We are literally too stupid to live.

What Leverage Does Greece Have?

History, tourism, goat cheese, olives, back-door sexytimes, disgusting greasy yogurt.  That's not so much really, but that doesn't mean those fuckers shouldn't give the Krauts the finger and drop the Euro like a sack of steaming goat shit.  Krugman's right on, and he's not along by any means.  Greece has been getting fucked all along, and they don't need to put up with it any longer.  The ability to manage your fiscal and monetary policy for your OWN good is a pretty big fucking deal. 

Chris Squire

I detest prog rock, but I always thought Chris Squire had a great bass guitar sound.  His playing was often decent but was part of Yes' atrocious music, but that sound, man, that sound was good.  More rockers dyin' every day.

Amanda Marcotte Gets It, Atmo, Really

She often reads like she's getting paid by the word and frenzied on a 96-second deadline, but Amanda Marcotte really does a good job skewering the prissy ignorance and bigotry of Ross Douthat, aka the shame of Hamden Hall.  Douthat is one of those upward-failing dipshit cockbags so beloved by the establishment, and Marcotte really lets him have it.  That's not nothing and has to be some sort of high point for Marcotte. 

Wonderfully Life-Affirming Piyush "Bobby" Jindal Fisking

That was effing yummers!  Seeing Jindal so thoroughly destroyed--and marveling at just how easy it is--is a wondrous joy.  The only quibble I would have is the contention that Jindal was ever anything other than a risible buffoon doing his best to befoul the political cesspool that is Louisiana.  Jindal was never going anywhere important, because despite his Republican ethnic stunt-casting, he is as big a mutton-headed asshole as any other teabagging Republican.

Comparing Trump To A Greasy Fuckstain Is An Insult To Every Greasy Fuckstain

Yeah, yeah, Trump, you're fired. Heh. Funny.  Shitheads like Trump aren't going away, though, no matter how many times they get fired.  They're in our national DNA.  We're fucked.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hz So Good

Jesus, The Amy Schumer Movie Looks Dreadful

A fucking abortion in an elevator; let's guess that Paul Giamatti will bob up at some point ensuring that LeBron James will not be the worst actor in it.

Butthurt Idiots Are Wonderful Things

Catholic edition.  These bastards never had a problem with the sanctity of the children they were raping, but oh, noes, a gay marrying a gay is so fucking problematic.  These people are gods-damned evil, backward-ass shitheads.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Morning In America Welcomes The Glorious New World Of Divorce Equality

Now America can welcome the gays into the joy and wonder of divorce.  And full-on custody battles.  And child support.  And alimony.  Family court.  Mazel tov, motherfrakkers!

Pretty Bad Week So Far For Republicans, Teabaggers, Bigots, Racists, Homophobes, General Fuckwits

And that makes it a pretty good week for all the decent folks out there.  There's some good fun watching Scalia puke out some of his typical brain-dead horseshit, telling the world over and over what a complete moron he is.  Also pretty great seeing the shitheads losing their minds as they realize their death-grip on an America of backward-ass haters is finally slipping.  Health care such as it is; racist treason flag; marriage equality; we may see the death of teabagger-America this millennium!

The Astros In The American League Is A Crime Against Humanity

Haven't we all suffered enough?  At least make them go back to those heinous 70s uniforms.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Could Be Your Life

Bristol Palin Can't Possibly Be A Worse Mother Than Sarah Palin

Bristol Palin: pro-life, pro-stupid, anti-choice, anti-sense.  Bristol Palin is also a genius when it comes to abstinence.  Like it or not, Palin the younger is well on her way along the grift that her mother started.  You gotta almost feel bad for those poor stupid children she's obviously gonna keep shitting out, though.

How Hard Does The Odious Avik Roy Suck?

Roy is just awful. He sucks. And blows.  And it's not just that he is wrong about every single thing on the face of the planet.  Maybe it's the connection with the biggest piece of shit douchebag in American history Mitt Romney.

Obamacare: A Victory For American Mediocrity

It's fun to watch the Republicans piss themselves over this nonsense, but the reality is that the Obamacare stuff is a horrible system that doesn't do much--enough--to help the people out there who don't have affordable access to health care services.  The SCOTUS did what they needed to do--and made Scalia, Alito, and Uncle Thomas look like drooling farm animals--but the reality is still shit.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jesus Frakking Christ, Bill O'Reilly Was In A Frothing Panic Tonight

The Fox "News" racist assholes like O'Reilly--Andrea Mackris!!--are scared shitless.  America may be quite far from the uniting of lower and middle class blacks and whites in America to wield political power, finally changing politics and society a bit for the better, but we are way closer than we were a few years ago, and the racist old fucknuts and vile teabagging bigots on Fox "News" can sense it along with their ruling-class paymasters and are scared out of their fucking, crumbling, defective minds.

Well, Gretchen Carlson Has Done The Impossible, Proving Herself Dumber Than Frank Luntz

Luntz has less brain activity than a flattened cow turd, but Gretchen Carlson showed America that she is way fucking dumber than Luntz.  Congrats, dummy, you've done the impossible.

Fox "News" And Their Dick-Brained Sean Hannity Are Desperately Trying To Tell Their Racist Republican Audience That The Democrats Are The Racists

Hannity and the sadly retarded--and Rush Limbaugh guest-host--Mark Steyn are very conveniently forgetting that the racist Democrats all became Republicans after 1964, so in fact the racist party in the United States is the Republican party, even if some of those Republicans used to be Democrats.  Some pre-64 Democrats stood by integration; those are the not-racist.  The pre-64 Democrats who became Republicans are the racist reactionary conservatives of today, the pro-slavery, pro-Confederacy Republican party of 2015.

Piyush "Bobby" Jindal: Yet Another Fatuous Scuzzbag Who Will Never Be President

Piyush is a walking fuckstick, teabagger, buffoon, reactionary asshole, Republican piece of shit, and he will never, ever be the president of anything except possibly that fake college that fired Dinesh D'Souza. 

The Way The Yankees Played Against The Phillies

It could be argued that they did not sufficiently love America; the Phillies are dog shit this year.  Kicking them around today is not really enough.  However, the Red Sox blow huge moose cock this season, so the corollary that as long as the Yankees finish ahead of the Sox, even at second-to-last, the gods' love still suffuses the universes, that corollary is still the philosophy of life itself. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Your Government At Work, But Not For You

Never for you.  The Dems never had any intention of blocking Obama and the Republicans on this.  The Senate had way more Dem votes than they needed so some of the "Yes" votes were able to vote "No" and make it look like a closer thing than it was.  The power of this country is not with the people, and that power is never defeated.  Obama is as much a tool of the establishment as any Republican president would ever be.  Sure, Obama is no where near as big a fucking brain-dead shitheel as Bush, but that doesn't mean Obama is not a rock-ribbed establishment conservative. 

Fox "News" Has Been Full On Uncle Tom Retard Since The SC Shooting

They're in a full-on panic and calling on all the Toms they can shit on Obama and the Dems because a rock-ribbed mainstream Republican racist cocksucker murdered some black folks.  It's almost as if Fox "News" can sense that the connection is closer than ever to being made, the connection between Republicans and teabaggers and racists and the government, the connection which will finally create a true majority in this country, a majority that will have no use for racists and teabaggers and conservatives.  They're genuinely afraid.  Watch them sweat.  Watch the loathsome dancing Uncle Toms.

Fun And Flirty Scientology Fisking

Scientology: Always and forever weirder and creepier and nastier than you ever would have thought.  Scientology is a fucked up thing, a very bad thing, an evil thing, but it's hard not to laugh at the sorry simps dumb enough to fall for it and waste all the money on it.  So we can laugh at them, or we can hate them for their evil, or maybe both.  Both is the most fun.  For realz.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Feel Free, Please Do

Face The Face It

Krugman: Short And On Point Regarding Race

Krugman hits the target here, no doubt.  Race is the reason our politics and our culture are so fucking ugly and so fucking dysfunctional.  With the too-easy us versus them separation of underclass whites and underclass blacks in the USA and the manipulation of the middle-class using the same simplistic race hatred, the upper-class has been unstoppable because the strength of the lower and middle class masses was corroded by racism and economic ignorance.  That's the only genius of America, and it has been destroying us for hundreds of years.

Fuckin' Chuck Todd Did This, He Really Did

That slimy shitstain whore Chuck Todd could not have been more racist if he had put on Megyn Kelly's Klan robes right there on his NBC show.  If some sorry bastard had had some respect left for broadcast news or NBC they would have been mortified, but nobody out there believed NBC was anything other than a bastion of establishment racism and ignorance. 

Obama Saying Nigger Is Easily A High Point Of His Presidency

Seeing these racist shitheads all over Fox "News"--who call Obama a nigger and way worse every fucking day--lose their pathetic little minds will surely turn out to be one of the high points of Obama's time in office.  Every fucking Uncle Tom and vile pandering cocksucker like Lou Dobbs are out in force pretending they are so offended, but instead they are surely terrified, terrified of being forced to face their racist spew and hateful lies, forced by non-whites who are no longer quite so afraid of the crackers and their Klans.

Nikki Haley Is An Idiot, And Let's All Watch Her Fail On This Traitor Flag Stunt

She's gonna get shit on for this and perhaps even destroy her political career because the racist shitheads in South Carolina are not gonna let Haley take down their racist fetish.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Orphan Black Says Goodbye To Delphine And Admiral Cane

Too bad, cuz Evelyne Brochu is smokin' hot and did a fine, fine job as Delphine.  Plus, Michelle Forbes is always fun, but it looks like both of them are going bye-bye.  Otherwise, Orphan Black did the necessary work wrapping up the inanity and reigniting some gleefully goofy monster shit; by the end of the next season, it will become clear that every single human on Earth is wrapped up in and collecting a check from the clone program including you and you and you and you. 

The Yankees Are Fighting For America

Last night's pummeling of the Tigers could only have been better by incorporating a Confederate flag burning during the stretch in place of that execrable "God Bless America". 

David Ortiz Is A Bush League Piece Of Shit, Now And Forever, Amen

Scumbag.  A perfect fit on the Sox.  Too bad the umpire didn't hand him back that bat and then kick him square in the nuts.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Make America Great Again: Burn All The Confederate Flags

Hell yeah!  This is just what America needs today and every day.  Take those fuckers off the flagpoles and off the walls and burn them in public.  Pissing on the ashes would be really fun, too.  This is just the shit America needs to become a better place.  Let's roll!

If Only Dylann Roof Had Won That Scholarship To The 2015 Faith And Freedom Summit

He could have done real good for America there this year.

Big American Smiles For Big American Miles

Heh.  Moar please.

Jesus, Fox's Golf Coverage Is Awful

CBS is generally wretched and annoying with golf, but Fox is a gods-damned abortion.  Only less entertaining.   

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Bar On Popes Is Pretty Fucking Low, But This El Popo Francisco Is Managing To Hop Over It Entertainingly

He's certainly a step up from those last two disgusting motherfuckers to fart on the throne of St. Peter.  Yes, popes are generally shitty, and religion is a fucking curse on humanity, but watching this admittedly powerful religious figure fuck with the Koch-suckers and fundamentalist bastards is pretty fucking fun.  When it has been so much heinously worse very recently, this current pope situation looks pretty okay, considering.

When You Begin By Defending Kirsten Powers, You Have Lost Your Credibility

Powers is a dimwit and typical Fox "News" "liberal".  You just have to watch her on the tee vee with some Fox "News" right-wing lunatic like Bill O'Reilly one time and witness her completely cede the most asinine Koch-sucking talking point instead of rebutting it with righteous truth and sanity to know that anything she has to say is at best merely pointless and at worst vile and dangerous horseshit.  I wouldn't trust Powers to pick up the lunch order and certainly wouldn't trust her with anything more vital. 

Someone On The Serotta Forum Who Is Not A Complete Asshole

There are good folks on there, of course, but the overall atmosphere is clueless and nasty upper-middle class and upper-class twits, so when you get something truly useful on that site, well, it's fucking remarkable.  For sure, the risible veneration of the mundane and boring Jon Stewart is disheartening, but that's a quibble when compared to the usual shit spewing from the right-wing, cocksucking teabaggers over there.  Good deal.

This greasy racist fucknut, on the other hand, is exactly the sort of typical vile shithead populating that dump.  A decent American wouldn't cross the street to piss on that worthless fucker if he was on fire.

A-Rod Does His Duty To Heal America

With a homer.  Hard to make this guy a sympathetic figure, but what the fuck.  Rodriguez gave the universe a stylin' middle finger.  (Boggs and Jeter.  Heh, indeedy.)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dylann Roof: A Freedom Loving Second Amendment Patriot Racist Asshole

Dylann Roof is an all-American teabagger, gun-loving patriot, racist fuckstain, and mainstream Republican.  Even tonight, Roof would be great and fit right in on Fox "News" next to Sean Hannity and Allen West and Megyn Kelly and Mark Fuhrman and Bill O'Reilly and Mike Huckabee.  Before expressing himself as a 2nd Amendment patriot, Roof would have been more than welcome at the local teabagger rally, Republican home office, and Klan meeting.  He's the rock-ribbed center of the right-wing, lover of guns, and fan of the Confederacy.  His loathsome brothers and sisters might be running from him now, but 48 hours ago he was welcomed and loved.

Fox "News" Is Scared Shitless Tonight And Going Full-On Retard

It's panic time at Fox "News".  They are going fucking crazy because Obama said a small truth about racist gun nuts and so are running out every Uncle Tom they can find to obfuscate shamelessly.  Fox is also in retard panic because a few reasonable fellers have said that Fox "News" is a haven for racist teabaggers and other haters.  They can't handle that glaring truth either.

Again For The All-American Fucktards In The Cheap Seats: ISIS Is Not A Threat To America But Racist Teabagger Guntards Are

Come on, you fuckin' morons, stop worrying about mooslims and shit and worry about every fucking jerkoff in America with a gun.  That's your enemy, dipshit.

Megyn Kelly Is A Heinous Bitch

Or as heinous should be spelled when discussing Megyn Kelly: hanus.  Just sayin'.

Way Past Time To Send Raylan Givens Out To Find Those Fuckers In New York--And Shoot Them

They've had their play time and weird sexy times, and now they need to send Raylan Givens out on the case.  It'll only take him 45-55 minutes to finish it off, so chop chop.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress To Whom You Need To Pay Extra If You Want Her To Piss On You

And Donald Trump loves nothing more than being pissed on, so he totally gets it, atmo.  The folks who are saying that Trump's "campaign" will not even last the 30 days before he's required to file some official FEC-type paperwork might just be right on, because Trump is too fucking incompetent to even make an announcement properly without turning it into a complete and completely unfunny joke.  He's hopelessly stupid and won't even provide much entertainment because we are not worthy.

Guntard Evolution At Work

Jesus.  Stupid, evil fuckers.  Guntard cocksuckers are the worst Americans, but many of more of their children will need to die before the rest of us learn our lesson and eradicate those rotten bastards once and for all.

Battle Of The Network Nitwits

Thar be twits!  It's kinda funny to watch it unfold with a few functional sentients try to push back against the reactionary fuckknobs and usual-suspect utter fucking assholes.  Kinda.

Dance Recital Season Is The Most Tedious Season Of The Year

Bleh.  What was the worst this year was that because of a scheduling fuck-up I wound up sitting through the dress rehearsal, and that makes the actual show so much more annoying.  I also finally realized that I hate dancing performed to music with vocals, so all the terrible pop songs, Frozen shit, and auto-tuned, dumbed-down music on display are just fucking tedious.  Add in the fact that most of the dancers just aren't that good, and you have a recipe for the worst fucking time of the year.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fun In The Sun For Everyone!

Trump Is Full Of Shit, But Can We At Least Hope He Destroys The Republic With This Stunt

He's a pathetic loser and a boring sad old liar, but Trump could do the work of the gods if his risible public masturbation campaign and blathering vapid insanity finally obliterate our national society so completely that we never have to hear from Trump or see the decaying muskrat pelt on his head ever again.

Holy Shit, Rachel Dolezal Looks Just Like Her Mother

Genetics, dude.  Can't escape the DNFuckingA.  Dolezal looks just like her mother.  Too bad Dolezal's family didn't have the basic human decency to stay the fuck off Fox "News".

California California California

Some people NEED that water.  For stuff.  Stuff they like.  Like water.  They like water.  Shitloads of water.  And if some poor people or old people don't like it, fuck 'em.  There's no sense being rich if you can't waste a precious resource necessary for life itself.  This is America dammit!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Is The Rachel Dolezal Thing A Put-On? Performance Art?

Now the story is careening from fraud into absurdity at a frenetic pace.  I'm pretty much ready to believe that the whole thing is a performance or a piece of performance art, because if we could or would somehow accept Dolezal's sincerity in her work as a visual artist and teacher, then the black heritage thing would have been very nearly unimportant to her work and her life.  So, why lie?  To get an advantage in programs for African-Americans at Howard University and the NAACP?  Seems like a huge fucking gamble because there was no fucking way she could get away with it for her whole life.  Now her parents are going on Fox "News" with that vile racist whore Megyn Kelly, so Ms. Dolezal may somehow come out looking better than many other people like her parents in the end.  That would be a really neat fucking trick and an interesting piece of performance art in itself.

The Red Sox Are Continuing The Gods' Work

Tide goes in, tide goes out.  Nobody can explain that.  Sun goes down, sun comes up.  Nobody knows how that works.  But when the Red Sox are playing like they are now, well, we all know that universe is properly ordered today.

Does Anyone Really Like Jeb Bush?

Any of his family?  Any political type?  Jeb is just such a creepy dim-wit, without even the cokeheaded retard vibe of his idiot brother.  What the fuck is Jeb Bush?  A less offensive Bush?  Nope, he's every bit as offensive as his vile father and vulgar mother.  A better bet than Hillary?  Not a chance; Hillary looks like a political genius next to Jeb.  A less embarrassing choice than Marco Rubio for the hispandex voter?  Perhaps, but that is a remarkably low fucking bar.  So what's his deal?  Is his drug lord father in law pushing this?


Unless we have a stoned Richard Dreyfuss on to explain this, I'm blaming this shit on Obama and his radical green agenda.  Obama's fault.  Sharks aren't too smart--OR ARE THEY?  Maybe they did this on purpose.  Are sharks patriots?  Do they support the second amendment?  Do they love America?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Orphan Black Gets A Little Farce-y

Yeah, yeah, I know, farcical.  Anyway, just once I'd like to see one of these badass dudes who are not regular characters on the show not be complete fucking idiots and pussies when accosted by the big bad scary plot hole trope villains.  Siobhan's friend would have been a whole hell of a lot more interesting if he had dispatched the Dyad clowns, as he surely would have in a more realistic story, after a lifetime of being a professional, street-level motherfucker, and Lacroix gets his throat cut without a fight in his car after a lifetime of being a professional street-level motherfuck as well--all the while a blood-soaked Helena is chopping up drug dealers and hit men in broad daylight on a busy street because it's funny.  Meh.  It's really fucking dumb in addition to being careless, boring writing and excruciatingly lazy story-telling.  (Paging Ronald D. Moore!)  I was really hoping for more of tense, PKDian type deal instead of every third person on the Earth being a clone, clone creator, or clone relation.  That's just silly.  After all, these clones and clone creators would be the most paranoid fellers in human history.  What they did is illegal and considered horrible and immoral in most of the USA and Canada, yet they work in the military and biotech pretty much in full view of anyone paying even a scant bit of attention.  What's working on the show is the performances they're getting from the C-list Canadian tee vee ensemble, all pretty fun.  Looks like the show could have been so much more, but that's that.

Look At These Two Goofy Bastards

These two fucking idiots have more sense than the Congress and Supreme Court combined.

The Moon IS A Hologram

Fuckin' duh.  This is exactly the thing everyone needs to know.  If we could get the truth about the moon out there, then everything would make sense.  Obama.  The caliphate.  Aliens.  The destructive myth of the female orgasm.  All the secrets will be revealed as soon as everyone sees the moon is  a hologram!

Friday, June 12, 2015

I Don't Trust Pelosi On Principle, But

She did the right thing this time.  For the right reasons, for the wrong reasons, whatever reasons, Pelosi stopped the trade bullshit for the day at least.  Since the entire establishment, center-right, hard-right, all of em, lead by Obama, is gonna do every possible fucking thing they can to get this done, Pelosi and the rest will probably cave soon enough, but for the day today, the bad guys lost, and that's the sole little bit of good news we are ever going to get on this.

The Red Sox Had A Satisfying Loss Tonight

And the post-game show was sufficiently bitchy.  That's always a good day for the gods-fearing patriots in America.

Every! Body!

Cops On Cops

If you on the job AND paying attention, you just might get it, atmo.  The black cops who care a bit sure as shit know what the fuck is going on.  Nobody wants to listen to 'em, though.  Not other cops.  Not idiot white people.  Not the media.  Nope. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cover'd Me

Megyn Kelly Is America's Premiere Screeching Racist Harpy

Megyn Kelly is a Krazy Klan Kunt!  She don't need no stinkin' dog whistles for the racist cocksuckers who watch her show; she should just go all-out and wear her fucking robes on the tee vee.  Her usual heinous racism and hatred might be too subtle for some of the mouth-breathers in her audience, and the white sheets would be something with which those assholes would feel comfortable.

Ann Coulter got all wrinkly and worn-out so she doesn't get on the tee vee much anymore leaving Kelly as the standard-bearer for vapid and ugly racist blondes on Fox "News".

If You Don't Throw That Dickhead Ortiz A Batting-Practice Pitch, He Can't Hit It

The Orioles should be ashamed for letting that sack of shit even make contact.  Ortiz sucks, but apparently the Os suck harder.  Fuckwads.

Sean Hannity Is A Fucking Piece Of Shit, Racist Asshole Division

I kinda wish hell was an actual place, cuz it would be fun as fuck to see shitbags like Hannity getting sodomized by giant flaming demon cock for all eternity.  Unfortunately, hell is not real, and all we can do is hope that our species delivers some proper human justice to Hannity and his ilk.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

She Paints Pictures, Also Too

Another Freedumb-Loving Patriot Slash Gun Nut Asshole Does His Duty

By murdering his family and then killing himself. FOR FREEDUMB!  The 2nd amendment is the haven for cowards, lunatics, racists, and morons.  I guess when one of them does what comes naturally, we should never, ever be surprised. 

Marco Rubio, Deadbeat, Scumbag

Who knew?  Well, anyone who cared to check, but it is pretty fucking comical to watch the Republicans and other right-wing fucknuts nervously defend Rubio's general fiscal sliminess.  Sure, lots of folks are dirtbags, but Rubio is a giant, rancid fucking dirtbag. And running for president.  So there's that.

Bernie Sanders: Israeli Citizen

Or not.


That's your "liberal" establishment media for you.  Always on the mark. 


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fucking With Chemtrail Kooks Should Be The World's Most Popular Leisure Activity

Heh indeedy.  The chemtrails loons are especially amusing since their inanity is relatively new so they don't even have the support of a history of insanity.  It's all just fucking dumb as a post without even the fucking post. 

And The Fucking Bastard Cop In McKinney Pulled His Gun

That's the most dangerous of the outrages here.  That fucking clown was seconds away from ventilating some of those blah kids.  This time we got lucky and nobody died.  But jesus, we gotta disarm these fuckknobs and protect ourselves from this shit.  Racists are way more deadly with guns. 

And what were these goons doing handcuffing teenagers like that?  What the fuck were they thinking?  What possible purpose did that serve except to rev up the power trip these idiots were on.  Complete obscenity. 

Texas is a shithole.  Fuck yeah.

Megyn Kelly Is Pretty Much The Screeching Racist Harpy Hour Now

She's a fucking psycho racist.  Anything to do with the blahs should be verboten for Kelly's show because she can't help but whip out her Klan robes each and every time.  Remember the Krazy Klan Kristmas show she put on over Santa?  Remember all the times she talks down to any blah who is not sufficiently Uncle Tommy?  That's Megyn, a sick racist asshole who is only on tee vee because Brit Hume's wife recognized that Kelly was vapid and servile enough to be on the Fox "News" tee vee.

More Worthwhile Cudgeling Of Tomorrowland

Good.  The thing about Brad Bird and his idiotic Randian fantasies is that Galt's Gulch would be the tenth circle of fucking hell.  The self-appointed Galts--and they are always self-appointed--also always turn out to be incompetent buffoons.  There would be nothing more horrible than a real Tomorrowland full of Brad Birds and his idiot cousins. 

David Petraeus: Twits And Dickheads Love This Risible Scumbag

Petraeus is everything wrong with America in one shitty package.  He's a fool, a liar, a criminal, a grifter.  And the establishment class of twits and dickheads love him.  Because they are also fools, liars, criminals, and grifters.  A match made in hee-van.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Man's Best Friendly

Texas: Nasty, Racist, And Stupid Is No Way To Go Through Life

But they do. They really do.  Texas is one of those terrible places, full of racist trash, shitty thug cops, and reams and reams of fucking assholes.  And there's nothing those vile shitbrains hate more than swimming in a swimming pool with the blahs.  They can't stand it.  The blah will get on them and make them part blah or will infect their vital fluids with blah or some such insanity.  The cops came because some horrible fucker in the neighborhood called  them, and then that dickhead cop pulled his gun on a bunch of unarmed teenagers. 

What a fucking nightmare.  At least we get to mention that no kids were murdered by the cops this time.

Lindsey Graham Makes A Play For The Graham/Jenner 2016 Party!

Changing the face of the Republican party two girls at a time!  Now that's just the sort of Republican campaign I could endorse! 

Sarah Palin Is A Mental Defective

She is beyond stupid, even compared to some fucking half-wit fuckhead like Sean Hannity, and Palin can't form even the most basic thoughts.  Why is she stinking up our culture with this inanity?  Jesus tapdancing christ, can't we do better than this?

Hastert: This Lying To The FBI "Crime" Is Bullshit

Hastert was a vile fuckwit in Congress, and he apparently did some illegal/unsavory/creepy things when he was a teacher, but this bullshit they're indicting him on, lying to the FBI, is fucking obscene.  This is just the sort of "crime" they charge you with to make it easier on the government and the police; they nailed Martha Stewart on that shit.  As a society, we should not put up with this conduct and hold the FBI to higher fucking standards than this fascist police state horse shit.

Texas Is Full Of Idiots

Texas is too stupid for history.  If any gods were actually real, and they created people as fucking dumb and as nasty as Texans, well, those would be really fucking incompetent gods.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Canadian Power Pop Nostalgia

The Yankees Are Doing Their Part For Real Americans Everywhere

Not those California queers and LA freaks.  The Yankees are all about America.  Not California. 

Ben Carson, Fatuous Douchenozzle, Brings The Campaign Funfetti

This idiot Carson couldn't organize a circle jerk, and yet somehow they used to let him be near helpless children with surgical instruments.  Fantastic.  Now Ben Carson is unbound, and he's screaming to the world what a tremendous fucking buffoon he is, and that's fucking awesome!  This entertaining incompetence is exactly what a Ben Carson campaign promised!  Thank all the gods for this lovely shit.  There's nothing dumber than a teabagger, though, and those poor fuckers will eat Carson's horseshit with relish and beg for more.  Carson is a scumbag grifter, but his marks are too stupid to recognize it.

Crafty Fisking Of The US Healthcare System

So, that was depressing. True, but depressing.  And not at all surprising.  We all knew that the Obamacare plan was not going to do anything to expand health care access or provide care.  At best, Obamacare was hoped to expand insurance coverage, which was then hoped to get a few more people access to health care.  On top of that there was the Medicaid expansion, which was at best an emergency solution for some of the poorer folks out there.  What was needed--and what is needed still--is a universal health care program (Single Payer Is The Compromise!) to cover every single person in the USA with less money than we are currently spending to cover not nearly everyone.  Good luck with that.  We have shitty conservative Dems and fucking crazy Koch-sucking fascist Republicans in charge, so we are well and truly fucked.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Dean Baker, TPP, Good Stuff

Dean Baker gets it, atmo.  I guess the cognitive dissonance over this TPP bullshit originates in the fact that Obama is the president pushing it and not some block-headed Republican shitstain like Reagan or Bush.  That might be sad for the Obama fluffers, but anyone with an ounce of sense isn't fooled.

Trump V Krauthammer: Battle Of The True Idiots

Trump and Krauthammer are equally matched mental midgets.  I'd pay a couple of bucks to see these two fatuous morons duke it out on pay per view.  Can't wait for Trump to shout "Stand up and say that to my face, motherfucker!"

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Feminist Bike Agenda

I knew it!  Anywho, there's a boatload of nonsense in the comments mixed in with some decent, sensible knowledge as well.  That Bell Strut helmet is pretty good for a cheap helmet.  It's a little small, but perfect for a kid.

Rick Perry! RICK PERRY!!

Well, Perry isn't really making the 2016 Republican candidate cohort any dumber, but he is adding to the diversity thing, so that's good.  Perry is from Texas, of course, and that pretty much tells you everything else you need to know.  Perry is another imbecilic fucknut who will never be president, but we can hope for some high-calorie entertainment and possibly a catfight against Lindsey Graham live on Fox "News".

America Is A Grand And Wonderful Place Full Of Great Folks Who Are So Awesome

Yee fracking hah!  What the hell is going on around here?  An epiphany in America would result in a collective head explosion blasting shit into the upper atmosphere.  There's no way America can be real.  America is a joke, a bad joke.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

All-American Theme Song

Lincoln Chafee Isn't Going To Get The Veep Nod, Either

Really, Chafee sounded pretty okay today, repairing the damage we've caused around the world, using our heads for once and shit, but none of that's gonna help him get that second spot on the ticket.  Somewhat unusual story, political journey, non-traditional experience.  Horseshoes, hand grenades, whatever.

Red Sox Do The Right Thing Tonight

For once.  The miserable fuckers.  This afternoon, not so much.  Bastards.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Republican Big Tent, Big Closet Dream Ticket 2016: Lindsey Graham And Caitlyn Jenner

What a pair!  Lindsey Graham and Caitlyn Jenner, two big-time Republicans who can bring the party into the 20th century.  Imagine what Mike Huckabee will say!  Imagine the love from Rick Santorum!  Ted Cruz is on board!  Rick Perry wants to party with that rock-ribbed freakshow!  Jeb!  It's all hands on deck for the presidency in 2016!  Go team Republican! 

Americans Don't Give A Shit About Justice Or Freedom

Civil forfeiture.  Where the cops just steal your shit and you can't do a fucking thing about it.  The first time the government pulled this stunt, maybe they get away with it.  But the second, well, if Americans cared about justice or freedom or any of that horse shit, well, the second time would have been the last, and a whole shitload of cops and legislators and judges would have been looking for new careers.  But nope.  It was all about taking cars from black thug drug dealers and hippies and junkies and hookers and other nonsense at first, so the average racist dickbag American idiots didn't care.  Whoops.  Now the government and their cops are running wild and those average dumb all-American bastards are the ones getting fucked.  Nice job, America.  Fucking geniuses. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Lindsey Graham Is Running For Prom Queen Of The USA

He's the frontrunner in the Republican psycho closet-case division, at least until Rick Perry gets in.  Graham is never going to president, nor will he ever get his greatest wish and be elected prom queen.  But at least we get to watch him sashay across the campaign trail for a month or so until Denny Hastert releases the pictures or some shit.

John Kerry, 71, Breaking Leg

Yeah, he's got a ton of money, all the help in the world, and the best health care in the history of the galaxy for free, but he's gotta be a tough son of a bitch to be riding effectively at that age.  Riding enough to break his gods-damned leg.  Yeesh.  Compared to that pussy moron coward George W. "Retard Boy" Bush in every conceivable way, Kerry is a what a real tough guy looks like.

More Sounds Of Summer Sounds

Summer Sounds Of Summer

The Duggars Aren't The Only Sick Quiverfull Fuckers Out There

Only the most famous, for now.  These demented greasy bastards have an outsized influence on the culture because the "liberal" media like TLC fluffs their ugly fundie christian primitivism on the gods-damned tee vee.  These scumbags are way more dangerous than the fucking ISIS or whatever group of hopeless dirt-poor jerkoffs we are supposed to be shitting ourselves over this week.  Fuck those quiverfull dipshits and their disgusting ignorance and hateful ideologies. 

I Can Say Quite Confidently That This Is The Polar Opposite Of An Elite Boarding School

Unless you are in the "elite boy raping" category.  Otherwise no.  The only people considering a place like this are the sickest, most twisted motherfucking shitstains and horribly deluded fundie cocksuckers, catholic division.  Otherwise, the rest of the species, where common human decency might be found, will hate these vile child rapists and pedophiles and their horrible feeder school for nightmare institutions like the priesthood and the gods-damned Pennsyltucky Vatican.

All Cops Really Are Bastards

For every individual on the job who is not a complete cocksucker, they are part of a culture of violence and force which is fucked beyond belief.  Those decent individuals are few and far between, since the cops attract the thugs and the bullies and the unhinged violent assholes to join the ranks.  It's a shitty and dangerous system, especially if you are black and poor. Way past time to shut these fuckers down, get the guns off the streets, get the guns off the cops, stop the incarceration epidemic, and restore some justice around this fucking dump.

Vile Racist Shitstains Of The Day

America, America, filled with racist fuckheads and asswhipes!  They're everywhere, and they are the teabaggers, conservatives, and Republicans in all 50 states.  Lovely.