Sunday, March 31, 2019

Hiss (Live)

(not live now)

Somehow, Michigan State Is The Most Popular College Basketball Team In The World

What the fuck?  How does this happen?  But they beat Duke, so Michigan State gets to be the most popular college basketball team in the world.

Sam Seder Versus Michael Tracey Seems Like A Bit--But It's Not

Sad.  Seder has a bit of hissy fit here, simply because he knew he could get away with it.  Tracey is a flake and the cool kids have decided he's this year's Freddie deBoer so nobody likes him even though they like as big or bigger flakes and idiots just fine.  Whatevs.  But this Mueller thing has broken the entire non-GOP world.  Far too many of them have decided they were not at all believers all along instead of copping to the fact that the "resistance" was a fucking grift and that lifelong bowel movement conservatives like Mueller and Brennan and Clapper and the rest are never to be trusted; the work of undoing Trump and Clinton and their ilk is hard fucking work, but too many boobs convinced themselves Mueller would do it for 'em.

Denise McAllister Is No Longer Funded By The Federalist

And she's getting pretty fucking sick of all the winning!  I get the feeling Denise McAllister will not be invited to Meghan McCain's next wedding.

By the way, who funds The Federalist?

Galaxy Brain And Noted Corn Cob Dave Weilgel Thinks Bill Clinton Ran For President In 2016, Apparently

Either that or all the heinous prog rock shit has poisoned his brain beyond its ability to function at all.  Weigel is really working overtime to gurgle that piss for Jeff Bezos.  From the looks of that strip-mall rug on Nick Gillespie's head, Reason could never pay as well as the noted bell-end billionaire Jeff Bezos.

What The Fuck Is Wrong With John Ralston?

It's a fucking shame he's not even 1/4 as clever as he believes he is.  You would think by now that Ralston would understand that he's never gonna be the DC establishment heartthrob he so dearly wishes to be.  Ralston and David Simon would probably get along famously.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

White And Yellow Confente

Is/was for sale in Denver.  I like the properly long stem.

Way Of Lifestyle

Anna Maltese Is Quite Likely The Stupidest Person Who Ever Lived

Yes, she's tied with many, many others, but Anna Maltese is so grotesquely dumb that she even lacks the basic dignity needed to turn into a corn cob.  MAGAtards have excuses, too many, too few chromosomes, Oxy, meth, but rock-ribbed reactionary racist Hillary Clinton neoliberal assholes are always and forever the worst people who ever lived. 

But remember Anna Maltese: Hillary lost to Donald Fucking Trump in what should have been the easiest election in history.  Hillary. Lost to Trump.  And. Bernie. Would. Have. Won

Friday, March 29, 2019

High Way

Time To Cancel Joe Biden 2020 Once And For All

Joe Biden was always shit, and he is not exactly a winner outside of one small stunted state and Barack Obama.  Add to that the fact that he's a fucking disgusting creep, remember Anita Hill and the damage Biden did to America throughout his career, and that should be enough for any Dem to just say no to that rotten old fucker.

Imagine An Idiot Like Peter Verdone Talking About Dunning-Kruger

Blithering asshole Peter Verdone is the DK effect made manifest.  That fatuous dick is exactly the sort of screaming ignoramus that ruins a fun hobby for the rest of the species.  But he loves to yammer on about all sorts of stuff he doesn't get but sure is quick to call other people fake experts and is absolutely in love with his own delusions.  If there was a sententious twaddle circle jerk award, Peter Verdone would win every year of his life.

Rachel Maddow Is Wearing The World's Biggest Kick Me Sign Now

Best-tee-vee-friend-of-Pat-Buchanan Rachel Maddow had a nice run on the MSDNC, made her millions and is now done.  Nobody should be shocked, but at least Olbermann had the good sense to kill his own career before this sort of thing happened.  Even Slate's dunking on Maddow.  That's low.

The Inane Baggatron Cocksuckers On Free Re-Pubic Lurves Them Some Don Jr. Piss

Those screaming racist fucktards can't get enough of sucking Uday's cock and guzzling his rancid piss.  I get the feeling these bugfuck insane baggies are going to be very unhappy by the time this chapter of shithole America is completed.

Mekons Deserted

New album.  They keep making quality records.  1977 was a long fucking time ago.  And now it's today.  The Mekons might go on forever

Late 80s Diamond Back Apex Project

Turning into a touring bike or something, apparently.  Sweet mountain bikes back then, the Diamond Backs were a great value compared to the ubiquitous Special Eds.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Oh, Void

New Sebadoh Album Coming This Spring

That will be two (2) albums in the last 20 years.  Jesus.  Better than no more albums, though.

Jimmy Dore Gets In On Open Season On Rachel Maddow

Even Jimmy Dore can dunk on Rachel Maddow without breaking a sweat.  What a time to be alive.

America Is A Sick And Demented Society

And it's not solely the magatards and racists and nazis and Hillary Clinton voters who are fucking up the society.  The jesus freaks and lunatic fundie asswipes of every stripe are just as bad.

'Living Your Best Life' With Glenn Greenwald

Greenwald is living his best life right now.  We should all be this lucky.

Ted Rall Goes Off Over Russia Russia Russia

Ted Rall gets it, atmo.  Maybe all it takes is a functioning memory.  But trusting the conservative establishment was always a bad bet no matter how anti-Trump they claimed to be.  Matt Taibbi is absolutely right about this whole clown car crackup being a fatal blow to whatever credibility the establishment media had left.

A Reminder That Bezos Post Guy Dave Weigel Began His Career At The Nitwit Libertarian Hothouse Reason Magazine

Weigel is one of those people, but the rest of the world seems to have forgotten this shameful time in his life.  Anybody from Reason should never be anywhere near any credible news or reporting.  Ever.  Libertarians are fucking worse than Republicans.

Starfleet Versus Most Other TV And Movie Space Navies Is Just Dumb

And yes, I know this clip is from a Scandinavian comedy and shit, but everyone else always underpowers the Starfleet vessels, too.  Star Trek shields are magical, except when lazy writing demands they not be, but in the world of Starfleet, those shields, even the navigational deflectors and structural integrity fields alone without the defence shields, would stop any and all weapons from Earthforce and the aliens, the Galactic Empire, the Peacekeepers, the Colonial Fleet without a problem.  And the Federation weapons would instantaneously destroy any of those opposing vessels as well.  Once again, the writing on Star Trek was often awful and some things wouldn't look good on television screens, but phasers travel at light speed and can hit a moving target within one meter of said target at a distance of one lightsecond, which is about 300,000 kilometers.  Photon torpedoes also travel at relativistic velocities, so basically any target closer than one lightsecond gets hit the instant the torpedoes are fired, are guided and can maneuver to track targets, have on-board deflector shields to help get through energy shielding, and deliver yields hundreds or thousands of times conventional nuclear warheads--maybe more, we don't really know because the lazy writing and plot demands and shit.  That means that this dumb comedy movie could have had any one of these Starfleet ships obliterate the entire opposing armada without suffering any damage whatsoever.  I know, I know, but still.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

To Hear Here

Nifty Fisking Of Box-Turtle Ben Domenech McCain By Driftglass

With bonus TV's the-liberal Chris Hayes and fatuous careerist Ezra Klein fisking.  Driftglass goes right for soft spots on risible plagiarist Ben Domenech and flays him easily for our entertainment.  And now that dumb fucker and friend of Hayes and Klein is married to Meghan McCain.

And, by the way, who funds The Federalist?

Dragging QAnon Tards Is Fun And Profitable

Qtards are fucking pathetic.  They keep eating insane racist shit but will never admit they've been deceived. 

Stephanie Flowers Fucking Rocks

Alabama state Rep. Stephanie Flowers is the hero America needs now.  She fucking destroys the guntards and racists and bullies and their gay little penis-toy guns for all of us.  We need more people like her as leaders.

Frothing Baggatron Cocksuckers At Free Re-Pubic Will Believe Any And All Horsehit

Baggatron cocksuckers are dumber than dog shit.  Every day the sane decent people of the world should light a candle to one blind idiot god or another in thanks that Trump and his idiot kids and the GOP and their baggatron cocksucking base are so completely, comically, absurdly incompetent that they literally cannot win at anything.  Otherwise, Trump and these racist shitbags could have really fucked things up worse than usual.

CODEPINK Deftly Cancels Kyrsten Sinema

Heh.  Nice job on the drive-by fisking.  As we knew she would, Sinema sucks major ass in the Senate and has had a particularly awful week.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hop On The Ex Press

Ruh Roh, The Dems Are Not Happy With Matt Taibbi Now

Lots of establishment Dems and establishment wannabes were counting on Mueller to vindicate them or make their careers, and now that Mueller and Barr have shown their loyalty to the GOP, well, people are getting shrill.  Marcy Wheeler is definitely feeling the heat now and is surely very fearful of looking like a complete stooge by the time this is over.  And keep in mind that no matter what she says, Wheeler clearly has a personal animus against Greenwald and Taibbi and their friends.  Her word-salad backpedaling is a sign something is very wrong  for the pissboys, pissgirls, boot-lickers, cop-lovers and shallow neolib careerists out there.

So, David Simon Has Not Yet Choked On All The Shit He Should Be Eating About Now, But I Bet He'd Get Along Great With Al Giordano

David Simon is a sad, deluded, washed-up old man, but he's so butch and feisty that I bet he would love palling around with Al Giordano.  The both of them are for-realz tough-guy journalists and also a big hit with the ladies, I would imagine.

Hurry Back, Mike Gravel's Twitter

Get those kids back on the tweeting machine.  Mike Gravel's Twitter has been pretty fucking entertaining so far.  I'm sure the Dem establishment and other neolibs and neocons are not enjoying it.

The Twits Are Such Poseurs

Serotta Forum twits pretending to be kewl kids are the least cool kids ever.  Jesus.

Lying Shitbag Edward-Isaac Dovere Apparently Still Employed

Hard to believe that fatuous hack Dovere has not been cancelled--and is still being retweeted by friend to the cool kids, the Bezos Post's Dave Weigel.  It's almost as if the media establishment is yet another exceptional American right-wing institution. 

Monday, March 25, 2019

Goin' Back Too

Glenn Greenwald Unloads On The Atlantic And Edward-Isaac Dovere With A Savage Fisking

Greenwald unmans Dovere and The Atlantic over their risible attempt to David Sirota.  Few people love being right more than Glenn Greenwald, and it's fun to watch him brutalize vile neoliberal scumbags like Edward-Isaac Dovere and David Frum.

Dumb Best Albums In A Row List That Doesn't Start With 'Fear And Whiskey' Is Dumb

Charlie Pierce has a nice take with The Who: Tommy, Who's Next, and Quadrophenia, but in reality any list of best albums in a row that does not prominently feature Fear and Whiskey through Retreat From Memphis and then Journey to the End of the Night through Ancient & Modern is fucking useless.

Dr. Dre Might Want To Delete His Account Just In Case

Dre is probably a very big fan of Terrell J. Starr, too.  But if Dre isn't willing to just keep his fucking yap shut about USC admissions in general, he should delete his account so everybody doesn't take the opportunity to dunk on him mercilessly.  He's not doing the Jimmy Iovine Beats By Dre Seventy Million Dollar program or his kid any good at all.

1X Road Racing Bikes

Twits or no, 1X road components for racing is a dumber idea than disc brakes.  And for general-use, road racing-style bikes, it's probably even worse.  But Sram needs to sell this shit, so a few bad results are just the price of doin' that bidness. 

General Voting

General JC Christian lines up candidates.  Pretty good list, with Inslee being the VP for the top two. 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

#1 Hit Song

Some People Hate It When Gleen Greenwald Is Right

Greenwald is doing backflips, but he was telling the same story since the beginning that the most strident and lurid claims of Russian hacking and kompromat and vote changing came from CIA shitheads and liars like Brennan and Clapper, so the life-long, rock-ribbed GOP stalwart Bob Mueller was not likely to lead a madcap charge against a Republican President, even a vulgar and senile fat orange one like Trump.  So, Glenn 1 and Maddow's army 0. 

David Simon Must Like The Abuse

That poor stupid old man David Simon, this Sirota thing will be the end of him.  Simon was lucky Homicide: Life on the Street was a good show, but Hillary's abject failure has cost him the last of that luck.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Holy Shit, Edward-Isaac Dovere Hasn't Been Fired By The Atlantic Yet!?

That disgusting racist reactionary right-wing cocksucker David Frum has no fucking standards at his shitole fishrag.  Or maybe Edward-Isaac Dovere is doing exactly what Frum wants him to do regardless of any basic standards.  I guess right-wing racist assholes know exactly who to hire to lie on command, and Dovere is proving to be both a consummate liar and especially enthusiastic bootlicker.  His obsession with Sanders and Sirota tells you all need to know about Dovere.

Unfortunately For Them, Now The Dems Need Nancy Pelosi To Turn The Mueller Report Toxic For Trump And The GOP

Pelosi might be a mean and petty bitch when it suits her, but she's not a leader on anything except what's best for Nancy Pelosi.  This is a problem for the Dems because they need her to rise above her usual role and actually do something to help the Dems in the House and the Senate win in 2020 along with making it impossible for Trump to be reelected, using the Mueller Report and a tsunami of subpoenas to finish off Trump leading up to the election.  Her past performance is not encouraging. 

How Is Elon Musk Not Working Beside His Intellectual Peer Donald Trump Already To Make America Greater Again?

Musk, Trump. Trump, Musk.  These two were made for each other.  Trump needs Musk more than ever now.  Get that very big and stable Musk genius working for the country.  Synergy!

That Sound You Hear Is David Simon Transmogrifying From Washed-Up Old Man To Corn Cob

Simon won't let this epic self-own go mostly because he knows he's eaten a metric ton of shit over it, so now it's given him something to do with himself besides rant and make yet another pathetic attempt at jerking off.  I guess that's...good?  For him?  I mean, what else does David Simon have going on besides screeching about how cool David Simon is to nobody in particular.  The man's as deep as a puddle.

Useful Signal-Boost Of Christopher Hitchens By The Michael Brooks Show

On the vile Henry Kissinger.

Reminder: Sally Doyle Is A Fatuous Hack

Nothing to do with Warren, but Sally Doyle is nasty creep and should be driven from decent society.  She was so fucking wrong about Hillary Clinton and worked her ass off to deliver Trump to the White House.  Nice going, Sally, you fucking moron.

And remember this too: Bernie Would Have Won.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

All TV

AOC Should Pay Undersized Bald Elf Tim Pool Rent For The Second Home She Has In His Head

Jesus christ, mushmouth Tim Pool could not be more fucking inane if he tried.  We know he's a liar and vapid right-wing tool and a tiny, bald cunt, but he's also the thirstiest AOC fanboi in the known universe.  Have some fucking self-respect, shorty.

Mike Elk Dismantles Edward-Isaac Dovere In A Brutal Drive-By Fisking

What a piece of shit Dovere is, and Mike Elk has a grand time dragging him on Twitter.  David Sirota will be as much a problem for the establishment Dems in the 2020 campaign as for the magatards.  And they know it.

Molly McKew Is A Grotesque And Deeply Disturbed Individual

Def a not very smart sister to not very smart brother Terrell J. Starr.   McKew seems desperate for attention and validation but instead gets dunked on mercilessly every time she opens her yap.  Way too many of these frauds, fabulists, and grifters like Molly McKew out there these days.  She could probably find utterly disgusting poly bliss with Eric Garland and Jacob Wohl. Sad.  Thanks, Trump.

Kevin Gosztola Has A Grand Time Dragging Edward-Isaac Dovere

Why hasn't Dovere been fired yet?  What about that jerkoff at Bezos' Post?  Kevin Gosztola does a nice job dragging Dovere through the shit because it's fun AND the right thing to do.  Not a shock that the right-wing Democratic Party media establishment is scared shitless by Bernie's team.

Here's Edward-Isaac Dovere Getting Slaughtered Over His Risible David Sirota Smear And Dave Weigel Retweeted It

Bear witness to the brutality, as Dovere gets crucified for altering a tweet by Sirota, outing himself as a detestable hack who should be fired immediately.  And Dave Weigel retweeted it!  Is it possible that Weigel is actually on the right side of this and is secretly supporting Sirota by signal-boosting all the self-owns?  That would be hard to believe.  It's more likely that Weigel is just a company boy who can't see when some other hack dipshit is self-immolating. 

This Is What A Bezos Post Smear Looks Like

In case you didn't notice, this piece about David Sirota in the Bezos Post Style section is completely unsubstantiated gossip as the accusations against Sirota from yesterday have all been refuted.  This is what a smear looks like.  This is also the paper every cool kid's favorite shitty music lover Dave Weigel works for.  Funny how that works.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Just Them All

Briahna Joy Gray And David Sirota: Bernie's In It To Win It

Briahna Joy Gray and David Sirota joining the Sanders campaign should signal to everyone out there that Bernie is not fucking around this time and knows he can win in 2020.  Certainly the hilarious meltdowns of dickheads like David Simon and Dave Weigel and Edward-Isaac Dovere are proof enough Bernie is making the neolibs and careerists and jerkoffs extremely nervous.

Let's Face It: If That Lazada Said Serotta Or Pegoretti, The Twits Would Be Lining Up To Pay Six Grand For It

These are the folks who love disc brake road bikes and all sorts of grotesque bullshit, so it's grand they can make fun of this, but plenty of the twits are fucking jock-sniffing poseur dilettantes who will desperately follow any trend someone else tells them is cool.

Bezos' Boy Dave Weigel Is Licking Them Boots!

Slurp slurp slurp!  He'll grab the pissbucket next.  No matter what anyone says, you can be sure the campaign is really heating up because exquisite careerist Dave Weigel is standing up as a company boy without needing to be told!  The conservative media establishment will do all they can to stop Bernie.

Senator Mike Gravel Is Not Still With Her

Good for him!  Former Alaska Senator and wicked cool guy Mike Gravel has already done great work in the 2020 campaign, as shitting on vile, neoliberal Hillary Clinton supporters is the only fun anyone has left most days.

Reminder: David Simon Is A Real Idiot

Like a literal ocean-going fucktard.  Simon is so proud of the messes he makes in his pants that he can't possibly have any energy left to consider that Trump is merely the latest shitbag Republican, not some atypical monstrosity, and that the establishment parties, and party establishments, are more alike in 2019 than they were in 2014, as the burgeoning presidential campaign is proving every day.  That neoliberal resistance bullshit was resistance solely to a particular fat orange cretin and not to the racist conservative movement enabled by both the Republicans and Democrats in Washington for fifty fucking years.  Nope, Simon's a dolt.  He's a reactionary neoliberal dimwit most pleased when he's listening to himself--and for someone who was purportedly a reporter for a long time, he writes with the meager and threadbare vocabulary of the dull, slow kid in eighth grade who was like already 15.  Sure, he was part of one good TV show on NBC once, but that's not a life no matter how much you jerk off to old photos from when you were playing pretend policeman.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Guns And Guntards Are Not Compatable With A Sane, Peaceful, Civilized Society

Very soon we will need to address our racist guntard problem here in the United States and end it permanently by any means necessary.  The racist reactionary gun nuts cannot be a part of vibrant and inclusive democracy or a peaceful society.  Once we understand this and take care of the problem, the better off we will all be.

Gossip Kids Politics Club Versus The Electoral College

The electoral college is a remnant of slavery and should be abolished.  Yes.  Absolutely.  And the Gossip Kids are all over that shit.  Good.

Edward-Isaac Dovere, Human Shitbag

And liar. And hack.  Dovere was so hot and horny to take a shot at Bernie that he completely fucked up the David Sirota thing and then doubled down into corn cob status when he got caught.  Nice.  Anti-Bernie advocate Dovere is a shitbag.  Not shocking. 

I first saw this as a retweet by everyone's favorite Bezos guy Dave Weigel.  Weigel certainly seems to make sure he keeps the paymasters happy at all times.

Your Dumbfuck American No Shit Of The Day: Elite Institutions Are Elitist Shitholes Full Of Vile Cretins

Thank you Captain Obvious for your trenchant analysis.  Of course normal people do not belong at elitist elite institutions like Harvard or Exeter.  THEY ARE NOT FOR COMMON PEOPLE.  THEY ARE ELITE SHITHOLES FULL OF AWFUL PEOPLE WHO SHOULD DIE PAINFULLY.  AND THEY ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.


Normal people belong at schools full of people like them, next to other hard-working smart kids who want to do something useful.  Sure, you can find those kids at Yale, but you also find 90% of the Yalies are useless dolts.  It's the same everywhere.  The top schools are filled with wealthy slash connected dunces, and the smart kids are the distinct minority.  Know what you are getting into for christ's sake.  If you can get into Princeton or Williams and want to excel, know what it will really be like.  That's all.  Jesus people are fucking dummies.  Breaking news elite institutions are elitist.  NOBODY TOLD ME.

Also, too, tax the shit out of private schools, college, high school, religious, whatever.  Harvard and Yale and the like have huge endowments but still charge outrageous tuition, so wealth tax the fuck out those endowments and get 'em with the property taxes, too.

Beto Bingo Today

Joshua Holland wins.  Beto would be a great Senator from Texas.  Beto is a shitty presidential candidate.  That's the key.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Aeryn Soon

Michael Brooks Groks Beto, Atmo

Brooks is doing well with this shit right now.  O'Rourke would be a fabulous Dem from Texas in the Senate, but he is a shitbag neolib and has nothing to add to the presidential campaign.  I'm not sure Beto understands that dynamic, but I hope to christ he gets a hard lesson in it before too long.

Conservatives Are Really Fucking Stupid, And Happy To Lick The Boots Of Their Masters

Most of these Free Re-Pubic morons are probably destitute or damn close, but as long as their racist insanity is fed by the ruling class, they are happy victims and slaves.  Pretty fucking sad.  Pretty fucking disgusting.  And a big reason why our society is so brutally fucked.  But hey, Trump and his minders love the poorly educated, too!  Jamie Dimon is a scumbag, but he does feel the need to make some noises about what's going; the grotesque racist baggatron cocksuckers at Free Re-Pubic will never be sharp enough to hear any of it.

Life-Affirming Neo-Vintage Fisking Of Little Green Footballs Vile Cockback Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson is a hateful reactionary racist piece of shit.  Fisking that greasy motherfucker is truly the lords' work.

Ciccone Yutes

TPM's Porn Meister Josh Marshall: Simple-Minded Or Simpleton?

Why not both?  Crazy ole careerist pissboy Josh Marshall is easily one of the most enthusiastic boot-licking stenographers in America today.  He never asks a good question and never has an original thought.  Or any thought!  If you are the neolib establishment, Josh Marshall is a supremely useful idiot.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Too Pretty Pure

Cover Dream

Drink Up

St. Patrick's Day In New York

Sing Malachy.

Make All The Limey Bastards Pay For Bloody Sunday

Why only one soldier charged and not the other 16?  That looks too much like a political compromise  and not justice, but it should go without saying that all the murderous Limey scum should get justice for their crimes.

Dee Moh Bootz


Live Life Live

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Remember Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie was murdered 16 years ago.  She never got the justice she deserved, and the Palestinian people still live under the atrocity of Israeli apartheid.  Remember Rachel Corrie and the Palestinian people she was working with when she died. 

Remembering Rachel Corrie

Grotesque Little Green Footballs Cockbag Charles Johnson Is A Vile Racist

Glenn Greenwald is right on about pathetic hateful conservative asshole Charles Johnson of LGF.  The neolib dolts who embrace Johnson are every bit as ugly and demented as he is.

Conservative Stooge Evolves Into Corn Cob

Disgusting evolutionist filth! This is what happens when you denounce the reality of jesus christ our lord and savior!  Dumb conservative white man becomes corn cob as the world watches helplessly.  AOC is only popular with people who are not old white dudes!  And corn cobs!  Corn cobs hate AOC!!

Jerry A. Coyne Unloads On Creationist Asswipe Michael J. Behe Wthl A Righteous Fisking

Why are all these weird conservative religious assholes like Behe also science-denying dunces.  That was not a literal question.  Anywho, Coyne has some fun making Behe look like a complete dumbfuck right there in Bezos' paper for all the world to see.  Ignorant, imbecilic, racist, conservative, fundamentalist dipshits are not pleased to be identified properly.  Fun.  Keep it up!

I'm Not Sure HamNo Is Cut Out For A Long Presidential Campaign

Gossip Kids' class president HamNo sounds a little jittery already and it's only March.  I can't see him making it all the way till November of 2020 because the whole shit show is gonna get a fuckton more stupid and futile long before then. 

The Mighty General Castrates Armando Big Tent Dipshit Llorens And The Rest Of The Racist Neolib Shitbags

With a calm, purposely-unfunny drive-by fisking.  Conservative establishment Dems like Llorens are the fucking scum of the earth, and in reality that's a terribly unfair insult to actual scum on Earth.

Never forget this reality Armando you stupid cocksucker and all the rest of you neoliberal shitbags: in 2016, Hillary lost the easier election in human history to an incompetent and incontinent senile racist reactionary buffoon. 

And Bernie Would Have Won.

Friday, March 15, 2019

April Skye

Can We Hurry The Fuck Up With The White Replacement?

Weak whites, incels, MRAs, Proud Boys, racists, guntards, Republicans, neocons, the whole lot of pathetic white losers are really annoying now.  How long will it take to completely replace them?

Offensive, Unfunny, Racist: Libtards Are The Real Bigots

James Gunn And Money Are More Powerful Than Racist Incel Right Wing Losers

Money wins again.  The right-wing MRA racist loons couldn't stop Captain Marvel, and Disney decided to stick with the money machine.  Funny how that works.  Thanks, Trump!

Wasted Youth

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Best De Rosas Were The SLX Frames With The Flat Chromed Crown And Diamond Chainstays

I'm not sure this is a 1986; the 1986 frames had the chromed crown.  But certainly there could have been variations and non-Gita frames or some other stuff.  The flat crown with the chrome is cool though.  Anyway, red is boring, but it's fine.

Son Of Saab

Heh.  Sons of Saab.

Donald Trump Is So Sick Of All The Winning

He's a winner. Trump's the best. All the best words. And winnings.  Too bad more of those feckless conservative dipshits in the Senate were not smart enough to stand up for their own political credibility. 

MRA Incel Losers Are Having A Sad Over The Latest Marvel Blockbuster

Not a good week to be a conservative beta male on the intertube webs.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump!

Will Dave Weigel And Neolibs Fail The Commercial Nuke Intelligence Test

Yes, of course they will.  They're not gonna suddenly get a whole fuck of a lot smarter by this time tomorrow.  Anyone dumb enough to believe that commercial nuclear power generation is not a titanic carbon producer is too fucking stupid to live.  That and the actual nuclear and other radioactive waste products, well, it's an intelligence test way too many people fail.  No nukes.

Mekons Cheer

Mekon Clubbing

Whatever this is.  Loose the Mekons came the cheer.  This meditation on the theme.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Rocket Youth

Uday Trump's Greatest Achievement Would Be To Turn Himself Into A Corn Cob

Diaper Don Trump is a product of the shallowest end of that pathetic gene pool.  Jesus.

Theresa May Is A Leader Of Truly Trumpian Proportions

So. Fucking. Sick. Of. Winning.  Never gonna get sick of that winning if you are a Tory.  It's time for Corbyn, the time for Labour. 

Guntard Twits Are The Worst Twits

Unless they shoot themselves, in which case they are funny as fuck.  The worst thing about the twits is that some of them actually try, but then some real fucking fatuous creeps show up waving their guntard inanity or whatever and drag the whole over-privileged cohort down.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump.

Inside Its America


Remixed Barbarism

Monday, March 11, 2019

Little Ben Shapiro Yanks His Crank Non-Stop To Fantasies Of AOC Beating The Shit Out Of Him

The Virgin Ben has it bad for Rep. Ocasio-Cortez.  That poor little bastard's sheets must be like cardboard from all the jizz he dribbles onto them with wicked dreams of AOC teaching him a lesson in his head. 

Shocking Revelation: Teabagging Fundie Morons Don't Know What Theory Means

Baggatron cocksuckers at reactionary fucktard dumps like the Free RePubic think that a scientific theory is some bullshit conjecture shit out by a bugfuck insane religious fundamentalist.  But that is not at all what theory is.  Evolutionary theory is as settled as the theory of gravity, but since fundie christian loons also have a tendency to believe the Earth is flat, well, they're fucking maroons.

Master's Head

If You Are An Upper Class Twit, AKA Over-Privileged White Guy, Every Day Is Your First Day On Earth

This fucking pretend tough guy is a big brain too.  Jesus tapdancing christ, there mushrooms in your back yard with a better idea of how the world works than the Serotta Forum twits--and those mushrooms popped up last night after a warm rain.  Gods damn, white people are fucking useless.

Little Marco Rubio And The Mystery Of The German Dam

Little Marco is a galaxy brain genius.  The real mystery is how a dam in Germany got a twitter account.


Tucker Swanson Frozen Meatloaf Carlson Pisses Himself Daily

Sad.  A tiny leaking pecker is no joke, America.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Keep Tucker Swanson TV Dinner Carlson Away From The Kids!

Who knew Tucker Carlson was a creep with pedo tendencies?  What ever will we do if one of St. George's' and Trinty's finest is a fucking mush-headed smarmy rich kid pervy creep!?

Shane Bouchard Should Be Trump's VP For 2020

Shane Bouchard is the MAGA man of every teabaggers MAGA dreams.  Way better than that fucking pussy Pence.

Twits Are Shallow, Or Disc Brakes On Road Bikes Again

(Narrator: No shit.)  But for all the time and all the money and all the privilege, the Serotta forum twits--and twits of every stripe--are fucking as deep as a puddle.  They're all just nitwits bumbling about with no hope of getting anything much right.  For what it's worth, disc brakes on road bikes are fucking stupid, all about marketing to white folks with more money than sense, atmo.  On mountain bikes, even the OEM Shimano disk brakes work really fucking nicely and are great for off-road riding.  Also, that SpecialEd is fucking heinous; that seatstay attachment style is vomitrocious.  Another unforced error, even if you concede that the disc brake thing is a craven marketing idea to move product to idiots.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Brain One Half

Rep. Ilhan Omar's Attacks On Elliott Abrams Were A Watershed In American Political Progress

Every grade Z reactionary wingnut asshole went ballistic when Rep. Ilhan Omar sliced Elliott Abrams' balls off in front of Congress; it was truly a great day for justice and for America.  Since then, the establishment attacks on Rep. Omar have undermined the murderous Israeli apartheid state and the disgusting cadre of reactionary establishment dual-loyalists in Washington.  This is leading to massive progress for justice and the rule of law in Palestine faster than anyone might have hoped.

If Being A Corn Cob Is Too Dignified For You, You Are Jack Posobiec

Gods damn, what a fucking loser.  Dunking on this asshole is not sport, it's slaughter.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump!

Imagine Being As Thirsty And Demented As Liberty Doll

Holy fuckballs, this poor dumb broad is so fucking jealous of AOC that she'd do anything to get that much attention.  This should be Red Alert for all the magatard incels out there.

The Orange Dotard Trump And His Brain Worms Got Castrated By The North Koreans

Jesus frakking christie, the Trump team are fucking all victims of the brain worms, and crazy funsters from North Korea were fucking with them the whole time.  I guess Trump is even more incompetent than he appears.  How can that be?

Michael Brooks And Crew Have Been Great With The Support For Rep. Omar

Tim Pool Is Still A Tiny Bald Cunt

Endless Faithless

Thursday, March 7, 2019

If Only Hillary Had Been Sharp Enough To Make Bernie Her VP

She would be president now.  Sure Bernie would be up her ass constantly, annoying the shit out of her staff and the establishment Dems, but at least she would not have lost the easiest election in history to the least popular and least competent GOP candidate in modern history.

Through The Love Of Jesus Fucking Christ, Paul Manafort Can Still Die In Prison

47 months is long enough for him to die a violent, humiliating death in prison through the love of jesus fucking christ who loves us so motherfucking much.  Sure it should have been decades, but we can trust in the lord to get this shit done at least in the time allotted.

World Nut Daily: If You Need More Unhinged Racist Screeching In Your Day

Count on World Nut Daily for all your deranged reactionary insanity.  They provide a valuable service.  Too bad teabagging incels can't read.  AOC sure is doing something right, though.

QTard Incel Baggy Losers Think Q Is Real And Trump Has A Plan

TRUST THE PLAN OF THE FAT ORANGE DOTARD WITH BRAIN WORMS!  Where we go one fucking imbecile we all go straight to fucktard heaven.  Any day now General Flynn and Jeff Sessions and Robert Mueller and Donald Trump will spring their brilliant trap and send all the deep state libtards to a military tribunal execution!  Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherrod Brown Does The Right Thing

Apparently he was making plans to run, and then decided say nah.  That's not the worst thing in the world since his governor in Ohio is a fuckface Republican and because Brown had been making a whole bunch of really dumb neolib Klobucharesque noises on healthcare and education and whatnot.  It's time the Dems had a president who didn't give away every gain before the negotiations start like our pal B. Barry Bams.

Ah, Undersized Incel Loser Tim Pool Is Also A Bald Cunt

Yep, ok, that makes sense now.  The hat is not a fashion choice, but instead is a frail attempt to cover his sad bald head.  He's tiny, too, and bald.  And an incel.  Jesus, what a fucking loser.

Conservative Establishment Neoliberal Dems Will Always Be Worse Than Trumptards

The reactionary right wing Hillary dipshits are now dumber than dogshit Kamala Harris supporters, and those stupid fuckers will always be more pathetic than a smelly magatard losers any day.

Neolib Dunce Kirsten Gillibrand Sucks Major Ass

Shit senator, shit candidate, shit person.  Feckless neolib shitbag Kirsten Gillibrand effectively ends her wretched campaign for president with a completely nonsensical and cowardly statement on the smearing of Rep. Ilhan Omar.  Somewhere Al Franken is smiling.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


2003 Nagasawa Road Bike

Jeebus frakking christy on a longboard, 2003 was a long time ago.  And I've never seen a gold-colored bike I liked.  Champagne, maybe, especially pink champagne, but actual gold metallic paint, never.  It is a Nagasawa road bike, though.

Dunking Robustly On Jon McNaughton: Have You No Compassion For The Mentally Challenged

The man is not normal and his painting is very nice for someone without hands.  Or arms.  Or feet.  But with extra chromosomes

This Is The Reason Al Gore Invented The Interweb Tubes

This sounds like a solid plan to get rid of billionaires.  No doubt this is the best and funniest news you are likely ever to get.

Bernie Sanders Stands With Rep. Omar

Louder.  Good for Sanders, but the rest of those assholes should be standing up, too.  AOC, Tlaib, Jayapal, Khanna, and the rest should be screaming about this, making Pelosi eat shit for being a zionist boot-licker. 

Loony Baggatron Cocksuckers At Free Re-Pubic Are Unravelling Over Trump's Incompetence And Lies

Trust the program! Q! Where we go one fucktard, we are all fucking risible dunces!  The poor baggy cocksuckers cannot deal with the reality that Trump is consistently and continually full of shit about everything and lying to them every second of every day.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Festive Fisking Of Awful Neolib Shitbag Andrew Cuomo

Taking a giant greasy shit all over Andrew Cuomo over his "free" college bullshit is pure joy in 2019 America.  Cuomo is the worst of everything about the establishment Dems in one repulsive greasy package.  Sad.

Vaccinate Your Fucking Kids You Horrible Stupid Motherfuckers

Vaccinate your fucking kids you horrible stupid motherfuckers.  On the other hand, that Ethan Lindenberger dude seems like a pretty smart fella.

All Decent People Stand With Rep. Ilhan Omar

Only the most disgusting would support an apartheid state like Israel.  Israel is a murderous, racist country, so anyone loyal to Israel is against freedom, Jew or gentile, Muslim or christian, black or white.  Fuck the racist haters in Israel and America, and may the Palestinian people achieve a supreme victory for their freedom. 

Monday, March 4, 2019

Bye + Cell

Josh Marshall Is A Vile, Racist Boot-Licking Stooge

Fuck him so hard in his face holes.  Marshall is doing the work of his masters, though, so nothing should surprise anyone about this nonsense.  Josh Marshall is exactly the sort of careerist neolib moron who would love to play at being a thinker right up to the point it interferes with his pissboy role.  Marshall's problem with Rep. Omar is all about her heritage and the fact that she is putting a spotlight on the murderous hypocrisy of the disgusting neoliberal establishment in Washington.  Seriously, fuck him.  But Marshall is a fucking idiot, so he may actually believe that shitting all over some racist reactionary cockbag's allegiance to Israel automatically implies that horrible treasonous  cocksucking shitbag is Jewish.  Seriously, fuck him.

Hamno Almost Gets Bernie, Atmo

The crown prince of the gossip kids, Hamilton "The Musical" Nolan almost gets the Bernie Sanders candidacy, atmo.  Not quite, but the simple argument is the proper one as he acknowledges: if you can find a better candidate with better political goals than Bernie Sanders, vote for them.  If not, why the fuck aren't you?

Beto Shoulda Run For Senate Again

Beto needs a win, and he's a shitty national Democrat.  When Beto O'Rourke lost to fucking cretin Ted Cruz, that shoulda been the end for that dipshit, but since he's got the charisma or whatever that makes the Washington establishment all wet and sticky, he gets a pass for that ignominious defeat.  But now that fuckface needs a win; he shoulda risked challenging that dipshit Corbyn, maybe being a decent Dem from Texas.  As a national Dem, though, Beto is a smarmy neolib careerist and deserves no attention at all.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Saturday, March 2, 2019


Congrats To The Next Vice President Jay Inslee

No matter what any goofy dipshits say, Jay Inslee is running for Vice President, especially if Warren or Harris gets the nomination.  Inslee matches up well for front-runner Senator Sanders, too, but that woman senator + Inslee thing is pretty fucking ideal.  Inslee's gig is the environment, so that's a bonus for all of them, and he has the chief executive cred that works so well when a senator is on the top of the ticket.  Say hello to your new veep, folks.

Worthy Neo-Vintage Fisking Of Hamilton By Chapo

Hamilton is a toxic garbage fire, and the fans of that dreck are complete and utter shitheads.  Calley!

Friday, March 1, 2019

It's 2019: If You Believe Noah's Flood Was Real And Some God Created The Earth, You Are A Fucking Moron

It's easy to be a science denier when you are a demented christian fucktard.  These idiots actually believe that some god or other was directing traffic around the world and decided to flood everything except for one dumb fucker in a smelly boat.  Brilliant!

Dragging Josh Marshall For Being A Vacuous Jerkoff Never Gets Old

Good clean American fun!  Marshall is not what we would describe as a vibrant, complex thinker.  Empty-headed careerist pissboy is more like it.

Dunking On "Expert" Terrell J. Starr Is Too Fucking Easy

Way too many very dumb brothers out there.  Starr is a fucking stooge, but Kamala Harris has plenty of nasty motherfuckers backing her, so all the decent folks out there fighting against Harris and the rest of the nasty rock-ribbed neolib establishment Dem cops are doing the gods' work.  Harris is counting on race to give her a pass on her hard right record, but nobody who knows better will let her get away with it.  Maybe Starr can teach about all the bad stuff the Soviet Union is up to this year!

If You Need Bullshit Even More Crazed And Racist Than The Federalist, CCN Is For You!

Deluded fucktards who should not be allowed out alone around decent people?  CCN.  Demented right-wing insanity?  CCN.