Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Grade-A Serotta Forum Bullshit From The Legendary Right-Wing Shithead

In case the soft-headed twits hadn't noticed, the cops can shoot real, live people for no reason, too--and do it all the fucking time!  But things get really fucking stupid when this vile cocksucker shows up and shits all over good taste once again with some truly insane neo-Nazi horseshit.  A few of the fellows do make fun of him a bit, so the thread gets shut down.  No countering of the insane conservative conspiracy ravings will ever be allowed.  Reactionary racist fuckknobs are what the Serotta Forum will always be about!  Thanks, Obama.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Well, Now We Know That George Ciccariello-Maher Is The Finest Professor At Drexel

Fucking beautiful.  If only the rest of Drexel University were up to the standards of this one man, nobody would be talking up that shithole Harvard anymore.  Trolling the racist assholes in and out of the exceptional Trump Reich is going to be one of the most important tasks to which any human may aspire.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Friday, December 23, 2016

Cocksucking Limey Teabagger-Style Shitheads Are Worse Than Mush-Headed American Teabaggers

These Limey fuckstains seem to think jesus would give a fuck about their stupid asses even if he was real.  American teabaggers are the most comically stupid and ignorant fundies on the planet.  Or so you would think.  But Limeys who hilariously consider themselves christian patriots might just be even more pathetic than any exceptional American teabagger.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merrick Garland: Obama's Final Humiliating Failure

Obama will certainly go down as the most sad and ineffectual modern US president.  Obama was soundly defeated over and over by his own timidity, his loathsome reactionary politics, but most embarrassingly by a fatuous political hack called Mitch McConnell.  Even the hapless Senate Republicans bet that Obama had no way to counter their crude gamesmanship, and they were right.  Obama failed himself, his party, and his country, ensuring that now he is nothing but a small, feckless political footnote.  So many of the mindless, rock-ribbed establishment Dems thought Obama was too cool, too smart, too competent, but that was never the case.  Obama's presidency was impotent from the beginning, with right-wing scum like Rahm Emanuel emboldening the Republicans every step of the way, ending with an astoundingly low voter turnout and the perfidious futility of Hillary Clinton.  Thanks, Obama.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Frozed 1

Lawrence Colburn Is What An Actual Hero Looks Like

Larry Colburn was a legit hero.  A young man trapped in a shitty situation who stood up against murderous thugs to protect innocent lives is what a hero is.  67 is too fucking young for a man like Colburn--but Colin Powell will probably live to be 1000.  Obama should have taken a couple of hours on the tee vee to explain to America what exactly Colburn and Andreotta and Thompson did in Vietnam and why it was so fucking heroic and so fucking important.  But no, that would have upset too many of the exceptional American cretins, and done too much to call attention to what is going on all over the world today in our far-flung and exceptionally cruel and exceptionally violent exceptional American Empire.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Time-Machiney Mekons Written Word Stuff From Chicago In The 20th Century

19931997.  We were young, and the world was gushing promise.  The Mekons were young-ish.  Now it is almost 2017 and everything is dying.  The Mekons understand.  They always knew it would come to this.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Old-Timey Fisking Of The Hella Creepy Kurt Eichenwald

Ewww, gross, Eichenwald's some kind of creepster pervert porn monger.  Jesus christ, why is that fucking scumbag Eichenwald employed anywhere as a reporter/journalist/ginormous cockbag?  Pretty fucking stupid, but the establishment Dems love that fucking bastard.  Maybe you thought the most disgusting thing about Eichenwald was that he voted for Retardboy Bush, but you were very, very wrong.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Nation Anthem

Kevin Drum, From Dumber To Dumbest

Drum's a fucking addle-headed Democratic pissboy, and he's enjoying helping to sink Mother Jones once and for all in a roiling sea of rancid right-wing establishment wizz.

Sanders would have won every state Clinton won.  The electorate is polarized, and Hillary was a failure.  Sanders would have done no worse because he was the Dem nominee.

Sanders also would have won Florida.  Oy vey!

Sanders also would have won PA and Michigan and Ohio and...

Drum's a fucking moron.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Bravura Fisking Of The Fetid Lunatic Cockbag Eric Garland By Sam Kriss On Slate

Bloody brilliant.  Sam Kriss has as much fun kicking the pathetic fucking morons like Kurt Eichenwald and Clara Jeffery and David Fahrenthold who loved Garland's sickening spew as he does slagging Garland himself--then he goes and beats the feckless Democratic establishment about the head on the way out just for grins.  Rock on, brother Kriss.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Virag's Movie Reviews: Revenge Of The Mekons (2014)

Revenge of the Mekons is a flick that easily could have been twice as long and still been great, as the history of the first incarnation of the band could have been a movie in itself with the sequel beginning with the invention of alt country.  That said, this movie gives plenty of attention to the wild early Mekons lineup, doing excellent work illuminating a history that has often been murky and overshadowed by the glory of the later incarnation, but then it all feels very rushed in covering the post-A&M years.  Regardless, there are plenty of anecdotes everywhere, and Susie, Sarah, Lou, and Rico all get their facetime.  Great movie, lots of fun, and well worth the price of admission or download or DVD.  The DVD has some shots of the crowd at the Bell House concert from 2011, so I'm in the movie, too.

This Silver Campag Potenza Stuff Is Remarkably Grotesque

That botched abortion of a crankset is astoundingly awful in silver; you gotta have the black to deemphasize the sickening contours and clumsy chunkiness.  And all that black plastic is simply repellent and tawdry.  How could the company which created the 1985 Super Record components have ever allowed this?  Gods, what a fucking shit show.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


What The Hell Is Up With This Unhinged Idiot Eric Garland?

Glenn Greenwald excoriated Garland over his psychotic stroke session on Twitter, and a tiny bit of working the Google machine points to Eric Garland being fatuous shitstain.  I don't know anything else about him except that he's obviously a C- or D-grade bullshit artist, but now he's internet famous for being a complete fucking buffoon.  Nice job.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Troo Bloo

Those Motherfucking Sally Army Cocksuckers And Those Gods-Damned Bells

I'd like to ram each and every one of those bells and their ringer so far up the fucking Sally Army's ass that jesus himself would be gagging on 'em.  Miserable hateful fuckers.

Thank The Fucking Gods That The World Is Ending Like This Week Or Some Shit

The end begins.  Or the beginning ends.  The end times, or time for the end.  Halftime?  Whatever.  Reality and sanity are not highlights for these loons.  But it's kinda cute to see just how demented these zealot nutjobs are 24/7.

Monday, December 12, 2016

What Kind Of Asshole Do You Have To Be To Believe Anything The CIA--Or FBI--EVER Says

They are liars.  And quite often hilariously incompetent, even when they are trying not to lie, but that doesn't make the CIA credible on this shit.  Any fool who believes the "secret" CIA evidence against Russia is a craven and fatuous shitstain, unfit for any civilized society.

Catching Up With The World's Worst SciFi/Spanking Author, Rodney Cock Johnson

Gone? Oh, noes.  Where will we get our spanking and science fiction?  We'll miss him.  Not really.  I guess Trump has sucked up all the heinous creepy perverted misogyny this world had left.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

U Do

Bugfuck Inane Zealot And Loser Of The Day: Bible-Science Guy

Jesus fucking christ.  This poor stupid fucker is a risible oversized idiot, but he's so pathetically deluded that he can't be nearly as entertaining as he should be.  In order to be a young-Earth creationist, you need to be so manically self-deluded that you blast through the comedy into severe-brain-damage/mental defect territory.  That's fucking sad.  And disgusting.

If Only The Venal And Vile And Spoiled Serotta Forum Twits Would Suffer As Much As The Rest

The world, even the world today, would be bearable, even enjoyable.  To see the disgusting and disgustingly clueless upper-class twits on the Serotta Forum suffer like a common working-class retiree, or a Palestinian citizen, or a minimum-wage fast food worker, or a disabled American, well, that would be so fucking joyously beautiful that I would probably rise with a smile on my face each and every day and dance my way long into the night before bed.  But unfortunately the world is a nasty and ugly place, and the vile, ignorant motherfuckers like the Serotta Forum twits will never know reality, so they puke out their repellent nonsense without a care or a clue.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Bunnybrains 4 America

Exceptional American Conservative Cocksucker Of The Day, Today

This miserable racist fucktard--the dumbest of the dumb, the ultimate cuck, perfect citizen of Trump's idiot America.  He's got it all.  He's racist.  He's a guntard loon.  He's completely ignorant.  He has no connection to reality.  Exceptional!  He's a pious simpleton and nasty shitstain.  America!

Is Michael Flynn Too Fucking Nuts Even For Trump?

How can that be?  But those national security bureaucrats must be just a tiny bit jumpy about someone as deranged as Flynn advising a fucking dipshit like Trump about this shit.  Heh.

Friday, December 9, 2016

You Cant

John Stauber Fisking Wendell Potter And Obamacare

Stauber was all over this shit from the beginning, and apparently Potter was not as completely dedicated to a single-payer outcome as he implied, so it is indeed very, very unlikely that Potter's new "independent" "news" website will ever come clean about Obamacare and Potter's own role in it. 

Obama's failures on health care and the Supreme Court are certainly his two most glaringly ostentatious failures in an administration which delivered the United States into the hands of Donald Trump and his neo-Nazi followers.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Thank The Gods That Trump Will Finally Tell America The Truth About Liberal Pizza Gates

Well-known geniuses and not-at-all-paranoid-goatfucking-lunatics like Joachim Hagopian will help Trump expose the truth about Satan and John Podesta and their pizzas gate.  The most exceptional intellects in America are on the case, and with Trump's leadership, justice will be done.

Al Giordano Is The Most Exceptional Douchebag In America

Giordano puts the fathead in fatuous.  He's off his meds, and the Hillary disaster has finally undone whatever shred of sanity to which he had been clinging.  I guess Sanders won't have to fear facing him in his next primary...

Excellent Matt Novak On Napoleon Hill

Gizmodo. Who knew?  But this is really good.  Wicked long but not boring, and written with just enough of a hey-look-at-me-ma-I'm-writin vibe to make it go by quicker.  Hill woulda been fucking perfect in the Trump administration.  Jesus.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Frisky Fisking Of David Petraeus

By Ray McGovern.  Petraeus is truly one of those risible stooges of modern American history, so beloved by a certain class of establishment fool.  In other words, he's perfect for Trump!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fred Hampton, 47 Years Later

Hampton would have been 68 years old--if he hadn't been murdered by the government.  What might Fred Hampton have done with the 47 years to truly make America a better place?  We'll never know, but America needs to talk way more about Fred Hampton and the other visionaries who were assassinated because they threatened to hold America to a higher standard of freedom and equality. 

Oddly, Austria Said No To Their Petty Racist Asswipe

No Austrian Trump in Austria.  Fuckers.  How can the gods-damned Austrians show more sense than our exceptional America?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Virag's Movie Reviews: Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Certainly this flick was way better than the two ginormous radioactive turdbombs J.J. Abrams inflicted on humanity, and it plays out like a long tee vee episode, but Star Trek Beyond was beyond dumb.  Not sure it made any sense why the Federation would put their largest, most comically advanced, pointlessly ostentatious, and crucially important--as well as remarkably undefended and hopelessly helpless--starbase on the border of completely unexplored, and hidden-by-spooky-nebula, territory.  I also don't see how the Stacker Pentecost guy had access to a technology which completely overwhelmed Starfleet's flagship in seconds.  And if Pentecost was able to somehow hack into the Enterprise's logs from so very far away, why wasn't Yorktown able to use any sensors or scanners or probes to find out what the fuck was hiding out there?  Why didn't they try?  Did the enemy ships even have warp drive?  They were so tiny.  What were they using for power?  The technology of those swarm ships seemed completely out of place in Star Trek.  Shouldn't the deflector shields on the Enterprise have scattered those ships away harmlessly?  Wouldn't a couple of full-yield photon torpedo detonations have turned that swarm into subatomic particles?  Once Pentecost made it into the starbase and was running around, why didn't they transport him into space?  They showed some goofy alien using a transporter earlier in the flick, so it would have saved everyone a shitload of trouble if they'd just beamed him out into space to die.  The whole exercise looked and felt like a rushed placeholder, a cheapo quickie run out there as fast as they could because they had to.  Still, way better than anything Abrams has ever done.

John Wight On Castro

John Wight on the Castro beat.  He does a pretty good job of pushing back against the inane propaganda promulgated by the US for all these years.  Castro's Cuba was not another Haiti or Dominican Republic.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Going To Miss The Orbea Aqua Dama

Good bike, fun bike for a kid, but kids grow and I think we may have seen the last season on this bike.   It's running a mix of Shimano 10-speed stuff since I got it as a frameset without the Tiagra stuff it usually had and is working really well.  The geometry and is pretty good, considering, the white with pinks is neat, and if I could get the next larger size, I'd do it no question.  Not available of course, and the newer Orbeas suck ass.  Still, I wish I'd had bikes like this when I was a kid.