Sunday, June 30, 2013

What Are We Gonna Do When George Zimmerman Gets Acquitted?

This is Florida, after all.  And Florida has had a bad past 30 years, with shitloads of backsliding from nearly almost respectable (for the South) to really nasty shithole of teabagger-style ignorance and ugliness.  All this shittiness means that George Zimmerman is probably gonna get acquitted, and that sucks.  That psycho fucker murdered a kid, and if George Zimmerman had been a black guy who killed a white kid, Zimmerman would already have been Old Sparky's boyfriend.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Useful First Person Lee Papa On Paula Deen

Turns out the Rude Pundit is a good ole southern boy, like Bo and Luke Duke or some shit.  The same question about Paula Deen keeps coming up: who didn't think she was a ginormous piece of shit all along?

Football Playin' Chicks

Two things about the girl who played football with the boys team at her school.  First, she was good enough to start, so she's not gonna get creamed out there just yet.  Second, she went to some shitty christian school, so maybe if she went to a better school, they'd let her play.

More Clinton Shit: St. Clair On Marc Rich

Jeffrey St. Clair gets down and dirty with the Clintons over their long and distinguished record of being horrible fucking people playing toxic politics, this time the Marc Rich pardon and walking clusterfuck.  The fun stuff abounds, and really, this is the kind of rancid shit that Eric Holder has been wallowing in throughout his career. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Virag's Movie Reviews: Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

You will not see a shittier movie than Silver Linings Playbook in any year.  It was a horrible, dishonest and nasty film, inexcusably reductive of illness in general and mental illness in particular.  The characters were awful people, totally unbelievable and insulting, and the actors completely unlikable.  DeNiro should probably be flogged for his hapless and lazy performance; the rest of the cast should merely be deeply ashamed.  I didn't read the book, and apparently the book is even more disgusting and lame-brained, as impossible as that seems.  Everything on display in SLP is disgusting and wrong; David O. Russell should go back to make films about literal motherfuckers.  There is one and only one thing that could make this flick worse than it was: a role for Paul Giamatti.

Tammy Duckworth, Yes. Rick Perry, No.

Tammy Duckworth did a nice job showing what the profiteer class looks like when she smacked around that asshole with the sprained ankle.  It was perfectly appropriate, of course, because this douchebag was perfectly happy to make a shitload of money off the government after bullshitting about an injury, and Rep. Duckworth was perfectly happy to make him look a piece of shit.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Texas Special Session: July 1

The Special-Ed class that is Texas state government is coming back on 1 July to attempt to defeat State Senator Wendy Davis.  This will be the test for the purported "left" "liberal" "progressive" "Democrats" in Texas; can the pathetic anti-reactionary sector of Texas politics really stand toe-to-toe with the rabid right-wing machine?  My opinion is of course not.  Wendy Davis is going to get stomped into a bloody smear, and her "supporters" are going to run like scared little pussies.  The ignorant majority will have their way because the Democratic infrastructure in Texas is useless.  If, IF, the progressive side is going to grow, this will be a huge test for them.  Senator Davis will not be able to stand alone this time.  So, what will the good guys do?  Will the opposition become mobilized enough to derail Rick Perry's naked political ploy?  Will the (few) people in Texas who are not complete fucking mutton heads finally rise up against the inane oppression forced upon them by the Republicans?  I'm not hopeful.  I see a quick victory for the bad guys and complete capitulation by the feckless anti-Republican cohort.  No outrage, no blowback, nothing, it will be an easy win for Perry, just like Wisconsin was for Walker.

Big Gay Marriage And A Huge Middle Finger To The Whackjobs

Big gay marriage, equal rights and shit, that's all fucking good, but the bestest part of all this is just how fucking crazy the fundie assholes went.  Oh, the jesus freeks hate the gays, probably because many of the biggest complainers like Mike Huckabee and Gary Bauer are pretty clearly self-hating closet queens, and their rancid ignorance does more to promote real change than any protest or canvassing will ever do.

DOMA: Fuck You Bill Clinton

Another reason reason that vile bitch Hillary Clinton will never be President!  Bill was such a reactionary conservative piece of shit, and the death of DOMA is a stunning rebuke and important reminder of just how hard the Clintons both suck and blow.

Governor Wendy Davis? Sounds Good!

Kos is right. Go figger.  But this could be a great fucking stunt for energizing the non-insane sector of Texas politics.  Wendy Davis did a good thing, showed some guts, sure, but even better, she showed that she knew how to use the media as a  weapon against the overwhelming conservative cocksucker majority in Texas.  She could give that dipshit closet case Rick Perry a nice battle, I think, so it would be tons of fun if she ran against him.  Faint glimmer of hope for Texas?  Sure, but it is the faintest fucking glimmered that ever glimmed.  Still.

Elizabeth Warren Is Still The Senior Senator From Mass Ass A Chew Sits

Good on Markey, though.  He fucked up that weasel he was running against, and with luck, Markey will make it his business to kick Ted Cruz square in the nuts on multiple occasions. 

Useful Essay On L'Affaire Snowden Establishment Douchebaggery

Protip: This is what a good college teacher sounds like. Just sayin'.  Anyway, the little people seem to care about the issues brought up in L'Affaire Snowden, and that scares the piss out of the political and media establishment.  That alone is a wicked good fucking thing.  Gary Leupp's piece highlights one of the truly important issues in the whole fucking mess: us vs. them.  And who is the Us and who is the them

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Healthcare In The US Is Falling Apart

And Obamacare isn't helping.  Seriously, very much sooner rather than later, 99% of the American citizens and 100% of the Democratic Party are going to regret the passage of Obamacare.  It has probably killed hope of any real universal care in the United States for the next 60 years.

The Least Likely Thing In All Of Creation: Good News From Texas

Seriously.  Texas is a fucking rancid shithole filled with some of the nastiest, stupidest people who ever lived, but every once in a while you can be pleasantly surprised.  And this is a surprise. 

It's Welfare Academia Shows Its Pathetic Stupidity On The Internet Day!

Aka bitching about Nader again without saying anything that was not completely stupid the last 10,000 times.  I get it.  I really do.  There's a reason these folks are not quite as successful in their chosen fields as they would have liked.  A really good fucking reason: they're the sub-50th percentile type teachers teaching at some of our numerous and sad American non-competitive colleges and universities.  They are welfare academia.  And as usual, they hate a singularly successful man who changed the world because they somehow understand that they are not up to such achievement.  As always: Nader didn't cost Gore the election.  The smarter folks who have actually studied this shit without the vitriol and jealousy understand reality, and so should you

So Far, Being A Snowden Hater Is Still A Sign Of Deep-Seated Douchebaggery

Asshole, reactionary, conservative, establishment Democrats are still assholes.  Cuz asshole reasons.  Snowden is exposing some fun shit, at least, and the fact that despicable racist asshole and former top-tier wingnut cocksucker Charles Johnson of LGF is treated as credible in any sense shows just how nasty and stupid the entry-level Dems really are.

Also, too, the flulffiest fluffer who ever snarkily but oh, so enthusiastically fluffed.

Not Just Incompetent Management Class

Sr. Atrios is dead wrong: it is not just the management class that is filled with mostly incompetent dickbags; the entire population, top to bottom, bottom to top, is mostly too stupid to do a good job, whether they are sweeping up, being a middle manager, or playing with money.  We truly are fuck'd.

Voting Rights Act: Do Dems Want To Win?

The conservative dipshits on the Supreme Court just handed the Democrats a huge win in the 2014 election if the candyass Dems are willing to actually play to win.  So what will it be?  Will it be historic progressive Democratic victories because they embraced issues that matter to the 99%, or will it be Democratic surrender to the conservative establishment?  What the fuck do you think?

Snowden And Wikileaks

The emergence of Wikileaks in the L'Affaire Snowden could be an aid to Snowden himself, but more importantly, it is a huge irritant to the reactionary and journalist and government types who hate Wikileaks, so the fun factor just may get a bit higher for us fun-starved Earthlings.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Serotta Is (Finally) Toast

They've been shit for a long time, but this is clearly the end.  The next step is a shitty Chinese carbon bike without the race cred Cannondale can manage.  Serotta probably never stood a chance, but those idiots should have listened to Zathras anyway.

Return Of Copper

Nicely low-key, Copper opened with a Tao of Copper episode that set the stage for more goodness.  These folks know how to make a fun show, and I have hopey hopes.

Primeval: New World, You Can See Why It Was Cancelled

I did like the feathered raptor, but the show lacks the manic passion and wacky vibe of the original, and it is easy to see why it was cancelled.

Rubio Is A Douchebag, But Oh The Hilarity

Marco Rubio, consummate asswhipe is apparently too fucking stupid for even the Republican Party.  All the biggest assholes in his party are pissed, including the ultimate whore Sarah Palin.  This is great fun, so I guess we should enjoy the merriment as the troglodyte Republican savage another of their "rising stars".

Ecuador Or Uruguay?

Is it as simple as East Coast vs. West Coast?  Probably not.  Uniform climate or mountains?  I hope not.  Regardless, Ed Snowden is purportedly planning on finding asylum in one of those South American nations.  Ecuador's already got Assange in their London embassy, so maybe Uruguay can get Snowden.

Berlusconi: Fun Stuff And Let's Hope Murdoch Is Next

Happy Monday, humans!  This is some good and fun news from our friends in the Italian justice system, last seen here cocking up the Foxy Noxy drama.  Berlusconi is a scumbag of epic proportions and certainly deserves what he gets.  Now the good folks on planet Earth can hope that the karma fairy moves on now and deals with Rupert Murdoch in short order.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why Am I At All Optimistic About Pacific Rim?

Pathetic hope for an iota of coolness on a shitty, dim-witted world?  I  don't know.  I suspect in the end it will blow past barfilicious on the transcendent suckitude scale, but what if?

The Road To Snowden

Russia? Really?  Has this been independently confirmed?  Sounds like an ideal misdirection play to me.  Russia still gets the reactionary dumbfucks in the U.S. all lathered up.  Where will Mr. Hero Of The People wind up?

Schweet Jeebus, How Could The Lone Ranger Movie Look Any More Heinous?

Given the marketing thus far, the best bet for making any money at all appears to be a total media blackout.  Not that you can stifle word of mouth in the era of the interwebs, but this Lone Ranger motherfucker looks like one of the most offensive and incompetent summer flicks since Star Trek Into Darkness Wild Wild West.

With Geraldo, You Never Quite Reach The Bottom Of The Barrel

These days, that is probably the only good thing about that fucking dipshit.  Geraldo was always the greasy huckster and shameless hack, but in the modern age, he's out done in his insanity thousands of times a day.  Sad.  Or fucking sublime. 

More Sickeningly Rich Ignorance Than A Paula Dean Dinner!

Of course!  I mean, it shoulda been pretty obvious.  The dumbest overprivileged motherfuckers on the planet!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Senator Markey Mark

Markey learns a lesson, at least.  He learned how to not lose by watching that fucking moron Martha Coakley lose an easy one to a wicked retarded coat rack named Scott Brown.  Certainly Markey will be a better Senator than some asswhipe Republican, but that doesn't mean too too much in the end.

Sambo Burger? Sambo Frakking Burger??

Jesus fucking christ. Seriously, would YOU need to be told not to call something a Sambo Burger?  While funny, Ms. Deen's abhorrent casual racism and scary fucking cluelessness also tell us something really unfortunate about our glorious American heritage. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Almost As A Big A Black Mark As Tebow

Aaron Hernandez, world class piece of shit, is almost as big an embarrassment for the Pats as Tebow will surely be.  Hernandez is one of those nascent criminals who seem to flock to the University of Florida football program, and the Patsies were fucking retarded to enable his sad life.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sao Paulo Crossed With Occupy

Invaluable eye witness report from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Brazil is, along with much of South America, amazingly well-ignored by most of the United States, but we do so to our own detriment.  A vibrant, politically active Brazil would quickly be a much larger force in the world than in years past.  Let's see what happens.  Who's betting on the people?  Who's betting on the political establishment?

Thatcher's Legacy Of Evil In Ireland

This is a thoughtful essay, but after all this time all I can really manage regarding Thatcher is 'what a cunt, what a cunt, what a cunt cunt cunt, what a rancid evil cunt'.  She and Reagan did so much to fuck the world in the ass with their evil stupidity and being wrong about absolutely everything.  As a species we were probably already lost before the age of Reagan Thatcher, but those two vile motherfuckers did their damnedest to make sure we'd never progress.

So, It Turns Out RoboCop Was A Best-Case Scenario

Detroit would probably be better off with OCP at this point.  And really, it would be pretty shitty, but at least with RoboCop around fighting ED-209s all over the place, there would be some free municipal entertainment. 

So, Remy Will Indeed Be Back On The Tee Vee

The R.E.M. Dog will be back, it seems.  Every time he gets a sniffle much of New England fears the worst, apparently.  The guy has been sick and sicker but keeps coming back to the Sox.

Chris Simcox: Child Molester AND Right Wing Icon?

Well, that's fucking horrible.  Simcox was already one of the universe's bigger losers, but this definitely makes it worse.  I guess we should remember that these wingnut animals are truly capable of any atrocity.  And this particular scumbag was a slimy character all along, so in his particular case, these nasty allegations should come as no surprise at all.

Howie Kurtz Proves That Shit Floats

Long-term village idiot establishment conservative goon Howie Kurtz joins esteemed journalist Sarah Palin at Fox "News".  There you go.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Where O Where

Virag's Movie Reviews: Machete (2010)

Machete was a ton of fun and was way better than either of the Grindhouse flicks AND was about a billion times better and smarter than Django Unchained.  Jeff Fahey was awesome in this movie, easily deserving of whatever awards somebody else won that year; I have no use for Jessica Alba, and while the car her character drove was fucking hilarious, the shoes really ruined the effect.  Michelle Rodriguez was great, and Danny Trejo showed that he is a commanding action star.  Steven Segal seemed to understand how to have some fun, and for once DeNiro did not completely phone it in.  Alicia Marek.  Don Johnson in Machete and in Django: great America actor or mentally defective dirtball?  Whatevs.  This thing was a bunch of fun and about the only legitimate entertainment with which Robert Rodriguez has been associated since From Dusk Till Dawn.

First Person Meeropols On Rosenberg And Rosenberg

Here's a very interesting first-person insight into the Rosenberg Case from the family.  History has a shitload of lessons for us, most of which we as a society willfully refuse to learn, and the Rosenberg Case is certainly one of those examples. 

Wait! Wasn't It Obvious That Paula Deen Was A Huge Piece Of Shit All Along?

It should have been clear to everyone that Paula Deen was a nasty piece of work.  We didn't need a deposition to find out this greasy bitch was a racist wingnut asshole.  Come on, America!  Open your eyes.

Ichiro Defeats Kim Jong-un

Or something like that.  Day-night in NY, and I guess Ichiro was the difference in the first game.

Wingnut Asshole And Friend Of Beck Dead!

Good riddance!  That's one war-mongering coward down and about a billion to go, but still, maybe cancer will evolve some sort for intelligence and start killing right-wing assholes exclusively. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

There Can Be Only One!

Republican Abortion Bullshit: Where's The Outrage? Where Are The National Democrats?

The motherfuckering Republicans in the House are being stupider than usual, but where are the Democrats making them pay for it?  States like Wisconsin are trying to force women to be violated by law, but where is the outrage that could turn into savage political victory for pro-choice candidates across the country?  The 2014 campaign SHOULD be a landslide for Democrats because the Republicans are fucking up grossly, BUT the Democrats don't seem to be interested in destroying Republican political power for five generations.  Why is that, exactly?

Masturbating Fetuses: My New Lo-Fi Punk Combo On Tour: Masturbating Fetuses!

Look for us at your local church picnic all summer long!

Droning Jesus

Is this hilarious or tragic?  Liberty University grifting tax money from the military and from soldiers to build a literal retard army for Jesus within America's armed forces?  I would normally endorse hilarious, but these evil motherfuckers are not funny at all.

U 3

In my happy place, this De La Soul video really happened right across the hall from YLT's "Sugarcube".

Snowden's Father Is A Fucking Idiot

Holy shit! This dumb cocksucker Lonnie Snowden went to Eric Bolling?  Oh, my.  This is either a serious wrinkle in the L'Affaire Snowden, or a fucking hilarious sign that Snowden's father is an unhinged wingnut asshole.  Why Fox "News"?  All that paranoid shit about Snowden being a spook is suddenly 10% less nutty.  Of course, if your dad is a big enough whackadoo to go to Eric Bolling of all people, maybe your childhood was insane enough to make you do anything!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Snowden's Highest Honor

This may have been the best day of Snowden's life.  Being called a traitor by such an unctuous war criminal would be the highest honor of my life or your life for sure. 

Political Song for JP Morgan Chase and McDonald's to Sing

McDonald's: So Much More Than Shitty Food!

Shitty pay and shitty payroll, too!  The fine, fine folks at JP Morgan Chase found a way to fuck over some minimum wage McDonald's workers with the full support of the asshole franchise owners.  When you ask yourself if you live in a shitty place filled with the biggest motherfuckers ever in charge of the fucking dump, remember this story.  Let's get some unions for these workers; if McDonald's is going to poison us with grease and cow recta, the people that work there should at least be getting a minimum of 15 bucks an hour.

Syrian Skepticism

More of this please.  More thoughtful skepticism about our latest grand imperial adventure in the Middle East.  I have no faith in the administration and their explanations.  Nobody with half a brain has any reason to believe anything has changed in Syria beyond American and Israeli desires for an upgrade in the intervention.  The proxy war against Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia is not going to do anything to help the Syrian people, but then again, when did we ever give a flying fuck about them?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Peel'd Stiff

Virag's Movie Reviews: Kick-Ass (2010)

Sure, the idea was a brazenly commercial ploy to turn nerdgasms into dollars, but the first half is pretty cute, with lots of swearing and jokey violence.  The second half is not nearly so strong, but there are worse movies out there that are way more annoying and much less fun due to a PG-13 rating.  A PG-13 Kick-Ass would have sucked donkey balls; the R-rated Kick-Ass is a definite OK.

Ewwww...Allen West Gets A Handjob From Cliff Clavin

I mean, what else could that mean?  Really disgusting stuff, probably some teabagging--definitely teabagging--maybe some snow ballin' too.  I don't know, and I don't wanna!

Peel'd Jam

Virag's Movie Reviews: From Paris With Love (2010)

Travolta.  He's no Liam Neeson.  And From Paris With Love really sinks because Travolta does the crazy, but he doesn't sell the dangerous part.  Somehow the puffy and shiny John Travolta is not believable as an uncontrollable killing machine.  The flick was a bit of fun, kind of like a lesser Taken, but with a Jason Statham in the lead, it coulda been a real blast.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Lose Your Head With A Double Dose Of Rico

Syria Gets Worse

Israel is getting the war they wanted.  I don't for a minute believe Obama or the Israelis regarding chemical weapons, but I do believe that this nonsense about arming rebels is all about fighting a desired war against Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia on behalf of the Israelis and the neocon cocksuckers in the United States.  To be sure this has nothing to do with chemical weapons, nothing to do with freedom, and nothing to do with Assad's purported turn to some dark side.  This rebel-arming was most likely a plan waiting for an excuse.  This is another imperial cock-up along the lines of Libya, except this disaster is unfolding right in the middle of the danger zone, and we're making it so much more dangerous and tragic by enabling the killing on a grander scale.  Fan-fucking-tastic.

Real Old Skool Punk Noise

The Inexorable Debasement Of Fox "News" Accelerates

Fox's uber-bimbo is back!  Now that Murdoch is getting divorced from his latest wife, I'm sure he sees a chance to slip it into Wasilla's biggest bike without worrying that his Wendy ninja will beat his busted ass to death.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Peeling The Cure, 1978

Virag's Movie Reviews: The Bourne Legacy (2012)

So say you have Albert Finney and decide not to put him in your movie.  And then you gather up Edward Norton, Joan Allen, Stacy Keach, Scott Glenn, and David Straithairn and seemingly exile them to a movie you decided not to make!  What does that leave you?  Hawkeye stumbling listlessly through a rejected basic cable TV pilot?  Pretty much.

The Mammoth Suckitude Of Cory Booker

In an easy to use digest form!  Seriously, that is one righteous indictment of that nasty motherfucker Cory Booker.  Sadly, Booker will fit right in in DC, where the rock-ribbed conservative Democratic establishment will reward him with easy money lifted from the lower classes.

Snowden As Full-On Legit CIA

Edward Snowden was more than an IT guy?  He was a for-real covert operative?  I'm not so sure.  Yes, there is something a little odd about the whole affair, and the story of Snowden, along with Snowden's story, is full of holes right now.  Actual CIA spook, though?  That would be a laugh riot if true, and if we could somehow get the CIA to cop to it.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Better Tom Than Tom Walmart

50 Years Ago, That's Still 1963 For You Artistic Types: Medgar Evers

Today marks another sad anniversary in modern American history.  1963, not 1863, was the year Medgar Evers was assassinated outside his house in Jackson, Mississippi.  We like to think we've changed, but I don't believe it.

The Power To Surprise Tee Vee: Fox "News"

Fox "News" manages to still deliver the goods by so brazenly fluffing the destable racist Limey cocksucker Tommy Robinson Stephen Lennon.  Even the hopeless dummy Bill O'Reilly got in on the act.  If Fox can still manage to surprise us after all this time, we should give thanks.

Remember Mumia Abu-Jamal?

He's still there in prison without an actual trial.  In addition to all of Mumia Abu-Jamal's writing, Dave Lindorff's book Killing Time should be required reading for all those blind idiot patriots out there.

Enjoyable Hatin' On Carl Levin

Lifetime member of the rock-ribbed conservative Democratic establishment, Carl Levin truly is a horrible person.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chris Hedges On Bradley Manning

Chris Hedges gives a nicely reasoned and principled overview of the Bradley Manning reality.  Contrast Hedges to uber-weaselly Josh Marshall.  When a purported journalist like Marshall so very glibly assumes the role of defender of the empire, decent, thoughtful men like Chris Hedges and others show what real journalists do.  Hedges is a skeptic and a thinker--he is not always right and does not have to be--while Marshall is surely not a thinker or anything resembling a journalist.

If Toobin Calls You Bizarre

You must be some kind of diaper-wearing, sheep-fucking freak.  I mean, Toobin, he knows bizarre, inappropriate behaviorIt's his bag, man.

Happy George Wallace Day

50 years ago. Not 150. Not 500. 50. Years. Ago. In the United States. That was 1963 for you math-challenged English major types.  These folks who worshiped Wallace are still out there; today we call them teabaggers.  Fortunately, the ugly, reactionary, racist rump of the society is finally dying away, and soon, but never soon enough, they will all be dead.  That's pretty fucking sweet!

Holy Shit! What's Way Creepier Than Josh Marshall's Fluffing?

These two vile cretins helping Wal-Mart buttfuck the world.  That's worse.  Way fucking worse.  Tom Cruise has been one of the skeeviest bastards out there for a long time, but to see Hugh Jackman gleefully join in the degradation of working people all around the globe is something we should all remember next time Wolverine has a new movie out.

This Is In The Top 10 Of The Saddest Shit You Will Read Regarding L'Affaire Snowden

From that greasy careerist cocksucker Josh Marshall.  This is like reading a young David Broder as he does his best to scream his undying fealty to the ruling establishment above the din of whatever particular issues might discomfort said establishment.  What a fucking asshole.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Powder Blue Pink

Plan B Plus

It's about fucking time.  Kudos to the Obama folks for finally getting with the health and welfare program and doing the right thing on Plan B contraception.  Having this stuff available is a fuck of a lot better than unwanted pregnancy and all the other problems that brings.  This is the kinda shit we should all get behind.  It is good for all of us.  And if it makes the fundie assholes even more crazy, that's just a huge bonus our way!

So, Where's The Highlander Remake/Reboot?

I'm sincerely looking forward to what could easily be the biggest, nastiest filmed mess since Showgirls.  An earnest new Highlander movie would almost certainly suck ginormous moose cock, but I'm thinking with music from Arcade Fire or Green Day in a combo of originals and covers of the Queen songs, the totality might achieve an astounding ghastliness all its own.

How Do You Legitimize A Generation Of Patriots Haters Once And For All?

TBogg T-Bow!  What cheating and unabashed douchebaggery could never quite win, one transcendent embarrassment will surely do.  Tebow.  The final sign of an historical judgement of complete asshattery.

Why Is Syfy Pushing Defiance So Hard?

Yeah, yeah, I know, money.  It's always money.  But still.  Syfy has been pushing Defiance so fucking hard all spring.  Is it because of Rockne S. O'Bannon?  I mean, the show is anything but great.  It's got a few decent actors, and I can always use more Graham Greene and Mia Kirshner--and Fionnula Flanagan!--but in general Defiance looks and feels like a mashup of every single cheesy alien from all the Stargate shows.  If it is the cornerstone of your network, you're kinda fucked.

An Era Of Unprecedented Bullshit?

Is this an era of unprecedented bullshit?  It would be lovely to think so, but I disagree with Mr. Lindorff.  This bullshit era of bullshit seems unfortunate and entirely precedented in history.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Turkey On Riot

Remember how Turkey was going to be the Western, secular vanguard in the Muslim world.  How's that working out for you?  Turkey was going to enjoy all the fruits of democracy: free markets; representative government; civil rights; surveillance; debt; oligarchy; collapsing standards of living.  Oops.  It seems the Sons of the Turk have hit a little speed bump.  Turkey has run into a bit of a problem: the economy was doing well, but the president of Turkey decided to shit in the punch bowl by appeasing and promoting the fundamentalist religious elements of his society.  This should be familiar to all Americans.  This shit in Turkey is the same shit that happened when Reagan got on his knees to very publicly suck the cocks of the Christian fundie assholes in 1981; ever since then the United States has gotten worse each and every year as the political establishment enables the dumbest bunnies we have and science, logic, reason, and economics have been undermined by ignorance and superstition.  The big difference is that the United States is a big, rich, powerful country with a good amount of history, and not a barely functional emerging, recently third-world nation.  It's been almost two generations here; it happened much quicker in Turkey.

Workin' Progress: Dylan Sez Sometimes You Just Want A Fresca

Most days Tom Dillon felt maybe 50% engaged and was sluggish and disinterested from his own point of view.  In the past four years, the hyper-focused Dillon had been a dangerously violent and driven but rarely seen creature since that first summer, and he wasn't needed too much these days; it had all been done that summer almost.  He'd done a little clean up, like New York, but really they were nothing once they were cut off.  Dillon got most of them right away and then waited them out.  Not too hard to figure out.  And maybe he was done now.  He wasn't sure.  He'd made it through his classes easily enough and was now splitting his time between the campus PD and the DA's office doing some investigation work and through Josh Kramer's agency.  At least half of his reputation in town came from Mark Rubinstein, but Dillon had done enough to show what he could do during his years hanging around, and his work in a real department had given him some actual experience on the job that nobody in town or on campus had, so right now he was able to pretend like he gave a fuck and actually had plans or something.  He wasn't sure what he was going to do going forward, but he'd had a good run.  He was not interested in police work or being a lawyer or anything else, but he'd figure something out.  A good run.  Something would happen.  The car was good.  Nobody asked too many questions.  Nobody asked the right questions.

He was still being pretty heavily recruited.  The FBI and CIA had been less than subtle, even before he started law school.  His ten years on the job and Ivy League degree had made him a target.  He'd spent the last four years wondering if their continuing interest was going to get anyone else killed.  It could be a real problem if any of those idiots suddenly developed an unusual and imaginative ability to reason and put together what Dillon had been up to.  Probably nothing would come of it.  Dillon never felt the need to come right out and tell them that he would sooner go back to a major department or even LA before he'd work for those assholes.  He also didn't explain that they were much, much safer if he was not at all involved with them.  Joining a big firm was not his idea of fun, either.  He considered pretending to want to work with an DA or public defender's office somewhere in preparation for a defense career that he'd never get around to.  Whatever.  He'd figure it out.

It was late in June when Dillon had run into Erin or Aaron Brown or whatever the fuck she called herself that summer walking across the Engineering quad at 3 in the morning.  He knew something was up right away and spent an hour talking to her, him, before he decided whether he'd bring her to the hospital or not.  Later that morning right before sunup he took her back to her house where her housemates called her mother in New Rochelle.  He didn't trust those girls to be able to handle whatever the fuck was really going on, but a few of them seemed like this was at least something they had seen before.  Though he had been walking home and was not on duty when he had seen her, he filled out a report anyway about the intoxicated and incoherent student.  This was exactly the sort of shit he didn't want to deal with, but he dealt with it anyway.  Nights like that made him want to get the fuck away from everyone and every thing, grinding away his shallow veneer of purpose.

Erin Brown's group of friends turned out to be a pretty observant bunch.  Not long after that stupid early morning, he ran into one of them getting into his car on campus.  Her name was Lily and she was grateful that he had been able to do so well with her friend.  Dillon may have even seen her around at some point in the last couple of years; she was going to be a junior next fall and was in town for the summer with a bunch of her friends taking classes and working.  Since things were slow in the summer, the girls may have thought he was a full-time campus cop; there were six or seven of them besides Erin, and he finally did notice that he saw them fairly often over the next month or so.  He did his best to not share much personal information with them, but a couple of them were decent looking, so he didn't run screaming.  Per his luck, the cuteish ones were the most annoying, but his drowsy, mostly-disengaged lifestyle helped him not too worked up about it.  He had no interest in a bunch of pointlessly self-deluded women's studies majors with gender identity issues, but he had apparently saved their friend's life.

He found out later that Erin Brown, now going by Aaron Brown, was born Evelyn Kastner and was easily the most emotionally and mentally fragile of the bunch.  He also found out later that they were not all really women's studies majors.  There weren't any engineers or physics majors in the bunch as far as he knew, but they were a combination of school friends and friends from home who had transferred and were all hanging out more or less.  When the semester started up in the fall, there would be more of them.  As far as Dillon could tell, it was completely by accident that he started talking to Evie one day outside the library.

Evie was Lily's friend from back home and had transferred after two years of school back home in California followed by two years working with her sister.  She was going to be moving into a dorm with another transfer roommate in the fall.  They walked for quite a while, and Dillon was struck at how little was actually said.  He did find out that she had come out because she knew Lily and wanted to try another college environment.  He also found out she was an Art History major.  He also was getting a very dykey vibe from her.  She was growing out her hair from where she had shaved it and something was just off about her.  She also mentioned her sister's girlfriend or ex-girlfriend in passing.  In the four or five times Dillon ran into her, she hardly looked at him, which was perfect because he rarely looked at her.  Her face was covered in acne but her facial features were truly classically beautiful, much as if a genius artist had woken to a vision of miraculous beauty and created Evie right then.  At times she was perfectly made up and imaginatively dressed, and other times she was minimally adorned and somehow stunningly beautiful. 

Even on his best days, Dillon wanted nothing to do with those girls.  A couple of them were cute enough, but he didn't think he had the patience to put up with their bullshit.  Plus they were so fucking young that he had neither the desire or the patience to deal with them.  In his youth, he might have been able to deal long enough to get laid, but no more.  Truth be told, he was awaiting the return in the fall of a certain bubble-headed sorority girl with blond hair and big tits.  Madison something.  Returning for her senior year.  Nice heavy rack.  Skinny waist.  Thick legs.  Blond.  Pouty lips.  Probably dumb as a post.  She would be worth putting up with for a week or two.  Some dickhead from the hockey team had taken a swing at him on the street last winter, and while Dillon was deciding how many more times to pummel him, the police had shown up.  This girl Madison was right there in front as Dillon picked that asshole up off the sidewalk where he was bleeding and deftly convinced the friendly police men that nothing untoward had transpired.  He really hadn't had the opportunity since, but he got the lowdown from Mars and some of the younger guys and knew she was coming back to campus, and he was hoping for a shot at her.  She was just about his speed.

In total it was about a month after the Erin Aaron incident, maybe five weeks, that part time Officer Dillon ran into Evie walking past some of the new dorms on a Friday night.  There were a few summer parties that weekend, including his, but she was very much alone.  Even in the dark, Dillon could see she had been crying.  She was still dressed from work; if anything, she looked to him like she should have smoking a cigarette, but she didn't smoke.  She seemed surprised to see him, but she asked him to come and pick her up after he was done with work.  At 12:30 he was outside her apartment in his car; he drove while she talked about how much she was regretting leaving home.  How much she was regretting taking time off to work with her sister and her sister's girlfriend's band for two goddammed years.  Two years.  How nervous she was about school in the fall.  Even though she was taking classes over the summer, she wasn't sure she'd be up to it for real.  She didn't know what she wanted.  She didn't want to be there.  She didn't want to leave.  Eventually they were at the diner downtown having a coffee and then after he drove her back up the hill.  Dillon was pretty sure he didn't say 20 words the whole time and hadn't heard half of what she said.

She showed up two nights later at the back door to his apartment when he was just getting home after a shift with a couple of bags of groceries.  Dillon didn't say anything because she looked absolutely ashen, and he was suddenly incredibly concerned and thus briefly observant and engaged.  His head began to hurt right about then, and as soon as he realized there was no real danger, he slid back into his de facto semi-oblivious state.  It was pretty warm, but she was wearing a long coat and carrying a large handbag.  He let her in when she asked, and he looked around for Mars.  Mars was either asleep, likely, or out, unlikely, but the apartment was quiet and Mars's room was beyond the kitchen, so Dillon had no reason to check closer.  She was talking, but not saying anything important.  She was continuing a conversation he didn't remember, he guessed.  He opened the door to his room and she went in without turning on the light.  Dillon watched long enough to see her take the coat off and get into his bed, noting the way the ass and legs looked in the little shorts she was wearing.  She was shaking despite the relative warmth and talking very quietly.  Dillon's headache went away while he watched her.  She asked him to join her, but he couldn't because he had to put the groceries away and shower.  He did both quickly, changing into his own shorts an tank top and got into bed with her.  She was shivering for real when she pressed her back against him, but he was too tired and apprehensive to put up a fight and was asleep right after her.

She had come prepared.  She smelled mostly like soap and shampoo and toothpaste.  In the morning, she thanked him as she hugged him tightly.  Dillon was exhausted and went back to sleep till noon.  He had an appointment later that day at the courthouse with JK but was his usual foggy-headed self, even where last night's bed partner was concerned, while he hung around.  There was a message on his machine when he got back; she wanted to thank him for his understanding.  He didn't return her call, but he picked up when she called later asking to come down.  Same as the night before, she was there until the morning and then left again.  Two days later she was sitting on his bed explaining herself.  She was sure she could trust him, even if she didn't understand why.  He realized that she was repeating herself, had said all of this before and that he had not put it together.  He was something different, something unusual, something unexpected for her.  She was so groundless; she had lost the ability to talk to her friends about it, and she was so anxious about it.  She wanted to know if she was interfering with his social life.  She felt uncomfortable and ashamed but didn't know what else to do.  She explained that she wasn't looking for sex or a boyfriend, but she was so lonely and anxious she was losing her mind.  Could he put up with that?  That night she showered there--she still hadn't met Mars who was uncharacteristically absent; that fucking guy had no life at all and was usually underfoot--and put out the light before she slipped into bed naked.  Dillon showered immediately after and put on some shorts and a t-shirt, but she reached behind her in the dark and pulled the shirt off before pressing herself into him.  He wrapped her up, carefully placing his hands and gently placing his head in back of hers where he could smell her hair.  In the morning, she slipped out of bed and dressed quickly in the low light; Dillon pretended not to see her naked and notice how astonishingly hairy her armpits and crotch were.  After she left, he got up for work down town.  For a moment he was bothered, bothered because he had been remiss in this whole affair and should have been prepared for this weird shit.  How had he become so disengaged?  Was he losing it?  Till he decided he didn't care after about five minutes, Dillon was genuinely concerned that his astounding lack of attention could get him killed.

They went on like that till school started for the fall.  For the first time in six years, Dillon was not going to school.  He got to see much more naked Evie, and she was really amazingly sexy, even as he pretended to not be that into her body.  She had a great body.  He learned she wasn't that experienced at all, and he began to think of her as asexual, so he was speechless when she casually mentioned masturbating in her bed one day before a nap.  He liked the way she smelled every day and wondered if she smelled even better on days she masturbated.  Or maybe on days she didn't?  He loved the feeling of her furry legs wrapped up in his, and he got quite good at making sure his prick wasn't poking into her through his shorts at all times.  They got in the habit of talking in the dark before they fell asleep, their only real verbal communication.  Dillon didn't share too much of anything important, but he knew it made her feel better, and actually enjoyed having her there.  If he thought about in the daytime, which he really didn't do much, it seemed odd, but in the dark it was brilliant.  She was there usually four or five nights a week.  One thing even he noticed was that he slept better, way better since she had been there.  That made no fucking sense to him since he should have completely sexually frustrated by this fragrant, naked girl in his bed, but the effect was exactly the opposite.

It was early September the first time she kissed him.  They had developed the habit of kissing each other goodnight after a fashion.  She would bring his hand to her lips and kiss it as she was falling asleep, and he would kiss her on the shoulder.  That seemed cute and silly and pretty chaste considering she was sleeping naked in a man's bed, so Dillon was honestly confused when she kissed him right on the lips before returning to her regular sleeping position.  The following night she told him she was thinking about sex with him; she was facing away from him in the dark and asked him if that was something he thought about.  His immediate thought was fuck yeah, but his very next thought was that this was trouble he didn't need.  Hyper focused Dillon made a brief appearance and wasn't happy.  He wasn't sure why this was coming up after all this time; he had done his damnedest to not make trouble for himself, but clearly he had not been paying attention.  He had to wait until the following evening when she wound up her courage and explained herself.  She talked about her best friend from highschool.  About coming out.  About her sister.  About Lily.  About the boy Lily was sleeping with.  Something about the first girl she had kissed being engaged to a man.  Dillon didn't follow much of it.  She showed him her birth control pills, the first ones of her life that she had started six weeks ago.  She showed him her blood test.  For fun, Dillon showed her the workup he got in June when he started his working.  She asked him if he thought she was attractive at all.

It was all oddly unfamiliar and tedious to Dillon; he had just not been paying enough attention, but that was the way he was getting by.  And she was oddly unfocused yet clinical herself.  Dillon didn't have the energy to put so much awkward effort into anything.  He could have figured it out, but it was just stupid.  He had been enjoying the low stress bed company from an attractive young naked woman and secretly hoping it would last through the winter.  When the fucking question came up, Dillon knew that fucking or not, she would be fucking out of his life and his bed much fucking sooner.  Not that he had been pursuing any other bed partners, but this had been pleasant and easy.  No longer.  And if it had been that blond, he would have hopped on that shit right away; best 10 seconds of his week and the worst 10 seconds of hers.  This, though, was not that.  If he was going to fuck Evie, he almost, no really, would have preferred doing it right away without getting used to having her around in the night.

The only helpful thing he could say was that since the icky details and paperwork was properly handled, they should maybe just let it work itself out and see what happened.  Since they were safe and stuff, there shouldn't be any pressure or worry.  This seemed to make her happy.  Very suddenly Dillon became extremely worried that she might be a technically a virgin.  She had fooled around with girls, right?  She had had her heart broken or some kind of semi-serious relationship with a girl--girls?--before, he thought.  She definitely mentioned getting herself off, but had she ever mentioned being with a guy?  Dildos?  Did some dyke pound her with a strap-on?  Dillon felt like an asshole, but he wondered.  That was a big problem, he thought.  He wasn't used to putting in that much effort these days.  His cherry popping days were more than a lifetime ago.

Dillon didn't fuck her that night.  They kissed, real kisses, pretty amazing kisses, actually, and neither of them went below the neck.  It was nice, way more fun than Dillon would have ever imagined, considering.  He kissed her, she kissed him as they ground together.  Dillon purposely didn't even attempt to put it in her.  She kept her hands almost to herself while he roamed all over her body, making her shiver, making her giggle, making her squirm while they kissed and gave each other so many hickeys.  By morning, Evie smelled like the world's finest perfume.

Dillon had liked it a bunch.  He had sublimated his giant blue balls into kisses and hickeys, and that felt so right.  The next night when she came down, she seemed shy, but was very smiley and very kissy.  He left the light on while they kissed.  He went south eventually, but he took the long way round.  She tasted even better.  He was pretty happy with himself from the sounds she was making, astonished gasps, self-conscious yelps, and unrestrained moans, and from the liquid gushing out of her.  On his way back up, he took his time marking the path of her glorious hair with his tongue all way to her nipples and finally up her neck to her mouth.  They fell asleep with Evie grinding her pussy into his thigh while she tried to figure out what she wanted to do with that hand on his cock as they kissed.  The next morning, they woke in the early light and started kissing softly and playfully.  Dillon whispered that he wanted her.  She asked for it with a whisper returned into his ear, so he did it.  He fucked her for the first time, gently, in the mellow morning light.

Rock Lobster MB-1 29er

Now THAT'S pretty fuckin' cool.  The paint is really fab; it says MB-1 a little more obviously than the tusk pearl would.  I might even have gone a smidge little nuttier and gone with the orange and white MB-2 colors.

Ben Stein: Professional Idiot

Good work if you can get it, I guess, but watching this shit show, I can't help but wonder exactly why the fuck is Ben Stein on the tee vee?  The ass clowns on Fox "News" call him an economist--or maybe he calls himself that--but he is not; he majored in economics as an undergrad but did not real work in the field.  He went to law school and apparently worked as lawyer at some point, but mostly he was a speech writer, political motherfucker for Nixon, and awful character actor.  And mostly, he is just a professional moron and wrong about everything.  Wrong about Nixon, totally incompetent in matters of economics, and a fucking retard who doesn't understand evolutionary theory at all.  Amazing job getting rich doing nothing well by Mr. Stein.  I bet Josh Marshall is fucking jealous. 

Floody Europe; Coming Soon To Your House, Too

Pictures of Europe.  Wonder what the human toll and dollar Euro value of that shit show is gonna be?


Our Leading Lights Are Dim Fucking Bulbs, Josh Marshall Again Edition

David Simon is another thing Josh Marshall doesn't understand.  Not too fucking surprising but pathetic nonetheless.

The Problem(s) With TBogg And David Simon

First, TBogg puts his kneepads on and goes balls deep for Obama's police state bullshit, but the fun part happens when a hated commenter goes seven (7) years in the past and skullfucks TBogg with his own words by posting a link to Mr. Bogg's old post.  Well, that didn't go over too well with the scumsucking TBogg fanboy fluffers.  Still, good shit and a nasty takedown of Tebow TBogg.  Surely, Mr. T Bogg should be ashamed.  But he ain't.

Then, the not so fun.  The problem with David Simon and his (and TBogg's) position on this bulllshit is that Simon is the most established of the establishment guys.  He was a crime reporter.  He states that he supports the police and courts and justice system on principle; he believes that the police and the courts are doing what they do to protect average Americans.  He claims that the data mining is only a way to begin an investigation.  (He also conflates the retarded mad bombers in Boston with international terrorism and the 9/11 WTC attack, which is Fox "News"-level fucktardery in its own right.)  Simon's nonsense sounds terribly naive, but of course, it is not.  It is a fundamental, and consciously rock-ribbed support of the operations of a police state.  Simon even says in his comments that if a few more judges had a different opinion, all this shit would not be happening, but since they don't--all of them reliably loyal to the State before they (those judges) were appointed, to be sure--it is what it is, and we Americans will have to live with it.  And that's not so bad, Simon says.  Simon is, as TBogg sez in his FDL post, being nuanced as best he can, BUT, David Simon is still a believer in the system in his heart of hearts.  That's the real problem, and it's not that Simon is being a crazed wingnut statist asshole.  No, Simon's a believer--and so is TBogg, apparently--and that's worse.  A police state is very, very peaceful--and very, very safe for a certain (small) segment of the population.  Being a top guy, Simon would be one of those privileged and safe people--and TBogg being a loyal fluffer will be there to cheerlead and put up with whatever indignity his sort of people have to endure to preserve his ideas about people like Simon and Obama.  Simon was responsible for The Wire, which is a fine, fine thing, but he also started Homicide: Life on the Streets which was easily one of the finest tee vee shows ever.  For that, he gets a certain amount of cred for managing to obliterate not only the tee vee cop show but also cop movies, and on NB fucking C, no less. 

Obama Makes Your Police State 100% Legal

The big takeaway from all the government surveillance news is still this: it is 100% legal.  What the government is doing, the government has made legal.  It's a good fucking trick, especially the part about secret courts that oh so conveniently make Constitutional challenges in other courts pretty much impossible.  Neat!  What they take, they will use. That is the nature of surveillance and the police state.  You don't have to be a criminal to be intimidated, and that is pointiest point.  When you have no privacy and no hope of justice, you will put up with a fuckload of indignity and fear to prevent something way more terrible, like a secret arrest or drone murder or whatever.  It's not a bug, it's a feature of the new America.  Obama's America.  Welcome!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

California Mass Shooting, Version The Latest

Five, count 'em, five, dead including the shooter.  Only in America.  Literally.  In any other functional, civilized nation, the first mass shooting would be the last if the people and the government were worth anything at all, but here in the United States, we are pretty much worthless.

Big Blue Tesch 101

Love this blue color.  Blue bikes are not my fave, but this color is really awesome.  And his seat lug has always seemed just perfect to me for a simple, elegant lugged production racing bike.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Who Should Be The Next Doctor?

Who cares?  Seriously, unless they are bringin' back Tom Baker or Chris Eccleston, I couldn't care less.  But...if they wanna go all silly and make the kids happy by picking a black minority not ginger an actor not quite so heartlandishly hued as every other Doctor so far, well they couldn't do any better than Captain Bialar Crais Lani Tupu for the slightly older Doctor or Danny Hunter David Oyelowo for a younger than Crais Tupu choice.  Both are excellent actors and would most likely do a fantastic job chewing the scenery in Doctor Who while also driving racist asshole fanboys abso-fucking-lutely insane.  That would be kinda a blast.



PATRIOT Act Crystal Ball

Way back when, in the days when the Congress rammed through the USA PATRIOT Act in record time, plenty of folks were going sorta batshit and saying that this was a huge fucking disaster that would unload a myriad of injuries to legitimate freedom and actual personal liberty in the United States, and all the establishment assholes pretended not to understand.  Well, the more you know, the worse it gets; the shit the US government does everyday is 100% legal and 100% inevitable.  Nothing is going to change.  There will not be a concerted political effort to make such conduct no longer legal, and the PATRIOT Act will not be sunsetted or repealed.  Without the will to fight for freedom, well, you know the rest.

Banner Day For Hopheads In Vermont

Vermont gives a hand to the Phish fans and the cops and the courts by decriminalizing marijuana.  I mean, it's better than nothing and a little step is a somethin'. 

Virag's Movie Reviews: Jack Reacher (2012)

Why exactly is Tom Cruise in movies?  Once he was a superstar, and I can't figure that one out either.  Top Gun?  Regardless, Jack Reacher has more awkward and poorly delivered comedy than even Tommy Wiseau could manage on his best day.  Rosamund Pike looks very plastic and tired in this flick; it would have been impossible to cast any known primate and find less chemistry with Cruise than Pike can scare up.  The great character actor Richard Jenkins looks bored and is completely wasted here, as is David Oyelowo.  The biggest problem with this film is certainly not that Cruise is much more Tyrion Lannister-sized than he is Jack Reacher-sized.  At least if Peter Dinklage had been cast as Reacher, he could have brought some actual skilled actin' to the extravaganza.  The filmmakers are very proud of the Tom Cruise-driven chase scene, but by that the time that pops up, any sentient viewer probably didn't care.

Samantha Power And The Crystal Ball

Counterpunch had this conservative takedown of Samantha Power in 2009.  Unfortunately, Power will be subject to more scrutiny from the wingnut and teabagger types because of her husband than because of any policy or political position.  Certainly she's one of the rock-ribbiest of the rock-ribbed establishment and will fit right in no matter how much the paranoid asshole contingent squawk. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Was Tempted To Believe

Susan Rice Gets Hers

Obama should have been fucking with the Republicans like this since the day after the 2008 election.  Instead, we get mostly capitulation flecked with the occasional middle finger.  Susan Rice is a hale and hearty fuck you to the Fox "News" cocksuckers out there, and that's awesome.  The fact that a vile bitch like K.T. McFarland thinks Rice will fail gives me some small hope for success, since McFarland was an enthusiastic fluffer of the biggest asshole to ever serve as NSC adviser, Henry Kissinger.  Anyone who thinks Kissinger deserved anything short of firing squad is worthless piece of shit.

MSNBC As Liberal As Obama? Duh.

Double duh.  MSNBC is not at all liberal, in any reasonable sense of the word, and is in fact as conservative as the political and media establishment are.  But it is useful to note that MSNBC is going to be properly aligned with the objectives of the American Empire regardless of which of glorious, rock-ribbed conservative political party occupies the White House.  Fox "News" has a much more subtle mission promulgating Koch-sucking propaganda and promoting pervasive general ignorance of everything, while MSNBC is much more a straight-forward mouthpiece of the political establishment.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chris Christie Sucks For Ever And Ever

Fuck that Moby Dick-looking Koch-sucker.  The establishment media can't get enough of sucking Christie's sweaty ball sack, but the truth is a fuck of a lot uglier.  And his conduct with the special election should not be legal, but it is; Christie is showing what a fucking hypocrite he is by wasting a shitload of NJ money on an unnecessary election.  It would be nice to see some actual backlash against this motherfucker.

Frakking The Assholes From FrackNation

Steve Horn gets down and dirty exposing the Paddy cocksuckers Koch-suckers who made the vile propaganda bullshit called FrackNation.  That's pretty cool; I was sickened by those bastards earlier this year, and the more light that gets shined on those vermin, the better off we will all be.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Orphan Black And Doctor Who Cares

Orphan Black gave up on the tension and paranoia and isolation pretty quickly; I understand that they didn't want to get boring for the viewers, but I was hoping for more of PKD sense of disconnection for a while longer.  Still, the next season promises to be a bit of chase, chasing the bad guys, chasing the kid, realizing that every single person in the world is on on the conspiracy and every fourth person is a clone.  (I'm pretty sure that the discovery of the patent info in the DNA would make you go right for Gloria Allred and as much tee vee exposure as possible since both human cloning and slavery are both illegal and unpopular; get on the tee vee and let the reactionary loons go fucking crazy and that would be that.)

Meanwhile, Doctor Who just kinda petered out; between Neil Gaiman and Steven Moffat, I just didn't really care anymore.  Mostly, it was a waste of Jenna-Louise Coleman.  Watching the classic episodes proves one really important thing.  The Doctor should never have been turned into a god-like superhero.  Instead of holding the fate of the universe in his hands, the Doctor should have been the most important person in the life of certain random people.  The stories work best as science fiction, not creation myth.  If The Doctor had never lived, the result should have been missing people, not missing planets.  By making every story so fucking overblown, the whole show lost its charm.  Oh, well, shows like Orphan Black and Copper are examples of what can be good with a tiny budget when you know how to tell a story, while Justified proves tee vee can be excellent entertainment.  Moffat can go fuck himself.

Belittling Darrell Issa

It's about time.  The Obama people, the Dems in Congress, and the national party Dems should have been brutalizing Darrell Issa all along.  Had they been doing their job, Issa would be an even bigger joke by now, but no, they let him fuck around all this time.  Nice job, assholes.