Thursday, February 28, 2019

So, That Nobel Prize Ain't Happening For The Fat Orange Fucker In The White House

The art of the deal.  Sad.  It turns out that Trump is as incompetent at diplomacy as he is at real estate.  Who knew?

If You Are A Baggatron Cocksucker, AOC Is The Scariest Person On Earth

The scared little boys at Free Repubic can't get away from AOC.  She owns them.  She is their worst nightmare.  And they want her to notice them and tell them they are handsome and strong and brave.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump.

Atrios Outs Van Jones As A Piece Of Shit Grifter From Way Back

Atrios says it was obvious that Van Jones was a grifter from day one.  I guess you could say he was always all about the Benjamins.  That fucking creep Jones should have known better after getting smeared by the racist GOP cocksuckers early on in the Obama administration, but when all you are doing is trying to steal as much money from as many suckers as you can, you don't give a fuck about anything.  Clearly Van Jones was a perfect student of Barack Obama's.

"Centrist" Incel Losers Like Tim Pool Are Just More-Tedious Conservatives

Revanchist reactionary beta cuck incel snowflakes without any of the charm are banal self-described centrists.  But they're really rock-ribbed right-wing fuckfaces too dumb to have even a defective personality.  These loser proud boys are the most pathetic species in the galaxy.

Thirsty Right-Wing Beta Incel Just Wants A Friend

This poor fucker just wants some attention, but he's not gonna get it.  AOC is not gonna drop her successful boyfriend for some ugly creepster on the internets no matter how much he begs.  If only Josh Bernstein had a friend who liked him.

Right Wing Incel Nerd Losers Are The Worst Fucking White Dudes

Oh, jesus frakking kay-rist on cinnamon toast, these fucking losers are the most tedious cunts in the known universe.  Don't these banal ass clowns have any social life at all.  (Narrator: no, they do not.)  Neckbeard is a thing.  Sad.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Epic Drive-By Fisking Of Internet Doof And "Writer" Alexandra Rowland

She started blocking everyone who dunked on her for the Eric Garlandesque inanity.  But one thing is for certain, Alexandra Rowland is a fucking fatuous dipshit.  But be sure to buy her "books".  They're "written" and "good" by an "author".  Jesus.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Silver Nagasawa Road Frame

Another Yellow Jersey frame.  If anyone had asked me, I would have voted for the purple, but the silver frame is cool as well.  (The purple frame has better pics, too.)

Purple Nagasawa Frame Was On Reddit Years Ago

Frakking weird, bro.  The interwebs is a trip.  Apparently, Yellow Jersey sold it originally.  From the looks of the bottom bracket, maybe it was a November 2004 build, the third frame that month.

And the silver road frame on the YJ site was the second that month.

Iirc, the silver and white Nagasawas were DBRK's bikes, at least for a while.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Chonker Charlie Poised To Challenge AOC In Primary

Giant tailless dog Charlie is clearly preparing to run against AOC in the next primary.  Even though he began his campaign last summer, Charlie is kicking into high gear with an unstoppable social media presence in early 2019.  Charlie seems to believe AOC will be as a big a pushover in the next election as she was on the street.

Friday, February 22, 2019


Bob Kraft, Whoremonger, Suddenly Sick Of So Much Winning

Bwhahahahahahahhahahahahhah.  Another brain genius magatard too stupid to not get arrested.  Bob Kraft, besides being rich and famous, was also famous and rich and certainly didn't need to go to Jupiter Florida rub-and-tug joint to find a prostitute.  Apparently he couldn't spell E-S-C-O-R-T-S-E-R-V-I-C-E.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump.

One Of The Most Important Rights In A Free And Just Society Is Every Woman's Right To Control Her Reproductive Life

Any society that does not allow every woman absolute freedom to control her body and her reproductive health does not deserve to exist.  Women, along with their partners and their doctors, are the only people who should be deciding what happens to any pregnancy.  No law should limit that right in any way.  Anyone who believes differently is a vile conservative fuckbag who has no business in our society.  Those grotesque reactionary fuckers should be shunned and shamed until they learn to shut the fuck up permanently.  Fuck all conservative men in their face holes now and forever, amen.

Too Bye To

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Holy Sweet Mother Of Fuck That Battaglin Is Fucking Grotesque

Jesus, no.  Sure it would be easy to dunk on that abortion for the color or the fork, but gods the chrome lugs are the worst fucking choice for that thing, atmo.  If your lugs are going to be clunkier than the original Columbus Max lugs, don't draw attention that way.  It's as if they learned nothing from graceful Max-tubed frames.  (Narrator: They didn't.)  Ditch the fork for an Enve.  Ditch the babyshit brown color.  No chrome lugs.  Paint the fork to match the frame.

Or even better, get a frame built with Max tubes.  Or get a frame made with Sachs over-oversized tubing and some proper lugs and proper matching steel fork with that great fork crown.  But this Battaglin?  Nah.

Amanda Marcotte Is Too Fucking Useless To Be A Corn Cob

Corn cobs drag Amanda Marcotte for being fucking stupid.  Not a good look to be a vile worthless Hillary dead-ender in 2019. 





Atrios Sez: "Quillette Is Dumber Than The Federalist"

Heh.  That fucking reactionary imbecile Quillette person Claire Lehmann cobbed herself wicked fucking hard.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump!

Armando Llorens Is One Of The Most Hopelessly Stupid Establishment Dems Ever

Today the Big Dumb Democrat is all about shitting himself over the lovely and talented Bernie Sanders because Hillary lost when everyone knows Bernie would have dismantled Trump.  Too bad, Armando.  You dummies did this to yourselves, and we are not shy about pointing and laughing at you retards at this point.  Fuck off.

Tucker Swanson Chicken Dinner McNear Carlson, Idiot, Is Ruthlessly Violated By Dutchman Rutger Bregman

Rutger Bregman goes Rutger Hauer all over Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, pride of St. George's and Trinity, two of America's premier non-competitive trust fund baby sleepaway camps, and jesus frakking christ on a polo pony, it is fucking hilarious.  Fucker Tucker is having a grand old time at first, laughing about the smarmy idiots at Davos and the rest of the vile global elite billionaires until Bregman reminds Carlson that he is part of the problem, and as a millionaire run by billionaires, a complete fucking stooge.  Carlson didn't like that one bit and has a hissy fit all over Bregman and apparently pisses himself off camera back in his studio.  Needless to say, Fucker Carlson is way too yuge of a pussy to show this on his Fucker Carlson Billionaire Jerk-Off Hour show.

Today, UNC Is Absolved Of All Sins

For like 36 hours or so.  Beating the hated Duke shitheads is a blessing to all decent and kind beings throughout the universe, and UNC is the most popular team in America. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Are There Any Bigger Cry Babies Than White Guy Comic Book Losers?

Jesus, these guys bitch nonstop.  Brie Larson sure seems to scare the shit outa these fucking losers.  Cool.  I guess I'll have to catch the flick opening weekend to own the MAGAtards.

If You Were The Most Unctuous Boot-Licker On Earth, You Would Be Tim Mullaney

There's never any dog shit on a rich man's boots when Tim Mullaney is around.  He can lick a boot clean and hop right up to hold the piss bucket with a ravenous grin on his face.  Mullaney loves guzzling the piss almost as much as loves licking the shit.

Gossip Kids Are Really Dumb Though

The Gossip Kids Girl's Political Club are dummies, too.  It's almost like they're typical lame-brains who don't know shit about anything but love to jerk each other off.  Weird.  Even a boring centrist like Bernie Sanders is way too much for them to handle.  Sad.

J Mascis Fan Club Meeting Downstairs

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Common Sense Centrist Bernie Sanders Is The Best Choice In 2020

Sanders is a better choice than any other we're likely to get in this century.  But never forget that Bernie Sanders is a straight down the middle centrist with common-sense, popular, pragmatic ideas and not at all a leftist.  Single payer healthcare and tuition free post secondary education and all the rest of that shit are all obvious, centrist positions that are so anodyne that they should be beyond politics.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Candy Action

Happy Day! That Racist Piece Of Shit Pat Caddell Is Finally Dead

68 years too late, but a dead racist reactionary fuckwit is better than a live racist reactionary fuckwit every fucking day.

It's odd how so many life-long rock-ribbed establishment conservative Dems suddenly became ostentatious bowel movement conservative allies after that spearchucker porch monkey black guy African American fellow got elected, even though he was more conservative than any white mainstream Dem.  Weird.

Kyle Smith Is A Baggatron Cocksucker Who Is Dumber Than Dog Shit

Or maybe he's just lying, but I don't think so.  Kyle Smith does not seem like he's bright enough to be able to lie about something.  He's a fucking idiot.  He thinks AOC led the fight against Amazon's boondoggle.  He thinks that they would have created 25,000 jobs at $150k each.  Kyle Smith is dumber than dog shit.  And AOC wins again.  Thanks, Trump!

Friday, February 15, 2019

What Does Stephin Merritt Say?

Can We Pray To Jesus Frakking Christo Who We Love So Much That Paul Manafort Dies In Prison?

If there any gods who love us so fucking much, Manafort never again seeing daylight as a free man would be oh so nice.  Manafort's not the worst guy ever like Kissinger, but he's really fucking awful, so him dying in prison would be grand.  Also seize every fucking penny he has and leave his entire family destitute.  Please jesus and whoever fucking else the fundie cockbags belive in.  Please.

If A Squealing Fucktard Who Was Dumb Enough To Call HIMSELF Hindrocket Calls You Stupid

You are probably pretty fucking smart.  Plenty of racist reactionary failsons like John Hinderaker sure seem pretty fucking worried about AOC and the rest of the progressive congressional freshman cohort.  I mean, we know Hinderaker and his ilk are completely wrong as wrong can be about everything and are racist reactionary tools, but jesus frakking christy, AOC sure does a job on them.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump.

Ann Coulter Is Mad At Trump

In Trump we trust.  Poor ole horseface is not pleased with her orange shitgibbon right now.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump!

BRUTAL Drive-By Fisking Of The Execrable Paul Simon

Fucking wonderful.  What a way to take a quick, deserved hot rancid shit all over right-wing fuckface Paul Simon.  Gotta say that Miami Steve Little Steven Van Zandt has more than made up for his unfortunate Bruce Springsteen association.  Also, Graceland is completely fucking awful and one of the worst albums ever.  Gods it sucks huge moose cock.

So, Mexico Is NOT Paying For The Wall?

I was sure that Trump said Mexico was payin' for the wall, a big beautiful strong verile not comically tiny impotent wall, but now?  So, was Trump cucked by Mexico worse than he was cucked by Nancy Pelosi?  Is that possible?  Is Trump just the world's biggest pussy?  Or does he like eating shit and being humiliated in public?  That last thing probably.

Boys Town

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Raise Matt Kuchar's Taxes

Now.  Kuchar is obviously a fucking prick who needs to pay way more than he does in taxes.  After not winning for four years, anybody with half a brain would have paid that 10% to that club caddie that fucking day.

Barbara Lee Fucks Up Bad

Badly, even.  Barbara Lee has been shit on Kamala Harris for a long time, and the CBC has been fucking shooting themselves in the dick for an even longer time.  Very bad politics for America, even if it's working for Rep. Lee.  Kamala Harris is a cop.  A bad cop.

Bezos Washington Post Reactionary Hack And Vile Shitbag Glenn Kessler, Also Corn Cob

Right-wing fuckface Glenn Kessler should delete his account.  Sucking the dick of genocidal war criminal Elliott Abrams is not a way to make friends in decent society.  Great way to turn yourself into a corn cob, though.  100 Pinochets!

FYI, Bezos Post's Dave Weigel Has Not Mentioned Bezos Post Elliott Abrams Defender Glenn Kessler Today

Kinda weird. Maybe Weigel didn't hear about that stuff with Elliot Abrams and Glenn Kessler.  Or maybe the Post sinecure is more important than integrity.  Probably that.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Stand Tall

Ilhan Omar, The Greatest Congressperson Ever, Brutalizes Elliott Abrams

What a beautiful thing to see.  Ilhan Omar channels her rage at the cowardice of Nancy Pelosi and the rest of those shitbag Dems and proceeds to sodomize vile war criminal Elliott Abrams right there in front of the whole fucking world.  Brilliant.

Paul Manafort Is Now So Fucking Sick Of All The Winning For Sure

I guess that fucking miserable cocksucker Paul Manafort will never see another day as a free man.  That would be pretty fucking wonderful all around.

Kelly Magsamen: Corn Cob

And heinous evil bitch.  Jesus christ, anyone who defends Elliott Abrams deserves his punishment as well.  This fatuous neoliberal Kelly Magsamen shitbag sucks major ass.  The motherfucking Center for American Progress is a gods damned cesspool.

David Dayen On SuperTrains!

David Dayen kicks through the rubble of the Cali high-speed rail debacle.  The key takeaway is that projects need to be pushed on schedule and not allowed to be fought mile by mile by opponents.

The future awaits.

Mark Kelly Would Make An Excellent Dem Senator From Arizona


And a test pilot and shit.  There's no way that skeevy bitch Martha McSally can beat that with her dumb shtick.

Arizona already has one completely shitty Dem Senator in Kyrsten Sinema so the astronaut would be an upgrade by default.  And for Arizona, he'd probably be as good as we could hope.

Darla Shine Is A Stupid Evil Cunt And Her Husband Works In The White House

Vaccinate your kids you dumb motherfuckers.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Choke Channel

AOC And Her Staff Should Have Leaned Into The 'Unwilling To Work' Phrase; Dave Weigel Is Wrong Again

Had AOC's office asked me, I would have said the wording is too stark for shithead America, and I would have advised a change to some anodyne bullshit about income security for all.  Same idea, but not the sort of thing that makes idiots upset.  However, once it was out there, AOC and her advisors should have gone for it, telling everyone that the less than one percent of Americans who would sit around all day drinking coffee or smoking weed instead of working deserve dignity and money and food and security and shit, and that any lazy teabagging fuckface who quits their job to go on Basic Income is welcome to it because some eager young progressive will be happy to take that job, thank you very much.  Plus, giving stoned surfer dudes money even if they don't feel like working is still a sound economic policy because it stimulates local economies with a well-documented and well-understood, for anyone who is not a conservative, multiplier effect.  Weigel is wrong that AOC's staff only meant older working-class folks near the end of their working lives who might not want to learn a difficult new skill set for Google.  Unfortunately, AOC's failure to stand up makes Weigel and the rest of the Bezos Post jerkoff pissboy types think they're right about somethin'.  Sad.

Byron York? Corn Cob

Sad, little corn cob.  York is pretty fucking dumb, as the GOP has been having a non-stop hissy fit of bullshit investigations since Jan. 2009, so rock on you stupid motherfuckers.  And make the poor-ass orange shitgibbon release his pathetic little taxes, too.

Monday, February 11, 2019


Rep. Ilhan Omar Did Nothing Wrong

And should not apologize for anything.  Israel and Saudi Arabia and everyone else with enough cash do their damnedest to buy-off the US government and influence policy.  That's not anti-Semitic.  Criticizing AIPAC is not anti-Semitic, either.  Fuck the Dem leadership and these stupid fucking newspapers for carrying Israel's pissbucket.  Fuck AIPAC, too.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Noises On, Motherfrakker

Libby Watson And The Gossip Kids Go All-In On Single Payer

Good for them. Fight for your rights.  Watson is correct that a public option or buy-in bullshit is not good enough now.  Obammy had the chance and fucked it up for everyone, so now the only thing to do is just get the single-payer type plan going ASAPylike. 

John LeFevre Proves We Have A Never-Ending Supply Of Baggatron Cocksuckers Who Are Dumber Than Dog Shit

Dumber than dog shit.  LeFevre is a two-bit grifter who somehow thinks talking shit about AOC will get him a lucrative GOP pissboy concession.  I think the GOP can do better.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Stephen Miller's Lifestyle Anthem

Poor Stupid Candace Owens' Career As An Uncle Tom For The Fox Generation Is Not Going So Well

It's pretty fucking obvious that Candace Owens is a big brain very stable genius.  And not at all a braying fucking lunatic.  Not. At. All.  That Hitler guy, tho.

Patrick Ruffini Is The Exemplar Of Fatuous Morons Who Staff The GOP

This screaming fucktard cobs himself without evening knowing what he's doing.  The GOP elected and appointed officials are routinely the stupidest people on the fucking planet, yet their staff seemingly impossibly are uniformly worse.  Patrick Ruffini is a proud racist reactionary Republican.  He's also an utter fucking buffoon.  Red State and Clown Hall, Bush/Cheney, and bowel movement conservatism, Ruffini is the perfect GOP fucktard.

Curt Schilling Is So Fucking Sick Of All That Winning! Bigly!!

Yuge HOF teabagging pussy!  So much winning for Curt Schilling.  Too bad everyone knows now what a nasty fucking racist reactionary creep he is.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Super Star

Exceptional American GOP Anthem

Frisky Fish-In-Barrel Prager U Fisking

Good times.  The cottage industry of dragging Dennis Prager on YouTube is probably the most worthwhile American innovation in at least a century.  Thank you, jesus.


Loathsome Baggatron Cocksuckers Have A Sad Over John Roberts

The vile teabagging fuckfaces are apoplectic over the dumb Louisiana abortion TRAP law.  It's fun to watch a fuck ton of old racist white men get all hissy over jesus and the unborn babies every time they lose.  John Roberts is the bad guy this time because he doesn't want to go down as a bugfuck insane rock-ribbed reactionary full-retard Chief Justice like that racist cocksucker William Rehnquist.  Heh, indeedy.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Maybe The Dumbest Thing About Elite Colleges You Could Read Today

Dumb. Very dumb.  People born in 1978 or earlier might remember when Stanford was about as exclusive as the University of Miami, but it would probably be considered bad form to bring that up in 2019.  The elite cohort at Harvard is less than 10% of the student body; they need to make room for the athletes and the legacies and famous kids and the children of the oligarchs and the children of the dictators.  There are just as many smart, hardworking kids at UMass Boston as at Harvard, measured as a percentage of the total number of students.  Maybe more at UMass Boston.  The difference is that most of the kids at Harvard are extremely wealthy and connected.

If you want to find out what the kids at the best college think about Harvard and Stanford and the rest, talk to some of the beautiful people at Williams.

QTards: Fuck Them

QAnon Lunatics Are Also Fundie Jesus Freaks

Qtard = screaming christian fundamentalist asshole.  I guess nobody should be surprised that someone dumb enough to believe jesus was real will also believe that this QAnon insanity is real, too.  Sad.  Thanks, Trump!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Serge

We Should Hire The Mountain Lion Choker To Deal With Conservatives

Conservatives, racists, MAGAtards, revanchists, Republicans, all those reactionary right-wing fuckbags are way worse than bitey cougars.

The QAnon Tards Are Utterly Broken

Trump being cucked by Nancy Pelosi again at the SOTU has obliterated the Qtards.  They are some sad motherfuckers, but let's not miss a chance to point and laugh at them while thinking about just how stupid and lonely you would have to be to worship that fat orange shitgibbon.  No mass arrests, no military tribunals, no firing squads, and no gay racist wall, ever. 

Looks Like We Got A Lot Of Not Very Smart Brothers Up In This Place

Stephen A. Crockett, Jr.: not very smart brother.  Sad.  Hating on Sanders is the surest sign you're a fucking utter dipshit, whether you're black, white, brown, blue, green, purple, striped.  Is it racist to want African Americans to be better at this shit than whites?  Maybe.  And too fucking bad.  Sanders is the most popular politician in America for a reason, but certain clowns always gotta be too stupid for their own good.

Matty Yglesias Is Too Dumb To Be A Corn Cob

This trust fund baby and friend of Ezra Klein is a fucking dope.  Anybody who thought that inbred Kennedy idiot was good is a fucking imbecile.

Josh Marshall Is A Soft-Headed Simp? SHOCKING!!

Shocking.  Sure Josh Marshall is a supporter of universal health care, but he's also a supporter of banal porn.  But more than anything, Josh Marshall is a boot-licking careerist focused on being the bestest neoliberal pissboy anyone has ever seen.

Weird LeMond Bikes Thing Going On With Washoe Frames In Stock

So, according to twits, the current LeMond company, whatever it really is, has 60 Washoe steel frames in stock, unpainted, but is not actively selling them and somehow asking $550 over 2015 retail price for old stock frames.  That makes no sense.  Fucking weird.


Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Sanders' response was a vicious fisking of Trump.  Bernie Sanders has been a leader on all of the most important issues facing the USA for decades.  Sanders did not back down and reveled in dragging Trump over healthcare, foreign policy, wages, climate change, Social Security, freedom, reproductive choice, immigration, and Trump's racist wall.  It was fucking beautiful.  Sanders is the best candidate again.  Feel the Bern.

Stacey Abrams From The Center For American Progress

Stacey Abrams and Neera Tanden. Fucking lovely.  I guess Abrams is collecting a check from those vile neoliberal fucksticks.  If Abrams wins the Senate race in 2020, that would be pretty okay, so...

Trump's Also A Yuge Pussy

The SOTU was a speech given by someone who was so totally cowed by his recent failures--and creeping senility--that he couldn't even defend himself against Pelosi, his cronies against Mueller, or his stupid racist wall against sanity.  Sad.

Trump Is Literally Retarded

An actual mental-defective.  And the MAGAtards who support him unthinkingly are every bit as bugfuck inane as he is.  Trump can barely read the teleprompter even though they shortened the words and dumbed-down the speech as a whole to a first-grade level.  Jesus.

Chris Cillizza Is An Idiot

Good thing CNN has yuge money to pay for this trenchant analysis.  Unfortunately, too many Washington establishment types are at least this fucking stupid, so a confederacy of dunces would be a wicked yuge upgrade.

Darkness 'N Doubts

Liz Crokin Seems Nice

This idiot Crokin thinks Q is going to deliver some arrests of Obama and Clinton and other pedophile cannibal Satanists.  Cool story.  Liz Crokin is a prototypical MAGAtard and should not be allowed anywhere near sane people.

Wayne Allyn Root Is A Very Stable Big Brain Genius

You only wish you were this smart.  Wayne Allyn Root sees things normies can't.  He's a sooper genius.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

A Shit Day For America When Those MAGA Cocksuckers The Patriots Win The SuperBowl

Fucking cheat to win Patsies are the MAGA hats of the NFL.  Fucking shit day for 'Murka.

Keep It Up, Sherrod Brown

Calling Trump what he is, a hateful racist cunt, is top quality Democratic Party strategy.  Guess what, Dems, the greasy toothless teabagging racist cockbags are never gonna vote for you, so roast Trump as thoroughly as you can.  Tell the truth, win elections.

Friday, February 1, 2019

You Don't Get Paid To Think

That Free First Episode Of Star Trek: Discovery Was Screamingly Awful

Putting the episode on YouTube was not a great way to gain subscribers.  It was horrifyingly bad.  The show is a shitstorm.  Pike is great as long as you don't let him talk; once he opens his mouth, the actor kills Pike.  Axanar proved it would have been possible to make a pew-pew Star Wars type Star Trek that didn't completely suck, but the Discovery bunch are just fucking hacks.  I'm surprised Ronald D. Moore isn't a part of this.  Rick Berman.  He sucks moose cock.  They shoulda added him too.  This CBS thing is at least as grotesque an abortion as the J.J. Abrams dreck.  Nice job.

If Twits Knew A Thing

They'd know one thing.  Jesus, steel frames have been around for like years and shit.  Wiggle's FrameSaver almost as long.  Fuck.