Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vintage Green Kvale

As a single speed.  That's the way to finish up your year and begin the new.  Mazal tov.

Colorado Hopheads

Tomorrow is a brave new world for hopheads in Colorado.  With any luck, Colorado will be the start of complete legalization for the entire USA, and a first step in dismantling the prison industrial complex and asinine war on drugs.

Texas A&M Makes All Of America Duke Fans

For three hours.  Now THAT'S a fucking christmas miracle.  (Fucking Chik-fil-a sucks donkey balls regardless.)

Home Depot Is A Cesspool

Go to fucking Lowe's; as far as you know, they are not as reprehensible as Home Depot.  Home Depot fucking sucks.

The Disastrous 401K Retirement Experiment

A great majority of Americans are fucked fucked fucked.  The demise of the defined-benefit pension and the failure to increase and expand Social Security during a conversion to defined-contribution 401k-type retirement plans is the next big catastrophe to plague the United States--and it is coming faster than many think.  We are gonna have to do a shitload of on-the-fly creations and expansion of public pensions, but most certainly will only do that AFTER the problem gets as bad as it can be; it would be a great idea to dismantle the 401k laws and do whatever necessary to put all that money into passively-managed public retirement plans which KEEPS THE MONEY AWAY FROM THE BANKSTERS.  Again, this will not happen until the suffering peaks because that's the American way. 

Another fun fact: since almost nobody in the 99% will be able to afford to retire, they keep working till they die and keep younger workers from getting those jobs, thus keeping the unemployment rate higher than it should be.  Fan-fucking-tastic.

Just Shoot Me

I'm trying to arrange a gift for a kid (not mine, but mine had the idea) of a pink mini Strat, and of course, the local Fender shop can't get 'em for a while because of some bullshit with something.  Dammit.  I try to do right by the local guys, but they are fucking killing me.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Brite Lite

Palestine In 2014

Will 2014 be the year Palestine finally replaces Israel in the middle east?  Nope, probably not, but the brave freedom fighters in Palestine, especially the secular ones, should be given every possible support in replacing the fundamentalist apartheid state of Israel with a democratic Palestine in a single-state solution where every man and woman is guaranteed civil and voting rights regardless of their personal belief system.

Republicans ARE Getting Stupider

Apparently, Republicans go to Jupiter to get more stupider.  Evolution is one of those things that scares the shit of fundie teabagger assholes, but those of us who have more than a couple of brain cells to rub together don't worry too much about it; the question is settled for anybody who gets it, atmo.  Science is only hard if you are fucking idiot, as the rank and file Republicans prove every gods-damned day.

2013 Was Pretty Fucking Good For Canada

Even getting rid of Ted Cruz might not be able to top it.  Crack-fueled raging kaiju Rob Ford will probably not have as good of a 2014, unless of course he decides to move to the U.S. and become mayor of Jacksonville or governor of Arkansas. 

Josh Barro: The Latest Star In That Odd Subset Of Political Celebrity Andrew Sullivan Took To The Bigtime

The young, gay, conservative columnist.  Sullivan made it a career when he came to the U.S.; Barro comes from a family of conservative privilege.  He's not so bad on the tee vee, though.


The Best Day In The History Of Canada

2014 is looking pretty fucking good for Canada; they will rid themselves of responsibility for the puss-filled boil that is Ted Cruz.  Canada's gain is America's loss however.  I recommend giving Texas back to the Mexicans, gratis. 

Good Dayz And Bad Dayz

A Freekin' Miracle?

Could the pathetic Democrats really want to run hard and win for once?  Minimum wage is a good fucking start?  The 2014 campaign has been on for more than a year, but the sad-sack Democrats haven't noticed.  If they take the popular positions and run hard, that would be a true fucking christmas miracle.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shallow Makes Graves

Iggles Or Cowboys

Dallas is just the sort of team that can make anyone a temporary Iggles booster.

Scott Brown Is A Serious Idiot

He's the fucktard's fucktard.  Nice job, Massholes.

Virag's Movie Reviews: We're The Millers (2013)

Jesus, comedy is hard.  It must be because this wasn't funny.  Wouldn't Jennifer Aniston be the world's oldest stripper?  She looked as fake as the fake rubber snake-bit frank and beans.  Please don't have strippers in your movie without nudity.  That's just dumb.  With this flick, the director Rawson Marshall Thurber has proven he is fully qualified to be the terrible and unfunny Judd Apatow's piss boy.  At best, We're the Millers was like From Dusk till Dawn without Clooney and Tarantino, Up in Smoke without the dopey comedy, and What Alice Found without the good parts. 

Fun Recycled Andy Rourke Interview

The Daily Beast is generally awful, but this piece of filler is pretty fun.  Rourke sounds like he has his shit together at last, and Morrissey was clearly an insufferable ass since day one.  Stiffing the other guys on the money is especially ugly.  The only way to run a band is equal shares for everyone: share royalties and performance and tour earnings and expenses equally.  The post-Smiths years have proven that Morrissey and Marr were never as good without Rourke and Joyce; it was kinda a major fuck-up to kill that cash cow so quickly.  This is an interesting comparison with the way John Lydon treats the people he works with; Lydon cultivated this character of a snotty, insufferable asshole but was honest and fair, while Morrissey really was a snotty, insufferable asshole. 

Shining A Little Light On Reverse Mortgages And Other Scams

Relieving confused old people of the possession of their money is a revered America tradition, as the ubiquitous reverse mortgage commercials on Fox can attest.  It's good to see more people starting to talk about this bullshit; reverse mortgages are only the latest scheme cooked up to steal from the old, the desperate, and the infirm.  The entire disintegration of Medicare is part of it, too, with the toxic privatization and needlessly complex and expensive supplementary benefit plans--all of which should be included in a true comprehensive program which has no for-profit insurance components whatsoever.  Come to think of it, this would make an excellent campaign theme for any Dems who wanted to help people AND win elections!

Benghazi Will Always Be A Litmus Test For Insane Assholes

And it's not just Fox "News".  In the wake of the big Times story, the bugfuck crazy teabagging fuckwads have lost their shit, as seen at the evil and the stupid backwaters of interwebs insanity.  Read some of the comments if you have the gumption, and consider that these are the people out their taking up space and wasting oxygen and carrying guns around your children and house pets.  Happy New Year, boys and girls.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Deep Pretty

Working' Progress: Long Distance Voyagers

Not sleeping too much was not too much of a problem for the most part, but it sure as shit meant that Dillon was clear headed--or at least what passed for lucid for him at any given time--and awake too often to talk to manic-depressive diva's like Jay Kramer when he should have been sleeping.  Or something.  Evie was good for that.  Having her in his bed helped him sleep nicely; fucking her was even more effective.  He was constantly, mostly constantly, sometimes, wondering how much he should be doing with her, but everything so far had been pretty successful, considering, and Evie was certainly not shy with sharing details and taking about her sexuality.  He understood, sorta, how she was feeling, and how she was a little bit, maybe way more than a little bit, confused, confounded, whatever, and also feeling a little bit betrayed.  And alone, probably, far from home.  Dillon knew that Evie was a bit let down by her friend Lily--or was feeling that way, anyway--because Lily had apparently been acting out with men, boys, and having lots and lots of normal, straight, sex.  This was the Lily who had brought Evie out here more than anyone else, the Lily who had been a fuck bunny in high school and then a purported queer warrior fucking other chicks, blah, blah, blah, who was now getting the dick regularly.  After Evie's last two years, it was probably really weird; Dillon would cop to that.  Evie wasn't a fuck bunny in high school; Tom was still not sure how much she'd ever been with a guy, and she was fucking 24 now.  She was celibate gay in high school, more or less.  She was involved with another student back at home in California, but Dillon wasn't sure how much sex they really had.  Then there was the big two years off, working with the band her sister's girlfriend was in, with a serious relationship.  Still, it was odd for Dillon because Evie was still talking about how many people she had kissed in her life.  That was fucked up for a 24 year old woman in college.  And was that serious relationship with a woman who had a boyfriend who was not out on the road with them?  Some shit like that.  As usual, he should have been paying more attention.  But whatever.  She was just a shy person, with shit like that, he guessed, because she was fucking hot and got wet as fuck from his slightest touch.  He'd found her soaking, dripping, no matter how quickly he got between her legs.  She loved to kiss, and even if she seemed unfamiliar with dicks, she was more than accommodating, more than...he didn't know what.  She seemed pretty fucking horny.  She just hadn't fooled around much, he guessed. 

And sometimes, in flashes of lucid decency, Dillon was disgusted with himself.  It didn't matter if he looked 20 and felt 200; he was 37 fucking years old.  He needed to get the fuck out of this town.  He needed to decide whether to hide in plain sight or run to some shitty backwater hideout and play out the string.  Yes, he had been lucky to make it through the last four years and had done well wasting this much time.  Sure he had been lusting after that curvy blonde for a couple of years, but Dillon was much more comfortable with Eva when she appeared to be treating him as an object.  He wasn't sure he was able to commit even the effort needed to get to know her, and he was pretty sure he didn't want to.  Not Providence.  Not Santa Fe.  Boulder.  Boulder was the key.  It was not good to stay here, get a job with the state or one of the clowns practicing small law in town.  Really, Dillon suspected he should in fact take Joe Fallon up on his offer and plan to waste some time in New York or Washington.  No fucking way he was going to take a position in California--working in the same office where Justine had been a partner?--fucking Los Angeles again?--but if he played that out, he could easily spend a half dozen years arousing no suspicion of anything and then just bolt to Boulder or Perth or wherever.

Federal Economic Malpractice

Now that the extended UI benefits are ended, at least a few elected politicians realize just how fucked they are, let alone the people without jobs.  The rich fuckers in the House and Senate don't give a flying fuck about the middle class and lower class working and unemployed folks, but their own gigs could be in trouble if the economy tanks.  For the national elected idiots, it doesn't really matter that they are clueless, evil shitheads; even if they don't care about the individuals who will suffer, they should be able to understand the macro issues and see that the abrupt cut-off will harm the larger economy--THAT IS THEIR GODS-DAMNED JOB.  Continuing the payment of UI benefits is the right thing to do for the country and the economy as a whole; the fact that it also helps middle and lower class folks who are unemployed is just like a delicious icing on the fucking giant shit cake.  The political and economic calculations should encourage the majority of the House and Senate to do the right thing; let the teabaggers like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul go fuck themselves. 

Then, the short-term stimulus should continue with an expansion of food stamps and social security right away in order to get this economy going.  In the intermediate term, a big boost in the minimum wage will act as a stimulus to create jobs.

Don't hold your breath.

Nightmares Come True

It's happening!  David Simon doing a Pogues musical can only mean that a Pogues biopic is so much more likely, and if Paul Giamatti is cast as Shane, then the gods-damned universe will implode, and my scariest nightmare will be made manifest...

Hilarious Praise For NCIS Which I Think Is A Put-On

I think Walt Brasch is fucking around with his praise for NCIS, but bringing up Jim Garner clouds it a bit.  I mean, NCIS?  Really?  No fucking way.  Wasn't NCIS a spin-off of JAG, the show where the guy was a Navy lawyer and SEAL and F-18 pilot and Naval Intelligence officer and shit who saved the world every week in 44 minutes?  I never actually saw it, but I heard from a reliable source that old ladies loved JAG the same way they used to love Magnum P.I.  Is NCIS really the top show on the tee vee in America?  I've never seen that show either, but I get the feeling we're fucking fucked if that is what is popular.  NCIS?  Jeez.

We Demand An End To Liquor Ads On Television And Claire Forlani

All of the inane tequila and vodka ads didn't do it, but Claire Forlani did.  We must re-ban liquor ads on the tee vee in order to save ourselves from those dispiritingly awful Dewar's adverts.  Since Forlani doesn't do movies anymore, even Kevin Smith movies, if we outlaw liquor ads, we will be safe from that atrocious, mouth-full-of-marbles accent and Giamatti-esque scenery-chewing.

Pop Strong

Greenwald Shoulda Mentioned That MSNBC Isn't Even Trying To Be A 24 Hour News Network

It's fine to rag on MSNBC for Obama fluffing, but the big deal is that the fucking channel is half prison fetish videos; unless and until the network commits to being an actual news channel with 24 hour news and opinion programming with decent tee vee people like, say, Keith Olbermann and Alec Baldwin--even if they puss out and continue the pathetic Obama fluffing as the main theme--they can't even pretend to being anything other than an NBC company garbage dump.

Fun First Person New Jersey Story

Apparently somebody from Jersey trusts Josh Marshall enough to send along a fun anecdote about life in the Garden State.  Moby Dick  Chris Christie might get fucked over this asinine bridge thing, but that would only be the latest in a long history of slimy shit Christie's been gobbling since forever.  Nothing that fat piece of shit does or did should ever surprise anyone.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Keep On You

Ben Carson Is Still The Best Argument Against Affirmative Action Ever

Ward Connerly is one of the biggest Uncle Tom cocksuckers in human history, but he is right about one thing: without affirmative action, some white guy would have become a doctor in place of Ben Carson, and America would have been spared Carson's rancid idiocy. 

Robert Cray, Yes. Eric Clapton, No.

Cray is the blues rock guitar dude and singer Clapton always wished he was.

John Miller: Your Establishment Media Police State At Work

Your asshole of the day winner John Miller is going back on the job.  His other job for the cops, not his job on the tee vee.  This is the idiot who stage-managed the NSA infomercial disguised as what passes for tee vee journalism at 60 Minutes.  This job can be considered the latest in a long line of payoffs to Miller for faithful service to the police state.  Look for him on Fox "News" sometime in 2019.

Reno's Own Rambler And Reno's Own Roland Della Santa

The one and only Reno Rambler signal boosts a fun interview with framebuilder Roland Della Santa.  Della Santa the dude is quite entertaining; Della Santa frames are freeking wicked awesome.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fun Q & A With The Mekons

From the film premier.  I don't think that Susie says a single word in this, but Steve Goulding seemed to be enjoying his opportunity to have a bit of fun with gabby ole Jon Langford.

A Revenge Of The Mekons Review

From Hollywood, so you know it sucks is good it's something.  I can't wait for the DVD of this fucking thing to arrive. 

And a good one. The reviewers who have no fucking clue who the Mekons are can't really do a decent review of the flick.  This is much better.

Doctor Who Special Rates A Huge Meh, But Paul McGann Was On The Tee Vee

The Dr. Who special was pretty awful.  I had no use for Matt Smith, but Jenna Coleman has really been getting better, and neither of them had much to do in the show.  I was pretty stoked to see the Paul McGann webisode at the beginning of the 50th repeat, though; that was cool.  Probably not the opening you expected.  Long before last night, we had seen way too many Dr. Who stories where the Doctor faces all the enemies at once but nothing too interesting happens.  It's past time to see the Doctor in stories that aren't about titanic existential battles, and instead are compelling and entertaining stories on a more believable scale.  Maybe the new guy is up to it in ways Matt Smith never could have been, and we will get some Dr. Who that is not so annoying and dumb.

Apparently Good Things Happened This Year

Today, the part of Miss Ray of Sunshine will be played by Medea Benjamin. 

Slagging On El Popo

Yes, he's still the fucking Pope, still the head of the fucking holy, catholic and apostolic church, and that makes him pretty gods-damned awful, but El Popo Francisco has done more to fuck with the worst of the worst of the reactionary fucktards around these parts than the previous two miserable pope bastards ever did.  That's somethin'.  Baby steps.  Today Fox "News" hates you, and maybe tomorrow you can really do some good.

Utah Might Be The Real Frakkin' Miracle

Utah is usually the shittiest of shitty places, full of cocksuckers like Mitt Romney, but this gay marriage thing out there just keeps on gettin' better!  This should be the end of the mindless marriage bigotry in the U.S.; now let's see some Dems out there in the rest of the fucking country hop on this bandwagon and win some gods-damned elections with this issue!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Virag's Movie Reviews: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

I know they spent a shitload more money on this thing, but I'm not sure it shows.  Once again, the interesting stories are not told, and we are stuck following the least likable and least interesting of the parts.  It is still hard to suspend disbelief and have the people in the movie living in such a purportedly brutal and violent milieu without blood, swearing, passion, or sex.  Katniss and Peeta and Gale are in their late teens, facing death, and yet they comport themselves like bizarrely immature oversized fourth graders.  An even passingly realistic Hunger Games flick would look like something of a mashup of Quentin Tarantino and Sam Peckinpah making a movie in 1971.  Definitely not for the kiddoes, and definitely not a cash cow.  The funnest thing in this film was Donald Sutherland looking like a hungry version of John Entwistle.

Pretty Nice Hall & Oates Fisking

Seems pretty mild, really.  Make no mistake, Hall & Oates are sublimely awful, and despite the fish-in-a-barrel aspect, it is always useful and right to shit on the likes of Hall & Oates, Billy Joel, Huey Lewis & The News...

Khodorkovsky's Release

This is pretty fucking shocking; I would love to know the real story on this.  I figured Khodorkovsky would never see the light of day again.  I wonder what promises he had to make?  There's always a price.

Dallas Versus Washington

This was a why can't they both lose situation if there ever was one, but they did not in fact both lose, so fuck you very much jesus.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Apparently, Valentine's Day Ain't Over

I truly believe that this is what J. Mascis's dreams sound like.

The person shooting this video should be shot, or at least beaten until they learn how to use the gods-damned zoom.  The sound from these shitty little cameras is surprisingly good though, especially considering this particular show was outside.

Update 2019: original video is gone.  Have this from 1992.

Has Kentucky Gov. Beshear Destroyed Mitch McConnell?

So, Governor Julian Bashir Martin Bashir Steve Beshear of Kentucky has the ACA working pretty well in his state thanks to Raylan Givens a solid state exchange and the Medicaid expansion, and that has made things extra tough for Mitch McConnell who is trying to hold onto his seat.  He's gonna get buttfucked by the teabagger running to his right in the primary, but the Democrat Alison Grimes--who is nothing special coming from a shitty rock-ribbed conservative Democratic establishment family, but it will be fun to watch Bitch McConnell lose--will be able to hammer him from the other side with the Obamacare successes in the state, so even if McConnell survives his primary, the Democrats should have an excellent chance of dispatching the current Minority Leader thanks to Gov. Beshear.

GWAR The Shimmy-Disc Years

Hilarious to see and hear GWAR in their Dead Kennedys phase. 

Can We Elect GWAR The Junior Senator From Kentucky In Place Of Rand Paul?

GWAR, the entire band, would make a more sensible, and entertaining, Libertarian from Kentucky than Rand Paul.

And let's remember that GWAR's first record was on Shimmy-Disc!

John Pilger On Australian Apartheid

I can say unequivocally that this shit is the sort of stuff we never hear much enough anything about in the United States; we don't talk about native people in North America, and we sure as shit don't talk about the native people anywhere else.  When Mandela died, the media was happy to make it sound like apartheid was ancient history, fixed, done, over, okay, bye-bye.  John Pilger has been talking and writing about the treatment of the first people for decades; the problem is not ancient history, and it is not going away.  We have been able to hide from these crimes for generations, but until we talk and debate and understand the history, our societies will continue to be fucked.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

4AD Was Busy

They made sure that a boatload of their old videos were up officially, so that's nice.  This Pixies thing is fun.

Oops, John Podesta Tells A Truth And Has To Apologize

Craven fucking weasel should not have apologized.  He was 100% on target.  This is fucking Obama, though, as well.  Obama should have had one of his surrogates with plausible deniability take up this theme and shout it all over the gods-damned tee vee to put the fucking Republicans on their heels, but no, nobody has the balls.

Wait, What? A Duck Dynasty Guy Is An Ignorant Bigoted Asshole?

No way!  I had no idea that fucking Christian asswhipe morons could be haters, too!  I'm shocked.  Tee vee sucks, and assholes like this fuck dynasty dipshit make it suck harder.

Virginia Concession: Hah Hah!

Mark Obenshain gives up. Excellent.  What I didn't realize is that he is the brother of that vile bitch Kate Obenshain, who is often seen regurgitating teabagging horseshit on Fox "News".

Virag's Movie Reviews: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

Before the two-hour mark, I had just given up.  This flick looked kinda cheap and flat, and there was so much tedious filler material that I just didn't care with about an hour to go.  This Hobbit movie was too tiresome and tiring to be enjoyable; it woulda been way better to leave it as that stupid cartoon.

I Like Roger Waters

His politics and support for Palestine are pretty fucking solid.  I knew that he was living in the United States these days, and he has been pretty up front in his views, which is good.  I like Roger Waters way more than I like most of his music.  Gilad Atzmon checks in to respond to the shit Waters has taken over his views.  Waters sounds like a pretty decent dude; if more of our rich and powerful artist types were as well-informed as Waters, maybe our would be a smidge better.

Old Klein Website

Hasn't been updated in 4evah, but there are some neat pics showing why Klein bikes are not around anymore.  These things were not my bag, but for a year or two, and for absolute cross-country racing only, they were a lightweight, if obscenely expensive, option.

Monday, December 16, 2013

How Long Until El Popo Francisco Comes To America To Personally Slap Antonin Scalia Upside The Head?

You know it's coming.  If Pope Francis keeps up his startlingly (for a gods-damned fucking pope, anyway) progressive agenda, it can't be long until he begins a world tour where he personally visits each of the biggest reactionary Catholic assholes on the planet and smacks each one of 'em on the head.  For Jesus.  And fun.  Fuck yeah!

Football Just Goes Better With Rape

This should be the last straw for the fucking Heisman.  How could these assholes even consider this fucking scumbag when, unlike the other candidates and winners, they KNEW what this guy was capable of before he got the fucking award.  Bastards.

Good News From Virginia Is Always A Surprise

But welcome nonetheless.  Flipping Virginia from the bugfuck crazy religious fundie asswhipes to rock-ribbed establishment Democrats is not the greatest miracle evah, but better than losing. 

Interpreters And The CIA

The fake interpreter story is indeed too bizarre to be anything but a random derp from an astoundingly random universe, but the unbelievably high profile makes you feel like you are not getting the humor in some outlandish performance art or the best episode over of Bullshit, or Not?.  Lots of folks should feel relieved that the gibberish sign language was as bad as it got, because if it had turned ugly, the CIA and the rest of the U.S. security state would have done a bloody job of covering their asses. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

One Year After Newtown, America Should Just Throw Itself Off A Bridge

Nowhere else on Earth where we have good Christian civilized white people would we also have no new radical laws to prevent another Newtown shooting after a year has gone by.  Any other place living in the light of Jesus' love would have protected its children from gun death.  Any other decent country would have pulled its head out of its ass, given up on the self-deluding, idiot religious bullshit and faced gods-damned reality.  America is clearly incapable of rational action.  We can't manage an economy.  We can't figure out how to deliver health care.  And we can't keep our citizens safe from gun violence.  It really is time for national suicide, but we're too dumb as a group to be properly ashamed.

And Billy Jack

Tom Laughlin was 82!  Jeez.  It's a bad weekend to be an old actor, I guess.  The Billy Jack movies were pretty fun, though.

Peter O'Toole

Peter O'Toole in My Favorite Year is having so much fun without even breaking a sweat.  Great movie, well worth watching even if you have no idea who Peter O'Toole was when he was alive.

Rob Ford's Kaiju Rampage On The World's Dumbest Bike Forum

It looks like Rob Ford popped up on the Serotta Forum to cut loose with a cracked-fueled mini kaiju rampage, and of course the biggest dipshit teabagging motherfucker pops in to show that America is chock full of assholes as well.

Yeah! Cowboys Lose!

America's Team, fuck yeah!  Anytime the Cowboys lose, it is a good fucking day for America.  And Romo sucks huge moose cock.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Virag's Movie Reviews: White House Down (2013)

What the hell was wrong with James Woods in this movie?  He looked like some punter wearing a cheap James Woods rubber mask.  Jeez.  White House terrorist movies are awful, and this movie has at least three times as much awful than necessary.  The entire daughter and ex-wife thing was pointless and added to the awful.  The vice president stuff was worthless and added even more to the awful.  Sticking to the core story and Jamie Foxx riffing on Obama would not have made a good, believable, or entertaining movie, but at least it would have shown that they were trying. 

Megyn Kelly's Weird Defence Was Sad And Scary

It took Megyn Kelly's staff 48 hours to come up with something to say about her twisted racist tirade over Jesus and Santa, and they best they could do was "I was kidding".  Looking through her hollow eyes into her empty head as she desperately tried to aspire to creepy, unlikely humor as a justification for racist ignorance was equal parts pathetic and frightening.  She still has no idea what she did wrong, but 48 hours is not long enough to turn a nasty racist bimbo into a useful human being.

Electric Saab Chinese Staff Cars?

Will there really be a Chinese electric staff car with the name "Saab" on it?  That seems like a TMI right after they announce they built one regular car in Sweden.  I don't get it, but I think the truth is gonna be out pretty quickly now, and the Saab fanboys are gonna have to deal with the fact that Saab is only gonna be the name on some Chinese state industrial vehicles.

I Thought Even The Dimmest Bulbs Grokked Big Ed Schultz

Wait, what? Ed Schultz was a former Republican sports radio guy who wound up as a leftish talk radio guy and somehow got onto the tee vee.  Who didn't know this?  Olbermann said as much on the gods damned tee vee when Schultz first started on MSNBC!  It was a never a fucking secret, so what is so shocking?  Yes, Schultz is a fucking tool, but so is every other fucking douchenozzle on the cable tee vee.  Jesus, we are fucking dummies.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Isn't Bob Newhart Probably Pretty Much Senile?

He's gotta be like a hundred, right?  I mean, it would be nice if Newhart really slammed these Legatus assholes at their own event or went super public in refusing to appear with frothy bigots like Rick Santorum, but I don't have much faith that Newhart is up to that sort of genius at this point.

Of Course He Was Spying

Nobody was surprised when someone finally admitted that Robert Levinson was spying in Iran.  That doesn't even rate on the no shit scale.  The Iranians knew he was spying.  The American government knew he was spying.  Just because they said he wasn't doesn't mean that pretty much everyone didn't know it too.  Assholes.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friendly Girl

Portrait Of A Lady...Check That...Whore...Portrait Of A Whore

A syphilitic tee vee whore who thinks Santa and Jesus are really real white guys.  Jesus fucking christ, the Post must be the unluckiest motherfuckers on the planet to have their risible Megyn Kelly portrait come out right after Kelly wildly smears herself with racist diarrhea on live cable tee vee.  This bugfuck nutty Megyn Kelly shit makes Andrea Peyser and the New York Post seem reasonable and sane by comparison.

Andrea Peyser And The New York Post Are All You're Gonna Get For Christmas

And frankly, what more could you want?  Andrea Peyser is probably more high-calorie, gag-inducing entertainment than you deserve, but everybody needs a treat now and then, so mazel tov, motherfrakkers.

Paul Craig Roberts And 23.2% Unemployment

Everybody's favorite conservative Paul Craig Roberts unpacks the reality of the current U.S. employment situation over on Counterpunch.  The truth is pretty bad, far worse than most would ever suspect; 23.2% functional unemployment is a disaster for the entire United States.  Put this together with the latest titanic failure with regards to unemployment benefits, and the sheer number of people without sufficient--or ANY income--after the first of the year will not be enough to sustain let alone grow our economy into robust health.  By any reasonable analysis, even a 7% unemployment rate year after year is an existential threat to our economy and our society; the underemployment and historically low labor force participation are the most important issues in the United States today.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Political Song for Pathetic TV Whores to Sing

Megyn Kelly: Every Bit As Big A Fatuous Whore As Bill O'Reilly

Megyn Kelly is guzzling the Ailes and Murdoch spunk as enthusiastically as she can trying to transform herself into the female Bill O'Reilly.  She's seen how O'Reilly has done it on Fox "News", and she knows she every bit as vacuous as the preening, self-deluded and self-abusing Billo.  (If she somehow truly believes that she is some kind of straight news anchor or reporter or whatever, she just not inane and deluded, she's clearly psychotic.)  Now all Kelly has to do is prove to those old men in charge once and for all that she is as big a whore as O'Reilly, and she'll be good to go.

Jesus and Santa update: Megyn Kelly is a racist dipshit!  First off, Jesus is a fairy tale, but if the Jesus of the fairy tails was a real guy, he sure as fuck was not white for christ's sake!  Jesus would have looked like the average Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese native of today.  Second, how the fuck does Megyn Kelly know Santa was white?  What a fucking moran.

Political Song for Patty Murray and Barack Obama to Sing

Not Extending Unemployment Benefits: Government Malpractice Or Just Plain Evil

The majority of the Congress should have, you know, their heads on pikes over this utterly insane failure to extend unemployment benefits.  Set aside the human suffering and fuckheaded cruelty of denying basic assistance to unemployed workers in a time of admitted 7% unemployment--which with record low labor participation, underemployment, forced part-time schedules, and criminally low wages is probably more effectively an actual 15-20% unemployment rate--the macroeconomic consequences of refusing to extend benefits are horrible.  This is the shit that will hurt the fucking Koch Brothers and the retards in the Walton family, along with local communities and everyone who earns or spends money.  Hell, if the assholes in congress didn't pass a budget at all and ONLY extended unemployment benefits AND increased food stamps, that would have been an almost best-case scenario.  Not extending unemployment benefits in this economy solely because too many Republicans can only achieve an erection when they imagine black and brown people suffering and their children going hungry is stupid economic policy, and if the Dems and Republicans can't understand this basic concept, then they have no business being in any positions of power, so line up Erik Loomis's spare pikes, and when you are done get some new congress critters and a new president who have more than two brain cells to rub together. 

Peggy Bundy Kicks Ass

I kinda thought that Peggy Bundy would just shoot that horrible Tara and be done with it, so the fork to the back of the head repeatedly was quite the lovely surprise.  The strongest parts of this past season were the guest stars--along with keeping Kim Coates around--while the overarching story is becoming less and less important and more and more goofy because the action and mayhem clearly are where the entertainment is.  Everybody is awful and everybody dies on this show, and that's perfect.

Pandora's Promise? He Shoulda Gone To Jared

Mountains of money bring out the idiots, and today Counterpunch highlights some of the idiots pushing for nuclear power and their stupid movie.  Pandora's Promise hasn't made much on an impact, mostly because beyond the money desperately trying to maintain the futures of nuclear power companies, nobody takes nuclear power seriously after Fukushima.  That's not to say that they won't stop trying as long as the dipshits in the movie are willing to be paid off to stay stupid.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Saab Builds A Car

One. A car.  A low-production Sweden-only internet car, built from old Saab leftovers.  Something is really weird about this; it feels off.  The purpose of this company, such as it is, is to build electric cars for government fleet sales in China, but those cars will be built in China, so what is the deal with this "Saab" enterprise in Sweden?  Strange.  It has been clear that NEVS had no plans to build Saab cars in any recognizable sense and sell them in the strongest Saab markets like the UK and U.S. and Canada.  It smells like a scam or some sort of government misdirection, but I can't see what the payoff would be. 

Rather's Right...And Rather's Wrong

Dan Rather is and always has been a weird little dude, but he is completely correct that his George W. Bush story was 100% true and the rock-ribbed conservative establishment media helped Bush's people ruin the story.  That's a fact, jackoff.  Rather's a fucking dipshit when it comes to Lara Logan, however.  Logan is part of the exact same hard-right conservative media that decided Rather was too close to the truth to keep his reputation.  Asshole.

Obama And Castro: Together History's Greatest Monster

Obama and Castro did a thing and John McCain shit his diaper.  A handshake makes the teabaggers cry, even as the death of Mandela made them laugh.  Poor fuckers.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Brick Houses: There's Always A Brick

Happy Frakking Holidays, Motherfrakkers.  The Rude Pundit gets all kissy with holidaze spirts today over poverty and cruelty and capitalism and all the other traditional christmas cheer, ending with this story of a homeless girl in the richest city in the history of the universe.  That's a for realz christmas miracle right there; poverty is a feature of economy--and our economy is an artificial construct that exists only because the beneficiaries fight and kill every second of every day to maintain it.  We could have any sort of economy a person could imagine, but this particular economy will not go away until those bricks get used for something other than building buildings.  Homelessness, unemployment, suffering are evil, and in our unimaginably wealthy nation, completely unnecessary.  Until each and every one of us understands, we are doomed to this atrocity.

Ron Jacobs On The Legacy Of Mandela

If Jacobs is right, and the legacy of Nelson Mandela is not the neoliberal post-apartheid South Africa, but is instead the continuation of Mandela and the ANC's struggle to bring true economic and political and social freedom to Africa and the world, well then I would be over the moon.  Jacob's thesis that the true followers of Mandela have never lost the true focus of the struggle and also never believed that the struggle was concluded with the end of the apartheid laws and the election of Mandela to South Africa's presidency is an attractive one.  We can hope.  The bad guys are very powerful, however, and they are doing everything they can to weaken the legacy of Mandela in which Jacobs has faith.  He's right in saying that we have no one to blame but ourselves now.

Emanuel Versus Emanuel

At this point, we would be way better off with Webster.  I guess it is funny in a sick, sad world way that the Emanuel family is going above in beyond to blow by the Clintons as the most dangerous and destructive political family in Democratic party history.  So, the political one is nasty fuckhead, and the doctor one is a worthless asswhipe.  Does that mean that the Ari Gold scumbag brother is the most useful of the Emanuel brothers?  Jesus fucking christ.  Imagine.  "One of my sons is a doctor, but he's an irredeemable dipshit.  Another of my sons is a powerful national political leader, but he's vile and downright evil.  My son who is a talent guy out in California, though, that kid is kinda ok; I like him."  Can Ari Emanuel cast off his family curse and fly all the way to grace and find the perfect vehicle for Emmanuel Lewis?  Tune into another frightening episode of Bullshit, or Not?

Ted Cruz Is The Creepiest Teabagging Creepster Whoever Creeped And Teabagged

Oh, yuck. What the fuck is wrong with these people?  I mean, Teabaggin' Ted "Polly Prissy Pants" Cruz is many things, but putting him on the cover a book for children should probably get you sent to one of those holes so deep that the snakes and rats can't even escape.  Sure, we can all have a bit o' fun with the sorry fucker, but just remember that more than a few of your addle-headed brothers and sisters out there can't grasp what a sorry sons of bitches Cruz and his ilk are.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mandela And Reality

Mandela was never the man his awestruck fans were describing since his death.  As a young man he was first and foremost a fighter for freedom; the fact that he was hated by all the right people and scared the shit out of the reactionary West was one of the finest things about him.  He was a symbol for freedom and the official ending of apartheid in South Africa, but his tenure as president was not the proper course for South Africa.  Mandela's election cemented the interest and desires of the West into post-apartheid politics of the nation.  What we've been hearing about Mandela is not the whole story--and certainly not the most important one.  But it is the happy bullshit one, so it is probably the story most are going to be stuck with.

Washington Perfection

An empty stadium is a wonderful thing. 

Nothing Like The Calls At Home For The Patriots

The tee vee people must be wicked pissed that the Browns got butt-fucked by the refs in that game.  That has to be a no-call in that game.  I mean, it's Cleveland for christ's sake!  Haven't they suffered enough?

Duke Football: Reason One Billion And Seven Why Duke Sucks

When the Duke football program had a chance to win one against rapey football, they folded.  Florida State is a well-known shithole, but Duke thinks it is Dartmouth or Stanford, and it is most certainly not.  Duke has much more in common with Miami than Harvard.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

2015 Mustang: Shockingly Not Totally Hating It

I guess my expectations were sufficiently low for once, because when I saw this thing, I was not completely horrified.  The current Camaro has aged horribly--what looked maybe not so bad at first is fucking terrible in person now, with those weird little slit windows and bloated, bulky sheet metal; hell, it makes that mid-2000's Pontiac GTO car look fucking wonderful in comparison.  This new Mustang, though, while not great, may turn out to be not so bad, especially in a 300+ hp turbo 4; that's wicked fucking Euro shit right there.  I guess we'll see what they're like for realz when they go on sale.  Six-speed proper manual transmissions still available, apparently, so that's something.

Rob Ford: Dragon Chaser

That fucker sure is busy.  Apparently being Toronto's mayor requires zero hours of work per week cuz Rob's got a crapload of hobbies.  It's not right that Canada gets to keep all this fun for itself.  I want Santa to make Rob Ford America's Mayor.

Hilariously Inane Mandela Asshattery

If you want shallow and ill-informed commentary, the well-paid entry-level village idiot Josh Marshall is there for you.  Always.  Like a bad rash.  Or an incurable cancer.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Chancez R

Nice Jerry Dammers Commentary

Apparently this Dylan Jones guy knew Dammers, and he does a nice fucking job with this.  "Nelson Mandela" is catchy as hell and was probably the first time millions of people first heard the man's name.  I was never the biggest 2 Tone fan in the world or anything, but I agree that Dammers wrote a whole lot of truly great songs and certainly deserves a higher profile than he has. 

Bye Bye Robby

Cano shows the world that he's more like A-Rod than Jeter.  Start the countdown; within the next 27 months, Robinson Cano will be demanding a trade.

MSNBC Still Sucks And Always Will

Martin Bashir is an uber-douche, but he did and said nothing wrong with regard to Sarah Palin and should not have been canned.  MSNBC is a bumbling shit show.  Bashir sucked, but if they didn't fire him last year, there was no reason to fire him over Palin.  Alec Baldwin is a hothead and a dick, but if you want to hire him, then stand behind him when he acts like the hothead and dick you hired.  Ed Schultz should never have apologized to that right-wing whore Laura Ingraham.  Olbermann was the rock around which the network should have been constructed and keeping him should have been the absolute top priority.  MSNBC isn't the liberal Fox "News".  MSNBC is not liberal, and it is not news.  It is a hapless and hopeless shit show.

Reagan Was An Even Bigger Asshole Than You Remember

This disgusting nugget of American history has been getting a shitton of play since the announcement of Nelson Mandela's death.  Reagan--more like his handlers since Reagan was pretty much a brain-dead carcass during his entire presidency--and the rest of those unapologetic racist assholes hated the thought of South Africa falling into the hands of the blacks.  Here you can see Reagan whipping out all of his D-list acting chops to prevent the United States from getting on the right side of history where South Africa was concerned.  Dick Cheney, he hated Mandela in 1986, and he's still around.  And many of the slightly younger Republican leaders today hated Mandela back then and still hated him on the day he died.  All you have to do is watch the Republicans play up the politics of race hatred in 2013 as much as they did in 1986 or 1850.

Polly Prissy Pants Versus Teabaggers Versus Mandela

This fuckin' rocks.  Dumb-as-a-post Senator Teabagger Ted Cruz posts an anodyne message after Nelson Mandela's death, and the racist teabagging cocksuckers who make up his voting base go apoplectic.  Unreconstructed racist insanity is a feature and not a bug of Republican politics. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013



The over-enthusiastic hagiography has already started, and I would imagine that the fusillade of opprobrium, some of it certainly warranted, will begin after dawn.  Regardless, Mandela the idea had an enormous impact on recent human history.  What was best about Mandela the idea--maybe second best after the hope he gave to so many people--was the fear he provoked in the west, in the racist reactionaries in the United States and Europe.  That was a beautiful thing.  Mandela the revolutionary was most successful as a prisoner.  Mandela the president was.  South Africa persisted under Mandela--he didn't burn it down or paint the streets with blood--and while apartheid as law was ended, economic and social apartheid continued essentially unabated for many.  Still, he was a tough bastard.  He rightly took up arms.  He survived his prison sentence.  He maintained the idea of Nelson Mandela to the best of his abilities even though he knew the realities of post official apartheid South Africa.  Whatever passes for peace in death, Mandela has that now.

Fast Food Strikes: Happy Freekin' Holidays

The fast food strike movement is doing a great job changing the conversation.  Now even politicians are talking about minimum wage, so even if the fast food workers aren't going to be paid a proper wage next week, they are building the base for a real living wage in the future.  Nice work, and it is good to see the labor movement finding the plot.

Happy Holiday Season Bill O'Reilly Fisking

Crooks and Liars does a nice job with a succinct and joyful fisking.  This is well-trod, but as O'Reilly hasn't gone away and gets fucking loonier with every turn of the day, it is always good to savage his rancid bullshit.

More Establishment BS On Obamacare

The self-appointed insider "expert" huffs and fluffs for his dinner.  Yes, a single-payer plan would have been politically impossible in 2008--would it have been worth it to give up on the clusterfuck we have in 2013 and push the single-payer concept into prominence during a vigorous political battle?--and Obama's primary goals were one, a political victory over Republicans and, two, to benefit the for-profit insurance industry.  I'll say it again and again and again: there is no and never has been any support for a single-payer in the Democratic establishment.  If the Democrats want to win on health care then make single-payer a plank in the platform.  A generation was wasted after Clinton's failure, and it will be at least another generation until we get a chance to properly reform health care on a national level after Obama's failure.  All these dickwads pretending that the ACA was a necessary compromise are letting you down by failing to acknowledge that the the ACA was exactly the sort of insurance industry welfare program which was the goal of Democratic health care reform from the beginning.

Just A Douche

Meet America's Least Popular Hip-Hop Performer: Douche Baggy Bag.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Virag's Movie Reviews: The Wolverine (2013)

Ugh, the Wolverine character in movies is such a mess at this point.  Jackman is at least a foot too tall and 20 years too old to be Logan, especially since they feel the need to keep repeating how the Wolverine doesn't age.  Logan might not age, but Hugh Jackman sure as shit does.  Overall, this flick feels confused and disconnected.  The two lead actresses are lovely to look at, but that doesn't make up for the totality of the cliched and low-energy production.

Willful Misunderstanding Of Obamacare Politics

I think Scott Lemieux is being willfully too cute by half arguing the minutiae of Obama's and the Democratic party's politics surrounding the ACA and pretending that the entire objection is that Obama "didn't try hard enough" to get a better plan.  I call bullshit.  Lemieux is an entry-level establishment Obama fluffer, so it is not too shocking to see him resorting to disingenuously dismissive posturing while ignoring the underlying truth: since before the titanic failure of Clinton's health care reform initiative, the Democratic party establishment has had no interest in true health care reform, so Obama's shitty health insurance industry welfare plan was not the best political compromise a dedicated POTUS could achieve; instead, it was the desired result all along.  Obama, no more than Clinton, was never committed to any reform that did not benefit the insurance industry.  Surely Lemieux knows this.  He's chosen to do his work on behalf of the same interests as Obama and Clinton.  Being a team player is no virtue if your team fights for the wrong side. 

It Might Be Time To Turn Over Control Of The Yankees To Cartoon Characters

Like maybe that Fairly Oddparents kid.  Or Cartman.  The decisions would be pretty much the same, and cartoon characters are not known for brilliant long-term strategic planning.  The Yankees have resources, but without a solid plan and a clear direction, well, you get what you get.  Ellsbury?  Really?  Good job, Cartman.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Virag's Movie Reviews: Man Of Steel (2013)

Undoubtedly the high point of Man of Steel was the appearance of Helo and Gaeta.  Surely there was room in this flick for Tigh, Tyrol, Doc Cottle, Cally, and the rest; replacing the cast of this movie with people from BG would have been a step up from the hilarious lack of chemistry between the Limey and Lois Lane.  There should be a law against having both Russel Crowe and Kevin Costner in the same film.  Superman is a stupid idea, too stupid to make a good movie when you have no idea who Superman is and the hows and whys of his abilities, and an especially stupid idea when you follow the sad tradition of having Superman be a boring, personality-less douche.  At this point I'm not sure who should feel worse, the sorry bastard who was in Superman Returns or anyone associated with Smallville.

Why Is It Called Kraft Dinner In Canada?

I don't get it.  Mac and cheese is bad enough, but saying "Kraft Dinner" is just wrong.  For the love of christ, can't Rob Ford do something about this?

Serbian Activist And American Oligarchy? No Duh.

This is an interesting article, and not because it is somehow shocking that Goldman Sachs and Stratfor cultivate activists around the world.  The greatest American power is money.  Wealth is easier move, easier to deploy, and far more attractive to an activist type than military force in most cases.  Srdja Popovic is not unique in that the was easily flattered and cheaply purchased. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

When America Stood As One

Tar Sands And The Great Lakes--That Will Definitely End Well

The Great Lakes have endured so much abuse over the last two centuries; adding massive, poorly-regulated tar sands shipping might be the final insult.  However, if there is a dime to made by the Koch Brothers or similar Koch-suckers, there is no doubt that all of the Great Lakes will be lousy with tar sand ASAPy-like.

I Want Rob Ford To Be America's Mayor

All Rudy Giuliani ever did was be a disgusting greaseball with a bad toupe and a lisp, a serial adulterer and cousin-fucker--besides being a criminally incompetent mayor, of course, who put the NYC emergency management HQ in the fucking WTC--but Rob Ford is way more entertaining than Rudy could ever be; Crackhead Rob has a crack-fueled panache that Guiliani could never match in a thousand years.  Rob Ford deserves the honor of "America's Mayor" above the unctuous Rudy.  Let's make Crackhead Rob Ford "America's Mayor".

Hale And Hearty Middle Finger To Liberty University

Doesn't mean too too much, but it is nice to see the court tweak the ninth-tier wingnut fuckers at Liberty U.  I hope Falwell is laughing it up in hell.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Well, Fat Bikes Are Over

Shark. Jump. 

Medicaid Expansion: For Once, Something Goes Right Around Here

Of course, a universal Medicaid expansion into Medicare, TRICARE, the VA and everything else remotely associated with health care delivery in the United States so that every American was covered would have been even better.  That doesn't discount the huge positive impact that the Medicaid expansion will have on the lives of millions of our brothers and sisters.  Hell, if Kentucky can get it right, imagine how much help a similar program would have been in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Texas, and Alaska.  The fine fine citizens of Kentucky should thank jesus for their governor's above-room-temperature IQ and his desire to get some health care access for his constituents.  And the fact that the Koch-sucking teabaggers hate it makes it so much more fun!

Metro-North Derailment

The Bronx. Jesus.  Here's an idea: since trains and shit like that require constant maintenance and stuff, why don't we have a massive, nation-wide program to maintain and upgrade the transportation infrastructure in order to prevent things like this.  And create jobs.  And increase utility.  And all that good stuff.