Thursday, April 30, 2015

Why Isn't Anyone Protesting The Curfews?

Curfews are about as anti-freedom as you can get, yet nobody is piping up to say how fucked up curfews are.  Freedom is all about the Constitution and shit and free assembly and presumption of innocence and shit, but curfews are the exact opposite.  Where are all the libertarians and 2nd Amendment fucktards and small-govming teabaggers other random assholes squealing about FREEDUM and all that?  Where are the legit thinkers?  Where the fuck is everyone protesting against these curfews?  America is a shithole, full of ignorant motherfucking losers.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Catcher Blocking The Plate Rule Is Hoplessly Stupid

Aren't they trying to make the games faster?  Baseball used to be a man's game, and it was only shitty catchers and huge pussies like Posada who didn't properly block the plate.  Now baseball is inculcating shitty play and mandating inanely subjective calls on catchers doing what catchers should be doing.  Anybody too chicken to block the plate because they're worried about concussions should take up card games or some shit. 

The O's Shoulda Pushed The Game Till 4 & Made It Free For Kids And Parents With Kids Under 12

& give each kid a hot dog, a soda, and a box of popcorn.  They looked like assholes playing in an empty ballpark.  Might as well have made it a family day for the wee ones.  Fuckers.

Fall In

Finally, The Perfect Topic For The Perfect Cohort

Dicks. On. The. Road.  Heh, indeedy.

Political Song for Establishment Media Poseurs to Sing

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This Clip From A Local Baltimore Station Makes More Sense Than The Totality Of Every Single Second Of Fox "News"'s Broadcast Since Its Premier In 1996

All While Fox "News" "Prime" Time Drags Out The Uncle Toms And The Racist Clowns

No street reporting from their august lineup.  No, no, no.  Instead, Fox lines up the racists, the fascists, the apologists, and, worst of all, the Uncle Toms--many of whom are outright morons--to excuse and dissemble at fucking warp speed.

Update: Let's hope someone takes care of Geraldo on live tee vee once and for all.

Chris Hayes Loves Getting Down And Dirty In The War Zone

Unlike O'Reilly, Hayes really is there, but it looks like he might like a wee bit too much.  Maybe he's got delusions of Papa Hemingway.  Whatevs, he generally does good work out there on the streets, so kudos to him for being more than a strutting peacock. 

Political Song for Baltimore County to Sing

Fisking Baltimore County

Sure, it's easy, but man is it fun.  There's your problem.  There's the reason the mayor of Baltimore didn't want her cops wasting protesters for fun.  Assholes, racists, conservatives, cracker motherfuckers, teabaggers, they are all the cancer on our republic.

There Will Always Be

Watching The Pigs And Racists Slam Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Kinda Makes You Like Her More

Before this week, I may or may not have been the biggest fan of Baltimore's mayor, but watching the fucking racist cops and Fox "News" type teabaggers slag her makes her look better and better.  Rawlings-Blake probably fell into the trap that any politician with more than two working brain cells finds all the time: she made sense and the conservatives and other fucktards could not understand it.  That was Obama on bitter clingers to guns and guts and the bible, and recently Hillary with her obvious statement that religious fundamentalism is dangerous to women's rights and reproductive health and freedom.

She didn't want her cops mowing down the protesters protesting the police murder of Freddie Gray; she didn't want those rightfully pissed off protesters to get rushed by the cops and start a slaughter.  She was right.  Those protesters were breaking no laws on Saturday, and they had every right to be damned angry about the history and reality of Baltimore, MD, USA.

Fox "News" on the other hand, the crackers, the teabaggers, the racists, the Republicans, those assholes wanted the cops to unleash the violence so that they could watch in HD and jerk themselves off while the blacks and the poors bled for their pleasure spasms.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Fatuous Douchebag Larry O'Donnell Pretends Paddy Wagon Is An Irish Slur

Fucking Micks don't give a fuck about Paddy wagon.  Real drunken Irish motherfuckers should be proud about the fucking cops needing a giant wagon to round up all the manly Irish Hooligans righteously fucking things up.  O'Donnell is a prig and dipshit.

Only Blithering Racist Fools Believed The FBI And Justice Department When They Failed To Admit That Darren Wilson Murdered Michael Brown

Seriously, all the mealy-mouthed racist cracker shitheads and Uncle Toms like Jonathan Capehart who were oh so sorry that Darren Wilson had a sad are the biggest assholes on Earth.  The FBI has had zero credibility since day one; only the most pathetic fatuous buffoons ever believed they hype about them.  The FBI is always a part of the problem and never the solution.  The rare, individual FBI employee might be a decent human being, but the organization is pure evil.

When You Are On The Side Of Cornel West


West is by no means the only person in America let down by Obama's astoundingly mainstream establishment conservative presidency.  West was merely one of so very many Americans who hoped against all sense and reason that Obama's racial background would imbue Obama's presidency with wisdom and strength and elan desperately required by America's desperate society.  That was an insane hope, of course, as Obama stated all along that he was no better than any of them, merely slightly different on the outside.  West is not unique or innovative in his disappointment with Obama, but being black in America in 2015 means West is in a unique position to be targeted by African-American Obama fluffers.  The fluffers slagging on West make West a sympathetic figure, and that's sorta interesting considering.  West's right about Obama, regardless.

Why Is It That The Uprising Is The Worst Atrocity In Human History, But The Police Serial Murder Is Always Excusable?

I mean, I know why, but jesus.  If all the racist cracker fucktards who watch Fox "News" and read the shitty mainstream papers or whatever ever really understood the history and reality of the USA, their gods damned rotted melon heads would fucking explode like turd volcanoes. 

Meanwhile, Nepal

Fuck. 4000 dead.  Widespread devastation in the aftermath of the quake.  Not only the army, but the entire population completely consumed on just surviving the day and then the next.  Really horrific.  

Shepard Smith Just Beat Greg Gutfeld Senseless With His Dong On Live Tee Vee

Gutfeld was being a sanctimonious racist maxidouche regarding the uprising in Baltimore, and Smith just whipped out his cock and smacked Gutfeld senseless with it.  Smith is often a craven lapdog of the establishment and his Fox "News" masters, but sometimes he has a little fun with it.

Watching Smith and some of the other ass clowns attempt to do some actual reporting against the tsunami tide of Fox "News" racist propaganda is pretty fucking hilarious.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Broad, Yet Oh So Shallow Mekons Thing

Many, many words, and not bad, but somehow less than sublime, less than it should be.  Anywho, calling the Mekons impenetrable is probably not a great career move as a Mekons critic or fan, since they are as far from impenetrable as humanly possible--this is like the the pathetic poseur pretending and contending that Ulysses is unreadable or the Wake is trying too hard.  The Mekons are prolific and often intelligent and suitably well-read, but they are a working man and woman's punk rock country combo.  Instead of trying to scare off the proles, maybe the Mekon super fans should be a little more honest and generous.  Or not.  Who cares?  It sure as shit doesn't matter at this point.  Plus, the recommendations in the essay are more than a little obvious, like you read about being a Mekons fan instead of actually being one.  Doesn't matter either.  No bad publicity.  Mekons fans should be as generous as the band and not worry so much about chuckle-headed horseshit, so I won't.  Rock on, Mekons people everywhere.

Fisking One Of The Dimmest Of The Dimb Bulb Teabagger Bimbos, Dana Perino

A woman so fucking stupid that she didn't know what the Cuban Missile Crisis was WHILE SHE WAS WORKING IN THE FUCKING WHITE HOUSE!  Perino is not just an airhead of course, she is a nasty, creepy fucker, but I think she's kinda permanently pissy because her husband is like 150 years old and wasted all his viable jizz putting babies up in other women before Perino.  But maybe there are other reasons, too.

A-Rod Is The Pride Of The Fuckin' Yankees, 2015

When you think New York Yankees in 2015, you think everybody's favorite Mr. Offense, Alex Rodriguez.  There's something kinda funny about that.  And he had another homer tonight.  Heh, indeedy.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

No Water

Delphine DOES Look Good

Delphine Cormier is the new boss.  Evelyne Brochu is a legit beautiful woman, but the overhaul into not-so-semi-enthusiastic ice queen territory really suits her character on Orphan Black.

Bruce Jenner Was Always Hella Creepy And Full-On, 100% Real-Dairy Cheesy

I just figured the rumors were some kind of weird publicity stunt and not a public identity crisis being played out in front of the most reprehensible tee vee audience in the known universe.  Jenner was always a nasty piece of work, D-list self-promoter post his 76 gold medal, prone to horrific acting and worse plastic surgery.  Now we find out all the fucked up shit is true, and that Jenner the airhead Republican is a for-realz trans woman.  That's fucked up.  Not the trans part.  That's rare but understandable.  The rest of it is fucking horrible and creepy.  CHiPsCan't Stop The Music.  Kardashians.  Republican Party.  It's all pretty heinous. 

K- K- K- K- K- K- Katmandu! Earthquake! FUCK!

This is just the sort of thing that has a tendency to happen when you don't love jesus.  I'm pretty sure that earthquake thing happened in a place where the peasants have not sufficiently loved jesus and shit, so I know for a fact it is their own damn fault.  No earthquakes like this ever happen where good white people love jesus.  No avalanches ever destroy base camps and kill people in Lynchburg.  Thousands don't suffer and die in squalor in the rubble of what was once Mississippi.  Um...well, anyway.

Fracking Idiots Are Frakking Idiots, Now And Forever, Amen

For every one of them who tries in vain to bring an iota of sanity, they are run over by the Koch-sucking fucktards and nasty teabagging cocksuckers who are the upper-middle class twits destroying our society.  Sad and stupid are the normal state of these sad, spoiled bastards, and they are shitting all over our species. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

U? (Not U2)

Hey! Was That Junkie Galen Tyrol Cosplayer Gregg Jarrett On Fox "News" Today?

No shit.  They let that sad junkie fucker Jarrett back on their shitty propaganda channel?  I walked through an office with the tee vee on this afternoon and laughed out loud when I saw that dumb cocksucker fluffing Shep Smith's time slot.  I guess when you don't have any standards whatsoever, any pill-popping lying motherfucker can get on your tee vee.  Paging Bill O'Reilly and the fertile, manly, wonderfully potent cop who was boning O'Reilly's wife like she always wanted.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Your Liberal Media At Work

It's not, the media, liberal, at all, and if you believe that the establishment media is liberal you are seething fucktard and should drown yourself in your own filthy toilet.  The establishment media is the establishment, and that establishment, mainstream media and Wall Street Democrats and everyone else, is not at all liberal.  At best it's rock-ribbed conservative and at its worst it is frothing hateful teabagging Koch-sucking fascist insanity. 

And...The Sox Lost...Let's Hope For Eck

What's that post-game gonna be?  Oh, to be there in front of your tee vee and to have Eck on after the Sox lose their first series of the season.  The Sox may be reprehensible human garbage, but a pouting bitchy Eck is the sublime glory of mankind.

Fuckin' Christ, Hannity Has Jeanine Pirro On

That's just absurd.  Between the two of them, they could not even flicker a one-watt bulb, and they are both as bugfuck nutty as any two motherfuckers on the fucking planet.  Add to that the fact that the both of them are vile liars and disgusting petty racist shitheads.  Jesus.

The Best Of The Americans Is Still The Work From John-Boy And That Other Guy

John-Boy really nails it on The Americans.  That other guy, who usually is pretty shitty in stuff, Roland's cousin, Noah Emmerich, is also surprising strong.  The two leads are okay, but those guys down the roster are doing really nice work on the show, and that's what makes it consistently watchable.

Brutal DIY Fisking Of Peter Schweizer And The Post And The Times

Risible lying motherfucker Peter Schweizer is getting his cock sucked by the not-at-all-liberal establishment media in the form of the Post and the Times.  That's not a bad outcome for a creation of Fox "News" and the rest of the Murdoch propaganda infrastructure. 

Alex Wagner's Tee Vee Persona Is Chris Hayes' Little Sister

Her delivery screams Chris Hayes lite.  When she gets rolling on her show, it's not exactly bad, but it is almost a turn, and it is bordering on creepy how well she does Hayes' schtick.  I guess that could be a thing on MSNBC, and probably a better bet than an attempt at imitating Maddow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Justified Ended Well

It went out well; the anticlimax of the shootout with the idiot was genius, because life just went on, even if a couple of them got out of Harlan alive.  The extra-long coda worked well, and the ending was a neat fit.  Watched it a couple of times now and appreciated the tempo and tone.  Now let's have the mirror universe version where Seth Bullock and Shane Vendrell travel through the mulitverse as Marshals righting wrongs and shooting people and fucking around.  That'd be fab.

What In The Holy Hell Is Going On In The Yankee Game?

It was 8 to 4 in the top of the third.  Now 10-4.  Jesus.  They'll still be playing that game tomorrow.  It's cold as fuck there too.  Must be a blast in the stands tonight. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lewis Got It

Nancy Davis Reagan Was Tons Of Fun

Seems like she got around and really had the skills to make a name for herself in old-timey Hollywood. America is a great place, but rank and file Republicans, the people who worship that rancid shitstain Reagan, are the most pathetic fuckers in the history of the galaxy.

Ah, The Hilarious Hypocrisy Of Cheap Fox "News" Whores

And this idiot who is on there with Kelly!  Besides vile Megyn, there is this pathetic asswhipe Michelle Manhart somehow forgot to mention how not bad it was for her to pose naked with a flag.  Manhart fits right in with the two-bit Fox "News" whores.

Cuz Most Guys Who Make Robot Movies Wouldn't Want To Bone A Hot Guy Robot

Duh.  I mean, like, seriously.  Duh.

Nervex Lug, Modern Yellow Paint

That works.  Pretty cool Nervex head lug with obviously modern yellow paint.  Actually, that paint looks quite a bit like the yellow powder coat on my Curtlo.  Shiny. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Goin' Green

Just Love Hillary?

Sr. Lee Papa just wants to back a winner, even if that is Hillary Frakkin' Clinton.  That's good, I guess, if you somehow think you can live with Hillary and her fat fucking piece of shit husband being back in charge to violate the futures of the poors and blacks and the rest of the folks who are not Wall Street and Koch-suckers.  Plenty of folks had hopes for Obama, and besides the black thing which is sort of a big deal, Obama proceeded to be the worst rock-ribbed establishment conservative politician anyone could have imagined.  Start with Rahm and Geithner, stop for a cool drink at health care, and finish with TPP; it's been a disaster.  Even if that disaster was not as horrific as the Bush administration abortion, it was still a disaster for a nation with a collapsing economy, society, and middle class.  I guess the Rude One just really wants to back that winner.

Ass Clown Gets On The Bandwagon From 1996 Or So

Fuckin' genius.  Somewhere there's an Eastern Woods or Arrow or Nevil ridden into dust from 20 years ago.  Hell, even Fisher's "genitals geometry" was like last century, yo.  Short stem with long top tube is nothing new; somebody who was not a complete douchenozzle would know that.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tell In

Oklahoma City: All-American Right-Wing Fundamentalist Terrorism At Its Finest

OK!  McVeigh and his proto-teabagger cohort were real trailblazers.  What was some fucked up lunatic bullshit back in the 90s is now the way of the world for Koch-suckers and teabaggers and other Republican asswhipes.  The political establishment has done a great job of turning the beliefs of murderous terrorists into accepted, mainstream politics.  That's fab.

Fox "News" Asshole Unintentional Humor

Cluless Fox "News" fucktardery at its finest!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Queen 4 Da Day

How Many Homers Does A-Rod Have Now?

After the first one last night it was 657.  The Yankees broadcasters are gonna stroke out trying not to talk about A-Rod's HR chase, but if they like money, they will shut the fuck up.  YES is the Yankees channel and the announcers are the Yankees ownership's piss boys.

Friday, April 17, 2015

You Got It 15 Years Ago

But Now Fisking Britt McHenry Is Good Fun Cuz Palin Reasons

So, now it looks like McHenry is a bigger piece of shit than shitbag criminals at the towing company.  That's kinda fun; the Sarah Palin stuff is gold.  Anyone who proudly supports Palin in public is way too fucking vile to deserve any quarter whatsoever.  Nighty night, Britt.  That sound you hear is the call for the next anonymous and worthless airhead to take up space on the cable tee vee.

I'm sure Britt has a bright future underneath Roger Ailes' crusty ballsack at Fox "News" with the rest of them.

Return To Deadwood, Returning America To Deadwood

Signal boost for some of the greatest tee vee ever--and a classic case of both a show that blew its wad way early in expectation of not being on too long as well as a show that was cancelled when they still could have done fun shit for another season at least.  The flip side is that we are returning America to a brutal time of desperation, poverty, brutality, misogyny, violence, privation little by little.  Deadwood may wind up looking more and more like a steampunky documentary than anything else for big chunks of our glorious American republican.

The USA Would Be Better Off With Katy Perry As President

We don't need to imagine what it would be like to have a fucking moron as stupid as Rick Perry in the presidency.  We lived through it with eight years with George W. "Retard Boy" Bush and his band of merry fuckwads dropping a huge greasy shit all over the country and the world.  Rick Perry is a walking shitstain.  Texas is a fucking toilet.

Legacies, Man, What A Legacy

What's funny is that this site is across the alley from San Francisco.  And for all talk that water is a great shielding agent for radiation--fine, just fine--don't forget that the ocean is full of shit that moves, like fish, mammals, currents, kaiju, so using the ocean as your dumping ground might not be the best career move over the longer term.  Frakking genius.

Hillary Clinton Scares Republicans

That's her one virtue: the Republicans are scared shitless of her.  They have no reason to be, but they are, and that is the only good thing about Hillary.

Who The Fuck Is Britt McHenry? Not News

ESPN is utterly generic and boring now, and I'm pretty sure only Britt McHenry's mother could figure out which of the blandly awful ESPN tee vee people was Britt McHenry.  That hasn't stopped the story from taking up space though.  America, fuck...

There's Not A Good, Christian Man Or Woman In America Who Does Not Love Some Kathy Valentine And Jane Wiedlin 30, 35 Years Ago

Fuckin' all good, decent, white, christian, gods-fearin', red-blooded, patriotic, American men and women luvs them some Kathy Valentine and Jane Wiedlin in the early-mid 80s.  Could never figger out why the rest of the group didn't ditch Belinda Carlisle right away.  Couldn't any of 'em sing as well as she did?

Go Gods-Dammed

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Virag's Movie Reviews: Lucy (2014)

Hey!  This flick was really short!  Like 82 minutes of grade-D tee vee shit short.  The first third of Lucy looked like the worst-ever episode of Primeval.  The second third was pretty boring.  The final third was insultingly witless.  What's odd is that this is the movie Besson decides to direct himself.  He can make an entertaining lightweight flick, but the Lucy material is the weakest of the weak.  Seems like a waste of time and money, but it made a profit, so expect to see Lucy, Odyssey 2 at some point cuz we suck.  That rancid fucker will probably have Paul Giamatti in it.

Hillary Scandal Funfetti

It's gonna be a long campaign.  Too long.  Clinton is fucking baggage with baggage.  I have no confidence she can get it done, and if the Dems lose it all, they will have Clinton and her fat fucking shithead husband to thank for it.

I'm Gonna Say That The New 'Star Wars' Is Gonna Suck

Indy looks sorta happy to be there (briefly I'm sure), but I have the feeling the ol pirate's gonna phone the rest of it in.  Add to that the official ubiquitous J.J. Abrams unhitched, terminal suckitude and we will get the most disgustingly shitty major flick since that last Star Trek abortion. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Are People Who Spew Platitudinous Horseshit From John Wooden The Worst People Who Ever Lived?

Yes.  Yes, they are.  Wooden's trite nonsense is the gold standard for fatuous douchenozzles everywhere.  (Coach Carter is the John Wooden of disgusting movies.)

I'd Be All Over This Somec If It Had Lugs

As seen on the world's dumbest bike forum, this Somec Promax is pretty cool.  Really tacky paint, pantographed beyond sense, if this sled had lugs and a fork crown and proper 1010B dropouts to go with that Max tubing, well, dam...

'Centuries' Is The Worst Song Of Any Century

I'm not really sure what Fallout Boy is, and I had to be told by a child who sang that execrable song, but I can say without reservation that "Centuries" is the most annoying and worthless artistic artifact in the history of the multiverse. 

Virag's Movie Reviews: Insurgent (2015)

Well, I gotta marvel at the way they took an idiotic book and made a way less coherent flick.  That's talent!  Any way you slice it, the story is wicked fucking retarded, but this movie was absolute shit.  Naomi Watts looked really good though, way too young to be the middle-aged Four's mama.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

If Obama Manages To Get This Iran Treaty Done, That's His Legacy

A treaty, a real, functioning treaty with Iran, a country we fucked up for good in 1953 setting back the entire world a hundred frakking years, would be the big step in bringing the entire region into the 21st century.  The whole Middle East is a place the United States fucked and repeatedly fucked up; engaging Iran, drawing them into the world community is the one small step for American mankind undoing the damage.  As usual, it'll take ten times as long to fix it as it did to fuck it up, but Obama is doing the right thing.  Also as usual, most of us are gods damned fucktards and will do everything we can to fuck it up because we are evil and stupid and useless, but what other choice do the few decent among us have?

That fact that Republicans and Democrats and other useless right-wing shitbirds hate the thought of a treaty with Iran is easily the second best thing about this.  Or maybe that titanic pussy Netanyahu wetting his bed over this is the second best thing; the assholes in America shitting themselves stupid would be three, then.

Iran will get nukes, I hope, as long as the Russians and Israelis and everyone else has them, but the nukes are just the excuse.  It's a treaty, political, legal engagement in place of murder and destruction and war, which is the prize.  Obama might be one of the few establishment pols in the USA understanding and/or caring, so if he pulls it off, he'll have that singular achievement after a string of sad failures--and a nice middle finger to the reactionary motherfuckers over Cuba.

This Cuba Thing Might Be The Highlight Of Obama's Political Career

More than 'it's about gods-damned time', this is the sort of political move that has the chance to advance the state of our society.  It's the sort of worthwhile stunt that might end up as #1 or #2 on the Obama hit parade.  Cuba itself is fine, just fine--and they have oil now--but the precedent of engagement--by the most powerful economy on earth--is the right message to send to all the other shitholes out there.  It's just too bad we didn't have the balls or sense or foresight to do this three fucking generations ago when it really coulda done some fucking good.  But good on Obama for doing it now.  That fat fuck Clinton didn't do it.

Best of all, the Koch-suckers and teabagging assholes and Cuban cocksuckers hate it, so that's fucking brilliant.  Rock on, Obama.

Psycho Asshole Of The Day

This pathetic dipshit.  This creepy fucker is just the sort of person you find gleefully teabagging at every opportunity.

Energetic Marco Rubio Fisking

Gawker.  They got the hating on Marco Rubio righteously rockin', and that's fucking sweet.  Rubio is a fucking moron, so he should  be sufficiently entertaining, but he's such a greasy, nasty half-wit that he sucks all the comedy right out of his shit show.  The key is that Rubio is fucking the Republicans in the Senate.  If by some miracle of jeebus the Dems manage to run a halfway decent campaign by mistake, the Rubio situation will be a real fucking disaster for the Repubs.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Your Dad Is A Punk

Hillary. Ugh.

I was hoping she'd be smart enough to not actually run.  Her tubby slut husband is going to an albatross; I believed she would only run for 2016 if that fat fuck had dropped dead beforehand.  Now we're stuck with her fucking awful campaign filled to overflowing with awful people puking up awful ideas.  Clinton is a nasty reactionary, and I can't wait for Lanny Davis to rule our politics once again.

Let's Give Every Racist Gun Nut Fucktard In America A Fake Badge

Job Creators! Fuck Yeah!  Genius.  Most of the real cops shouldn't be around firearms.  Giving the senile fucking wannabe dipshits guns and letting them run around loose is a brilliant idea that fits in perfectly with everything Oklahoma.  Assholes.

Marco Rubio: Another Pathetic Republican Dipshit Who Will Never Be President

And it's not even gonna be any fun!  Rubio is way too boring and sad and stupid to deliver the entertainment funfetti.  That's the part that kills.  Rubio sucks way to hard to be any fun.  Fucker.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cashin Carry U All

Overall, A Stupid List Thingy

Sonic Youth, sure, but the rest is underwhelming.  Idiots are everywhere.  Fucked.

Tiger Mart

I get the feeling the tigers are fucked.  I get the feeling the taiga is fucked.  Siberia's fucked.  This is that 'last chance to see' situation, except there's about a billion of those things all happening at once.  Fucked.


Tanya Donelly Rocks On

The best of us.  See a little light and shit.

Fucking Vile Assholes Of The Day

Stupid, nasty cocksuckers.  Exactly the sort of pathetic, chronic masturbators who ruin life for the rest of us.  Not just stupid and sad, but rancid and creepy dickbrains destroying our society's ability to function.  This is a shitty world filled with awful people like these particular pathetic, risible assholes.  Sure, you can laugh at them the way you'd laugh at a greasy Mongoloid half-wit with a club foot careening after a piglet or a college Republican jerking his scabrous, mung-covered micropenis to a picture or Ronny Reagan's pimply nutsack, and that would be okay, but these people are really horrible, the worst who have ever lived, and they are rotten and useless to the bone.

Real American Hero Signal Boost For The Low Information Middle-Class Internets Crowd

Elizabeth Warren, a really good mainstream center-left politician; unfortunately in our politics she looks like a screaming lefty loon.  She's not, that would be a great thing if she was, but it is still good to see the props for the crowd who doesn't know much about anything useful.

Kansas Is An Asshole Haven

The question is no longer what's the matter with Kansas.  Kansas is a fucking shithole, filled with unbelievably stupid dickheads like Sam Brownback.  At some point, we have to acknowledge that it's never going to get any better because most of us are fucking morons.

Friday, April 10, 2015

'Washing Machine' Is Going To Be 20 This Year!

This was the unexpectedly majestic Sonic Youth album.  Really, nobody would have bet on it, but there it was, really fucking good and better than it had any right to be.  1995.  No shit.

150 Years And A Day After Confederate Traitor Surrender Day

Grant should have killed them all.  And then led an army to kill all the rest of the traitor scum and burn their culture to the ground.  No teabaggers.  No fucktard jesus freaks.  No bible belt.  If we'd killed the infection back then, we'd be really so much better off now. 

The NRA Convention Is Proof God Is A Lie

If god were real, any god, any gods, anywhere, well, then the NRA convention would be smote with wondrous glee by said omnipotent being or beings.  No god would put up with the existence of such vile fuckknobs and evil cocksuckers.  A precision asteroid impact, a plague of rabid hyenas, a rain of boiling lead, something glorious and beautiful would destroy the NRA while the decent humans danced with joy.

Fuck You

And You.

Fuck all of you. 

Fuck the world.

Welcome to hell, motherfrakkers.  This is the soundtrack.

Alex Rodriguez Is The Man We ALL Deserve

Not just the Yanks, but all of us. America. We deserve this.  We did it.  This is our hell, and watching the Yankees twist in the wind over this shit show will be wicked fun.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ends Up

Anyone Who Believes Megyn Kelly Is Anything But A Two-Bit Fox "News" Whore Is A Fool




But not really...

Megyn Kelly

might not



as big

a fucking useless

Fox "News" whore

as Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity or Eric Bolling...

but she is still a vile fuckwit cunt,

and anyone who can't see that is clearly too fucking stupid to live.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Guy Who Made This Recording Has Giant Balls

Count the days. If the guy who recorded the murder lives a natural lifespan, smile and light a candle.  What happens now when this (ex) cop murder gets off because America?  This shit happens all the time.  Michael Brown.  Without a recording, the racist assholes and Fox "News" fuckwits and rancid Koch-suckers always refuse to believe it.  With the recording, they'll delude themselves into thinking this is some anomaly, except those fucktards don't know what anomaly means.

Terrible Lugs On This Bottecchia Max

Ugh.  Cool to use the lugs, but jeez, they made ugly lugs worse somehow.  That sux.  We need better history.

WTF Is This Van Halen Abortion?

Now we see the world's worst rock & roll combo.  This train wreck makes 1D look like the fucking Mekons.  I'd almost say this is a parody of some sort that I dont' get, but I'm pretty sure it's a simple cash grab now that Eddie Van Halen has reached the ripe old age of 90.  Was this shit show ever a stadium-rock monster?  Did tons of dipshits pay money to see this?  Gods damn, how long ago was that?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

For Once, Something Associated With Connecticut Doesn't Disappoint

Geno Auriemma might be a fucking jerkoff, but compared to Notre Dame and Muffet McGraw, well, Auriemma and his team look like gods-damned heroes.  So, good job, I guess. 

Ruh-Roh: The Fox "News" Assholes Won't Like The Truth About Bowe Bergdahl

I'm sure they won't hear it, but still.  Bergdahl is being demonized to cover the sins of our glorious imperial atrocity--and because Obama is a black.  Had Bergdahl been freed by a white president, well, he'd be ok for the teabagger-Americans and Fox "News" assholes even if the military had some technical problem with his conduct.  Those poor dumb bastards won't like the truth, so their misinformation puke funnel will protect them from it...

Rand Paul For President: Idiot Son Of A Racist Lunatic

STAND WITH RAND!!  Annrandpaul is not going to be nearly as entertaining as we deserve because at heart he's a dimwit cashing checks on his bugfuck nutty father's racist charm.  That's not much.  It's not enough.  And it's not that fun in 2015, so watch for Rand to evaporate quickly into a grift aimed at (the few) asswhipe conservatives under the age of 155.

Chris Cillizza is easily as big a dipshit as Paul himself.  Paul won't be winning any national elections, and if Cillizza can't figure that out on his own, he should probably be bouncing around a rubber room somewhere in a big-boy snuggy diaper.

Yesterday Was A Terrible Day For America And The World, And Wisconsin Sucks Moose Cock

America has endured much sadness and shame, but a day when Duke wins anything is a shitty fucking day.  Wisconsin sucks.  Scott Walker sucks.  Fuck them.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Tidings

In the spirit of the season.

If Anyone Gave A Shit, South Carolina Notre Dame Would Have Been A Can't They Both Lose

But nobody cares.  One of the players for SC was 0/5 on free throws in that game, so those idiots deserved to lose.  Gotta hit your free throws.  Anything less than 90% is unacceptable. 

Notre Dame is a vile organization.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fountains And Patios

Pretty Much Everything About The State Of Wisconsin Sucks These Days, But

This is okay.  The Wisconsin basketball team saw that they were getting fucked right there on national tee vee without so much as a reacharound and fought back to make it impossible for the refs to cheat them out of a win.  Plus the disgusting John Calipari and his band of assholes are the biggest losers ever this year.  THAT'S fucking brilliant. 

Holy Shit, The Fix Is In For Kentucky!

Well, the refs are sure who the winner needs to be.  Wisconsin is playing like shit, but the refs are fucking them pretty blatantly.  Aren't these supposed to be the all-star refs?  Shouldn't they be able to be a little more subtle when throwing the game for Kentucky?

I Heartily Endorse Joe "Dead Intern" Scarborough For Senate!

Run, Joe, run!  How fucking fun would that be to watch that clueless piece of shit run for the US Senate?  Scarborough is a greasy fuckhead and pretty much a one-watt bulb, but I can imagine some high-calorie entertainment on the campaign trail when the dead intern thing pops up.

Michigan State--No Really!!--Could Be The Most Popular College Basketball Team In America

But it doesn't look like they have it in 'em to beat the vile fuckers from Duke.

Lenny And/Or Squiggy On Better Call Saul

David St. Hubbins is the king of Better Call Saul this season.  McKean is great as the not only completely bugfuck crazy but also utterly slimy and villainous Chuck McGill.  Good work on the tee vee.

Mary Steenburgen's End On Justified

Hilarious.  The choke and shoot death scene was masterfully overlong and bloody, giving Jere Burns' Winn Duffy an awesome scene as well.  Fun stuff.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Regardless Of Some Teabagger Law, There Is No Right To Discriminate

So how bout hearing some Democrats speak up?  Slavery was the law, and the same vile assholes who supported slavery would support all these discrimination laws.  They're racist bigots and teabagging fuckwits.  The Dems should be calling them out.  Should.  But aren't.  And won't.  At least not enough to matter.  Not enough to win.  At heart the mainstream, establishment Dems believe these bigot motherfuckers are their people.  And they're right.  Unfortunately for the few of us who are not complete fucking shitheads.

Questioning Our Authority Is Not Encouraged

Another FBI sting operation, and another harmless dope dragged out as our scariest enemy.  This is the usual SOP for just the sort of shit the senile and racist asswhipes who constitute Bill O'Reilly's "folks" eat with a big-ass spoon right before they shit themselves from fear.  

Good Fuckin' Friday

The gods' Steely Dan loves you back--especially Bill O'Reilly.

Jesus, I am firmly in the noodling jazz pop wankers camp regarding Steely Dan.

Welfare Academia Runs Into A 21st Century Elite University

Stanford's done amazing work over the last two generations enhancing their reputation, and not everyone is in love with that.  Stanford the name, Stanford the brand, Stanford the reputation do not match up with reality, but that sad fact is no different than the reality of Harvard or anywhere else except possibly M.I.T.--but M.I.T is a bought-and-paid-for extension of the Pentagon, so...

Stanford can afford to not charge the token not-one-percenters.  None of the elite colleges or universities should demand crippling payments from those token admits when all those big schools get so much taxpayer bucks from the sorts of folks who would be chased off campus if they dared show up. 

Pets Or Meet

Fuckwit Pizza Bigots Find Way Bigger Stupid Assholes Than Themselves

Teh Stupid!  It's kinda cute that the pizza dipshits can grift from the other dimwits out in the hinterland.  This is amazing in a Wild Kingdom of fucktardery sort of way and well worth a chuckle as our society corrodes as we watch.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dreams Of A Father

Shut That Fucker Down!

Bwahahahahahahahhahahahhhahahahhahahhah!  Nice going, assholes.  So, you just had to be the biggest, nastiest inbred fuckers in all of Indiana.  Fucking genius.  Well, I find this lovely, and I'm glad I was alive to see it.

Kindly Signal Boosting Of The Bob Roberts Flick

Bob Roberts is one of those flicks you never see on the tee vee because it is a little bit too real for the establishment.  At the time, Robbins caught a fair amount of flack for this thing being too over the top.  Now it looks tame and mild.  Kind of like an Idiocracy for the 20th century, this Bob Roberts movie is more of a prescient documentary than a comedy.

Let's Watch The Democrats Fuck Up This Indiana Funfetti

So, the racist, bigoted teabagger fucktards blew up their 2016 electoral hopes with this dumb fucking law, and now we get to watch the Dems completely fuck up their advantage and do nothing to attack and beat the Repubs in the next election.  The Dems are not serious Republican adversaries; we saw it in 2014 when the Dems capitulated to hard-right positions and refused to run against them.  We can have a blast watching this all over again.

The Honest Trailer For Interstellar Is Epic

Christopher Nolan has been outed at last a hacktacular dimwit; The Dark Knight was a good movie, decent, but far from genius, while the rest of his oeuvre often borders on risible at best.  Nolan is every bit as shitty as Shyamalan, Abrams, and their ilk.  After Interstellar, everybody knows.