Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wisconsin Counter Punch for Obama

When the Wisconsin recall turns into a giant shit sandwich on June 5th, I hope to hell that all those good and decent people out there and around here see Obama's role for what it is.  Giant pussy or establishment conservative ass clown, which would you rather believe Obama is?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Obama 2012: Now With 10% Less Anal Leakage

Now that the 2012 campaign is frothing in earnest, Obama is positioning himself as the guy who's not quite as big a douchenozzle as Mittens.  With his heinous Supreme Court picks, indefinite detention, torture, drone atrocities, center-right economic policies, and police-state inclinations drizzled with a little bit of gay marriage, Obama is hoping that the poor fuckers outside the beltway will hate him less than the corpse-babtizing ass-whipe Romney.

Newer Day Rising

One Year Ago Today

new day rising

if fukushima is to be the start of a rational reconsideration of energy policy in general and nuclear power in particular, you can be damn sure it won't be the united states taking the lead.  the japanese and europeans have the political cultures better capable of addressing serious, long-term issues.

not the end of the world, but

fukushima isn't going to be a vacation destination for a few thousand years.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

1001st No Fault

Excellent Black Bloc

Spotted on Counterpunch, naturally.  You ain't gonna find this sorta stuff on Kos, Americablog, or TPM.

For At Least The Last Five Years

The only good thing about Daily Kos has been the links page, but even that was way better with the last page layout.  The thing is, he wasn't lying.  It has been an Establishment Democratic, Democratic Party organization from the start, and the Democratic Party is a right-wing party.  Don't forget, Kos's first 'book' was written with Joe Trippi, a Fox 'News' personality.  Had the leftish elements of the Democratic electorate been able to organize around the new interwebs-type media, that would have been a great thing.  But it also would have been a huge threat to Markos's paymasters, so it wasn't gonna happen.

Political Song for Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Sing

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Funny Luke Russert Takedown

From Salon.  Pareene is 100%, abso-frakking-lutely wrong about one thing, though--and unfortunately it is the first point he tries to make.  Tim Russert didn't get his job on NBC through hard work and brains; in a sense it was almost exactly the opposite.  Tim Russert got picked by epic cocksucker Jack Welch specifically because Russert was not a journalist, had no journalistic instincts or journalistic ethics.  Instead, Russert was dim-bulb political staffer and shameless careerist hack and suck-up who would be a stalwart defender of Welch's establishment dogma specifically because he was too stupid and too incurious to ever develop any other worldview.  So...figure Lil Luke is an even bigger worthless douchebag than his asshole father.

An American Shame

Wilfred's losing, but the Sox are on Fox, so no NESN post game with the possibility of a Beckett loss and Eck's insanity.  Fuckers.

Yes, It's True: The Democrats Deserve to Lose

Debbie 'I know nothing. Nothing!' Wasserman-Schultz is obviously much more concerned with her own tee vee time than about winning elections or advancing any politics that might even be remotely considered liberal or progressive or leftish, so fuck her and all the rest of those frakking bastards. 

One Year Ago Today

somebody get the big dog a slutty intern, stat!

the big dog, mr. pumphead, should shut the fuck up and move to the island of misfit mascots with as many chunky sluts and blowup dolls as he can carry, never to be heard from again. 

you're never gonna get the santorum off that tie

this is the genesis of probably the scariest santorum visual in a while.

vermont's finest

they keep chuggin' away.  gov. pete shumlin and the rest of those stoner hippies really rock!

chris matthews on palin tonight

good gods, tweety is an absolute moron.  he just loves to hear himself spew.  is there a more simple-minded person on tee vee who's not on fox?  seriously, he makes larry o'donnell sound sharp.

darwin deez solved!

darwin deez: what you get when lou barlow knocks up vampire weekend.

we've got bigger problems now

and i have no idea why so many folks got so offended at big ed's use of the word slut when talking about that vicious hateful harridan, but i'm not all that sensitive; i'm also not 10.  i'm of the opinion that the ladies, the sluts and the prudes alike, can take care of themselves and words don't hurt any more than we let them after we're 15 or so.  i guess i'm not just not cool enough.  oh, well.

right wing whore is about right

ed's getting kudos from the cool kids and leftish pearl clutchers and defenders of women for his over the top apology to that screeching right-wing whore.  it's idiotic to get so bent over a radio blowhard mildly insulting such a worthless meatbag; lefties, liberals, villagers, progs and the like do themselves a disservice when their response is anything more than a quick acknowledgement, possibly a tsk-tsk and a quick moving-on to all the other right-wing sluts who are busy busy busy fucking up the nation.  grow the fuck up people; we've got bigger problems now.

right wing slut

oopsie.  crazy ole ed schultz called some vile cretin a sexist name.  yes, the very sensitive types have a point about name calling, and the not quite so sensitive folks have a point about all the specialized names that women get called that men don't or wouldn't be so sensitive about.  he really should have cut out the sexist part and called laura ingraham a horrible, lying, right-wing chunk of human filth.  that would have been ay oh kay!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Political Song for Kim Jong Un to Sing

Half-Black Jimmy Carter

Courtesy of Alexander Cockburn.  Black Jimmy Carter, heh indeedy.  You can talk enough about how right-wing both Carter and Obama are.  The left in this country, such as it is, is almost completely unrepresented in national electoral politics. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Strange Ways to Win Wars

Don't Fuck a Senator

Wisconsin Sucks

And so does Obama.  The President and the Democrats should have been bitch slapping Walker continuously during this recall and spending the money and publicly leading the fight to remove that weasel cocksucker.  Of course, they had no interest in doing that.  If Obama manages to lose in November, this sort of fuckup will be a big reason why.  If the Democrats or the President were worth anything at all, they would have made it a top priority to embarrass the Republicans with an epic Wisconsin defeat.

Dave Lindorff on the Beat

On Counterpunch.  Nobody should be surprised that the cops are doing everything they can to fuck with anyone and every one who dares to protest or speak out.  Of course, this didn't start last week or the week before that; it's been standard practice for at least 10,000 years.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pop Goes the World

One Year Ago Today

cornel west finds a nut

cornel west caught a rash of shit for what he said about obama.  plenty of fools on the leftish blogs got all bent, but it's hard to fault him for what he actually said.  it's clear he felt dissed by obama over the inaguration and shit, and while obama never actually said he wasn't a complete corporate tool, west and lots of others hoped for better.  west has the reputation as a relentless self-promoter and academic lightweight, but even though he was a bit hissy and over the top on this one, he was spot on. 

pawlenty? really?

captain underpants is gonna rescue the ghost of reagan?

mitch daniels

i guess the one who brought the pants back with her to the house told little mitchie no.

palestine? where's that

if they don't go to the united nations because the united states and israel don't support it, well, fuck them.  it was good enough for israel, and everything worked out just so well.

palestine, take 2

since democracy will never be tolerated in palestine/israel, perhaps the best solution would be many billions of dollars of loans and grants to the people of palestine so that they may sustain an enormous military infrastructure and give the freedom-loving zionists a fair fight.  true, there may be some collateral damage, and the occasional innocent civilian might get injured, but it's the only solution that makes sense given the current political climate. 

palestine: one man, one vote

let's see a little democracy in action.

since we're feeling charitable, let's do one woman, one vote also!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Gimme Gimme Gimme

I don't care if it is a total rip-off of the Pegoretti Pogostick.  I don't care if it is a stunt.  I don't care if it has a stupid fork, not even painted to match.  I don't care if I already have a bike the same color.  I don't care if it's totally unsuited to serious riding with that stupid integrated seatpost thing.  Gaulzetti mountain bike.  I want one.  Gimme gimme gimme. 

Tim Wakefield

I'm sure Tim Wakefield is a great guy; everyone in Boston loves the guy, apparently, and he was a great team sort of guy and wily veteran sort of player, I guess.  There is a problem, though.  Without Wakefield and his potential for epic shellackings, the Red Sox post-game show on NESN is not as entertaining as it was when Wakefield was on the team.

Political Song for Barbara Comstock to Sing

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Silver Kvale Headtube

Very nice looking.  I dig the engraved fork crowns on these things--just says fine steel frame to me. 

Barbara Comstock: Wingnut Hall Of Famer

I caught a little of this crazy bitch on Fox this afternoon on my way out.  Apparently she got elected to some seat in the Outhouse in Virginia.  Jesus-Frakking-Christ, she's been a frothing nutbag for decades now; reading David Brock's Blinded By The Right is still useful 10 years later.  Many of those fucking low-lifes like Comstock are still out leading the bullshit today.  They must fucking hate that back-stabbing Homersexual Brock.

Nice Johnny Marr Interview

Hat tip to you know where over this very awesome Johnny Marr interview.  The AV Club has a shitload of entertaining commenters, too.

Would You Trust Anyone This Stupid With Your Money?

Have at it, you frakking retards.

One Year Ago Today

livestrong? ruh-roh

this can't be good for mr. cheat-to-win. 

i hate that stupid rem song

so it better be the end of the fucking world!


i know absolutely nothing about dancing, but this video clip for darwin deez' dna is inexplicably compelling.  a quick google search says that the dancers, mishay petronelli and joshua pelatzky, are professionals in nyc, and that the guy in blue, pelatzky, did the choreography.  he really did a good job telling the story of the song, which is kinda catchy and kinda annoying, and the liberal use of cuts and edits makes the whole thing move effortlessly and keeps the overall feeling light.  the fact that red (petronelli) has a winning smile doesn't hurt.  later, all three pairs of dancers look like they're having so much fun, and the fact that darwin deez is never seen only makes it better!  the second clip has a minute of no-dancing set-up in a director's cut.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gaulzetti Long-Low

Gaulzetti channels the Rivendell Long-Low with their steel Cazzo frame.  I'm sure it's very nice, but I can't help but wonder why they don't just offer a welded-steel version of the straight-up Gaulzetti road frame with their Ridley-inspired geometry and full range of sizes?  That would be cool.

Update: Cazzo reconsidered.

Curt Schilling Is a Teabagging Asshole

And a shitty businessman.  And the fact that he's on his knees begging for taxpayer money in Rhode Island proves that he's an even bigger cocksucking pussy than anyone thought possible.

Pictures of the Last Saab Car

The Saab fanboys have received their final final ever Saab car.  Looks a hell of a lot better in white than I would have thought.

There Are Angels in the Story

Pettitte It

Pettitte did pitch a hell of a game last night.  I'm sorta surprised he had it in him.  Ten years ago, he woulda been out there for the ninth as well.

Barack Obama Is Not a Saab Fanboy

Very weird to get pointless Swedish bullshit wrapped up in American politics.  Still, neither Obama nor GM give a fiddler's fart about Saab. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Dance with Renaissance Madman Lu Edmonds

One Year Ago Today

arnold the pig


or what?

go away

please come back later

fuck you, asshole

fuck you

i'm pretty sure the family is going with the third choice in public and number 5 otherwise.

and a hale and hearty fuck you to all the flacid reporters and liars and all-around assholes who didn't expose that scumbag for what he was when they had the chance.  good job.

green acres is the place to be. 

she turned me into a newt!

i got better.

but he won't.  that fat bastard says something that almost makes sense and every asshole republitard in the country starts chewing on his ass.  when even the creepy nikki haley says your toast, well, you're fucked.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Power Knap

One Year Ago Today

no trump, no huckabee

this next year and a half is gonna be a hit parade of santorum babies, including that hateful douchebag santorum himself, and i hope hope hope crazy ole michele bachmann.  wicked fun.

jon stewart on fox

why the fuck would jon stewart go on that sexually harassing, disgusting pervert's fox show, the o'reilly factor?  it's just vile, and anyone who associates with that show or that network should be ashamed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Best Thing on the Internet Ever

It just may be...

Pete Peterson: Asshole of the Year, Every Year

What a cockbag Pete Peterson is.  He's been a horrible fucker for pretty much ever at this point. 

Mouldering Funfetti

Somewhere in the old US of A there are some primaries tonight, but nobody cares.  Romney's the guy, such as it is, and every day he campaigns he makes it less likely he'll do anything to help himself become president.  Of course, every day that passes makes it less likely Mittens will be president...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dave Lindorff Hangs On

Dave Lindorff is not letting this go, and that's a very good thing.  The Occupy Movement is no friend of Obama's or the Democrats', and if it had gained a wider foothold, the Democrats would have been more widely exposed as enormous assholes just like the Republicans.  Obama's political future depended on crushing the movement long before it became a popular/populist cause.

Two Point O

One Year Ago Today

things are better now we have the bomb

the glorious leaders of pakistan are to be complimented on developing  nuclear weapons capability.  without that, they surely would have had the shit freedom bombed out of them by now! 

press hard, you're making three copies

who the hell does newt gingrich think he's kidding?  30 years of being a grade-a cocknozzle makes him top flite entertainment but not a viable candidate.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

These Important Years


Andy Pettitte makes Roger '2 million dollar arm and 2 dollar head' Clemens look like a MacArthur Award winner.  I'm sure the level of discourse in the clubhouse was elevated as soon as he got up this year.  Nick Swisher must need someone to discuss epistemology and current implications of Derrida in the rapidly evolving 21st century culture.  He's a horse, though, and I wonder if he'll get a decent number of wins this year.

Perhaps the Most Important Question of the Last Thirty Years

Is 'Glory Days' the most heinous and offensive pop song ever written?  It is certainly worse than 'Born in the USA', and that song blows major dog dick. 

Political Song for Phil Gramm to Sing

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Brand New Kid's Bike Made in 2010

The friend of the kid's new bike has a sticker on it saying it's date of manufacture in lovely, lovely China was April 2010.  That's weird, cuz this thing was brand new in the box a month ago.  I saw the box.  I wonder if they didn't sell, or whether the minimum order was planned on lasting years and years?  Still not a bad little bike.  And I still like the Scott better.

Good for Her

Tamron Hall bitch-slaps a weaselly little fucker right off her show.  Good for her.

Political Song for Scott Walker's Recall Campaign Staff to Sing

Saab Fanboys Snag the Very Last One

Interesting fate for the last-ever Saab car.  The Saab fanboys passed the hat to buy that last car scrounged from the scraps of the factory and assembled from random loose parts.  So they'll send it to the museum in Sweden to live with other Saabs.  Nice job. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Inch High Private Dick. Lugar.

It was very nice to see that sanctimonious turd Dick Lugar get skullfucked by the fine, fine people of Larry Bird Land.  I truly believe that the more teabaggers we have running as Republicans, and sometimes even getting elected, the closer we are to carving off the most ridiculously backward part of the GOP, allowing the rock-ribbed conservatives in the Democratic and Republican parties to finally join together into the American Conservative Party, clearing the way for an actual left-of-center political party in the USA and leaving the teabagger troglodytes to stew in their own rancid stupidity in some rump neonazi party.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gettin' Cozy With Sarkozy

He's gonna have a shitload of time on his hands.  Adios, motherfucker.

Fire Peter Gammons

Out of the broadcast booth with a clown cannon.  He's about as compelling as an assistant principal at a high school in Brookline. 

The F-15 Is the Best Evah

Since our latest, useless and completely pointless efforts at new jet fighters are a deadly waste of money at best, the F-15 will go down as the last wicked cool plane we'll ever make. 

Beach Boys 2012? Really Good? Really?

From the Power Pop blog, this is an interesting first and second hand critique of the Amazing-They're-All-Not-Dead 50th Anniversary Beach Boys Tour, Now With 100% More What's-Left-Of-Brian-Wilson.  If this show was 10 bucks, I'd love to see it, but I'm sure the live DVD will be worth a look instead. 

Also: Rammstein.  I get it.  Funny. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Moth Attack

I want a bike called Moth Attack.  Who wouldn't want a bike called Moth Attack?  Pink.  A pink bike called Moth Attack.  Fucking wicked. 

Political Song for Mitt Romney's Chief of Staff to Sing

Cutting Social Security The Democratic Way

Vote Dem in 2012!  And don't forget to go fuck yourself!

Of course they will cut Social Security.  It's what they do.  We are a 1 party state, and that one party sucks moose cock. 

Political Song for Mitt 'Definitely Not A Self-Identified Mexican' Romney to Sing

Political Song for George 'Speedy Gonzales' Romney to Sing

Too Bad Eck Wasn't In the Booth Today

After the long, losing game last night, he would have been losing his shit during the blowout this afternoon. 

Holes for Every Ass

The old Idiots Delight is at it again.  This time it's all about the biggest cocksucker to hold the office of the Presidency since Bill Clinton or Ronald Raygun.  Jesus, those fuckers are miserable assholes

One Year Ago Today

new doctor who

meh.  moffat has written some good stuff for dr. who, but the new season starting has been less than stunning.  really seems disconnected and like he's written himself into a corner with alex kingston's dr. song.  of course, i'm one of the few who really liked christopher eccleston, u-boat commander, as the doctor.

Friday, May 4, 2012

When Mom and Dad Get Divorced, Mark Ibold Suffers

Is Eck Stoned Tonight?

Eckersley is absolutely going off on the Sox broadcast tonight.  He's frakking nuts.  Entertaining, though. 

One Year Ago Today

i've been looking so long at these pictures of you

that i almost believe that they're real.

there's no need to display any pictures they took of bin laden's obliterated cranium.  however, if they wanna put the head on a pike outside of the whitehouse, well then that's perfectly fine with me.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Political Song for Newt Gingrich to Sing

Goodbye Moon

It's hard to believe that this asshole is still using up our oxygen, but if we're extra good this year, maybe Santa will send him on a one-way trip to Mars.

One Year Ago Today

dead or alive?

there's tons of chatter on the interweb tubes as to whether or not the bin laden mission was a capture that turned into a kill or a kill.  i think it's pretty clear that it was a kill mission.  shot twice, once in head, then chest, identified then dumped in the ocean like garbage.  there was never any intention of taking him alive.

rachel maddow has pakistan on the brain

she's all bent because pakistan and the isi are eyebrow deep in this bin laden shit and have been for years.  it almost sounds like this is her first day here.  i'll say it again: essentially bin laden was hiding in pervez musharraf's mother-in-law's basement all this time, and shitloads of people either knew it or had a pretty good hunch.  but remember, pakistan has nukes, so, well, just shut up.

bin laden kills attempt to kill gaddafi

bin laden's overdue exit has killed the other big story: nato (aka the united states) tried to freedom bomb gaddafi to death over the weekend.  that's also known as assassination--or possibly murder, depending on which end of the attempt you're on--and that's expressly what we said we weren't doing.  crazy. 

now what?

listening to obama, it sure sounded like that answer was nothing changes.  bin laden's death will probably amount to nothing more than a sideshow attraction while all the wars on the midway continue unabated.

on the other hand, the news networks are playing up the celebration outside the white house.  and nobody's saying what a terrible failure this was of bush, jr.'s policy and foreign policy management.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day 2012

Solidarity, motherfrakkers!

Political Song for Sisters of Pregnant Women to Sing

One Year Ago Today

now can we see the bin laiden episode of son of the beach?

gilbert gottfried probably needs the boost, so can we un-ban the bin laiden episode of son of the beach?  that would make this a truly great day for america! 

the scum of the earth or boondock saint?

in other news, dead pope john paul is on his way to becoming a saint.  instead of believing all the utter nonsense about miracles and other stupid sky-magic bullshit, why don't those vile, child-raping gangsters just apologize for all the injuries small and large, admit they're in it for the money and smooth, young boys and close up shop before they embarrass themselves again by making that piece of human garbage a saint.  unless they're makin' him a boondock saint.  that would be about right.

msnbc train wreck: david gregory, richard engel and brian williams

watching these strutting fools on the tee vee makes me wanna puke.  utter morons.  the cheerleading is disgusting. 

poor geraldo rivera

he looks so happy, but i detect jealousy and regret as well, cause he really wanted to be the one to shoot bin laden.  maybe obama will let him skullfuck the corpse.

cheerleaders suck: richard engel

richard engel is dancing around on tee vee right now getting all hot and bothered about bin laden, calling this war on terror an 'effective operation' because bin laden has apparently been killed and saying the death a 'terrible blow' to the bad guys.  jesus fucking christ, this guy's an asshole.  10 fucking years.  how many killed?  if this is a victory, we're more fucked than we know. 

asshole was essentially in pervez musharraf's mother-in-law's basement

i take it we're in more war with pakistan now?

bin laden? who? dead? ok.

so, the troops are coming home, right?  what?  no?  what?  why not?  fuck.

i really thought he was living in former general-president pervez musharraf's mother-in-law's basement.

or the presidential suite at the kuwait city hilton.