Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Political Song for Ed Rendell to Sing

Maureen Faulkner Is A Nasty Piece Of Work, But

Not as nasty as that Fox whore Megyn Kelly.  You might have sympathy for Faulkner because her husband was shot, but for all these years she's been nothing but ignorant and hateful and a tool of racist assholes like Megyn Kelly's masters at Fox "News".  Maureen Faulkner lost her husband, but Mumia didn't do it.  Or, at least, the state didn't prove it.  That's what Maureen Faulkner should be pissed off about, the fact that an innocent man may have been railroaded by vile cocksuckers like Ed Rendell.  Or if Mumia did do it, then why couldn't they prove it.  Rendell did more to destroy justice in the Faulkner case than Mumia did.  Maureen Faulkner could have made America a better place after her loss by demanding justice, real justice, true justice, and fighting against racism and corruption, but she didn't.  She took the easy way out and blamed the black guy.  I have no respect for Maureen Faulkner; she comes across as a racist harpy after all this time.  That dude from Goddard College, though, he made Megyn Kelly eat shit.  That was pretty neat.  And then the non-stop ads for feminine itch cream.  On Megyn Kelly's show.  Okay, then.

Meanwhile This Fucking Duggar Idiot

Instead of bombing ISIS, we should be bombing these evil Duggar motherfuckers.  They're a billion times nastier than ISIS could ever hope of being.  Any religious maniac is shit, not just the ones sitting on top of our gods-given oil.

So, I Read 'Divergent'

And boy was it bad.  I was lobbied, and I put it off as long as I could but finally had to do it.  Sucky.  Hella sucky.  And really dumb.  Dumb in the same way The Hunger Games was dumb.  It wasn't that this book was too mature for a eight or nine year old; it was too stupid for anyone of any age.  There wasn't anything my daughter couldn't handle, but given the subject matter, by all rights there should have been.  16-20 year old kids--hell, even the 13-15 kids, too--put into the Dauntless faction would be fucking each other up one side and down the other.  The boys with the girls.  The boys with the boys.  The girls with the girls.  It would have been just like high school with absolutely no rules.  Kids raging with hormones put into life and death struggles left to their own devices would be non-stop.  Fucking, fucking, fucking.  The first stop for the Dauntless kids would have been to get the birth control shot.  Then shoot guns and punch and shit.  It wouldn't have been crying keeping Tris awake; it would have been the sound of beds squeaking and much worse.  But then, the book would have been a little realistic but would not have been for the kids, and the money would have gone bye-bye.  And Jesus would not have been happy for children who had a bit of fun with each other because what the fuck else are they supposed to do?  Jesus hates children.  This shit, like The Hunger Games and Twilight, is really an insult not only to literature but also to humanity.

Charles Ramsey Is Your Hero

If he isn't, he fucking should be!  Why wasn't this gods-damned story on the Fox "News"?  And everywhere else?  Ramsey is a real American hero, and if McDonald's had half a brain, the company would make Mr. Ramsey the corporate head of public outreach or some shit and put him out there every fucking day.  Ramsey could almost make McDonald's look good!

Not So Beloved Adaptation

There's just no pleasing some people.  Sure, some authors have a point, but if they are getting paid and/or the shitty movie makes their back catalog sell and sell, most writers have the good sense to shut the fuck up.  The sad fact is that if your book is good enough, the movie will be a) impossible or b) suck major ass.  Good movies come from shitty books, and shitty movies come from shitty books, too, but everyone like money.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Droning And Fluffing, Fluffing And Droning, Droning And Fluffing

John Cole gets it right: the invisible, consequence-free mass murder using drones is shredding whatever credibility the United States has left around the world.  Obama has been having a blast using drones to kill and kill and kill with almost no accountability to anyone.  This is bad mojo, something the fluffers in Cole's comments can't seem to grasp.  The fact that we probably kill nearly 100% random, innocent people with the drones doesn't seem to register with those assholes.  Our foreign policy has been sliding straight to hell for freeking ever, but drones are bending that curve right down to Satan's asshole.

Jeanine Pirro's Racist Insanity Is Starting To Make An Impression

A bad one. Finally.  Sure, she's too old for Fox prime time, but she brings the racist crazy with the younger, smoother, blonder ladies Ailes and Murdoch put on the couches and under the glass tables in the shortest short hemlines.  The folks at C&L have been on her for a while, and that's good.  Now's the time to go national with this shit, and expose Pirro for the nasty news whore she is.

Netanyahu Is A Lying Pussy Bitch

If this lying piece of shit was standing right there in America, why wasn't he dragged from the podium and thrown into a hole so deep that Satan herself would need a big ass shovel to hope to find him.  This asshole is easily one of the worst human beings who ever lived, and anyone who believes his lies is beyond redemption.  That and his speech was the speech of a quisling coward soiling his shorts right there in front of the world.

Fatbikes Are Cool Because I Know A 9 Year Old Who Wants One

She's not gettin' one, but she loves to look at them in bike shops.  She can't quite understand that it doesn't really snow enough anymore to have one unless you live on Arrakis--plus the fact that they fit really large with 25 pounds of rubber on 'em.  I can see having a fatbike if you just gotta have another bike or if you are that ironic hipster clown who uses it as his or her only mountain bike.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Virag's Movie Reviews: Godzilla (2014)

Hmmm, a Godzilla movie with no Godzilla in it.  Well, that's an interesting tactical choice.  I mean, I didn't hate the flick, and it wasn't bad, but it was not really a Godzilla movie.  On screen, the film felt like a mashup of three odd choices.  The first was the Monarch backstory, with Godzilla in the Pacific and the nuclear attack against the monster.  Okay.  Maybe that was the movie they wanted to make, a period piece.  The second was the kaiju attack on Fukushima the nuke plant in Japan and the growing danger there.  Okay, but that movie was probably gonna be short, but maybe not, and that's where most of the actors were.  The third was Godzilla joining the US Navy to battle the absolutely not-Mothra kaiju.  THAT movie probably woulda  had some actual Godzilla content.  What we got though, was a sort of inexplicable story filled with generic humans nobody wanted to see in a Godzilla movie that the US had been fighting a nuclear war for the last 60 years against a giant monster who had actually caused no harm.  Despite that, the monster shows up when needed, most obviously does NOT fuck up and sink the entire Pacific fleet for funsies, and destroys the kaiju before they obliterate half of California and reproduce.  That doesn't make much sense as presented in the flick.  Was Godzilla supposed to be intelligent?  Why did this version of Godzilla look so much like a fat, ugly dog?  Where was Gipsy Danger?  Watching Godzilla, I found myself waiting for the jaegers to show up and start punching giant monsters in the face.

Dr. Who Distruptive Influence

Well, they can dump the Clara character and the stupid boyfriend thing, and let Capaldi fly off with Ellis George's Disruptive Influence for a while.  She sure looks like she's up to it, and that would be so much better than what they're playing with now.

Robert Krulwich's Odd Career

Krulwich has always been hanging around, there in the gloaming, the margin, the background.  NPR qualifies.  Anywho, Krulwich was in fact most likely a little too thoughtful and not quite weasely enough for the big leagues.  Whatevs.

Geno Smith Has A Ways To Go Before He Can Be As Entertaining As Mark Sanchez

I know, I know, he's trying, but Smith is still a waayyy smaller buffoon than Sanchez on the field.  Let's get it moving, Geno!  The Jets have a function in this world...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's Always Shark Week Somewhere

Limbaugh's Hurtin'

Fucking sweet.  Limbaugh's been America's premier shitheaded motherfucker for a coupla decades now; too late for America to do better, but when he's gone, it'll be better than havin' him around.

Is Debbie Schlussel Still A Thing?

The last time I really heard about this fucking idiot was way back in the day when Howard Stern was still on the free radio.  She pissed off a bunch a people this week with some nonsense she wrote about the girl at UVA who is missing.  I mean that's shitty and all, but Schlussel is a useless, Z-grade wingnut moron bitch with less than no influence whatsoever. 

Junkie-Galen-Tyrol Cosplayer Gregg Jarrett Sobers Up?

Or somethin'.  I guess he's trying to find a job at not-Fox because Fox won't put him back on the air?  No credit is due from anyone anywhere, though, since Tyrol Jarrett was proud to suck teabagger cock at Fox collect a check from Ailes and Murdoch all these years.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Jeter Destroys The Haters

Yeah Jeets.  Sure, for quite a while now the bitchy Jeter hate has been more entertaining than the Yankees, but even the losers at Deadspin managed to lose even more last night.  Jeter won, again.  Sure, he shoulda pulled the slick move and just retired last night with no notice and avoided the year of inanity.  But that's not business, and Jeter was the last of the great baseball symbols, corporate symbols, in New York and anywhere.  Good player, smart guy, big stage, made the money, made the money for everybody, stayed outa trouble.  He did what Olbermann couldn't do.  He did what most baseball players, even players with more skill, more talent, couldn't do, and he did it for the Yankees in New Fucking York.  Last night he said fuck you and fuck you and fuck you to all of them, and now he gets to take his giant pile of fucking money and go have the best second half of a life in human history.  And the Yankees still had a decent season because the only metric that counts to god is finishing ahead of the Red Sox.  Maybe Roger Goodell will pay Jeter a million dollars to kick Jared Remy in the balls this winter.

Political Song for Dinesh D'Souza to Sing

Dinesh D'Souza's (Ex-)Wife's Name Is Dixie

She fuckin' hates him.  Brilliant.  I'm sure poor ole Dixie was (is) an air-headed right-wing bimbo, but she learned an important life lesson from that miserable cocksucker she married, and let's all hope she gained a bit of wisdom from her mistake.  Sounds like maybe she has.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ends And Friends

Tinfoil Hat Dipshits Are Fun As Fuck

Real live insanity crossed with stunning ignorance lathered in fucking stupidity!  Fuck yeah.  That's America, baby.  Sure, you could say they kidding, that they're having a laugh, but no no no.  They're serious, they're dumb as rocks, and they're wasting our oxygen. 

Cancer, It Ain't The Cure

It's the cause.  It's much easier to "fight" cancer once it starts than to prevent cancer or identify the links between the byproducts of glorious free-market capitalism and cancer.  The sort of wisdom which is serious about cancer and carcinogens is pretty fucking far off in our future, if we have one.

Romney 2016: Please Jeezus

How fucking entertaining would that be?  Wicked fucking entertaining!  Genuine, all-American, high-calorie funfetti.  Romney is a vile bastard, and that nasty harpy he's married to is no slouch either, so I would strongly encourage them to run run run for president.

Holder Has Sucked Since Clinton

His only legacy will be the same as Obama's: first black.  Eric Holder has not been a good Attorney General, but he was the first African American AG--and he had to put up with insane racist cocksuckers and Fox "News" and the teabaggers and the Koch-suckers--and that is something.  Now maybe next time we can have an AG who's a black dude or dudette and good at the fucking job.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Forever Novel V Forever TV Show

How does that work?  It sure as fuck sounds like the tee vee show is a rippy rip-off of at least chunky chunks of the book.  Now, I read Pete Hamill's book, and I read in a library, so I have an affection for it greater than it deserves.  Hamill is a leprechaun mascot of New York's self-styled soul, but his book is pretty awful in a well-intentioned, silly manner.  Regardless, he has been robbed by the fucking Mouse, and didn't deserve it no matter how bad the book.  This is the second time, too; that stupid Jaime Lannister guy's New Amsterdam was another shitty rip-off tee vee show way suckier than the Hamill's book.

Fisking Obama Over Syria

Literally. Fisking.  Anyway, Assad was our ally, then he wasn't, then he was not exactly, and now he's our ally again.  Nice work if you can get it.  The hilarious fact that ISIS was the group the teabaggers and Koch-suckers wanted to support with guns and missiles and bombs and shit.  Fucking retards.

Is O'Reilly A Bigger Lunatic Or A Bigger Pussy

Hard to figure if O'Reilly's lost his mind or if he's shitting his pants.  Either way, consider that this douchebag is a tee vee millionaire because Ailes and Murdoch rightly understood that O'Reilly would lovingly lave their rancid teabags and warty, malfunctioning wieners with his tongue without ever needing to be told.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Today We Are At War, With Stupid, And We Already Lost

Nobody with two brain cells to rub together believes ISIS is a threat to the United States, but fear, insanity, and war make America so much easier to manipulate.  And the money isn't bad either.  The sad part is that the USA is dumb enough to fall for it, to allow it, to cheer it, to believe it and believe in it. 

Is That Reed Diamond Doing The Nazi Thing On SHIELD?

Remember how the series premier of THE Shield worked out for him?

Waiting For The Gr

Roger Goodell And Frank Luntz Deserve Each Other

A couple of low-wattage idiots who couldn't reason their way out of a paper sack.  It's fucking hilarious that Luntz did such a poor job that he fucked up an entire multi-billion dollar non-profit entertainment organization.  Brilliant!

Dinesh D'Souza: The Greatest Miscarriage Of Justice In Human History

Lynchings, murders, imperial wars, genocide are nothing compared to the disgusting fact that that vile cocksucker Dinesh D'Souza got no jail time.  America is truly an impotent corpse if we cannot even manage to sentence a greasy pig fucker like D'Souza to prison.  I have never felt more shame for a society than I do right now. 

Jeezus, Ann Romney Is A Nasty Piece Of Work

Having Mitt lose just to save us from that nasty cunt would have been more than reason enough.  Fox's own Neil Cavuto does his best to get his to tongue all the way up her snatch, but she can barely register the faintest of appreciation during his labors.  Yuck.  Having her as first lady surely should have destroyed what was left of our basic human decency. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Orbea Orca Dama B

It's not pink, but it is kinda purple something.  AND it's plastic!  Mmmm...plastic.  The Orbeas before this year look pretty cool.  The 2015's are...not.  This thing is okay, though.  I like it really, in a weird way.  I wouldn't ride it, but then I don't have to.  And my daughter would frikkin' dig it.

America's Finest Tee Vee News Reporter Has Quit

Charlo Greene, she's cool, cute, and likes to smoke a lotta pot.  Rock on!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Don't Do Big Fun

Hella Props For The Stieg

The Stieg Larsson, that is.  The Stieg was quite the left winger, even if he was not such a great novelist--though I guess we can maybe blame the translation even if the Millennium trilogy was translated well, supposedly.  The hatred of Sweden's fascists was strong in those books; Larrson used the books to attack the right-wingers and the abusers--they were the same people in his world.  Men who hate women, indeed.

Who Will Stand Up Against Another Pointless War?

Okay, CODEPINK.  And?  And?  Pretty much the entire establishment is ready to go all-in with war and especially the war profiteering.  Sure, we might lose a few foot soldiers and kill boatloads of innocent civilians, but think of the money to be made!  The almighty glory of profiteering!  Think of the political campaigns!  The primal ecstasy of jingoism! 

The worst man ever, as well.

Now You Know Why Shannon Sharpe Never Seemed Quite Right

He got the stupid beat into him, and now he's happy to perpetuate the stupid for another generation!  Yay America! 

Gods Below, I Hate Trunk Racks

Earlier this season, I was asked to help facilitate the purchase of a trunk rack to carry bikes on the car without the need, expense, complexity, hassle, whatever, of a roof rack, and I wish I hadn't.  Jesus charlie crist, I hate those things.  It works okay but is such a pain in the ass to use on mountain bikes, especially full-suspension bikes and small, children's 24"-wheeled mountain bikes.  Ride yesterday, two adults, two kids, one car, not mine because I was without my weekend car this weekend for some stupid reason, one bike in trunk, three on rack.  By the time the bikes were secured, I was ready to be done for the day, and I had the easy bike to load, a steel singlespeed hardtail.  Next time, I'm driving.  I have the decency to have a roof rack on a fucking 9-5 combi.

Finally, A Good Capaldi Doctor Who Episode

Capaldi, like Christopher Eccleston, is way better of an actor than Doctor Who needs, so sometimes they can make it seem too easy or too weightless even when they completely own the role.  This bank episode was a nice balance, though.  The plot was pretty meaningless, but Capaldi was in a groove, and the entire thing worked well and went down easy.  The "Shutity up up up" riff was a nice wink to Malcolm Tucker.  Capaldi has The Doctor sorted, so now I guess we have to see if the rest of the team can get Doctor Who working well.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Who Needs Football When We Have The NFL?

Roger Goodell brought his ass-clown road show into town today, and his performance did more to spread brain damage than any linebacker.  As of now, the craven incompetence of Goodell and the league along with the malfeasance of the low-lifes amongst the players are waayyy more entertaining than any game could ever be, so let's declare a head trauma free season, cancel football, and just watch the NFL implode for our fill of all-American entertainment. 

Scotland Disappoints Once Again

I don't give a fuck about those kilt-wearing clowns--their greatest man ever was Connor MacLeod--but if Scotland had voted "Yes" on independence that would have been the end of Great Britain as well as the end of David Cameron, both wonderful fucking things.  So, the feckin' haggistani let us all down.  Bastards.

Decent Climate Change Thing Aimed At Lowish Information Dweebs And Geeks

Pretty good. Topical.  No warming for 20 years is the sort of horseshit we hear over and over from Republicans and Koch-suckers and other random assholes.  Keeping the gamers and cosplay nerds informed ain't easy, I'm sure.  Once again.  Do you best Fox Mulder and tell the teabaggers that the truth is out there...

John Rowland Back To Prison Funfetti

Remember when that roly-poly little dickhead from Connecticut of all places John Rowland was a rising national star in the Republican party?  Fun times.  Well, that greasy cocksucker already did time and now I guess he'll be going back.  A thousand years can pass before anybody notices Connecticut's even there, but John Rowland is doing his best to make the Nutmeg State seem as shitty and corrupt as New Jersey and New York.

Yuengling DOES Suck

For lots of different reasons. Yuengling is one thing that can make NE PA worse.  It is somewhat gratifying to see such vital truth being told.  Preach on!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Digby Hearts Huckabee

I, for one, pray to jesus charlie crist that Mike Huckabee runs and runs hard for president.  Digby's right that Huckabee is a nasty motherfucker, and that will make him so very entertaining on the campaign trail.  I want that greasy fat fuck to be the poster child for Republican inanity, and only a little because he doesn't stand a chance of being elected to anything in 2016.  Like a storm of southern Santorum, Huckabee might turn out to be the light of our lives.  A smarmy, southern-preacher dipshit, lovingly fluffing Ted Nugent's diseased, warty cock, a teabagging fucktard Fox "News" gasbag embarrassing himself all over the country for the next two years is just what American needs right fucking now.

Does Huckabee even know what "Cat Scratch Fever" is about?

ISIS And Saudi Arabia

From Patrick Cockburn.  So, if anyone out there is surprised that most of the problems in the Middle East not directly caused by the United States and Israel are caused by Saudi money and Saudi interests, well, you're a fucking moron.  The Saudis are happy to have the instability on the region benefit them; in no way are they willing to fight against ISIS without being forced to.  This is yet another reason why we should not engage at any level with ISIS.  Let the Saudis spend their money and their blood to fight the people they were supporting while we sit back and laugh and laugh and laugh. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Virag's Movie Reviews: Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

This flick was another of those situations, like The Avengers, where the likelihood of complete disaster is so high that something decent is a wonderful shock.  GotG was not as tightly constructed as Joss Whedon's ensemble movie, but worked pretty okay, considering.  The whole enterprise was a bit overly light and fluffy, but there were some entertaining bits, and it went by quickly and painlessly.  Boring would have been torture in something this dumb, but this movie wasn't boring.  The biggest weakness to the entire flick was the execrable mixed tape motif used with anachronistic Walkman gag.  It was supposed to be 1988 for fuck's sake!  What if Peter Quill's mother had had good taste in music instead of the easy-listening garbage filling the movie?  James Gunn should probably never forgiven for the awful music content in the film.  1988.  So Good It Hurts was out.  The Clash.  DKs.  Minutemen.  Huskers.  The Smiths.  Bad Religion.  So much great West Coast punk.  Social D.  Flipper.  East Coast post-punk.  Sonic Youth.  Pixies.  British punk, post punk and new wave.  Jesus, this movie could have been genius with great music.  James Gunn's failure of imagination probably worked against the flick in a million little ways, but the music is the glaring defect.

Also, the trailer for Interstellar looked horrid.  How dumb is that movie going to be?  Traveling to another solar system is powered by love...yeah...great.  Christopher Nolan is rewriting the definition of overrated one clumsy, inane movie at a time.

Jesus It's Not That Hard To Figure Out This ISIS Shit

Nothing is not such a terrible idea when any something is a complete clusterfuck.  The key is the USA should do nothing.  ISIS is not our problem; they are no danger to the United States.  Since the horror show they have going on over there right now IS the fault of the USA, we can't do anything fix it.  Nor should we.  It would only make it worse and extend the time it will take to purge the fundamentalist rejects from the region.  We broke Middle East when we destabilized the region over and over by destroying functional governments, but fuck them.  ISIS are a problem now, but they are a problem for the Saudis, the Israelis, the Jordanians, and the Iranians, and it is time for the them to clean up our mess for once.  The governments of the regional powers like Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, and Iran are in danger from ISIS, so this is their war.  The key word is region.  ISIS ain't shit around here.

Since we as the USA can't intervene directly, we will undoubtedly feel the moral obligation to advise the governments and profiteer wildly.  No soldiers, though.  And an end to the bombing.  Saudi Arabia has planes.  Israel has attack helicopters.  Iran has friends in Russia who sell weapons and like money.  Time for those folks to grow up and fight their own fucking wars. 

Fisking Dems Over Obamacare

Easy, but necessary.  This health care thing was a big fuck up, but the Dems owned it, so they should have been campaigning on the benefits, real or imagined, from the start, because the Republicans were going to shit all over it no matter what, even if they overplayed it badly.  The Dems needed guts and a national strategy to make it pay off; they had none, and now even some success in Kentucky can't help them.  Nice goin', kids.

Bring On The BlackNRA

A BlackNRA smarter, wiser, and just better than these paranoid guntard morons.  But still, the point is there; if a blah person has the guns, the racist asshole NRA people will not be able to stand it.  This is the path to a gun-free America.  Let's get the blahs the guns and watch the gun control laws rain down like the grace of a billion fictional gods.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Chris Carter: Good Man

Chris Carter is a stand-up guy.  Good for him.  Ditka, on the other hand, is a irredeemable fuckstick.  Keyshawn is also a worthless cocksucker.  Fuck them.  But Carter is okay.  He's got guts and brains enough to speak up for the defenceless. 

ISIS And Texas Are Exactly The Same

ISIS fuckwits would fit right in in Texas.  Or Alabama.  Or Utah.  Or Florida.  Or Brooklyn.  Or maybe we could round up our religious fundamentalist assholes with our numerous black helicopters and send them over to live with their barbarian cousins in ISIS.  That would be best for everyone, and I personally would wish them well.

Don't Go To Texas Cuz It's A Dipshit Paradise

Rampant imbecilic fucktardery is what Texas is all about.  And that's about it.  Anything you gotta do in Texas, you can do in New Mexico or Oklahoma or some other fucking place down there.  But stay the fuck outa Texas just on principle. 

While We Wait For The World's First Preteen Girl Morphine Tribute Band

Are The Fluffer Types Doin' This Shit On Purpose?

Why, yes they are. Thanks for noticing!  I mean, I get it.  Welfare Academia are the fluffiest of Obama fluffers, the most stalwart water carriers of The Establishment, dun, Dun, DUN, mostly because acceptance by said establishment is their most desired state of grace and the entire purpose of their lives.  Chait's merely a dipshit, so no more about him.  Lemieux does this all the time, though; he pretends to be such a cool, rational skeptic when he is doing nothing but providing the basest rationalization of the status quo.  "Shit's always been this way and so we's doin' a pretty good job and our guy's good and shit" seems to be the extent of his analysis after you sweep away all the bullshit.  One of his confederate apparatchiks gives the grift away, though.  The Democratic Party was not always liberal.  No shit.  BUT THAT'S THE FUCKING POINT FRANK WAS MAKING!  If you are the lesser of the conservative parties, you will never make any inroads with people who support philosophies and policies which might not be so very far right.  As far right as the modern Democratic party.  As far right as the historical Democratic party.  Lemieux understands this and is doing everything he can to be an enthusiastic cheerleader for his intramural politics team; either that or he's a fucking moron.  Frank's mistake was working his argument in the context of the Democrats V. Republicans (sic) instead of abandoning the premise of a possibly vaguely not-quite-so-obviously-right-of-center Democratic party.  Scott Lemieux narrows his personal viewpoint so drastically that he's either a sad, smarmy pissboy or a George W. Bush-level imbecile.  I guess that's the point, but it is still annoying after all this time.  The rock-ribbed political system we enjoy needs legions of barely useful idiots to bulwark the ship of state against the vast majority of the ignorant population, but I sometimes long for a fluffer cadre who are not quite so enthusiastic about their ignoble function.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gone Gone Gone

Alex Chilton Placemat

Thir Teen

Virag's Movie Reviews: Dredd (2012)

Dredd wasn't exactly inspired film making, but it wasn't really bad, either.  Karl Urban?  Better than Stallone.  Olivia Thirlby?  A luminous actor who might be really good if she gets the roles (and waayyy better than Ellen Page for fuck's sake).  The rest?  It was short, simplistic, a very mild R, but considering how low the expectations were, not such a fucking abortion.  That's somethin'.

Why Aren't Saudi Arabia And Israel Fighting ISIS And Sterling Archer?

The vile cowards in Saudi Arabia and Israel have some of the biggest, most modern military infrastructures on the planet, so why don't we let them take out the trash in their own neighborhood and crush the cretinous primitives who call themselves ISIS?  ISIS is not at all a threat to the USA; they can't do anything to harm us, but they are pissing in the punchbowl over there.  Not our problem.  Decrapitating a coupla news boys is not an act of war.  It's time for the Saudis and the Israelis to stand up for themselves.  When ISIS can be at least as annoying as a parking ticket anywhere in the lower 48, then we should consider squashing them.  Until then, let our vassal states in the Middle East do the heavy lifting for once.

Virag's Movie Reviews: Red Dawn (2012)

You can't make a flick called Red Dawn without the lunacy of addle-headed reactionary fuckwit creep John Milius.  You can't.  And you shouldn't.  While this new thing certainly made as little sense as the first one, and was every bit as unintentionally hilarious, it lacked the verve of a true fascist Reaganite moron at the helm.  Without Milius, all you have left is the mundane stupid.  And that's no fun, especially at PG-13.

Deepak Chopra Is A Profoundly Stupid And Nasty Person

Indeed, there are bigger asswhipes messing up our planet, and even more qualified candidates for Biggest Douche in the Universe, but Chopra is a particularly disgusting specimen.  Besides being unctuous and creepy, he's also as dumb as a fucking post.  He doesn't comprehend enough basic science to get a passing grade in the average elementary school.  Not that it has stopped him from building a fortress of horseshit at which fuckloads of idiots are happy to leave money. 

Adrian Peterson Is A Fucking Prince

How many kids does this piece of shit have, and does he abuse all of them?  I guess if you are Adrian Peterson's kid, never meet him in person, and somehow live to adulthood, you consider yourself blessed.  This really is the opening of Idiocracy playing out in real time.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sarah Palin In White Riot

Where's the fucking video?  That would be the real fappening.  And where was the Alaskan Officer Darren Wilson to shoot these white-trash scumbags dead in the street like mangy dogs?  THAT woulda' been a great day for Murka!

Racist Asshattery Is America

All-American.  And these are mainstream Republicans.  The baggers and racist cocksuckers are the center of the party now.  They were always there, but the GOP never listened to them much before, only used them for votes and enthusiasm and took their money because those scumbags were so nasty they were practically begging to be abused.  Now those creepy motherfuckers are the heart and soul of the party.  It took a shitty black president to finally destroy whatever useless threadbare sanity the Republican party had left in the 21st century.  Now we have these fuckers and their toothless minions in control of one our major conservative national political parties.

Depresssing Climate Science

Depressing in the sense that if you see the disconnect with and misunderstanding of basic politics by the geeks, dweebs, and cosplay nerds, even the ones with honorable intentions, you get really fucking forlorn over the state of our political economy.  Some people are easily manipulated because they're fucking morons.  Some because they are nasty, small-minded creeps.  Some because they're ignorant.  That's not good.  We can't help the dumb as a post fellers or the teabagging racist assholes, but the just plain clueless...

Do You Feel Let Down By Roger Goodell?

(Hah, hah, Dan Shaughnessy.)  Anyway, Goodell may now be on the way out, but anyone who is shocked that Goodell has been exposed as equal parts comically incompetent and astoundingly appalling should seriously consider the benefits of a suicide booth.  Goodell is the incontinent lapdog of that most select group of some of our most disgusting oligarchs, the NFL ownership.  He's not there cuz he's smart or decent or a leader; he's there because up until recently when he forgot himself and took a giant nasty dump on the chesterfield, it was in a middle-class living room. 

Rob Ford Gods Dammit

Now it's up to the brother.  We're counting on the brother of this fucking shit show to smoke crack and eat out sluts and talk shit and generally be a teabagging posterboy?  This is how we are expected to be entertained?  Gods fucking dammit.  That piece of shit brother has some fucking work to do!

Ray Rice Has A Bunch Of Idiot Friends

Duuhhh...I guess we can't fault a certain percentage of the population for being irredeemable fuckwads--27%--so more than a few Ravens fans are gonna be just awful people.  Still, jesus charlie crist, people suck.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Obama's Legacy Is Gonna Be (Too) Hard For The Fluffers To Accept

I get it when some black folks get bent when Obama's presidency is discussed rationally.  It's completely understandable--being the first black president ain't nothing, it's an important milestone in American history.  Yes.  But Obama fluffers of all colors will never admit what the better, saner, smarter folks can see clearly, that Obama has been a rock-ribbed establishment conservative from the start of his presidency.  Rahm Emanuel.  Larry Summers.  Eric Holder.  Hillary Clinton.  Tim Geithner.  Peter Orzag.  These were just some of the people he brought (back) into power.  How did he handle the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz war crimes?  Torture?  The financial industry?  Health care?  The stimulus?  Gun control?  In each and every case he supported the ruling class and the status quo, from protecting the health insurance industry to continuing to torture and kill as Bush and Cheney had done.  This is not a great presidency.  If he's remembered respectfully for being the first black president, who had to deal with the racists and teabaggers and other fringier than fringe assholes far more conservative than he himself was, as Michael Moore has said, well that's about all he can hope for at this point.

The Dinesh D'Souza News Is The Best News You'll Get This Year

Sometimes it IS a crime to be an asshole!  Apparently, the prosecution is going to throw the book at D'Souza because he has been acting like a fucking moron since his plea deal.  Now THAT'S funny.  I hope to jesus charlie crist that the judge goes along with that.  America, Fuck Yeah!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wait, What? How Long Till New Fat Chance Bikes Are Chinese Plastic Garbage?

Made in the same shop in China as 21st century Ibis?  The over/under should probably be weeks not years.  If this unlikely thing gets off the ground at all, I can see a (very) small run of handmade USA steel bikes followed relatively quickly by some generic, overpriced Chinese suspension frames, and then that's that.  No Wicked Fat Chance, no Rear Olive Square, so what's the point?  Now if I could get a really nice steel hardtail, a modern version of a Yo Eddy, in team real wild cherry or some kind of actual fluorescent Grello paint, now that would be somethin'.  But in all likelihood this thing is going to go down like the Off-Road Toad abortion from a coupla years ago.

Of course, Rock Lobster is still in business.  Always has been.  Same as it ever was.

And Strong Frames.



Plenty of old-school, never left great builders out there.

And is gonna be Fat Chance Bicycles or Fat City Cycles in 2014?

Ben Carson Is A Disgusting Human Being

And dumb as a fucking rock.  It really looks like he's gonna run in 2016, and that will be one of the most entertaining events in American history.  I can't wait. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

I Rue The Day We Chase All The Assholes Out Of The NFL

Nearly 100% of the ownership along with a big chunk of the players are vile fuckheads.  Ray Rice was an especially nasty little bastard.  Nobody who matters is gonna miss him.  The NFL looks bad--against all odds, they probably look almost as bad as they truly are--and the best we can hope is that the culture changes just a tiny bit.  When all the biggest assholes are out, the league is gonna be mighty empty.  Good riddance. 

Virag's Movie Reviews: Divergent (2014)

Ugh.  This was awful.  Divergent was highly anticipated around here.  (I was only able to avoid it in the theatre because the book had not been read yet, thus violating the book-before-movie rule.)  Hoo boy, though, it sucked.  The only competent thing in the whole flick was the casting of Ashley Judd as the mom; that worked.  The rest was dumb, derivative, and annoying.  I haven't read the book yet, but I'm being lobbied consistently; I guess the good thing is that the book can't possibly be any more wretched than the film adaptation. 

Immigration Schmimmigration

Of course the feckless Dems were scared shitless.  Solving problems, standing up for progress, and fighting your opponents don't appeal to them, partly because they don't believe it and partly because they don't care.   Most of the national Dems are hopeless right-wing clowns who aren't Republicans only because of optics or careerism.  The Dems should have been campaigning on this immigration thing for the past six years, paving the way for Obama's final defeat of Republican obstruction right before the 2014 election.  That didn't quite play out.  I wonder why?

More Michael Brown Murder Evidence

This ugly case is getting uglier.  At some point, the truth about Brown's murder will be too much to ignore, so ignore it we will.  What we will probably see is a wholesale abandonment of the coverage of this case from the establishment media, leaving most Americans in the dark, with only a few fringe elements seeking the truth on their own.  A candid discussion of Brown's murder would demand too much change and a way-difficult acknowledgement of race and violence in our society; we can't have that in an election year.  Or any year.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Mitt Romney Is The Biggest Loser In American History

Sure, it's a crowded tie for the biggest loser ever in American history, but Romney's one of 'em.  The fact that he's such a deluded little pussy just makes a hell of a lot funnier.  Regardless of the metric, Mitt Romney is one of the worst of us.

Props For 'Homocide: Life On The Street'

Signal-boosted by these fellers.  It's true, it's true.  Anywho, H:LOTS was a cracking tee vee show, and it wasn't all Andre Braugher.  Kyle Secor, Melissa Leo, the fat Baldwin, Clarke Johnson, Yaphet Kotto, they all were fucking excellent, and the guest work was often top notch, even Robin Williams.  I watched some of it when it was actually on.  Real good.

Covers Of The Proper 'Indian Summer' Are Allowed

Ummm, THIS Is 'Indian Summer', Not That Piece Of Shit Dream Academy Song

Just sayin'.  Dream Academy gets old real quick.  Beat Happening transcends DIY pop.

Now THAT'S A Fisking

Nicholas Dirks gets viciously fisked by Ken White. Jesus.  Fun stuff, though.  Dirks has a nice cushy job, but it is pretty clear he's a fucking dipshit. 


Every Time The Cowboys Score, Jesus Kills A Kindle Of Kittens

It's in the bible.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Somebody On The Interwebs Called War Criminal Allen West A War Criminal

Welcome to the party, pal!

Besides being a war criminal, Allen West is also a coward.

A fucking ass clown.

And insane.

Scotch Independence

Scotch, Scottish, who cares?  I don't give a rat's patoot about those kilt-wearing haggistani cocksuckers or their independence in particular, but I know for sure that it would be hilarious to see that pustulated kingdom finally crack into the pathetic, worthless backwaters they surely are.  Everybody deserves independence, even those Connor MacLeod pipe-blowing fucks.

Big Frakkin' Dinosaur

Not stomping around your neighborhood any time soon, but still pretty neat that some folks are still lookin' for and still findin' big-ass dinosaur's pretty big-ass bones.  What are the young-earth asswhipes in Congress gonna' say about this shit?

'EWW Divergent' Was Far Too Kind


Friday, September 5, 2014

New Waved

If you were born in 1978, hearing this song on college radio when it was new may have been quite disconcerting.

Hugo Chavez And Jesus Charlie Crist, Our Lords In Heaven And Florida

Who we love so much.  I'd feel less like a dickhead praying to Hugo Chavez than I would praying to some fictional 2000 year old asswhipe made up by bastards to sell bullshit to dummies.  Regardless, anything that makes the christians bent has gotta be good stuff.

Putin's Ukraine

At this point, I'd rather Putin win in Ukraine than the real(ly) bad guys.  We can't get the truth in America, but we are responsible for that death and that suffering over there, because we engineered the coup.  Once again, we go into a shitty place and fuck it up, making it oh so much worse, see Iran, various spots in Africa, Central America, South America.  Ukraine didn't need to be this bad right now, but we couldn't resist being the premier assholes in the world once again...

Cincinnati Bengals, No Shit

Seriously, no shit.  The NFL ownership is full of bad people doing bad things and pretty much embodies most of what's wrong with America, but once in a while...no shit.  They NFL bad guys, this time in the guise of the Cincinnati Bengals, did a good thing.  The right thing.  That's frakking rare.  Of course, with a proper, civilized universal health care system...

Joan Rivers Is Not News, Dead Or Alive

I thinks she would have been perfectly okay as host of the Tonight Show, certainly better than the awful Leno or Fallon.  I also think she was far too nasty, far too insecure, not too bright, and a fucking small-minded coward.  But none of that matters; she's not fucking news.  She's dead and that sucks for her family and matters not at all to the rest of the species.  With all the shit we got going down, Joan Rivers doesn't warrant more than one second of coverage.

Insane Internets Broadcast From The Past

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bob McDonnell: Gods Bless The USA

Fuck Yeah!  Wonderful, wonderful to see this vaginal ultrasound rapist teabagging creep get convicted.  Great day for America.  Let's hope he dies in prison right next to Dinesh D'Souza!

Fast Food Labor Movement

Well...I can imagine what such a movement would look like by now if those workers had the support of a giant political party.  I think they might have more success if the people and their priorities were backed from the start.  This push for a $15/hr. minimum wage is good, real good, but it's not getting much traction in the wider political landscape because, as usual, the 99% are on their own against the enormity of the political and economic establishment.

When Smart Republicans Support Labor, You Know It's Bad Out There

Even Paul Craig Roberts recognizes that unions are needed to balance the power of tyrannical corporations.  This should not really be much of a problem, and anyone not capable of understanding the concept should be rounded up and sent to embed with ISIS along with Dinesh D'Souza and Joe Scarborough.  Unions represent power, power that corporations and governments wish to hoard for themselves, so unions are always good, always right, and always necessary.  No matter how fucking dense, or conservative, or old, or fucking stupid you are, you should at least be able to see that very basic truth.

What The Hell Is Going Down In Kansas

Dems dropping out to help defeat Republicans?  The smacks of political hardball, something the Dems and Repubs usually don't play against each other, so what the fuck is going on?  Yeah, it would be funny as fuck to see Pat Roberts lose, but if a few random Dems are willing to fight dirty, why aren't the national Dems kicking hard all over the country?

Very Few People Should Be In Prison, But Dinesh D'Souza Is One Of Them

Throw that creepy motherfucker in the slammer!  Let most of the prisoners out to make room for Dinesh!  Of all the unconstitutional indignities heaped on the victims of our criminal criminal justice system, by the gods below save the worst of them for D'Souza.  Or send him to do man on the street interviews with ISIS.  Joe "Dead Intern" Scarborough could use the help.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fisking Rahm Emanuel Is Always Cheap And Easy Fun

What a gods-damned scumbag he is.  He's Obama's bestest buddy, too.  He's the guy Obama chose to set the tone in 2009.  Bloody lovely.

The Average Black Probably Thinks Ted Cruz's Dad Is A Dipshit

Brilliant! More of this please.  The world would be a better place if the average black, white, brown, blue, green folks knew what kind of a fucking reject Ted Cruz and his father are.  The sad (funny?  scary?) thing is that Cruz pere et fils are pretty typical 21st century Republicans and not some loony fringe outliers.  Let's shout this shit from the hilltops and bell towers so that all our brothers and sisters have a chance to know what Republicans-teabaggers-Koch-suckers are really like.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dammit, My Carnac Mountain Bike Shoes Finally Died This Weekend

Dammit dammit dammit.  I think they were Tahoes.  Fit pretty well.  Sure they were a decade plus old.  Sure, I had been thinking that I needed to start looking for a replacement in 2004 or so.  Sure, they refused to give up no matter what, staying together through pair after pair of ATAC cleats.  Well, that's done now.  The upper of the left shoe is pretty much split in half after riding over the long weekend.  There's no replacing these in 2014.  I can't ride Shimano shoes on a mountain bike with 0% Shimano components, and I hate all the stupid closure systems.  The Carnacs were perfect, laces under a cover and a wide velcro strap.  That's what I want now, laces with velcro  and cover.  Time machine's not working.  Dammit.

Michael Brown's School

He's some interesting insight into race, class, and education in America.  Michael Brown's school was under performing in relation to the richer, whiter schools in the area.  That shouldn't be a shock to anyone who's lived for more than 10 minutes or so in America, but it is a useful reminder of what sort of life experiences and education Michael Brown enjoyed before he was murdered by the police.

Sam Wang Making Interwebs News Again

Dis kid's got the knack!  Mostly, Professor Wang's analysis is making news because it's not following the typical horseshit narrative being spewed up by the establishment media.  The worst of it is, thought, that it's pretty hard to get worked up about this shit because the Dems seem so astoundingly disinterested in winning.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Virag's Movie Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

Well, this thing sucks worse than the first reboot because Giamatti reasons, but it woulda sucked hard even if they had a good actor playing the Rhino.  Andrew Garfield is a smarmy turd, totally unlikable, especially this time out.  The giant evil conspiracy thing completely misses the point of the Spiderman story and is way dumber than the content of the average superhero movie.  There's no point to this flick except that Sony likes money.  If I had paid money to see this movie, I woulda' been wicked cheesed off.

Teaching Labor

Teachers always make easy targets, partly because a big chunk of us are fucking dumb as a post and partly because a big chunk of us wouldn't do that job for a bazillion dollars a year.  Irregardless sic, the enemies of teachers and teachers' unions are always the bad guys, so that's a great reason to support your friendly neighborhood teacher.

A Little History Lesson For Yous Guys

Of course it's not the same day as the International Worker's Day.  Of course.  We as a society were always doing the bidding of the monied interests, and worker solidarity most certainly does not serve those interests!

Isn't Suffolk University Solidly At The Bottom Of Boston's College Food Chain?

Perception isn't reality, but after MIT and Harvard, going to college in Boston becomes a whatever situation.  Still, Suffolk is always at the bottom of the barrel, so why would anyone be surprised that they are in a world of shit?