Monday, April 30, 2012

Political Song for Tucker Carlson to Sing

ESPN Monday Night Baseball

It sounds like those three are in different rooms calling different games most of the time.  I guess that's the definition of not gelling, but Sean McDonough may pull off another miracle and extract a personality from Aaron Boone.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Political Song for Ross Douthat to Sing

Building a Better Krug Man

Way back when he first entered the political dialog in the United States, Paul Krugman was a rock-ribbed, neoliberal technocrat interventionist, economic division.  Like many center-right Americans with a better than toddler-shoe sized IQ, he was sickened into enlightenment by George W. 'Retard Boy' Bush's non-stop cataclysmic fuck ups, so Krugman's politics have indeed gotten better over the years, and he has been an entertaining public intellectual, such as it is.  Still, since like many former right-wingers, he is a work in progress, it is good to see someone calling Krugman out when he backslides to the right.  Krugman, like a Bernie Sanders, is one of those barely left sort of folks who would be merely tolerated in a true left-of-center American political party.

Why Do You Think They Call Him A Dope?

Yeah, pot is fucking lame--certainly not my bag.  Hah!  But dope is less dopey than not keeping people healthy or at least comfortable with a mostly-harmless plant because some drug companies and paper companies and cotton companies are assholes, and way less dopey than loading up private prisons with shitloads of dope smokers.  Mary Jane is also way less annoying than cigarettes and can't be any worse than some asshole drinking 20 beers a day with a mouthful of fucking chaw.

Tough Day for Wilfred and the Sox

Beckett can't get it done, again.  Matt Stairs is no Dennis Eckersley.


Better than our fucking president!  He is pure and he is good.  Hugo doesn't have these faults.  Hugo is an okay guy.

The General Is Short a Man!

The General is gonna need a replacement patriot after he loses one of his best and brightest.

Bye the way, the General has been on fire recently.  Funny, funny stuff.

Political Song for Joel Osteen to Sing

Not Red Thread, Fred

The 'Not Red Sachs Frames' threads are always a good time.  Just cuz I'm a dick, I would want 'not red' on a Richard Sachs frame except that the 'Sachs Red' is really nice in person, so you're kinda screwed.  Not that this is a problem I have to deal with for a while yet...

The blue on the pictured frame is the same or similar to a frame one of the sorta local racers had in high school, except I think that kid had one of the older, short-lived Signature frames, so who the fuck knows.  Nice blue, though, if you're into that sort of thing.  Pink and purple?  Well, there you go.

Republican Austerity vs. European Austerity

It's all bullshit, and it's all designed to transfer wealth to the 1%--or the 0.1%--of the world, not just the U.S. and not just the Eurozone.  The elites, in Europe and in the States, are using the crisis as an excuse to extract greater percentages of wealth from what is left of their local working and middle classes.  Popular movements, elections and enlightened government policies might help to reverse this horrible trend.  An extremely liberal distribution of guillotines around the world into the hands of the 99% might be good, too.

Where the Hell Is Remy?

And what is Matt Stairs doing on NESN?  Doing everything he can to prove once and for all that he was best of the three Giambi brothers, I guess.

OK, Singleton, Flaherty and O'Neill

Those three should be the Yankees broadcast crew.  Or just get Sean McDonough to be their main broadcaster.  That would be fun for a while.

Political Song for Sonic Youth to Sing

Winning Winners Winning With Social Security

If we were really interested in improving the economy and reducing poverty and reducing the wealth disparity strangling the United States, a great place to start would be increasing Social Security benefits--and 100% universal healthcare and higher unemployment insurance and bigger welfare benefits.  Not only would it make the country better, it would be a huge fucking winner for Democrats or whatever party decides to be the good guys.

Virag's Movie Reviews: Drive (2011)

Not bad.  I didn't believe the duckling fellow as a tough guy though.  Unlike in Red, White & Blue, where the lead was totally believable as steely and fully capable of violence, the lead in Drive was way too pretty and too much of a pussy to pull it off.  The rest of the cast was good, though.  The husband was fine.  The wife was cute and cuddly.  Albert Brooks and Ron Perlman looked like they were having a blast, and the Bad Malcolm guy was solid.  This was a pretty good film, and maybe just a casting choice--younger Nick Cage, maybe?--from being really good.

Friday, April 27, 2012

One Year Ago Today

last year the markets crashed and show business got so boring

hey, look, afghanistan!  what the hell are we doing there, exactly?  pipeline or some shit like that?  keeping stuff away from russia and china?  jesus, what a waste.  

a long dull story of corruption

installing media darling and ineffective general david petraeus at the central intelligence agency will march the united states a few very important steps down the trail to becoming a self-identified police state, though it does keep petraeus far away from a republican presidential run, which i'm sure is its primary purpose.

vermont single payer

now this is a big fucking deal.  vermont is on the way, and unlike in connecticut where the governor is a lying douchebag, the governor in vermont campaigned on it and still supports it! boo-yah. 

shocking curse bird

i'm not sure that obama torpedoing trump today with his birth certificate is such a great political move.  the longer trump went on, and the longer these racist birther idiots sucked up the free oxygen, the better off obama was.  he says he wants to move on, but trump-as-clown and the birthers and fox news insanity were big time win for the president. i don't get the timing; it was a fun political stunt, but will it help 2012?  perhaps he was doing kerry a solid re jerome corsi?  or does he really have better stuff to do?  that's a nice change.

orly taitz sounds like arianna huffington!

yeesh, larry o'donnell has that psycho orly taitz on, and she sounds a lot like arianna huffington--or maybe it's the bear on the cleveland show.  it's either a world-altering conspiracy that i've discovered or totally meaningless, but it just can't be a coincidence, can it!?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Who Gives a Rat's Ass Funfetti

Mittens won some primaries today, but who gives a fuck.  The next high-calorie entertainment we're gonna get from those idiots is at the convention. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Enjoy Hell, Chuckles

The world is a little better these days since Chuck Colson died.  Of course it would have been better for all the rest of us if it had happened about 70 or 75 years earlier, but hey, we will take what we can get!  I hope that fucker enjoys Hell!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

For the Love of All That Is Holey

The Red Sox suck.  On the upside, I'm pretty sure I'm third in line for Valentine's job.  Pretty sure I'll say no!

The Galactic Epicenter of Inanity?

I think so.  Teh Stupid, Teh Paranoid, and Teh Violent make up the wonderful, particularly rancid American slurry.  We're fucked.

Here's the bullseye, baby!

One Year Ago Today

goodbye sarah jane

lis sladen has died.  the ageless dr. who companion, who travelled with tom baker during the pinnacle of whodom, will be dearly missed by whovians and other geeks and nerds.  goodbye, sarah jane.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Political Song for Barry Soetoro's Dinner to Sing

Stupid Fenway Anniversary

The 100th celebration at Fenway completely ruined the damned Red Sox post game, because with those two fucking muttonheads Eck and Rice on the air after an epic Sox loss to the hated Yankees, that post game shoulda been some of the most entertaining tee vee evah, but instead they were all dewey-eyed over the celebration and not wallowing in the ignominious pasting by the Bombers.

Singleton, Cone and Flaherty

That should be the Yankees broadcast team.  Three former players, but who the fuck cares.  They're decent.  Better than Michael Fucking Kay. 

One Year Ago Today

politics as intramurals

in the united states, politics are intramurals.  every game is a home game; the true opponents are not on the other team, but instead are the fan base, the observers and the rest of the surrounding community.  it's not exactly the same in the rest of the world since most political parties didn't start primarily to facilitate access into the political class like they did here in the united states.  we have always been light, too light, on ideological friction.  our politics are just a bunch of fraternity guys playing softball as an excuse to drain some kegs. 

non standard & quite poor

now it's pretty obvious that standard & poor's cheap political stunt has blown over, but the question i can't stop wondering is this: has barack obama finally started cultivating the proper sort of enemies?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Political Song for Bill Donohue and Tony Perkins to Sing

One Year Ago Today

his bad dream

over at crooks and liars, they have a piece about giant cockbag dylan ratigan getting chummy with even bigger cockbag andrew breitbart.  this is just the latest way in which ratigan has shown that he is in no way a liberal, or even too bright, and is at best an anti-republican conservative/big-business libertarian, which may actually be some kind of mutant like a teabagger.  apparently, ratigan wound up on msnbc because he wasn't a big enough douchebag to stay on cnbc, but is still a mindless, fox news-lite style suckup.  c&l's is absolutely right; there's no way breitbart should be given a forum in any decent media.  it's beyond shame because i'm pretty sure ratigan possesses none.

one of the commenters there brought up something i caught a couple of weeks ago, too.  ratigan kissed the ass of swift boat liars and brent bozell enabler and all-around genuine american piece of shit t. boone pickens on his show because of pickens's supposed support for clean energy without ever bringing up the problems with hydro fracking for natural gas.  pickens is another person like breitbart who should never be given a forum on the public airwaves because of his proven disregard for both the truth and common decency.  just for giggles, ratigan broke the balls of professional leftie adam green the next day when green tried to find out why ratigan was such an ass-kisser and yet somehow failed to ask pickens about fracking or his millions of shares of stock in the companies looking to profiteer from said fracking.

Traffic School

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One Year Ago Today

beaten and broken

well, this story about general sanchez maybe running for senate as a democrat and the dems getting all frisky thinking about it shows how fucked up our political system really is.  if we care about justice and human rights as a nation, perhaps one of our major parties should not endorse a known torturer for an exclusive national office.

Ruby Ridge Redux? Waco?

If the Feds go all-out after that world-class cockbag Joe Arpaio, let's hope for an old-timey shoot out with the ATF and FBI and whoever else feels like getting in on the fun.

Care Bears on Fire

Made in Bangladesh

21 cents an hour!!  Damn!  No wonder Nike crap costs so much.  21 cents!!  If only we could get those scumbags to work for 9 cents an hour or something, then Americans could buy more stuff...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Your No Kidding Moment of the Day

This rates a pretty high on the 'No Shit' scale.  Typewriters.  No proof the docs were fake.  The Republicans were lying outright and making it up as they went along, and the establishment media swallowed it whole.    No shit.  I wonder if that retard Bush is ever gonna sober up enough to come clean about this garbage. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Political Song for George Romney to Sing

Ann Romney Never Worked a Fucking Day in Her Life

And it's too bad that the Whitehouse and the Democrats don't have the fucking balls to say so!  She grew up in wealth and married an extremely wealthy and well-connected douchebag named Mitt.  Staying home to raise your mutant spawn with a huge staff and a quarter of a billion dollars in the mattress doesn't make you a hard working woman.  The same with illness; getting cancer or MS or a bad headache is a fuck of a lot different with a bountiful staff and a couple of hundred million dollars to buy as much health care and leisure as anyone could ever want.  The democrats should be shouting this shit from the rooftops: Ann Romney never worked a day in her fucking life.  Tell Annie to try punching the clock for ten bucks an hour while raising a couple of kids on your own.  That's work.  That's a struggle.  That's stress.  And staying at home raising kids is not a job.  It's not work; it's merely really really annoying.  Staying home with the kids is not like being a coal miner.  Or working in an auto plant.  Or delivering the boxes of paper for WB Mason.  Or working at Wal-Mart full time for 15 grand a year.  So Ann Romney and her idiot kids and all the rest of those Republicans should not forget to go fuck themselves.  Obama and his people should not be such fucking pussies and go ahead and tell all the working women in America that Ann Romney is nothing at all like them.

One Year Ago Today

scenes from the class struggle in missouri

another glorious victory in the 21st century class war!  missouri joins the 19th century: as part of a bill to extend unemployment benefits in missouri using federal money, the assholes in the missouri chamber of commerce joined with a soft-headed republican dickwad to cut the period of unemployment insurance benefits to 20 weeks for the newly jobless, because who has less political power in american than the unemployed. 

with this, missouri joins michigan in doing its best to make sure that the loss of a job will permanently cripple the economic futures of as many of its working-class citizens as possible, ensuring that they will never have the means to participate in the political process ever again or have any possibility of effectively waging war against the ruling class. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Occupy Anarchy

Interesting and important debate about the future of the Occupy movement.  I firmly believe that most of the violence is planned and executed by the police organizations, and together with a few rock-headed troublemakers, they commit pretty much all the violence--and keep in mind, petty vandalism is NOT violence.  Unlawful arrest, abusive treatment, and torture ARE violence. 

Political Song for Sarah Palin and Eric Bolling to Sing

One Year Ago Today

there are no happy endings. only endings.

the arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards darkness, cold and death.

burning in the desert burning

i remember freedom bombs!  do you?

Virag's Movie Reviews: Titanic (1997)

That Titanic movie was very sad.  Everyone died at the end.  Who saw that coming?  Downer.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Political Song for Ann Romney to Sing

One Year Ago Today

only you and your ghost will know

the nonsense that nader cost gore florida is another zombie lie that will be with us forever.  in fact, it is quite likely that nader's vigorous campaign brought gore more votes nationally and in flordia than otherwise would have been cast for him; nader himself has acknowledged that many potential nader voters--who otherwise would not have been voters at all--later admitted that they chickened out and voted for gore due to media and peer pressure.

gore fucked up much.  he ran a shitty campaign.  he failed to utilize bill clinton where he could have made all the difference.  he didn't do a good job of messaging and pushing back against the media misrepresentation.

however, the thing that absolutely cost gore the election was his disastrous choice of the heinous joe lieberman as his running mate.

single payer is the compromise

watching certain mindless, smarmy obama cheerleaders get all wet and sticky and in your face over obama's midday prototype campaign speech, i am reminded of obama's--and america's--recent failure in healthcare reform.  the whole thing was kabuki theater, much as it was with clinton, with obama never intending to harm the for-profit healthcare industry.  this was made clear by the good and hard-working smart folks who have been working on the healthcare issue for years who kept shouting into the wind that the liberal position on healthcare is a nation health service and the conservative position is the for-profit horror we have now.  single-payer, which makes the government the payer of record and covers everyone while preserving the private health care delivery system, is the fucking compromise position!  the fact that obama did not start from national health and fight like hell against every step to the right, knowing that single-payer would be the best he could hope for, shows that he wasn't serious at all.  purple prose and belittling mental midgets like paul ryan in campaign speeches aside, i wonder how serious obama is when he starts from right of center and is willing to compromise to really far right, just not as far right as teabagging asshole republicans.

governor cuomo, meet mr. nader

in the always vital counterpunch, ralph nader gets a little shrill with governor cuomo's priorities.  i'm sure such talk would be met with smug derision by some hard-nosed, steadfast, always-sensible  pragmatists, but cuomo and governor malloy in connecticut have shot out of the gates as obamaesque. 

the rude pundit and paul krugman are not the same person

not so rude rude pundit on the president's speech: 5 simple words.

paul krugman essentially says not good enough since obama's flowery rhetoric will be the starting point, the left pole, and the finished deal will be a hell of a lot worse.

recent history says they're both right.

in case you forgot: bill o'reilly is a disgusting, sex pervert...

lying, vile piece of human filth.  dick morris, too.  assholes.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Political Song for Santiago Durango to Sing

Your Daily Allowance of Stupid

Asteroid bait.  What's next?

Paul Craig Roberts Shreds Obamacare

He does the deed on Counterpunch.  (He's easily my favorite Republican.)  Obama's titanic fuckup on the healthcare issue is going to retard progress in the United States for two generations.  We should be ashamed and embarrassed that we can't manage to do shit that even Canada figured out a while ago.

One Year Ago Today

dan malloy hearts barack obama

politicians lie, and health care is a long struggle because there's tons of money involved.  malloy should be ashamed of himself, but now that he's in office, he will never again be an advocate for real health care reform.  any progress on the implementation of sustinet in connecticut will come despite malloy.

peter gammons is no dennis eckersley

and the nesn postgame show is pretty fucking lame after a sox loss without eck or jim rice.

take his name in vain

so, who are the enthusiastic supporters for obama in 2012?

establishment dems and the village-idiot media class and the operatives of the bribery-class whose checks get a little bigger when there's a democrat in the white house.

who else? 

anti-war?  nope.

labor?  nope.

energy policy?  nope.

equal rights?  nope.

health care for all?  nope.

economic prosperity?  nope.

progressive taxation?  nope.

civil rights?  nope.

government transparency?  nope.

transportation policy?  infrastructure?  nope & nope.

so unless you're an apparatchik or a fool, what about obama could positively energize you to vote for him?

ed shultz is shrill

sure, it's shtick, but at least it's an attempt at a little fire on the leftish over the pussified agenda obama craves.

empire of the senseless

why does anyone in this country give a shit about this disgusting inbred retard circus?  these are some of the most vile people on the face of the earth, equal only to some of the guests.  the best thing the uk could have done was to put that entire horrible family on one boat 30 years ago and let general gerry adams and the provos send them into exile once and for all in exchange for a cease fire.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Political Song for Tom Tucker to Sing

One Year Ago Today

rachel maddow looks like she's gonna lose it soon

i'm not sure how much more she can take.  piles of cash vs. a minimum of self respect...

update: maddow is on abortion at the bottom of the hour, back in her righteous comfort zone; it's like ben & jerry's to her.  and she has a point; those people are sick fuckers.

welcome to level 7, fukushima

it's as bad as chernobyl.  flantastic.  and a new fire today.  it's been a month; they don't have the end in sight.

alex proyas

my god, knowing was worse than i, robot!  how is that possible?  those had to be the lamest angels ever; why just choose the kids with aspergers?  and bunnies!  just awful.

hanrahan's wife

is slap shot the most entertaining film ever?

my daughter's favorite bad religion song

she has a little trouble with the city on fire as metaphor for destructive media culture, but she digs it.  she's also a fan of social d and the dead kennedys and x.  but she likes miranda cosgrove and big time rush, too; some things defy explanation.

update: she wants it entered into the record that she liked the music of the ramones and green day when she was a toddler.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All Singing, All Dancing, All the Time

Flushing Out the Santorum

The good folks in America are not going to have Santorum to smear anymore...

Too Bad Ozzie Guillen Doesn't Have FU Money

He could tell those cocksuckers in Miami to go fuck themselves.  Too bad he has to suck it up if he wants to be the manager down there in that reactionary, Batista-fluffing cesspool.

One Year Ago Today

is the answer the supreme court?

if the question is exactly what obama is good for?  because, we could get this idiocy from pretty much anybody in washington from either party.  no, you don't cut spending in the middle of a recession.  and if you need revenue, how bout raising taxes on the group whose wealth is accelerating?

Monday, April 9, 2012

General JC Christian, Patriot and Great American

Frakking brilliant.  One of my all-time best interwebs experience was reading through the archives of Jesus' General instead of working one day many years ago.

Watching the Sox Lose

Is just not the same without Heidi Watney

Political Song for John Derbyshire to Sing

The Atheist Church Down the Street

Is in Melbourne.

One Year Ago Today


fucking wisconsin.  if this had been some jerkoff conservative peckerwood winning by 200 votes in georgia, and then a liberal, possibly african-american, clerk in atlanta had found 10,000 votes for the democrat, well, jesus, there would have been empty republican heads exploding all over the country! 

virag's movie reviews: extract (2009)

finally watched extract after recording it on the dvr.  it sucked.  office space was understated and absurd and quite entertaining.  idiocracy so fucking cheap, with cheap shots, and chock full of profane hilarity.  sure it barely looked like an actual film, but it also sure seemed like a documentary at times!  extract had none of that fire or the entertainment of office space.  it really was kind of petty and mean and lifeless.  and boring.  some okay casting, though, so the utter uselessness of the whole project is very odd.  maybe mike judge should go back to creating ads for carl's jr.: fuck you, i'm eating!

Virag's Movie Reviews: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Yuck!  What a waste.  This is the time when everyone should realize that Fincher is not much of a film maker, and that Zodiac is probably the best he could ever do.  Too bad the music video is dead...

Awful book, poorly written, and absurd, but it was written as a trashy film by Steig Larsson from the beginning, and the Swedish film did a decent job of making the film less ridiculous than the book--and the two subsequent films failed in this regard for the most part--while the American version was apparently penned by someone who very well might never have read a book or worked on screenplay before.  What a mess.  The casting was shit, too.  The only high point was the low-budget Clooney guy who played the immigrant private dick.  He seemed to get it.  By papal bull, Stellan Skarsgard must appear in every second film made anywhere in the world, so Fincher can't be blamed for that; Christopher Plummer?  Yeah, whatever.  Everything else rest was meh--complete garbage, and a waste of time and effort. 

Will Obama Play the Mormon Card?

Will he need to?

The Mormon thing is indeed twisted and creepy--the next stop on the idiot train is Scientology, for Christ's sake--but will Obama ever get desperate enough in the next six months to send out the surrogates to slag Mittens with all that weird shit?  I doubt it.  The campaign has to feel pretty okay about the president's chances right now, and if it gets sideways enough for the Whitehouse to go all Battlestar Galactica on Romney, well, then the Mooslim Usurper bullshit will probably already be hip deep from the lunatic Teabagger set, and then it's a fucking abortion all around.  I think the Obama team will let reasonably literate and reasonable centerish folks out there sour on the Mormon lunacy on their own and wait for the super-jeebus racist Teabagger assholes to start tearing down Mittens from the right.  That's the cure for $5 gas.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

We Should Never Forget Just How Bad Bill Clinton Was as President

As Atrios pointed out, the United States government is filled with many of the worst people who ever lived.  Those people are also unbelievably stupid, but that is not an excuse.  A huge and important takeaway from the Times article is that this shit was made worser than worse by that disgusting fat pig Bill Fucking Clinton.  Obama has been a horrendous president, but he's not the worst Democratic president in the modern era since we will always have that piece of shit Clinton.

Not the Second Greatest Story Ever Told

So, I managed to piss off a mother without even trying.  When I was out digging through the crap trying to find a kids bike, one of the early possibilities was the Specialized 24" Hotrock kids bike.  It's not a bad little bike, way overpriced but with some nice details like quick release wheels and seatpost which are must-haves and disc brake bosses which are not.  The Scott is a better bike and is much more to my liking with round tubing and top tube cable routing; the fact that it is significantly less expensive is just a bonus.  I would have been very happy buying the Specialized but got the Scott.  One of the other parents jumped the gun, however, and bought the Hotrock.  Now Miss Mrs. Crabby Pants is quite bent that the kids will not have the same bike.  This is not a problem for me, but somehow it makes me a first class rat bastard.  Such is life.  I'd rather have the kids have a chance to ride different bikes and see if they like one or the other better.  They don't need to have exactly the same stuff all the time, but I'm a bad, bad man.

Political Song for T-bow to Sing

Come, Armageddon! Come!

Humanity is a waste of oxygen.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Political Song for Newt Gingrich to Sing

One Year Ago Today

glenn beck: bill o'reilly can skip the cialis tonight!

there's one person in america happier than you about glenn beck getting shitcanned today, and that's bill o'reilly.  that parade float-headed sex pervert narcissist cockbag is pleased as punch that one of fox newz's other giant incontinent egos will no longer be sniffing after his associate producers and interns.  wrinkly ole mrs. o'reilly is gonna need the zestra and testerone cream tonight!  the worst 6 seconds of her year.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Not Two Soon

One Year Ago Today

more wisconsin idiocy: paul ryan

just what kind of fetid puddle of rancid retard slime spawns such a vile troglodyte as paul ryan?  jesus, wasn't wisconsin supposed to have more fucking sense than mississippi?

wisconsin @ 10:35 edt

wisconsin's court vote is 50/50 @ 10:35 eastern time.  what the fuck is up with that?  those cheesehead asshole democrats were supposed to be on this shit, so there's no reason that dick prosser should be anywhere near close in this race.  if they fuck this up, how will they recall those other douchebags?

Tasty CKC Details

Great Kvale forks!  The engraved flat crown is just lovely.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Double Check This, Nike

Good for the Packers.  Nike blows dog in a myriad of ways, and their shitty, overpriced shoes never fit me well.

Bring On The Vainglorious Reign Of President Mittens

I mean, why the fuck not?  Obama's been worse than even I imagined.

Killing Trayvon

Will Trayvon's killer get away with murder?  Could be.  It certainly wouldn't be the first time that someone gets away with murder because their victim was essentially an invisible manIrregardless (sic), if Trayvon had been white, he'd be alive today.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This Is The Curse Of The Treens

One Year Ago Today

here's some prime fukushima bullshit

this is from reuters.  expect to see tons and tons of the industry-fed bullshit in the coming months.  the welfare queens in the nuclear industry are seriously spooked and will do all they can to obfuscate the shit out of the fukushima situation and minimize the devastation as much as possible.  see three mile island and chernobyl.

Mittens Funfetti

Despite all the horse-race bullshit that's been going on for a couple of months, pretty much everybody has resigned themselves to the fate that was just as inevitable on 1 January as it is today: Mittens will be the Republican nominee.  Now, Mittens, being such a titanic asswhipe, might be completely unable to dislodge Obama, but none of those other fuckers had any shot at all.  We shall see. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Condo Accessories

And You Thought Nothing Could Make Kansas Look Good

Human waste product John Calipari is one thing that makes Kansas look good.  Go, Jayhawks!

'The River' Radio: The Worst Format In History?

Today I had the misfortune to hear commercial radio with a format called 'The River'.  Sweet frakking Jesus, this was quite possibly the most horrible thing I have ever heard.  Terrible Rolling Stones, awful Tom Petty, a wretched Crosby, Stills & Nash song that I was sick of halfway through the first time I heard it, and the fucking Eagles!  It really was almost unimaginably bad.  What the fuck has happened to us?

Union Justice For Not Just Us

Union fixes high school on Counterpunch.  Pretty cool.

Your Life Could Be This Song

Sunday, April 1, 2012

We Have A Winner

This is gonna be the bike for the kid, the Scott Contessa Scale Jr.  It is not in fact pink, but it's not black and green or yellow, so white with purple is close enough.  I actually kinda like this bike, and amazingly enough the stupid white painted crank works with this one.  The fork is painted to match the frame!  Contrary to rumor, I have not agreed to buy two plastic carbon Scott road bikes and two Scott mountain bikes this year.  In fact, we are getting this through a really cool rep, so I am pretty psyched.  (The newest demo bike at the shop is a Kona FS 29er.  The guys really like it; I rode it Wednesday night, and I was not impressed.  Maybe I'm spoiled, but I didn't think it was anything special.  I guess it'll be great if they sell a bunch of 'em.)  So, the Scott will be here this week.  If next year's version is white with pink or pink with white or something, I'm a dead man.