Friday, August 31, 2012

Political Song for Princess Dead to Sing

One Year Ago Today

lawrence o'donnell fluffs like fluffy

lawrence o'donnell should be a spokesmodel for scope.  tonight he mostly fluffs himself.  when richard wolfe seems hardcore and intellectually capable on your show, it's time to pack it in.  if larry can stomach the attempt to fluff this disgusting speech failure into a win for obama, he's the biggest cocksucker in human history. 

ed shultz looked like he was gonna cry tonight

big ed looked crestfallen over his true love's lastest failure tonight.  at some point even big ed ain't gonna fluff obama anymore.  a sad day indeed for mr. shultz.

speech epic fail. is this obama's last failure?

perhaps obama should just resign and let biden play out the string.  what a fucking abortion his whole presidency has been!  if boehner and demint wouldn't give in, then obama shoulda' said fuck 'em and given the speech in the oval office anyway making sure to highlight the fact that the republicans in the congress were totally fuckwads.  certainly a strong and vibrant democratic president could have used this stunt as a cudgel to brain boehner and demint and the rest of those dickheads on live television.  obama is such a pussy; he loves to get fucked by anybody and everybody.  loser. 

is bill o'reilly gayer than rick perry?

o'reilly was in his 40's when he got married, and the little tramp was apparently the first mrs. o'reilly.  billo always came across as a bit of dim-witted dandy on his show, but the fact that he may have been a long-term closet case who liked having his backside violated by sex toys or middle-eastern foods and couldn't satisfy a woman to whom he was married just screams that billo is a huge flaming queen.

no at&t with t-mobile

if the justice department actually is able to stop this thing, that would be a pretty big fucking deal.  i ain't gonna believe it, though.

olbermann is way too happy about this o'reilly stuff

gawker has been all over the hilarity, and it sure looks like keith olbermann won't need his cialis for quite a while.  maybe katy tur will be walking with a limp or talking with a lisp for a while if she starts taking his calls this week.

the serotta forum: everything wrong with america in one stupid place

i'll have more on this later, but i want to point out a place that shows just how dumb the lesser privileged class really is: the serotta bicycles forum.  you will never find a more wretched hive scum and villainy or at least a more brainless recitation of koch brothers and heritage foundation talking points while the room picks its nose and drools.  btw, don't buy a serotta.  there are way better bikes out there at much better prices, but do indeed read the forum and laugh at how sad many of those pampered morons and lovers of ayn rand are. 

i guess jeebus hates vermont as much as he or she hates alabama!!

jesus, vermont is fucked.  that's the kind of treatment jeebus usually reserves for alabama and places like that.  fuckin' ay.

chris christie is a big fat sack of shit! and a hypocrite!!

that piece of human filth has his hand out to obama for help with the rain storm.  fuck him.  the feds should ignore the request until lautenberg makes it.  no federal money to states with republican governors.  what happened to the rugged individualist you fat lazy fuck?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eastwood's Shameful Senescence

Fucking senility sucks bigtime, Dirty Harry.  Isn't this zombie moron sposed to be a trained actor?  What the fuck was that he was doing up there tonight?  Jesus, this awful display should be the prolog to Eastwood's seppuku later tonight on the Fox Business Channel.  It was senile-Charlton-Heston-being-violated-by-Michael-Moore-on-film embarrassing for ole Clint.

You know, Mormons

Mormon reality check in Counterpunch.  Cockburn fights for freedom from beyond the grave.

You Can Watch Steve Schmidt Get Stupider As Time Passes

If you watch MSNBC--why oh why would you when Fox News is there to tell you the truth?--you can actually watch McCain douchebag-in-chief Steve Schmidt get stupider and stupider as the Republican Convention goes on.  He's said so many inane things over the past few days, including that Reagan was a great, successful president just tonight.  That guy sucks donkey balls. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why Do Florida and Georgia Bother?

Their attorneys general made them look even worse than usual tonight.  It was like they let the kids from the slow class play dress up on the stage.  More so than the rest of the clown-car shitshow, that is.  What do those fucking hellholes need with attorneys general at all?  I'm sure both of those assholes are the finest products of Regent, Liberty and Oral Roberts clown colleges.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Built This Shitty

Watching Walker and Santorum give their speeches in front of the sad fucking collection of special needs convention assholes is almost enough to make a sapient humanoid or sentient robot want to vote enthusiastically for Obama.  If this is the best our political lessers can do, then they we are right and truly frakked.

Update: Ok.  That lying, lantern-jawed whore Nikki Haley makes Walker and Santorum look like Martin Luther King, Jr. in comparison.  What idiot told her to keep that scary, strained smile plastered on her empty head at all times?  Christ, she makes those two water-brained assholes seem like genius award winners, too.

Updater:  Holy shit, this speech from the vile twat Ann Romney is quite possible the biggest trainwreck on cable since Glenn Beck.  Did one of those cable news assholes say she was a good public speaker?  Were they fucking high?  This is an awful speech.  She's coming across as utterly fake and insincere.  What a cunt this Romney is.  22 years old, new baby, husband in college...and a 50 million dollar trust fund.  Fuck you, you goddamned disgusting lying bitch.  MS and cancer are a fuck of a lot easier with a full-time medical staff in your mansion and a couple hundred million dollars in the bank.  She is truly one of the most despicable people in our sad political history and every bit as evil and ignorant as Walker, Santorum and the rest of those teabagging cocksuckers.

More updater: Moby's Dick flops himself onto the stage in a size 200 suit and fully-absorbent, full-body cross between a maxi pad and Mormon blessed underpants.  Do any of the fucking retards in the hall realize that everything that Moby's Dick and they themselves stand for is a betrayal of the (probably fictional in the case of M. Dick's family) working-class struggles that Dick claims has ennobled him as a Republican?  It's probably a good bet that M. Dick's dead mother and not-quite-dead Pa are pretty fucking ashamed of him.  Or fucking should be!  I dream of a day when all politicians are as unappealing as this greasy motherfucker.  On that day, a decent man or woman may have the chance to be heard.  For now, all we get is shameless, self-promoting bullshit barfed up on us by a 500 lb. greasy fat sack of human excrement from New Jersey.

Chris Matthews Is Now America's Racist Dogwhistle Scold

How the fuck did we wind up with Chris Matthews having the biggest brass balls on the tee vee?  He's been all over this shit, and it's still a fucking shock to hear one of the tee vee assholes be so plain-spoken about sleazy racist politics and racist Republican electoral malfeasance.  Tweety's right twice a day, I guess.

Sweet Jesus, Scott Walker Is Fucking Stupid

Watching that speech gives me a pain in my balls like when I watch VH-1.

Santorum Baby

Creepy, ambulatory abortifacient Rick Santorum will be puking up his insanity tonight at the Mittens Carnival of Asshattery.  That will be a whole bunch of fun, I'm sure.  Santorum, baby!

Update: Who's the bigger red-hot closet case, Rick Santorum or Scott Walker?

Monday, August 27, 2012

When Chris Matthews Is The Smartest Guy In The Room

You are hella fucked.  But give Tweety some props; he also was able to make Tom Brokaw look like the total cocksucking tool he's always been, and that can never be a bad thing. 

Why Does Bill Nye Hate America?

Why?  Jeebus is not gonna be happy.

One Year Ago Today

it's not just ronald d moore, brannon braga and jj abrams who suck

it's rick berman, too.  i mean, he's probably the most to blame for incubating the major suckitude that has poisoned our once regal tee vee sci fi.  or  not, but he still sucks and we blame him for moore and braga and abrams drowning star trek in shit.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Savor E

One Year Ago Today

duck and cover

up and down the coast, paranoia stalks the nukeyoulerr generating plants.  first an earthquake, now a hurricane with storm surge and maybe flooding.  the staff and owners understand they're only one catastrophe away from pitchfork and torches public hanging. 

rock me like a hurricane

watching the hilarious panic all over the tee vee.  i hope those bastards in nyc or new jersey don't think of taking federal funds if hurricane irene gets all medieval on their asses.

mega shark vs. crocosaurus -- not starring paul giamatti!!

woulda' been sweet, though.  i mean, urkel, johnny cab and a host of actors who may be seen in the background of icarly or victorious with mr. tuvok and the poolboy lady from madtv.  pg would've put that bad boy over the top!  scarily, my daughter loves these cheapo asylum flicks on syfy.  she wants to watch just long enough to see the giant-whatever bad special effect and she's thrilled.  i guess she's probably the target demo anyway.  she was especially interested in the moby dick 2010 epic.  call me ishmael indeed. 

tar sands: more bad mojo

perhaps not as scary as paul giamatti playing shane macgowan, but this tar sands pipeline bullshit is pretty fucking disgusting.  the obama administration is all for it, of course, and lots has been made about the pipe fitters union being as short sighted and greedy as the afl-cio was during the patco strike.  basically, we have a fucked political and social culture in this country, and this is just another horrible example of how fucked we all are. 

pogues biopic with paul giamatti as shane macgowan

maybe i need my meds adjusted, but i have an irrational fear of really awful pogues movie with paul giamatti starring chewing the scenery as shane macgowan.  i understand that it is both less likely than a ron paul presidency as well as more horrible than a rick perry/david barton administration, but still it would be a remarkably destructive artifact, and i've been obsessing about it for a while.  bad mojo.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Political Song for Neil Armstrong to Sing

The Lance Armstrong Stupid Is Everywhere

World-class morons are everywhere, and some shit just brings 'em runnin'.

Well, That's It For Wilfred In Boston

The Red Sox have given up, but getting rid of Wilfred must be like finally dropping a huge, fetid crap.

One Year Ago Today

yikes! ann coulter looks terrible!!

she was never a hottie, but holy christ, i hope all cornell women are not that scary looking!  jesus.

chris hayes, yes.

melissa harrisperrylacewell, no.  she just doesn't seem to get the medium.  her obama fluffing is a plus for her on msnbc right now, as is the fact that she's an african-american woman on a network that is scarily white and whimpy and male.  still, is she the only affirmative-action candidate in the bullpen?  actually, probably, yes.  i just find it difficult to watch.  better than amy holmes, i guess...

al sharpton was really good on david barton today

it was a useful segment, and sharpton was properly outraged that this asshole has a long, long history with both the republican party and utter insanity. 

no shirt, no shoes, no cervix

rick perry has destroyed the michele bachmann brand.  the only question is who is gayer, rick perry or marcus bachmann?

is rick perry gay?

of course, he is.  he's the gayest cowboy since john wayne and is way less gay than either of those brokeback mountain cowboys.  and really, it wouldn't be any big deal, cuz who the fuck cares?  except that this closet case is a full-blown jesus fluffer and revolting hypocrite.

pat caddell and doug schoen are the saddest creatures on the planet

only fox news and the wall street journal could put up with two such pathetic cretins.  where is that 'center' they talk about?  the center between obama, a solid right-wing corporate stooge, and rick perry, a full-on, ocean-going fundamentalist retard, would be what, an evan bayh/alan simpson ticket?  fucking assholes.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cheat To Win! Cheat To Win!

It may be time to chuck out that tattered yellow rubber band.

Bye-Bye Wilfred?

With talk of a wicked huge trade between the Sox and the Dodgers, we may see Wilfred going to the left coast.  That would be an interesting development and would suck big time for Mattingly. 

What Do You Say To Someone Who Admitted Going To A Damn Yankees Show?

I just walked away.  There was nothing nice to say, and I wanted to avoid tears.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Barack Obama, Jr. > Al Gore, Jr.

At least Obama has the good sense to use Bill Clinton.  Gore was too fucking stupid to whip out the ole Clenis in order to crush George W. 'Retard Boy' Bush, and so was susceptible to be being sodomized by the reactionary cocksuckers on the Supreme Court.  As bad as Obama is, he's a better man than Gore.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Week Until The Republican Convention

Time flies.  It is hard to believe that the Republicans blew this one so badly.  If Mittens wins in November, it will be due solely to hatred and not anything useful that any Republican has done.  I'm betting that the convention will not be very entertaining this time, but we can always hope.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Saab Fanboys Are Teabaggers?

Probably not, but the combination of ignorance of American politics and the generous flavoring of comments from a gaggle of American right-wing douchebags in these two SaabsUnited threads makes me think that maybe Saab fanboys should be riding Serottas instead.  I guess I can give a Swede a pass on not knowing that Forbes is a useless reactionary propaganda outlet, but the assholes from the States who spout off are as bad as the overprivileged morons on the Serotta forum.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Illegitimate Rape

No means what, Mr. Douchebag?  Sweet frakking jeebus, but this nation is filled with so many complete morons that I am kinda shocked we've lasted this long.  GOP Senate Candidate is not exactly a promise of sparkling intellect, but how the hell did he not see that this was gonna sound bad, real bad, and whether he actually believes that nonsense or not, he might be better served by keeping his fucking yap shut?  That whole war on women thing is not ever going away as long as the Republicans keep puking up losers like this guy, and any woman who votes Republican is an even bigger idiot than a woman who votes Democratic.  Sad but true. 

Wilfred Not Getting It Done Against The Yanks

Can't say I'm sad, but that asshole couldn't get it done in the Bronx tonight.  Who fucking cares if he didn't suck quite as badly as he had the last few times?  He's awful. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Political Song for Vince McMahon to Sing

What's The Matter With Connecticut?

Those fucking idiot Connecticut Republicans--oh, I see...that's mostly what's the matter--nominated Mrs. Vince McMahon as their candidate to make sure the Nutmeg State doesn't replace one cocksucking moron right-wing senator with a Republican.  She ran last time and got destroyed, embarrassing herself and everyone else in the process, and now she's going again.  How much of Vince's wrasslin' money will she shit away this time?  And what kinda agreement did she have to make with Mr. McMahon?  He must be poking every slattern and trollop he can get his greasy mitts on with impunity and will be for the rest of his pathetic life.  Now we know: Vince McMahon loves cheap, herpes-ridden pussy and not having an expensive divorce more than he likes lots of his cash.  Ok. 

Virag's Movie Reviews: Eloise (2009, Spain)

10 minutes of this flick might be the greatest movie ever made.

I Hope To Christ That Ryan's Mother Is Ashamed Of Him

But seeing as he's a huge fucking dipshit, it's probably mostly her fault, and she probably thinks he's just so goddamned brilliant.  Bitch.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Dumb Get Dumber

It's some sort of law of physics or something.  One thing is for sure and forever: some reactionary cocksuckers are fucking hopeless.

One Year Ago Today

moby dick 2010 on syfy

barry bostwick!  the little chick from xena.  based on a novel by herman melville.  are you sure?  anyway, this unbelievable mess looks like it had a budget of at least 20 grand.  really, though, if you gave these clowns the budget of transformers it could have been the best awful movie ever made.  it was better than any of the transformers movies anyway.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Foot-Foot Is Smarter Than Paul Ryan

One Year Ago Today

where was obama during the wisconsin recall?

this piece is one of the many posts, comments and random quips floating lazily around the internets asking the simple question: where the fuck was president obama during the recall elections, and how many votes could he have delivered? 

probably enough to win another seat.  5000 votes woulda done that.  probably enough to turn defeat into victory.  that would have set a great precedent for his all-kinds-of-fucked reelection plans.  probably enough to energize some of the voters across the country who are probably gonna sit the next one out after voting for him last time.  see ever-more-perilous reelection hopes.

so, it really is a case of the wisconsin  recalls being another blinding example of what a wuss obama is and how much he sucks as a democratic president.  don't tell john cole or that stupid and angry african american woman

ed schultz might just be the biggest obama fluffer on msnbc

big ed was just on there saying that he believes obama still wants to be walking the picket lines with american working folks right after he showed a clip where obama basically told public sector union workers to go fuck themselves.  angry black lady would be very psyched.  the rest of us are just kinda bummed that big ed is such a fool.

is mitt romney more of a man than al gore?

this question will determine who is president in 2013.  right now mittens is in the position al gore was in during the 2000 campaign.  he's boring, awkward and an utterly inauthentic hypocrite campaigning against a borderline retarded, swaggering texan asshole whom both the establishment media and right-wing racist teabaggers alike just swoon over.  al gore refused to grow a pair and flatten the idiot texan.  if mittens plays it the same way, he's history.  i'm curious to see if he is a better man than gore--which would be pretty easy: joe lieberman!--and as such pummels perry into a smirking, greasy smear on his way to the white house.

one way romney will probably sink perry is with michele bachmann.  she's a full-on fucking lunatic teabagger, but her presidential campaign is over, whether she knows it or not.  if romney uses her as the attack dog, and she chews off perry's balls in public, then he will sink faster than the literacy rate in texas.  with perry out of the way, vice presidential candidate bachmann can reel in those hateful biggot christian teabaggers with her jesus talk and defuse some of the mormon heathen satanist cult feelings in the hearts of those wonderful americans.

if he is successful, he will be the next president of the united states. 

is greg gutfeld dumber than sean hannity?

i know it sounds crazy, but he's obviously dumber than o'reilly.  sean hannity, however, is a pretty fucking low bar, though watching him for a few seconds really makes you wonder.  could he be the dumbest person on fox news channel?  eric bolling is making a play to be a bigger douchenozzle than neil cavuto, though cavuto is much fatter at this point.  still, a more interesting question: is greg gutfeld a bigger zero than sean hannity?

it's perry vs. mittens

marcos daily is dead wrong on this one; it's now down to rick 'the dick' perry and mittens the kitten.  michele 'psycho fag hag' bachmann is toasty.  disgusting stain santorum and serial adulterer gingrich are done and not a single person cares.  herman 'pizza pizza' cain stays in long enough to ensure that perry picks him to be vp; that's his game all along, to have one of those assholes pick him for the number 2.  and i do mean number 2.  if bachmann's generating any more than 2 watts, she starts stabbing perry in the balls at every opportunity so that pussified mittens picks her to be his veep.  if she fails at that, it's back to stretch-mark republican slut jello wrestling against sarah palin at whatever state fairs'll have 'em.  or maybe really boring and disgusting lesbian porn vids with christine o'donnell.  anyway, bachmann is toast unless she can do a man's work and take care of perry.  it's not gonna get her the nomination, but it will get her the second chair, because romney's gonna need her to dilute that anti-mormon racist teabagger bullshit as well.  nobody else is gettin' in; no rudy or christy or that other turd from new york.  it's gonna be either perry/cain or romney/bachmann.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nice Job, Wilfred!

5-10 so far this year after tonight, maybe?  Wow, Beckett sucks in so many amazing ways.  There's a boatload of fun going on in and around the Sox right now, and you know that miserable cocksucker is right in the middle of it.  What a fuckhead.

One Year Ago Today

karl rove got no elvis in him

i think michael j fox has proven that he did indeed have elvis in him.  since i'm not sure if elvis ever got out of joan rivers, i will say with conviction that karl rove is the evil anti-elvis.

who's the next to go?

herman cain is running for the affirmative action vp spot on the ticket?  thad--?  fuck that.  santorum and his santorum stain?  we know ron paul is crazy right up until nearly the end.  so who's gonna drop?

president bachmann

it's never gonna happen.  watch for the mainstream republican douchebags to get all bent now and start kicking her where it hurts.

perry/bachmann?  now that would be a refreshing change from the sane and intelligent!


i know it was a fill-in for bbc america, and that it went over like a lead balloon in the uk, but it's frustrating because there could have been something decent there.  the stunt casting of apollo was pretty funny itself.

arcade fire: the suburbs

okay, i'm finally ready to give it the thumbs up.  (i have no fucking idea if it was album of the year or whatever or not, but i think it's absolutely fucking hilarious that the fucking grammy's would give an award to a record on merge records.  what's next, epitaph?)

anywho, it's a good record regardless.  not perfect, but the complexities and art-fag pretensions often work well, and the ones that don't are noble attempts.  i liken the album to the book the corrections by jonathan franzen: a good work, probably the best the artist will ever do, but far short of transformative brilliance.  like that book, i also find that the overarching theme doesn't work that well.  the corrections in the book and the suburbs on the album are forced instead of supportive or expansive.  that's one of the shortcomings of the artist that shows clearly; it is only a shortcoming when compared to the very greatest and definitely not in comparison to much more pedestrian artists and works. 

regardless, the suburbs rewards well on repeated listening.  there's a nice balance to the whole album and a palpable movement through the progression.  it is a major work; i like it. 

go sox!

where do i have to go to formally protest that the redsox and nesn do not put on real post-game shows when the sox play on the west coast late and josh beckett loses?


some real top-notch political analysis from josh marshall

i know josh marshall is like a village wannabe, but jesus, this is some really inane analysis.  not even 12 hours! 

pawlenty sucks his last

adios, t-paw!  what a sack of crap he is.  what's the matter with minnesota?

Political Song for Shira Toeplitz to Sing

Monday, August 13, 2012

Derek Lowe?

Derek Lowe?  Really?  I thought that guy was dead.  There he was at the Stadium tonight, though.  Fucked up.

Mekons Vs. Chumbawamba?

No.  Contest.

Still, Chumbawamba is stupendously underrepresented in the States, so I think it is about time for an all-American Chumbawamba revival. 

Even Yet Still More Peeling

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Obama Probably Won The Election Yesterday

Unfortunately.  The president has been such an atrocity in so many ways that he really needed to lose, but Mittens more than likely just gave him a win with such an awful veep choice.  Ryan is another Republican, just like Romney, who has never actually done anything with their life.  Romney's been banking on his name, and Ryan has been on government assistance since his teenage years.  How the hell could Romney not see the problem--not that Ryan is a fucking imbecile and sticky-chinned teabagging hypocrite, but that he has done nothing but suckle the teat of American government.  Speech writer, aid, congressman, that's not exactly a compelling biography.  At least the correct choice, a choice that may have won him the presidency, had been a doctor--so what if he was a Fox-News-bad doctor, he at least could have claimed to have done something other than live off welfare and read inane Ayn Rand novels.  Instead, Romney fucks up again and makes a terrible choice and proves he's at least as big a loser as Al Gore.

One Year Ago Today

romney is such a dick

i wonder if he lost the fucking election with his stupid corporations are people comment.  the racist teabaggers aren't gonna go for him cuz he's a heathen cultist, but now lots of the soft-headed voters might just get creeped out by his uber-creepy quip.  it's gonna be a shame if the idiot republicans nominate perry or bachmann and hand the election to obama.

Friday, August 10, 2012


One Year Ago Today

panic on the streets of birmingham

i wonder to myself.

the murdock/news of the world shit was bad bad bad, and now cameron has called out the dogs, john aravosis style, and the best we can hope is that the state-sponsored violence turns the riots into revolutions born in the blood aravosis and cameron and other facists so dearly yearn for with the end of cameron and the tories as a big sticky sweet bonus.

walker recall in wisconsin. refund? refund??

the fact that genius election vote counting guru nate silver says that the walker recall is a toss-up should make many on the side of the angels fling themselves in front of atrios's super-speedy supertrains en masse.  

toss-up?  toss-up!!  refund! refund!!

only a toss-up?  ruh-roh.  i mean, this guy is one creepy fucker.  he looks like the pedophile who gets his ass kicked by the other pedophiles for being too creepy.  he's been raping the rights of workers and the common sense of everyone else right out there in the middle of the playground, but it's only a toss-up?  what does he have to do to so anger the citizens of wisconsin to guarantee that his recall will be better than a toss-up?  i understand that he's a minor demon in the evil panoply, not exactly reagan, cheney or someone named bush, but still, he's a dim-bulb koch brothers catamite with all the political skills of a greasy bowel movement, and the best anybody can hope for is a toss-up?  jaysus tap dancing christ.

at the point of toss-up, the democratic/progressive/liberal cause is well and truly fucked to death.  walker's recall should only be a statistical landslide.  never again will it be this simple.  never again.  gotv, canvassing, working the media, none of them are yet good enough.  if you can't be the best in little league, there's no chance you're a winner in the big show.  kos can be as strangely elated or elatedly strange as he wants, but it's all whistling past the graveyard of american democracy unless the good guys can do better than delivering a toss-up against that dickless wonder walker in wisconsin. 

wisconsin disaster fluffing: kos y digby

i understand.  i do.  kos has to keep the fannies in the seats, so he will fluff the epic failure in wisconsin yesterday in order to keep people happy and keep the money coming in.  it's totally natural for him to do this.  he's not a cup-7/8-empty kinda guy, he's a cup-1/8-full kinda guy when it comes to keeping his sweet gig going strong.  and digby is great at being digby, so she really wants it to work out well in wisconsin.  i have no problem with that.  she's got an excellent perspective on lots of the most important issues in politics today.

but wisconsin was absolutely an epic failure last night.  the issues facing the voters were as simple and as clear as they have ever been or ever will be again.  there was anger, infrastructure, national media coverage, lots of support from outside wisconsin, and money money money.  yet, they failed.  getting rid of that jerkoff randy hopper was great, but it should have been 6/6 for the good guys.

if the voters in wisconsin had had the slightest interest in understanding their desperate situation and being educated or learning the truth on their own, they had an outstanding opportunity during these recall campaigns.  republican districts or not, this was a chance for the citizens of wisconsin to change their situations for the better, and for whatever reason, they did not.  they refused to change the paradigm.  the democrats did not take power in the state senate.  it was a failure.  anyone who was energized by such a disaster is probably already lost.

lots of excuses are being made, and the activists have no choice but to fight on if they are not indeed going to commit suicide by supertrain.  the teabagging assholes are gonna take this as a win though.  labor especially needs to do better or it's lights out on america. 

never been in a riot, never been in a fight

panic on the streets of london, indeed.  it's really funny to see the fascist-minded supposed liberals/progressives like john 'shoot the unarmed rioters' aravosis at americablog.  these are the kind of soft-headed assholes we don't need any more of in the united states, especially those who think they are 'liberal' or 'progressive'.  more encouragingly, there have been plenty of posts and comments flitting across the internets from better folks who know some history, understand some economics, and have some more sense than the likes of punishment queens like aravosis.

indeed, riots are almost never political, but their environments are always created by political and social reality.  shooting unarmed protesters, no matter their reasons, is murder, john.

john kerry? patty murray?

that's the best they could do?  sweet jesus we are fucked.  of course, max baucus makes it 4 arch-conservative senators on the super duper congress death panel. 

investigation in alberta darling's district?

big fucking deal.  and so what?  if the people in wisconsin had voted better, it wouldn't be close enough to steal.  nice going.  how much hateful, deadly bullshit did they need from that pedophile-looking weasel scott walker and the web-toed koch brothers?  what was it going to take to make them at least try to save themselves?  assholes.  bring back favre while you're at it.

hop along, randy hopper

ginormous fail in wisconsin, but at least that shitty cocksucker randy hopper is out.  a little bit of better karma, you cheesehead bastards. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Peel'd Mekons

One Year Ago Today

falling skies fizzled as expected

the close encounters thing at the end was embarrassing.  pretty lame that they didn't commit to anything except putting the characters on the move to start next season.  the guy from e.r. and moon bloodgood have zero chemistry.  will patton looks like he's not happy enough for the paycheck no matter how small it is.  colin cunningham is pretty okay; he takes it about as seriously as a lesser episode of stargate sg-1.  what a mess.  i'm sure spielberg thinks it's fine.  he probably giggled when he saw the clumsy homage at the closing. 

wisconsin at 10pm edt

total shit.  frankly, everyone i've ever known from wisconsin was an absolute fucking moron (including that guy at the yellow jersey who couldn't get me a nagasawa before euro-asia stopped poking mr. nagasawa hard enough to make him build frames for the non-japanese speakers in the usa).  the wisconsinites made the chicago people seem like sparkling intellectuals--and the chicaco folks spoke at 33-1/3 while the rest of us were on 78 rpm.

if those cheesehead rejects can't dislodge randy fucking hopper and that dimwit whore alberta darling, well, they get exactly what they deserve.

simple people of the land; the common clay of the new west; you know, morons.

christian mingle dot com

how much really unsatisfying sex has that creepy website facilitated?  how many more herpes hopping around the idiot churches? 

nickle and dimed on maddow tonight - the living wage

barbara ehrenreich on maddow's show tonight.  living wage?  what the fuck is that?  show's just how deep in the whole we are as a society and a species.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pawlenty, Portman, Ryan?

That's a shitty lineup.  Mittens could really blow this thing with a bad choice.  Pawlenty is the prototype of Scott Walker, the world's shittiest, least personable governor.  Portman is just a cocksucking asswhipe from way back and is redolent of that rotting-corpse Bush family stench.  Ryan is such an empty-headed dimwit that he makes Romney look compelling, which might be the idea, but that's a really fucking bad idea.  No, Mittens needs a good choice, because every day he looks as if he falls a little bit further behind in the momentum department, and if it somehow winds up being close, a huge fuckup like picking one of those three douchenozzles could cost him the big cookie.  Gotta get this one right

Wilfred's Not Even Trying For The Sox

Wilfred got booed at Fenway on his way out of getting the shit beat out of him, and it seems/looks/feels like he's not even trying, so it is no wonder the Sox fans have turned on him.  He's way more trouble than he's worth, too...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hello and Good Bye

More (Dead) Father Shame

Al Gore, Sr.  Mike Wallace.  Jack Reagan.  Ronald Reagan.  Lots of Kennedys.  Tim Russert.  Tim Russert. 

One Year Ago Today

s&p pisses on obama

they've been playing this bullshit game for a while now, fucking with obama and threatening to downgrade.  it says something that they think they can just get away with such bully behavior.

friday it was great

the sox lost and eck was on after.  saturday, cc sucked moose cock.  tonight, the heinous espn crew is on.  jeez.

John Sununu? Really?

How the fuck does anyone from the Mittens camp think it is a good idea to send that creepy Semitic weasel out onto the tee vee to talk up their candidate, or even more hilariously, talk shit about Obama?  Having a world-class cockbag like Sununu call you dishonest is about the best thing that could ever be said about you and almost enough to make me consider voting Obama.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fire Control

Saab Fanboy Lawyers Are Funny

Three billion dollars?  Three billion dollars!  That's fucking crazy.  I mean, GM sucks in so many varied and wonderful ways.  Look at the new Camaro or any of those hilariously ugly Guido Cadillacs or the absence of Pontiac and you know that GM is a shitty, stupid company.  But what the fuck do they think they're gonna get by suing them?  Saab died cuz nobody bought enough of 'em, and nothing GM did or didn't do was gonna change that in any significant way--mostly because GM both didn't understand Saab and Saab quality AND didn't want Saab to dismantle their shitty Cadillac and Buick brands with well-made, interesting and proper-handling European road cars.  So, GM let Saab die because they were both stupid and afraid.  Unfortunately, that's not exactly rare in the glorious business world; Saab suffered and died, while GM is and will always be both extant and kinda crappy.

Lost Grrrl

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Of Course Romney's Father Would Be Ashamed Of Him

And for good reason: George Romney was a decent, if flawed, man of accomplishment and (flawed) principles while the son is an awkward, soft-headed and useless meatsack.  Milward Simpson would be ashamed of Alan, too.  George Bush, same deal.  Bill Blythe would probably not be ashamed of Bubba--but most assuredly should be!  Barack Obama would probably be not-at-all-ashamed of his son, for some obvious reasons, but would surely be closer to Bill Blythe's reality than he would ever like to admit.  Eventually every single one of those fuckers will be in hell gathered together around the complimentary cocktail cart bitching about how ashamed they are of their useless, despicable sons.

And as often happens: Fuck Jon Stewart.  He is the lamest of the lame pussies on the tee vee.  His love of bullshit fairness is one of the dumbest things in the American media.  And as usual, he's wrong wrong wrong.  Wrong about Reid being over the line saying Romney's dad is ashamed, and wrong about Romney's Bain misdeeds and cheating.  Don't forget: Harry Reid is a Mormon and is probably jacked in to the epicenter of the Bain bullshit.

One Year Ago Today

Plus or minus.

obama sucks, the next chapter: panetta

let's face it, obama is an absolute disaster of a president, the worst democrat since clinton, and that's saying something because clinton sucked donkey dick.

no the buffoon obama put in the pentagon is bitching about defense cuts.

fuck him.  let's start with 75% off the top, focus on actual defense of the united states without criminal wars and negotiate from there. 

warrior digby?

digby puts a human face on the new austerity and perhaps stirs a bit toward action in the future.  probably not, though.  we will sit quietly as a nation while we are mostly boiled alive.  we have no stomach for a fight, for the truth, for reality or for action.  maybe in a more vibrant society, but not here.

fox news lies about faa shutdown

this is fucking awesome.  on fox news channels coverage, they are not mentioning the labor issue at the heart of the faa impasse, while focusing solely on the spending questions regarding rural airports.  fox's refusal to mention the biggest reason is yet another, yet especially funny, of the obvious fox news misinformation. 

too bad about maddow

she should have gone to an outlet where she could actually say whatever she wanted to.  i'm sure she likes being the genius in the room compared to chris matthews, larry o'donnell and the rest of those assholes.  still, she's pretty much punched her ticket into the establishment media.

stuart varney vs. bill o'reilly

which one of them is the bigger dickhead?  watching them on the same screen really makes the shit-flinging monkeys look like nobel prize winners.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rich Lowry Is Obviously A Wretched Scuzz-Guzzling Imbecile

I'm merely stating the obvious: Rich Lowry can only achieve orgasmic release after he smears himself in his own excrement.  I'm only telling the truth.

Scott Brown Is Dumb

Scott Brown's advertising is all over Massachusetts, even places where it has no business being like shitty commercial radio stations.  They must be wicked fucking scared, but I cannot fathom how anyone could vote for a useless piece of shit like Brown.  The land of Massholes has loads of problems, but Scott Brown is as dumb as a fucking post and has no business being elected to anything anywhere, even Massachusetts.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


One Year Ago Today

this debt nonsense will be the end of obama

the problem is, dick morris says so, and he's one of the dumbest of the dumb fuckers out there, so obama will probably win in a landslide.  obama is a depraved political fucker, and president romney will be no worse, unfortunately.

gabby giffords shoulda stayed home

her appearance at the vote on the debt deal was a cheap bullshit political stunt.  fuck them.

no deal

shame on fucking spineless democrats in the house for voting for this package at the behest of obama.  with any luck this will be the end of both the democratic and republican parties as we know them, leading to the isolation of the teabagging fucktards, the consolidation of the dems and repubs into the corporate party and freeing up some political vacuum in the two party system for an at least slightly left-of-center party. 

execrable diaper pervert senator david vitter was on fox tonight

execrable diaper pervert and felon senator david vitter was on fox news channel tonight to lie about the debt deal.  amazing that well-known fluffer sean hannity didn't ask him about shit-filled adult diapers and prostitutes!