Sunday, March 31, 2013

You Could Do A Lot Worse Than The Fall Covering The Kinks

Spring Is In The Air, So Wake Up And Smell The Stupid

Yeah, teh stupid is a force of nature.  Crazed wingnuts have an amazing ability to feel slighted--and have no idea which Chavez is which--so it's a good thing they don't have all kinds of guns and shit.

New Doctor Who and Orphan Black

New Doctor Who: I like Jenna-Louise Coleman, the actress so far, and the character reminds me a little bit of a happy-go-lucky version of the young mother from "The Empty Child".  I am not a huge Matt Smith fan, and Moffat has done nothing to further the enterprise, but since Chris Eccleston isn't coming back, that's that.

Orphan Black: Not actually an original BBCAmerica show like Copper, but instead another in the endless parade of Canadian Scifi shows.  Was surprised to see the full-on naked ass; maybe I should thank Game of Thrones!  Still the show was okay-ish, but if they can keep their enthusiasm, maybe it will be decent.  Now I wonder why this is on BBCAmerica instead of SyFy like Continuum and Lost Girl?

Louisville? Really? And The Women, Too!

Right. Okay, then.  Today, Louisville is the world's most popular basketball team.

Update: And the Louisville women dismantled Brittney Griner with some serious physical play and beat Baylor with insane 3-point shooting.  Holy shit.  That was the way to get it done.  Nice.  Now it's too bad that Elena Delle Donne and Delaware will not have the chance to say "Hi!" to UConn in this year's women's tournament.  

We Care A Lot

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Whose Absolution Is El Popo Francisco Seeking?

The new El Popo, Francisco, seems like a man with a mission.  Right now, that mission looks like it is mostly pissing off conservative Catholics and other right-wing, fundie-asshole types.  (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)  I'm wondering, though, what sort of forgiveness is he seeking?  Forgiveness for the institution, or forgiveness for the man?  Both?  Probably very necessary.  Still, as the singular ambassador of a nasty, corrupt institution as well as fascist-enabling coward, his mission of forgiveness is probably eternal life or death from his perspective.  As El Popo has a captive audience and a shit ton of money backing his play, I am curious to see how it proceeds.  Also interesting will be the reaction of the purported professional "left" in the United States, as the US Catholics are very important to the Church, and American Catholics are well-represented in the rock-ribbed conservative Democratic Party establishment.

We've Reached The End Of The Internet

I think this is it.  There can't be anything after.  Thank gods.  We've run out of things to talk about.  It's time to die.  No more porn.  No more Grumpy CatNo more insufferable nerd girlsNo more douchey politicsNo more unhinged, racist wingnuts.  We're done.  We must be.  The naughty scamps in Vampire Weekend burned a couple of cars.  People were not happy.  The Saab fanboys noticed.  I mean, this is...nothing.  Something is done, over.  On the big list of stuff this just seems more pointless than usual.  It seems empty.  The internets must be all done.  We just don't all know it yet.

They Don't Know, Kirsty MacColl With Lu Edmonds

Renaissance madman Lu Edmonds plays lead guitar on this track.  Very cool.

I Have 50-60 Wetbacks Here Who Know Ben Carson Is A Bigger Moron Every Day

Fucking elected Republicans, you gotta just love 'em.  Poor, stupid Don Young accidentally reveals his true character and sets his party back a couple of giant steps on the road to racial rehabilitation.  On the other hand, the unelected ones aren't doing much better; well-known Dr. Dumb Bunny Ben Carson can't manage to keep his mouth shut long enough to give even a fruit fly the chance to forget the last asinine thing he puked up.  Really, this jerkoff Carson is gonna fit right in on Fox "News" with the rest of the assholes over there.

Friday, March 29, 2013

WTF Is Game Of Thrones And Manhattan/Westeros Nerdism All About?

Add this to the list of stuff I don't understand: the all-consuming nerd mania over the HBO show Game of Thrones.  There seems to a ton of really involved fandom, and enthusiastically interpolating the fictional Westeros and the somewhat less fictional Manhattan is only the beginning.  I don't get it.  As far as I can tell, the show is pretty much typical, if somewhat more expensive, HBO/Skinamax type stuff; even skeevy places like Huffpost get that.  I mean, I like gratuitous nudity as much as the next person, and HBO has been serving up similar material without fail all along throughout its history, but this particular is show is also all the rage beyond the prurient.  So what makes GoT so different that seemingly (mostly) normal tee vee nerds consumers go so crazy?  Can it possibly be the source material?  How?  I have always found George R.R. Martin to be unconscionably tedious, like a super-low-budget Tolkien.  Fortunately for me, I probably don't have the time, but I am genuinely curious why charming fantasy geeks are so taken.  More than likely I will never know the answers to these questions, but tune in next time for another episode of Bullshit, or Not?

Update: A view from the other side.  Different, more seasoned, demographic, perhaps.

Updater: Dude has some good taste in Pogues songs, thoughShe's written an excellent essay on "Fairytale of New York" that I think would warm the hearts of Shane MacGowan and Jem Finer, and it certainly should be read and appreciated by fans of that great song in particular and The Pogues in general.

Workin' Progress: PB & Eric

Eric Anderson had been working the PB&J diet long before those three horrible little people arrived.  After he bought his house in Lynn in 94, he had spent many, many days with no food in the house other than a couple of loaves of white bread, the bucket of gritty peanut butter, and the biggest jar of store-brand grape jelly.  He didn't have a house full of furniture at that time either, but he was fine with that, so when it came time to feed the kids, he was more than used to it.  He cooked dinner, but he didn't eat it.  The crock pot rarely served up any leftovers, but Eric didn't want to get into the habit regardless.  The children understood that the two loaves store-brand white bread, the shitty peanut butter, the jelly, the gallon jug of cheap orange juice, and the 3-liter bottle of generic diet cola was his, and if they pretended that they didn't understand or if they forgot, he would certainly let them know it.  And did.  They ate cereal in the morning, every morning before school.  Each of them ate the same cereal each day, and Eric had stopped hearing their breakfast complaints long ago.  For lunch, it was the hot lunch.  Whatever slop the school was flinging that day, they ate it or they went hungry.  For a snack, it was some kind of fresh fruit, usually apples, bananas, or clementines.  The fresh fruit was another thing Eric didn't eat.  He bought just enough for a weeks' school snacks and didn't increase the fruit budget by 33% by adding himself to the list.  They never brought barely-eaten fruit home; the very few times Johnny had done it, Eric unloaded an expletive-filled, red-faced tirade that even a dolt like Johnny didn't want to risk on a regular basis.  The other two had learned the lesson and apparently had a smidge more sense than their half-brother Johhny Wahl.  Chicken with vegetables in the crock pot was a favorite, or at least, it was something Eric made often.  He also gave them turkey hot dogs because they liked them.  He hated to contemplate the off-brand, so he splurged for the Ocscar Meyer branded.  They also liked mac & cheese from the box, which Eric liked because it was cheap, even if they inhaled the stuff two boxes at a time.  Chicken nuggets and fish sticks got made maybe once a week; the kids liked them, but they were more expensive, and the fuckers expected french fries with them, so it was more than money than he could really afford, especially considering how gross they were.  He would have preferred to do pasta twice a week, but the three of them really objected, so he made sure it was every week without fail but only once.  He rarely prepared fresh vegetables, as he relied on frozen.  Not canned though.  Unless it was potatoes or something for a crock pot tomorrow, carrots were usually the only fresh vegetable he used regularly because they kept well.  Most weeks he had a package of frozen store-brand waffles in the freezer for breakfast one weekend morning, but they ate the entire box in one meal and probably would have eaten twice that.  Lunch on the weekend was usually a peanut butter or peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the stuff he kept for them.  If for some reason he had sliced cheese he made them ersatz grilled cheese sandwiches in the microwave.  The three of them also usually went through a box of yogurt tubes each week, the fuckers.  During times when there wasn't candy from some stupid fucking holiday, Eric kept a package of cookies for their dessert if they ate the vegetables and shit, but he ruthlessly rationed them, even if he didn't eat them himself.

For Eric's part, he didn't waste time in the morning waking up even 10 minutes earlier so that he could eat.  He brought a water bottle with him to work, filled with water from the tap, of course, but he didn't bring or eat lunch.  Usually the first thing he did when he got home was get the dinner for the kids going and made himself two sandwiches and ate them with a 16 ounce mug of the cheap OJ.  Occasionally he made some coffee in the coffee maker as well, but since he hated washing it out, that wasn't often.  If he was delayed even a bit in getting the dinner, he would be fucked later on, so the kids were on their own to get their reading and homework done.  They pretty much accepted that Eric would take any excuse to fuck with them over it, so they usually didn't make too much fuss.  While they ate, he got whatever he could done, like laundry left over from the weekend or some other odious task and drank that 16 oz mug filled with the shitty soda.  After they were done eating it was fucking hell to get them bathed or showered and ready for bed; the days when their were sports or practices were a billion time suckier because they were all more tired, and Eric was more miserable than usual knowing he would be up even later.  After the cleanup from dinner and the initiation of shower time, Eric made another two sandwiches and drank another mug of soda unless he was running low.  Those days sucked more.  Probably the greatest development in the nightly struggle was when they could read to themselves.  Eric was uncomfortably tired by the time they were in bed, but as the years dragged, he was in more and more pain and his sleep became less restful.  Every single night he was dreading the next day before he ever got to sleep.

Vampire Punk Is Dead

Thank the gods.  Vampire glam was the nadir.

What Do These Salon Enumerated Awful Atheists Have In Common?

They're all fucking conservatives!  Jesus Frakking Christ, Salon is just dumb.  Yes, I know it's old, but it is still fucking stupid.  And on the intertube webs, nothing ever dies.  The zombie stupid abides.  Of their list, Bill Maher is probably the one considered by some as a "liberal", but in reality he's nothing but a dancing tee vee monkey.  Salon would have been so much better off identifying their little group as shallow, reactionary douchebags they are first and as atheists second.  Let's face it, Atheism has nothing to do with SE Cupp's career.  The only reason SE Cupp is on the tee vee is cuz Ann Coulter is like 150 HDTV years old.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Right On Lou

I Guess It's Time For Another Battlestar Galactica Marathon On BBC America

There was lots to like in the early going of the RDM Battlestar Galactica, but most of that was atmosphere and tone, and the rest of the good stuff was apparently happenstance, considering the seemingly-unending forced march of inept abortions that came before the end of the series.

How To Make Jim Carrey Look Good

I have been a huge Jim Carrey hater for at least a generation.  After the indescribably heinous Batman flick he was in, I began to actively hope that he would end his life in short order in some buggy, tattered, scuzzy motel room with a disease-ridden needle poking out of his arm.  Nothing Carrey has done since has altered this desire, but the guntard freakout over his gun control video is threatening to do the impossible.  The guntards and wingnuts and teabaggers will fail to finally make Carrey look good, though, because they are even more annoying and pathetic than he is, and those wingnuts, teabaggers, and guntards are not funny.  I mean, as a rule, they're fucking awful.  Michelle Malkin; Reason magazine?  Even Jim Carrey would start to seem not so bad.

Grumpy Cat Food Commission

STORYBOARD: Tard the Grumpy Cat from Tumblr on Vimeo.

Maybe Obama would do better getting Grumpy Cat to direct his policies on entitlement reform, the criminal Grand Bargain, and his inane Catfood Commission in place of well-known stupid and selfish cockbag Pete Peterson.  Of course, Tard enjoys tuna and Starbucks coffee cakes, but the old people in the United States will probably not have the scratch for that sort of stuff and will need to focus on surving on actual store-brand cat food by the time Obama is done Koch-sucking Peterson and his asshole crew.  Regardless, I'm sure Grumpy Cat would do a hell of a lot better job setting priorities than Peterson, Bowles, or that rancid douchenozzle Alan Simpson.  Way better lookin' than Simpson, too.

Who The Frak Are You

The Descent Of The Times Continues Unabated Fluffing Wingnut Dr. Ben Carson

Back in the day, The New York Times had a reputation, a good one.  Of course, that's not the case anymore.  Judy Miller.  And this idiocy fluffing the wingnut asshole and annoying affirmative action side effect Dr. Ben Carson.  This is your America, boys and girls.  Oh, so fucked.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Virag's Movie Reviews: Argo (2012)

Argo is a throwback, back to the days when the CIA were the good guys and the Iranians were greasy Arab bad guys.  Sure, the opening title sequence attempted to provide some context, but once the film got rolling it was strictly old-timey Hollywood conservative bullshit.  There's no way this was the best picture of any year, and, in fact, this movie looked more like a rejected, high-budget episode of The Americans than anything else.  Top tip: find a way to make a buddy hero movie with Alan Arkin and John Goodman.  Just don't film it in Canada.

Jeffrey Toobin On Marriage In Trouble

Punk might be dead, but irony isn'tFucking scum.

Hate Is Still The New Love, Deanna

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crumblecake America 2013

This article describing the crumbling of the American middle class has gotten a bunch of signal boost on the internets today.  It is a searing description of the economic disaster that has been building for 40 years, as two generations of stagnant wages and an ever-increasing wealth disparity remold the United States into a third-world Galtian banana paradise.  Even today, the erosion of the middle class into abject poverty and suffering is masked by the apparent vitality of the top half of the upper-class quintile.  The danger, of course, is that the destruction of 80 or 90 percent of the society will end badly for 100% of the society.  There are not enough police or drones in the country to stop the carnage if the economy and the society do not change and improve quickly enough and broadly enough to reverse the last 40-plus years of failure.

Pic Of The Day: Your Gay Agenda

Hey, indeedy.  As seen at Kos.

2014 Is Pretty Much Here

The Dems had better not be waiting for Obama to lead on anything.  The campaign for Congress in 2014 is not about Obama for the Democrats; with all the Dem Senators bailing, it will take a national campaign to rally Democratic voters for the upcoming off-year election.  There are now four guaranteed winners for a national Democrats go get behind: minimum wage increase; voting rights; women's rights and health care; immigration reform.  If Democratic leadership is interested in controlling both the House and the Senate in 2015, they should be formulating a vibrant national campaign based on national issues to unify the Democratic party voters.  In many places gun control, marijuana legalization, gay marriage rights and other issues are also winners--and certainly should be used to pummel Republicans in the ballsack over and over during the campaign--but those four core issues are huge winners everywhere, and should be molded into a singular, rock-ribbed Democratic message.

I Have Not Been The Same Since

Easily The Most Useful Thing Jim Carrey Has Done

This video belittling Chuckles Heston and the guntards is easily the best, most useful thing Carrey has done since sometime during the first season of In Living Color.  Watching the guntards and their Fox "News" fluffers froth in their apoplectic impotence has been gratifyingly entertaining.

Hitchens Book Klub

This book will be loads of fun, and I can't wait to read it.  Hitchens was often high-calorie amusement, but his booze-rotted core was exposed by Bush and Cheney's criminal madness.

Ben Carson: The Worst Result Of Affirmative Action In American History

Watching sublimely self-deluded teabagging asshole Ben Carson stroke himself on Fox News while Megyn Kelly encourages him with lots of conservative sexy talk, I realized that for all the interesting and different--and useful and important--opportunities affirmative action policies have enabled in the United States, that same affirmative action gave Carson the path to expose himself as one of the premier assholes of his generation, and we are all worse for it.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Nice Going Sweden

The Swedish government didn't want to fund, bail out, or buy a car company when Saab was failing and needed to stop production of cars due to lack of cash at a time when simply continuing production may have been enough to keep the company alive for years, but they did use a government guarantee to get a European Investment Bank loan.  Well, that didn't work out so well because now there is no Saab and the Swedish government owns the independent and apparently not so viable Saab Parts AB.  Wouldn't it have been better to keep Saab running, keep the company viable, get the Saab 9-5 SportCombi into production, protect all the jobs, and and maybe have an actual Swedish automotive industry?  I guess not, because now there's no Saab, soon won't be anything Swedish about Volvo, and all of Sweden will be hella fucked.

Will Big Ed Shultz Really Be Back On Weekends?

I didn't even realize he was out, and wonky company man Chris Hayes in, but now, there's no Ed Shultz left at 8 since he's been gone for a couple of weeks now, and I wonder if he'll be back at all.  Now, I didn't really watch Big Ed, but it seems interesting that the purported voice of working people has been replaced with a self-styled careerist who has never shown the desire to bite the very wealthy and powerful hand that feeds him extremely lavishly.  Bullshit?  Nope, a corporate, establishment media at work, with Chris Hayes being more than happy to be a know-it-all Village Idiot.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

No Longer Room To Wait

Depleted Uranium And Birth Defects In Iraq

Birth defects resulting from depleted uranium munitions left behind after two illegal wars are quite possibly the most damaging of our glorious imperial atrocities.  If someone had the time and the stomach for the task, this would be the work of a lifetime honestly, completely documenting this nightmare.

Nightwing Movie?

Really, Mr. Black?  Yikes, I cannot fathom how that would not be the suckiest thing to ever suck.  I'm sure we can count on Paul Giamatti to be in it to complete the universal suckitude. 

Rocket Scientist At Work

Incisive commentary, as usual.  Jesus.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Yip E I Oh

There's More On This Tucker Carlson Shit Show Every Day

The drip, drip, drip is oh so wonderful to behold.  Fucker is going to have to start bailing like crazy if he hopes to keep his dumb little web shit show above the waves.  I can't wait to hear what distasteful, Vitteresque extracurriculars Carlson has been up to, because you know all his disgusting skeletons will be dancing in the daylight soon enough!

It Would Have Been Easier To Just Listen To Zathras

The new Serotta jefe takes on the rabble, but, for a guy who's supposedly the real deal in business and shit, he doesn't sound like he has a fucking clue.  It would have been easier to listen to Zathras from the start and do something to build market share instead of bullshitting his intended audience.  On the aforementioned forum thread, it was mentioned that the classic Legend Ti and Colorado-tubed steel road frames were amongst the best production road frames ever.  I completely agree; except for ludicrous pricing and questionable custom design failures, the Legend is quite possibly the best titanium road frame ever.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Adria Richards, Probably The Best, Most Justified Firing Ever

Adria Richards, who lives a public professional life--or did up until recently--fucked up bigtime.  Getting offended about something that was in all probability not that big of a deal--and certainly could have been handled with a shit ton more grace and cleverness--and then making an unhinged public stink about it turns out to be a really bad career move.  Apparently this is Ms. Richards' first few weeks on our planet because she never, ever learned how to properly deal with assclowns, dipshits, and douchebags.  I, for one, am gratified completely understand that her employer had the intelligence came to realize that she had become, and probably perhaps always was, a toxic element in their organization.  She may have been completely justified in being offended or pissed off or whatever, but as soon as she went fucking apeshit over it in public, she became a liability to SendGrid.  Now she is getting a bunch of kinda kooky support out on the interwebs, but what is generally not acknowledged is that Ms. Richards had a job that requires her to interact with customers, vendors, developers, and peers, sometimes in public, and she displayed an outrageous lack of good judgement.  Who would want to talk to her now?  Who would want to be anywhere near her in a professional capacity?  She published a photo to Twitter potentially defaming a couple of dweebs who may or may not have been acting like shitheads, for gods's sakes.  Who is that fucking crazy?  She did manage to get one of those poor fucks fired, which sucks for that guy, and her explanations and rationalizations make her sound like an asshole.  If you don't have the judgement or skills to be a truck driver and keep running over Hyundais, or you don't have the skills or judgement to be a chemical engineer and keep causing explosions, you are not gonna last long in that job.  Well, Adria Richards flattened a Hyundai and got fired for it.  She didn't even have the grace to apologize.  It also sucks for her to lose her job, of course, but she made a huge mistake.  Had she come out and at least tried to walk it back as vigorously--and publicly!--as she did in creating the whole mess, maybe she could have come out looking like someone with whom you would actually want to interact professionally.  This is not really important beyond second-level dweebdom and shallow, identity-based interwebs bitching, but it is also a sad example of how generally useless our culture is.

Update: Welfare academia, along with many others, check in way late with nothing useful to say, most likely willfully missing the fucking point, though more than a few of the commenters got to the pith.

Nothing Like A Rabbit

Is Tucker Carlson's Bullshit Web Thing Toast?

This is almost as funny as Bill O'Reilly's divorce; Fucker Carlson Tucker Carlson could be in deep shit if this hooker thing comes all the way back to him.  Menendez is a sitting US Senator for gods's sakes, and there could be a bunch of serious Fed authority clamping on Carlson's nuts soon enough.  Wouldn't that be just lovely?

Hey! Tweety Always Sucked!

And he did his best to fuck over Phil Donohue.  But careerist douchebag is not exactly new data on Chris Matthews.  He's mostly not too bright, and very slimy, and pretty much an asshole.  It is no shock to realize that he did his best to fuck over anyone in order to protect his tee vee gig, even if he very rarely gets something right.

This Won't End Well

This will end up on one of those sad true crime mystery shows or that vile Predator entrapment thing.  I know it's West Virginia, but I hope to hell that even they have screening procedures that will prevent people like that from getting anywhere near a kid.  Isn't a weird single guy looking to get his hands on a young teen kid for living in his house like a huge fucking red flag?  Don't most losers have to get a kid the normal way, knock up some gutter whore barfly from a trailer park, or, if you live in New York City, Casey Greenfield?  Some things are just not right.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Zombie Punk's Not Dead

The Web-Fingered Upper Class: Casey Greenfield

Wealth and privilege produce vile cretins every bit as disgusting and brainless as the garden variety teabagging redneck; as part of the high-calorie fun surrounding Bill O'Reilly and his divorce and custody battle, this repellant story of of media, money and base stupidity got some signal boost.  Casey Greenfield, Jeff Greenfield, Jeffrey Toobin, The New York Times, these are exemplars of everything loathsome about our society and the upper class.  It's great that Ms. Greenfield is shredding O'Reilly like a rabid dog on a rotting corpse, but how in the fuck did someone as obviously unhinged as Casey Greenfield make it to 40?  Okay, the name.  And the money.  But Ms. Greenfield allowed the Times to do that story, full of what would be considered an overabundance of skeevy, shameful sluttiness even by random cum-burping road whores on the outskirts of Reno.  If her life story unfolded in a trailer park in Mississippi instead of Manhattan, she would be reviled as the worst sort of diseased slattern.  Would you trust the legal judgement of a person who made the inane life choices Greenfield did?  And would the fact that she gleefully paraded them before the swells in the nation's biggest paper make you feel more comfortable?  Maybe if you were married to O'Reilly.  Yuck.  But if you had lived a life with only a normal amount of shameful regret?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More On Obama's Grand Bargain Atrocity

Obama's intended embrace of a Social Security and Medicare "Grand Bargain" will not be any sort of a surprise to anyone who has actually been paying attention, but it will be a dangerous development for the majority of Americans and will signal a tragic solidification of awful Democratic Party right-wing policies and politics.

Anonymous And Steubenville

The group Anonymous are the heroes of Steubenville?  It sure looks that way.  The unwanted press, unwanted release of evidence, and the subsequent boost in visibility made it essentially impossible for the authorities to continue to cover up the rape case, and Anonymous was responsible for that.  Good for them.  Knowledge is power and shit.

Big Dummies Are Dumb Cuz Steroids

Holy shit!  Here's a group that makes the Serotta Forum look like fucking rocket scientists.  This body building forum is rank with flaming repressed homosexuality, raving idiocy, especially ugly misogyny, and pervasive brainless racism.  This is just a taste of the typical ranting of the big (and not so big, lol) dumb fucks who populate your steroid infused not-at-all-gay weightlifting clubs.  I actually have a professional connection to more than a few of these sorts of asswhipes, and it never fails to make me laugh at all their preening self-abuse and talk of what they think are "beta" males, when in fact many of these guys are so far down the food chain that they are society's zeta males at best.  Pro tip: when you pick a gym, pick one where the women and the men are comfortable in the free weight room and you will not feel like you're in the middle of a reality show about ginormously failing gay conversion workouts.  The places with the grimacing morons and perversely overt sexism and misogyny are not the places where you want to be.  Those guys have lots of issues and lack the guts and/or brains to deal with reality.

Political Song for Bill O'Reilly's Ex-Wife to Sing

Political Song for Hugo Chavez's Ghost to Sing

Your Daily Dose Of Wingnut Hatred And Lunacy

Asshole of the day recognition to this asshole.  A fetid blend of ignorance, stupidity, racism, misogyny, full-on guntardery, and hatred.  I especially like how he has completely misunderstood the world around him and is far too dumb to be any better, which is sad, cuz he's a fucking retard.  Oh, well.  It's dipshits like this who are killing the species.  Texas, it's like a whole other circle of hell.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Drew Goddamned Thompson

Justified finally got really going this season.  Jim Beaver is getting everything out of the Drew Thompson story, and it fucking rocks.  Somehow they gotta figure out how to get Beaver as Drew Thompson and Sheriff Bullock as Raylan together for a show in alternative reality where they go around being badass and fucking shit up.  That would be srsy wicked cool!

(Is Theo Tonin's guy the lead singer from the Bloodhound Gang?)

Harry Browne Kicks Bono When He's Down

Heh, indeedy.  Browne has some fun with the dimwit Dublin Messiah.  Picking on Bono is not hard and has its pleasures.  Of all the people who should be heard, Bono is near the bottom, pretty near all the scum he kissed up to like Bush and Blair.  Fuck you, Paul.

Bill O'Reilly's Glorious Divorce Hilarity

This is just wonderful.  O'Reilly is in a world of shit, and Gawker is destroying his bullshit castle in this story.  It looks like O'Reilly is as bad a father as he is everything else in his life, and the former wife is now married to the cop who can undoubtedly achieve full erection without a rubber falafel-shaped butt plug wedged all the way up his keester.  Joe Friday is probably just the sort of real man that the former Mrs. O'Reilly has always wanted.

Wingnut Racism Is Alive And Well In Texas

Well, duh.  But it's kinda funny and kinda sad that this dim bulb really thought that she was somehow entitled to an admission to UT, but for some strange reason she did not take the deal to move to the Austin campus for her sophomore year.  If UT was so so important to her, that would have made her a lock to get to Austin.  Something is fucked up there, but since it is all a slimy white privilege and racist stunt, who gives a fuck what her damage is.


What The Hell Happened To Michelle Shocked?

Sounds like she's a fucking whackjob these days.  Too bad.  She did fun stuff with The Mekons and Billy Bragg, too. 

Iraq Iversary: 10 Years Of Lies And Atrocity

A decade has passed since the start of our latest round of war crimes based on the lies of vile fools and fueled by teabagging assholes ever since.  Many have been murdered for Dick Cheney and American oil companies, but Cheney himself and Retard Boy Bush and Blair and Rice and the rest are still walking around.  Fuck Yeah!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Steubenville's All American Rape Culture

Perhaps the entire Steubenville football squad should get full scholarships to Notre Dame.  Their attitudes of sexual rape privilege will fit right in.  The fact that almost none of the witnesses thought to prevent and/or stop the assaults shows the utter depravity of the culture.  Given that the rapists were charged as juveniles and will never face an appropriate punishment, the conviction seems like a Pyrrhic victory against the entrenched abuser mentality.

Let's Watch O'Reilly Get Dumber

Pervy dipshit and impotent cuckold Bill O'Reilly just told Juan Williams that stimulus spending helping to mollify the continuing effects of the current recession was "speculation" and "unprovable" and "opinion".  Is O'Reilly a colossal fucking moron or a stupendous, weaselly liar?  We may never know the answer to that question, but tune in next time for another episode of Bullshit, or Not?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Virag's Movie Reviews: Quantum of Solace (2008)

When I first saw Quantum of Solace, I felt like it was a missed opportunity to make a decent, hard-boiled Bond film.  Seeing it after Skyfall, the movie looks like fucking Citizen KaneQoS attempted to build a compelling story beyond a cartoon villain or disgruntled former agent and did its best to ramp up the violence and action to the limits of the gods-damned PG-13 rating.  Now that we've seen the utter shit of the latest Bond flick, QoS should be seen as the nearly-great film it is.

Check Three

Three way tie.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hey! Remember Rachel Corrie?

Remember the Palestinian Holocaust?  It's been 10 years since Rachel Corrie was murdered by the IDF.  And really, since we own those vile shitheads over there, she was murdered by us.

All You Need To Know About Paul Ryan's Budget

Only two tax rates, 25% and 10%.  In other words, his Koch-sucking nonsense would make our tax structure even more regressive.  And let's be honest, any budget that doesn't create probably 10 more income tax brackets and raise the top rate to at least 75% is not serious about budgets, spending, fairness, or anything.  So fuck Paul Ryan over and over and over again.

Louie Gohmert Is LBJ's Retarded Mini-Me

Texas is fucking disaster--and always was--but the deterioration of the culture, even by Texas standards, is frightening.  Half-pint half-wit Louie Gohmert is sadly representative of 21st century Texas politics.

Let's Be Careful Out There

Ides, bitches!

One Year Ago Today

believe it or not: someone dumber than most of the idiots on the serotta forum

it's true!  this asshole--scary scary jewzzzzz!--is probably way stupider than these assholes.  now that's scary...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Tao Of Joe Nocera

Joe Nocera is an almost perfect embodiment of the fucked up establishment media.  Neither actually liberal or violently conservative, the establishment is very concerned with serving its masters and preserving itself, just like Nocera.  On some things, Nocera does does excellent work, using his platform to further a completely necessary and worthwhile agenda, and on other things, he is completely useless and stupid, almost mindlessly endorsing the stupid shit his Koch-sucking masters favor.  It's a complete shit show; decent people have to put up with so much propaganda and so many lies just to get a little something useful.  Nocera is exhibit A. 

Human Rights Watch Versus Reality In Venezuela

Garry Leech does a great job unpacking the mountain of bullshit piled on the legacy of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela by Human Rights Watch.  Illuminating the hilarious biases of HRW is important in understanding how the glorious empire in the U.S. relates to the places in the world who are not completely content to be loyal partners in our hegemony.  The lens of our astounding first-world bias is a powerful intoxicant, and purportedly well-meaning NGO's like HRW are blindingly impaired before they even start, often acting as useful-idiot justification for whatever the current imperial imperatives happen to be. 

There's No Herd Immunity For Stupid

Unfortunately.  Cretins who are so ill-informed and paranoid really do hold us all back.  This anti-vaccination insanity is simply another facet of the teabagger/supply-side/Fox "News"/fundie asshole world our idiot species has created.  Pharmacists as dumb as Shane Ellison should probably stick to cooking up meth for their neighbors and working on their snake-oil baldness cure and leave the rest of us alone.  

One Year Ago Today

red bridgestone rb-1

unlike some, i like red.  these last-generation frames were good, with the cool fork crown and all, but i just wish they had put a tiny bit more effort into fittings and frame finishing.  the '93 and '94 frames were just a little too 'mass production' for me.  those head lugs are wicked clunky and surely could have been much smaller and more sculpted, and that dropout finishing was quick and cheap, but it looks it, unfortunately.  i'm not a huge fan of the dropout eyelets, either.  it's too bad they never had the chance to do the rb-zip.  while these rb-1's looked a little cheap, the geometry was wicked wicked!

all the dumbest white guys in america, all in one place

and i don't mean the republican party!  some assholes should just keep their fucking mouths shut.  anything beyond drooling is far too difficult for them.  some of them are too stupid to take seriously.  and being a scum-sucking weasel may pay well, but you are still spending your life sucking down the scum.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Political Song for El Popo Francisco to Sing

Grease Up The Altar Boys! El Popo Is Here!

You've got a new pope, The Frito Bandito Francisco.  What's nice is there is some useful continuity for this Pope and for the Church.  The last guy was a fucking Nazi, and this new asshole was a tool of Argentina's right-wing junta.  Brilliant.  I mean, it's not at all surprising that an organization as completely evil as the Catholic Church would choose such a reprehensible bastard, is it?

O'Reilly Just Got Sodomized On His Show Again

Tonight it was Curtis Hubbard savagely butt-fucking O'Reilly while poor Bill just sputtered and drooled.  Seriously, that show is not live, so why is O'Reilly dumb enough to show those segments that make look especially idiotic? 

Never Forget The Iraq Surge Lies

Excellent.  That surge bullshit was one of those Big Lies that the entire Washington Establishment, "left" and "right", promulgated to make the "heroes" in the military seem victorious and just instead of craven occupiers in the service of a criminal empire.  We are evil and we are stupid.  It's nice to see some decent folks out there keeping the lies about the surge and the "war" on "terror" out there for anyone bright enough to care.

Political Song for John Brennan to Sing

One Year Ago Today

alabama and mississippi fu--what??

no fucking way.  whoever decided to extend the franchise to those places made a grave error.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sweet Frakking Jeebus, JJ Abrams' Star Trek Movie Sucked Hard

That fucking movie was so dumb.  After all that time, wasn't there one person at Paramount in 2008-2009 who gave at least one fuck about a property they'd been hip-deep in since the mid 60's?  Just fucking terrible and a waste of something that could have been cool, but of course Star Trek was lost even before Ronald D. Moore got involved.  Tyler Perry?  Tyler Perry??  Karl Urban's hilarious work was washed away by JJ Abrams' tsunami of shit.  Please jesus, no inane time travel stories and lense flares; let Justified spirit us away!

Do People In Rhode Island Pay To Go To This School?

Is Erik Loomis the worst-spoken college teacher in America?  He really has a problem saying something that makes him sound dumb and then having to walk it back like he does in this thread.  Sorta shallow, sloppy expressions should at least survive a single blog thread.  It's weird, because as a college teacher you get paid to read and write.  I guess when we get what we deserve.

Ken Anger

El Popo

I was not elected the next popenfuhrer.  If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve cuz I like the ladies more than I like terrified young boys.  Way more.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Political Song for Joe Lieberman to Sing

American Enterprise Institute Debaser

Making the slimy shitbirds at the American Enterprise Institute seem dumber than yesterday: Joe Fucking Lieberman.  Seriously, they hired that Zionist cocksucker.  That's beyond satire, beyond humor, beyond credulity.  Frakking lovely!

One Year Ago Today

11 o'clock tick tock: it was all downhill from there for u2

reading some slobbering praise of the inexcusably heinous u2 by a fucking moron on a newly-independent bike forum, i was once again reminded that for a band that's been around for 33 mostly-awful years, they hit their high point very early on, after only one year.  '11 o'clock tick tock', produced by martin hannett, was the absolute zenith.  u2, in their role as feckless joy division sycophants, got martin hannett to produce the single with the hope that he would produce their album.  imagine boy and october produced by martin hannett instead of relentlessly radio-friendly careerist steve lillywhite!  for people of the right age, boy was a cool album.  since nobody could see the frightening future, it was easy to overlook the bits that felt a little off, and the joy division-for-dummies zeitgeist was a step above lots of the shit beginning to bubble up everywhere around that time.  i liked october for its rushed, amateurish feel; more time only would have made it more pretentious.  what would martin hannett have been able to do with those two records?  could martin hannett have been the one to beat some reality into bono's bloated, empty head, screaming 'no, no, no you fucking useless twat!  shut up!!!  no, no, no, do it again.  try again, paul!  fuck you!' until bono finally realized that he's basically an idiot and shouldn't do such a professional job of proving it every fucking time he opens his mouth?  would martin hannett have saved us all from the dublin messiah scattering crumbs?  we'll never know.  ian curtis died at 23.  bono will probably live to be a thousand.  if u2 had had the good sense to die in a fiery, lynyrd skynyrd-style plane crash after the recording of and before the release of october, they probably would have been remembered fondly as earnest, idiot-little-brothers of joy division and not the shameless and vile rawk monster they have become.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Harvey Wasserman Versus Fukushima

The amazing lack of coverage of the ongoing situation in Fukushima by the establishment media is a wonder to behold.  Reality and truth do not serve their purposes, so it's bullshit for all!  Somewhat gratifying to see Harvey Wasserman out and about, even if it's only on the internets.  

One Year Ago Today

first world problems: eastern woods research e-motion

with my completely disheartening search for both a kid's bike for a kid and a new full-squishy sled, i think i should just give up and get an eastern woods frame.  i'd really like an e-motion in steel, but i have no idea if they even make those at this point.  i like the e-motion design, and i'm not so much for the titanium, but in steel...that would be frigging lovely. 

southland 2012

southland is certainly more modest in scope and ambition than the show that started on nbc.  this year they're down to four regular cast members and a few key guest stars.  lucy liu and c. thomas howell really seem to be having a blast with their time on the show.  the single-shift scope of each episode works okay, but i think they could keep to the single-episode story for the uniform officers and find a way for regina king's detective to have longer, more reasonable story arcs that intersect with the other three main character patrolmen.  otherwise, what's she doing there?  she's good, but out of place in the current format.  the show's good this year, though.  entertaining so far.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America: Walking Talking Evil

Three cheers for Laura Clawson for shining a bit of truth onto the loathsome Teabagging Centers Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  What could possibly be worse than a for-profit, teabagging and Jesus pack of liars disguised as a healthcare provider organized solely to sell false hope and then to overcharge insurance companies for every conceivable ancillary "treatment" that they can pile on before their patient croaks?  Why, giving the blood money to teabagging assholes like Dick Armey and the rest of the rancid Koch-suckers!

Step 1: Don't Go On Hannity, Or The Next Generation Of Josh Marshall Style Idiocy

People suck, and the guntard right are the worst of us, but why the fuck would you go on Hannity or any Fux Newz bullshit?  Jesus, that's just stupid.  Josh Marshall is an absolute idiot, so it's nice depressing to see him shepherding the next generation of soft-headed Village Idiot wannabees, but Zerlina Maxwell should still know better than to enable Fox's propaganda shit show.  Fox isn't concerned about guns or safety or women or anything that a nominally "left" pundit or activist would want to discuss, unless of course said junior pundit was worried more about careerist canoodling than progressive causes.

One Year Ago Today

virag's movie reviews: immortals (2011)

it was the worst gods-damned r.e.m. video ever!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Virag's Movie Reviews: Skyfall (2012)

Hey!  Albert Finney!  What a waste.  Waste of Finney, waste of time.  Daniel Craig is awful as Bond, puffy and lifeless.  Much better to have Jason Statham, Jude Law, or Hugh Grant to bring some personality to the exercise.  And it is probably never a good idea to hire an awful director who, like Bryan Singer, once directed a film that seemed interesting and entertaining at first but curdled like the most rancid chimp diarrhea almost immediately and has only looked worse with the passage of time; something as tired and threadbare as the Bond franchise absolutely requires lively professionals to bring worthwhile and useful work each time out.  Let's face it, Sam Mendes is total shit, and so is Skyfall.  Ralph Fiennes has to be wondering why he is M and not Bond...

Hah Hah Hah, Juan Williams Sucks, Too

Plagiarist asshole; Fox "News" at its finest.  What a maroon.

Never Stand With Rand

Rand Paul is a self-important blowhard, and he doesn't give a fuck about anything other than furthering his political career.  His filibuster stunt was just that, a puppet show meant only to get coverage for Rand Paul.  Shame on John Cusack for falling for it.  CodePink should know better.  Understand the truth about a vile, self-promoting scumbag like Rand Paul.  Never give him quarter.  He is a shithead.

Now, the question: where were the purported "liberal" Senators during all this.  Sanders?  Franken?  Warren?  They were smart not to fluff Paul, but where were they in general?  Of course, that's the problem. 

Fox News Assholes On Parade

It would be harder to find three dumber motherfuckers to put on your Fox tee vee than Eric Bolling, Mike Huckabee, and Bo Dietl.  Sweet Frakking Jeebus.

One Year Ago Today

fred armisen is killing comedy

tee vee comedy, at least.  (seth rogen and jonah hill are taking care of whatever judd apatow missed cinema-wise.)  portlandia is excruciatingly terrible, and snl stuff is whatever the opposite of entertaining is.  it could be argued that he's doing his best to kill music, too, what with being married to sally timms and dragging the hapless carrie brownstein down with him into portlandia.  fortunately, timms was able to escape!  armisen is another of those people who have a history and a background far more compelling than anything they've done in their careers. 

virag's movie reviews: fatherland (????, make this movie)

someone needs to make this movie, an american, not a limey.  i know there was a stupid hbo tee vee movie, but this thing could make a fantastic real movie.  like the girl with the dragon tattoo, fatherland is an awful book, with a ridiculous middle-aged sexual superhero main character and a hilarious limey-centric point of view.  however, awful books often make good films, and there's a lot here to go with, especially if you were to put the defeated and useless british in their proper place in the story.  hitler's grand and ostentatious berlin architecture, the german-led european union, the american/german cold war and space race, 1980's technology in the world of the 1960's, nazis, americans, murder, anti-heroes, a corroding society, it's all here.  a good script could toughen up the story and characterization much like the swedes did with dragon tattoo, and now with the ability to portray the over the top nazi berlin with cgi, this thing could rock.  so, get to it.  make the fucking movie.

just when you thought it couldn't get any dumber

then this assclown returns.  from the pathetic star wars spiel and the worship of the world's most bloated and pompous idiots in the history of rawk music, he, she or it is as lame as it gets.  i'm convinced that it's a creation of craig gaulzetti's nephew, richard sach's wife or perhaps tarik saleh, cuz if he's sincere then somebody shoulda' drowned him in a burlap sack with kittens. 

bill o'reilly is too stupid to shut up about sandra fluke

i think that bill o'reilly is desperately trying to prove that he's every bit as dumb as plankton eric bolling and just won't shut up about sandra fluke.  he's going to get himself blown out like porkins if he's not careful.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nice Red Grove Innovations X Frame

Excellent!  I would totally consider one of these if they were still being built.  They don't look like every other hardtail from 20 years ago, and I always kinda dug 'em.  This would be an amazing Ebay score.  And was, apparently!

Do You Remember When Ibis Was Ibis?

Of course you don't, but this rig is wicked tasty and built for serious riding.  Sweet color, too.

Your Idiot Brothers And Sisters Suck Wicked Bad

Your idiot neighbors are out shitting in public again, this time on the comments to this Chavez thing.  Holy shit, what a bunch of raving fuckheads Americans are for the most part.  Doomed!

One Year Ago Today

santa cruz nomad

the shop has sold santa cruz bikes on and off for years.  apparently they sell well some years and nothing for a while; they say that the konas and cannondales are just too good now, or good enough at least.  not that i would know; cannondale peaked for me a while ago, and kona steel hardtails rocked.  they even had a max-tubed expolsif!  wicked.  i'm not sure why but none of the santa cruz bikes ever did anything for me.  purportedly the nomad is right in my wheelhouse, but there's no way.  the geometry isn't great; something just doesn't jell for me.  years ago all the pretty girls rode blurs as their first full-squishy rigs.  the glory of youth.

whistler in '88 video

the chromag blog has a pinkbike video of mountain biking in whistler in 1988.  rock on retro brothers and sisters.

all you need to know about josh marshall, today's edition

what a douche.  some of the comments here are pretty okay, though.  kucinich is a loss that was engineered by the republicans, but of course the republicans play the game hard every day because they want it more, so they win more often.
update: another idiot county heard from.  some of the comments there are fucking sad.  we are doomed society. 

the end of the fight for porkins, uh, i mean limbaugh?

will jek porkins's rush limbaugh's advertisers really stay away this time?  were the weird, bill o'reilly-type sex-tape fantasies finally too much for some of those stupid companies?  each time in the past, the money came back, but the experts are saying maybe not this time.  huzzah!  that would be fucking great.  it might be too late for porkins to eject.  bye-bye fucker.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You Don't Get The Truth About Chavez And Venezuela

And neither do I.  Not from the establishment media in the United States.  Not from the paper that employed Judy Miller.  Not from the paper that employs Jennifer Rubin.  Not from a network that employs Lou Dobbs or Wolf Blitzer or Joe Scarborough.  Not from a public radio service paid for by the Koch Brothers.  Not from rock-ribbed conservatives in the Democratic or Republican parties.  All the news we ever got about Chavez was the equivalent of the teabagging, birther nonsense about Obama.  If you lived in a place where all you heard was that Obama was a Muslim or a Kenyan or a Socialist or a homosexual murderer, what could you truly understand about American politics and the current American president?  That's the state of affairs regarding Venezuela.  As far as the United States is concerned, the entire media and political establishment is Fox "News" and Michelle Malkin-level fucktardery.  Chavez was not our puppet, so the entire establishment hated himHe did some great things for some of the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere.  He obliterated poverty; he spread literacy; he made healthcare and education accessible to all Venezuelans, not just the white oligarchs.  And when murders designed to destabilize his country exploded, his government actually passed gun control laws to stop the violence!  Someday, if we have access to honest history of Chavez's rule in Venezuela here in the United States, we will finally be able to understand what went right and what went wrong during Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution.  Then we can see what sort of man Chavez truly was, and where he succeeded and where he failed.  Certainly we will probably never get the honest appraisal from the douchebags in the American media and government. 

Oh, My Goodness! Bill O'Reilly Destroyed On His Show A Second Night In A Row

By two of the most useless people anywhere on the tee vee.  First, the lowly and pathetic Alan Colmes makes O'Reilly look like a rabid weasel last night, and now tonight, empty-headed Kirsten Powers belittles O'Reilly to his face seemingly without fear!  What the fuck?  That pervy bastard used to own his show, and now the dimmest bulbs on Fox can effortlessly make O'Reilly their bitch.

Jesus' General At 15

The General is ill, and we hope he gets better.  He has been delivering great infotainment for a long time, and if he gets healthy, then he's done more than his part for America, and if he comes all the way back to the his blog, that would be fucking awesome too.  All the best, Sr. General.

One Year Ago Today

cove g-spot

cove g-spot?  i got an out-of-left-field recommendation from one of the shop guys today, a cove g-spot.  it looks pretty sweet, but the geometry is a little tight.  i haven't seen a new cove bike in 10+ years, but it could be a nice alternative to the delirium or uzzi.  i'm still not super-keen on air shocks, and i might be in between travel on the g-spot and the std.  both of the cove bikes are also pretty high as far as listed standover height; maybe cove is a good rewrite away from fit greatness for me.  i'd really like a little more travel on the g-spot, a coil shock, and a longer top tube, but you can't have everything. 

slurping from obama's piss bucket

pitiful obama piss boy josh marshall is whistling past the graveyard tonight.  moron.  but mittens really spooks this asshole, and i guess he knows he has got to do everything he can to fluff the home team.  this nonsense isn't news, though.  it's not insightful analysis, either, or even useful commentary.

why is marshall so spooked tonight?  so far, mittens has been a dud of al gorian proportions, but the washington village-idiot conventional wisdom must be that obama is extremely vulnerable this fall under certain conditions, so mittens could have a chance where a fucktard like santorum would have none.

virag's movie reviews: colombiana (2011)

i think we all would have been better off if luc besson had decided to retire from the film business after nikita and open a pizza hut in nice.

A Song For Hugo

Hugo! by Too Much Joy on Grooveshark

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hugo Is An OK Guy; ThinkProgress Blows Dog

ThinkProgress screws the pooch by letting some neoliberal cocksucker push the Imperial talking points regarding Hugo Chavez.  How much better off would the 99% in the United States have been all these years if we had honest reporting about Chavez and Venezuela and Bolivarian Revolution instead of the CIA-manufactured bullshit and sloganeering?  Chavez put poverty and inequality in Venezuela at the forefront of his presidency.  He was successful in some areas, especially in increasing the access to health care and education for large numbers of the citizenry, and not so successful in others, as the entrenched wealthy interests fought hard to derail him, with the help of the United States government.  What if the majority of Americans truly understood his politics?  Would that make the United States a slightly more egalitarian society?  What if we had a president who shared Chavez's commitment to the eradication of poverty and using the wealth of the nation to benefit everyone in the society?  Do you think Obama or the fucking Koch brothers would benefit from that?