Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1 Oh 1

Allez Team from like 88/89 built by Tesch--supposedly handles like one, too.  Nice.

Lies And The...

Serotta the next generation?  Sure, whatevs.  Ask Saab about that.

It's True

Long Distance Voyagers

Fast Food Strikes Are Better Than Fast Food

This is some good shit, better than the food itself.  Pay these people!  Pay 'em $15 at least and let them live.  These assholes don't like it though, probably because that would mean some black and brown folks having a bit of spending money.

Clarence And Ginni Thomas Backlash

Will Clarence "Uncle" Thomas get fucked over his idiot wife's teabagging?  I mean, wouldn't that be so fucking hilarious?  After Thomas's embarrassing court career, a for-realz high tech lynching of black judge in the form of Clarence Thomas's impeachment would be one of the finest days in America's history.

Tesch Mountain Bikes

How many of these were ever done?  They had to have been made to order.  LC-1s.  Very much like Bontrager frames from the early days.

Greenwald Vs. Toobin? Where's Casey Greenfield?

Who the fuck can take Toobin seriously?  Every time he opens his mouth, the host should be legally obliged to say "Casey Greenfield" six times before explaining Toobin's whole fucking bastard situation.  Then maybe all the rest of us can decide if we really wanna listen to a fucking maxi douche like Jeffrey Toobin.

Sydney Leathers' Porno

Sweet motherhugging jeebus, this Weiner thing is gonna be so much fucking fun if he gets elected mayor.  Crazy sexting porn, Carlos Danger, and a mooslim wife.  Please, I'll be good, just give us Mayor Weiner in old New York.

Zathras Sez Sayonara Motherfrakkers!

Zathras says adios to those sad motherfuckers at Serotta--finally!  Turns out selling overpriced crap in a shitty economy is not such a good idea when better bikes can be had for way much less money when they say Cannondale on them or much, much nicer bikes can be had when they say Chris Kvale or Strong on them.  No shit.

Indyk. Yay.

Only a fool would be excited about Obama bringing in Martin Indyk to help the situation in Palestine.  He ain't gonna help this time, either.  It can't possibly be anything other than a stunt; Indyk is a company man, and he is in very bad company.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Astounding Kvale Details (Purple)

If I was gettin' one today, I'd get this amazing purple.

Shame Is So Over In America

Do you have any more shame?  I think we're all out; America can't be anymore shameful than it is.  If Dave Lindorff is ashamed of Eric Holder, I think Lindorff must be one of those secretly hopeful cynics, ever waiting for decency and justice.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Right Wing Scumbags Of The Day

A real fucking classic: The John Birch Society!  These slimy cocksuckers have been around forever and were even too stupid for Bill Buckley.  Their website doesn't scream Bircher or anything, cuz that's still toxic to even many mouth breathers on the right.  There you can find some real fun from nearly unknown dipshits like Thomas Sowell, and beyond asinine movie reviews and stupid shit meant to keep you dumb and happy in your swill.  Real special-ed level nonsense from some of our longest-lasting rightwing assclowns.  Shitheads like the Birchers never ever go away, and all-American racist assholes love them.

Rick Warren's Dead Kid

Suicide solution!  I don't know, but I figger that if my father was as creepy a motherfucker as Rick Warren, I would think that shooting yourself in the head would be about the best thing you could do with your life.  I mean, it has gotta be better than living another day with that sick bastard as your father.

Mike Lee: Good Case For Being The Dumbest Motherfucker In The Senate

It could be Lee!  DeMint is gone, and so are Brownback and Santorum.  Lee has a prime chance.  Utah is a fuck of a good start.  He could be the stupidest asshole in the Senate!

Jeter And Soriano

An unstoppable third-place combo?  We may never know the answers to these questions...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Explaining Highlander To An 8 Year Old

It is at least as exasperating as you would imagine.  Kids who are reading the Hunger Games and Wrinkle in Time are not prepared to get high concept cinema about immortal Scotsmen fighting with swords in 1985.  Those children also have no idea just how silly and annoying Queen's music is during the film, and they really can't conceive of the glory of Chrisopher Lambert and Sean Connery and Clancy Brown chewing up and spitting out the scenery all over the fucking place.  Was that thing rated R?

NYC Is Calling You, Bob Filner

New York, San Diego, the pool, the pond.  When in doubt, Filner could probably bring his act to New York and quite possibly get himself kicked in the nuts in the bargain.  San Diego is a fucking joke, but jesus we are polluted by the cheap sliminess of our political class everywhere.

You Can Never Go Wrong

Saying CC Sabathia sucks.  Whatever the opposite of an ace is, or a big-game guy, it is CC.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hot House X

Does Pacific Rim Have Legs?

Is Pacific Rim continuing to do decent box office?  I saw an ad last night on the tee vee and one tonight.  After under performing on its opening weekend, the ads keep on?  That must mean something cuz they usually shut that shit down when the movie tanks.  Well, maybe this means a good chance of seeing more giant robots battling giant monsters that will make Michael Bay commit seppuku.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nice Orange Nagasawa

Sweet bright solid orange Nagasawa street fixie frame from the ThaiMTB site.  How frakking cool would it be to have one of these Nagasawa frames for fixed-gear riding on the road?  Wicked frakking cool!

Virag's Movie Reviews: Pacific Rim (2013)

Giant robots fighting giant Godzilla monsters.  A big wet kiss to mecha and kaiju movies.  The loudest fucking kids' movie ever.  Yes, yes, and yes.  Also well worth seeing in the theater instead of on your tee vee or laptop.  Essentially a very well-done giant robots vs. aliens movie with a story and characterization you've seen a bazillion times before, Pacific Rim sure as shit does its job.  None of it makes any sense, but who cares.  Giant robots are probably the dumbest idea for mind-controlled weapons, but without the giant robots you wouldn't have giant robots battling giant alien monsters.  Somehow the whole planet joins together to spend all of its wealth on giant robots but then gives up and shuts down the weapons and research program?  Really?  I mean, the whole world joining together to fight an existential threat as one is laughable on its face, but shutting it all down is beyond ludicrous and just serves the plot (like all the rest of the movie: two pilots needed; each giant robot is a unique design--Henry Fucking Ford would be pissed; brothers and sons and potential lovers fighting together). But, seriously, who cares?  This flick also kinda feels like Episode IV, but this time the first movie of the original kaiju attack(s) would be pretty cool on its own, while the next couple of movies, building the Jaegers and developing the technologies and strategies sounds good to me for number 2 and the big 7-year-long war for number 3 fulfilling our desire for 2-3 hours of non-stop Jaeger vs. Kaiju action, could have served as a nice intro to the story in Pacific Rim where the monsters start winning and prepare to destroy human civilization once an for all.  Anyway, it's not a big deal; the film is pretty okay and fun.  Michael Bay's gotta be hella pissed.

Pleez Jayzus Make Anthony Weiner Mayor Of New York

Carlos Danger is a fucking dipshit and Zionist puke, but please lord jesus christ who I love so fucking much, let Weiner become the mayor of New York because all the self-righteous morons at the papers on the tee vee want him gone.  If they want it, it's gotta be bad, plus the high-calorie entertainment will be a huge bonus our way.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Political Song for A Mewling Worthless Princeling to Sing

More Great Writing About Helen Thomas

Counterpunch here and here; Thomas was a trailblazer, sure, but her blowup over Palestine should be seen as her finest hour, despite the fact that vile cocksuckers like Lanny Davis and Ari Fleischer were able to smear her in public.  They hated Thomas for years for her tenacity, and I for one can't fucking wait for the astounding biopic.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Two Times X

Dumb Mick Of The Month Winner: Sgt. Sean Murphy

What the fuck was this asshole thinking?  He wasn't.  He's a fucking cop and showed this abysmal judgement?  Fantastic.  The State Police in Mass might wanna raise their standards a bit; if their guy was dumb enough to get all frothy over such inane wingnut bullshit as the Rolling Stone cover somehow glamourizing a person they call a monster right there on said cover, he should be fired, charged, and tossed out onto the street because he's too fucking stupid and gullible to be around civilized people.  Keep this nonsense in mind the next time one of these geniuses pulls you over on the Mass Pike.  Or the next time you are unfortunately watching MSNBC.

Many Dems Will Live To Wish Obamacare Had Been Way Better Or Not Passed At All

What a fucking abortion this whole Obamacare thing is.  Politically it is a train wreck.  As Universal Healthcare it is fucking useless.  This is THE historic failure of the Democratic Party since FDR.  The turning point was that bitch Hillary and her idiot fat shit husband; that cock-up should have been the start of the intensive public relations campaign, inside and outside of politics and electoral strategy, prepping the American people for the once-in-a-lifetime chance afforded by something like Obama's election.  Of course, they didn't, mostly because the Dems were never interested in ending the health insurance industry profiteering scam, and now all of America will suffer--and some will die--for another couple of generations.  Nice work, assholes.

Worthwhile Hedges, Worth Your Time

I donut always agree with Hedges on everything, but this is a pretty useful vid, well worth your precious time unless you have some unarmed minorities to gun down or sumthin.  Ya know.  The future of the left in the United States is always an open question, and the history of the left in the United States, such as it is, is usually not at all what many folks think.

Democracy Vs. Fundamentalism Vs. Egypt

Esam Al-Amin is really down on the developments in Egypt after the military launched a military coup by popular demand against an awful, Texas- or South Carolina- or Louisiana-like, incompetent, fundamentally religious government.  The principle is a sound one: shitty governments are removed in elections and not at the point of a gun.  Yes.  Good.  But Egypt was never really a democracy, obviously, and the Morsi government was as unhinged and terrible as the Taliban or Bush-Cheney.  I have a deep hatred of any and all governments controlled by religious people whether it is Egypt or Wisconsin, but Al-Amin is certainly correct; true stability and progress will never be possible if the military removes every shitty government.  Democracy has to be learned and has to be mature to survive something as awful as Morsi or Rick Scott.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Power Pop's Not Dead

But like you, it did get old and really fat.

Free Tilikum, The Movie

Tilikum and his peeps look like they're getting some good publicity in the new film Blackfish.  SeaWorld is doing their best to stop it, which would suck.  The killer whales deserve better than the treatment they currently receive


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Where's The Outrage Over Detroit

Where's the outrage when the Republicans and other assholes conspire to destroy an American city?  The Republican governor took away the franchise and the foreclosed.  Why the fuck are the people just taking it?  Where's the outrage.

Nader On Thomas

Remembrance of Helen Thomas from Ralph Nader.  Remember, Fox "News" would not work without the shameless and brainless hacks that populate Murdoch's shitty propaganda businesses. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Is It Really

Finally, A Little Bit O' Balls And Reason From Obama

Obama showed a little bit of humanity and sense today talking about race in general and a tiny bit about Trayvon Martin in particular.  The President's mild and essentially innocuous remarks are sure to confuse and enrage racist asshole Republicans like Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly, but this is the sort of shit that would have benefited all the rest of us if the President had had the balls and the brains to keep race and justice up front in the United States.  Of course, that might have made election to a second term problematic. 

Economic Stimulus Package: Hand Out Whatever Chris Froome And Richie Porte Are Having

Get that shit for every American, and I'm sure some interesting stuff would happen.  For sure, our economic problems would be solved with all the animated activity here, there, and everywhere.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What Can Brown Do For You?

Worthwhile and edifying article on the labor struggles at UPS.  UPS is a big deal, a huge and successful package shipper--along with bigtime freight hauler--with a strong union workforce.  The ins and outs and local vs. national fights are important and instructive when discussing the state of labor in the United States. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is Lawrence O'Donnell The Most Willfully Stupid Person On American Cable Tee Vee?

Listening to Larry O. pretend like he's so much better than the Rolling Stone is about the dumbest thing I've ever seen.  This is Sean Hannity-level stupid and Bill O'Reilly-like self-delusion.  O'Donnell is pretending that he's protecting his Boston peeps or some dumb shit; this is as insane as when he got all pissy because he knew something about a law once and didn't get credit for his very obvious opinion.  Is Larry scared that he's gonna get canned and have to go grovelling to Fox "News"?  Was this his audition tonight?

Extended Full-Length Dead Queen Smiths

Liz Cheney And The Entire Cheney Family Are A Cancer On Humanity

But wouldn't it be fucking hilarious if that nasty bitch wrecked the Republican chances of taking the Senate?  Oh, sweet motherfucking jesus, I can't wait for the internecine fight to destroy the GOP chances in 2014.  Yeah, baby.

The Worst People In The World Support McDonald's

America's own Erik Loomis has a bit o' fun outing a couple of our unctuous professional left motherfuckers defending McDonald's and Visa.  Of course Kevin Drum and Tim Lee are well-known assholes, and their vile fluffing should not be a surprise.

Big Gay Limey Marriage

The Limey assholes get on board the big gay marriage and big gay divorce train.  Fucking Limeys.

Jim Cramer Didn't Like The Skullfucking CNBC Took From Senator Warren

Apparently.  Well, boo fucking hoo, Cramer; CNBC has no idea how to react when a guest is actually prepared to properly refute their standard bullshit.  Good for Sen. Warren, and fuck Cramer.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Political Song for Deniers to Sing

Hello Providence

More On The Zimmerman Verdict

Bruce Jackson over at Counterpunch.  I think there's going to be a minor backlash against the lame-ass case the state put on, but in the end, nobody's gonna care, cuz nobody really cared before.

I Am Not Trayvon Martin

And chances are, neither are you.  Some of you, for one, are still alive. 

But I Am The Republican Man Of The Year

I am happy to once again be the winner.  I have been impossible to beat since the late '80s, famously beating Newt Gingrich in 1994 with my "Feeding Poor Children Only Encourages Them To Breed" speech in Bonner County Idaho, and destroying Reagan a few years later with my "If Your Kid Is A Fruity Looking Queer, Good Christians Have To Wonder About Their Dad".  I will admit that I have reused a few choice themes to walk away with it more than once, like "Finally Revealed: Why Jesus Wrote The Bible In English!  Because He Was Born In America!" and "Jesus Calls Cobb County Home", but let's face it, defeating the likes of Jonah Goldberg and Tucker Carlson doesn't require much effort.  Once again, thank you for this august honor.  I am thrilled.  Again.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

What The

Tour De France TV Paradox

Le Tour on America tee vee is not that big of a deal, and certainly not nearly as a big a deal as it could be because it is the only cycling event that gets the sort of daily overload coverage in this country.  Baseball and football and basketball get saturation coverage these days, and without that sort of exposure, watching the NBCSN broadcast is probably more of a chore for most folks than appointment television.  I mean, it's nice that they have live broadcasts during the day and shit, but it would be way more fun if all the big international bike races got enthusiastic coverage around here.  That way the whole season would feel like a big deal, and the Tour would not be such a peculiarity. 

Big Day For Froome

Froome had a nice day in yellow today.  Coming off his individual tt performance, today on Mont Ventoux was a big fucking ride from the race leader, a true classic.

The Devil Wears Yellow


Ok You Blacks, Do You Get It Now?

Now shut the fuck up, you blacks or whatever you get called now.  America doesn't care.  Didn't we fight and kill good white men to free you assholes?  And haven't you done nothing but bitch about it and cause trouble since then?  Don't you have ghettos or cotton picking or some shit?  Why can't you leave the rest of us alone?  Hell, we don't even call you fucking names in public much any more cuz you all are always fixin' to bitch about that shit, too.  Otherwise, we don't give a fuck, but we don't wanna have to listen your constant crying.  How many more of you fuckers do we need to beat or kill or put in prison before you figure out that you should be happy that we don't fucking string up every last one of you animals and be done with it?  Just shut up!  We don't care.  And any pittance or any peace you get is only cuz we gots other more important shit to do and some of us iz smart enough to know that we might need your kind for wars and football and shit.  But seriously, stop pretending that we're ever gonna let you forget what we think and what we know about you.  And stop pretending that we're ever gonna let you be in our fucking America.

Not Really So Strange

The Melissa Harris-Perry Carnage Continues!

FireDogLake this time.  The comments are pretty decent, too, with bonus mention of how MH-P got canned by Princeton for sucking.  It's not a big deal really, but still good fun.  After all, most of us understand how big-time, big-money establishment media and politics works, and MH-P is slurping at the trough for all she is worth--but she is by no means the only one.

Dead Kids, Dead Cats, Rampant Bullshit, and Oh, Hey, Wal-Mart Still Sucks

Sucks worse than ever, probably.  I bet they're itchin' to get in on the newish growth opportunity in shooting black teenagers, but I digress.  Gawker is doing the lords' work continuing to fuck with Wal-Mart in the worst way possible: giving their abused and exploited employees a forum to expose the horror that is working at your local Mega-Lo Mart.  W-M hates that shit and are very shamelessly panicking over the whole thing; that's never a good idea in the interwebs age, because now they look even worse, but whatevs.  Let's hope to christ that somehow these fine folks and hard-working wage slaves are able to Organize, Organize, Organize and get some respect and some decent money out of the deal.  Any day now, I'm sure...

If Your Cat Gets Killed By A Dog At Your House, You Sure As Shit Let Him Down!

And what the fuck did you do to the dog?  I would think a shovel to the head over and over and then a garbage bag followed by a call to your sister splainin' things might have been in order.  I mean, if you wanted to avenge your porky buddy; it's clear that dog is not capable of being out and about without a muzzle, so braining it with a shovel might be a kindness.  Or if it's a black dog, get George Zimmerman to shoot it.

Dumb Dumb Dummies Are Dumb But Fun

In a sick sorta way.  Fucking overfed, overprivileged, and disgustingly ignorant motherfuckers on the world's dumbest bike forum.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Let's Do A George Zimmerman Thought Experiment

Taylor Martin, a 17 year old white kid in Florida from an upper, upper middle class family, walking from the store baked out of his mind, carrying some candy and some Red Bull and some good grass, is stalked on his way home by George Zimmerman, a 30 year old black male with obvious mental problems carrying a loaded Sig Sauer.  When Zimmerman gets out his car and confronts Martin, Martin takes a swing at the much smaller Zimmerman, after which Zimmerman uses his gun to shoot and kill Martin.

What would have happened after the cops arrived?  Black George Zimmerman would have been arrested on the spot, immediately charged, denied bail, denied the chance to plead to a lesser charge because of the atrocity of the crime, quickly put on trial, shortly convicted of first degree murder after a jury deliberation of 20 minutes, and sentenced to death for the murder of white teenager Taylor Martin.

What happened to not-black George Zimmerman when he murdered 100% black Trayvon Martin?  I fucking told you.  Yes, I did.  And I wasn't the only one.  Welcome to hell, motherfuckers.

Fox "News": Insane Racist Rejoicing For The Vile Murderer Zimmerman

Fuckin' eh, if you like sanity or reason or justice, it is probably not a good thing to watch Fox "News" tonight.  They are going fucking crazy doing backflips because they got some joyful affirmation that you can still lynch a black kid in America Florida and get away with it.

Pullin' Touch

Dead Cats And Parental Responsibility

So it sucks if your cat gets killed, especially when it's your fault, and everybody's all broken up and shit.  BUT THAT FUCKING ASS CLOWN WAS GONNA ADOPT A KID!  All creepy pervert shit aside, if you can't protect an obese feline in your own house, how the fuck are you gonna raise a kid.  Jesus. 

Less Than Two Weeks For An Anti-Abortion Slam Dunk In Texas

Like I said--and a shitload of others also said--anybody who was paying attention knew that the asshole Republicans would run over any opposition the second time.  I can understand that plenty of folks get upset by the vile things Republicans do on a daily basis but might not have as much experience in how our awful politics works as more seasoned operators and observers.  Any of the men and women and boys and girls who were feeling smug after Wendy Davis embarrassed the Republicans should have known better.  If they didn't then, they do now; consider this part of your political education.

Oh, How I Wish Trayvon Martin Had Beaten George Zimmerman To Death

If Martin had known how it was going to go down, I'm sure he would have fought Zimmerman in earnest; the only justice in this case would have come if, fighting for his life, Trayvon Martin had beaten George Zimmerman to death.  That would have been some solace for the world; if Martin had to die, at least that creepy-ass cracker motherfucker George Zimmerman would be dead, too.  Would that be considered self-defence by all those nasty, racist shitheads who are so fucking stupid that they believe Zimmerman was standing his ground?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Political Song for Ponderers to Sing

The Sad State Of Healthcare Outcomes In America

America, Fuck Yeah!  We should be so fucking proud!  Wait, what?  Yeah, yeah, we should be fucking mortified.  We spend the most and we get the least, and even better, shitloads of citizens suffer and die with effectively no access to any health care!  Fuck yeah!

Got Yes Tubes?

It's back!  From the long, long ago of internets snarkiness, it is Oliver's Yes Tubes.  I remember this site when it first went live and how much satisfying bike shop banter we got out of it.  The site was gone for a long time now, so I'm glad it is back, silly as that is.  Just say yes.

ANC Careerism

To be honest, most of my recent Nelson Mandela/South Africa thoughts have been ponderings (I know) regarding South Africa since 1990 versus Egypt since the past few years.  Mandela's legacy and the history of the ANC will not be a unanimity of delirious triumph, and the question of stability versus true revolution is most certainly not as easy an answer as many folks would like.  And is obvious that Mandela's personal triumphs were facile distraction from the continuity of the political and economic and social reality in South Africa during the Mandela era.  Pilger's first-person experience is especially useful.  Depressing, but useful.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Manic Pixies Dream Girl Replacement

Sooper Dooper Super Trains

And regular trains.  And shit.  Like subways, light surface rail.  You know.  Atrios stuff.  And other people too.  Over at Counterpunch, Arshad Khan does the heavy lifting today, marrying trains and pollution and infrastructure and economic growth.  This is big stuff no matter how much we do our all-American damnedest to fucking ignore it.  We need all that stuff: better mass transit; more and better paying jobs; boatloads of economic growth; less pollution.  It's too bad we're so fucking thick, cuz some of the answers are right there in front of us.  Listen to Mr. Khan.  Khan!!!  Listen to Atrios.  Don't listen to fucking assclown politicians. 

Just A Fukushima Coincidence, I'm Sure

Cancer. Oh, joy.  Regardless of how the cancer started or whether or not his lifetime spent around ionizing radiation caused the cancer to spread more quickly than usual, Mr. Yoshida had a very scary and unimaginably awful last two years of his life since the tsunami hit.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rick Perry A Coward? Or Just A Complete Idiot?

Well, Wendy Davis got some good news from Rick Perry.  Either Perry is a fucking coward with a hell of lot more sense than anyone thought, or he's a total fucking moron who thinks he is going to be President.  Either way, Wendy Davis suddenly has a much greater shot winning in Texas without Perry running.

And A Wicked Savaging Of Lawrence O'Donnell

Nice!  Frankly, you can never be too hard on that smarmy, auto-fellating dipshit Larry O'Donnell.  Good fun.  O'Donnell is always and forever a maxi-douche.


Decent Jon Stewart Takedown

Pretty mild, but still effective.  Stewart is one of those funny guys who wants more than anything to be loved.  If he could get an erection from the right-wing Fox types, I'm sure he'd be just as happy playing the clown from a seat ever so slightly to the right of his current perch.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where Were You A Generation Later

Where We You 1980

Daddy's Purity Balls? Now THAT'S Fucking Creepy

Christ, Digby! Eww. Fuck.  That's some nasty shit pushed on their idiot spawn by some very nasty people.  As the father of a daughter, I would never, ever do anything as disgusting as what these purity creep assholes are doing to their children.  Of course, my daughter is a fuck of a lot smarter and more sophisticated than those poor ignorant kids, so I probably don't have to worry.  Still, it is enough to infuriate you, father, daughter, mother, brother, human, beloved pet.  Any father getting so hands-on with his daughter's sexuality is something so vile that these fundie Christian loons prove they are every bit as backward and dangerous as the fucking Talibs.  Daily Mail version of the story.  Yuck.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Globe And Mail Pics Of Exploding Quebec

Here.  Looks like they had fun there.  Probably some really nasty soot and shit all over the place there for quite a while.  And at this point I'm wondering how much ground and water contamination they are looking at.  Christ.

This is the first pic in the slideshow.

Who Owns The Egyptian Military?

You do!  Good look with that, motherfuckers.  (Americans only.)  Anyway...what does McCain think he's gonna accomplish at this point?  I'm sure the generals in Egypt don't wipe their asses without U.S. approval, so if by some miracle they pulled this stunt without prior approval from their masters, we should probably send 'em a bonus for finally showing some fucking backbone.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Morsi Is Gonna Regret Not Rejoining The Smiths When He Had The Chance

Military coups by popular demand are probably not a good precedent for the Middle East, the Near East, the Far East, or any east.  Morsi hella sucked, but the situation could go from sucky to fucking atrocity in two seconds flat .  Somebody's probably got a plan over there, but I haven't seen any evidence it is a good one.   

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hail Satan! Texas Is Sure As Shit Hell Central!

Of all the nasty, evil shit going on in Texas--you could have said that very same thing 24/7/365 for the last 200 years without once feeling like you were being a drama queen--worrying about some snarky scamps yelling "Hail Satan!" at some especially stupid and self-righteous fundie assholes outside the capitol in Austin is way down there near the bottom of the fucking shitpile.  Seriously, the Texas abortion and health care situation is fixing to get so much worse so fucking fast that nobody who has been around for the fight for more than a few minutes gives a fuck about "Amazing Grace" or "Hail Satan!".  Bill Donohue and his dumb-bunny brothers and sisters on the right are never going to see reason no matter how nice you are to them or how polite you are in your protesting, so a few chants at them are not gonna hurt.  Or help.  So let the good guys have their fun.  The newbies watching the politics unfold might get a little bit uncomfortable or pissed, but don't lose the thread boys and girls.  This is probably your first cruise around this bullshit; don't get caught up in the fun that some of the jokers have on the fringe.  Keep a wicked tight fucking focus on the real problems those reactionary Jesus-freak cocksuckers in the Texas government are causing for women and children.  This has been a public service message from your friend Virag.  Now get to work you little bastards and skull fuck those Texas cretins.

I Wish Bolivia Had A Trillion-Dollar Military Infrastructure

And a fuckload of nukes and drones.  That would be some fun shit right there.  And their plane probably would have been left alone.  Funny how that works.

Monday, July 1, 2013

So, I Watched The First Season Of Game Of Thrones

I had the opportunity to watch the first season of Game of Thrones on DVD--not Bluray, if that matters.  (I also read the first three books; more on that in a minute.)  Watching the show, I got a huge Dune vibe from it.  It really felt like a cheesy science fiction story, especially because of  all the talk of 8,000 year old castles and ice walls and other silly shit.  Fantasy, schmatasy, all the bullshit they were slinging around was seriously low-budget scifi.  Mostly, the first season--the first episode, even--showed that they had four really compelling actors, and fuck the books, the complete GoT tee vee show story should have featured 006, Fred Flinstone, Ronon Dex, and Peter Dinklage for as long as they could keep the show going.  The most thrilling revelation of the first episodes was Mark Addy's fucking brilliant work as King Robert; the deal with Martin should have been sweetened with an extra $100 Olive Garden gift card to allow the HBO producers to give up the dumb story of the novels and make a show where Ned Stark, Robert Baratheon, Drogo, and Tyrion Lannister go around the world and fuck up all the people in the endless, and ultimately pointless, books.  If the fangirls and other assorted dweeby assholes bitched too loudly, they could have a secondary story for the kids with the dragon girl with the nice ass and the bastard kid solving mysteries or riding dragons on Pern or something, but let's face it, the rest of the actors on that show are pretty shitty once you get past Bean, Addy, Momoa, and Dinklage.  (I get that Charles Dance and the guy who plays Bronn and the luminous Gwendoline Christie come later and are awesome, but they weren't there at the beginning, so fuck them.)  Seriously, the characterizations in the book are pretty thin and beyond hackneyed, but as tee vee people, if you couldn't see the problem ditching 75% of your most amazing actors after 10 episodes, well, we can see what happens, unfortunately.  I was able to watch the shows one after the other, but if I had been forced to wait a week between, I think I would have forgotten all about it and been none the worse off.

I blew through the first three books, too.  All I can say is that the writers who crank out Harlequin romance novels must be pissed they aren't getting tee vee money as well.  I know George R.R. Martin thinks he's writing an epic story about brutality and harsh politics in a harsher world, but what he's really done is write a shitload of interminably tedious books filled with trite and clumsy word salad that are much less believable and much less entertaining than The Young and the Restless.