Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Political Song for Lynne Fenton to Sing

One Year Ago Today

will this debt ceiling nonsense finally be the end of obama?

now will people finally realize that he wanted to cut the social safety net for the poorest, the oldest, the most vulnerable, the ones who don't give millions to campaigns all this time?  will they realize that this outcome was exactly his plan, his idea, his fucking wet dream?  probably not, because people like abl on  balloon juice are not capable of independent thought.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The World Won't Listen

CC Sabathia sucks, no matter what those brain-damaged ass clowns doing the Fox broadcast say.  He's not a big game guy, he's not a number 1, and he's not an ace.  He suck suck sucky suck sucks.

And fire Tim McCarver.  That other turd, too.

Political Song for the NRA to Sing

Orange Nagasawa

Seat lug picture, found here.  Nice.

One Year Ago Today

joe walsh: ass clown of the day

what a fucking scumbag.  this douchenozzle owes tons of money in child support.  hypocrite anyone?  asshole anyone?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Good Friend

One Year Ago Today

For the most part.

granderson, what the hell?

did somebody spike his juice box between innings? 

remember when dennis miller didn't suck in every single possible manner?

the pixies.  hank rollins.  carson's last night was hilarious.  miller actually tried a little; he hadn't completely given in to the easy money of brainless corporate private events and relentless ass-licking toadiness.

more matthew sweet and robert quine and sara lee on bass.  chubby american power pop, motherfrakkers.

barack obama, meet jeffery st. clair

jesus, this one's gonna leave a mark.  jeffrey st. clair pisses all over barack obama in today's counterpunch.  very nicely done; as i've said before, many of our better humans have had enough with big bad barack.

and i don't mean simpleton pumas, no-quarter-giving racist assholes, or crazy fucktard teabaggers. 

send stupid lawyers, stupid guns and stupid money

the zombie stupid, it never really dies.  today on lawyers, guns & money you get the absolute most brainless establishment democrat analysis in the history of the universe: nader cost al gore the 2000 presidential election.  i mean, i get the motivation.  their guy sucked so bad that he lost to a political novice and an absolute fucking retard.  well, of course, he didn't really lose, but he was such a pussy that he refused to meet hardball politics with like force.  regardless, he was as great a tool of the political establishment as bush, just not as much of a fucking moron but much more of a pussy.  was gore gonna appoint great supreme court justices?  has obama?

but the naive dum-dums on l,g&m really don't care about any of that.   they just want to bitch about ralph nader, a man who, oddly enough, has actually done something to make the united states a better place to live.  who voted for nader in florida?  did nader take more votes from gore than he got gore?  did he take more votes from gore than he took from bush?  it's clear that the l,g&m boys are not up to playing in the reality-based community, but instead want to be whiny little bitches complaining about the bad, bad man who had the temerity to run for president and ran a strong and smart campaign up until the polls closed, unlike their guy who ran a shitty campaign, made a thousand inexcusable mistakes--joe lieberman, joe fucking lieberman!!--and was too much of a coward to claim the election victory he actually won anyway.

fuck them.


counterpunch is getting up a good head of steam on obama these days.  many of these writers were never obama fluffers, but the indignation is getting yummy as the better among us start speaking out. 

easiest question of the day

why didn't obama take mcconnell's clean debt limit deal?  he didn't want to.  he wants to be the bastard that destroys the new deal.

Granderson Gran Slammy

Oh, please sweet fucking jesus h christ let Eck be on tonight.

Update: Yay!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paul Craig Roberts Has A Sad

Paul Craig Roberts may be the world's most intelligent conservative--that's a pretty fucking low bar but I have enjoyed PCR's writing and perspective over the years--but he gets his balls handed to him over that humongous douchenozzle and all-around evil half-wit retard Ronald Reagan.  Never never never can you say enough bad, true things about Raygun and his horrible presidency. 

Pullin' The Lever For Mittens Again And Again

As if we needed another reason to hope for a big loss for Obama in November.  I'm not sure which sucks harder, the cowardice or conservatism. 

Road Trip

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OK, Wilfred Lost And Eck Is On

Are we letting our hopes rise too high?  Was Beckett not shelled badly enough for maximum post-game entertainment?  Will that idiot Wakefield ruin Eck's insane bitchfest?  Who is that douchebag on the left?  We may never know the answers to these questions, but tune in next time for another episode of Bullshit or Not?

Ezra Klein Is A Disguting Toady

Watching somewhat well-known pipsqueak Ezra Klein fluff Andrea Mitchell's wrinkled, saggy pudenda at the end of the Maddow show tonight was one of the most ridiculous things I've seen a while.  He's so hot to get the approval of the miserable fucking village idiots that populate the news and politics establishment that he would praise as vile a cretin as Mrs. Alan Greenspan.  What a disgusting dicknob he is.  Josh Marshall must be so jealous; he's just waiting till he can get on his knees on the tee vee the way Ezra did tonight.

Nice Little Reagan Takedown

Cool little skull-fucking of Ronnie Raygun on Counterpunch.  You can never talk enough about how big an absolute piece of shit as well as an astoundingly awful president Reagan was.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Cockburn Remembered

At Counterpunch.  Contrast that to these idiot cocksuckers.

One Year Ago Today

obama will be the biggest political failure ever, worse than w bush

bush destroyed the republican party.  obama will wind up fucking up the country even worse.  what a douchebag. 

norway, meet tim mcveigh

right-wing christians are the most dangerous terrorists in the world and have been for decades.

wonder if alberto contador will be interviewing doctors now

he needs to get the magic back.  wonder how clean the 2011 race really was, and how paranoid the riders were of doping control in the post-lance era? 

contador beats on schlecks; cadel waits and wins

good for cadel.  smart race.  he's the world's littlest australian, but he rode a good race and kicked ass when he needed to.  never let the schlecks get an insurmountable advantage.  nicely done.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Political Song for the NRA to Sing

The Soft Heads Of Welfare Academia

The dullards are out in full force in the comments over at the internets hub of welfare academia on the occasion of Alexander Cockburn's passing.  I guess it is true that not-so-great minds "think" alike.  Of course, those ass clowns have a little bit of personal history with Cockburn.

How Very Sad

This jerkoff Michael Tomasky's obit for Alexander Cockburn is awful, and all the worse because it is so mealy-mouthed and lame.  Tomasky spends far too much time jerking himself off over his associations with Cockburn and Hitchens considering his writing weak and lifeless, showing he was not capable of learning from anyone with talent.  This is how it's done, asshole.

Gun Control Now

Will we get it?  Of course not, cuz we're a nation of fucking retards, but if we weren't, we would understand that there is no reason for anyone to carry a concealed weapon legally, own a military weapon, or own any unregistered firearms.  Get the fucking guns off the streets, de-escalate the militarization of the police (and only allow a small number of certain officers to be armed at all), end the ludicrous worship of military volunteers, and dismantle the imperial violence we spread around the world.  That would be a good start, but fucking forget it.  Instead of real progress on gun control, we'll get worthless prayers for the victims.  We're stupid assholes and we deserve this.

Big Black Plus One Drummer

Nothing Will Ever Redeem The Pennsyltucky Vatican

Tear down the statue, cut it up into pieces, piss on 'em, and then sink the pieces in a leeching field, and you still will never get rid of the stain that Jo Pa and the rest of those vile fuckers made.  The only solution is to burn the Pennsyltucky Vatican to the ground, salt the earth where it once stood, and move the student body to Ohio State.

There's No Such Thing As Too Stupid


Saturday, July 21, 2012



For this year, he's cycling's top Limey.  Froome might never get this close again, so look for someone else next year since Schlecks and Contador will never get back there now.  This Tour, Wiggins was in control and good enough for sure.  Sean Yates knows how to spend money.  Phil Liggett probably won't need his Cialis for at least a week and a half.

Don't Shoot A Bunch Of People

In a theater.  If you just gotta kill a shitload of people at once, become president and use a fucking drone.

One Year Ago Today

pretty good first 10 minutes from ed shultz tonight

he got rolling pretty well on the 'fuck you obama' message regarding social security and medicare/medicaid cuts vs. tax cuts and wars and wall street bailouts.  good for him.  if he's not careful, he'll be on current tv soon.

olbermann was lots of fun with cenk uygur tonight

cenk made his case pretty well.  establishment media is the key.  that is exactly what it always has been.  no place for anything that's not fully on the side of the establishment.

schlecks dispatch contador

au revoir, alberto.  a schleck ended his race today.  now, will evans end the schlecks tomorrow?  who's gonna be up for a 40k tt on saturday?

Alexander Cockburn

He stayed true to the end.  A great journalist who will be sorely missed, Cockburn was one of the best and most important voices out there. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Head Ache

Wilfred Blew Tonight

Beckett fucking sucks.  Let's hope there's Eck on afterwards.

Update: Matt Stairs is no Eck.  Fuckers.

One Year Ago Today

panic on the streets of london...

well, washington and new york, anyway.  if a panic causes obama to go with a clean quickie debt limit increase right at the deadline and deprives him of his heart's desire to destroy social security and medicare/medicaid, then we should get a big honking cookie for mcconnell and cantor and all those other incompetent republican assholes for fucking up obama's grand plans. 

the gang of six

spineless bastards, all.  warner, durbin, conrad should feel free to go fuck themselves.  chambliss and coburn are a couple of the worst americans who ever lived.  we are a diseased and hateful culture that has such men as our elected representatives.

brian ross on the o'reilly show

fuck him.  nobody who cares about basic decency would ever go on the fucking o'reilly fucking factor.  fuck o'reilly, too.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


One Year Ago Today

obama had a clean debt limit solution

he did not take it.  when will people understand that he wants to cut social security.  he wants to cut medicare/medicaid.  he's a multi-millionaire and a sociopath, like so many other of these assholes in washington.

if he had wanted to raise the debt limit without needing to harm older and poorer americans, that douchebag mcconnell gave him an easy way.  he did not want it.  he wants to hurt millions of americans--or at least doesn't give a flying fuck if his imbecilic policies harm or kill the most vulnerable.

the clock is ticking at current tv

i know olbermann doesn't think so, but his novelty will turn into an unwatched pumpkin if he doesn't get some more tv over there on the current tv network.  spitzer.  uygur.  there's a couple of good ones.  get them booked, even if they have non-competes they probably don't mention current tv since olbermann's contract didn't either.  sign 'em, make the announcements, and then figure out what sort of schedule you can build.  something's better than the nothing they got going now over on current tv.  the good things about spitzer and uygur have been their reluctance to join in the relentless obama fluffing of the village idiots.  olbermann should be able to do something with that...actually begin to build a counter-counter narrative.

is cenk uygur out at msnbc?

he was riding obama pretty hard, so his reluctance to join in the lawrence o'donnell-led fluffing probably put him in the doghouse.  no problem as along as keith olbermann and current tv pick him up.  he'd be fine over there, and the quicker olbermann get's some more actual content over there, the better off he is.

thomas voeckler is a tough son of a bitch

good for him.  he's riding hard and smart.  with the schlecks not ready to command the race and contador not up to his previous drug-induced dominance, it could be a cadel evans vs. thomas voeckler time trial for the win.  voeckler probably wouldn't be up to that, but if evans runs the alps as an exercise in covering the schlecks and contador, and if voeckler can hang with that style of anti-racing, well then who knows what he can do in a relatively short individual tt.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3 Johns 3

Eat Less Chikin

And you thought nothing could make a Big Mac seem like an ok idea.  You were wrong.

Voekler 2012

Thomas Voekler is proving to be an entertaining rider this year in the Tour.  He's been mixing it up and pushing the pace for the French, earning the home-field inclusion his team got this year.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Big Train Coming

Whatever Happened To Cheat To Win?

If you are gonna dope, shouldn't you be at the top of your form when it comes to the big races?  I understand that the PE drugs are everywhere, but at least Armstrong followed an insane training regimen in addition to being doped to the tits.  When everyone has the tip-top pharmaceutical add-ons, you still gotta want it more and train harder.  Shreks Schlecks don't understand that, I guess.

One Year Ago Today

rebekah brooks needs a haircut

maybe she's gonna get one soon.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Political Song for Wendell Potter to Sing

Russel Mokhiber Is What A Real Great American Looks Like

Russel Mokhiber has been tilting after Single-Payer for pretty much ever now, and his writing is often found in the wicked awesome Counterpunch.  The disgust over and distrust of the Democratic Party by most intelligent Americans is one of the few things that makes the hope for real change in this dump more than the most pathetic longing. 

Measure Once, Cut Twice

Watching Mittens fail to successfully innovate the Summer Campaign, I get the feeling that the Republicans are going to be very sad during the Fall Campaign Season.  Obama's still black, and this is still America, so hatred may tug the challenger over the line, but it won't be because he's a good candidate or a good man.  The Repubs have done a shitty job grooming candidates during the past generation; only the basest corruption was able to hand them the presidency in 2000.  They have absolutely no farm system if the best they can hope for is the glorious future of Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Spacemen 8

Sounds Like They Were About 4 Hours Late

Had they pulled the plug on this abortion before it even started, that would have been the first good thing to happen in London in the last 900 years. 

One Year Ago Today

new mekons song! 'space in your face' really rocks!!

pitchfork had an announcement last month regarding the new mekons album ancient & modern along with an mp3 of the new song 'space in your face'.  the song is great!  you never know what the mekons'll come up with, but damn this sounds fucking awesome.  if they take that show out on the road with plenty of drinkin' and rockin', it will be fucking epic.

super hat tip to the mekons blog at club mekon.

Jill Stein For President

If we can't have Ralph Nader or Hugo Chavez as our President, at least let's get someone as cool as Dr. Jill Stein.  Fuck, she'd be so much better than asshole #1 or asshole #2.  Dr. Stein is not just the lesser of two evils, she's a real, accomplished, intelligent, liberal candidate for whom we should all be proud to vote in November. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Frak Me Sideways: Eck, Wakefield and That Idiot

Sox post-game with Mumbles Wakefield and Incoherent Eck and that other fool.  Jeebus, Wakefield only got in the way of Eck's insane bitching.  Bastards.

The Epistle Ain't Dead

Hugo! Hugo!

He is pure and he is good!  Fuck, he's a hell of a lot more entertaining than President Romney could ever be.

One Year Ago Today

angry black lady, meet susie madrak

now this is what the reality-based community looks like, susie madrak at crooks and liars.  she is a wonderful antidote to the vile and pathetic obama fluffing of lawrence o'donnell and angry black ladies. 

relentless obama fluffing does have its fans

this obama fluffing idiocy from balloon juice is priceless.  the smug tone, the purposeful ignorance of history and reality, the mostly smarmy and pointless comments, the love of the the lame and soft lawrence o'donnell, it's all too precious.

let's face it: obama could kill and dismember angry black lady's family, then eat them while she watched, and she would still refuse to believe that her beloved barack obama was a murderous, psychotic cannibal.

lawrence o'donnell is a relentless obama fluffer

he was soooo smug about obama's genius and mcconnell's cowardice and capitulation, but what a tool he turned out to be.

it should have been obvious to everyone who was not busy deep-throating obama that deep cuts and pain for the little people were in the plans all along.  obama wants to be the man who cuts social security and medicare/medicaid.  he's a worse democratic president than clinton.  that's saying something.

Season of the Shark Indeed

Bitten in half?  Jesus Fucking Christ!  Unless you are a poofy pie, bitten in half is always bad.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sirens of Titan

More cool space pitchers, Saturn and Titan this time.  Pretty neat stuff.

Fuk-U Fukushima

Of course, you don't hear too much about Fukushima any more, cuz, or course, it's all set, fine, just fine, and not a problem at all. 

One Year Ago Today

cowboys and aliens should have been the best movie ever made.

james bond, han solo, that guy from those movies, the chick from that house show, directed by iron man's valet and with music by kitchens of distinction i would guess.

probably not gonna work out that way, though.  pg-13 for one.  that's a promise of shit.

fwiw, starship troopers should have been the best movie ever made, too. 

did mitch mcconnell just save us from barack obama?

it is well understood that mitch mcconnell is a fucking moron, but he may have just saved america from barack obama's desire to destroy social security and medicare/medicaid.  holy shit.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mississippi Hates Women

Despite what you may have heard, Mississippi sucks huge moose cock.  This horrible dark ages bullshit that the fucking morons who run the government in that wretched hellhole have forced on the innocent women of their state is the same sort of idiocy that is killing our culture.  Anybody who doesn't support medical freedom for women and for men should probably just find their nearest suicide booth and relieve the rest of us of their company.

One Year Ago Today

debt ceiling is an excuse to cut social security and medicare/medicaid

these negotiations didn't ever happen before.  there's no need for them now, except that obama wants an excuse to address entitlements.   why the more observant of the democrats in congress don't tell him to fuck himself is a mystery.  the new deal was their baby and they're letting obama drown it for grover norquist.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Totally Recalled

Neat Mars pictures.  Just like bein' there, indeed.

One Year Ago Today

the debt ceiling negotiations are unnecessary

the 'negotiations' are an excuse for the repubs and dems to work together to cut social security and medicare/medicaid.

there were no 'negotiations' when that fuckhead bush was president.

now that we have a democratic president keen on cutting social programs, it's the perfect storm.  those assholes in both parties get to put on a retarded puppet show and pretend the debt and deficit is a huge new problem while they chase their shared goal of destroying the social safety net born in the new deal.

nice job, obama. 

pavement must pay for the weezer ad on the tour de france telecast

pavement, they who must never be forgiven for weezer, should be made to pay in a most terrible manner for the izod ads on the tour de france broadcast on versus.  the song sucks, the ad is pinnacle of douchebaggery and fuck weezer and rivers' stupid glasses.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I Like The Specialized TDF Ad

The Speshy ad with the kid pretending to race is pretty trite, but it's trite in a good way compared to the way other, more popular, sports are portrayed in the US.  Sub baseball for the bike and it could have been any youth sporting commonplace in any American ad, so it worked well in that way.  For true cycling sophisticates and greasy eurotrash wannabes, it may be a little silly, but it speaks the language of American ball-and-stick sports-based advertising pretty well while the kid's on the bike.  Not bad.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Political Song for Alexander Cockburn to Sing

Old Men Hate Occupy

As well they should.  The Occupy Movement was dead dead dead for sure this spring when it didn't return after the winter.  The only hope they had was to come back, come back to a physical presence in New York and everywhere else to force the confrontation, to force the coverage, to force the issue.  Had they done that, Occupy may have had a chance to congeal into a coherent movement, with real ideas and that elusive real plan, but when they failed to return and force the establishment to confront them with shocking state violence, they were dead as a fucking doornail.  Next time, Cockburn and the rest of the old guard will not keep their powder dry and will demand that any new movement come ready to battle the establishment and not merely be a circus. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Political Song for Rahm Emanuel to Sing

One Year Ago Today

obama has a huge well of mindless support

reading some of the democratic blogs is an amazing experience.  i think the reflexive racist assholes like no quarter or the confluence are pretty transparent and harmless.  puma idiots who would otherwise be rock-ribbed establishment center-right mainstream democrats except that obama had the temerity to be a black center-right wall street tool.  well, than can't have that cuz they hates them the negro, so bye-bye barack.

what's more amazing are the almost mindlessly snarky fools like balloon juice.  it's like they have never ever ever heard of a trial balloon, and of course that wonderful wonderful barack obama would never be a gutless weasel or come out and enthusiastically support some pretty hard right wing  positions like cutting social security or medicaid or an individual health insurance mandate.

fuck you, hippies and your freakouts.  obama's cool.  he'd never turn out to be a right wing hack. 

spitzer fired; olbermann should scoop him up

even the liberal cnn fired eliot spitzer!  hard to believe that the network who employs the idiotic fox and friends refugee 'terrorist fist jab' e.d. hill could not keep somewhat liberal and not totally idiotic eliot spitzer on the air.  what a shock!

well, keith olbermann should scoop him up for a show on the current tv network.  spitzer and gore probably have some funny shit to talk about.

Good Day for Andruw Jones

He looked like a player again for a while today.  The Yankees can be an island of misfit mascots at times, but they make it work. 

Wilfred Sucked Last Night

Too bad Tojo Kuroda sucked just as badly.  And no fucking Eck on the postgame.  Bastards. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Lend-Lease Farm

One Year Ago Today

is obama going to destroy social security over this bullshit debt ceiling?

of course he is.

it was the plan all along.  he wants to be the ultimate centrist conciliator douchebag, and he will destroy social security and the the lives of millions of americans with his grand bargain with these horrible asshole republicans in order to win that execrable distinction. 

why isn't the president using his airtime and stupid twitter event to push for higher social security benefits with a lower eligibility age and greater eligibility for medicare?  not because it would be politically problematic given the current political climate.  fuck no, he's not pushing for anything to ameliorate the vast redistribution of wealth upwards in this country over the past 40 years because he doesn't give a flying fuck about anybody except his ruling-class masters and those in other income classes dumb enough to vote for him.

he wants to be president, and he will do whatever his overlords want while lying just well-enough to the american people in public in order to keep enough of the dimmer democratic voters on the reservation.  after that it's business as usual: all-out class warfare against 85% of the population with government serving only the most wealthy. 

john stossel vs. art laffer

it was a clash of the titanic mental midgets on fox news at different times this afternoon.  who's the bigger asshole: john stossel or art laffer?  i don't think you can choose between them.  they are both either so fucking ignorant or such colossal liars that either one is a first-division candidate for biggest fuckhead ever on tee vee.

nancy grace is an idiot

she is one scary and stupid bitch.

when geraldo rivera sounds like the voice of reason, you know you are truly in a fucked up world.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Political Song for Uncle Sam to Sing

One Year Ago Today

Hey, baby.

falling skies jumps the alien shark without grace

falling skies got even dumber last night.  the saying-grace scene was just about the most vile and inane thing i've seen on tee vee.  i know that's a tough call, and there a gazillion things tied for first in a dumbest-thing-ever-on-tv contest, but fucking ay.  if any aliens out there ever figger out how to cross the distance between stars and decide to invade our planet, that will skull fuck jesus and the rest of the super-duper friends invisible sky heroes to death right then and there.  anybody attempting to say grace like that moron did in the show last night probably would have been skull fucked as well. 

let's be clear: you can't have aliens and jeebus.  as soon as we get invaded by space aliens, we finally have the last proof that religion is for idiots. 

dave alvin 4th of july

this is the original, awesome dave alvin country version of the song, with an original video from way back when.  dave alvin, american treasure.  i'm partial to the rockin' x version, too.

start making that dave alvin movie starring timothy olyphant while john doe is still alive to play john doe in it!

i'm eagerly awaiting the dave alvin movie starring timothy olyphant

as dave alvin.  gonna be freeking awesome.  so somebody get right on that please.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Radio Daze

Idiot Narratives From The Democratic Establishment

I know.  I really do.  Obama's fluffers are hopeless, but this has got to be one of the lamest straw-man anecdotes I've read in the last half-hour.  So, 'somebody' was at a 'party' with some 'liberals', and they were down on Obama but super psyched about how great Clinton was?  Clinton?  Bill Clinton?  That fat fucking Republican from Arkansas who was a massive failure in every sense of the word, especially the words that actual liberals and actual Liberals might care about?  That Clinton?  I call bullshit.  Any liberal or Liberal who is down on Obama--for good fucking reasons!--is not gonna be all wet and sticky over Clinton.  Those Clinton-fan folks are center-right establishment Democrats, just like the Obama fluffers. 

Health Care Realities

John Roberts is a pussy, sure, but Obama has surely fucked us with his awful healthcare screw-up. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer's Best

Thanks For Coming In, Josh

Josh Marshall, well-known idiot and all-around douchebag in training, is shocked, just shocked that single-payer would not have been a viable option if the president had agitated for it for a few months as soon he was elected.  No shit, really?  Marshall is being a disingenuous cockbag by pretending to not realize that since no Democratic big-time players have been working within the system for single-payer or Medicare for All in any serious way, the movement for universal coverage has remained securely in the realm of the activist and reasonable, sane American.  No, as Josh probably knows--or maybe not, since he is such a dim fucking bulb--the healthcare delivery and insurance industries have owned our one-party politics since the New Deal sputtered out, and that Medicare only happened because the best bet is to not cover the old folks, so the industry did not fight too much to keep 'em.  If the Democratic Party was truly interested in bringing universal healthcare to the United States--be it National Health or Single-Payer--they would have been educating and advocating for it since the 1960's.  They haven't, they don't and they won't.  The only healthcare Democrats care about is the bullshit that Clinton and Obama pulled to fully support the industries that are the true masters.  Obama's program was born at the Heritage Foundation.  We are truly the stupidest place on Earth.

America's Dumbest Dummies?

Palin fans?  Sure seems like it these days.  We are well and truly frakked.

One Year Ago Today

Or so.

larry crowne movie: insipid & disgusting?

larry crowne looks to be a more vile piece of flotsam than transformers 3.  this is a star-vehicle that tom hanks wrote and directed for himself.  sweet fucking jesus, this guy in real life is at least a billion times more lame that he comes across on screen.  could larry crowne be more than a unrealistic, disgusting, feel-good bullshit exercise?  i don't see how.  the only thing that could make that film worse would be having ron howard as its director. 

fort calhoun: an american fukushima

this is a very good question.  what's going on there, and how will we ever find out?  unless the thing goes totally sideways and has a big, showy fire and 'splosion, it will take decades for the truth to come out.  the nrc is a bullshit organization.  the media are both uninformed and mostly fools.  the industry are absolute liars with the ability to obfuscate for years and years.

the truth about three mile island is not widely known.  after the fukushima plants started melting down, the preponderance of media coverage and so-called expert commentary was minimizing disinformation meant to hide the truth for as long as possible, but because of the horrible pictures available, it became impossible, and the shills and assholes went back into their holes.  soon the media coverage went away all together.  the information is out there, but fukushima's not the lede anymore in the united states.  fort calhoun certainly isn't either, and that's an unfolding situation.  look for the truth in about 2042.

breaking news: glenn beck is a liar and a whackjob

wait, what, you knew that?  well, of course you did.  that douchenozzle, failed television host glenn beck, is well-known for being both a liar and a fucking whacko.  he can't even lie very well because he's too stupid to realize that lots of folks are on the interwebs and might just have something to say about weepy freakshow.

More Chris Kvale Cycles Props

Everybody enjoys a Chris Kvale bike.  Here.