Saturday, December 31, 2011

obama-clinton beats romney-coburn?

jesus, robert reich, or as i used to call him when he was on pbs, the half-pint economist, has been quite compelling on some of the economic and social developments recently, especially around the occupy movement and shit, but gods frakking damn, he has a heinous clinton-philia blind spot.  about the only way you could find a bigger asshole than the senator from citibank joe biden to put in the veep spot would be to add a fucking clinton.  why not skip the clinton by marriage and go whole hog and put that cocksucker bill in there?  we don't give a fuck about the constitution around here anymore, so let's rock!

virag's movie reviews: captain america (2011)

i was surprised how much tommy lee jones was in the movie.  otherwise, i didn't see the point; a 10-minute animated webisode thing would have done just as well as a promo for the next movie with robert downey jr. and all the rest of those idiots in it.

it's gotta be summer somewhere

the sublime glory of the year that was

counterpunch has a hilarious and heartwarming year in review from alexander cockburn.   some especially useful highlights: the assange/manning stuff and the remembrance of the potted plant that was ronnie reagan.

Friday, December 30, 2011

mekons rock & roll

political song for ron paul to sing after a win in iowa

where were you at the bell house?

to the right of this guy.

mittens ruins 2012 in iowa?

if mittens wins iowa and then romps in new hampshire, he could ruin the entertainment quotient for the year on the third day.  we get much more gut busting fun if paul and santorum and the rest of the scuzzballs stick around for a while.

mekons in the wild

i ran across a pretty neat little mekons thing.  it's always super cool to see the mekons out there.

crumble cake

coming soon, to a nation near you, this kind of story will start to dissolve our society, and no amount of crappy no-name carbon bike shit will be able to arrest the bloody shitpile at the border.  depressed wages and desperate standards of living will not be mollified quickly once the problems spill out into the open, and only some sort of dangerous and disruptive radical realignment will ease the pressure.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

big baby

paging senator warren

watching scott brown lose his shit trying to beat elizabeth warren is going to be all kinds of good fun.

caroline heldman hearts big ed shultz after all

on caroline heldman's site, i commented:

if you google ‘caroline heldman msnbc’ this post is right up there near the top. considering that you have been appearing with big ed quite regularly since you throat-punched bill o’reilly on his detestable o’reilly factor show a couple of weeks ago, you may want to update this post with something ambiguous about how big ed should probably have kept his show after all.

her embrace of big ed is interesting considering her blog post from may that said msnbc should fire ed schultz.   i guess she really really likes being on the tee vee, and o'reilly probably isn't going to have her back any time soon.


get this man a helicopter

atrios's helicopter schtick is more than just a joke.  his point is a good one: the money was printed and given out freely but only to a small group of americans.  the group, as it turns out, that caused much of the economic collapse in the first place.  had each american been given that $20,000 bill to spend as he or she saw fit, the benefits to the economy would have been much greater than the ones we got by keeping all the free money in the hands of the bankster assholes.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

political song for rick santorum to sing after iowa

santorum leaves a mark in iowa

rick santorum is doing his best to whip up iowa politics into an indelible froth during the last week before the caucus.  the santorum surge could well leave a mark all over the state next week.

war whores

hard to find good help these days, i guess.  this is indeed good mojo for the wackjob ron paul and another slap to the little woman in the race by the big dumb republican men's club.  the republican's are a-hatin' on the mormon and a-hatin' on the woman, so why would those sorts of folks want anything to do with 'em exactly?  idiocy loves company.

steve albini is the rosetta stone of american indie music

backward ass motherfrakkers

although it is no better in the united states where we have religious nutjobs openly running for president with the support of scads of dumbfuck hicks and cynical oligarchs along with millionaire jerkoff charlatan god-botherers  like pat robertson running around loose everywhere, it is fucking scary to see just how stunted we are as a species all over the fucking place.  for all the talk of advancement and civilization and democracy and equality, humans are ignorant and nasty fuckers.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

you have never been this drunk

or this old.

james wolcott's movie reviews: metropolitan

yes.  i like this film.


political song for the serotta forum to sing

btw, there's still no excuse for evan fucking dando, but the song is okay cute in a slacker junkie sort of way.  most of the solo live clips were way too sloppy and unintelligible.  dando was/is such a fucking poser he actually did become a junkie!  what a douchenozzle.  his wife juliana hatfield didn't age too well, either.

can't you do better than ron paul?

really, you gotta do better than ron paul.  is he really all that good stuff?  is he really the stalwart man of principle, constitutional defender, non-interventionist, small government, anti-war, liberty hero racist, self-promoting nutjob asshole?  watching him twist in the wind over his racist newsletter and pretend he's not at all familiar with that topic makes him seem just like every romneyesque weasel politician out there, so i have exactly zero confidence that ron paul would be a flawed hero for liberty and the 99% on many important issues.  you gotta go do better than ron paul.  he's a clown almost identical to all the other clowns out there.  better than obama?  of course, but romney would be better than obama, so that's a pretty fucking low bar.  on the other hand, maybe all good americans now have the best reason of all to vote for ron paul.

no wave organ

candide yams

all this gay rick perry shit is pretty fucking hilarious even if i don't believe it at all.  but really, who cares?  gay perry is just as useless as straight perry, and just as fucking ignorant.  the gay rick perry stuff has been floating around for years, but no evidence has ever popped up, so there's no sense getting into a frothy mess over outing another pathetic republican closet case.

bill maher vs. eric bolling?

jesus.  bill maher vs. eric bolling is kinda like a midget vs. a plankton.  or a midget vs. plankton.  maher is pretty much a clown, but compared to eric bolling, maher looks like mark twain.  bolling is just a fucking zero, so the jeebus-tebow-bolling team is pretty much not even able to take the field in that rhetorical donnybrook against the stunted master-of-wit bill maher.  

eric bolling:

american m-16

i really like the ride of mountain bikes with sub-16 inch chainstays.  the original eastern woods bikes, along with a few others including the american m-16--and lamely ripped-off by gary fisher years later--pushed the envelope for short chainstay frames.  unfortunately, the details on the american were not quite right.  for one, the aluminum tubing made clearance even more of an issue than the short-stay steel frames.  in addition, the american didn't use a longer front center like most of the designs did, so the wheelbase got a little short for real technical and high-speed riding.  the eastern woods geometry, with short rear and longer top tube and shorter stem, was my favorite mix.  the american needed a few tweaks, but it was an interesting frame and i'd love to be able to get a custom version with the proper long top tube and shorter seat tube; that would make a ripping bike.  hate the fucking name--uzzi anyone?--but i'd get one anyway.  another time machine mission, i guess.

i got it

flushing big ben

soon, one of our most useless senators, big ben nelson, will be nothing but an historical skid mark.  really, he has been a pustule on the ass of democracy as long as he's been in government, so bye-bye dickhead.  if the democrats need that sort of man in their caucus, they have already lost.

sofa king

youth is wasted on a sofa queen.

iowa ugly

it looks like hurricane ron might be plowing into iowa next week.  the little bastard might pull it off, and that will cause a shitload of short-term image problems for the republican party.  he can't and won't ever win the nomination, but his victory in iowa followed by a romney romp in new hampshire will pretty much clear the table for mittens.  after that, somebody's gonna have to get a fucking wash 'n dry for all the ron paul acolytes who'll spend the next six months blubbering about the unfairness of the system.

Monday, December 26, 2011


newt fails to deliver again

this gingrich divorce stuff should be so much more hilarious than it is.  gingrich is so played out that even his creepiest evil only warrants a minor notice at this point in history.  that's too bad, cuz gingrich really is one of the most vile men to ever soil our existence; he's just suffering from overexposure.

dan marino always sucked

better drew brees than the horrible dan marino.  marino was the epitome of selfish player and opposite of winner.

class warfare is the new black

this sort of talk is going to become much more prevalent in the coming days/years.  the failing economy and cultural striation likely will cause catastrophic failure of the civilizing forces in our society.  sooner or later, no carbon race bikes, internet sleaze, or yo la tengo hanukkah shows will be enough to keep 'em down on the farm.  the big lie about america will no longer be believed by enough of the assholes to keep the peace.  then it gets weird and not in a good way.

matt taibbi is shrill

good for him.  he's turning into a foul-mouthed paul krugman, which is a good thing in every possible way.

oh, that's sweet

just wonderful.  this is the sort of thing that makes me hopeful about the future and the glory of mankind.

this must be what a ron paul xmas is like

paranoid, racist frothing insanity is what christmas at ron paul's house must be like.  really, japan is secretly trying to take over the world?  really?  well, they suck at it, because the old fashioned way works tons better: build a shitload of aircraft carriers and submarines and planes and cruise missles and then bomb the fuck out of and/or occupy the places where the oil and other shit is.  plus if japan tries any bullshit, they'll be all kinds of fucked.  felice navidad, tojo.

noisy night

jennifer granholm tee vee

gov. granholm is not exactly a bundle of personality on the tee vee, but perhaps a personality-free turd like al gore will not let a dynamic former politician anywhere near a show on this current tv channel.  nobody in their right mind would pick granholm over eliot spitzer.  i don't think granholm will deliver the sort of compelliong political tee vee that olbermann needs in his lineup.  big fuckup there.

look who wants to be the second worst lawyer in the world

this useless clown wants to compete for the honor of world's second worst lawyer in the world.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

another hollandaise miracle

the administration ruling on power plant emissions is pretty fucking refreshing considering the inexcusable cockups that preceded it.

there is a light that will never go out

concept album

awww. this is wicked cute.  good for them.  good for the navy for being cool with it, too.

the beauty of the season

oh, this is just fantastic.  hypocrites getting hung out to dry by their own foibles is the true miracle of the season.  whoever initially came up with the idea to apologize to that assclown amy koch because she couldn't keep her legs closed is a fucking genius.

what's the opposite of sex positive?

this might be it.  ayn rand and stinky, sweaty monkey boning is one of the most unappetizing images in history.

chewing on a boehner

boehner got chewed up and spit out by the whore parade in washington.  i don't get it; somebody musta been a very good boy cuz that moron boehner handed obama the best present he could have dreamed of.  ineffectual doesn't even begin to describe just how stupendously boehner blows at being speaker.

the real reason for the season

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

virag's movie reviews: red white & blue (2010)

what a movie!  it ended up on my dvr somehow, and i watched it the other night when i should have been working.  not really an american movie though it was filmed in austin because the director is some limey and the lead actor some other kind of dirty foreigner, this is a lovely little slice of all-american family values regardless.  it looks like it cost about a hundred and fifty dollars to make, and i mean that in the best possible sense.  the film actually resorted to creative storytelling, skillful, considered acting, and claustrophobic cinematography to cook up an engrossing and intense cinematic experience.  i must have a high tolerance for violence because i did not find the film overly violent, and it was certainly not at all gory in the sloppy and childish taratino/rodriguez 70's-homage sense.  the gore was mostly internal and fairly subtle considering the subject matter.  i liked the movie.  amanda fuller and the lead guy did a really nice job.  it's a good film and worth checking out if you love america.

second amendment remedy

pretty obvious little piss take regarding the second amendment remedies for the occupy movement here on counterpunch.  the well-armed second amendment remedies in the class war are probably not as far off as you would hope.

virag's movie reviews: stealth (2005)

what the hell?  somebody paid money to make this?  did they read it?  was there even a script?  and what the fuck were joe morton and sam shepard doing in that fucking thing?  wow it sucked.  really, it was just awful; no idea where the money went.  the effects were reanimated battlestar galactica quality at best.  maybe the actors all got huge salaries.  i knew an air force veteran who loved it.  one of the worst ever.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

fuso max

interesting little fuso max custom frame from dave moulton's blog.  i like the color combo.  apparently light metallic purples are xtra-spiffy on lugged max frames.  he really nailed the seatstay attachment; it looks super smooth.  old-timey max fork uni-crown, too.

blood on the tracks

when things turn to shit, i think many people will be horrified by the level of chaos and violence suddenly pervading our society.  reading this, though, should disabuse anybody hoping wistfully for the possibility of a peaceful and comfortable solution to the problems in the united states.  there is so much dangerous ignorance and downright evil spewed by those assholes; it can't be excused.  they are the most privileged and pampered people on earth.  the impending revolution will be a bloody one, but really, it needs to be.  the rot in our oligarchy is killing everyone and only radical intervention will save us.  the suffering will be legion but there is probably no way to avoid that now.  no matter what happens, the scores will be settled and blood will baptize a new civil war.  after a generation lost to upheaval and drowned in bloodshed, the survivors will have an opportunity to engender a more just society.

flaccid clown car crackup

speaker boehner's clusterfuck is great for obama's political future, but the short term could be very difficult for many americans.  the tax cut is pretty much bullshit, 20 bucks a week, maybe, but represents a political bear trap for folks like scott brown.  the medicare reimbursement issue threatens to put more pressure on seniors and doctors but that will take a while to work through.  the unemployment, though, that gets ugly on the very first day.  figure that long-term unemployed folks, in their second year without much income, are pretty much barely there, and if you cut off their meager unemployment benefit, well, they're fucked.  the personal toll, stress and privation, is an inexcusable tragedy that will quickly spread into the community.  that unemployment insurance is the best stimulus for the local economy; it's too small to contribute to savings and every cent of it gets spent immediately, so every jerkoff on the chamber of commerce, every bank and landlord, every car repair shop, grocery store, bar, pharmacy, liquor store, meth dealer and streetwalker should be screaming bloody murder and shoving a red-hot coulter all the way up the asses of that dicknose boehner and every one of those teabagger jerkoffs in the house.  i guess that would be a great stimulus for fireplace poker manufacturers as well.  buy american, motherfrakkers.

put me on a hell ride

Monday, December 19, 2011

outsider art

arthur fortune sucks

as seen on l,g&m, titanic asswipe arthur fortune does his part for union busting at yet another shitty airline.  i can't help but think that after 40 years, every working man and woman in america should be eager to join a union, and if they remain anti-union that they are truly too stupid to live and are in fact holding the entire species back.  unfortunately, the american political culture has always been less than vigorous, so representation for labor in our goverment and society has always been stunted.  still, we need to be responsible for our own well-being, and anyone in the 99% who is against universal union representation is ignorant and short-sighted at best but is much more likely simply an absolute fucking worthless cockbag.

update: bad guys win.  everyone loses.

ron paul's friends

america's patriot warrior, general jc christian, is all over the fine fine folks who are rock-ribbed supporters of rep. ron paul.  in reality, paul is a nasty, black-hearted little troll, and the only reason he does not get roasted on a daily basis for his insanity is that he quite possibly the last person north america who could actually get elected president of the united states.

barney tee vee

barney frank on teh tee vee is not a bad idea, not bad at all.  olbermann should be considering that.  i'm kinda surprised that the elliot spitzer doesn't have a show on current tv yet, and frank would be pretty entertaining too.

political song for ann coulter to sing

flaccid boehner

who's gonna be the next speaker?  since it is now obvious that boehner has completely lost control of his caucus, one of those creepy little fuckers is probably going to need to knock him off if the republicans retain control of the house.  his pissboy mitch mcconnell made that deal boehner asked for, but he couldn't get his own moron chorus to line up behind it.  he's maybe the worst speaker ever, after gingrich of course.

friends of barack

it's really hard to see how this is so very different from cheney's idea of a good time.


we can all pray that yesterday's game will put an end to the tebow nonsense, despite what goofy old phil simms had to say.  tebow played like shit, as did the whole broncos team.  apparently jeebus can't work a decent miracle against the varsity.

say what

north korea's renaissance

hey!  good luck with that!  it's amazing that that crazy bastard was only 69 when he died?  odd, cause these nutty little fuckers in nutty little countries seem timeless.  if the kid takes over and live a nice long north-korean life, then he will be quite the frothing crackpot by the time he kicks off.  i'd really like a chance to find out what north korea is really like these days, free of the western bias.  it's probably not great but also not at all like you see on american tee vee.  regardless, i'm sure hitchens was good and drunk and waiting to yell at dear leader when he showed up in hell.

newt's joyless insanity

gingrich is every bit as bugfuck insane as bachmann, cain and paul, but gingrich, like paul for the most part, is a nasty, joyless insanity, poorly designed to provide maximum entertainment.  paul's gold standard is loony, and his racism is as vile as david duke's or haley barbour's, but paul is a fringe of a fringe of a fringe candidate.  newt, on the other hand, was playing at the top of the shitpile, until recently.  for all gingrich's crazy talk, like arresting judges or enslaving children or blowing donald trump on live tee vee, he never performed with the joyous verve that squeaky michele bachmann or aging horndog herman cain brought to our shameful national freakshow.  gingrich comes across a humorless turd who can't even be bothered to smile when he's turning his trick.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

a.c. on c.h.

alexander cockburn bid adieu to christopher hitchens yesterday on counterpunch and makes a point i had forgotten about, namely the way hitchens treated edward said and gore vidal.  those inexcusable actions diminished the rapidly shrinking man as effectively as his inane support for dick cheney's imperial excesses.  hitchens the public intellectual cartoon character was much like a somewhat obcure but well-respected actor who, after a rise in his profile followed by a series of mediocre performances in pointless films, is quite suddenly recognized as having much less ability than previously believed.  in his piece, cockburn also makes another important point; hitchens stayed public during his cancer treatment and did some nice work in that regard.  at that point in his life, the shameless public personality that was christopher hitchens humanized a fearful struggle that most have no choice but to suffer in relative silence and anonymity.

obama's ugly friends

we have to re-elect obama exactly why?  he's got some nasty friends and advisers; this cockbag is only one in the crowd.  summers, geithner, orzag, rahm, petraeus, panetta...

Friday, December 16, 2011

chris hitchens

yeah, he croaked; cancer sucks, and it was no more fun for him than for anyone else.  there are plenty of people getting all weepy because chris hitchens died yesterday.  many people were entertained for decades by his definitive antics.  the issue, besides his pathetic transubstantiation into a frothing neocon imperalist boob, was that his famed erudition was pretty shallow all along.  he was well, no spectacularly  well-educated and comparatively well-read, his rhetorical skills well polished and flaunted with relish.  that however, didn't make him all that intelligent or all that knowledgeable, obviously.  anyone with more than a few ounces of wisdom to go along with their barrels full of self-satisfied, self-aggrandizing wit would not have been so lacking in an illuminating historical perspective regarding the september 11 attacks or the american, and western, imperialist ambitions in the middle east and the persian gulf that had been in place and process for far longer than hitchens had been alive.  hitchens certainly enjoyed attention and having his shallow erudition fluffed by his peers.  his attacks on some of the more absurd and disgusting figures on the world stage were more than slightly entertaining, but those targets were often incredibly soft and obvious for many people.  the catholic church and organized religion in general, mother teresa, bill clinton, princess diana, henry kissinger were all pretty easy, and someone with hitchens's purported talents could, and should, have taken on higher-value targets.  in the end, hitchens was at his best a lightweight, entertaining, well-spoken clown, while at his worst he was a raving, imperialist, incoherent fool.

update: here's a weepy old tory losing his shit over mr. hitchens.  i'm pretty sure hitchens would have thought cole was a total douchebag.

what does south africa know that the united states does not?

a shitload, obviously.  it is sickening that a third-world country with an economy the size of the average saab dealership in 2011 has more political courage and social decency than the world's most powerful empire.

sneeky sneeky persians

if this is accurate, it is quite clever and good fun.  if they can do more to interfere with our spying, and make it expensive enough and embarrassing enough for us, then maybe just maybe we will back off on some of the bullshit that we love so dearly.  we got bigger fish to fry than some persians and their faulty nuclear warheads.

all about you

michele bachmann vs. tom coburn

is michele looking to replace dr. tom as mittens's jesus-freak apologete/vice president?  very interesting.  i don't think she has the constitution for it, but the woman thing could be a bit of an issue for obama in the general if bachmann can twist the coverage of her outrageous positions and all-around bugfuck insanity into charges of sexism and get some extra women on the mittens express.

first world prices and slave labor

i hate to tell these assholes, but made in japan did mean cheap at first.  simple, inexpensive items started the japanese industrial dominance, but the inexpensive part was very important.  japan didn't start marketing top of the line electronics or charge outrageous prices for their lowest quality items.  if rapha wants to have stuff made by suicidal slave laborers in china, that's perfectly legal, but not too sharp if you are going to charge uber-premium prices.  good stuff from china should be really fucking cheap inexpensive.  teh same sort of shit made in switzerland should command the premium price.  rapha are just the latest in a long proud horrible tradition of british exploitation of foreign labor.  wogs, anyone?

sunset for the pennsyltucky vatican

the more you know, the bigger bastard joe pa becomes.

ratigan, wyden and rush limbaugh

tee vee dipwad dylan ratigan just had up and coming asshat of the year ron wyden on his show to fluff evil twit paul ryan.  in the next segment, he put up the asshole that runs this right-wing dump, brainchild of rush limbaugh's patron.  we live in a bad place filled with worse people.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

political song for wistful expats to sing

revolution is a powder for your wash

bad mojo.  the society, our society, is crumbling around us, and if it is not yet apparent to you, it soon will be.  tomorrow, or the next day, the problems of the economy and the society will become so destructive that most of the 99% will no longer be able to deny it, and the day after that, the 99% will no longer be able to maintain their standards of living or hopes for the future.  after that, well, the suffering will spread like a pandemic.  it will literally be too late; reform will no longer be an option.  the aftermath will be difficult for everyone, 99% and 1% alike.  at that point all we will be hoping for is enough bloodshed, enough violence, enough scores settled, enough retribution to last long enough to start over in the next few generations with an illusion of stability and hope.

the dissident chris hedges

chris hedges, dissident journalist, foments reality in a column on the very real possibilities of political and cultural instability in the near future of the united states.  real revolution is not a romantic struggle; it will be dirty and dangerous and destructive.  even if afterwards we have a chance to rebuild without the old oligarchy, the cost will be high for many many people, and a generation will probably be lost to the reconstruction.

greta van susteren's lack of affect

watching botched plastic surgery survivor greta van susteren is wicked creepy because of her frightening lack of affect.  she has the same stunted reaction to everything she presents on her show, whether it is voter fraud bullshit, rush limbaugh's blatant racist spew, horrible missing persons stories, or dollar-store santas signing in bayonne.  kittens or serial killers or sarah palin all get the same disinterested vacancy from ole greta.  was it the bad plastic surgery?  a blow to the head?  some weird l. ron cruise ship atrocity?  or did she lobotomize herself so she could work on fox with the proper attitude?  we may never know the answer to these questions, but tune in again next time for another episode of bullshit or not?

apparently the italian railroad does run on time

i wonder what the italian courts consider faulty evidence?  as much of a nightmare that it was for knox to be railroaded by some assclown in italy, she is probably lucky that she wasn't an african-american in texas or a mexican-american in arizona; she could be dead.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

political song for barack obama to sing

goodness, someone dismantled o'reilly on his show tonight

not sure who she was, but she kept to her points and made o'reilly look stupid on his own show--not hard, but too many folks get pushed around by o'reilly and get off message.  whoever she was, she was like a low-budget kari koch, and she did a great job with o'reilly.  when she brought up the nefarious anti-american voter-suppression group alec, bill looked a little green, and he had no response when she explained that voter registration is not the same as voter fraud.  very nice.  if fox puts its bimbos like o'reilly on it, the bad guys gotta be feeling a little heat on this disenfranchisement effort.  interesting.

update: caroline heldman.  that's who it was that made o'reilly look like a frothy moron.  i guess that's why she was on msnbc on friday.

folly of youth

ron wyden: a low-budget joe lieberman

ron wyden still has a little work until he becomes as utterly disgusting as joe lieberman, but he's giving it a try.  medicare is one of the best things about america; it provides health care to some of our most vulnerable citizens and does it better than the private sector can.  wyden should be run out of town on a rail for even acknowledging the existence of that cockbag dipshit paul ryan.

ruh-roh. they're gonna need more lunch tables across the hall

somebody taking their ball and going home?  screw you guys.  home.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

we're calling from providence, rhode island

thurston? watt! thurston?

rhode island is a weird place for sure.  it takes a little time to get used to it just being a little off the beat if you come from places around boston or new york or greenwich, but it is usually worth it.  gratifying to see occupy providence is getting it done so well.  that should be an incentive for the movement as a whole to take it back in new york, los angeles and everywhere else in the spring.

kari koch makes neil cavuto cry

jeebus, that was fun.  kari koch is officially my favorite koch sister.  she would not give in to cavuto's blithering nonsense and he just lost it.  she was on olbermann later that night, too.  very good.  why more people don't learn to just stick to their point when they're confronted by the fox news propaganda tactics, i'll never know.  more kari koch, less anybody on fox, please.

from the website:

and on olbermann:

lickspittle contentedness

cheap whore.  i can see this exact odious fluffing for president romney from that fool.  some of the comments are good, though.  more people every day are realizing just how twisted and evil some of these 'liberal' commentators are.  at least gingrich and his idiot mouthpieces are upfront with their vile beliefs.

Monday, December 12, 2011

clean mclean

for some reason, i've been running into mclean fonvielle's frames on the intertube webs recently.  fonvielle's story is a tragic one in the history of american handbuilt frames--as they say in show business, he was gonna be huge.  the frames he made were super clean, uber-distilled rigs that eschewed frills and extraneous decoration.  an astounding overview can be found on the classic rendezvous site, and some nice pictures at cycle exif.

uber-low-budget broder race to the bottom

here's another great example of the utter futility of the purportedly 'left' writers on the interwebs.  much like josh marshall on tallking points memo and so many others, aravosis is a timid, establishment, village-idiot wannabe, a very low-budget david broder.  his ilk depend on the status quo to maintain their hope of becoming washington institutions insulated from the reality of life in the rest of the united states.  of course anything that might lead to real change is way too scary for those fools.

update: another rock-ribbed conservative obama fluffer shits the bed.  as above, even some of the feedback was incredulous at the dipshit-quotient of their blogmeister.

update update: it was awesome to see that dumb fucker aravosis get savaged by some of the comments on that post.  it's a good thing; lots of the 'netroots' assholes are gonna be holding out their hats for romney's spare change when their true colors show.  many of those 'netroots' assholes--especially the ones collection big paychecks--are rock-ribbed conservative, entry-level democratic party establishment apparatchiks.  if the center-right democratic establishment stops issuing meal tickets, they'll jump to the mittens crew toot sweet.  they only believe in themselves and their careers.

update update update: another timid, rock-ribbed establishment man spews forth.

super group

dream lineup: john doe, dave alvin, jon langford, rico bell, bill carter.  i think they're gonna need a drummer, unless langford feels like being a drummer again.

saab luv

64 pages and counting of hate is the new love.

a better class

and here where a man discovers he wishes for a better class of boot-licker.

idiot's delight


Sunday, December 11, 2011

the unreason for the season

it's so nice we have our priorities straight.  freedom bombs and corporate subsidies ain't cheap, and if we are gonna' bomb or occupy all the smelly dirt-people places where jesus hid our oil and shit, well, some old fucking geezers and poor (hopefully brown) children are just gonna have to freeze to death this winter--or, ya know, starve warmly; it's all good.  if those dumb shits wanted to be warm and well-fed, they shoulda been born white in cobb fucking county.

winter day's dreams

ninja mittens

if romney let's this 'flub' be his undoing, he belongs on the dung-heap of history next to al gore.  i understand that talking points memo is not a news organization, but josh marshall's (and his organization's) puddle-deep analytical ability and dim-bulb fealty to the national democratic party establishment, along with his whole website, are quickly becoming a dwarf variety of murdochian.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

far more entertaining and clever than newt romney

the richard nixon/bill clinton debate

can't america find better debate moderators than the loathsome surrogates of contemptible men like richard nixon and bill clinton?

does ron paul think he can win in iowa?

are we about to find out just how badly al gore mitt romney sucks?  does ron paul really believe he can win the iowa caucus this time around?  it would be a tremendous political clusterfuck for not only gore romney, but also the republicans as a whole.  newt has no organization in iowa, so the caucuses will be a chore for him no matter what his poll numbers are, and paul is counting on his great organization to deliver the votes.  what the fuck happens if paul comes in first in iowa with gingrich and mittens more or less tied for second and then right away newt beats romney in new hampshire?  would that mean that in effect the republicans will be unable to field an opponent in 2012, like some shitheel small-town's mayoral election, because the inevitable nominee, romney, is so damaged that he can no longer win?  make no mistake, romney, and only romney, can beat obama next year, and, unless he drops out because he gets outed as rick perry's boyfriend or something, he will be the republican nominee.  the real questions are how badly does gore romney suck, and how badly do the teabagger fuckheads want to cock up the chance to beat obama?

indiana beats kentucky

as beneficial as it is for our collective karma to see any organization associated with that greasy shit stain john calipari embarrassed on a world wide cable sports broadcast, it was painful to watch the hoosiers do their best to toss the game away for most of the second half, almost as painful as watching hoosiers.

it's that special time of year

Friday, December 9, 2011

lanny davis at the pennsyltucky vatican

they'll be a dig dig diggin' an all-new circle in hell for lanny davis by the time he's done fluffing the child rape enablers at the pennsyltucky vatican.  it would be really difficult to make the whole sickening affair look worse, but lanny davis is sure one way to do it.  hell, davis will probably be as catholic as newt gingrich by the time he's finished.

amilya antonetti: a new low for fox?

if you appear on fox news with cnbc-reject neil cavuto, and you make him appear sane, and if your spastic ejaculations make eric bolling and greg gutfeld sound like sophisticated, 4th-grade level analysts, which is an incredible improvement over their normal abilities, you are truly something remarkable. this specimen in question is the absolutely horrifying amilya antonetti.  watching for 10 seconds tells you that she is at best third-rate bullshitter who, instead of being a 'successful business woman', is in truth the sort of dirtball grifter who collects money speaking to the less-intelligent teabaggers for a pathetic fee.  i guess her real purpose, besides fluffing the scabrous rhetoric of such fox luminaries as cavuto, bolling and gutfeld, is to be one person on the fox tee vee that can make ann coulter and s.e. cupp appear feminine. 

mourning stoned

Thursday, December 8, 2011

the second mile for john bolton

why is it that every time i see john bolton on the tee vee, i find myself waiting for him to be outed as a silent partner in the pennsyltucky vatican, maybe acting as a spotter for jerry sandusky when sandusky was too busy with actual coaching at penn state?

the zombie stupid must abide

nothing will get you locked out on the ye olde serotta forum quicker than some pushback against the zombie stupid.  the self-styled galtian morons, pathetic, scum-gurgling weasel assholes, and worthless, koch-sucking dicknozzles were out in force, and it was a thread about the fucking post office!  as usual, there was some mild confusion and generally ill-informed centrist pablum coughed up by the usual suspects, and when someone with half a clue offered up some sanity as pushback, a servile attack-chipmunk locked the thread.  (about the only thing missing was some fucking dipshit cut-and-pasting four or five pages of demonstrably false--and insane--talking points from cato, the american enterprise institute, the heartland institute and freedom works; he musta' been busy patching his blow-up sheep.)  i understand that the sickening political bias of a failing bicycle company whose owner lived like a latter-day robber baron while his company collapsed is low-calorie entertainment compared to the serious problems that the united states faces given our moribund economy, dysfunctional, one-party political culture and corroding middle-class, but the way those hopeless, pampered, reactionary assholes smear their ignorance of even the most basic concepts all over that forum is a sad commentary on state of our society.

political song for kathleen sebelius to sing

leave the poor animals alone

please.  no good can come of randomly fucking with animals in their natural environment--or anywhere else.  it's a tragedy for this woman and her family, but a completely unnecessary tragedy.  it is sad for all of us that we have to keep learning the lesson of that dim-witted clown steve irwin over and over.

too bad he wasn't packing a vibrating falafel

well-known impotent cuckold bill o'reilly got a little scared by a working video camera.  if only the camera operator had been wielding a vibrating keester falafel instead, little billy would have been ready for action and would not have needed to hide behind one of few the cops not currently fucking his wife.

marinoni max

this shiny, red marinoni max frame was spotted on the columbus max bikes blog.  very nice; it looks like it might be a repaint to me and is probably a later frame since it features vertical drops.  nicely curved fork on this frame, too.  i want one.  stupid inoperable time machine.

lanny davis

as spotted at atrios's place, what could possibly be more foul than anyone or anything associated with fox news scuzz-guzzler lanny davis?  davis and his catamite josh block are amongst the most disgusting and useless people who ever lived.

take it back take it back

with occupy protests being broken up all over the country, the movement needs not only a new direction in order to make a comeback into the national dialogue but also needs a concerted effort to reoccupy public spaces in new york, los angeles and every other possible locale early next spring in order to force the issues into the forefront and force the 1% to break itself in futile resistance to what became an unstoppable force.  without that physical, public presence the movement will be too-easily marginalized.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

political song for tepco to sing

scary monsters

yikes, sarah palin looks like newt's next wife on hannity tonight.  high definition is not her friend.

seriously? what's plan c?

jesus, these people couldn't suck any worse if they tried.  the fda was cool with it but obama and his band of merry morons just have to fellate the backward-ass motherfuckers a little more and overruled the perfectly reasonable plan b availability.  for all the shitty arguments that the obama apologists will make in the next year, it will always be too easy to see these disgusting failures great and small through all their obfuscation.  at home, overseas, on the courts, in his own whitehouse, at the beginning, until the end, obama has betrayed not only the 99% of the american people but also every possible intelligent and reasonable position along with every possible shred of human decency.  romney could never in a billion years be a big enough monster to justify another second of barack obama; maybe in a generation or two we will have the stench of obama and clinton off us, and santa will bring us a decent democrat to be president.

bring on president romney

this.  of course, it was not an error when obama set to destroy the underpinnings of the social security program; it was part of his plan from the beginning--make social security open to debate and eventually it would be eroded completely.  much as clinton was far more damaging to the social welfare in the united states than his predecessor, obama has been far more successful in weakening the social security than george w. bush.  making the funding for social security a political bargaining chip was an especially despicable act.  we can't do any worse with mittens.

cheney's on the loose; bush, too

but the sad clown blago's going to jail.  we live in a weird dimension.

obsessive compulsive

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

it's gotta be 1987 somewhere: lugged marinoni

here's something really sweet: a repainted 1987 marinoni from the cycling art blog.   wicked frame, and just how i like 'em--the lugs, the seatstay caps, the dropouts and everything are just perfect.  too bad they don't make these anymore.  there are lots of good lugged frames out there, but the marinonis were always one of the best values in classic racing frames.  those were good days when nice lugged frames were serious racing equipment and not strictly almost always objets d'art for the 1%.

and here it is built up and ready to ride.

when saab fanboys attack

sweet freakin' jesus, things are a bit tense over at the saab fanboy wanksite saabsunited; i've been checking in there for a little while looking for any news about the status of the saab company.  the saabsunited folks are quite cheezed off that general motors (generous motors; goverment motors) will not let saab be bought out or invested or something something something enough to keep it operating--or start it operating again--with the gm cars and technology until they get some other products into the market.  now, that could be many years, so gm is worried about the chinese stealing their shit.  except, they can't be worried about that.  the saab 9-3 is 10 years old, so who cares if the chinese steal it.  the new generation 9-5 was designed almost a decade ago as well and went into production after all the gm equivalents except the cadillac xts, which is seriously ugly and tacky-looking compared to the 9-5 and buick lacrosse.

no, what i think gm is worried about is saab being able to interfere with the gm plan to make buick into saab in north america.  with the regal and lacrosse, buick could be close to getting performance/luxury front drive turbocharged cars right.  the regal with the new turbo is a great start; a lacrosse with that high-output 4-cylinder turbo engine along with a proper manual transmission, all-wheel drive and sport suspension would be a sick piece of euro crap from right here in america.  gm wants to sell buicks as the new saab and is not at all interested in having actual saabs out there at all.  it's a weird play considering how badly they fucked up the plan with pontiac and the g8.  gm was one rear-wheel-drive 3-series killer away from making pontiac the most interesting american car brand ever, so i can't believe they'll get this plan right either.  if they couldn't see how the g8 could take bloody chunks from the 5-series bmw along with the need for a smaller, 3-series-like all new g6, well, they're fucking morons.

political song for vladimir putin to sing at occupy moscow

occupy moscow is not for the average candyass

the nascent occupy moscow movement is probably gonna make the average occupy movement beating in the united states look like a frat party.  the run-of-the-mill wuss is not gonna cut it in on the streets in russia.  that half-pint stalin is not known for playing nice.

there's not enough bleach and ammonia in the solar system

to clean up all the santorum after this circle jerk.

romney says nope to a dope

too bad he didn't phrase it more like 'go fuck yourself, dickhead'.

political song for newt and trump to sing

maybe jerry sandusky will help out newt and trump

i'm sure jerry sandusky would like to help pick the kids for newt and trump's twisted indentured servitude.

saab is over

too bad, but saab is gone for good now and volvo will be chinese-made soon enough.  watching all the bullshit this year, it is clear that general motors and the government of sweden wanted saab to go away.  that's sad, because saab always made interesting cars, better than volvo and not at all like the vile the german staff cars.  a generation ago, sweden had an automobile industry, and today they are not able to retain any of it.  while cars are rather silly, antiquated appliances, the inability to keep industry and good jobs does not bode well for the future.  when a country the size of sweden had two viable car companies, the future of the european middle class was more hopeful than it is now.  the united states made a decision to keep its auto industry because the alternative was much worse; in sweden, saab is responsible for only 15,000 or so direct and indirect jobs, but where will they come from now?

Monday, December 5, 2011

is trump secretly working for obama?

watching trump sputter, spew and froth all over the tee vee about his 'debate', the republican primary contest, and obama's presidency makes me wonder if there's not a damn good chance he secretly supports obama for some reason and is using his well-cultivated crazy media-whore asshole persona to make the republicans look ridiculous, cuz if he's not and he's actually serious...

we know that for many years there's been no country here

i don't really believe that mohamed el-baradei thought that reassembling the culture and civilization in egypt was going to be easy; unless he was seriously deluded, he had to understand that creating an advanced, multicultural representative government from the relics in egypt was going to be a long and complex process.  el-baradei and the secular groups must resist any western calls to abandon elections if the religious parties win significant percentages.  the long game for freedom and human rights will not be won if egypt and her neighbors waste another half-century under the heel of the military and western corporate interests.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

political song for newt gingrich to sing to john mccain in spanish

since when is dylan ratigan a lefty?

or anything other than a dickhead?  digby is all wrong about that epic douchenozzle ratigan.  ratigan, and his show, suck in ways most normal people are incapable of sucking.  she's wrong about chris hayes, too.  he's got the second best show on msnbc.  al sharpton--!!--has the best.

this is what senility looks like

i guess it is possible that john mccain doesn't know what hispanics are, but if he does, and he thinks that hispanic americans would possibly vote en masse for a republican in a national election, after newt's electrified fence and all the bullshit that places like arizona have pulled, then he is fucking demented.

occupy sacha white gets it, atmo

from reading this, it sure seems like occupy portland, occupy pdx, gets it, atmo.  the police charged in, but the occupiers went back and the police backed down.  this is what new york and los angeles and the rest should have been ready for.  make the police keep fighting you to do their work, and they will eventually give up.  they can't arrest everyone, and they can't afford to keep going in every day in force.  this is the key.  force them to fail.  the nefarious work of the 1% cannot survive if the will of the 99% stays strong.

coburn wants to be the deputy mittens

one of the world's worst doctors, tom coburn, is fluffing hard to be the the number two for mittens.