Saturday, June 30, 2012

You Have To Believe

Welfare Academia Realizes Joe Pa Was A Titanic Bastard

Welcome aboard, fellers!  Paterno and the whole of the Pennsyltucky Vatican are some of the biggest frakking villains in recent history.  (And real Catholic pedophile priests are very bad men, too...)  I'm sure the fellers will still be eagerly embracing their buddy, though.  Being the Paterno Family Professor of some bullshit probably still pays pretty well.

Wilfred Is Going For The Sox Tonight

With any luck, Beckett will get fucking shelled and then NESN will have Eck on to bitch and moan.  And if I manage to be around to watch some of it, well, then yee fucking haww!

Excellent Dean Baker Shifting Through The Bullshit

This is an excellent job by Dean Baker of exposing some of the most absurd Republican/Conservative/Teabagger bullshit that's been polluting our culture since forever.  Not a single one of those assholes are in any way rugged or individualistic.  They're just fucking morons. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

John Roberts Is A Pussy

Roberts fucked his masters today because he didn't want the Roberts Court to go down with Rehnquist's pathetic crew as some of the bigger fucktards in American legal history.  He was way too much of a pussy to actually be a conservative and made some asshole Liberty University law graduate clerk find some lame-ass justification for his vote.  Dickhead

Contempt of Issa Is the Only Thing That Could Make Holder Look Good

Only as big a cocksucking moron as Darrell Issa could make a pathetic careerist douchebag like Eric Holder look good, but holy motherfrakking christ, he's actually sorta doing it.  Holder should get him a fucking cupcake and make sure he's on the list to get the good card each Christmas.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lu Edmonds On Guitar With PiL

Renaissance madman shredding on the ole 6-string with Public Image Limited on tee vee in 2010, bringing back the old days.  Frankly, the most interesting about PiL these years is Lu Edmonds, and it is wicked cool to see him rocking out.  He's had quite the interesting music career. 

One Year Ago Today

michele bachmann? really?

no shit.  this woman is a fucking idiot.  the teabaggers and rejects love her, but she's scary dumb.  unfortunately, she's a proper representative for millions of retard-americans, so she'll probably get more than a couple of votes in the republican primaries.

new york is the gayest state yet for marriage

good for them.  it's not that big of deal, at least it shouldn't be, but new york is a big state, influential and shit, so it's cool.  frankly, people in this country should be able to marry whoever the fuck they want, and the haters and bigots and assholes should just go and jump in a lake.  it doesn't hurt me if two dudes or two ladies wanna marry each other.  mazel tov.

now, when the dickbag lawyers get their paws on 'em, for divorces and prenups and nasty custody fights, well, then we'll see the true blessings of god's love spread to more of our homosexual brothers and sisters.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Freedom Bombing For Jesus

There are always shitloads of conceited assholes who are oh so ready to go nuts with the freedom bombs because America is so righteous and true that our bombs only kill bad guys.  Fuck them.  There's nothing liberal about indiscriminate political mass murder.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Dinner With Anthrax

Dylan Rat Ratigan Got Fired

That's pretty fucking amusing.  I have been up against a couple of rock-solid deadlines, so I missed the fun little factoid that transcendent cockbag Dylan Ratigan got himself fired off of MSNBC.  What a douche.  What's even funnier is that they're replacing him with some lame Fox-lite show featuring that vile twat SE Cupp.  Larry Flynt must be some kinda fucking Nostradamus.

Hilarious Kathryn Jean Lopez Mauling

Pareene is in good form for this one.  Hack is probably too kind of a term for that rancid slug.

Morrissey Is The New President Of Egypt?

How the fuck did that happen?

Wait, what?

Never mind.

Ready Steady Start

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Very Pink Max Bike

Yikes!  I dig it.

Taylor Max

This frame is notable for the proper horizontal dropouts and and rare curved Max fork blades--though I like the straight Max fork that Zanconato uses as much as any fork in the known universe.  Not a huge fan of the lugwork on this one, but it's better than nothing on those clunky Max lugs.

The Yankees Can Hit Home Runs

And the fucking Red Sox are not on NESN, so we won't have the awesome post-game show if it's an entertaining loss for the Bosux tonight.

One Year Ago Today

free whitey! free the whitey tape!!


oh, it's not the whitey tape?  really?  it's just whitey?  arrested?  well, michelle obama's probably pretty fucking happy.  she hate's whitey, ya' know.  just ask larry johnson, he'll tell ya'.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Get That Man A Bomb Vest

Marty could go out in style if he dressed up as a suicide bomber and blew that crinkled old hag straight to hell.  Probably ain't gonna happen.  Too bad.

One Year Ago Today

mr. smerconish, i'm sure you remember mr. lindorff

sweet.  dave lindorff does a great job exposing michael smerconish as the fool he is in this piece from counterpunch.  for some reason, i've always found smerconish particularly disgusting, kind of like a glenn beck without the charm, and it's great to see him smacked around by someone with as much talent as lindorff. 

sarah palin sucks worse than you thought

who knew she was a quitter?  she's like michele bachmann without the political talent.

attention: david vitter still in congress

does he wear a soiled diaper on the senate floor? 

in six more months, we will achieve total victory

total victory is only six months away.

anybody who believes that is a moron.

it's always six months away.

who thought obama was interested in ending any wars?

not me.

you don't become president if you're interested in fucking with our wars of choice. 

economic austerity is redistribution of wealth up the ladder

economic austerity so popular with large private banks is a rather obvious tool to redistribute a nation's wealth up the income ladder.  greece really should just tell the banks to go fuck themselves, go off the euro and take care of their own economic and social interests and not those of the banksters.  in the united states, both  major parties like to talk about steep budget cuts and inevitable economic pain, but they really mean to take more control of the control of the economy in their own interests and redistribute more of the tax burden on the lowest income earners, much as they have been doing for 40 years.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

That Sebadoh

Has Obama Betrayed the Progressive Cause?

Was Obama ever a progressive?  He never claimed to be a progressive or a liberal or whatever, though he was happy to benefit from the support and work and money of the progressives and liberals and the rest of them.  Obama hasn't betrayed anyone; he's the same rat bastard as President as he always was.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Political Song for Dave Zirin to Sing

One Year Ago Today

falling skies was pretty bad

boring and definitely predictable.  when i saw graham yost printed on the screen, i had a flicker of hope, but, moon bloodgood aside, it was pretty blah.  i hate it when they don't show the war; half a season of action, slaughter and 'splosions woulda' made the boring shit more acceptable.  oh, well.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Pennsyltucky Vatican On Trial

I have not had the time to follow the Sandusky trial as closely as some, but what I have seen has made me realize that if anything, the case is worse than the scandal.  The kids who came forward and gave testimony were absolutely the victims of a criminal conspiracy to rape boys, but instead of the Church, it was Football that covered for the vilest of sins.  No one should be violated the way those kids were, and if not for that miserable motherfucker Paterno and all his greasy and gutless sycophants, it would never have happened the way it did for so long.

Political Song for Annie to Sing

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Greece's Best Days Are Long Gone

It's too bad we can't count on Greece to lead the way with a hale and hearty 'Fuck You' to the Galtian fraudsters and other assorted villains who are currently destroying the planet.  Greece may have been cutting edge once, but that was a while ago.  Now it is an open question who will have the guts to assume the responsibility for real self-determination in the 21st century. 

One Year Ago Today

steve wynn on fox news for 10 seconds

10 seconds was all it took as i was surfing by to see that steve wynn is not only the victim of some bad plastic surgery but also a complete fucking asshole who knows so little about anything other than sleaze that he should just shut the fuck up about everything, especially health care in the united states.  of course, frank luntz is an incomparable douchenozzle as well. 

yikes! cenk uygur goes off on congressman over social security

holy jeebus, cenk went absolutely crazy on earl blumenauer on his show this evening.  it was pretty fun to watch, because the asshole congressman tried to drag out some zombie lies bullshit about social security life expectancy and benefit cuts, and good ole cenk was actually prepared to refute the lies.  that hardly ever happens on the tee vee.  usually these fools get to spout their bullshit and lies and the clueless host just nods and maybe drools a bit while they spew.

cenk very helpfully pointed out that cutting benefits--and raising the retirement age, which is cutting benefits as well--hurts the people who work the hardest and need retirement and social security benefits the most.  the congressman was part of the muddle-headed fools in the democratic party and elsewhere like aarp who will sell the majority of americans into poverty without a second thought because their personal wealth and retirement are secure and worry free.

if we were really interested in stimulating the economy, we would lower the social security and medicare eligibility retirement age to 55 or 60, along with expanding medicare eligibility in steps to everyone 50 and over, then 45, then 40, until we cover everyone.  that would free up jobs for the currently unemployment when more people retired earlier, and it would free a up a buttload of money currently wasted on medical insurance and outright private insurance industry theft giving even more stimulus to the economy.

what are the chances of earl blumenauer or nancy pelosi or harry reid or tim geithner or barack obama even understanding such a basic concept, let alone working diligently, showing leadership, wielding political power and expending political capital to get it done and make our economy and our society healthier?

digby on aarp and the social security grand bargain

as usual, digby is all over this shit, and the point is well-made: as soon as they are willing to give in to the forces who want to eliminate social security completely, they have lost.  of course, aarp has always been more about making money off the old folks than actually advocating for programs and policies that would most benefit the old coots.

the scariest thing in the universe

you, your child, or kitten have been seriously injured or are gravely ill, and, as you speed to get badly needed medical attention, you suddenly find the only doctor available is one of the drooling retards from fox news.  at that point you fling yourself off the roof, smother your child with a pillow or toss the kitten into the pond with a brick and burlap sack.

Elvis May Not Be Everywhere, But Racist Assholes Are

For all the good and kind peace-loving people in Israel, the Zionist state is a vile racist hellhole and has been from its conception.  An insane theocratic nation is no better if it is Christian or Jewish than it is if it is Muslim or Scientologist.

Here's A Good Way To Stop The Empire

More guys like this.  If more of these folks had refused to enable Ronnie RayGun's insanity, then BHO would not have the opportunity to promulgate his own generation's special sort of imperial atrocity.  I hope this brave fellow got a sweet  Saab before they went belly up.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Political Song for Joyceans to Sing

Today Is The Day

16 June.

One Year Ago Today

romney and huntsman

has the world changed that much?  and by world, i mean the world of the raving lunatic, racist, conservative, christian, born-again cracker.  will they really vote for a mormon?  the top-tier conservative christian assholes like pat robertson and franklin graham will probably not be going off on the mormons, at least in public, but the undercard is sure to be spewing all the satanist, blasphemous, cult, not-really-christian rhetoric to anyone who will listen.  and that anyone is the core ignorant teabagging republican voter.  it wasn't much of stretch to get liberals, democrats, kids, minorities to come out to vote for the not-white dude; that was right in their wheelhouse.  but the redneck assholes, who love them some jeebus, will they pull the lever for the mormon just cuz glenn beck's one of 'em?  i'm curious to see how that plays out.

they should make this a habit

majesty shredding has worn pretty fucking well.  let's hope they got more super chunky goodness in 'em.

jon huntsman, senior and glenn beck

good buddies, like that stupid cowboy and the annoying space guy in that cartoon!  jon huntsman, jr. is gonna run for president.  he's gonna pretend to be a normal, sane and middle-of-the-road kind of guy, but his daddy is a fire-breathing asshole and good friend of glenn beck.  if the democrats have any sense, they'll strangle junior with his douchebag dad and glenn beck and their teabagging bullshit. 

david barton is a liar. and insane.

he fits in well with glenn beck's braindead freakshow.  digby's been on this asshole for a long time, but this is a piece by rob boston from 1996--15 years ago!--calling out barton for being a liar.  excellent.

it took a long time for him to wind up on fox news, but it happened!  even though beck will be off the air, plenty of idiots will have seen him and believe him like they believe beck.  truth doesn't matter to barton and beck.  it's all a ridiculous bullshit metanarrative promulgated by the right to keep the dumb as dumb and misinformed as possible.

breaking news! breaking news!!

heinous sex pervert, whoremonger and diaper freak david vitter is still in congress. 

s.e. cupp: glenn beck lite on msnbc

why exactly would the 'liberal' msnbc hire soft-headed glenn beck employee s.e. cupp?  maybe the weird name?  that can't be it.  luke russert needs a playmate in the pack n play?  no other fox news style dim young women would take the job?  glenn beck is cheap?  we may never know the answers to these disturbing questions, but tune in again next time for another thrilling episode of bullshit or not?

16 june

today is the day.

weiner sucks

anthony weiner did not have the balls to stay in office, run for reelection and work damn hard to build up his influence all over again.  the democratic leadership in the house, those asshole democratic senators and the douchebag in chief should have simply expressed their belief that since no laws were broken, it was between weiner, his wife and whatever blind idiot god they might believe in and not a matter of concern to the government.

the fault lies with weiner for being a coward and with the high-profile democrats who set a pathetic, low-bar precedent for other juvenile, outspoken democrats.

weiner's a jerk--and a pussy--but virginia foxx is still in the house.  eric cantor is still in the house.  paul ryan is still in the house.  dirty diaper pervert david vitter is still in the senate.  worst-doctor-in-the-world tom coburn is still in the senate.

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my day.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Nice Day Today

One Year Ago Today

More or less.

paul o'neill and al leiter are going to get themselves tossed off the air eventually

when those two get going and leave the vile michael kay behind, they sound like they're only seconds away from coming out with something totally inappropriate and being banned from the airways forever.

the yankees should hire sean mcdonough to be their guy for every single game with ken singleton.  if they want some comic relief, o'neill would be okay. 

freedom bombing: israeli edition?

how long till that happens by accident or 'by accident'?  maybe when we're attempting to freedom bomb syria or palestine.

freedom bombing: yemeni edition

our glorious freedom bombing in the middle east continues apace not only in libya but also in yemen.  if we keep this up, we may actually run out of places that need freedom bombing!  or not. 

the focus on jobs or lack thereof

if the obama administration had been concerned with jobs and fundamental economic growth, they would have taken different steps with job growth in mind.  of course, if obama or his political team had given a flying fuck about jobs, you would not have had larry summers, tim geithner or ron klain anywhere near the white house.

obama's focus is clearly on wall street.  he's as much a servant of the destruction of the middle class as any republican. 

not so super 8

first he killed godzilla with cloverfield, then he murdered star trek, and now he's everywhere with super 8.  jesus, jj abrams is a fucking brain-dead hack.  isn't there someone out there who maybe has a good idea, doesn't suck and can get more than tree fiddy to make their fucking movie?  the man responsible for the inane alias and the legendary abortion that was lost should have been dropped out of a c-130 over iraq with a couple of dozen live grenades minus the pins stuffed in his shorts as a small start on atonement for all the sins of stupidity that humanity has committed against the universe. 

jim rice is not as satisfying as eck after a sox loss

nesn really needs to keep eck on ice and pull him out when the sox lose. 

gingrinch on hannity

there's a meeting of the mindless!  i'd really hate to see the room where newt gingrich is always the smartest guy in it.  even the shit-flinging, constantly-masturbating chimps would be disgusted at the low level of brain wattage in that terrifying room. 

who said rick perry was absolutely just as stupid as george w. bush?


besides me?

Classic Eck Postgame

What a frakking bitch he is.  It's great. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Political Song for Saab Fanboys to Sing Today

Saab Fanboy Suicide

The Saab fanboys are lining up for seppuku today.  It is very sad, for them, and for Sweden.  Sweden used to make cars, and now they don't.  The Chinese Volvos will be knock-down kits before you know it, and that's that.  It's too bad, too, because Saab made some excellent and interesting cars.  Kraut cars for everyone, now, I guess.

One Year Ago Today

dallas mavericks

it's great that miami lost, but it's too bad that fool mark cuban's dallas couldn't have lost as well.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A-Scrod Grand Slammy

That's okay.  Hate the fucking Braves.

Noun Verb 911

America's Shittiest Mayor In History is one of the sorriest motherfuckers on the planet.  Bernie Kerik, anyone?

One Year Ago Today

i'd like some good tee vee scifi shows

is blood and chrome our only hope?  possibly, if canada decides to ban ronald d. moore from entering the country, it might be not bad, sort of battlestar galactica without the idiotic nonsense the moore killed that show with.  if we've been very, very good, blood and chrome will be all shooting, all flying, all kicking cylon ass with no idiot god and no annoying angels.  too bad they fucked up saul tigh's character because it would have been awesome to see him as the crazed war-hero cylon fighter he thought he was, too, even if he didn't meet adama till after the war.  (caprica had promise if only because it looked like moore had little to do with it and because they had a stellar group of actors.) 

falling skies

steven spielberg might as well be the grandfather of jj abrams, brannon braga and ronald d. moore.  falling skies looks absolutely awful, too, but not nearly as awful as terra nova.  steven spielberg's stuff is usually insultingly dumb so it doesn't wear well, and the tv show looks just lame.  i'm sure it'll look cool the first couple of times you see it, but there won't be any there there.

terra nova looks absolutely awful

brannon braga.  that's all you need to know.  might as well also say ronald d. moore or jj abrams to have the seal of shitty brain-dead scifi televsion, guaranteed.  they're the three stooges; it's sad that anyone listens to them after the absolute idealess garbage they've puked up. 

liam neeson should make more movies like taken

wall-to-wall action, over-the-top violence, violence, cartoon violence, car chases, action, violence.  i'd watch that liam neeson/luc besson movie a thousand times before i'd ever watch anything that had the letters jj abrams in it.  no pg-fucking-13, though, please.

can pavement ever be forgiven for weezer?


Monday, June 11, 2012

Never Buy the Sun

And You Thought Nothing Could Make A Decent Human Root For Miami

But you'd be wrong.  Pretty fucked up.

America Is Too Stupid To Live

It's not just Wisconsin, though the Wisconsin abortion was inexcusable.  No it's all of us together.  We hate the teacher or the cop or the fireman but not the politician or the Wall Street cocksucker.  38% of union households voted for Walker in the recall.  People who make less than a million a year vote Republican all the time.  They're fucking morons and too stupid to live.  Unfortunately, they're killing all of us.

The Whole of the Ass

What an asshole.  Fits in perfectly well with that loser crew.  The people on that group ride must think he's a jerkoff, too.

Wilfred Getting Knocked Around Again Tonight

Beckett just plain sucks.

One Year Ago Today

Pretty much.

long-term unemployment kills the future and maybe obama's second term

long-term unemployment is disastrous for the economy as a whole, but also for the individuals suffering through it.  many unemployed workers will consume their all of their savings if they are out of work long enough, making it impossible to retire.  without defined benefit pensions in much of the private sector now, having to start over saving for retirement in their 40's or 50's, often at salaries lower than they had before, dooms any chance they had for a decent standard of living in the era of cash value retirement plans.  we're not talking about chris matthews or bill o'reilly, of course, but lots of other folks are in deep shit.

obama and the ass clowns guiding his economic policy don't care; they are all safe and sound and looking forward to a wonderful comfortable retirement on the golf course or in the brothel.  many, many others, however, have killed their future in order to survive the present, thanks in large part to a president unwilling to understand the first role of government in the wealthiest nation on earth, basic economics and some very simple lessons of history. 

chris christie

what do we have to do to get that fat dumb fuck to run for president?  it would be a short run, cause he'll get out of breath almost immediately, but watching that greasy turd get flattened by his own arrogance and stupidity would be oh so much fun.

pat leahy, mark pryor, shut up shut up shut up!

you fools are u.s. senators.  you serve with creepy diaper-pervert whoremonger senator david vitter.  your only response should be, 'well, david vitter still serves in the congress.  david vitter.  david.  vitter.'

other than that, shut the fuck up!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Van Jones Must Be Pissed

He figures that there's a good-looking, well-spoken, educated, clean, polite black man in the White House, and it's not him.  It's someone much worse.  Jones must wonder what the fuck he has to do to get a decent not-white President elected in his lifetime.  The way Obama fucked him and let Fox 'News' spew bullshit about him must still burn.

Welfare Academia: The Shame of Our Age

There's usually a reason these clowns are not at a brand-name institution.  Fuckers.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Babylon 5 Props

Via Atrios.  As seen originally at the A.V. Club.  I really liked Michael O'Hare in this show, and I thought Boxleitner was a weeny.  B5 was shitloads better than BG.  At least JMS had a fucking clue and was no where near as big a fucking moron as RDM.

One Year Ago Today

rudy can't fail

i need me some of that entertainment.  let's get that scumbag rudy in the presidential race!  that self-important moron is always good for some cringe-inducing fun.

keep that wiener right where it is, please

we know that weiner has a wiener.  big deal; they're everywhere.  the question is whether stupidhead has the balls to stick around and not give in to the crotch sniffers and shrinking violets.  if you're gonna be playa', twitting your junk all over the country, then you gotta have the big hairy balls to suck it up, buttercup.  if he gives in, then the assholes have another prize--and that horrible david vitter is still there--and maybe, just maybe the asshole teabaggin' repubs get a shot at his seat in a special.  weiner will know in six months whether he can run again for congress and win or whether he should let them carve up his district to enable other democrats, but if he just gives up and gives in because he's a fucking moron and giant pussy, well fuck him.

larry flynt on maddow!

this sure is an odd few minutes of tee vee right now.  larry flynt.  rachel maddow.  okay.  larry flynt is always pretty well spoken and sensible in these situations.  why does this guy make sense and many serious villager types are almost always incoherent and ill-informed? 

did diaper pervert senator david vitter soil those diapers?

vile hypocrite and disgusting diaper pervert senator david vitter paid hookers to put him in diapers and do naughty things to him.  i'm not an expert on big baby diaper perverts like senator david vitter, and i wonder if soiling the diaper and being told you are a bad, dirty boy by the hooker is part of the gig.  do you get as hard a wiener if the diaper's clean when the hooker does her special treatment?  we may never know the answer to that quesition, but tune in next time for another disgusting episode of bullshit or not?

rachel maddow is all over vile pervert senator vitter again

good for her.  it's a decent use of a basic cable news show.  the country is run by asshole hypocrites, and the media are essentially air-headed bimbos.  maddow's doing a little bit to expose them for what they are.  vitter committed crimes in all probability.  weiner's a creep, but who fucking cares.  vitter's a disgusting pervert. 

bill o'reilly and dennis miller live

shit, this sounds like least entertaining show i can contemplate, unless o'reilly's bringing the falafel, toys and lots of batteries, and dennis miller goes all in playing the role of a more cooperative andrea mackris.  i'd buy that for a dollar.

breitbard vindicated?

only if you are a moron, which accounts for many if not most it seems, could you believe that anthony weiner being a dipshit somehow vindicates that asshole breitbart.  he's a lying sack of shit, pure and simple.  so's weiner, but at least weiner isn't anywhere near as big an asshole as breitbart.

megan broussard's brother the ex-baseball player

now that is a weird development.  one of weiner's hot 'n horny cuties is the brother of a former major league baseball player.  the world is full of eric cartmans.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Obama Didn't Lose in Wisconsin

I did.  You did.  99% of America did, but not Barack Obama.  He gets his money from the same places as Scott Walker.  He serves the same interests as Scott Walker.  He has the same disdain for the Middle Class and the Working Class and anyone who is not in the Ruling Class.  Sure some of the more heinous racist assholes in the Ruling Class might not like Obama because of his heritage, but for the most part, he is as good a servant to power as any Republican could ever hope to be, and much like that flabby bastard Clinton, in some important ways, he's better for the Kochsuckers than any Republican has ever been.

Wisconsin Sucks

But you pretty much already knew that.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Prettily Deep

One Year Ago Today

where's tanya donelly when you need her?

home with her family, probably.  maybe even sleeping at this hour. 

sarah palin's short bus

is america's most famous mentally-challenged part-term governor actually riding on that special-class short bus of hers, or is she taking a private plane like last time? 

diaper pervert david vitter

let us not forget that vile hypocrite and creepy diaper pervert david vitter is still in the united states senate.  he was reelected by the people of louisiana, proving there's something fucked up with a certain segment of that population.  why was he not prosecuted, convicted and sent to prison?  we may never know the answers to those questions, but tune in next time for another episode of bullshit or not?

i got your wide stance right here, bub!

is weiner toast?  will he get beyond this stupidity and become mayor someday?  we may never know the answers to these questions, but tune in next time for bullshit or not?

what was weiner thinking, by the way?

he was thinking with his wiener, that's for sure.  how did believe that this wouldn't wind up all over the freaking idiot news channels?  he's a public figure, for christ's sake, and he was sending wiener pics all over the intertube webs.  bad judgement is not a crime, but he's a fool regardless.  now the big question is whether he has the guts to stick it out in order to keep his ranter in chief crown. 

shame on abc news for enabling breitbart

that vomitous cretin is not to be trusted or even acknowledged by anyone with a shred of integrity.  fuck abc news; they could have done a story without involving that cockhead breitbart.

santorum, santorum, santorum, santorum, santorum

santorum is spreading

that inbred mutant is runnin' for president.

santorum baby!

Wilfred Sucks

Beckett is a dickbag.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Obama's Wisconsin Failure

Does it mean he will definitely lose in November?  Of course not.  He will fight for his own job and will suck eagerly at the same cocks as Walker to deserve the big-money.  Still, in a better world, if Obama was a better man, he would have made sure that Walker was back to spending his days jacking off to Sesame Street instead of being a governor.

Jeff Greenfield Is Still An Asshole

Major.  Major Asshole.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Wisconsin Fukfetti

If--when--Walker wins tomorrow, the blame is going to be squarely on the national Democratic establishment and the White House.  At some point, it will be really, really clear that the Democrats are not all that much interesting in replacing the Republicans.  Instead, it is all about splitting the electorate enough to stop an effective alternative to either of the major parties from forming, probably from the left but with some of the real, reasonably sane (left-)libertarians out there.

Virag's Movie Reviews: The Change-Up (2011)

Sucked.  Not funny.  Not even raunchy or offensive.  Just lame.  I'm sure she's very nice, but Leslie Mann is annoying as hell and whatever the opposite of funny is.  Jason Bateman is not too bad, and he's becoming sort of a poor-man's Clooney, but this movie was nothing.  For once, Olivia Wilde looked as good as you think she would, but the fake not-nudity is really annoying and even more pointless than the rest of this exercise.  This wasn't a skin-flick, so if your actresses are chicken, just film it a different, better, way and move on.  This was a stupid movie; it pissed me off.  I'm glad I didn't pay money for it.

Getting Rude With SE Cupp

SE Cupp and Hustler magazine.  That says it all.  Rudepundit has more, but the whole manufactured outrage bullshit from the conservatives is pretty lame.  Hustler does this shit all the time, and a badly faked blowjob picture is not any sort of a big deal.  Juvenile and pointless, but not outrageous after all these years.  But SE Cupp sucks bigtime.  And we didn't need Hustler to tell us.

Political Song for Novemberer to Sing

One Year Ago Today

even more of a disgusting mess than santorum

pat cadell and lanny davis!  oh, yuck, that's gonna leave a stain. 

santorum, baby, on huckabee

on the way to the hockey game, i caught a glimpse of santorum all over huckabee!  disgusting.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Death Belongs to Everyone

The Left Will Continue To Savage Obama

With very good reason.  Fortunately for Obama, the left is tiny and politically insignificant in this country, but at this point only center-right Democratic Party establishment fucktards will be voting for Obama this fall.

Fire Curt Schilling

ESPN should can that teabagging asshole.

One Year Ago Today

cable news channel taxonomy

fox news is all about the big lie.  cnn is almost completely concerned with utter silliness.  (erick erickson and andrew breitbart?  come on.)  msnbc is defined by soft-headed incompetence.  

sarah palin cannot be this stupid

there's just no way.  she's a professional tv personality.  it's all she does.  she goes on the tee vee and convinces morons to support her financially.  she's a professional tee vee performer.  it's her only function, so i can't figure this paul revere thing out.  it's very dry, subtle, long-form, comic performace art.  it has to be.  her whole schtick has to be a put-on.  it has to be.  or she really is one of the stupidest fucking people who ever lived.

mittens for kittens

if mitt romney can't handle sarah palin and rudy giuliani, how does he expect to be president?  or assistant night manager at a mass pike rest stop?  good gods, he's pathetic.

Classic Eck on the Sox Postgame This Afternoon

He was shitting all over Bard's shitty performance.  Schweet.  Great tee vee.

Phil Hughes

Good.  Verlander, schmerlander. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

One Year Ago Today


james mcnew has done his mom and dad, georgia and ira, proud

there are a bunch of live versions of this song with a wicked guitar freak-out solo on youtube as well.  there's never enough yo la tengo in the world.

chris christie is lazy

and fat.  the most pathetic thing is he couldn't even walk the 100 yards after he got off the taxpayers' helicopter.  disgusting, fat, lazy fuck.

weiner on maddow tonight

he was pretty up front.  he wouldn't cop to the picture or not; sounded like legal advice to me, as if an attorney told you not to get a definitive statement on the record in case it was a highly manipulated image that was technically you at one point or something.  regardless, we are a rotting, fetid culture that deserves whatever it gets.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Political Song for Chris Hayes to Sing

One Year Ago Today


under the big tent, democrats

this is well-constructed analysis, i guess, but the question i have is this: what would lead anybody to think that the astroturf/teabagger/republican/conservative/oligarchical priorities for the government are not identical to obama's and the democratic party's?  they're not afraid of repercussions.  instead, they are totally uninterested in policies that don't benefit their class and the class of their masters.  those masters are the same for the ignorant, racist teabagger as they are for barack obama or joe biden.  it's not that the teabagging point of view will win the day even if obama wins in 2012 or the democrats recapture the house, it has already won and will guide the government regardless of the party in the majority. 

please note the reference link below

virag.  sausage-eating bastards.  there is a pattern, so don't get overly offended, cause i know you like to get offended...

newer day rising, 2022

way to go, you sausage-eating bastards