Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Same As It Ever Waz

Virag's Movie Reviews: Pride And Prejudice And Zombies (2016)

Sure it was better than most of The Walking Dead, but this flick would've done better as a straight Pride and Prejudice, without the dumb zombie shit.  Whatshername seemed to get Elizabeth Bennet--at least a bit--and Ian Curtis was fucking hilarious playing Mr. Darcy as a very confused and very pissed off out-of-his-timeline Ian Curtis.  Tywin Lannister was invisible and wasted in the this, and Cersei looked like she didn't give a shit.  There would have been more time for funfetti if they'd focused more on the good stuff and less on the garbage; maybe then the entire cast could have been enticed to make an effort.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Is Greg LeMond A Bond Villain?

What the fuck is up with this?  LeMond Composites?  I wonder if he's building super-weapons in an underground lair in the lawless, no-man's land between the United States and Canada?  Something's fucked up. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Anthony Weiner Has A Bright Future In The Trump Administration

Carlos Danger is gonna rock the fucking White House once Trump is President for Life.  Weiner is exactly the sort of guy who will fit right in with the Trump administration.  I would expect he'd be partaking in the hot 'n greasy three-ways with Ann Coulter and Dinesh D'Souza while the Pres watches and smacks his inoperable pecker with scuzzy fly swatter.

Colin Kaepernick: Who Knew?

Until now, Kaepernick has been nothing but a douche, but seeing him stand up and at least attempt to articulate his opinions about the state of American society in 2016 makes you want to have a little respect for the guy.  He's not Noam Chomsky or anything, but at least he's trying.  He's got a high-enough profile to have an impact, too.  Plus, when all the nasty racist rightwing fucknuts start slagging him, you know he's doing something worthwhile. 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ann Coulter: Substandard Retard

Well, at least Ann finally found her people.  Donald Trump's campaign is the first place Ann Coulter has ever really fit in.  Before this she was just a failed lawyer, failed writer, failed tee vee personality, and all-around fourth-class dimwit, but in the Trump campaign she is a leader!  That's fucking exceptional.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Virag's Movie Reviews: Interstellar (2014)

Now this is how you make some bloated, pretentious, and self-important horseshit!  Sad little Jonathan Nolan must be about ready to strangle his brother for making him look like an illiterate dickhead for the past decade.  Interstellar was exactly the sort of film that screamed how smart it was over and over because every idiot on the planet could tell it was dumb as fuck.  But that's on Christopher Nolan.  He took the tepid, soft-headed and hackneyed scifi his Jonathan had cooked up and turned it into astoundingly risible garbage.  Funny how that keeps happening when Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan get together...

Gawker Got Boned

And now we all suffer.  Gawker may not have been the most sophisticated news source in the world, but for all the spew from the silly gossip kids, the site also did some decent work hounding loathsome motherfuckers like Bill O'Reilly.  The fact that a nasty, self-hating closet-case and empty-headed Randian pipsqueak like Peter Thiel was allowed to undo an entire company because he's a thin-skinned homosexual and libertarian dipshit is a quantifiable danger to everyone in the United States.  Gawker was not the greatest website in the world, but it was worth protecting because freedom is worth protecting and fatuous scum like Peter Thiel are dangers to everyone's freedom.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Pink All-City Mr. Pink Is Wicked Cool

Great fucking paint job on this bike.  I kinda hate all the goofy and insulting faux brands that QBP has now, but that pink bike is fucking awesome, Merckx homage and all.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Monkeys!

As The Shit Drowns Our World, The Foo Fighters Don't Seem As Bad

When they first started out, Foo Fighters were embarrassingly terrible, but now, they don't seem that bad.  The rancid shit has been rising in an inexorable fetid tide, and now Dave Grohl and company are okay, not that bad, whatever.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Not Much Sucks Harder Than Metallica

Ponderous.  Boring.  Dumb.  Metallic sucks ass, and although it seems impossible, the hardcore Metallica fans might be worse than the fucking music.  Jesus.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The True Story Of Your 2016 Presidential Campaign

Clinton and Trump: two dogs fucking.

Virag's Movie Reviews: Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)

Bubba Ho-Tep is a fun little flick, mostly because Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis look like they're having a blast.  Unfortunately, the movie is wildly overrated and called insightful and smart, when it's really not too much of any of it.  Still, after this flick director Don Coscarelli got involved with the utterly terrible Paul Giamatti, so Bubba Ho-Tep and Phantasm are as good as he's ever gonna do.

Usain Bolt: We Know He's A Doper Because He's Not American

Americans don't cheat, but those foreigners, well, they can't be trusted.  If Bolt was an exceptional American like Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecy we could trust him.  But we know he's not exceptional like an American.  I am the Republican Man of the Year.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Virag's Movie Reviews: Hail, Caesar! (2016)

I think each Coen was making a different flick and forgot to tell the other one.  Both were lightweights, trifles, but the old-timey Hollywood fanfic movie didn't quite mesh up with the Eddie Mannix movie.  That got annoying pretty fucking quick.  Some funny bits but not exactly an actual motion picture except in the strictest and most useless sense.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Paul Manafort: Exceptional American Asshole

Paul Manafort is an especially nasty exceptional American, so it's a blow to comedy to see him get his ass booted from the Trump train wreck before the ultimate immolation.  What we need is more fun in our lives and more of the worst humans flitting around Trump like syphilitic trash flies.  I guess with Manafort gone there will be extra room for Roger Ailes to work his execrable magic.   

Donald Trump Needs Ryan Lochte

Trump + Lochte = Victory!  Lochte is just the sort of guy Trump needs on his campaign right fucking now!  Fuck Jeah!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Trump Will Own Fox "News" Before He's Done

Trump will not win the election, but he will own Fox "News" before he's done with his campaign.  Of course then he'll declare bankruptcy and shut it the fuck down, but that's racing.  And Eric Bolling is an especially demented dipshit, even on Fox "News".

Fuck Jeah, Ryan Lochte!

Get this guy a tee vee show!  Oh, wait...

Virag's Movie Reviews: The 33 (2015, Chile)

Cool story with a remarkably happy ending considering the situation, but this flick was scatter-brained and oddly flat.  There were some nicely constructed scenes, and the cast did an fine job, with Banderas being surprisingly watchable and Henry Standing Bear going all in in the Southern Hemisphere, and an even better job not laughing at Gabriel Byrne's shifting accent--at times he just stopped trying only to start up again after a few lines--but by the end there was no there there.  Had someone decided to make the film the story deserved, I can see where it might have been wicked good.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hysterical Rebecca Schoenkopf Auto-Fisking

Rebecca Schoenkopf is one of our many, many demented airheads and entry-level Democratic establishment pissboyz and pissgurls who lurve them some Hillary Clinton, and she did humanity a wonderful favor by brutally auto-fisking right out there in the middle of the campaign so we can all have something else to laugh at and be disgusted by at the very same time!  So, Jill Stein is a cunty hag, and Bill Clinton is a fine guy even if he raped that woman?  Very good.  Imagine if Bernie Sanders' son had called Hillary Clinton a cunty hag.  What would Rebecca Schoenkopf have said about Sanders and his son?  Would she have been totally down with it or would it have been the worst thing anyone had ever done or said any time in history?  What if a Sanders had been the alleged rapist, possible rapist, instead of Clinton?  Cunty hag, indeed!


Katinka Hosszu had a great Olympics meet.  And the 4 I.M. is the most demanding race in the fucking world.  Whatever anyone wants to say about her husband, her muscles, her racing, and whatever drugs she's taking, she turned in a big meet when she wanted to the most.  If her asswipe husband bullied her into those gold medals, he bullied her into more gold medals than you have.  She got it done, and she's been improving steadily since her college days.  If she's doping, so are all the rest of them, even the ones with names like Phelps, Ledecky, Manuel, Oleksiak, Ervin.  Maybe that was Missy Franklin's problem: not enough drugs.  Maybe Ryan Lochte forgot to go to his doctor.  Regardless, Hosszu got the medals she'd been chasing and deserves the credit.  (Plus she's really pretty and I'm shallow.  Moar Hosszu.)

What the fuck is up with Hungarian names and all the fucking Zs?

Trump Truly Is Working To Lose In A Landslide

Putting some dipshit from Breitbart into a leadership position in your campaign, then hiring fourth-rate empty-headed Republican blond Kellyanne Fitzpatrick Conway--seriously, if you are behind Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham on the depth chart, you suck major ass--screams to everyone on Earth that you want to lose and lose badly, either because you lost a bet to Bill Clinton or because you are as big a fucking moron as you appear.  Either way, Trump is smashing his campaign into the rocks over and over hoping to drown every Republican running in 2016 before he jumps into his personal lifeboat. 

That's a good thing.  Rock on, Trump.

Maybelle Not

Jeffrey St. Clair With Bonus Mekons Content

Hillary, Trump.  Fuck that shit, it's the Mekons.  Mr. St. Clair drops some a tidbit about the last band that matters.

Probably Russian

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Elegant Fisking Of Lin-Manuel Miranda And 'Hamilton'

Good.  Hamilton deserves much abuse mostly because the dummies who lurved it so much were actually made dumber by it.  Of all the people to pretzel into the shape of American hero, a nasty little proto-facist like Alexander Hamilton should be really fucking close to end of the list.

Anthony Ervin

Kinda got run over by the remarkably good performance by Michael Phelps, but Ervin's story is a good one and shows just how you can fake a 50!  Ryan Lochte got destroyed in the 4 IM at trials, but the 50 is a different beast.  That pure sprinting ability hangs around longer than anything else, and if Ervin can win the Olympic gold at 35, all those swimmers out there who haven't been grinding out the yardage should still be able to fake it on race day for that lap or two...

Legit Vintage

Yep.  They literally don't make 'em like that anymore, either.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Jill Not Hill

Maureen Dowd And The Welfare Academia Idiots Deserve Each Other

The hapless Maureen Dowd says something true by accident and the entry-level establishment pissboys lose their minds.  I mean, I understand that those losers in the lower-levels of our not-at-all-competitive colleges and universities are desperate for any paltry scrap of attention or cash from the folks who run this dump, but do Lemieux and his band of fuckheads really believe that Hillary Clinton is not in lockstep with the neoliberal establishment running both U.S. political parties in Washington and New York and all the other warrens where the influence and control hide out?  Maybe they don't believe it, but even Maureen Dowd is right about Hillary Clinton once in a while, no matter how much she hates her.  Stupid fuckers.


Not quite homage and not quite vicious parody, Longmire works anyway.  It ain't the greatest show on Earth, but the slow pace, absurd level of death and mayhem, and the lovingly wry cast chemistry make it worth watching.  The Australian cowboy shtick is merely a bonus for yous guys.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Don't Rob Lochte

That's just sad.  Phelps got all the medals again, and Lochte had to eat another shit sandwich.  Don't rob him for fuck's sake.  Leave the poor stupid bastard alone.  Jeez.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Katie Ledecky In The 800 Free

Nobody is racing her at this point.  In the 800, she's only racing the clock.  It's time to put the 1500 in the Olympics.  And probably time for Katie Ledecky to turn herself into a world-class swimmer in the 100 and 50 freestyle.  Why the fuck not?

Billmon Smash

Matt Yglesias.  Yglesias is a fatuous dickhead, and Billmon destroyed him.  Nice job.

Virag's Movie Reviews: Chloe (2009)

Atom Egoyan is better than this dreck.  Maybe not a shit ton better, but given Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, and Amanda Seyfried, any director could have made a more entertaining film than Chloe.  Unless it was supposed to be satire, or parody, but it wouldn't be any better either of those ways.  The kid was okay, though.  He seemed to get it.  Maybe not.  Canada's a fucked up place.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Clinton And Negroponte

Fucking brilliant.  Hillary Clinton and John Negroponte.  Why the fuck would anyone with more than two operating brain cells support the vile Hillary Clinton?  Clinton and her supporters are every bit as disgusting as Trump's minions.  Wonder what Charlie Pierce says?  Fuckers.

Jill Stein Has All The Proper Enemies

And having all the proper enemies is the greatest endorsement for which anyone could ever hope.  It was sorta surprising to see the snarling lies break out just as Sanders was getting on the Clinton bandwagon.  It was almost like it was a coordinated effort up and down the media establishment from outlets as embarrassing as the big papers all the way down the empty-headed gossip kids on the internets.  Stein could not be allowed to gain any traction with the folks for whom Sanders was an acceptable candidate and Clinton was not.  That says something, both about the weakness of Clinton and the attractiveness of the Stein campaign.  The far-right nativists and racists and other complete fuckbrains always have Republicans running and seeking their votes; this year they have their idiot king Donald Trump.  The reactionary neoliberal establishment always has Democrats ready to follow every order, but somehow the center-left and left in the United States never have viable, attractive candidates to vote for.  Funny that.

Virag's Movie Reviews: In The Heart Of The Sea (2015)

Opie makes shitty movies.  This garbage fire of a filmed product was based on a good story, a true story, an exceptionally American story, and yet Opie managed to make it look flat and fake and cheap.  Poor Thor is no movie star, and he can't carry a movie.  The best you could say about this thing was that it went by pretty quickly.  The Herman Melville scenes completely pulled the audience out of the story, though, so it's too bad Opie and his merry band of assholes couldn't trust that people knew who the fuck Herman Melville was and what Moby Dick is.  Jesus.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


There's nothing good there, either.  Any time you hear about something inexplicably stupid, it's Florida.  Florida sucks ass.

Everything's The Matter With Kansas!

But don't lose your head over it--that would be insane!  Kansas is just like your state, fucknuts.  Only shittier in every possible way!  Is too late to get Brownback as the GOP candidate for POTUS?  The guy's a real fucking leader and a fucking exceptional American genius.

John Saunders

Was on the tee vee for a long fucking time.  And considering all the annoyingly awful people ESPN has foisted on our defenceless nation, Saunders managed to not at all be one of those horrible ESPN people for decades.  He was a solid tee vee sports guy and always watchable.  Was Canadian. 

Phelps' 200 Fly

Michael Phelps knows how to swim the big meets.  Whatever was going on at Trials, he got locked in for Rio.  That 200 fly was a nice swim, and lining up for five consecutive Olympic meets in that same event is pretty fucking sweet, too.  Adding the win in the 4x200 free relay with Dwyer, Haas, and that goof Lochte was just a bonus.

Virag's Movie Reviews: Snowpiercer (2013, South Korea)

This is how silly fun scifi flicks are supposed to be.  Having a great fucking cast doesn't hurt, but Snowpiercer  was way more then the sum of the parts.  The film looked good, and it sure felt like everyone was having a shitload of fun.  Sure, the story was absurd, but the movie worked.  Some things work and some things don't.  Some movies are shit.  This one wasn't.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Charlie Pierce Draws The Line With Hillary At Henry Kissinger

That's fine, just fine.  More of the folks inhabiting the establishment at every level should be a little bit more candid about Hillary Clinton.  Pierce fucks it up royally if not surprisingly by linking to the excrable John Aravosis to smear Jill Stein.  That's about right for Pierce, but it still sucks ass.  Clinton has never been shy about her love for the utterly vile war criminal Henry Kissinger, yet the establishment pissboys and pissgirls can't help but slurp lovingly every time Hillary feels the need.  Pierce himself has some weird shit going on about Bill Weld, but that doesn't excuse him sliming Jill Stein.  I guess he can't help it; he didn't get where he is today by standing on principle or by being the smartest guy in the room.

Robert Fisk And Roger Casement

Excellent Robert Fisk on an outstanding Irishman.  The question of why our society is not doing better protecting people than the society of a 100 fucking years ago is a good one.  Great men like Roger Casement should not be required to make governments and nations and people protect the least powerful and least wealthy.  Fisk is telling us that Roger Casement would say that the 20th century was wasted, that we have failed to create a more just and more caring society.  The next question is why.  Is anyone going to ask that question?  Is Hillary Clinton?  Barack Obama?  Anyone with any power?

Everybody Hates A-Rod

Sure, he made it too easy, but somebody with those numbers should have remembered to make a friend or two when he had the chance so that the whole would not consider him a maxi-douche--a very wealthy maxi-douche--for the next 10,000 years.

Lilly King, Baller

Breaststrokers making waves! How often does that happen?  Miss Lilly King brought the attitude and the win last night, so good on her.  It's nice to see the breaststrokers causing a little of bit of trouble for once.  The bedwetters at NBC might not like it, but if Lilly King had been Tommy King I have a feeling the NBC asswipes might be a little more excited by the whole thing.

Virag's Movie Reviews: The Expendables 3 (2014)

There will be an Expendables 4.  The world is over.  Stallone looks embalmed now, and I think that Schwarzenegger may have gotten into somebody's Molly by accident.  Now the plan must be to have every single fucking actor in the world in the movies so nobody has to even move.  Wesley Snipes looked happy for the work, though.  PG-13 is dumb as fuck, but it is honestly hard to say how that could have possibly made this thing any more pointless.  Jesus.

'The Expanse' Works Much Better All At Once

The Expanse is def a show to binge-watch, mostly because all the horrific acting numbs your brain cells and you don't notice it as much when you watch a shitload of episodes in a row.  Casting Ray Drecker as Joe Miller was an atrocity approaching the Trail of Tears in scope.  The rest of the people are surely rejects from the same Canadian soap operas the far superior Battlestar Galactica cast was able to escape briefly.  Otherwise, it's a decent little show and the 'Dave's World of Fun Stuff' lunatic works on it.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Virag's Movie Reviews: Ex Machina (2015)

This was a fun, really dumb flick.  The movie was so stupid mostly because who would have given a flying fuck if the sex robot was a truly sentient AI or not?  Every single fucking technology would have made the horny loser Bill Bezos-Zuckerberg guy another trillion dollars.  The actual robot you can fuck.  The skin of the robot you can fuck.  The skeleton of the robot you can fuck.  The brain of the robot you can fuck even it wasn't a true AI.  The batteries in the robot you can fuck.  The software in the robot you can fuck.  It was all so fucking valuable that building sex robot after sex robot just so you could torture them was really stupid.  And yes, if some loser billionaire ass clown could build a sentient robot, he would build it so that he could fuck it.  Once you got past that dumb shit, the flick was pretty fun, and it surpassed the required Alicia Vikander content by about a billion miles.


Mr. 3000.  Wouldn't the Yankees have liked to have that tiny bit of joy on their team this fucking year?  Brilliant.

Phelps Was On It In That Relay

That 4x100 relay was a pretty impressive showing by Phelps.  He got the lead and the Frogs couldn't get it back.  Phelps was not his best at the trials meet, but he should sure as fuck know how to prepare for the big ones by now.  If he comes up with even one individual medal, that's fucking sick.


Excellent in the 4 free.  She's killing it right now, and if she can keep this level into her college swimming and through 2020, she will show she is one of the best athletes of any generation.  It's so fucking hard to keep up that level of training and focus, plus health and luck, for eight frakking years.  Right now she is unbeatable.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Virag's Movie Reviews: Seventh Son (2013)

Alicia Vikander must be in every movie now, even ones that sat on the shelf for a couple of years.  I'm pretty sure I saw the preview trailer when I saw Pacific Rim.  It sure was crap though, even compared to most of the other crap out there.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Virag's Movie Reviews: Lovelace (2013)

Wow, Amanda Seyfried gets better looking with age; she's fucking beautiful.  And Linda Boreman probably had a terrible experience in porn, but this flick can't decide whether or not it is going full-on defending Boreman against porn because it gets way too gleeful portraying all the awful, greasy 70s fuckheads out and about making movies back then.  Those guys fucking nasty, but they were funny.

Trump's Getting Polled

And you know how much that hurts.  As even the dimmest of the bulbs and the baggiest of the teabaggers out there begin to realize that Trump is going to enjoy an historic obliteration in the election, how pissed is everyone else gonna be that Hillary and the Dems couldn't take the House and kill off the GOP for good cuz she is such a weak and ineffectual candidate?  The Dems nominated the lesser of their two candidates and will pay a price in 2016 and for the next century.  Nice going, assholes.

Virag's Movie Reviews: The Master (2012)

You learn two things from this flick.  First, that Philip Seymour Hoffman thought he was channeling Orson Wells.  And second, that Joaquin Phoenix believed he got hired for second rate Method-acting instructional film strip.  Neither of those things were true!  Oops.

Coulda been worse; Paul Giamatti coulada been init.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

No Fun Being Joe Girardi This Season

Except for the millions of dollars and shit, not too much fun.  The Yankees are all sorts of fucked up and Girardi just has to take it right now.  Don Mattingly, that guy got fucking lucky.

David Macaray Is Fucking Insane

If he thinks there's some kid who would have beaten Michael Phelps easily if only he'd been able to swim.  That's fucking stupid.  It's fine to think that swimming--or tennis--is strictly a country-club sport.  It's fucking asinine and hilariously wrong, but it's fine.  (Golf is a country-club sport but swimming and tennis are available to way more kids than golf in the USA--many teams have financial aid for interested swimmers and the privilege required to swim is not anywhere near as much as required to golf.)  But to say that somewhere out there is some dude who woulda kicked Michael Phelps' ass is beyond inane.  Phelps is on his fourth Olympics with a decent chance at an individual medal; he's the greatest swimmer and one of the greatest athletes in history.  If Macaray had not been such a douche and said there were potential Division I recruits in swimming out there who never got the chance, anyone would agree.  But to say that someone would have easily beaten Phelps but for opportunity doesn't make you not a racist, it makes you an asshole.  Macaray obviously has some weird beef with Phelps, but even Phelps knows that he is not the best Caucasian swimmer in history and that there are no young or not so young men who were going to go around beating him easily at his prime from South Central LA or Russia or Japan or anywhere else.  Swimming's all about the clock.  The fastest swimmer wins every time, and Phelps was the fastest more times at the big meets than anyone else.

Virag's Movie Reviews: John Wick (2014)

Keanu Reeves didn't really hurt this flick--nothing could really.  It's pretty much a goofy live action cartoon, except filled with a pretty awesome cast with not much to do.  Still, it went by quick, and it was nice to see the Kalle Blomkvist guy get some work in America.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Virag's Movie Reviews: Jupiter Ascending (2015)

This movie was so embarrassingly goofy, with so many poor choices in evidence, and so cheap-looking that you wonder why it was even completed.  The Wachowskis made one mildly entertaining film once, and The Matrix, but jesus fucking christ, who is dumb enough to finance flicks like this?  There were a couple of fun ideas in the film, but the rest was such a dumb fucking mess.  Plus the CGI was often horribly flat and boring, and in a film that relies so much on digital cartoons, that's deadly.  Jupiter Ascending sucked major ass and felt way longer than it was.

Tim Huelskamp! Say Goodbye!

Not easy being a bagger out there! A TEA Bagger!  Fucking giant dimwit cocksucker and well-known homophobe (and probably definitely self-hating clostet case) Tim Huelskamp got his ass handed to him in Kansas of all places, so that's something we can all enjoy.  Hell, even John's Boehner was up for some merriment last night.

Virag's Movie Reviews: The Man From UNCLE (2015)

This flick was Guy Ritchie at his most brain-damaged-Quentin-Tarantino-est.  Apparently, the Superman guy and the Lone Ranger thought they were in different movies, and the director either failed to notice or didn't bother tellin' 'em.  I can see where someone might have been digging the idea of this thing, but letting that ass clown Ritchie lead the project was a yuge error.  It should have looked better, too.  The 60s vibe was window dressing; a truly demented director committed to the making it look fantastic could have had a shit ton more fun.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

OF COURSE That Muslim Guy At The Democratic Convention Is A Muslim Brotherhood Sleeper Agent

Duh!  Trump knows this shit.  And creepster pervert Roger Stone knows it too!  That fucking wrath of Khan guy is so obviously an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why else would Hillary hire him?  He came here to make sharia law the law of the land and Hillary's helpin' him do it.  He got his son killed by accident when he was supposed to be jihading and shit.  Oops.  That's racing.  But thank the fucking gods in hell and jesus fucking christ himself that Donald Trump figured this shit out in time to save America!  Hillary won't bring sharia to Trump's exceptional America!

Virag's Movie Reviews: A Million Ways To Die In The West (2014)

Charlize Theron sure is pretty.  She has a million different looks, but they is all real nice.  But the rest of the people, they needed a movie to be in, and Seth MacFarlane isn't much of a director, actor or writer, so the movie was not really there.  Afaik, this thing was a huge flop, and it's easy to see why.  Sounds like they had a shitload of fun making it, though.

Fareed Zakaria Finds An Acorn

Well-known dipshit Fareed Zakaria gets it right about Trump.  The Republicans nominated another fucking bullshitter this time; it's almost seems like all those fuckers are full of shit.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Jill, Not Hill

Never Hillary is the only thing that makes sense when you got titanic asswipes like John Cole and Scott Lemieux getting all frothy over Jill Stein because Trump is somehow so much worse than Ted Cruz, George W. "Retardboy" Bush, Scott Walker, Dick Cheney, Marco Rubio, Ronald Regan, Nixon...

No, that's horseshit, and as soon as the pissboys and bootlickers and the other stooges are so sure they're so much smarter and better than anyone stupid enough to not vote for a monster like Hillary Clinton, well, you start to hear that "Jill, not Hill" chant in your head, and it suddenly makes a whole fuck-ton of sense.