Monday, June 30, 2014

The US Supreme Court Would Fit Right In In the ISIS Caliphate

If those nutty fuckers need a supreme court, they can use ours as-is.  Our court is a perfect fit for their backwardass evil primitivism.  I suggest we bag 'em up and ship 'em toot sweet.

A 'Transformers 4' Review Nearly Fun Enough To Make You Want To See 'Transformers 4'

Somethin' like 50% of the way there after this review.  That's way more than expected but nowhere near enough to spend the dough.

Is Don Orsillo Out With The Sox?

I suggest Michael Kay!  Orsillo is a zero, and the fact that he has put up with Jerry Remy's insanity means he's probably less than zero.  Still, Kay would be purr-fect for the Sox. 

Remember: This Insane Racist Piggie Park Asshole Was NOT A Cheap Insult Against Southern Dipshits

He was a real person, a real, nasty, sick, racist cocksucker.  Maddow is all over this shit tonight, using Bessinger as an example of horrible piece of shit racist christian fuckwad behavior which now rules our own Boko Haram-style SCOTUS.  Lovely.  America is now officially too stupid to live.

America's Sharia Fucktard Supreme Court

The dimwits who love Sharia and Born Again and Orthodox shit love the fucktards who run the Supreme Court in the USA.  Of course, when you appoint the dumbest fucks on the block to lifetime positions, you tend to get dumb fuck decisions.  Those Hobby Lobby cocksuckers never gave a shit about birth control or jesus until a black dude became the president of their country.  After that, it was a big fucking problem, but anyone who can't see that bullshit was all about Obama and Obamacare and nothing at all about jesus or allah or the FSM is too stupid to live.  Sucking Koch makes you dumb.

Notice That Fatuous Bitch Megyn Kelly's Bill Ayers Thing Was Taped AND Edited

Ayers is a fool for first going anywhere near Fox "News" and second for allowing his interview to be taped instead of live.  He should know better.  Fucking moron.

So, It's Gonna Be The Frogs Against The Krauts

Sounds familiar.  Just like the last three times, it is the least entertaining and edifying of the possibilities.  I suppose that in this one particular case, at least, the Frogs can pretend to have a chance.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Political Song for Sepp Blatter to Sing

Ghosts Of The World Cup

Breaking news: boondoggles are boondoggles. Graft and corruption are bad.  But...but, since we're assholes and we keep putting up with it, it is scary to see--to be reminded yet again--how money disappears, communities are obliterated, and nothing of value remains.  Brazil is a giant nation, but they built football stadia out in east AND west jesus which are never gonna be needed for anything ever again.  That would be an atrocity anywhere, but in Brazil it is beyond evil.  FIFA is horror show, almost as bad as the IOC.  These WC and Olympic hosts are in on the corruption, and the vast majority of the citizens get hosed by the whole thing.


Virag's Movie Reviews: Machete Kills (2013)

Robert Rodriguez is like Kevin Smith, an astonishingly untalented and unoriginal filmmaker who keeps making movies just to piss us all off.  The original Machete was Rodriguez's best film after the first part of From Dusk Till Dawn, but the sequel is comparatively uninspired and pointless; even the low-effort debut of Carlos Estevez can't save this dog.  However, even with the especially low bar, Machete Kills was a disappointment. 

Good Job Costa Rica

Okay.  Penalty kicks again, but that's football. 

Krugman Deserves Better Than A Buffoon Like Chris Conover

Conover's just a fucking dipshit, but seeing his ilk get so smug when they think they even understand what the hell Krugman is saying most of the time is beyond bizarre.  Conover is not the only one, but most of the critics are way too fucking stupid and/or deluded to even be taken seriously.  Not that it stops teabaggers and Koch-suckers from soiling themselves in pubic for our amusement.

Alice Malice

Netherlands Mexico

The Dutch boys look like popsicles out there; maybe under different lighting conditions the orange kit would pop, but not today.  The green & white of Mexico is awful--looks like the worst team in the kids' league.  Mexico may have a chance today, though; something is not quite right with the Netherlands squad out there.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Alexi Lalas Has This Weird Jeremy Clarkson Thing Going On

Lalas is all over the tee vee during this World Cup, but, having abandoned the upper-class-caveman look of his playing days, he has acquired a creepy Jeremy Clarkson mushface countenance which is quite disturbing.  Silly as it was, he was better off before.

Political Song for Gitmo to Sing

Chris McDaniel Teabags Like Crazy

Fucking crazy! And he loves it! Chris McDaniel loves teabagging!  And we love him for doing his damnedest to break the fucking Republican party.  This shit is fucking gold.  The teabaggers can't help themselves cuz they are so unbelievably dumb.  Onward christian fucktards!

Even Yet Still More Righteous Slagging Of Obama's Union-Busting Scumbag Cronies

Good. Let's see this shit in the establishment media.  We won't of course.  Even the most sane and reasonable of the establishment media won't go near this shit with any vigour for fear of losing their cushy, millionaire's positions.  Give the majority the truth of how they are getting fucked in the ass by the 1% and their lapdog government and government enablers, and maybe, just maybe, enough of those folks will finally demand justice.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Eck Did The Game

So America loses when Steve Fucking Lyons is on the post game show after an epic loss to the Yankees instead.  Jesus.  Where's Rice?

Now For Something...Chinua Achebe

Good stuff.  Achebe is another writer who would have been so much more widely a part of culutre in general had he been writing of and for the West.  No matter.  We have the work and can be reasonably sure the work will endure regardless of our present failings.  Achebe.  Cool.

In The FACE!

Pacific Rim 2.  2017.  Sweet.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Your #1 Country Hit

If you lived in a really fabulous country.  You don't.  Sucks for you.

Some Fluffer Stuff I Can Endorse

Drop the hammer on these assholes.  Ab-so-fucking-lutely.  The Feds should go in there with their biggest big guns and dare those racist, teabagger Bundy pussies to resist.  And if they do, well, fire at will.  If these clowns think they can break the law and get away with it, the government should teach them a lesson. 

Jesus, Those Duggars Are Fucking Creepy!

Beyond creepy, really. Evil. They're fucking deranged and evil.  Those poor stupid children are the victims of the saddest form of child abuse; we should probably check each one and decide if they can be recovered, and if they can, get them the help they need.  If they're beyond help, well, we could toss 'em in a ditch or confine them to Mississippi or some other shithole where they can't hurt decent, sane people.  Tee vee is a cesspool, but this evil Duggar nonsense is fucking criminal.

Church Harassment Funfetti

This is a brilliant idea, and it's all over the interweb tubes today.  If these vile fuckers want to accost women and clinic workers, well, all us good folks should be skull-fucking them outside their churches and shit.  I really think this might work; it will be a slow build-up, but we can do it.  America, Fuck Yeah!

Political Song for Murkins & Krauts to Sing

USA Germany Standing In The Rain

The Krauts look like a really serious, really fit old-guys club team out on the pitch in their rather dour kit--they need way more awful tats, mohawks, mullets, and sad white-guy dreds to get that hip, young vibe going--but they are probably way ahead of the USA when it comes to eurotrash football.  The entire game is being played in front the American goal, and even the 9 year old girls can tell that's a bad thing. 

The Americans are fucked after that Portugal game.  That shoulda' been a win, and they let it get away in the last five seconds.  No matter what happens in the group today, the Americans have shown they're not top-class yet.

Al-Jazeera: Friend To Us All

And enemy of the state.  Look at how Al-Jazeera is being treated in Egypt, and look at how Al-Jazeera is treated in the USA.  One involves prison, and the other involves suppression.  Both are pretty darn useful in ensuring that press freedom is an illusion and that the state continues to be protected by the establishment media.  Easy peasy.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Political Song for FIFA to Sing

Jesus Luvs U So He Sent Palin + Favre 4 Your Funfetti

On a good day, these two fucking morons together couldn't flicker a 1-watt bulb, but thank the fucking gods we get to watch them try.  Favre is a douche, but at least he's not a fucking hypocrite grifter like Palin.  All Favre really wants to do is get his wiener out and party with sluts.  That's America!

Boo Hiss Rebekah Brooks

Shit.  Any win for Murdoch is a loss for humanity. 

Harry Browne Remembers Gerry Conlon

Brilliant.  Conlon's story was one of those unbelievable truth things, things which actually happened but couldn't have actually happened because we, they, whoever, are supposed to be better than that.  But they're not, and neither are we.  The genius of Conlon's later life was the recognition of the atrocity of the war on "terror" as the same bullshit that destroyed his own life.  See, Conlon really was one of the good guys, but most people are utter shit.  Fuck Yeah!

Nigeria Argentina

What the frak is going on in this match?  Jesus.  The Argentine kit is awful on tee vee, though.  It's the 21st century, lads.  Get with the program.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Canned Jam

This one might actually be live or a playback of a soundcheck recording--the sync on this is so bad it's hard to tell, and I have no idea what the policy of this particular tee vee show, Something Else, was, so...

More Disgusting Behavior From Obama's Closest Buds

These fucking scumbags, joining in on the Koch-sucking fight against unionization in general and teachers' unions to start, were some of Obama's closest political allies, so I guess you see the kind of judgement Obama has and where his political priorities are.  Not that we should be at all shocked; this shit's been goin' on since day one.

Decent, Surprising Mississippi Fisking

It does happen occasionally: something useful and entertaining.  And true.  Mississippi is a fucktard paradise. 

The Bias Against John Stossel Is A Hella Proper Bias Against The Dumbest Motherfuckers On The Planet

And that's a good bias.  The establishment media are a bunch of useless fuckwads, but even said fuckwads can recognize that John Stossel is a glaring Koch-sucking dipshit.

Political Song for Gregg Jarrett to Sing

The Police State Is Freedom

War is peace.  Black is...The ACLU's on the case; this is the mirror image of the guntard culture--our society is getting fucked from both sides.  Digby's on the case, too, but most of America is pretty fucking useless on this shit.  Drugs.  The war on drugs.  War.  All the "mistakes" in war are not mistakes at all--when you go to war, you want this shit to happen.  It's why you do it.  To destroy the enemy.  The American people, especially poor people, people of color, and other disadvantaged people, are the enemy. 

Bite Me, Mario

That's that for Italy.  But how the fuck is Suarez The Mad Biter still allowed to play this game?  After one bite you would have thought that he would have had some involuntary dental surgery via fist and brass knuckles.  Football's a weird game.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Punx Lite

Larry O'Donnell Musta Hit His Head Harder In That Wreck Than Anybody Thought

O'Donnell was always a dipshit, but coming back after his accident and immediately fluffing the 1000% evil Koch brothers--who donate to hospitals and schools and libraries not to help people but instead do it to facilitate their business ventures by trying to excuse their criminal profiteering as well as to buoy their blackened, fragile egos--tells us that O'Donnell is somehow even less substantial than he was before.

Koch Suckers Killing Unions In California And Everywhere Else

They're not hiding it, and they are evil, but when it is no longer their fault?  When is it our fault?  When is it the fault of the poor families manipulated by the fucking rat Koch-sucking bastards?  When do we as a society decide to stand up for ourselves and not let the Koch-suckers destroy us?  That's what matters.  What matters is that we don't vote for people like Obama and Bush and Clinton who will appoint the sorts of judges and officials who will assist the Kochs and their ilk in destroying the prosperity of America.  The Kochs and their cohort are vile pieces of shit, but the vast majority of America are useless because we let it happen.  The motherfucking Kochs and Koch-suckers have worked non-stop for two generations in order to place unprincipled judges who will support their evil plans.  Americans refuse to use what power they do have to change this.  We have to decide when we should stop being the victim and take responsibility for doing it to ourselves. 

Jeanine Pirro: Redefining Unhinged

The poor thing is absolutely off her rocker.  It must be hard to be female at Fox when you're not up to sexxing it up the way Murdoch and Ailes like because you are kinda old for the game.  So that's probably why Pirro is trying out fucking batshit the run of the mill Fox "News" whores.

As If You Needed Yet Another Reason To Hate Pearl Jam

Yuck.  Fuckin' yuck.

Boots 4 Iraq

"Boots on the ground in Iraq", only not the boots that the fucking lunatics like McCain mean.  Boots for you, boots you can use.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

USA Portugal

The Americans have held strong after a start that the the local 8 year old girls might have been expected to deliver.  Still, a scrappy performance that is about to shock the shit outa the football world play out pretty much as the match up said it would.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Also Too This Big Me

Monkey's Wrenched

Not much of a fan of the Foo Fighters--way derivative faux rawk garbage without a hint of the spark of Grohl's previous combo--but this is an ok song.

The Year Of Snowden

As much as the assholes and establishment piss-boys try again and again to make the story about Snowden or Greenwald, the year of Snowden has been entertaining and edifying.  If even if you knew all along, or suspected, or were a paranoid hermit blowing your guns in your hidey-hole, Snowden illuminated some truth for you and you and you.  Things are not quite the same, but whether that's enough to change anything, we don't quite know.

Herman Cain Murders Comedy

When a world-class fucktard like Herman Cain starts babbling about stupid people, with nothing resembling a fucking clue, he absolutely slaughters comedy.  Dead.  Done.  Bye.  Bye.

Nigeria Versus Bosnians

Awful officiating, but Nigeria's green is freekin' fab on the ye old HDTV.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Vile, Clinton-era weasel extraordinaire Terry McAuliffe is turning himself into an establishment Democratic superhero with this Medicaid shit in Virginia.  This McAuliffe is doing something useful, which is so much more than we would have said in the past.  He should be applauded for this, and it should be an object lesson for all the gutless fucking elected Dems out there.

Bill O'Reilly Is A Way Bigger Asshole Than You Thought

O'Reilly, being one of the biggest buffoons on Fox "News", cannot manage to avoid sounding like a pathetic asshole in a vaguely public forum--with fucking Geraldo, no less.  O'Reilly, he of the keester falalfel, sexual harassment, and documented sexual impotence in marriage, shows off his thinnest of thin skins by dissing the other sad clowns at Fox, some of whom have nearly twice the mental horsepower of poor ole Billo.

Costa Rica!

Nicely done.  And the fucking Limeys are out now, too!  Sweet.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Home & Away

EWW Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Makes Me Wanna Watch 'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon'

Kinda.  I did see that movie, but I was so bored and disinterested that I clearly missed much of the suck.  There was a shitload of suck, though, so it may be worth watching the thing for realz just to wallow in the awful.  Or not.

Scott Walker Funfetti For You And For Me

This is gettin' good--Finally!!  There's just something about Walker; he's a nastier creep than the usual teabagging fuckwad, and I can't wait to see him perp-walked right out of office.  Please, jeesus, pleeeze!

Yikes! The Limeys Do Right By Science And Children

Jesus, if the Brits can get this shit right, Texas is a bigger fucking shithole than we ever could have imagined.  Give those limey bastards credit, though, because they're not gonna let the fundamentalist fucktardery and silly mythology destroy their ability to teach basic science in schools.  That's somethin'.  Better than us.  America, Fuck Yeah!

This Here

Billy Bragg May Be An 'Indie' Artist Now...

But he's got a hell of a lot more name recognition than a new "indie" artist.  Always good to signal boost Billy Bragg anyway, I guess.  The lesson is, and it's a lesson we all know but conveniently forget, that the interwebs are not free, public resource for everyone to use and enjoy for the betterment of ourselves and/or our society.  It's a scheme to get your money and increase the power and influence of the big money boyz.  Fuck yeah!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Virag's Movie Reviews: RoboCop (2014)

This reboot is an awful film, alarmingly worse than you would think before you actually watch it.  It completely misses the point of the original, along with the brains and the wit, and winds up with a whole which is so much less than the sum of its parts.  Even the bits you might would think be ok suck, like Michael Keaton, Samuel Jackson lager, and Gary Oldman--

Wait.  Wasn't Gary Oldman in the Lost in Space movie?

That's what this RoboCop is, another Lost in Space.  Only worse.  Way worse.  And dumber.  Way, way dumber.  Hell, this flick was such a fucking abortion that I was expecting Paul Giamatti to bob up and get in on the awful.

Trademark That, Asshole

It's over. Change the fuckin' name.  Regardless of what happens now, the name of the DC football team, such as it is, will be changed.  We, the people, the market, the tee vee, whoever, we wouldn't allow it to continue in any other case.  Just get it over with and we can on hating on those shitheads for other reasons!

'Socceroos' Is Reason Enough For Australia To Lose

Even against the Netherlands.  (For the love of christ, I hope the World Cup winner is one of the many countries any teabagger-American has never even heard of.)

Great Piece On Tony Gwynn Being Great

Deadspin.  A nicely-rendered remembrance of things past with Tony Gwynn, with Gwynn being a decent, kind human being in an environment where being a fucking nasty dickhead generally had no noticeable downside.  So Gwynn managed to be a classic good guy in fact, and not just in the mind of Tony Gwynn.  It's great that Gwynn is getting excellent press after his death, but the rest of us have to remember that while Gwynn was apparently a good man and died too young, Bud Selig is still very much alive.

How Do You Carry On After Dana Milbank Gets The Better Of You?

Oh, my.  Milbank is a worst-case establishment media hack/village idiot, but he mercilessly beats down Dylan Byers for being a Heritage Foundation piss boy a little to openly.  When Milbank can defeat you so gracefully, you have not a single excuse to continue.

Hillary On Fox: Shame Shame

Yeah, she's tryin' to sell her "book", but Hillary Clinton should know better than most political asswhipes who call themselves Democrats to stay the fuck far far away from Fox "News".  She's telling us all that everything we fear about her being at least as big a fucking tool as Tubby is the gods-damned truth.  Who cares if the teabaggers and Koch-suckers were butthurt?  Going on Fox should be a capital offence for anyone with a "D" after their name.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Besides Malory Archer, Who Is Behind Isis?

Patrick Cockburn is on the case; don't expect to learn anything useful from the establishment media in the USA.  Cockburn, on the other hand, is a for-realz English-speaking expert on the Middle East, so maybe we would all be better off with a bit more from Cockburn and his peers and less from the same Koch-sucking jerkoffs who have been fucking up American policy for a hundred gods-damned years.

Miserable Fat Belgian Football Bastards

Good game, though.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Bloomsday 2014

The James Joyce revival is ON, motherfrackers.  Good day to be a Mick, good day to be a human.  Always a good day to read and to read Ulysses.  "Life-affirming act of savagery" indeed.

'Game Of Thrones' Finale: People Need To Read More

I though the season four finale of Game of Thrones was both rather blah and more than a bit of a mess--that's never a good combo.  A mess needs to be exuberant and insane and entertaining, and if you are stuck with blah, you had better make it pleasing to look at or well-paced or something.  People need to read more, even awful books like the Song of Ice and Fire disasters, especially if they think they're makin' a tee vee show based on those books.

Miami Heat Lose -- That's Always Good

The NBA is a shit show, but the Heat are just a horrible organization, and like the Cowboys, it is always a good day for America when they lose.  So, that's some good news for your shitty life.

Tony Gwynn

Dead at 54.  Gwynn was one of those guys who managed to keep his reputation intact both during and after his playing days.  Cancer's a bitch.

Waiting For The Drone Attack During Iran Nigeria

The US drone strike that didn't happen for some reason made the game too difficult today.  The fact that the US military managed to resist is some proof of the glory of Jesus' love for football, even football played by not-white terrorist foreigners.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Here There

Now You Know: Fox Makes You Stupider

Like, duh.  But Fox is the highest order of modern corporate propaganda, and they're fucking top notch.  The rest of tee vee news is not as professional as Fox, but Fox always gets the job done.

Tee Vee "News" Really Does Suck The Big One

And it ain't just that rancid shit parade we like to call Fox.  The establishment, with television as the leading exposure, is a fucking disaster.  A disaster with a purpose, though.  The disaster is all about keeping everything just the way it is and always been and as many people as possible hopelessly ignorant and afraid. 


Blues For Kvale

Blue on blue, with an odd mixture of Dura-Ace that ain't my bag at all.  Cool bike though, and nobody asked me anyways!

Update: Damn, those wheels and that frakking crank are heinous.  Probably rides great, tho.

Poignantly Rendered JJ Abrams Fisking

All decent, gods-fearing men and women agree J.J. Abrams is a loathsome piece of human garbage and an atrocious filmmaker.  The Star Trek dweebs have taken it especially hard because they have been heartlessly violated by Abrams' uniquely awful creations.  There ain't no justice and there ain't no hope.


Raul Labrador Bags The Tea And Breaks The Republicans

If we don't have a Democratic majority in the US Congress for the next 9000 years, it won't be because the fucking GOP fail parade didn't do every single gods-damned thing they could do to make that happen!  Raul Labrador is a giant piece of shit, Mormon Koch-sucking teabagger doing his damnedest to fuck up his party's 2014 electoral fortunes.  This is good fun for us, but we shouldn't have much hope that Republicans are suddenly going to transform themselves into a functional, sane political party.

Book Review Of Books

Book reviews of good books about good books are always good.  Ulysses is a moveable feast for readers of all ages, castes, and creeds, and Kevin Birmingham's book should boost the signal.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Now THAT'S A Wicked Small Lobstah

Neat.  4'10"!

Japan Ivory Coast

Early goal for Japan, but I think I'm setting expectations too high for this match.  The rain is putting a dampener on the quality of the play.  See what I did there?

Brazuca Brazuca

If nothing else, the Brazuca shows up well on the ole tee vee.  I hope it's more popular than the last one.  I would appreciate an official Adidas look-alike at Target or somewhere for way less than 200 bucks.

England Italy

This was a classic 'Why can't they both lose?' situation.  I guess we'll take the fucking WOPs over the vile Limey cocksuckers any day...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hey, The Effects On 'Star Trek: Insurrection' Were Really Awful

Free HD HBO and Star Trek: Insurrection and truly terrible-looking special effects.  I mean, jeez, if your tee vee show looked like this flick in HD, you'd go fling yourself off a fucking bridge.

Right Said Fred On John Oliver

Well, that was...something.  Something odd.  Right Said Fred dissing Bashar al-Assad was something we had no reason to believe we would ever witness.  It wasn't that clever, but it was strange.

One Of The Dumbest Things You Could Read About Iraq Today

It's a big-ass tie for last, but still, this is fucking stupid.  Because we destroyed Iraq when we invaded most recently, the way to somehow un-destroy Iraq today is to re-invade it?  That's genius right there.  If, and it's a red-giant-sized if, we allowed Iraq to stabilize and use their oil wealth to rebuilt their society, well, maybe Iraq will be able to turn this mess around at some point.  But it will not be quick, easy, or pretty.  That's on us.  We did this shit.  Iraq is the textbook case of fucked up beyond all repair.  Yay, America!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Boxy Lady

From Here To Burma

The deadly shitshow goes on and on...We did a great job setting all these places back hundreds of years in order to keep the communists out or the mooslims or the martians or whoever, and for our trouble we get to not watch these fuckers slaughter each other like animals.  Yay, fundamentalism.  Not that we're any better...we're tits deep in vile, ignorant fundamentalist motherfuckers right here at home.

The US Breaks Iraq

This is why we can't have nice things.  Or potentially difficult governments and populations living on top of America's gods-given fucking oil!  After our generation of terror against Iraq, that place is so fucked up that it'll take 50 fucking years to fix it.  And we're not going to fix it.  Only the Iraqis can, and we sure as shit are not ever gonna give them that opportunity.  They'll be living in a violent, chaotic, third-world hellhole as long as we can maintain it for the benefit of oil oligarchs and war profiteers.

Teabaggers Break The House Republican Caucus

Kevin McCarthy is a downgrade from even the odious Eric Cantor, so I guess we have the teabagging Koch-suckers to thank for breaking the House Republicans. 

OJ Day

Fucking junkie killed two people and almost got away it.  There was so much evidence, and the prosecution was so inept that the prosecutors probably should have gotten the chair.  Assholes.

Chris Hedges Is A More Talented Mike Barnicle?

Veeery interestink.  At some point, Hedges may have turned into a personality and didn't have the time to write, so he decided to lift it instead.  Very hard to get away with that shit in this modern era.  Of course, that fucking assclown Barnicle is still on the Dead Intern Morning Show on MSNBC.


Teabagger Guntard Terrorists Break Fox "News"

Sometimes reality is tough.  Those teabaggers who kill are Fox's worst nightmares.  Even their octogenarian audience might be able to decipher reality if Fox actually covered the confluence of teabagging, racism, and guntardery. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

John Boehner's Giant Eric Cantor Boner

After last night, John Boehner won't need the Viagra for the next four months. Boehner's got a boner that ain't going away after that shitbird Eric Cantor got his ass kicked by a teabagger.  All of the sudden, the most credible conservative threat to Boehner's leadership in the Republican House caucus is deader than vaudeville, and Boehner can look forward to getting drunk at lunch and yanking his boehner in peace.  That's a gift John of Orange never expected to get in this life.

Talibs In Gitmo

And out of Gitmo.  Regardless of the politics, those Talibs were never terrorists and were never that much of a threat to America.  If they were fighting the invaders to their homeland, well, that doesn't make them anything other than human.

2014 Canfield Balance

Canfield killed their One frame and replaced it with an air-suspended, 650B frame, the Balance.  I'm not sure I'm lovin' that plan.  650B for trail use is pretty much horseshit, on par with other ultimately pointless mountain-bike fads masquerading as the new "standard".  The sled itself looks pretty decent, though.  I think proper 26" wheels for hard use and a functional coil-over shock would work better than this, but apparently even smaller players like Canfield can't resist the lure of the latest brainless buzzword bullshit.

The Republican Jewish Caucus Suffers A Setback

Cantor was teh one-and-only Jewish Republican in Congress--and the only non-christian, nationally-elected Republican.  That's that.  The Repubs are now a jeebus-only club in Washington.

Max, Pink, Welded

Street fixie.  Okay.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Political Song for Robert Heinlein and Eric Cantor to Sing

Heinlein, Just Don't

Robert Heinlein and L. Ron Hubbard in a three way.  Lovely.  Heinlein was creepy in so many ways; this just makes it laugh out loud funny.

Teabagger Asswhipe Sonata, 10 June 2014

Horrible, racist dipshit teabagger.  American conservatism is a gods-damned noxious toilet.

Oregon, It's Your Turn To Be The Stupidest Place In The Universe

Today. Until tomorrow's shooting somewhere else in the USA.  Nice going, fuckers. 

Eric Cantor, Fuck Yeah!

Sayonara, Motherfrakker!  What a lovely surprise for all good Americans.  Now, maybe the Dems will get serious about winning back the House.  Or not.  They suck.  But it is fuckin' dee-lish to know that Cantor has been so humiliated by a fucktard teabagger.

Fox "News" Is Like Being Through The Teabagger Lookinglass This Week

No teabagger shooters in Vegas.  And no criminal conspiracy with Puckett in Virginia.  It's like an teabagging fucktard's delight over there.  Even more than usual. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sailing To Hell On The Good Ship Pequod

America's just waiting for some pissed off whale to come and finish us off.  Chris Hedges gets frisky and does a nice job with Melville analogy, bringing it into the 21st century cuz Melville's not around to do it for us. 

Even Yet Still More Police State Funfetti

Dave Lindorff, talking about his This Can't Be Happening project getting some love from the government terrorist infrastructure.  I guess that means that they've made the big time! 

Shocking Shock: Guntard Lunatics Are Teabagging Whack Jobs

No. Mother. Fucking. Way!  Psychotic guntard assholes are also ignorant, hyper-violent conservative dipshits?  Shocked, I say, shocked!  And these are the crazed teabaggers who are in control of one of our major American conservative political parties.  The brothers and sisters of these murderous idiots Jerad and Amanda Miller are alive and well today in our government, doing the business of the Koch brothers and the other hopeless morons.  Viva la fucktard revolution!

Virginia Is For Assholes

Major assholes!  This story is kinda' funny, in the sense that this asshole Phil Puckett is not only being bribed with a cushy job, but that his daughter's new cushy job is part of the bribe as well.  That's serious corruption kung-fu right there.  What's not so funny is that the Republican cocksuckers in Virginia are doing all this evil TO BLOCK POOR AND WORKING-CLASS CITIZENS IN VIRGINIA FROM GETTING ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE!  Where are all the greasy fuckers who got all bent over health care access problems at the Veterans Administration?  These scumbags never cared about health care for anyone.  Phil Puckett should probably be disappeared to a black sight CIA prison just for fun, along with the every elected Republican in Virginia.  That's a start.

How far down the fucking rabbit hole are we that the good guys and people of Virginia are counting on Terry McAuiffe to do the right thing?

Tasty Jeanine Pirro Slagging

Mmmm...yummy!  Pirro is scary stupid, and she may be the absolute fucking dumbest of Ailes' fucktard whores.  Regardless, the Repubs and their teabagging foot soldiers are being led off a gods-damned cliff by Fox "News", but America is counting on the Dems and Obama to give 'em the final push.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Well Undergrounded

That Good Man Mr. Joyce

The better man Mr. Joyce.  He was obsessed with the tension between lust and exaltation, between the basest physical acts and the ethereal love of another human.  This dichotomy inspired his creation.  We're all better for it.  Even you.

Hah Hah! Sick! Ew...Gross.

This is child abuse, pure and simple, and the sick fucks who promulgate this shit are just as twisted and evil as Boko HaramYeah, it's fun as fuck to laugh at those disgusting creeps, but they are a danger to all of us and should not be tolerated in polite society. 

Larry Summers: Another Good Buddy Of Obama

Is Larry Summers a titanic asshole?  A dipshit and a serial fuck-up?  Oh, yes.  Is he as wrong as wrong can be about just about anything and everything of any import?  AND is he a close buddy of Barack HUSSEIN Obama?  Uh, yep.  The point?  Summers is a card-carrying and influential member of the establishment, and he's a fucking moron. 

Hey! Another Shooting! America!

Fuck! Yeah!!  If we had a better class of flatfoot around this dump, those fellers would be the loudest voices demanding a real 2nd Amendment gun control movement because at least a few more of them would make it to retirement without all the guns--including the cops' own guns--running around loose.  Many fewer guns--well-regulated militia and shit--and a demilitarized police would be safer for everybody, freedom-loving citizens and cops alike.  The USA is too fucking stupid though, so we're reapin' what we've sown.

(Add Cici's Pizza as perhaps the thing in the universe least worth dieing for.)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Political Song for Nora to Sing

Reading Ulysses Really Does Make You Better

And it is only the world's most difficult book if you don't read it.  If you do, well, then you are a better reader, a better writer, and a better person than you were before. 

Who's Gonna Tell The True Bergdahl Story?

Won't be Fox "News", obviously, and the Dems should be focused on the political optics instead of the truth, but who out there in the land of the ignorant is going to tell the folks what really happened with Bowe Bergdahl?  It's a good story, and an important one, and if we had a free press, we might be better off.

Is Scalia Finally Being Widely Recognized As The Buffoon He's Always Been

The lickspittle establishment media at all strata always pretended that Scalia was some sort of brilliant jurist instead of the obvious fucking asswhipe he has always been.  Now, that seems to be changing, and it's about time.  Of course, he's already done so much to poison American society. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Lump It

Guns Are For Pussies -- Real Men Use Pepper Spray

Balls? Check!  Good for this guy, Jon Meis, who used his head and had the fucking balls to stop the lunatic shooting up that school.  Only a pussy needs a gun.  And a gun can't protect you from two balls and a few working brain cells. 

Just Deserters

If, IF, Bergdahl is a deserter--he very well might be and if so, good for him--the actions he took in Afghanistan should only be questioned in the context of the illegal and immoral "war" the US waged there.  Why exactly did we invade and occupy that god-forsaken hell hole?  And if Bergdahl is some sorta bad guy, what about the vile fuckers who sent him there?  What about Cheney?  And Rumsfeld?  And Bush?  And Rice?  Why aren't we talking about their trials and executions?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hot Fuzzy

The Truth About YA Books

Is that they're NOT for the teenager in us all, but instead are simple and simplistic books that appeal to intelligent school-age kids.  I didn't read Divergent--though I have been and currently am being lobbied--but I did read the Hunger Games books, each in a day.  They were not not good, but that's no big deal.  I imagine Divergent is utterly awful; the grade-Z ripoff doesn't leave any room for hope.  I have not and will not read the worst of this shit, namely the Harry Potter crap and Twilight garbage, but I have a feeling that Divergent will go by quickly with only a mild headache remaining.  (I have been happy that my daughter has shown no interest in Harry Potter because it is such shit, but I would let her if she wanted.  She's been busy with the Tolkien and L'Engle books when she runs out of modern YA shit to read--I can never remember which one of the fucking L'Engle books she needs to read next; Dragons in the Waters, I think.)

If Zimmer Truly Loved Baseball

He would have found a way to smash that miserable fucker Pedro Martinez's face into the turf.  Zimmer was a baseball guy, for sure, but that Pedro thing is a karmic black mark that no lifetime could ever undo.

Maureen Dowd Bullshit

I think she made it up.  I don't believe that she O.D.ed on pot snacks and had a bad trip that scared her to death.  I think she probably skipped the whole thing and decided to make up some sordid story out of whole cloth for the benefit of the sort of ass clowns who read her in the paper, and then got caught coughing up horseshit.  Reading or listening to Dowd is always bad policy, and we should let her rot in her own filth. 

GOP Theme Song

Now All The Girls In The Class Are Reading 'Divergent'

Well, not all of 'em, but more than a few of the girls have seen the movie and then borrowed and read the book.  In fourth grade.  This past year was a pretty solid reading year.  Moby Dick took too long in my opinion, but at eight years old, I didn't have too much of a problem with that.  Too Kill A Mockingbird went much more quickly.  Mockingjay was this year, too, along with Phantom Tollbooth, and I'm pretty sure The Great Gatsby will be next.  Since we have a pretty rigorous book-before-movie policy, the wait for Divergent to get released for home video has been long; most of the other girls--I don't think any of the boys in the class have gone for The Hunger Games or Divergent--saw the movies first.  Only now have they been reading the HG books; nobody else has been on Moby Dick or The Hobbit yet.  When you are in fourth grade and reading at a 12th grade--or higher--level, life is good because you don't hear no too many times regarding something that might help you expand your intellectual development.

Chuckles Toddler Chucks Some Dirt At A Guy With A Dead Intern

It's not easy to make Chuckles Todd sound smart or sane, but Joe "Dead Intern" Scarborough manages to do it with the Bergdahl story.  Joe's a fucking loon, and it's too bad that Todd didn't have the balls to really slam him while he was still on.  Scarborough went on to justify himself once he was safe from Todd.  What a slimy bastard.

Nor Forget Nor Forgive

POWs For Bergdahl

Taliban fighters are soldiers, defending their land against a violent imperial occupying force, so it was probably a pretty good deal to trade them for one of our soldiers.  You know, one of those soldiers who should never have been there at all because we had no sane reason whatsoever to be in Afghanistan.  Those soldiers.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hugz Not Drugz

Bergdahl Troofers And The 2014 Election

The Repubs are fucking up this Bergdahl thing more every day--we need a vibrant campaign to make them regret it.  Certainly it is a winner, like the others, if the Dems want to win.

Jesus, Tweety Is A Frakking Moron

Tweety has been absolutely inane on this Bergdahl thing.  I only caught a few minutes of him with the apparently-always-over-medicated Jim Webb, and he (Matthews) was babbling and nutty.  Add this to the unending list of stuff Chris Matthews doesn't comprehend at all.

Fabulous And Fun Tim Geithner Fisking

Oh, momma! That was a gas!  Yes, yes, yes, Geithner was and is a huge piece of human filth, but Obama put him in his government.  Geithner is an all-American establishment Democrat who happens to be a ginormous piece of shit.  That's Obama for ya'. 


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Political Song for Jani Bergdahl to Sing

Rightwing Idiots Suck, Again And Again And

Sharyl Attkisson doesn't matter; she's a D-grade wingnut hack who's too old and saggy for Fox "News", but if her name had been Cheryl Atkinson, well, then this Heritage thing would be a frakking outrage.

It's Not Political Suicide If The Dems Won't Help The Repubs Pull That Trigger

If the Dems wanted to win, they'd have plenty of proxies out there hammering the Republican/Teabagger/Fox "News" axis all the way to the 2014 election.  Here's an American, returned, and yet the Democrats are letting their enemies define the narrative--as usual--instead of working vigorously to undermine the entire Republican/Teabagger/Fox "News" brand.  It's a frakking election year and the Repubs are sounding a fuck of a lot like America-hating traitors, but it won't matter unless the Democrats allow the Republicans to commit political suicide. 

Newkular Warz

So the question, for Paul Craig Roberts and everyone else is this:  Why would you spend so much on weapons that you would never use?  You wouldn't, I wouldn't and we didn't.  When, not if, when, things get really shitty, and resources are running out and billions are refugees, well, then we will have to do whatever is necessary to secure the last of the shitpile, up to and including nuking a statistically significant portion of the remaining population to keep them from using our oil or water or whatever we want for ourselves.  That's the way it works.  With luck, the asteroid will hit before we get a chance.

These Anti-Vax Idiots Belong In Congress

America is a wasteland of ignorance and fear; unfortunately for the rest of the world we have a multi-trillion dollar military infrastructure, so nobody is safe from our stupidity.  (Science is not that hard.  Most of this stuff is pretty easy until you reach your personal mathematical-ability plateau.  Americans are just too fucking dumb to be believed.)

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Baby Song

Just In Case You Thought Canada's Own Crack-Fueled Kaiju Rob Ford Was An Anomaly

Canada's full of reactionary morons, too.  Rob Ford is pretty much a normal Canadian, obviously.

Moby's Dick Is Still A Disgusting White Whale

That greasy cocksucker Chris Christie could loose 1000 lbs., and he would still be a bloated fucking white whale.  It's not about how much volume Christie occupies, but it is all about how full of shit he is at any size.



The Duggars Are Our All-American Boko Haram

Boko Harum are detestable, backwardass primitives--and shit-stinkin' evil--but we got that same kind of human garbage right here in Jeebus' civilized world.  We call 'em the Duggar family.  Those nasty fuckers and their Quiverfull movement, along with the rest of the fundamentalist retards in this country, are every bit as horrible as Boko Harum.

Come On Dems, Crush These Fools

As if minimum wage, abortion, voting rights, health care, gun safety, and the rest of the bullshit were not enough for the Dems to win the whole shootin' match--see what I did there?--and cement those wins for the next 900 years, now we have the Republicans and teabaggers and this fucking dipshit out there bashing "THE TROOPS".  If we had a political party in the USA in opposition to the Republicans, that party would be positioned to really dominate the next election.  Sucks for us.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Way Better Than That Star Trek Flick

Virag's Movie Reviews: Ender's Game (2013)

Orson Scott Card is a nasty little fucker with a severe persecution complex, but in the movie of his shitty book, he comes across as a pathetic, ineffectual loser, so the movie is probably a little chunk of genius.  Entertaining, exciting, compelling aren't it, though.  Ender's Game is a dumb flick, like it's source material is ultimately more dumb than nasty, but the the movie is also boring, a mortal sin.  The film is actually so boring that you lose focus and don't really notice just how fucking stupid it is, and that's is the best you can say about this waste of time.

A Mind-Boggling Aggregation Of Idiots: The US House Of Representatives

Yeah, it's sorta funny, but these clowns are highly-paid, elected lawmakers in the wealthiest nation in the history of the universe, and they are stone-cold fucking morons.  This is the best we can do.  This is your government at work.  Suck on that, motherfrakkers.

Here's Another Winner For Dems: Repubs & Teabaggers Hate The Troops

John Bolton, all-American shithead, should be only one of the fuckwad Republican-types being paraded in front of the all-American voters as hating the troops!  This is so easy that even the establishment Dems will surely fuck it up.  Obama was fine, just fine in arranging to have Bergdahl released after five--5!--years, and the assholes can't help but criticize it.  That's shitty politics, but only if the Dems hammer it home, and that shit ain't gonna happen if history is any teacher.