Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chris Christie Eats Sandy's Shit

And that Moby Dick sized fucker can eat!  In the wake of the storm, he waddled at his top speed from Republican keynote attack-whale to Barack Obama's biggest booster when he realized that the man with purse was that President guy.  Tubbo the Clown knows one thing: if he wants to be reelected next year, he needs all the socialist federal welfare money he can get his greasy sausage fingers on for the relief and reconstruction.  Republican Rugged Individualists don't live too long after a fucking 4 meter storm surge erases your state.  Everybody for a thousand miles up and down the coast is a strapping young buck on teh welfare now.  Welcome to socialism you stupid soggy bastards.

What Really Happened In Benghazi

I think when it all comes out, we will discover that Fox News had some interns attacking the consulate in Benghazi just to gin up a bullshit scandal that might blunt some of Obama's Bin Laden mojo with the reactionary crackers in the swing states.  As they have done no real reporting and have done everything they can to ignore the actual reporting done by the New York Times and others, Fox would certainly not be above sending Jessy Waters and a bunch of low-IQ college kids to blow some shit up in the name of defeating the black black black black blackity black black guy.

It's Halloween Again!

One Year Ago Today

dick morris talks about sexual misconduct???

no no no.  does fox news have no sense of irony?  you have toe-sucking whoremonger dick morris on the hannity fuckfest show to talk about hermentum fucking with the help?  jesus fucking christ, that's funny.  plus that weaselly creep has a children's book.  i'm sure that's just lovely... 

werewolves of highland, better than extract

new beavis and butthead was pretty funny.  quick and stupid just like the old days.  the werewolves part was good, just as silly as any of those stupid vampire chick movies.  nicely done.  better than extract.

a high-tech lynching of another serial harasser

hermentum cannot be trusted around the help.  go figure!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zathras Gets No Respect From The New Serotta Guy

Lower prices?  Bullshit.  Maybe they're lower, but not low enough.  Where's the racing heritage and racing geometry?  Where's the level top tube?  Where's the fucking bike that's better than others at a great price?  Listen to fucking Zathras!  Dropping the steel is dumb, too; that carbon bike is hideous.  In a world of Crumptons and Parlees and Applemans and Times, that Serotta carbon bike looks like a Target cheapie.  Zathras knows, but nobody's listening.

Sean Hannity's Favorite Wingnut Weather Man Is One Sorry Bastard

How big of dipshit do you have to be to be giant dipshit Sean Hannity's favorite weather man?  This big.  Joe Bastardi.  Seriously.  Tee Vee weathermen have a pretty low bar of intelligence and credibility, but this asshole manages to limbo under that fucker with ease.

Evil And Stupid: Now You Can Have Both

These pathetic assholes are not only stupid, but downright evil and ignorant, too.  Those dumb fuckers don't understand any single thing in the world, but maybe someone should tell them that Hugo Chavez was a career military man before he took up politics.  Frakking morons.

With tasty paranoia sauce!

Better Than Indiana Jones 2+

And maybe better than the first one.  Why the fuck not?  I'd go.  Rated R, with less monkey.  No 3-D, though, please.

One Year Ago Today

is the velocipede salon the anti-serotta forum?

not really, but i have been reading the aforementioned velocipede salon in preparation for the looming terotta tankruptcy when the idiot's delight known as the serotta forum will be nothing but a pathetic memory.  it will be sad to see that particular form of guilty-pleasure entertainment join the great circle-jerk in the sky. 

it snowed, so al gore is fat

right-wing fucktards like eric bolling don't understand science, the scientific method, scepticism, mathematics, the difference between weather and climate, the difference between global warming and global climate change, or much of anything of all.  people like him are too stupid to think for themselves, so they just repeat what they are told.  they are the definition of waste of space, but they wouldn't understand that either.

Monday, October 29, 2012

No Matter What, You Have No Sensible Choice But To Vote For The Empire

The Reality Based Community is really fucking sure that you must vote to support their Dear Leader.  Under no circumstances can you even consider another possibility.  That's the way apparatchiks roll.  The sane, the reasonable, the sensible, the smart, the only choice is to follow the leader and do as you are told.  No other choice makes sense.  Nothing is a deal-breaker, because Dear Leader is the only possible choice.

Now, of course, Mittens has been a dick all his life, and his pathetic six-year campaign for the presidency has done more to boost Obama than anything Obama has done.  A man with fewer principles than Obama, Mittens is doing everything in his power to prove that he does not represent a reasonable choice to continued Obama policies.  Had he shown himself to be anything but a total empty-headed fuckwad, the 2012 election could have played out much differently.  Unfortunately, he promises to continue everything bad about Obama's policies and fuck up everything else. 

That does not preclude other choices, and certainly does not preclude an honest, reality-based analysis of Obama's first term.  Unfortunately, Michael O'Hare is not really interested.  Anyone who willfully misrepresents what really happened during the 2000 election--or is not capable of understanding--is not worthy of serious consideration as an analyst.  The zombie lie that Nader cost Gore the election in Florida is a favorite of Democratic Party apparatchiks everywhere.  And it is exactly that: a lie.  Because it absolves their party and their candidate of culpability they cling and cling to their disingenuous ignorance.  If establishment Democrats were a bit brighter in general, then they would be a shitload more sceptical regarding the steady diet of bullshit that their Dear Leaders jam down their throats each and every hour of every day.

As long as our choices suck in general, and as long as most people aren't capable of or willing to decide for themselves, the political shitshow we call the United States will never get any better.  The Imperial Oligarchy wins, and everyone else in the world loses. 

The Worst Episode Of Battlestar Galactica Ever!

As far as I'm concerned, this episode of Battlestar Galactica really needed more Starbuck.  I'm no fan of Ronald D. Moore, but this is his worst thing ever.  Frakking unwatchable.  Even Scott Eric Kaufman couldn't defend this horseshit.

One Year Ago Today

paging senator warren

watching scott brown lose his shit trying to beat elizabeth warren is going to be all kinds of good fun.  

caroline heldman hearts big ed shultz after all

on caroline heldman's site, i commented:

if you google ‘caroline heldman msnbc’ this post is right up there near the top. considering that you have been appearing with big ed quite regularly since you throat-punched bill o’reilly on his detestable o’reilly factor show a couple of weeks ago, you may want to update this post with something ambiguous about how big ed should probably have kept his show after all.

her embrace of big ed is interesting considering her blog post from may that said msnbc should fire ed schultz.   i guess she really really likes being on the tee vee, and o'reilly probably isn't going to have her back any time soon.

get this man a helicopter

atrios's helicopter schtick is more than just a joke.  his point is a good one: the money was printed and given out freely but only to a small group of americans.  the group, as it turns out, that caused much of the economic collapse in the first place.  had each american been given that $20,000 bill to spend as he or she saw fit, the benefits to the economy would have been much greater than the ones we got by keeping all the free money in the hands of the bankster assholes. 

Jack Van Impe Hates Obama!

I'm astounded, because Jack Van Impe has always been the most rational, level-headed political analyst out there.  His calling Obama the most biblically dangerous president ever carries a lot of weight with all right-thinking fucktards.  He's one of the few good people sounding the alarm about Islam's plot to take over the world.  Many members of Congress must be relying on Van Impe and his beloved botox-reptile Rexella for astute analysis of breaking news!  Seeing as Brother Jack is about 900 years old now, his ignorant hate must be the only thing keeping him above ground.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Virag's Movie Reviews: 21 Jump Street (2012)

When the best thing about your movie is a Peter DeLuise cameo, you are frakked.

One Year Ago Today

when i told someone to buy saab...

i didn't mean the fucking chinese.  when their economy collapses, maybe i'll buy that for a dollar.  anyway, i guess it's better than chrysler or the fucking germans. 

fox news in full panic mode over ohio

rupert murdoch and the koch-sucker brothers must be really pissed at how badly john kasich has fucked up their union-busting plans in ohio.  when this thing goes down to ignominious defeat, kasich will be up there with goat-fucker scott walker as the biggest koch brothers investment disaster of the decade.

less informed and more odious than the serotta forum: this ain't hell forum

it's true.  the serotta forum members are mostly just douchebags, but here is a self-selected group of vile cretins who are much more disgusting and much more dangerous because of the debilitating soldier-worship that pervades our ignorant modern-american society.  maybe these fools should be pitied instead of despised.  they are scary-stupid, and the rest of us have to push for progress and justice while these dopes sit in the corner jerking off and flinging shit. 

disposable income vs. rank stupidity: the serotta forum

yep, serotta bicycles is probably going out of business because of the owner's lifestyle, his million dollar house and the fact that they only sell 700 crappy, overpriced frames a year, so the idiots delight known as the serotta forum will soon be gone in all likelihood.  too bad, because where else will you able to marvel at idiots who buy bicycles that cost as much as a good used car and then never ride them, allowing the second owner to attempt to sell it with less than a couple of thousand miles.  assholes.

jay sekulow is the latest fox news poster fool

jay sekulow got his start with pat robertson as a pathetic jew for jesus.  is there anything lamer than that?  now that he's all over fox news channel, pat robertson's insane, ignorant, diseased, jesus-freak worldview continues to spread.

Massachusetts And Connecticut Will Be Getting Upgraded

It looks like the fine, fine folks in Mass and CT will be doing the lord's work when they replace two of the worst human beings ever to soil the disgraceful upper house of Congress with Elizabeth Warren and Chris Murphy.  While it will be nice to remove that airhead cocksucker Scott Brown, the fact that the odious troll Joe Lieberman--the man who cost Al Gore the Whitehouse--will give up his seat to an actual Democrat who also ejected that absolutely detestable bitch Nancy Johnson from the House is utterly fantastic.  Nice job, southern New England.  It's all fucking good.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

When Obama Goes The Full Peterson, Who Will Be Surprised?

Not Susie Madrak.  Not anybody with half a brain.  When Obama finishes Clinton's work and finally destroys the pathetic, stunted social welfare program in the United States, some good soldiers will not abandon their dear leader.  Pete Peterson, the Koch-Sucker Brothers, and all the Obama fluffers will be happy as pie.

When You Support The Establishment, You Do So Without Question

Mittens has indeed proven to be worse than even his dead father could have ever believed, and he stands no chance of winning against Obama, but it is amazing that with all the talk of Obama's record and the reality of Netroots and whatnot, that the default of all the good little boys and girls is to say over and over that the only choice now and always is to support the leader and 'Shut up!'.  It's not whether anything is or is not a deal breaker, but the fact that nothing could ever be a dealbreaker is what is so important.  Faithful followers will always be faithful followers, and even when they pretend that they have skillfully considered every nuance, they are always going to be followers.  Has Romney been so bad that he makes Al Gore look good?  Almost.  Will Obama's second term have any positives?  Yes.  Does that make Obama a good president?  No.  Will Obama secure health care reform, protect human and civil rights, revive the American economy, or do anything to dismantle the imperial police state?  Of course not, and why would you enthusiastically support Obama, exactly?  Because Romney's a titanic douchebag?  That might be reason enough to vote against Romney, but it sure as shit is not a reason to be an Obama true believer.  There are way too many pretend liberal, pretend leftish true believers out there for our own good.

One Year Ago Today

rachel maddow and pat buchanan

before she had her own show, rachel maddow shared air time with pat buchanan plenty of times and not once did she tear him a new asshole for being a racist, homophobic asshole. 

the golden age of michael moore

occupy wall street was made for michael moore.  even though the establishment democrats don't love michael moore because he is really not an establishment democrat in any way shape or form, there is amazing confluence of michael moore the public intellectual and the occupy wall street movement.  basic ideas vs. entrenched privilege as entertainment in opposition to snark and cheap comedy.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Health Care In The United States Will Be The Death Of Us All

Any nation this backward and ignorant is not fit to exist.

John Dickerson Faces The Music

John Dickerson got savagely ridiculed in the comments on a post by Sam Wang that name-checked him, but, amazingly enough considering how dim the establishment media are in general, Dickerson jumped into the comments to push the idea that he's not as much of dipshit as he would appear.  That's something.  Maybe now he will go all-in and illuminate some of Wang's analysis on CBS and Slate.  Don't bet on it.

Paul Craig Roberts Boils Over

PCR didn't forget that Obama's no liberal!  He must want to yank his own eyes out when he considers what continuing horrors his beloved Reagan's atrocities have wrought over the past three decades.

One Year Ago Today

lawrence o'donnell pissing on trump is pretty entertaining

but it's starting to look like someone flicking boogers on a retard.  trump is a circus clown, but o'donnell is a little too happy with himself picking on that mentally-ill fuckwad.  

is there something wrong if i think the harold and kumar might be good?

just about all films these days are so bland and lifeless that sometimes the silly and profane seems profound.  fucking pg-13.

new beavis and butthead

this has the potential of one of the world's great trainwrecks.  or will it, like chinese democracy, just sink without a whimper?

oakland was always hell on earth

i mean, it's oakland.  but what the fuck.  shooting at people with a thousand cameras watching was just fucking stupid.  the cops in oakland have issues; if that kid dies, they're fucked.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

In Case You Forgot, Obama's No Democrat

Or liberal. Or progressive. Or whatever bullshit you want to hoist up the flagpole.  He's a corporatist.  A conservative.  Yes, only the most craven lickspittle of the oligarchy could ever get close to the presidency, but our politics and our culture are damaged by fools who actually believe Obama is something other than a George W Bush without the extra chromosome.  Dean Baker is all over this shit.  Social Security would be a winner for any candidate not deathly afraid of their corporate paymasters, but we don't have any of those running in either of conservative political parties. 

Is Bill O'Reilly The Biggest Crackpot Narcissist On Earth?

He thinks everything that happens anywhere is about him.  No wonder Murdock and Ailes picked him to be the brain-dead face of their obvious propaganda outlet.  No independent or original thought could get into that bloated head of his, and they knew it.  No wonder his wife couldn't take it anymore and went looking for some hot copper rod once she was sure of her big payday. 

Sprite Zero

I never drink sugared sodas, except possibly in the occasional cocktail, and I know that plain water or sparkling water would be much better, but, Sprite Zero is pretty good.  It doesn't take like much, but unlike so many diet sodas, it doesn't taste like shit.

One Year Ago Today

too bad the fat guy from justified is doing a cain spot

he comes across as an interesting character actor on justified but as an utter dipshit in support of hermentum. 

flat tax is like a stupid detector

steve forbes, well known douchebag son of a rich queen, is a fan of the flat tax because it would save him a shitload of money, but he is still a fucking moron because the flat tax would be a disaster for everyone else and especially for the country at large.  now well-known texas retard rick perry is waving his postcard around like he just painted his name on the wall in his own shit.  our political economy is a cesspool.

Virag's Movie Reviews: Safe House (2012)

Safe House is an almost perfect cut-and-paste movie.  Every idea, every scene has been skillfully snipped from other films and television shows.  The cast in this waste of time was great, though.  There were brand-name, professional actors up and down the cast, with Denzel Washington doing excellent work without looking like he was trying all that hard.  The South African setting was a nice change, too, with a very Charlie Jade vibe going on.  This film proves creativity is hard and most movies suck.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Shins: Port of Morrow

I cannot claim to be the biggest Shins fan in the world.  I liked their earlier stuff, and I really thought the Wincing album was good, not exactly a ballsy rock explosion or Sebadoh III or anything, but pretty good.  Well, I am off the Shins train with Port of Morrow.  As it turns out, a James Mercer solo album would be pretty boring even compared to previous Shins stuff.  I know that firing the drummer has a long and ignominious history in 'indie' rock--see Asylum, Soul--but sooner or later these tinpot bandleaders have to realize that they are getting something useful from the input of other musicians even if one or more of those musicians aren't up to whatever masturbatory bullshit they think is keen on any particular day.  If previous Shins material was a bit laid back, the new album is flat and lifeless, with far too few surprises to be compelling.  I've never heard the Wiggles, but I would imagine Port of Morrow would make great children's music, as long as your children like pussified, boring pop music.

One Year Ago Today

wolcott boosts counterpunch

james wolcott's place is one of the few in the establishment blogland where you will see the existence of the wonderful counterpunch acknowledged.  apparently wolcott reads it and gets it, and he's getting the word out about their fundraising drive.  good goods. 

awesome scary comic book

as seen on lawyers buns and money, this hilarious outrage is a fucking awesome nugget of our unique american fucked-upedness.  unreal.

health care in america is a disaster. still a disaster.

it's not 1950.  or 1970.  or 1992.  or 2009.  and the health care situation in america continues to deteriorate.  the failing system costs money, but worse, it costs lives.  what passes for leadership in this country refuses to address the situation rationally.  if we cannot figure out what the rest of the developed world has mastered, we are doomed.

we are doomed. 

so, the shultz/o'donnell switch happened; is ron reagan jr. coming on board?

but i still don't get it.  sure it's called 'the last word' but it looks and feels like msnbc is floundering in general.  they've lost their anchor in olbermann and their most interesting additions like sharpton and hayes are far out of prime time.  what's next for them?  ron reagan jr.?

disposable $5000 29er frame

if you crash this you probably just have to go home and kill yourself.  you are the 99%. 

who will mittens pick?

who will romney anoint as the his veep?  now that perry has fucked up, cain has gone nuts and bachmann has become irrelevant, will mittens pick some boring campaigner like pawlenty?  assuming he doesn't need a stunt pick like a palin, it will be difficult for him to pick a candidate so invisible that he or she won't outshine his lack-of personality. 

bill bennett and bill o'reilly: 2 1-watt bulbs

hearing bill bennett and bill o'reilly talk about bringing in lots of men to be with boys is somehow wrong wrong wrong.  a couple of horrible fuckers right there. 

rahm emanuel is one of obama's closest politcal allies

wretched douchenozzle and petty facist rahm emanuel did his best to derail the occupy movement in chicago with a photo-op mass arrest.  let's all remember that this asshole is one of barack obama's closest political allies and advisors.  it's nice and all that he's out of the whitehouse, but this is just another example of the disgusting crew obama pals around with.

rentboy cannot possibly be real

this has to be a joke.  a site called rentboy has to be a spoof created specifically to embarrass closet-case republican.  i mean, come on.  rentboy?  no fucking way.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Least Favorite Son

Watching the debate last night, I was thankful for baseball and football so I didn't have to.  The Republicans will be pissed and should be ashamed that they could do no better than Mittens against their hated minority Democrat.  Most of the night, Romney looked like he had just shit his pants, and when the Fox News fools recite their scripts with so little enthusiasm, the Mittens people know they fucked up.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Star Maidens: WTF Were They Thinking?

There is no way you could make this series today.  It would be offensive and unwatchable, with probably loads of violence that was totally absent from the original, along with a creepy, exploitative misogyny that the 70's wouldn't have tolerated.  Star Maidens was a pan-European cheapy that couldn't decide if it was kidding or not at the time.  I actually saw an episode many many years ago and remembered the scene eating the apples on the farm, but I'm sure it was not widely screened anywhere on Earth.  If you are an insomniac with a distaste for American political cable news channels, well, YouTube is your friend, friend.

More Low-Information Lance Armstrong Teh Stupid

Misunderstanding the Lance Armstrong story is pretty much the teh stupid all over America. 

Another Asshole Fucking Up Our Culture

We're gonna need a really big fucking asteroid to bring the cleansing fire before we can hope for intelligent life to evolve on Earth.

Dinesh D'Souza Got Whacked

It was a hit!  The pissy morons at his Jesus Correspondence College got tired of paying his obscene salary so they sent a hitman to take him out!  That is frakking hilarious.  I guess that greasy cocksucker pissed off one too many evangelicals.  Brilliant.

One Year Ago Today

the anti-serotta: waterford road frames are good.

no, they aren't made with 753 anymore, and their custom lugs are kinda goofy with the integrated cable guides, and they don't come with proper fluted seatstay caps or horizontal dropouts, but waterford lugged frames are good and a good value these days.  you can get downtube shifter bosses and simple lugs and a nice paintjob.  this is not serotta with shitty, overpriced frames; this is a company that will be around a while.  they are the only lugged contract builder/factory in the united states and do great work for rivendell and boulder bikes and others i'm sure.  i'm also sure that richard schwinn isn't wringing money out of the company so he can have a music room or huge bmw.  how can you tell?  their frames cost less than most every custom builder out there.  they are committed to lugs and steel.  they are the anti-serotta.  fuck  yeah. 

$26,000 a year

$26,000 a year.  that's the median income last year.  with median household income at $49000 a year, the next time some says that families making $250,000 a year are struggling, tell them to kindly go fuck themselves.  with wage structures like this, our economy will always be fucked.  folks making $26,000 a year each are not saving anything for the future and are spending every single cent they make just to get through another week.  everyone, even the miserable koch brothers, suffers when much of our country is so close to poverty.  we are a stupid nation and we deserve what we are going to get sooner or later.

more on ancient & modern

you really need to support the best band ever and get their new record.  or cd.  or 8-track.  something.  it's an album that begs for repeat listenings.  it's an ambitious and coherent record.  it takes some of the themes familiar on the last few albums and expands them and expands upon them.  the complete, 8-mekon lineup sounds energized and involved.  it's amazing how much of an anchor lu edmonds and his electric saz are now.  just as big a part of the band's sound as suzy's violin or rico's accordion.  it's an outstanding addition to the rock 'n roll formula. 

terotta tankruptcy

looks like we won't have them to kick around much longer.  still, when the owner's house is up for sale $1.1 million, you might want to consider buying a bike from someone not so interested in selling over-priced bikes to subsidize an extravagant lifestyle.  if he wasn't so interested in living like a robber baron, perhaps the ti frames wouldn't cost 3 times what some better custom ti frames cost.  assholes.  i'm sure he's already squeezed as much cash out of the company as he can for himself; the workers will have to settle for unemployment.  for a million and a half you can buy the serotta factory.  how the fuck did they think they could sell 5000 bikes a year??

for the love of pete, somebody buy saab

i know they deserve to die for not having a proper manual transmission available in the new 9-5 aero, but if somebody doesn't buy the company, i'm not gonna be able to get my desired car: a 6-speed manual 9-5 with the hirsch performance upgrade and better-spec interior, fjord blue or metallic black with the black leather interior and all the options.  chop chop motherfrakkers. 

even the liberal new york times isn't, version 4978201

this is a liberal?  no, of course not, but according the new york times and national public radio, he is.  for the record, bork was no intellectual; he was a movement conservative, narrow-minded and ignorant.  rather than his denial being a low-water mark for american politics, it was instead a pattern that the senate democrats should have maintained in later years to keep the current crop of dim-witted reactionary retards, scalia, thomas, roberts, alito, off the court.  america would be a better place today if the borking was a rule instead of an exception.

this is how science is supposed to work

well, not the koch brothers funding part.  and not the hysterical ill-informed denials.  and not the political bullshit, but the fact the the koch-suckers thought they were buying a brain-dead, climate-denying hack, and instead bought a reasonably thoughtful scientist is pretty fucking funny.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Joan Walsh Upgrades On McGovern

I've never really thought much of Joan Walsh.  Whenever she's on the tee vee, I always get the feeling she's trying to guess the magic words that will get her Tweety's job, but this McGovern obit is getting mad props for good reason.  She does a great job of placing the man, his life, and his political career in its proper historic context, as well as highlighting the very important self destruction of the left wing of the Democratic Party.  Funny how that all happened right around the time the country started going down the shitter.  The early 70's were the peak of wages, standard of living, and included a lunatic criminal Republican president who governed to left of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.  Go figure...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dinesh D'Souza Is A Frakking Mess

He used to be a Catholic? And converted to whatever stupid shit he was for the money?  Jesus Frakking Christ, what a douche.  And I wonder just what sort of trainwreck the first Mrs. DoucheSouza was when she decided to marry that asshole.  Probably a low-rent, gold-digging conservative wannabe.  OTOH, he's apparently fucked much of the pantheon of shrieking conservative harpy attention-whores.  That's something!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Sram is no longer Lance Armstrong's friend.  Armstrong probably doesn't have too too many friends left that aren't on the payroll, but the Sram thing's gotta be especially tough because we all know how Sram treats their friends!

Douchey Paul's Diner Is Open 24 Hours

Those fine conservatives, lovers of Jesus, holier than you fuckers, better, cleaner, whiter, more articulate, are really a bunch of petty cocksuckers.  America is the wealthiest nation in the history of the universe.  Poverty could have been eradicated two generations ago, yet the poorest of our brothers and sisters still rely on hardworking decent people to run soup kitchens, food pantries, and homeless shelters.  After maxi-douche Paul Ryan decides to violate one of these soup kitchens and gets nailed for it, the cocksuckers go fucking crazy, not caring who they hurt.  They are evil and stupid.  Fuck them.

Brent Bozell Is An Idiot

In case you had forgotten.  It's pretty apparent that Bozell's only use is to make Bill Buckley seem a little less like an inbred troglodyte by comparison. 

One Year Ago Today

maddow had a cute little rant about pensions and retirement tonight

finally someone on the tee vee calling 401k's a scam!  wall street steals 28% of your retirement money and private companies get to play much less in real terms since they don't pay pensions anymore!  we are fucking morons, and we keep smiling as we get raped year after year.  good for maddow.  she seemed genuinely pissed. 

jungle jack hanna and his hat looked pretty zoned tonight

jungle jack hanna was on maddow tonight to defend the republican governor and look freaked out and tired after the slaughter he witnessed.  he's definitely a douche but he looked pretty out of it tonight.

has robert reich lost it?

he was on with tweety pushing his economic plan.  did he really say cut the military in half?  what what what??  too bad he didn't have balls to talk like this when he was fluffing bubba's disastrous presidency.  70% top marginal rate?  it's a good start.

forgive them, they are young and rich and white

pampered scumbag andrew cuomo proves that he is and will always be a trusted servant.  he learned the lessons of the kennedy family well, even if his wife preferred the stable boy. 

are you 53% stupid?

lots has been said about how pathetic the 53% participants are, with so many of them seeming to be victims of the same fucked-up economic and social system they are foolishly praising.  and that is true.  so many of those assholes brag of having no health insurance or being unemployed or working murderous hours just to get by.  can it really be that they are too stupid to know they are being exploited, not just by that moron erick erickson's inane stunt, but also by the system they apparently don't know is broken.

that said, i bet most of those posts are bullshit anyway, either utter fabrications by erickson's people or made-up nonsense by the posters. 

jim demint, sweet jeebus

that's one dim bulb.  the elected servants of our ruling class tell a very sad story about the true state of our nation.

does cain think he can be romney's veep?

hermentum backing up mittens?  after the debate it seems cain is kissing romney's ass hard to get that affirmative action spot, but that does not seem like a good fit.  will romney's people think cain can deliver the bigot asshole teabagger jesus-freak vote?  there seems to be one issue with that: a romney/cain ticket will be two minorities attempting to scoop up as many of those closed-mined republican fuckers as possible.  not a sure thing.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dinesh D'Souza Is A Sinner

And so is the syphilitic trollop he's fucking!  Holy shit, this just gets better and better.  His whore is married to some other dipshit!  How fucking limp-dicked do you have to be to have your bitch leave you for a leathery little bastard like Dinesh D'Souza?

One Year Ago Today

is there any sin the catholic church has not committed

these people are just evil.  they wanna fuck the kids, sure, we knew that, but they like stealing them, too. 

has the randy randy hopper hopped his last

stupid fucker.  his whore was in the car with him, too.  with any luck he will have hopped his last.

what it is don't come in a bottle

scary: hannity interviews trump.  that much clueless in one room should really cause the universe to implode.  only the love of jeebus keeps us here with those two dickheads among us. 

charles payne should not try to argue against people who are smarter than he is

and that would be pretty much anybody.  he got smacked around by occupy wall street and was stupid enough to allow it to be broadcast on fox news.  his personal story is such bullshit; he's an uncle tom for the fox generation.

And So It Was Written

CC Sabathia sucks.  Bye A-Rod, bye Girardi.  Except for Sabathia, the pitching did its job. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One Year Ago Today

chris hitchens pummels the mormon cult

weird and insane chris hitchens stomps all over the really weird and really insane cult of mormonism, a uniquely american twist on the religious derangement.  as soon as you learn just a little about how creepy and sick many of their beliefs are, you should examine the more established religions and see the horrible truth about them as well, but the mormons are fucking out there, a nasty little group of freaks and perverts, the diseased product of an especially bad time in american history.  

eric cantor and paul ryan

watching these two clowns, one question comes to mind: is this the best that a major american political party can do?  i mean, these two assholes are just about too stupid to breathe and yet, there they are.

carbon quandry: appleman custom vs. crumpton corsa team

this is a question for the ages if you are looking for a plastic carbon road bike frame before 1 january 2012.  the crumpton corsa team is a good-looking made-in-italy stock carbon frameset for almost 4 grand.  for 3.5 grand this year, you could also get a custom appleman.  i'm not sure what i would or will do.  the crumpton is a nice looking sled, but the chance to get it tweeked is a strong incentive.  the only other carbon frame i'd consider would be from carl strong, but they're crumpton-expensive. 

the end of pat buchanan's sad career

if that horrible fuckwad can be on fox news to push his asinine racist book, can we hope that he will never be seen on any other tee vee outlet ever again?  of course not.  but he sucks. 

mekons at city winery

the mighty mighty mekons in a snazzy restaurant.  who woulda thunk it, though the mekons have a history of sit-down shows from way back on the natural tour, so it was a natural extension of their current zeitgeist to play such a venue.  the new stuff fit in well with the old stuff, and tom looked quite a bit more comfortable than he did on friday in brooklyn.  in 2007, i was struck at how much tom was the leader of the band on stage, but after four years without seeing him perform with the band, notably missing the epic mercury lounge show in 2009, i thought he was a little lost on friday but looked more natural on saturday.  all in all, it was a great experience, with a nice atmosphere and great sound.  highly recommended.  the banter was especially sharp that night as well.  a nice bootleg of the show can be found here.  highly recommended too. 

the latest war

watching all the assholes out there scream and cry in support of the latest and greatest american war against evil where our oil lives, you cannot help but be depressed.  firedoglake was an interesting example with snarky moron tbogg getting into it with some of our more clear-headed citizens and this followup bringing all the good democratic warriors out again.

after all the idiocy we've heard just in the last week, anyone who believes obama's story about uganda is an asshole themselves.  we only kill bad people when they live on top of shit we need.

Dinesh D' Souza Fornicates With Women!

What the fuck?  He's such a classic closet-case-creepster-looking cocksucker, I had him pegged as a Jerry Sandusky-style boy fucker, but no.  When he outs himself as a total hypocrite scumbag, it is with a young woman.  I woulda' lost that fucking bet.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fox News Is Sputtering

Romney looked positively green right after the debate thing tonight, like he couldn't decide whether it'd be better to puke first or shit first.  Fox News is losing their shit, too.  Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly were very glum.  Krazy Krippled Krauthammer appeared to blather his bullshit as quickly as he could so he go home.  Internet creeper Frank Luntz struggled with a focus group even dumber and uglier--and whiter!-- than he is, trying to get a bunch of dim-bulb oldster Romney supporters to remember their rehearsals.  Now Hannity is fighting back tears with Shar Pei Dogboy Ed Gillespie and 'Lazy' John Sununu dissembling as fast as they can after watching their boy get sodomized by a black guy on live TV.  Fun stuff.

Why Doesn't Sam Wang's Princeton Election Consortium Get More Play?

Could it be that his goal is to get it right instead of ingratiate himself to the political and media establishment, even the entry-level establishment media?  His model looks good and his results are solid, but if you don't actively suck up to the horse-race folks, I guess you don't matter.  His work should be all over the political blogs, 24-hour news channels and half-way decent newspapers.  Weird. 

Virag's Movie Reviews: John Carter (2012)

Flop, yes, but not an awful movie.  The John Carter was nothing special, and perhaps a more charismatic leading man could have made the film more compelling.  The girl was good though; I appreciated that she was not overly rail-thin, which is a bonus in movies.  John Carter looked okay, and the filmmakers tried their best to stay close to the books but perhaps not close enough.  On the other hand, given that the source material has influenced and been ripped off by writers and directors for a hundred fucking years, perhaps the filmmakers could have taken the basic plot and the atmosphere of the original source material and made a much more coherent story.  The first thing that stuck out was the astral projection plot device.  Yes, it was part of the Barsoom stories, but I have always found that pretty stupid.  What they should have done was make the conduit to Mars a physical thing like a Stargate or E-R Bridge or something.  That leads to the second point: the Barsoom of the story should have existed 500,000 years ago.  That would explain why Mars is dead now (and was dead during the 1870's too), but John Carter was transported by that wormhole thing to a planet in his far past, a planet that still supported life.  Those two things alone would have the movie much better, but Disney is not known for getting too worried about getting it just right.

James Wolcott Versus Welfare Academia

Talent.  Versus.  Not so much.  The comments are especially precious; nothing like a bunch of rock-ribbed right-wing Democrats to hate on anyone smarter or more liberal than they are!

What Wolcott understands, I think, is that the mission of Cockburn and Counterpunch is to expand the range of facts, ideas, and opinions beyond the very narrow scope of establishment media, including entry-level establishment media.  Now, I would like to believe that the sub-50th percentile graduates and professors and their sycophants also understand that, but I'm really not hopeful, because the brain-dead snark makes me think they don't get it.  The readership of Counterpunch are expected to know how to employ scepticism and evaluate the thing they read and hear--unlike, well, you get it--and would in no way infer that living or dead Alex Cockburn fully agreed with everything he read or printed while working his entire life.  I'm sure the LG&M folks are fine guys, even if their academic careers aren't quite what they'd hoped for, but their soft-headedness and jealousy of people who have been more wildly successful and influential is tiresome.  And don't forget, who did some important work regarding the Khmer Rouge and Vietnam's military intervention?  Why Noam Chomsky, of course, bringing some understanding to the people not so firmly entrenched in intellectual mediocrity about the role of military interventions vs. humanitarian interventions.  The LG&M fools hate and fear, and fail to understand,  Chomsky at least as much as Cockburn's ghost.  Go figure...

More Noxious Teh Stupid

These purported people are using up your oxygen.  If you like a liberal dose of anti-Semitism to go with racism, homophobia, stunning stupidity, and bugfuck insanity--and who doesn't!--then you will love it long time. 

Quadrophenia Reconsidered

While reconsidering Endless Wire, I came across this fantastic review and reconsideration of Quadrophenia.  I can certainly go with any well-constructed argument that Quadrophenia is the best and most important rock album ever made--Murphy does miss some of the more obvious candidates for best double-album, Double Nickels on the Dime; Zen Arcade; and Daydream Nation, and lists some pretty awful ones in their place--even though I'm not 100% convinced that it is the best ever.  (A good argument for it is quite convincing.)  It doesn't matter a bit.  The Who's best might be the best ever.  Enough said.

The Un-Debate

This is why there will be no debate tonight, or ever, if the vile men running for office have anything to do with it.  The debates are corporate puppet shows designed by one-party politics to prevent any undesirable ideas from entering the campaign conversation.  By undesirable ideas, I mean any ideas.  Regardless, these people are pussies and want nothing to do with addressing any issue that might actually matter to the 99%.  The whole charade is absolutely nothing more than bad theatre.

Monday, October 15, 2012

White House Black President

About the only good thing that will result from Obama's victory this year is the torture it will be to the vast legion of racist assholes out there.  From rock-ribbed teabagger cocksuckers to smarmy cretins like John Sununu and from inbred retards like the Koch brothers to all the way through most of Fox News Nation, the fools who hate and fear Obama because of the color of his skin will know pain like few decent men and women ever experience, and that will be a great time for the culture.  Watching them writhe in terror and boil with hate will make my heart grow warm with joy.  I hope for mass suicide to become quite the fashion on the right in late 2012 and early 2013.

Douchey Paul's Greasy Spoon

I find it hard to believe that Paul Ryan is a fucking zero.  Until now he has seemed so solid and believable.  I may not be able to go on.  What would Fox have said if this was Joe Biden?  They would be on this 24/7 demanding that he be summarily shot for misleading the American people.  From Ryan though, this is just more risible behavior from one of America's best-known liars and morons.

Do Any American Politicians Have The Guts Of Julia Gillard?

Yes, she's trying to ride out a scandal, and yes, this is a classic example of deflection, but she has giant fucking balls and castrates the opposition leader right there in front of all his friends and then laughs at his bloody wound before skull fucking him just because she can.  I cannot imagine any of our boys or girls being this passionate or this courageous in full view of their political peers.  Gillard is the sort of leader we need in the United States.

Hugo Chavez Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

And not just for Venezuela!  It is loads of fun for Americans, too.  Anybody with the balls to take on the aristocracy and use the wealth of the nation to help the poorest citizens is a hell of a lot more of a man (or woman) than any politicians squatting in the Democratic or Republican parties and gives us just a hint of how shitty our ruling class really is.

The Dumbest Thing Ever On TV (Tie For 2nd)

This is the second dumbest thing ever broadcast on any television anywhere in recorded history--in a tie with approximately 17 billion other things: Behind Obama's Green Agenda, on Fox News Channel of course.  You can tell it's incredibly dumb for at least 1000 reasons, but a couple of the easiest are the facts that they bring up well-known dumb fucker, and proven non-scientist, Bjorn Lomborg to give a wildly idiotic and false commentary on Rachel Carson.  Those two things: Bjorn Lomborg and misunderstanding and/or lying about Rachel Carson are both incredibly stupid, but Fox pulls this shit every couple of years to scare their Moron-American viewership into hating on some Democrats or homosexuals or hippies or some shit.

Oh, and retarded Muppet-baby Mark Levin.  He's a fucking dipshit.

HOLY SHIT!  They had disgusting diaper pervert and whore-monger David Vitter on, but they didn't ask if he soiled the diaper he had the hooker put on him, or whether she otherwise serviced him.  Too bad.  I'm sure the average Fox viewer would be very interested in all the details of his hooker behavior. 

This Brain-Dead Wackjob Is Out There Running Around Loose

And he's a fucking neurosurgeon.  Sweet frakking jeebus, MD's can be some of the most ignorant and absolutely close-minded backward-ass motherfuckers out there.  As a species we should start educating our doctors in more actual science and scientific theory so that they get in the habit of dislodging their heads from their recta on semi-regular basis. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Excellent FDL Book Salon On Nuke Power

FireDogLake had an excellent Book Salon with Joseph Mangano regarding his book on nuclear power in the United States.  An utter, disastrous misunderstanding of the realities of commercial nuclear power generation is one of the biggest problems with 'left' 'liberal' 'progressive' people in the US.  Every time I hear or read some asshole say nukes are '100% pollution free and green' in an environment where it is clear that the asshole in question is not some ignorant wingnut cocksucker, I realize once again how fucked we are as a people.  It should be better understood around there that nuclear power is the most polluting form of electricity generation, and anyone who doesn't comprehend that is too stupid to live.

Clearly Jesus Hates America

Broken bones and retarded umpires prove that Jesus hates America worse than any commie homo mooslim President!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Business Is Good

One Year Ago Today

joke line on larry o'donnell's show

that's a scary clueless asshole twosome right there.  i don't think any two people on earth could have their heads any farther up the ass of the establishment than these two fuckheads. 

hermentum is getting kicked all over now

9-9-9 or 666--the number of the beast!!--ain't gonna help hermentum.  he's getting kicked all around and i'm afraid that he'll get so beat upon that he will lose his ability to provide batshit loony entertainment.

the turner baseball broadcast team is awful

just awful.  not mccarver bad, but still.  where's tony kubek when you need him? 

occupy wall street earns a frontal attack

the nervous masters of wall street have decided it is time to squash the uprising.  now this is an obvious frontal attack and may give the police an excuse to arrest huge numbers of people.  isn't it great that zuccotti park is private property where the rules can be changed at any time with the nypd to enforce the edicts of a private corporation.  it would be great if this energizes even more protest instead of effectively ending the new york occupation.  bloomberg is a douchenozzle, btw.

mekons ancient & modern

the mekons latest disc, ancient & modern, has apparently been done for quite a while.  the banter in 2009 at the mercury lounge show--the first time i heard 'space in your face'--seemed to imply the album was done or almost done and would be out relatively soon.  25 months later, it's out, and it's a doozy.  the overarching concept of parallels between the edwardian era and this modern time gives the band an opportunity and excuse to stretch beyond the conventional rock/country/folk style(s) and to hit some historical themes of war and upheaval as well.  it's an interesting and engaging work.  while it's not the return to rock 'n roll or anything, it grows more entrancing with each listen and the arc of songs do indeed work well as a complete work even if there's no clumsy concept-album narrative.  having seen both of the recent nyc shows, i can also say that the songs on the album fit extremely well into the mekons live show set.  i first heard 'space' in 2009, and the 2011 version rocked even harder.  'arthur's angel', 'i fall asleep', 'geeshie' and 'honey bear' were also highlights of the recent shows, giving even more depth to new album.  i like it.  so will you.  if the middle period mekons, from fear and whiskey to retreat from memphis--i know, but i fucking love that album even if langford dissed it and none of the songs are concert stalwarts; it's a strong, lean, rocking album when the band was a core foursome--was an astounding run of perhaps the greatest rock 'n whatever music ever, then ancient & modern is a fabulous addition to the later period, starting with journey to the end of the night, or perhaps me if you like that self-consciously odd and profane along with renaissance-maniac lu edmonds helming the pro tools, that features such interesting, dark and complex music. 

olbermann on francona

last night, olbermann was pretty funny getting on the jerkoffs who own the redsox attacking francona in the globe.  now that he's gone, they wanna piss all over him.  whoever takes the job should figure on getting the fuck outa dodge after 3 or 4 seasons.  hopefully you win the series in that time, but either way you gotta go.

patrick cockburn knows better than josh marshall

it's very sad to see how gullible and scumsucking some supposedly 'left' commentators are like tpm's jefe josh marshall when it comes to the obama administration and the 'war' on 'terror'.  marshall was an immediate enabler of obama's murderous drone attack on anwar al-awlaki.  fortunately, patrick cockburn is quite a bit more intelligent, informed and sceptical, so he didn't fall the latest bullshit, the 'iranian' 'plot'.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ryan Butt Hurt

Heh, indeedy.  Fox News has been pretty fucking hilarious today, complaining about ole Smirky Joe and claiming the half-watt bulb Paul Ryan was the clear winner.  I will give Biden credit because it was not as apparent last night, but his utter disdain for Ryan and Ryan's bullshit and his pathetic Republican ticket was clearly very damaging to the Romney campaign, the Fox News brand, and the general Republican asshole mentality out there.  Biden is no great guy; he's always been an incurious and loyal corporate stooge, but last night was clearly a good thing, maybe the best thing he's done in his career.  Treat utter fools like the fools they are.  Laugh at them.  Make them feel stupid.  Show the rest of the folks that it is okay to laugh at the dummies and make fun of their bullshit, and you can help America grow up.  Maybe Biden did more than just help that turd Obama win an election last night.  Without really meaning to, he may have made the Democrats just a little bit better of a political party and helped put America on the road to real progress.

Or not, but the Fox assholes are spooked, and given the state of affairs in this dump, we have to take every scrap of hope we get.

And another hopeful thought: this should be the end of Paul Ryan's career.  He was touted as a smart guy, a policy guy, a big Republican brain.  Well, that's pretty much dead.  Biden skull-fucked him and made Ryan seem not only stupid on the policy, but helpless and empty-headed on the political skills.  Biden was mostly bullshit with a good performance, but Ryan was nothing with no performance.  If he's the best the Repubs have, they are fuuuccked.

One Year Ago Today


what's gonna happen now that mittens has mittmentum?  there's gonna be some teabagger heads exploding, but will the rock-ribbed asshole establishment just go with mittmentum?  probably.

josh beckett: loser

pretty funny to hear that beckett was a douchebag in the clubhouse, and not exactly a team player.  shocked, i say.  shocked.  makes that sack sabathia look better, at least.

michael o'hanlon and kenneth pollack: fetid human filth

as seen recently--again--in the iran terror bullshit story that the obama administration puked up for the myriad idiots out there are two of the most vile pieces of shit currently soiling this planet: michael o'hanlon and kenneth pollack.  i really kind of wish there really was a hell, cause it would be kinda' fun to watch them suffer at least a little bit.  o'hanlon is the biggest embarrassment for princeton since meg whitman's idiot son.  pollack is just a cocksucker.  both are supposedly well-educated and credentialed mouthpieces for the american imperial war machine at the horrible brookings institution.  both of course are utter fucking morons and almost always wrong on every conceivable subject.  if one of those two dickwads says something, well you can be sure it's fucking horseshit.  they fill their roles, though; the empire needs these small-minded and empty-heady 'experts' to enthusiastically lick its boots and lovingly tongue its ass. 

if you believe the latest iran plot, you are an idiot

utter nonsense.  it is much more about the fbi playing dressup and eric holder getting pissed on by darrel issa than it is about terrorism or any potential crimes.  note how it's a boehner-inducing fever dream for all the paranoid racist teabaggers and neocons out there.  iranians!  mexicans!  drugs!  bombs!  israel.  utter bullshit and if you believe a word of it, you're a fucking retard.

tito got divorced from the sox this year, too

boston sports culture at its finest.  now that tito is gone and the sox blew dog big time in september, the assholes in boston are trashing francona, calling him a drug addict and saying he couldn't control his team because of his divorce.  stay classy, sports fans. 

the cubs will be sorry

all the shit coming out about the bosox is not gonna help the theo launch in chi-town.

steve jobs has been dead a little while

why doesn't my iphone play flash yet?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Biden's Creamy Goo

The rubes are itching for Biden to sodomize that weasel Ryan tonight, but so far it looks like a better performance than Obama gave against Mittens, and really, that is about the best you can do.  Obama's performance sucked, while Mittens gave it the full-on, scenery-chewing mania of a community-theater wannabe channeling Paul Giamatti.  Of course, Mittens lied and dissembled and every other fucking thing that invalidated the last five years of his life, but he came across better than the bored and boring Obama, so he was the winner.  It looks like Biden is reversing the roles without any possibility of a real debate breaking out.  Frankly Mr. Shankly, that's probably ideal for the Democrat team.

Update: Ryan was always a dope--if he's the smart Republican, then various retarded monkeys would be Republican Einsteins--but it really is amazing to see that the 'debate' feels like he's not even in the room tonight.  I get that he's a real fucking lightweight, but you gotta be a freeking absolute zero to make Joe Biden look like Demosthenes.

Updater: Much like the choice of vile cretin Joe Lieberman cost Gore the election, it is pretty apparent that Mittens' disastrous choice of dim bulb Paul Ryan may have destroyed his chances this year.

Updaterer: Paul Ryan: perhaps the only thing in the world that ever made Joe 'The Senator from Citibank' Biden sound smart.

Updatererer:  Fox News is not happy right now!  Epic cocksucker Brit Hume called Biden cranky and leather-faced harpy Greta van Susteren said Biden wasn't nice.  Ruh-roh, they are in full-on Tweetyesque Meltdown mode.  Biden was a meanie and America is not going to like that, they say.  Fucking precious.

Updaterererer: Sarah Palin.  Jesus frakking christ she's a fucking moron.

Mittens Doesn't Know Enough To Shut Up

Healthcare in the United States is a huge fucking disaster, a crime against humanity, a fiscal disease, and nothing Obama did--or wanted to do--will do anywhere near enough to help.  Of course, Mittens is not interested in doing anything to make it better, but why the fuck isn't he smart enough to shut the fuck up?  He's a rich guy, son of a rich guy, not too bright and not at all worried about his or his family's access to health care.  Were he a good man, a good politician, an intelligent man, a leader, he would be interested in being the President of the United States to make the richest nation in the history of the known universe the nation with the best, most cost effective universal health care in that aforementioned history.  But he's not, and he doesn't give a fuck, but talking like a fucking inbred retard doesn't help him at all OR further his goal of winning an election.  Dumb, dumber, dumbest.

OK, I Have Had Enough Of Martha Raddatz

Just her opening spiel was enough to make me puke.  This is such bullshit and a disservice to every human on the planet save those assholes that make up our craven political establishment.  Biden had better be fucking hammered and just start shredding that douchenozzle Ryan, or this is going to be painful to endure. 

Frakking Komen

I guess the evil and the stupid run deep in Komen.  The fact that they fucked up so badly with the Planned Parenthood nonsense should have been a warning to scrape all the shit off their business and find how deep into wingnut universe they really are.  It's really fucking deep.  Of course, they were a hard-right outfit from the beginning, with connections up and down the Republican political establishment, but they got a pass because of the work with cancer that seemed important.  Cancer charity was an effective cover for stupid and for evil for quite a while, but let's hope to Jeebus that those days are done.  Dickhead Army Strong.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Raul Ibanez, Si!

A-Rod, No!

Political Song for Tony Perkins to Sing

Vote For Obama Or Else

Hey, dummy, you want to protect Social Security, right?  Of course you do, cuz you're not a fucking douchebag, so you better vote for Obama!  Wait, what?  Obama wants to cut Social Security?  He keeps saying it, and he was the one who created the Catfood Commission.  (He appointed rancid cocksuckers like Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, Rahm Emanuel, Peter Orszag, David Petraeus, and Leon Panetta to his government.  He majorly fucked up the economy by failing to propose a larger stimulus plan.)  And now his piss boys are actively working outside the government to cut Social Security as well.  So, why should you vote for him or else?  That's a good question, because Obama has proven again and again that he is a wretched failure in ever conceivable way.  If you have to count on Chuck Shumer--Chuck Fucking Shumer!!--to derail Obama's bipartisan scheme to destroy Social Security you have entered a strange and frightening dimension where up is black and white is down.  I guess if you are desperate enough, Shumer is better than nothing.  Make no mistake, Obama is an honestly dangerous politician if he makes Chuck Shumer look like a champion of the people.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Modern Zullo Max

There is a lot to like with this 21st century Zullo frame from a few years ago: Max tubing; proper horizontal dropouts; proper downtube shifter bosses; chromed head lugs.  I'm not a huge fan of the half-chrome fork look or of the unicrown style fork; Zullo woulda' been much better off choosing a fork crown.  Anyway, it's pretty nice looking.

The True Colors Of The Village Idiots

Washington Post style.  These are the assholes who keep the oligarchy safe from reason.  These are the assholes who care nothing about anything but their own status and licking boots.  The lovely and talented Hugo Chavez has done well by the majority of people in his country, and the fact that the shitheads in our country hate him so much only makes it that much more fun for us.

One Year Ago Today

real unemployment is 1 out of every 5 amercans and no one cares

nobody in government is gonna do shit about it.  the nation is corroding one life at a time.  this bullshit is yet another inanity killing all of us slowly. 

mittens gets kicked

the one thing you can say about the horrible fucking teabagger bigot assholes: they're simple in every possible sense.

stupid sparkles in texas

if you are feeling a flat and lifeless and some vibrant idiocy will perk you up like an overdose of cialis, well, jeebus has answered your prayers.  nothing says dumb like texas dumb.  everything is bigger in texas, especially the stupid.  don't fuck with texas.  duh. 


2 days, 2 mekons shows in new york city.  it was hot as fuck at the bell house and packed with a crowd that mostly appeared to be hipster douchebag assholes and their parents in about equal numbers.  unfortunately, i was stone cold sober as i had to walk back to park slope where my car was parked and drive back home afterwards, so unlike the mercury lounge show in 09, i was not completely shouty-sweaty drunk.

they played many of the songs off the new album, and they fit in well with the 35 years of mekons material.  the album itself is also very enjoyable and works nicely as a concept album.  the rockinest song on the album, 'space in your face' was played in 2009 at the show i saw and probably rocked a tiny bit harder this year.

one thing that really stands out is how tight and good they are now.  all eight of the mekons were there, so with 6 singers, a crazy-looking lu edmonds playing his electric saz the whole show, suzy on violin and tom in attendance, it was a amazing performance.  steve and sarah are now an unflappable and powerful rhythm section, and even though you could hardly see her behind jon and sally, her bass was pulsing and dominant in old-timey rock 'n roll tradition.  it was great to have tom with 'em; a little less lead singing for rico, and none for lu this time, but the vocals were awesome all around.  at times tom looked a little lost, but the mekons really are better with him even if he's a boring old family man and working guy now.

Please Please Please Put Me In Atlas Shrugged 3!

Idiot is about as mild as you could be--and I guess every struggling actress deserves a bit of understanding over some of the humiliating things they have to do--for someone so obviously gunning for the part of head lifeguard in Atlas Shrugged 3.  Not having read the book, I can't be really sure that half of it takes place on John Galt Beach, but Ms. Dash is apparently pretty sure of it, so I'll go with her.