Sunday, August 31, 2014

An Ok Song, Not Nearly As Good As He Thought

Cops On The Warpath

America today! The cops are the enemy.  Sure, Officer Friendly was always a fucking scumbag, but it was fun when we could pretend.  Now, though, we gotta deal with the shit we made and the fools we put into power.  Fantastic...

New Russia, Old Russia

Unfortunately for Ukraine, New Russia is IN Ukraine.  That's what we get when we destabilize a government in the clumsiest way imaginable and get a fascist shit show in Kiev.  Nice going.  Anywayz, the Russians are making us pay for our mistake, but we aren't the ones dying.  The sorry fucks in Ukraine get to the dying while we have the fun. 

NBC Or Fox, The Pool, The Pond

Hah hah!  Never heard of this douchenozzle, but the fact that NBC hired him and he's an unhinged racist teabagger pretty much tell the tale.  That's the keystone of the establishment media, big fucking reactionary cockbags.  NBC is not really much better than the Fox "News".

Anne Applebaum Is A Fucking Idiot

She's essentially a braindead reactionary fucktard, but she does write for one of our premier right-wing establishment papers.  A really, really shitty paper, but unless we resist immediately, the pundit class of Koch-suckers will have a chance to bullshit the US into war.  Let that cunt Applebaum fight.  She can take the fucking Post with her.

Bagger Dipshits Don't Understand Della Santa

Go figger.  I'm sure the OP is very nice, but pretty quickly the premier asshole in the territory hops into the thread with some typical inanity.  Teabaggers don't understand anything, so clearly handbuilt bike frames are waayyy beyond their capacities...

Fwiw, the Della Santa frames are really friggin' cool, way cooler than some dickbag asshole on the internets.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

At This Point All Our Apples Are Bad

Ferguson was a fucking racist asshole cop shit show, and that was AFTER the murder of Michael Brown.  We probably need to remind each other over and over, though, that Ferguson was nothing other than a link in the chain of state violence against Americans, especially minorities. 

Mekons Pre-History

Older than old & outa print.  Nifty second-wave punk from Leeds, scary and amazing if you know what the next 40 or so years will bring. 

JJ Abrams' 'Superman' Woulda Sucked Hard

This review was credited with killing the flick back in the day; pretty amazing stuff.  While I get that the movie would have sucked AND blown, since everything Abrams touches turns to shit, I am kinda' shocked/sickened by just how much of this garbage made it into the Man of Steel abortion.  Really, they knew it was terrible, but they let a bunch of the inanity into the film they finally financed.  Those movie people are brilliant.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Yet Another Nifty Mekons Interview

Not Prague this time; apparently this one is from Beavis and Butthead's hometown.  Anywho, any Mekons propaganda is always welcome.

Is Ferguson The American Spring? No. No it's not.

It's already over. The racist assholes are busy rewriting history, and soon Michael Brown will no longer even be remembered as human.  He'll be the threat.  The black.  The thug and criminal who needed to be put down.  Uprising, revolution, protest, action, those things are all scary and hard and potentially dangerous.  Hell, America as a society can't even support a viable labor movement.  We'll never achieve anything resembling justice and social change.

Dems In Electoral Disarry In 2014

Even at his best Obama was a fucking disaster for Dems--see how he helped to fuck up 2010--and four years later, he is screamingly feckless at best.  The worst part was back in 2008 when it appeared at times that the Dems and Obama might actually have a plan; that turned out not to be true, and by election day 2010, the whole shit show was over.  The only way to win is to have a plan, a real, national plan to exploit the very fucking enormous Republican weaknesses and failures all the way to victory for Dems all over the country.  Well, that wasn't ever going to happen...

Meanwhile, Could We Be Looking At A Legitimate Texas Miracle?

Texas is a fucked-up fucktard cesspool, but it is looking like something has the bad, bad guys spooked down there.  Given how big of nasty creep Greg Abbott is, I guess it is possible that Wendy Davis can smear him with enough shit that even a dipshit Texan won't vote for 'im.  That would be a hell of an amazing consolation prize.

Laboring Day Week End

America ain't got it in 'er.  The USA is not up to a strong, vibrant, necessary union movement in the 21st century.  Of course, she wasn't up to in the 19th or 20th either...

Watching the final crumbling of whatever the 2008 electorate thought might happen, every one of us should understand that the people, the proletariat, the 99%, whatever, is not up to organizing and acting en masse in their own interests and the interests of their class and their children.  Our politics and political economy have disintegrated; the nutballs and assholes and Koch-suckers have broken the system once and for all.  It will take a giant crisis and much suffering to alter the course now, and that is something the USA as we know it will not survive.

The People Of Baltimore Thank Jesus Charlie Crist That Ben Carson Is No Longer Free To Mangle Their Children

Dr. Nick looks like a better bet than this idiot Carson.  The day he retired must have been the best day in the history of Johns Hopkins.  Sure, they were going to have to deal with his bugfuck insane teabagging, but at least he was no longer teaching or practicing medicine.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rockin' & Rollin' Lu Edmonds Interview From Prague

Wicked brilliant.  Lu is such a nice in person and in print that I feel bad that I laughed when someone in the crowd at a Mercury Lounge show a few years back yelled out that he wanted to punch Lu in the face; I feel bad about that now.

Raising The Minimum Wage Is Good For Everyone

Even teabaggers, Koch-suckers, and other useless, ignorant motherfuckers.  No prices won't go up, and no people won't lose their jobs.  That's horseshit promulgated by the likes of Fox "News" and other brainless establishment propaganda media.  This thing coulda' been a huge political winner for the Dems this year, too, if they'd had the balls and brains to really campaign hard on the issue.  Too late for that now, but it's still good for the economy, so let's get on it.

Not All Unhinged Gun Nuts Are Disgusting Child Rapists

Not all of them.  What the fuck is wrong with people? 

Market Basket Wins!

They won? What the hell? They won!  They got the good Arthur back; it was their only demand, and they got it.  Pretty neat.  Yes, more would be nice.  Not bad at all.

Bob McDonnell Is A Frakking Creep

The rancid jesus shit and the mandatory ultrasound rape might not have clued you in, but maybe this shit with his crazy wife defense will.  McDonnell's a fucking piece of shit.  Not saying he didn't deserve that psycho bitch, but still, he's an asshole.

Robert Fisk On Victory For Hamas And Palestine

We don't give a shit about Gaza and Hamas and Palestine in America anymore; Ferguson was there, and ISIS, and now football starts soon, but Fisk contends that Hamas has won a victory in Gaza.  Victory comes at a heavy price in Palestine; with the goal of bankrupting Israel and turning her into a pariah state, Hamas goads Israel into mass killing on 24-hour cable tee vee news.  That's a legitimate strategy--and we can pray to jesus Charlie Crist who we love so much that it works and leads to the destruction of the current Israeli state--but the tactics are bloody and painful.

I Hope To Crist, Charlie That Douglas McArthur McCain Changed His Name For That Gig

Jon Smith wasn't gonna cut it, and Rock Jihad Harder woulda sounded silly, but Douglas McArthur McCain is much, much better.  I would have suggested Willard Romney Thatcher Reagan, but it's all good.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

English Tot Water Challenge: This Is The Single Greatest Thing I Have Ever Seen

At least today.  But I am glad I was alive to see it.  Fucking brilliant.  Many people on the interwebs are pretty fucking dense, though.  First, she's not babbling, she's doing the spiel and nominating her siblings or something in her not-exactly-posh-Received-Pronunciation accent.  Also, she knows it's coming because she closes her eyes and says "Look out".  The water is clearly not icy cold or anything either; she's pissed afterwards, not in distress.  And finally, when she jumps up and says "Fucking hell!", she turns back like she's blaming the Clyde Frog chair for how much it sucked.  She's probably right.  Stupid frog chair. 

Pretty Good Anti-Vaxxer Fisking Aimed At The Low-Information Geek Cohort

Vaccinations are pretty important to life in a modern society, you know, the one where we live in close quarters and have schools and shopping malls and travel in cars and airplanes and shit.  Vaccinations don't cause autism.  Parents who don't vaccinate their kids make life more difficult, dangerous, and painful for people who can't get vaccinated themselves, people like infants and sick people.  Those parents probably need to be the ones handing loaded machine guns to properly vaccinated children continuously until we get a proper outcome.  This article does a pretty nice job bundling together a hefty chunk of useful information for those cosplaying folks who might be parents soon enough and didn't really do actual science classes in college or whatever.  Cool.

When Saab Fanboys Go

They go full-on, ocean-going Kraut?  I guess so.  Now say you were a legit Saab fanboy in Sweden, and you didn't want to go Kraut, wouldn't Sweden be a place where you could actually find a Saab in good condition to buy for years yet?  Or maybe you really wanted that BMW all along.

Gods Blessed America!

Land that I love!  Fucking hilarious.  Seriously, this guy had to have been the biggest fucking dickhead in town; I'm surprised he wasn't the local police chief or a Republican congressman.  He handed a loaded Uzi to a child, and she shot him in the head.  That sounds about right.  I hope he had no children; that would be natural selection at work.  (Unfortunately, the girl's parents obviously bred, so the species loses anyway.)  However, this outcome is quite possibly the best possible 2nd Amendment solution I can imagine. 

Deuce Bigalow Is A Fucking Moron

Who knew?  He seems like such an effervescent and creative social observer in all his movies and tee vee appearances.  I really think it's time for an island for all these ignorant anti-vax fuckfaces and their spawn where we ship 'em all off to and they can live together with their all buddies and die in pain.  Or Israel.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Care And Keeping Of You

Let Dem Eat Cakes

Off wid dare heads!  The Washington establishment is making a run at a new war because of James Foley.  ISIS is real, real, bad.  So bad that Bashar al-Assad is our buddy again, along with Putin and Iran.  See, one guy got killed, so it's war.  That killing we're doing every day over there 24/7 for more than a generation, well, that's not war.  Not really.  Not the kind of war we need.  Not that good war like Iraq and Iraq 2 and Afghanistan/Pakistan.  We need another one.  Cuz one guy got decrapitated on YouTube.  By some stone age fuckwads.  Genius. 

Sweet Jesus Charlie Crist, Bill O'Reilly Is Schooling The Blacks About Why They're Not White

I guess Megyn Kelly sodomized Bill O'Reilly on his show last night--but not with the proper keester falafel Bill wanted his producer to shove up his ass--so O'Reilly's butthurt made him put on stunningly fucked-up Uncle Tom Ben Carson on his show to lick his balls a little bit to make him feel better.  See, asswhipe, O'Reilly knows that white privilege doesn't exist because he knows, dammit.  Blacks are poor cause they're poor, and black, in O'Reilly's addled racist microbrain.  Fuckin' lovely. 

Some Of The Biggest Guntards Out There Are Cops

And that's a huge problem for everyone, not just Michael Brown.  Already the job attracts the thugs and the goons, but when you give them all the guns and all the army man toys to fuck around with, those thugs and goons become mass murderers.  As part of our plans to get the guns off the streets, we need to also get the guns out of the hands of the cops.  Or just go full-on Mad Max and start a street war where they are no cops and no civilians. 

Al Sharpton At Michael Brown's Funeral

An impotent cuckold closet case like Bill O'Reilly could never have managed this in a billion fucking years.  Preach, my brother.

Victor White Shot Dead By Police

Lee Papa keeps the fuck-the-police idea goin' with the story of Victor White, who was clearly the greatest illusionist of his generation since he was able to somehow shoot himself in the back with a gun he didn't have while he was handcuffed in a cop car!  That's serious magic shit right there.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Darren Wilson's America

Is chock full of vile, racist cretins, at least a few of whom take occasional breaks from painting their faces with their own rancid shit to comment on the intertube webs.  These are the horrible cocksuckers who would support a racist, murdering scumbag like Darren Wilson.

Paul Ryan Is Dumb As A Rock

He's the fucktard's fucktard.  The smarmy hypocrisy is a fun bonus for you teabagging dickwads out there.

Everything Right Is Wrong

Bill O'Reilly Will Be Hatin' On Craig Melvin Soon

And not just cuz he's married to a white woman.  Well, mostly because he's married to a white woman, but also a little bit because he did a decent job in Ferguson covering the murder of Michael Brown.  O'Reilly, Hannity, and the rest of the Fox "News" fuckheads can't have an uppity Afro-American blah on the MSNBC tee vee making Rupert Murdoch's minions look like racist cockbags.

Scott Brown Is Getting Dumber While You Watch

No, he's not goin' back to the Senate, but it's kinda fun to watch Scott Brown get fucking stupider before our very eyes.  Think how bad you'd feel for yourself if this asshole was your lawyer, or father, or husband.

So, Syria Is Our Ally Now Again

After being the good guys, Syria was the enemy, and we were gonna fight with ISIS against Assad.  Now, apparently, Syria is our ally again somehow, and ISIS is the enemy.  This is going to get really confusing for the average teabagger fuckhead or greasy Koch-sucker pretty quickly, and I'd imagine it's sort of annoying to the folks on the ground.  Maybe it would be easier to just wait until Syria is the enemy and ISIS is our fine feathered ally and skip all the bombs and the suffering and the death.

Ukraine? What's That?

Sounds sketchy.  I'm pretty sure that everything any decent white christian American patriot needs to know about the Ukraine will be told to us by the government and the establishment media exactly when we need to know it.  There's not a single fucking reason to entertain any perspective which does not align perfectly with what Obama and Rupert Murdoch say.  That's what being a real patriot is all about, motherfrakkers.

Jesus, Fox "News" Hates Al Sharpton

Fox "News" has been going fucking crazy this last week, attacking Al Sharpton at every opportunity, led by their racist assholes Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.  These guys probably piss their pants just thinking about Sharpton doing deliciously dirty and wonderful things to all the women they know; O'Reilly is especially worried about such things since he is a well-known impotent cuckold. 

Andrea Tantaros Is An Expert On The African-American Community

This dude, however, doesn't know shit about being a blah in America, so he should shut the fuck up.  People like Tantaros are the real experts.  If we wanna talk about the blahs and shit, we need to talk to George Will, Tucker Carlson, Bill O'Reilly, and Andrea Tantaros.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Underwhelming Capaldi Doctor Who

Capaldi was okay, but it really felt like the writer of the episode and the Clara character were mind-wiped before the new series.  As far as I know, Moffat wasn't mind-wiped, so I guess he's just pretty lazy; certainly reusing the French clockwork robots was something less than brilliant inspiration.  Capaldi seems like he's gonna be a nice change after the weightless and annoying Matt Smith, probably the best doctor since Eccleston, and we can see that after one episode.  Now, put him in some actual good episodes, and we'll be rocking.

Now OUR Civilians Matter

Not those greasy brown or black or yeller ones.  Those fuckfaces can get decrapitated or burned alive or bombed in their fucking day care or hospital and nobody's ever gonna give any fucks whatsoever.  One of our boys, though, a good, christian, white, American boy, well, if some religious fundamental wacko like Franklin Graham, or Bibi Netanyahu, or ISIS kills on our boys, well, that's the worst fucking crime in the history of the galaxy.

Touched Puppet Heads

You're Not Shocked That Racist Assholes Are Liars

Are you?  Fox "News" was going crazy with this horseshit.  O'Reilly and the rest of the Fox  fuckwads were running with this as "proof" that Michael Brown was guilty of being black and needed to be shot down in the street.  So, the story was a complete fabrication, but the poor fuckers who believe Fox will never know it now.

Joe Torre Meh Day

It's hard not to think that if Torre hadn't been such a putz, Jeter would have another ring at least, probably two.  Torre fucked up pretty badly in a couple of post-seasons which should have been Yankees' championships; the Yankees front-office organization itself is not the best and brightest, but even those peolpe could see it back in the day.  Now he's a MLB institution, but that doesn't change history, and Jeter's reputation and place in history know or will know the truth about Torre's fuck-ups, too.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Is There No Alternative

Nifty Patrick Cockburn Book Review

Excellent.  Cockburn has been on this shit for freekin' evah, so it's fantastic to see him get some mad props from the good guys. 

Republican Cretins And Bastards

This might be the most wonderful story you will read in any year!  Inbred Republican bastard and subgrade moron becomes a GOP golden boy because the Republican party was not fucking dumb enough with Sarah Palin, Louie Gohmert, Paul Ryan, Dickless Cheney, and George W. "Retard Boy" Bush!  Reagan!

Israel Really Does Get Dumber Every Frakking Day

This actually a fantastic development!  Fluoride banned, so now let's get this party rockin' by banning vaccinations in Israel!  Then we should help the Palestinians fire bottle rockets into Israel laced with TB, whooping cough, polio, measles, and every other fucking communicable disease we can think of to help Israel destroy itself with its own inanity!  This is the new American dream!

And...Subglacial Volcano Funfetti

Good stuff!  What possible problem could we ever have from subglacial volcanoes?  I mean, if we do our damnedest to unleash as many of these puppies as we can by melting glacial ice on purpose, what besides loads of fun, fun funfetti can we reasonably expect?

Nicely Rendered Frakking Funfetti Update

Frak me?  Frak you, motherfrakker!  Good info there from your fine feathered friends at FDL.  Frakking is a fucking shit show, but it's gonna take some time to percolate through the collective consciousness so that most folks understand what the Koch-suckers and other fuckfaces are saying when they talk about "energy independence". 

Bring On The BlackNRA

Rock on, my gun-toting brothers!  This shit just might change America for the better.  And in the meantime, it'll make the racist guntard cowards shit their pants pretty much continuously.  Teh Blahs!  Teh Blahs have teh guns!  Help us white racist jesus!

Friday, August 22, 2014

ISIS Ain't Even Much Of A Threat In Syria Now

Assad has managed to start taking back major territory, and the Kurds have made some real trouble for Sterling Archer and his pals in Iraq, so I don't think we have to worry about ISIS landing a dozen divisions up and down the east coast before occupying half of the North America for the next 100 years.  ISIS is only a threat to logic and good sense--just like Christianity and Judaism--and not the next Third Reich.

Wait, What, Was The Democratic Party Liberal In 1994?

Or 1975?  75 is especially silly.  1975.  Democratic Party.  What had happened to the Democratic party in the previous decade?  What was coming up?  The stupidity of the welfare academic types is that they are fluffing Obama to convince the squares who are the lowest level Democrats that the Dems and Obama are somehow not rock-ribbed conservatives.  That the Dems in 75 were liberal.  Or 1994.  1994!  Fucking Clinton!  That's asinine.  Clinton was no liberal.  Neither is Obama.  Neither was the party which would nominate James Earl Carter, Jr. in 76.

Scott Brown Horseshit

The teatards and other assorted fuck faces have been jizzing themselves over this bullshit, but there's no frakking way Scott Brown is gonna be a US Senator ever again, especially not in New Fucking Hampshire.  If this is what the Republicans are hangin' their hats on, well, let 'em, cuz it's gonna be a sad day for Brown when he loses for the second time to a womens!

Sram Wireless? Really? Jesus.

Sounds like a shit show.  Lotsa road pros are dumb as fucking rocks and will ride anything cuz duh money, but what's the point of this botched abortion in an elevator?  I guess Sram thinks they'll be able to sell this shit for a healthy premium.  Is Sr. Sachs still a leapmo, atmo?

A Kvale Moves

On.  That Kvale will probably outlast all of us. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

ProTip For America: Let's Not Allow Our Biggest Dipshits And Pussies To Become Cops

This video of the murder of Kajieme Powell is remarkable because it shows in stark reality just how incompetent and cowardly our police state soldiers are.  Those two thugs killed this guy for no reason--IF those two clowns were in fear for their lives and NEEDED to use deadly force, then they are way too fucking chicken to be cops.  Being a cop means you are supposed to be able to protect the populace and protect yourself without needing to perforate some clown on the street.  He had a tiny knife and was either mentally disturbed or high or both, but he was no threat to anyone before the cops showed up, and he was no threat to anyone when the cops shot him.  That's murder, boys.  Murder committed by incompetent cowards.  Jesus, we are the biggest fucking assholes on the planet if this is the way we live.  We should demand better of our police, better training, better outcomes.  Their job was to protect Kajieme Powell from danger, danger from himself if he was impaired, and danger from others, including the danger of being murdered on the street by out-of-control cops.  They failed.  If we continue allow this to happen on our streets every day, we suck at this civilization game.

Jesus Charlie Crist, Romney And Ryan Are Live On Fox "News" Drooling Like The Half-Wits They Are

Megyn Kelly is doing her best to get their dicks hard with her vigorous fluffing, but the two sorry simps are sitting there like they just shit their pants.  Kelly also looks like she's aged a hundred and fifty years this summer.

Paul Craig Roberts Ain't Exactly Mr. Sunshine These Days

You might say he's downright cranky--being the World's Smartest Republican doesn't feel as fun as it once did.  Ukraine is a fucking shit show; even if our news has forgotten, the very real, very dangerous struggle between Russia and the CIA's clown car crack-up in Kiev continues.  We shouldn't hold our breath or anything, but we need to know who shot down the fucking airplane and why.  And we as a species need to figure out how to end this nonsense before anyone else gets killed.

Political Song for Joe Scarborough to Sing

I Call On Joe 'Dead Intern' Scarborough To Embed With ISIS

What's the worst that could happen?

Police Militarization Is An Important Issue Neither Of Our Right-Wing Political Parties Will Touch

Neither the Democrats or the Republicans, both rock-ribbed right-wing political parties, will go anywhere near the very real, very important issue of police militarization.  Our fucked-up police state situation is a big deal around here, but as soon as Michael Brown's murder is off the front-page, watch the issue sink like a big honkin' stone.  Our only hope is the BlackNRA...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The BlackNRA Could Do More Good For America In 2014 Than Any Other Civil Rights Group Ever

The (racist asshole) NRA is a completely useless bunch of greasy cracker morons, but the BlackNRA would be the most powerful--if short lived--civil rights organization in the history of the galaxy.  I'm completely serious.  African-American men demanding and exercising their right to be fucking unhinged gun loons like half the teabagging douchenozzles in America would have a profound effect on the struggle for civil rights and gun control.  Civil rights leaders could engineer the takeover the current NRA--there would be something hilariously majestic about that--or they could just form the BlackNRA and get all the brothers and sisters, along with their white friends, to buy a gun and join up.  The change in the attitude of most Americans would be astounding, and since the current NRA is in large part made up of all the biggest fucking dickless cowards on earth, that group would run and hide behind their mother's tattered drawers and leave the hard work to the good guys.  Much worthwhile stuff would suddenly become possible if all the blahs had guns and demanded their rights like their toothless teabagging cousins.  It would be a whole new world.  Folks like Sharpton and Jackson and the NOI, along with the BlackNRA, would be some of the greatest heroes in history.

Easily Our MVP For Twenty-14

Fisking Hillary Clinton Is Easy And Fun

Ralph Nader joins the party.  Now's the time for the decent, sane, reasonably intelligent folks who might want to vote D in 2016 to make sure as shit that Hillary Clinton and her fat whoremongering piece of shit husband stay way the fuck away from the presidential campaign.  Clinton herself sucks as hard as anyone has ever sucked; add to that the vile baggage and tawdry baggage, and you have a fucking abortion on wheels.

This Was Not A Great Speech

Yeah, it sucks for his kids that they lost the big game, but beyond saying the most trite and anodyne bullshit to some crying kids dressed in baseball kits on a field, what the fuck is so great or even good about this thing?  This isn't the pussification of sports, it's the lowering of basic standards.  Jeesus.

Monday, August 18, 2014

But The National Guard Is There

To protect the police from the blahs.  Or protect the police from the Governor.  Or protect Ron Johnson from Tom Jackson.  Or something.  It's not exactly clear why soldiers are necessary to help calm the situation and prevent more violence.  Unless that's not why they're there? 

OK, Where's The Murder Charge For Darren Wilson?

It's time.  Ring up the charges and then perp walk the motherfucker into jail.  After that, hold a bail hearing and find out if the brave officer wants to be out and about before his trial date. 

Today's Uncle Tom For The Fox Generation

You can always get on your knees and thank jesus charlie crist that you ain't this sick fucker.  I guess bein' a Fox tee vee Tom pays better than some things.

Not Al Bundy Versus Ferguson: Too Easy

Nope.  Too easy.  If the blahs in Ferguson had reacted like the teabagging cocksuckers at the Bundy ranch, Obama himself woulda' sent in the drones to blast those fuckers back to the stone age.  Blahs don't get guns; the Second Amendment is not for them.  That shit's too easy. 

No Just Us And No Peas

As Ferguson turns slowly into Beirut, it nice to see some real nasty motherfuckers are on the scene to make sure the trip straight to hell is the express and not the local.

Chris Hayes Is Ferguson's Token White Guy

As opposed to Bill O'Reilly's comical racist rantings, Chris Hayes has decided to go to Ferguson to be the token white guy on scene, and he's doing an okay job getting the real story out to the pathetic cable tee vee "prime" time audience. 

Jesus Charlie Crist, Bill O'Reilly Is Frakking Unhinged, Racist, Hilarious

He's on his show shouting to the rafters that the blahs should shut the fuck up, and the dead guy was black.  Black!  So, shut up.  Finally, anyone with half a brain has known for a generation that Bill O'Reilly is vile, racist lunatic, but oh how lovely it is to munch his own rancid shit live on the tee vee.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Israel's Imperial Violence

The unarmed, defenceless children in Gaza are just kinda in the way.  Israel is both the product of and the purveyor of colonial atrocities for our modern age, showing us the path of evil--as if we needed the help.

We Are All Devo

Human evolution is not real.  It's a lie from the armpit of hell.  Jesus told me when I was in Texas.  We're not monkeys.  Or monkey's uncles.  Not white people.  We all look like jesus.  Maybe the blahs or the messakins are evolved, but not good christian white people.  It's in the fucking bible, motherfucker.

The Russians Are Here To Help

This convoy cracks me up.  Of course the Russians just want to help.  Look!  The trucks are white, not army green.  Just hilarious.  The Russians are doing it all wrong though; the aid would get there a fuck of a lot quicker if they used bombers and helicopters and drones to deliver the aid.  That shit gets done quick.  And the people get aided to pieces. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Whig Master

Rick Perry Indicted For Being An Asshole

As Joey Buttafuoco proved, sometimes it is a crime to be one.  Regardless of how the experts view the charges against him, Perry has been revealed as weak and feckless, so his political future is toast.  And that was indeed the point, to cripple Perry's political future because somebody thought he was a big enough asshole to deserve it.


Jay Nixon is a fucking genius.  I guess he figgered that this shit show already had obliterated his national political future, so why not just turn it into a parody of a free and equitable society.  Genius. 

Barb Wired Love

And The New Guy Is An English Speaker

Educated in Britain. A real team player.  Maliki is by all accounts a slimy cockback, but the raging war in Iraq is not his fault.  If the war in Irag was all about oil, you can be sure the post-war funfetti is all about teh yummy, yummy oil as well. 

Teabaggin' Alaska

Will Palin and her idiot minions helpfully fuck up the Republican primary in Alaska?  Will the baggers bag enough tea and lick enough balls to help America keep a Democrat in the Senate?  We may never know the answers to these questions, but tune in next time for another exciting episode of Bullshit, or Not?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Song For The Guy Who Don't Have One

Ferguson's Own Thomas Jackson Is A Titanic Asshole

Simply a monumental motherfucker.  He went on the tee vee with Sean Hannity.  He fucked up the town after one of his boneheaded miscreants murdered a kid.  And he had his people smear the victim with some horseshit about cigars and convenience stores and robberies.  Chief Thomas Jackson should surely go and fuck himself at the soonest opportunity.

David Gregory: Hahhahahahhahahahahahahah

David Gregory sucks donkey balls.  NBC sucks.  Meet the Press is a fucking abortion.  Chuck Todd isn't going to make it any better.  The absolute nadir was that no-talent, boot-licking cocksucker Tim Russert, but it is always bad.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Chris Hayes In Ferguson

He's doing a pretty decent live show from the protests in Ferguson, in the crowd, amongst the folks and talking to a load of black citizens.  Contrast this to the pre-taped Klan rally Laura "Right Wing Slut" Ingraham is hosting on O'Reilly's show.  Go ahead.  Do it.

Hayes asked a police commander in uniform if it was ever proper for a cop to point a gun at a peaceful protester and got a "No" on live tee vee.  Nice job.  Now let's see them held to that.

Reveal Ation

America's Army Of American Occupation

Da police.  After the war on poor people's drugs and the USAPATRIOT ACT era post 11 September, 2001, the police in even the most pointless of communities have highly militarized police departments with automatic weapons and other offensive hardware to use on the folks, mostly the black folks and poor folks.  Mostly black folks.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yo La Tengo Will Be Around

This Is Simply Badly-Executed Parody

It has to be.  Pets, military, rehab--REHAB??!--live-in boyfriends, family drama, injuries, politics, adoption, cars, all of it must be a clumsy parody of the hillbilly-with-shoes-and-more-than-a-handful-of-teeth genre, admittedly not the genesis of the great American novel or anything.

Murder Is The Story In Ferguson, Missouri, Not Looting

Sick racist fucks like Bill O'Reilly will pretend that looting is the atrocity in Ferguson, but the cops showed the world that there is no law in Ferguson when they murdered an unarmed teenager.  In a land without laws, looting is perfectly okay.  Anything goes.  There's no law.  No order.  No justice in Ferguson, so it's time to stop pretending that anything is a crime there anymore.

And Teabagger Sluts!

24 years old, three kids, and she ditched her husband after she starting fucking around in the middle of a political campaign.  Which is a public thing.  The campaign.  She couldn't keep her fucking legs closed until AFTER the election?  Protect her marriage from the Texas lesbians.  It was the gay marriage that made her fuck around on her husband!

Texas Lesbian Funfetti

So, after his wife decides she'd rather be a rug-muncher, this uptight closet-case turns himself into a self-styled homophobia super-hero.  Bwahhahahahahahhahahhahhahahahhah.  Schweet.  Only a proud Tex-ass teabagger!

Nineteen 80 Four Galmozzi

And NOS.  Pretty cool-looking bike. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Virag's Movie Reviews: Non-Stop (2014)

Neeson and the director didn't learn from Unknown--well, they did learn to not hire January Jones--that nobody cares about stupid twists or fake-outs as long as Liam Neeson is kicking ass.  Non-Stop is not nearly as fun or clever as it should be; Taken should be a bare minimum, not an unattainable goal.  And shelve the wretched PG-13 for the benefit of us all.

Political Song for Summer to Sing

Robin Williams Is Not News

Unless you're in his family--you're not--or were a close friend--you're weren't--then his death is not at all news to you and the rest of the 7+ billion people on the fucking planet.  It sucks for his family and his friends--the same it way it does for anyone anywhere when they lose a family member to age or disease or accident or drone--but jesus charlie crist, we have way more important shit to talk about in this collapsing media experiment than Robin Williams' hanging. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Everybody Gets One

Even as band as sublimely godawful as Blink-182 can have one good song, maybe a good line. 

Virag's Movie Reviews: Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)

This tee vee flick was kind of a pleasant surprise.  It had a sincerely cheap and xtra-sloppy Tarantino vibe to it.  Sure, the bar was first circle of hell low, but they managed to hop over it.

Shoulda Laid Off The Blow

Robin Williams offed himself, apparently.  Drugs are bad, mmmkay.

Not exactly news, though.

Babylon 5 Movie?

BABYLON 5 MOVIE??  What the hell is going on in this world these days?  First a Farscape flick, and now a Babylon 5 reboot?  What the holy frak?

Adroit Hillary Clinton Fisking

It's nice to see more and more people slagging on Hillary.  This is only good.  Enough slagging may just make her decide not to run sooner rather than later, and that's a huge boon for the species.  Clinton is a vile, reactionary bitch, unworthy of a lifetime emptying chamber pots.  The further she stays away from the White House going forward, the better. 

Teachout For America!

And New York. Against Cuomo.  Remember when all the Dems wanted to be practical and encouraged the Working Families Party to endorse Cuomo?  That was like a million years ago, right?  Anyway, now Cuomo is widely seen by even establishment Democrats as the slimy cocksucker he is, so now is the time to Teachout for America!

Satchel Is A Frakking Dipwad

What's next for Satchel Ronan O'Sullivan Farrow Allen Sinatra?  Blackface?  A Sinatra family minstrel show?  Jesus.

Google's Invasion Of Oregon

Oregon's losing whatever unique charm it had at warp speed now.  Maybe at first it was hard to notice unless you were in a few random areas or in select neighborhoods in Portland.  The battle's lost now; Portland is a fucking hell hole, and the rest of the state is being chewed up and spit out.  Welcome to America, Oregon.

Frikkin' Genius

Heh, indeedy.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Echo Of The Mekons

Hey, Black Kids! Don't Run From The Cops Or You Will Die!

And be very, very polite with the police.  You blacks and shit need to learn this is not your country, and if we gods-fearing white christians need to kill 10 of you every hour--or have our police do it for us if we're busy blowing jesus--until you dumb fuckers understand, we will.  Learn your history.  We are not going to stop killing you.  We don't want to, and we don't have to.  You people need to behave.  And stop trying to vote.  And don't use the welfare we have for rednecks.  It's not for you.  And stop looking at my wife.  Be happy we let you play basketball.  We let you have Detroit and you fucked that up.  Just stop causing trouble and we won't shoot so many of you.  Or not.  We like killing you.  You were better off on the plantation, and maybe it's time we put you back there for your own good.  And ours.  But then what would we do with our guns and our police?

Kaiju Zombie Inouye Crashes Into Hawaii

Abercrombie crossed the Inouye machine, so Zombie Inouye decided to rise up like a kaiju and destroy Abercrombie's career.  The big problem is that Abercrombie's pissboy Brian Schatz will probably go down the reactionary bitch Colleen Hanabusa, who was Inouye's pick to replace him.  Hanabusa is a shitty Democrat; Schatz is better, despite being named after the beer on Laverne & Shirley.

Hannibal D. Cannibal

Would the Israelis really murder one of their own soldiers for P.R. purposes?  Would the murder thousands of defenceless civilians?  Would they keep millions jammed into a ghetto-prison in Gaza?  What exactly wouldn't these disgusting barbarians in Israel do?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Impulse Buy

The 48cm is pretty small, with a proper 165 crankset but a too-long stem, and the 2015 color looks really nice in person, much better than last year.  I hate that the front derailleur cable isn't where it belongs on the top tube, but that's a quibble, and it ain't my bike!  Kudos to Raleigh for continuing to make a womens-specific cross bike with cantis.  Too much money to spend on bike for a growing kid, but fuck it.

A List Of 100 Best Novels In English

From Counterpunch.  Not a perfect list, with some glaring omissions and odd ranking, but there are some phenomenal choices, and certainly the proscription against the execrable David Foster Wallace and the hacktacular Jonathan Franzen was a huge benefit.  As long as you get the number one correct, you're off to a good start, but the trite claim that the Wake is somehow impenetrable on every conceivable level is inexcusable and boring.

Nixon Fluffers Still Wanna Gurgle That Zombie Jizz

Isn't Roger Stone a verified sex pervert?  I'm pretty sure Pat and Crowley would still deep throat Tricky Dick's dick if they had the chance.

Shout! Shout At The Devil!

I know for a fact this greasy fucktard Bryan Fischer didn't know what a Yazidi was until two days ago, AND he's taking Sterling Archer's ISIS's word that they're devil worshipers.  If only!  Shout!

Can Trump Become An Even Bigger Joke?

The guy's a fucking loon.  And he's a fucking retard, too.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Meanwhile, Arctic Carbon Explosions

"We're fucked."  Fantastic.  Big ole methane bubbles reaching the surface, releasing shitloads of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.  That's brilliant.  What we really need is lots and lots more carbon in the atmosphere instead of trapped under the sea floor or in the tundra or in the biomass of the planet.  Atmosphere is good.  That's how it will make it nice and warm for everybody.  Whether we want it or not.  It's not like the atmosphere is a heat engine or anything.  It's not like a rapidly warming planet will make our climate astoundingly violently chaotic or anything.  We're frakkin' golden!

Nothin' America Loves More Than Genocide!

Slaughtering unarmed, defenceless people is an American tradition, so no wonder we love it when our mad dogs in Israel do the same thing!  Fuck yeah!  David Swanson takes it a little personally, and that seems un-American to me.  We shouldn't be worrying at all about what Israel is doing--not just this month or this year, but since 1948--because we don't need to bother our beautiful American minds with the such tawdry suffering of helpless people far away.  Swanson should get with the fucking program and stop it with the facts and reality and join the rest of America in brutally violent ignorance!

Creepiest Jesus-Fluffing Creeps Who Ever Creeped

Ewww, yuck. Fuckin' gross.  These freaky, brain-damaged religious primitives are even creepier when they're American.  They have no excuse for being so embarrassingly ignorant and downright retarded in 2014.  But at least you can get some modest clothing for when your daddy rapes you or when you're forced to marry a man 50 years older than you are when you're 11.  That's what's important.

Syphilitic Racist Fuckers Of The Day

Stupid and ugly!  Nasty, racist assholes!  All-American brainless fucktardery!  Sick, violent ignorance!  Being as big a fucking loser as Ann Coulter!  Genocidal racist asshattery!  It's all for you and your Republican party!  Welcome to the teabagger party, motherfracker.

Nut Bag Maureen McDonnell Funfetti

A lotta bit nutty and a lotta bit slutty!  What a heinous bitch this Maureen McDonnell is!  I'm pleased as punch to know how horrible Bob's life must have been with this idiot.  He deserves all this and more, almost as much as he deserves a giant, sandpapery ultrasound probe jammed all the way up his ass.

Fisk Away, Fisk Away The Clintons! Fisk Away!

The fisking of the odious Clintons is awful good fun, but I don't think this brutal reality is going to find its way into the broader consensus any time soon.  I also don't think that being horrible human beings is what's going to derail their 2016 campaign.  I don't really believe Hillary has the stones for it, to face their enemies again and relive Bill's whoring while jeopardizing their family's wealth at the same time.  At least, I hope so.  Otherwise, all of our fun, fun fisking will have to get the job done.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hagiography Or Fisking? Satire Or Parody? Jerky Boys Outakes?

It's only bikes, so who gives a fuck?  But the whole Jerk-7 thing feels a little off, incestuous or something, and considering what a smarmy circle jerk that forum is, that's a pretty neat trick!  Gaulzetti bikes are nifty, if obscenely expensive, but the dude has had more business plans than Serotta and Strong put together, and the only cachet is the cult of personality around the cock on the downtube seat tube.  What happened to that Boston-area machine shop/factory that was building the bikes for a while now that Bedford's frame shop is building the frames?  There were at least two contract builders before that I can remember, and I was not anywhere near in the kool kids lunchtable club enough to know how many contractors he really used.  No big deal, anywayz...

Wake Up White People!

There's a war on!  A war on decent, god-fearing white people!  Dem browns and blacks and yellers and redskins and Mexykins and homos are wiping out the white race!  A white man can't catch a break in America these days.  This is not the America my grandpappy fought for.  It's time for white folks to finally get some respect and freedom in this country.  The govmint needs to work for the white man for once!  This country was built by white christians and we need to take it back!  WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE!

Ukraine Did Not Shoot Down Flight 17

That's insane.  They couldn't keep it hidden forever, and when the truth came out, Putin would be freed to turn Ukraine into his personal playground while the world cheered.  Shooting down an airliner with an SU-25--even if an SU-25 could shoot down an airliner at 30,000 feet, which is not bloodly likely--is not exactly subtle, and I have a hard time accepting that even those fascist buffoons in Kiev would be that reckless.  If they did it, if they used their official Ukrainian military hardware to shoot down the plane in order to frame Putin, those wannabe Nazi fucks have committed national suicide.

These Idiots Didn't Know Who Mark McKinnon Was

Ignorant fuckers.  Jesus.  Sure, McKinnon is a third-tier political boot-licker who was also very happy to lather George W. Bush's syphilitic cock with his tongue for money, but those upper-class twits who regularly pretend to have thoughts on lots of stuff they don't understand prove their screaming ignorance when they can't recognize their masters' lap dogs.  Fuckers.

Milton Wolf, What A Useless Fucking Teabagger

Useless dipshit cocksucker couldn't even beat boring old Pat Roberts in Kansas.  Kansas!  So what fucking good is he?  Jesus, these teabagger assholes only have one function, to provide entertainment as they poison the Republican party.  Fuckers.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail

Pros: Made in USA; simple, simple, simple suspension design; any stupid color you want; pink; puke pink; proper wheel size available; swingarm design looks robust in a 1998 Cannondale way; really still made right now in 2014, apparently.

Cons: Single chainring only; super-long top tube geometry is only really normal top tube geometry for me, so that's annoying; not a fan of the name of the company or the bike, but I'm kind of a dick; would never get it this season now, so I probably will never get another new suspension frame in my natural lifetime since I wait too long every year and just finish the season on my single speed; single chainring only.

That single chainring only thing would really bug me.  I am a big believer in the inner-middle-bashguard setup I've had since fivevah on full-suspension bikes.  If you need a cog the size of your rear wheel because you only have one ring, or if you have such large jumps between cogs that the fucking thing won't shift on the trail, that is really fucking bothersome.  I get that the single ring is a necessity with their suspension design, but I also know that it would bug the living shit out of me each and every day.

Poi Doggin'

Fun Fukushima Update

Fukushima is all fun, all the time.  Ooodles of fun.  Fun fun fun.  The lesson--yes it's obvious, but jesus charlie crist, we should know by now that you gotta keep saying it over and over and over and over if you want the fucktards, assholes, and Fox "News" dullards who clog up the American culture to get it, atmo--is that it is too fucking late in Fukushima.  We can't undo the damage.  But it's not too late in other spot.  Our lesson should be to minimize danger and pollution in energy production and distribution, reduce waste, increase efficiency, and conserve and recycle everything that we can.  That means phasing out coal and nuclear as a start.  Let's roll.

Unhinged Racist Teabagger = Mainstream Republican 2014

A bugfuck insane, violent, racist teabagger like this asshole is a mainstream white Republican in 2014.  That's not good.  These sorts of unhinged cocksuckers should probably all be institutionalized and/or put down instead of electing dumb-as-rocks fellow teabaggers to the Congress.

This, however, is clearly an unfunny, one-note parody of brain-damaged anti-Semetic fucktardery.

Fox "News" Does Not Even Qualify As An Empire Of The Senseless

Probably not even a fucktard rodeo, either.  But some Fux can spend years piling up mountains of horseshit, and the only ones who are harmed are the poor, old people who watch and believe.  This is bad mojo for all of us, though. 

Righteously Vicious Hillary Clinton Fisking

Or is that viciously righteous?  Whateves, St. Clair goes off on Hillary for her vile reactionary politics and the damage to American society she enabled during Tubby's presidency, and this is exactly the sort of stuff we need during the next two years to keep Hillary and her fat fucking piece of shit husband far, far away from the 2016 election campaign.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Political Song for Neil Abercrombie to Sing

WTF Is Going On In Hawaii?

Is this shit for real?  Is incumbent Governor Abercrombie and Finch really gonna get destroyed in the primary?  What did he do?  It's fucking Hawaii for Charlie Crist's sake!  If it ain't Don Ho or 'Please Pass the Poi' or Poi Dog Pondering, what do they have to get so worked up about?  Jeez.

Eric Cantor Is An Even Bigger Bastard Than You Thought

Unless you thought is was a rancid greasy turd to begin with.  In that case, you were right.  Cantor is just a miserable fucker all around, but remember, he was was a Republican leader in Congress, making laws and setting the agenda for the whole country.  And he sucks huge donkey dick.

Israel's Loss In Gaza

A political/foreign policy loss for Israel in Gaza doesn't stop innocent, unarmed, defenceless civilians from being murdered, but it may lead to a much bigger loss for Israel, which would be fucking brilliant for everyone.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mike Adams Will Have A Special Place In Hell

As soon as we invent hell, Adams will be on the express elevator straight down.  We'll have to dream up some especially nasty, insatiable demons to violate him with ginormous, spiky, unholy phalluses till the end of the universe.  Or just laugh like hell when Adams or someone in his family dies a painful death from some easily preventable disease.  Whatevs.  It's all good. 

Your God Is A Frakking Pervert

This flick might put The Room to shame.  You know god wants to hold you down and put the love deep inside you.

National Dems Are As Bad On Israel As The Biggest Teabagger Or Koch-Sucker

The Democrats are often just as bad on Israel as the Republicans.  Vile fuckers are ALL complicit on the murder of unarmed, defenceless Palestinians by our rabid dogs in Israel.  Time for us to let them fend for themselves in the big, bad world, and it's past time for our fatuous elected officials to shut the fuck up.

Good To See The Yanks Erase That Home Run That Piece Of Shit Ortiz Hit

Tied the game; shelling Buchholz.  Okay, okay.

Where Are The Democratic Woman--And Men--Who Want To Win Elections?

Fox "News", the teabaggers, the Koch-suckers, and the other Republicans keep yapping about the ladies and their lady parts, but without the Dems who want to wreck them and kill them at the polls, all that misogynist spew won't hurt them.  Decent, sane Americans of any all sexes should be appalled, but the politics won't be beneficial without the warriors to take up the cause and fight for equality and health care and reproductive choice.

Ted Cruz's Nasty Boehner

Ted Cruz is fucking up the entire national Republican party, which is good for the rest of us.  Fucker Carlson continues to display the horror of being the spawn of an end-stage syphilitic fucktard.

Beautiful Thomas Sowell Fisking

David Swanson does a wonderful job ripping Thomas Sowell's guts out, and we are all better for it.  Sowell is one of those risible fourth tier Uncle Toms who are holding the whole society back with their vile inanity. 

Fancy Farm Is A Shit Show

Yet another reason you thank jesus charlie crist that you don't live in fucking Kentucky.  Regardless, any face time for Bitch McConnell is damaging to his reelection chances, so have it, motherfucker.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Gaza Slaughter Is Really About Stealing Natural Gas

Palestine would have the ability to be a wealthy, self-sustaining nation, and Israel can't allow that.  Imagine a Palestine able to afford the finest weapons systems, helicopters, cruise missiles, tanks, fighter-bombers, nuclear warheads.  That would be a glorious day for humanity, but it would cause Israel to shit their collective pants, so Israel will continue their murder spree with the bonus of stealing the energy wealth of Palestine at the same time.

Eric Cantor: Loser And Quitter

Fucking quitter.  Positively Palinesque.  What a piece of shit Eric Cantor has always been.  Now even more people know it.  That's cool.

Bibi Is A Piece Of Shit

He's no friend of the United States. And no friend of Jesus.  We should stop supporting his murder spree. And Obama should personally skull fuck this bastard.

Lee Papa Is Our Very Own Dante

He visits hell and returns to tell the tale.  He didn't make it to the center, though, cuz he doesn't have pictures of Reagan gleefully sucking Satan's rampant cock using the skills and tricks he learned from that legendary Hollywood cock monger Nancy.

High Fivin' Franklin Graham

That Evil Fucker Franklin Graham Will Be The Death Of Us All

Franklin Graham's idiot organization is bringing Ebola to America to kill white people!

Donald Trump said so! And he's a fuckin' genius!!

Samaritan's Purse is showing the inanity of believing in useless invisible sky wizards and will rely on actual science and actual modern medicine to treat the poor stupid bastard who got himself sick cuz jesus told him to.  Maybe this'll smarten' 'em up.  But I doubt it.

Italian Justice For Marco Pantani

Amanda Knox might have somethin' to say about Italian Justice...

But wasn't Pantani associating with unsavory characters, making this less of a tragedy and more of a foregone conclusion?