Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Howard Dean Is Having A Blast Being A Magnificent Bastard

And the poor, pathetic conservative whiny ass titty babies can't stand it.  Boo fucking hoo.  Jonathan Bernstein is a rock-headed fuckface, but he's not the only one of those reactionary shitheads throwing a hissy fit over Dean.  And that's the point.  Dean is having a blast fucking with Trump while showing the world once again that he was too good of an establishment Democrat for the establishment to understand.  He's being a mean fucker, and he loves it.  This is smart.  More Dems should be this bold, this funny, this intelligent.  All the pearl-clutching dickheads can go fuck themselves; almost all of them are absolutely voluntary establishment ass clowns and reactionary pissboys and pissgirls, so fuck them.  Dean's doing it right.  Dean might be the most anodyne center-right establishment Democrat, but he's being a Democratic Party leader and smart campaigner by example.  Again.

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