Friday, June 30, 2017

Eventually California, Or One Of The Other Good States, Will Go With Single-Payer

And that will commence the national rush.  Of course, given the way this dump goes, it will be some sort of crisis which initiates the new scheme, pretty much forcing it to be as difficult and disjointed as possible, but that's racing.

Regardless, whichever state goes first, whether it's California or not, will immediately become the most economically desirable state in the nation, and all the other states will be forced to follow suit.  Texas and Florida and California and Illinois and Pennsylvania could not compete if New York had single-payer and they didn't.  The reddest Republican hellhole would institute single-payer immediately or lose every job to the better states.

And of course Jerry Brown doesn't want to lead the way and sign the bill or want to have to veto it because he's a coward looking for his next big industry payday, just like all politicians.  Of course he played politics with this and with people's lives.  It's up to the Dems in California to force the issue and make their leadership release the bill, and if they can't, well, then they weren't ready.

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