Saturday, June 24, 2017

Jen Kirkman: American Idiot

Simpleton comedian is dumb.  Stop the presses.  A shocking American story.  But when you retweet Eric Garland, that makes you what might candidly be called special.  Deleting them doesn't save you after everyone makes fun of you for being a fucking dimwit.  Jen Kirkman is special.

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    He wanted to be the President. This is one of the greatest NatSec threats in our history. He's talking about The Dems.
  2. Sanders benefitted from Russian active measures, from Fake News to Wikileaks dumps. Has he made any major condemnations of Russia?
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    He ran as a Democrat. The Democrats were targeted. We're now just hearing how much. Bernie's saying the Dems are as bad as Trump.
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    And now, he's talking about how The Democratic Party is this huge problem as landmark stories of Russian interference come out.
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    Sure, there are a couple stock "We can't have Russia interfering..." but did I miss any major statements or speeches about this from him?

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