Friday, June 16, 2017

Steve Scalise: Idiot--Guntard Idiot--Vile Reactionary Idiot

Steve Scalise is a fucking guntard asshole who got himself shot at least in part because too many mental-defective conservatives in this country can't read above a first-grade level and also require metal penis-substitutes too make themselves feel better about their own physical shortcomings.  Not cool.  The US Constitutions gives citizens the right to be in the army and  the army the right to use guns.  Not concealed carry.  Not civilian ownership.  That's bullshit.  Scalise may be too dumb to understand that, but everyone else with half a brain sure as shit does.  It's too much to expect that Scalise and other NRA pigfuckers would suddenly get a shitload smarter, but the rest of us should get rid of the guns.

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