Thursday, July 27, 2017

Brutal Fisking Of The Wretched Tool And Exceptional Village Idiot Chris Cillizza

Fucking christ, Lyz Lenz bludgeons Chris Cillizza into a smary smear on the CJR.  Shit, she gets all up in there and pulls off bloody chunks of Cillizza's greasy, putrid flesh and flings them around without a care in the fucking world for the mess or the stench.  Cillizza is the worst sort of establishment stooge, but his particular talent for exceptionally fatuous sycophancy always brings worldly success in the village.  In a town of idiots, Cillizza has managed to stand out as one of the biggest idiots ever.  Not bad.  Imagine the sort of trouble he could have caused if he'd gone to a Big 5 boarding school instead of the solidly second-tier Loomis Chaffee!

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