Monday, July 24, 2017

How's That Flint Water Thing Going? It's All Set Right? Fixed?

Obama took care of that, right?  Diverted some money from the aircraft carriers or drones or police and fixed that water thing for American citizens in Flint, right?  He did that?  He musta.  Or maybe the exceptional teabagging patriotic fuckheads in the Congress took charge of that shit and fixed it.  Or some glorious capitalist rich fuck decided to form a foundation and fund it completely with the money required out of the goodness of his obscene fortune acquired at the expense of Americans like the ones in Flint.  Surely someone did what was required.  A society that can support 10,000 nuclear warheads and a dozen useless aircraft carriers and can murder hundreds of people around the world every day with robots, surely that society can make sure the drinking water is safe for every citizen.  Clean water would be an even bigger priority.  Right?

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