Thursday, July 20, 2017

Oh Sweet Motherfucking Jesus, The Black Gossip Kids Could Drive You To Drink

Gods dammit.  Really?  No matter how many times you say you support Bernie Sanders or like Bernie Sanders or respect Bernie Sanders or whatever, when you write the kind of sophomoric drivel Terrell Starr manages to puke up, well, you sound like a fucking pathetic Democratic Party ignoramus.  Does anyone really think those kindly older black women had or have a problem with Sanders which wouldn't be overcome by 25 intensive seconds of explanation by whomever tells the old bats who to vote for?  Is it a problem with Sanders--JEW!!!--or a problem that those folks are like the Dems' version of Fox "News" viewers and only get their info/voter instructions from the most feckless party stooges?  If the Dems hadn't spent eight fucking years fixating on Hillary Fucking Clinton as the nominee and then wasted nine months in 2016 fucking with the primaries to make damn sure that most kindly voters of any age or complexion would not ever hear Sanders' message--the message of the candidate who would have demolished Trump!--well, I'm thinking those women would have loved them some cuddly ole' Senator Sanders just fine.  But then, I'm not even 1% of the screaming fucktard that Starr is, so there's that.

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