Tuesday, August 8, 2017

If Trump Could Somehow Rid Us Of The Scourge Of Journey--As A Time Traveler

Yes, destroying Journey in 2017 would be a great victory for humanity, but traveling back to the early 70s and eradicating Journey from history would be so much greater for America.  Thanks, Trump!

So, that jerkoff keyboard player who replaced Greg Rolie and his perm in Journey is now on wife number three--after wife number one the soft-core porn actress wasn't good enough somehow--who happens to be an evangelical cuntbag and vile hypocrite friend of Trump named Paula White, who is on husband number three, and brings jesus to jam with Journey all the time now.  That's fucking sweet.  When Neal Schon seems like the voice of wisdom in any situation, you're hella fucked.

(Isn't it ironic that Paula White became an evangelical christian while living in Maryland of all places.  And I guarantee neither White nor any of her followers would understand that allusion.  I'm more qualified to be a pastor than she is.  And I don't believe in any of that made up jesus bullshit.)

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