Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Irrespective Of Anything Else, Richard Sachs Is A Bike Guy From Way Back

And the fucking twits should pay attention.  Yes, it was hella gay and uber douchey when the cool kids started their own private club--except they weren't really the cool kids, just the suddenly not so weird and lonely subset of the most uncool kids ever--but Sachs is the sort of guy who has seen it all.  Hell, I'm so old I remember the ads for his Signature stock frames and his friendship with least cool kid in the galaxy Grant Petersen and the pine tar soap thing.  Sachs is the real deal, but the twits are not up to it, atmo.

I love how the Rapha thread picks up after three years like not a minute has gone by with the exact same people babbling the exact same swill right past each other.  Fucking brilliant.

Also, for the record, Assos was always over-priced Euro garbage, but Rapha is stupidly over-priced Chinese garbage for shallow, vapid, faux-hipsters.  Fuck Rapha in the eye holes.

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