Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Excellent Red Letter Media On The Way Ridley Scott Doesn't Understand Even His Own Movies

Blade Runner is a good flick, but Ridley Scott woulda flunked the quiz on it--and he directed the fucking thing.  The screenwriter, many of the actors, whatever space alien directed the original version, anyone familiar with the source material, anyone familiar with PKD in general, all of 'em would have said nope, Deckard's a human.  Cmdr. Adama might be a little confused these days too, but it was pretty clear when the flick came out in 82 that the origami unicorn at the end was supposed to represent the replicant Rachael being unreal, the impossible thing, a replicant without the predetermined expiration date, and most assuredly not meant to show Deckard being a replicant because of a scene from Legend spliced into the film years later.  Ridley Scott should hang out with Donald Trump.  Those two senile old bats would get on famously.

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