Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sally Albright Is An Exceptionally American, Completely Self-Made Carbuncle

The woman is an idiot--she worked for Newt Gingrich--in 2012!--and defines failing upwards for the 21st century.  Jesus fucking christ, with garbage people like Albright on Clinton's side, it's amazing Clinton managed to depress turnout so remarkably that she lost to a senile orange sack of semi-ambulatory pigshit.  Brilliant!  When has Albright ever worked for a winner?  Genius!  Albright's even less of Democrat than Clinton.  Or Sanders.  Calling Albright a brainless, spineless shit-eating bottom feeder is an insult to actual brainless, spineless shit-eating bottom feeders out in the wild getting something done.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is the most popular elected politician in the United States.

AND HE WOULD HAVE WON if the DNC didn't spend eight years propping up a loser like Hillary and then scramble for year, wasting untold millions and millions of dollars, to sabotage the dynamic, popular old guy from Vermont.

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