Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Is It Racist To Want Black Dems To Not Be The Biggest Idiots In Their Party?

It seems like we'd all be better off if the black people and the women were not the biggest idiots out there, especially in the Democratic Party.  White dudes usually do a pretty good job of being dipshits, so maybe the black folks and ladies need to up their game and not be so easily lied to and so fucking ignorant.  Sanders is a mainstream centrist politician, but he's also way more popular right now than anyone else, including among rank-and-file minorities of all hues, so the Dems should be doing everything they can to make his popularity their own.  They're not, though, at all, and it looks like one of the big reasons is because African American establishment types--and wannabe establishment types--and their followers are fucking dumber than rocks.

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