Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Jesus Frakking Christ, The Dems Are All Hopeless Idiots

Hopeless fucking idiot.  Now we all can see exactly how the Dems managed to lose to Donald Trump, as well as why the Dems were so fucking scared of a septuagenarian, centrist Senator from Vermont who was not nearly as big a fucking dipshit as the party.  Politics of failure in the USA, courtesy of two-time loser Hillary Clinton--even after eight years of the entire Democratic Party infrastructure working solely to get her elected, she couldn't manage to beat a blithering numbskull like Trump.

Bernie, had Clinton been forced to actually run against him in an actual competitive primary campaign, would have won the nomination and defeated Trump easily.  Dumb bunnies like Steph Harold were, are, and always will be part of the problem.

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