Sunday, April 9, 2017

Surely This Poor Demented Girl Ashley Rae Goldenberg Can't Be The Dumbest Person On Twitter

But...maybe?  She's really fucking stupid, but there's Al Giordano.  And Eric Garland.  And those Nazi fucks.  And Trump.  So, she can't be.  Can she?  It's got to be a joke.  A parody account.  Nobody can be as deranged as Ashley Rae Goldenberg pretends to be.  But the George Mason University thing is proof it's a joke, right?  That's the worst school in the fucking universe--nobody goes there unless they are a truly irredeemable imbecile.  And couldn't get into Pepperdine.  But what if she's not kidding?  What if she really is a vile racist piece of shit?  That would be fucking horrible. 

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