Saturday, April 22, 2017

Shock Of The Day: Reactionary, Ignorant, Over-Privileged Serotta Forum Twits Don't Understand Wages, Economics, Trade, Or Education

I'M FUCKING SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!  Some nasty cocksucker thinks lowering the minimum wage to nothing is a good idea.  Another doesn't understand education.  Another tariffs.  Jesus, these fucking idiots are such sheep, fed a diet of simple, easy-to-digest right wing horseshit by the establishment media their entire lives and are as such helpless to analyse anything for themselves--or even understand that plenty of places like, say, Germany, or, Norway, maybe Switzerland, have figured out many of these things, but Americans can't fathom any of it because we are too gods-damned ignorant.  Fucking upper-class twits are evil and stupid.  Thanks, Serotta.

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